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Duskwood WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

Duskwood is a detective game developed by Everbyte. The player, who is also the main character of the story, turns out to be involved in the search for a girl from a small town who disappeared a few days ago. A group of friends are trying to solve the mystery of her disappearance on their own. The main actions are carried out in a fictional messenger, where each hero has his own profile. At the same time, so that the players do not relax, the plot is complicated by puzzles from the series three in a row. As a result, the project turned out to be interesting and exciting.


  1. A Beginner’s Guide
  2. Walkthrough 1 Episode
  3. Walkthrough Episode 2
  4. Walkthrough Episode 3
  5. Walkthrough Episode 4
  6. Episode 5 Walkthrough
  7. Episode 6 Walkthrough
  8. Episode 7 Walkthrough
  9. Episode 8 Walkthrough
  10. Episode 9 Walkthrough

Duskwood: A Beginner’s Guide

At the start of the game, the plot will seem very primitive to you, and the game itself is uninteresting. But you shouldn’t be so harsh on the first plot. By the way, the first remarks you uttered at the very beginning of the game will not have any meaning for the continuation of the plot. But still there is a small recommendation for the future.

Try to be as friendly as possible with the guys from the unfamiliar company. The heroes may be offended by your behavior (and the game has many options for answers that will quickly lead to being excluded from the chat), the more friends you make, the more likely you are to go through the entire game the first time.

We will talk about each episode and the choice of answers below. We also wrote down all the passwords that need to be found in the game (they will be located in the course of the narrative, each in its own place in the story). And now it’s worth discussing mini-games and a paid package of multi-files that will be useful for you to complete the game. Without photos, audio and video recordings, you won’t be able to get far. And to get access to them, you must activate a special package for real money. The good news is that it is inexpensive and you only need to buy it once for all episodes. Yes, this is the only drawback of the game, where the player is specifically faced with a choice: either you wind up your detective agency, or make a small contribution to the further development of the game. It is worth noting that if you purchased the package, you will have access to exclusive responses that will earn you credits.You can also earn credits by completing some tasks in other games.

The game is interesting because it creates the illusion of real communication with other people. Each hero has his own profiles on different social networks, there is a city map with many objects, a lot of different photos. There is an Internet resource (appear in episode 8) in which you can communicate with other (minor) characters on mystical topics. It’s very interesting to read their posts. Users will respond to you as if they really exist.

Unfortunately, we started writing our guide when only episode 9 of the story came out. In the future, we will update the description as soon as new stories come out. Visit our website more often for more interesting tips, and with our help finish the game.


This is a puzzle from the series "three in a row". They would not be so annoying if the further progress of the game did not depend on them. According to the plot, it is necessary to decrypt the cloud storage of the missing girl Hannah. The passage of the puzzles is the decryption.

You have 5 attempts - lives to complete the puzzles. Lives can be replenished for in-game currency, which is earned by completing puzzles. But if you have spent everything, then do not worry, over time, all lives will be restored, and you can continue the game.

For those who have not played such games before, we will tell you the rules:

After completing the puzzle, you open access to the further passage of the game and decipher part of the cloud. The further you go through the episodes, the more difficult the puzzles will become.

Duskwood: Walkthrough 1 Episode

Episode 1 will introduce you to all the characters in the story. You should remember their names, as they will periodically change their avatars. Each character has his own profile on the social network, in which your communication takes place. First, a stranger named Thomas adds you to the group chat. Say hello to the guy - this will be the best start to communication with him. Although the first variants of the answers do not affect the course of the story, they will affect the attitude of the heroes towards you. This will be important in the next episodes.

Next comes the story that under mysterious circumstances the girlfriend of the main characters of the story disappeared. You will also find out why you were added to the group chat of young people you don’t know. So, in the first few minutes, peaceful communication takes place, questions are asked, you get answers. Until they ask you about your name and gender.

Here it is very interesting: if you choose the role of a girl with a positive attitude and a desire to help everyone, then you will be accepted into the group with more confidence than if you choose the role of a young man. While playing through the game, we tried several roles. The most interesting was the role of an impudent cynical guy who flirted with the girls (and endeared them to him), but at the same time pushed the guys away (they reacted with distrust to the stranger).

Richie. After the heroes begin to leave the conversation for whatever reason, the character named Richie will also leave. Lily will ask you about him: did you like the young man. Sure, the guy comes across as "weird," but it’s better to go for the "seems to be cute" option. The answer to the plot will not particularly affect the plot, but it will win over some of the heroes to you.

Next, a second, parallel conversation between Den and Jesse will appear. From it you will find out what impression you made on these characters (it will be based on your answers). You will not be able to participate in the correspondence, but it is sometimes so interesting to just spy. You can also continue your conversation with Thomas (missing Hannah’s boyfriend).

Thomas. When talking with a young man, at a certain point you need to make a choice. Here it is best to ask him that the young man did not go to the police with your number. This will reveal some facts about Thomas’s personality, and will give you the opportunity to productively continue communication.

Further, to the guy’s question about whether you believe him or not, you will have several answer options:

Soon the dialogue (with any answers) should end, as the guy is in a hurry. And a stranger will come to your chat. It was he who allowed you to use the "spy mode" for reading other people’s dialogues. In the game, all the characters call him - Hacker, in fact, he is. In general, try to win over this person. Next, you will have communication with Cleo, mini-games and conversations in the general chat.

Duskwood: Walkthrough Episode 2

After adding you to the general chat, Cleo will try to accuse Jesse of being inactive and not wanting to help in this situation. You are faced with a difficult choice that will affect the girl’s attitude towards you. If you want to make friendly relations with her that will help you in the future, we recommend that you stand up for her in front of Cleo by choosing the answer "Cleo, keep your thoughts to yourself!" Other options will either alienate Jesse from you, or give her reason to doubt you. You don’t need this at this stage of the game.

If you do not want to offend anyone, then just keep silent. Jesse will remind you of this, but will be less disappointed with you if you support Cleo. Likewise, Cleo will notice your silence, and judge it as a desire to listen to her.

Next, you will have a correspondence with the offended Cleo Jesse. The most correct action in this case would be to cheer up the girl. Then she will ask you to tell Thomas about the found body of a young woman. You have to tell him unpleasant news. This must be done most tactfully, since the young man is on edge. Give him the news, but you should not push him away (even if you are playing as an impudent young man).

Next, you will need to inform that the body belongs to the girl. We recommend choosing "This is all we know" from the available answer options. The dialogue will be over in any case, but you will not cause much moral harm to the interlocutor. Then you will be asked to go to the general chat, where Den will ask your opinion on Thomas’s strange reaction (the end of the conversation), here you need to make the right choice, namely, support Den, who will remember your assessment of the situation, and in the future will help you stay in the new team ... We advise you to write to the guys that you think this is suspicious.

Hacker. After your new companions leave the chat, you need to talk to a programmer who will tell you the bad news about the police find (you already know everything). In this conversation, we advise you to behave tactfully and not pin up the interlocutor. Try to bring him into a dialogue about him by choosing at the necessary time the line "Tell about yourself" suggested by the game. This will help you learn more about the stranger, which will bring you closer as partners.

Lily. Lily is the sister of the disappeared Hannah, for several episodes she will behave incorrectly towards you. Therefore, at one moment, when the girl asks your opinion about Jesse, we recommend making a choice in favor of Jesse. Lily won’t remember that you supported her at the moment, but Jesse will. Therefore, we recommend not stirring up a direct conflict, but choosing the answer option where you think Jesse is a bit naive girl. You can also write that you just talked a little on different topics. The last answer will not offend anyone.

In your next conversation with Cleo, try to win over the girl to you. It should be remembered that all the guys from the general chat are considered suspicious, and your task is to figure out which of them is lying. It is also important for you to enlist the support of many interlocutors.

So, in dialogue with Cleo, try to find out as much as possible about the missing Hannah, since they were close friends. The options for the questions will appear one after the other. And if you have previously positioned the girl for a long conversation, then you can ask them all. We recommend starting the dialogue by asking if Hannah herself could have escaped without telling anyone about it. This option will make Cleo plunge into fond memories of her missing girlfriend. By choosing this option, you will not only endear the girl to you, but also promote her into a long conversation. You can ask about enemies last, since the missing young woman did not have them.

Then, in a general conversation, Lily will remind everyone of the Hacker, you need to parry. To prevent Lily from being offended and not leaving the chat, you must put forward an assumption about the falsity of the programmer’s words. This will allow you to continue the conversation and draw some conclusions about the current situation.

Breaking into. Then again a dialogue with Cleo will follow, where you need to ask a new acquaintance to explain her attempt to break into the "Dump" (here the slightly incorrectly translated term "penetration" is to blame, when the girl climbed over the fence of Richie’s workshop). Ask the interlocutor if she would like to share with you the details of yesterday’s story - by choosing this option, you will find out that Cleo loves evening jogging, as well as what the girl did late at night on the territory of the "Garbage" (this is how friends call Richie’s workshop ).

If you chose this option, then in the further conversation you should give the interlocutor the idea that what happened should be told to the garage owner. That way, you’ll not only get Jesse’s endorsement, but you’ll also get an interesting ending to this evening’s story.

Active Cleo. Before your appearance in history, friends just sat and groaned, but as soon as you began to communicate with them, everyone had a desire to help you find your missing girlfriend. Therefore, Cleo decides to talk to the residents of the city. It is important to continue the conversation with her here:

Then you need to make a choice to whom Cleo will go first. Help the girl to decide. Then you need to conduct a dialogue with the Hacker. After its completion, Cleo will contact you and share what she heard. From the conversations Cleo will find out that shortly before the loss, Hannah bought some drug in the pharmacy, and she was dragged into the forest by a "man without a face" (this will be shared by the son of the hostess of the motel, who stands near the forest).

After finishing the dialogue with Cleo, ask Jesse about the urban legend about the man without a face. Jesse wonders why you care about this legend. Tell the story of Alfie (the boy from the motel), but do not tell about Cleo, as the other person will not be happy to hear that you are working with Cleo. Then, in a conversation with Cleo, be sure to find out the story about the boy from the hotel, as it will still have a sequel.

Then Jesse will write to you again. She will begin the dialogue with a question about the Hacker, do you still communicate with him. Since you will not be able to divert the conversation in another direction, just answer that "Sometimes, but what?". Then Jesse confesses that she discussed you behind your back. You will have something to answer her:

Then Jesse will ask you not to tell the Hacker too much of what you learn from your communication with the guys. Your actions in response to this request can morally devastate the interlocutor, so ask her that it is likely that one of the group may be this same stranger. If you remain silent, the dialogue will end.

If you continue the conversation, then Jesse will reveal to you the secret that Richie speaks like you. To this, the girl should answer that you either believe that the programmer is a person from the chat or do not. The rest of the lines will end the conversation and create a negative attitude towards you.

The first few episodes are aimed at getting you to befriend everyone in the chat. Therefore, choose those options that will bring the least harm to the interlocutors, and you will be given a bonus in the piggy bank of friendliness.

Then we recommend choosing the line "Just want to chat?" To find out more about the interlocutor. Of course, you can end the conversation, but this way you will not learn interesting facts about the girl that will be useful to you. Then you should read the correspondence between Thomas and Dan, as well as Dan and a certain Poke, who demands money from Dan. The hacker will ask what is going on in the correspondence. You should answer, "Dan seems to be buying from this stranger." And then continue: "And he asked for this for 350 dollars."

Then the Hacker will show you that he has restored a part of the picture that you sent him earlier. It turned out to be a prescription with the name of the drug - SSRI. You will promise the interlocutor to learn more about the medicine. The correct answer from the possible would be that the prescription contains an antidepressant. The young man will be surprised, since the missing girl did not suffer from mental disorders. Then you should contact Cleo, who will later call you via video link, as she entered Hannah’s house, but then the door opened and someone appeared.

Duskwood: Walkthrough Episode 3

While Cleo was at Hannah’s house, Thomas entered the room. You will learn about this from the correspondence with a girl who wants to tell you about an interesting detail. You will also have a chat with Jesse, who will send you a photo of the newspaper, where a small note about the found body of the girl is given. Jesse is very alarmed that the event was not featured on the front page. Here you should somehow justify the journalists. But you have to support your new friend by saying that "something is clearly wrong here." An attempt to explain the actions of the newspapermen will continue the discussion, but if you do not see anything special in this, it will not only end the conversation, but also offend the interlocutor.

Then all the guys will gather in a general conversation. Thomas will tell you that he spent some time at the police station, and also tells you that the body found is not Hannah. Before Thomas goes online, you need to detain him. It is important here to choose the right tactics of behavior so that the young man begins to respond to you. To do this, you need to detain him and ask about the time that he allegedly spent in the police station. Then ask when he texted the guys. To which the young man will answer that he sobbed all the time he learned about the found body.

Next, a Hacker will write to you, who will ask about what Thomas was doing in the house of the missing girl. Write your suggestion that the guy might want to pick up an item. Then the interlocutor asks about Cleo, you should write: "She seemed to want to tell me something," and then "Because of Thomas." Then you need to discuss some of the details of the investigation. You should pay close attention to the situation, since the questions will be repeated, until you ask everything that the game requires, then you can select all the lines in turn. Nothing bad will happen.

In conversations with the programmer, it is important to understand your role in the game. You might want to get close to him (if you play as a young girl), become friends (if you play as a guy). One friend wrote that even playing as a young man, you and the Hacker can have a romantic relationship. Therefore, you yourself can build a story with a guy.

A note (or rather an excerpt from a diary) in the profile will tell you that Hannah met with some family, where there is a woman named Iris. What you have written will seem very strange to you. However, she is one of the keys to solving the crime. In the future, the note will be useful to you more than once.

Next, you should tell the young man about the urban legend about the terrible disappearances of entire families after they had a drawing of a raven on their door. Here you have to choose the most correct answers several times: you need to tell the young man in detail everything that you learned from the guys about this legend. At the end of the chain, make an assumption that the missing girl could be one of the victims of the perpetrator.

If you get confused and something went wrong, then in the last choice of answer, simply say: "I’m confusing everything, let’s start over." Then Jesse asks to develop this topic, asking where the people from the chat stopped in the investigation, remind them of the culprit. This dialogue is completely useless. Jesse doesn’t know what to do, so just select the "Write to us when you think of something" answer. The rest of the options will lead to a dead end.

This will be followed by a passing dialogue with Richie (the main thing is not to be rude to him). You will then be able to decipher another passage from Hannah’s diary, which you should properly discuss with the Hacker. Write to him that this passage is easier to understand, as it strongly resembles a part of a girl’s diary. The other person will then ask you to highlight some of the main points in the passage. To do this, you need to open the picture with the passage and select 4 phrases (as shown in the picture above). In this case, you need to make explanations:

  1. "He" - Select "Stranger" from the note options.
  2. "Family" - here the emphasis should be "What kind of family?"
  3. "I know her story by heart" - this should give you the idea of ??a "mysterious incident".
  4. "My heart was bleeding" - here you see Hannah’s "guilt" in front of an unfamiliar family.

We recommend that you tell the Hacker everything that you have decided about the recording, you should not choose silence, as this will lead to the end of the conversation. At one point, you have to select "You are forgetting about something", which will lead to a new thread of conversation. We recommend that you focus on the description of the woman’s eye color, which will help you figure out something else. At the end of the conversation, you will have the opportunity to find out the name of the interlocutor. The hacker’s name is Jake. It will be better if you find out his name right now, since another opportunity will not be presented soon.

Next, Jesse will write to you about the search in the forest. Cleo’s mom is gathering a squad to begin the search for the missing girl, you can learn a little more about this event, since in the future you will still have to face it.

Most important is the conversation with Cleo, in which you discuss Thomas’s behavior. The girl worries about him, and she also noticed the strange and secretive behavior of the young man. From the conversation, you learn that he opened the door to Hannah’s apartment with the key (which the missing woman gave him). Also, Cleo will tell you that Thomas took an object out of his dwelling. Pay attention to the fact that the lover of the missing person remained silent and did not advertise his stay in Hannah’s apartment.

Link password. Duskwood Legends is a general conversation for those who delve into history with a man without a face. Here Jesse decides to go to the local library to learn more about the legend. She will also ask you to find the number of the book from the catalog in order to quickly find it on the shelves. You need to open the link that the girl will give you. Then you need to enter the word "Legend" in the search, after which 3 volumes will appear. You need the "Midnight at Duskwood" tome. And the book number is 39814.

Poke’s number. After that, Jake (Hacker) will contact you and inform you that he found Poke’s number. You should call him. To do this, go to the dialing mode, and enter the numbers - 89350. Unfortunately the conversation will end, but the person will write to you. After which he will ask you: "My number was given by the one I think of?" Further conversation depends on your correct answers. First you need to confirm his assumption, then you will correct the illiterate interlocutor. Next, you need to inform him that his ad was lost by you. Poke will send you a picture - this is a discount voucher for keymaking services.

Jake. You should send the coupon to Jake, and tell him what you found out from your new friends: a few days before her disappearance, the girl was in a quarrel with her friend. They quarreled so badly that she took the keys to her apartment from him. Once Thomas became a suspect, he asked Dan to make a copy of the keys in order to retrieve something important from the girl’s apartment. You need to lead the thought to the fact that the young man wanted to hide the traces that hint at his participation in the crime.

Then Jake will give you to read the dialogue between Jesse and a certain Phil (as it turns out - this is her brother). The man scolds the girl for the fact that Cleo came to the bar inquiring about Hannah. You will have to talk to the guys about it. At the end of the conversation, Richie wants to talk to his brother Jesse, oddly enough, he needs your approval. Let him get it. A little later, he will send you an excerpt from the conversation with the bartender.

Next, you will open another photo from Hannah’s cloud. This will be a forest tree with a crow. You will send this picture to your friends in the Legends chat. Then events will unfold very rapidly. You cannot influence their further continuation until the end of episode 3. Therefore, make the choice as you see fit.

Duskwood: Walkthrough Episode 4

At the end of episode 3, you learn that Dan had an accident while drunk. You will also receive threats from a stranger, where he, through a video call, will show Cleo running through the forest, while (in the picture above) he will be not far from her. You will want to send the video to a group chat. But Jake will try to dissuade you, as this is just manipulation by the criminal. You have to make the right choice at some points. First, you have to decide whether you trust the guy or not. If you trust, then you do not send the video, therefore, the criminal will send this video to one of the guys himself, thereby you will feel distrust of the group members for some time.

Secondly, if you do not trust the Hacker, then write to him that you will send the video. This will sadden Jake, but you will not receive a wave of negativity from the rest of the guys. Nevertheless, the conversation will continue to me. The perpetrator had already sent the video to Cleo. Therefore, it is better to trust the programmer. Then you need to discuss the identity of the caller.

Write that the offender is looking for understanding, and nevertheless he does not want to open up to people, so he behaves that way. You can write that you have previously received calls from him. Ask the interlocutor that the perpetrator may not have known the first time where Cleo’s route will be during her run, so he did not prepare in advance.

Whatever decision you make on the video, while you are talking with Jake, the maniac will send it to Cleo herself, who, in a panic, will upload it to the general correspondence. Everyone will start accusing you of hiding important evidence, putting the girl in danger, and so on. But no matter what you do, it will not greatly affect the further development of the storyline.

A bracelet. From the conversations, you learn that Thomas brought out a bracelet from Hannah’s house, which has the initials "D.H." Interestingly, these are the initials of Jesse - Jessica Hawkins. Jake will lead you to this idea after asking you to do the decoration. You also know that Thomas believed that Hannah received a gift from a fan with whom she cheated on him. Then you should make a choice, on which, in fact, little depends, but nevertheless it will be important for you to get an affirmative answer. You might speculate that the engraving on the accessory is just a coincidence that doesn’t mean anything.

Then the Hacker will ask about Jesse why she decided to intervene in the investigation process. Tell him that the girl trusted you and began to help for you. A pretentious phrase will be superfluous here, even if you play as a guy "She fell in love with me" (although one of the plot lines is that a romantic relationship can arise between you and the girl, there is the same line with Cleo). Then you and Jake will condemn the perpetrator. In the future, you can just have a nice talk with Jesse. This will further help to endear the girl to you.

Crow. Then you will spend some time with Richie. He will tell you about the unusual tradition of boys, to walk into the forest to an abandoned hut, knock on it, then slowly walk back. Richie decides to go to that house in the woods. As soon as he returns to the workshop, he sees the sign of a crow on the garage door - this is how in the urban legend the criminal marked the houses of his victims.

Richie will throw a photo with a raven at the gate of his workshop into a general conversation, where Lily will throw a tantrum and initiate a vote against you to exclude you from the chat. The people you make friends with will support you and you will stay in conversation. Then you should ask Jesse about the bracelet, which she will refuse. Then Jake again makes some assumptions about the tragedy, and asks what time Thomas came for the bracelet to Hannah. You should answer "When I learned about the body", then write that "Then, perhaps, you can abandon this theory." Then Richie will try to wash the crow from the gate, and if in the past they allowed him to talk to Phil, he will send you an excerpt from the conversation with him.

The password for Dr. Ulrich Barrett’s computer in the Duskwood game. Then Jake will ask you to help you find the password for Hannah’s psychologist’s computer. To do this, you need to select the option where you can find the tip "On Instagram, Facebook, etc.". To find the password, you should go to Ulrich Barrett’s profile, where you can see his pictures. In many pictures there will be a kitty - his pet named LAULA (as it is written on her pendant). Therefore, the password from the doctor’s computer is LAULA. Write the password to Jake without errors so that he can log in and see the data on Hannah.

Recording. After some time, the Hacker will send you an interesting audio recording that he found on Dr. Barrett’s computer. In it, Hannah tells the doctor that she is being followed, and she concludes that this is due to some incident that happened to her as a child. There was some Jennifer’s girl. Jake will offer to discuss what he heard. Select "Hannah was a child when this happened" option. Next, emphasize that several children were involved in the incident. It should also be noted that the story mentions Jennifer, who was not a child at that time.

At the end of episode 4, you will see a video from Lily, in which the girl blames you and Jake for the disappearance of her sister. At the same time, she is silent about important details, deflecting suspicions from old acquaintances.

Duskwood: Episode 5 Walkthrough

At the beginning of the episode, all the characters will vigorously discuss Lily’s video, which she posted on YouTube. After this event, all your comrades will be on your side. Lily knows Hacker’s name from somewhere. From time to time people will write to you with threats. You are trying to reach out to Jake. You can choose any answer options, as they will not affect the storyline. If you do not want Lily to read your correspondence with new associates, initiate a vote against her being in the conversation.

Jake then appears and assures you that he will take care of the cutscene. What will you tell the guys from the chat about. Then Dan will make the assumption that Jake did not delete the video, but simply scared Lily, which is why the girl deleted the video. You are advised to parry Dan’s "You know he’s a hacker, right?" Then the guy will remind you of the vote in which Jake threatened the participants, standing up for you. Therefore, nothing prevents him from "talking to Lily".

At the end of your skirmish with Dan, you should select "The only thing that matters to me is that the video is deleted." After that, in a conversation with Jake, you should ask him about how he deleted the video "How did you do that?" He will say that he just talked to the girl. Then he will reveal to you his secret that government agencies are hunting him (not because of Hannah’s case), so he has to work incognito. We recommend that you support the young man in the conversation. He will be grateful to you.

Then he asked where you left off in the investigation, about the last lead. Remind him of Mysterious Jennifer. After that, the interlocutor will ask you to find out about her from someone from the general chat. After that, you can choose any of your companions. We turned to Dan, who told us everything he knew. Jennifer is a young woman whose body was found in the woods a few days ago. Disappeared under strange circumstances 10 years ago. When Dan asks why you are asking him, just say that you trust him.

Then, in the Legends chat, Richie will talk about the client. The guys will tell you that Thomas broke Alfie’s car in the motel. The butler took the child to the workshop to fix it. Richie helped them. Then you can tell your comrades that you are constantly threatened, and it all began long before Lily posted her message to people. Say that "Since my number got to you." The guys will support you.

Crash. At this time, Dan decides to tell everyone about the accident, and assumes that everything did not happen by chance. You can insert your line that the guy was drunk that evening. But Dan insists and asks Richie to look at the brakes on his car. In doing so, you can support him. But you will be left alone, only you will support Dan. But Jesse will take offense at you for this, writing about it in private messages. You can ignore her reply. But it is better to answer that "I really believe him."

You will have the right to ask Dan a few questions:

  1. "You saw someone next to your car" - to which he replies no, but it was very dark in the parking lot.
  2. "So it was easy to hide there?" - his answer will be vague.
  3. "Who knew you were going to the Black Swan?" - just you and Jesse.
  4. "Has your car ever had a problem with the brakes?" Dan will answer negatively to this.
  5. "Do you have enemies?" - Dan will think that he has no enemies, but Richie will think a little.
  6. "How much whiskey have you drunk?" - lot.
  7. "How close were you to Hannah?" - to find out that in the common company, Dan and Hannah had a good relationship, but in private they would not have found anything to talk about.

Then you learn from the correspondence between Dan and Jesse that the police came to the young man. They will talk about gossip in the city, then, unexpectedly, Dan will write to you that he remembered the name of the murdered girl - Jennifer Manson (if you asked Dan about her).

Search. In a few seconds, Cleo will write to you that her mother had to cancel the search for Hannah in the forest, as she began to receive threats. The woman held on until she received a photograph of her daughter. Cleo will ask your permission to tell Mom about everything. Your answers will not affect the story in any way. Then the girl asks you to share the bad news with the guys. Support her "Of course, I will do everything, and you take care of mom." Cleo will be very grateful to you.

In a general conversation, start your story with the phrase "Guys, the searches in the forest are canceled." Then write that "Cleo’s mom got this letter" and insert a threatening photo. At the same time, you can tell that such threats come to a woman on a regular basis. Jesse will offer to remove all ads on the way home. Thomas will offer to inform Hannah’s parents about the cancellation of the search. Here it is recommended to ask: "Weren’t they involved in organizing the search?" You won’t get an answer anyway.

Then Dan will appear in the conversation, who will hint at the weakness of the criminal. To his question "We are now talking about the same thing," write "Yes". Then the guy himself will write that Hannah is in the forest. Answer him that "We have known for a long time that he does not want us to go to the forest."

Thomas will write that he called the parents of the missing girl. Ask Richie to "Tell me if something happens." Then Jesse will support you and share his impressions of the threats. Next, the girl will start asking you about Jake. You shouldn’t tell her, because "He wouldn’t want that." And tell her that the Hacker is not threatening you. She will then begin to share her thoughts that your presence in the chat is important to Jake and that you cannot remember Hannah.

Betvoron. At this time, Dan sends a funny picture to Thomas, explaining it by the fact that this is the Raven Man. At the same time, Dan hints to the interlocutor that the Raven Man also hunts for bad people. Then leaves the network. Then talk to Jake and tell him the news:

  1. "The Mysterious Jennifer Manson".
  2. "It happened over 10 years ago."
  3. "Her body was found in the Duskwood forest."
  4. "The killer was never found."
  5. "Jennifer wasn’t from Duskwood."
  6. "It’s all".

Jake, checking the data on Jennifer, asked who told you about the girl, since there is no information about her on the Internet. Share with the guy Dan’s opinion about the accident that the young man believes that he may not be involved in the misfortune that happened to him, the brakes simply failed. Then you inform the interlocutor about the cancellation of the search for the missing girl. You can give your assessment to the perpetrator. For example, that the criminal wants everyone to think that Hannah is in the woods. Then you will have a little talk with Jake, who will give you call details.

The hacker will offer to help with finding out who the callers’ phone numbers belong to. But you can dial the numbers and find out who called:

After calling the garage, Jesse will apologize for not being able to get there. To which you should write that you are calling all the numbers from the details of the last calls of the missing girl. Jesse agrees with you that she may have called because Hannah’s car was in the garage for repairs. Ask: "Why did you have her car?" Then Richie will speak to you. Ask him:

  1. "What happened to Hannah’s car."
  2. "Did you replace anything weird about Hannah’s behavior?"
  3. "Was she acting like her usual?"
  4. "Do you know where Hannah went next?"

Then you two have a little talk with Richie about Hannah. He will drop you a photo of Dan’s wrecked car. Then Jake will write to you, who will inform you that the second number belongs to Thomas. You should share with your boyfriend how you felt that "There was something strange about Richie’s words ...", then clarify "During the conversation, it seemed like he had prepared his answers in advance."

Thomas. Start the conversation by saying, "We have something important to discuss." Then tell us about the detail. Thomas will start to get nervous, your task is to calm him down "I remain neutral, Thomas", and that you haven’t spoken to him for a long time: "This is not because I consider you a suspect."

When talking to Thomas, you should be very careful about asking him about your missing girlfriend. If the young man trusts you, he will throw off the photo of the bracelet with engraving. In the future, the guy will ask you to find out the last name of the hacker, since his name begins with "D".

Then you have to go to an hour with Jake, where you can write him message after message, having made any choice. The guy will not answer you for a while. Then Jesse will take you on a virtual walk around the city, and Dan will send you a photo with Batworth. When Jesse gets home, it will be pretty dark. She will turn on video communication with you, but she will not reach the house.

Duskwood: Episode 6 Walkthrough

After a terrible picture in the evening, Jesse will write to Phil that he is going to call the police, but the girl will not answer either his messages or your calls. Then you should inform Thomas that Phil knows about his adventure last night, as there are video cameras in the basement of Jesse’s brother’s cafe and he is going to call the authorities. Next, Richie will contact you, who will ask you if you know about what happened to his accountant, since she called him and asked to leave work. The girl’s voice was very low.

You should tactfully tell about the attack on Jesse by the masked man. Then Jake will write to you. You will discuss yesterday’s attack on Jessica. Next, you and your interlocutor will discuss the details of Hannah’s abduction. You can ask any questions and share your guesses with the Hacker. You can also speculate that Jake was the girl’s lover, and the initials on the jewelry are Jake and Hannah.

The young man will remember that recently you read an entry about emeralds in your diary. At the same time, the girl’s bracelet also has emeralds "She has the same eyes, the same emerald color." He also says that in addition to Iris from the passage, there is a person who has the same green eyes. B must assume that Jennifer is Iris’s daughter. At the end of the dialogue, you can simply chat with the guy.

At the end, the young man unexpectedly interrupts the conversation. In the meantime, you can call number 3, you will find out that it belongs to a certain Alan. Then you will be invited to chat by Thomas and Cleo, who broke into the basement of Phil’s bar yesterday, as they learned that a box of matches with a picture of "Aurora" was found on the dead girl’s body. You should discuss the incident with the guys. You can ask any questions, as they will not affect the plot.

Then, in the general chat, you should inform the others that Jesse was attacked yesterday. Then you will tell Jake about everything, but he will not answer. Number 3 is Phil’s number, after listening to the message, you should add his number to your contacts. Then you write in a general conversation that Hannah spoke to Phil on the day of her disappearance.

Link. Then Lily will write to you, we do not recommend pushing the girl away (no matter how unpleasant she is to you). She will say that she only deleted the video because Jake told her that he connects them with Hannah, but did not provide evidence, only sent a link. But the link does not open because the whole part is missing. But the Hacker gave a hint that you are the key to the link. Here Jake will send you the missing piece.

Read between these lines - the answer. In the link is another puzzle from Hacker "Read between the lines". To find out the answer, you need to select the entire link (as shown in the pictures above), the name will appear - Sonya. Sonya is Hannah’s cat, who is no longer alive. Also, from the dialogue with Lily, you learn that Hannah corresponded with the Hacker for a long time, but after the girl disappeared, the correspondence disappeared.

Open the picture with the cat Sonya, if you turn the phone over, then a strange symbol will appear on the photo. In the future, it turns out that the figure is another mystery of the Hacker. To understand what the image means, open the city map and find the desired location (as shown in the picture above). If you zoom in on the map, then the diagram matches the picture in the photo with Sonya. You need to convince Lily to go to the building on the map. You will send it by messages. Start at the Aurora bar and then coordinate the girl’s route using the map.

While Lily is looking for the building, Dan will send you a photo of himself from the hospital. The young man will try to convince you to stay away from the Hacker type. If you are playing as a girl, then you can flirt a little with the interlocutor. Then he will ask you that the crow was not drawn for Richie, but for Jesse.

Then Lily will write that the house does not exist, just a vacant lot, behind which a forest grows. You ask the girl to let you think, then you need to go to the map. The place where Lily came was signed with question marks, now you can flip through the pictures that point to something. Share this with Lily. You might assume that the images indicate "Light". Then explain your guess.

Nym-Os. Ask Lily to take a close look at the lantern. Then the girl will send you a photo of the lantern (in the picture above). This will be the next puzzle. After that you can create a chat by numbers with a photo. A subscriber will appear under the nickname "Nym-Os". Then Phil will interrupt your search.

You should carefully, but with pressure, ask Phil about Hannah’s call on the day of her disappearance to the guy. He will tell you that the girl probably just wanted to be distracted with him. Then ask why the bartender decided that the girl wants to have fun with him. Phil will write a couple of guesses as to why he thinks so.

Then you can ask why the guy was talking about the missing stuff. He will answer very sincerely to all the questions that you ask him. Do not be afraid to make a mistake in choosing the right question, as they will be repeated periodically.

Then write to the guys about your dialogue with the owner of the Aurora. You are about to talk about Hannah and Phil’s relationship. This dialogue will not affect the storyline, so you can ask and say whatever you see fit.

Book. In the meantime, you have found the book "Midnight in Duskwood" in Hannah’s archives. Write a couple more phrases to Jake, and send the file with the book to Richie and Jesse in the Legends chat. Then you can listen to the creepy story of a boy with a defect in his face. Then Thomas will start texting Hannah on her number that he really misses her and loves her. After all, Lily will write to you. Lily will offer to carefully check the new contact. When you open the Nym-Os profile, you will see only 1 file, which will contain only an email address. Ask the interlocutor to send a letter by mail. Then Lily will write you the symbols - "rw47rv".

These characters are required to be written in Nym-Os messages. The interlocutor will send you a link. It will be a system bot. The link will open a file with a password, the key is your nickname in the game. It turns out Lily also watched the video. You can discuss what you saw with the girl, but you need to be more tactful.

After talking with Lily, go to "Legends", where you can discuss the book with the guys. After a little chat, you can play with new companions. Episode 6 will end with Lily’s next adventure, this time she will be good.

Duskwood: Episode 7 Walkthrough

The episode will begin with a conversation with Lily, support her, she will be very pleased. The company has grown rapidly, so Richie is also interested in what I Am Jake (#IAmJake) is. Lily offers to tell the guys that Jake and Hannah are half-siblings. We recommend that you agree with her. An interesting conversation will strike up, in which it is best to give the first violin to Lily, let her tell everything herself, and you will only support her with small remarks.

Then write to Lily in a private chat that she "did an excellent job". In the midst of a dialogue with Lily, your device will be attacked from the outside. But Nym-Os will notice this and help you repel the attack if you want to do it (you need to press the green button in the center of the screen). An attempt to locate your location will then be reflected. What you will share in the chat with Lily.

Talk to Lily about the hacking attempt. You can write any of your guesses. The girl will want to help you anyway. Then Phil will start asking Jesse about you. Then, in a general conversation, Richie will send a piece of news, which says about the found body of a young girl. Write to the guys that since the police are starting to divulge the details of the case, therefore, it is at an impasse. It turns out that the found girl is the same age as Hannah, and they could be related in some way to each other.

Amy. Next, you should ask your friends about Amy: who she is, was she born in the city where she lived, was she married, and so on. Questions can be asked in any order. The interlocutors will still be shocked by the news, so they will willingly share all the information about the girl.

Then Dan will pay attention to the stone next to the body of the murdered woman. Then everyone will come to the conclusion that the body was found in the cemetery. Tell your comrades that "The killer is trying to convey something to everyone with this." Suggest that Amy’s body was found at the grave of the person Amy may have been involved in.

Phil will then try to call you. Then Cleo will write to you that the murdered girl was from her drawing courses. Also, Cleo will write that Amy stopped attending classes 2 weeks before Hannah disappeared. Ask, "Do you think there is any connection? Between Amy’s murder and Hannah’s disappearance?" Support Cleo, tell her that you are also worried about the story of the murdered girl, especially since no one noticed her disappearance. Note that Amy is somewhat similar in appearance to Hannah. Tell the girl what Thomas told you about her friend’s strange behavior before disappearing.

Arrest. Jesse will write in a general conversation that Phil has been arrested. Discuss the news with the guys, support Jesse. Dan will correlate the arrest with the murder of Amy, you should consider his words. Tell us about your conversation with Phil about Hannah, but you shouldn’t disclose all the details, in general terms: he was nice, willingly made contact, and so on. The game itself will suggest the correct answer. Tell your friends that Phil seemed to know what you were going to ask him about.

Then Jesse will write to you in private messages. Tell her about her brother’s call just before the arrest. Support the girl, and then quietly ask her about the man who attacked Jesse: how he looked, whether he asked something. Discuss the situation of the attack on the girl. Questions can be asked in any order, as they will be repeated anyway.

Then the girl will ask you to send photos that could confirm Phil’s innocence. You must tactfully refuse her. Tell them that someone tried to jailbreak your phone. Jesse will tell you that he will go to the last address left in Hannah’s navigator.

You will be attacked again, then 2 strange people will appear on the screen. Then Jake will write to you. Talk to him about what happened. Then talk to him about Phil’s arrest and Amy’s body. After dialogue with Jake, write to Lily that he showed up. Tell the Hacker to be alarmed about something.

Jesse will write to you that Jennifer Hanson’s body was found in the forest 10 years ago, and asks you what you knew about it. You can tell the truth. The girl found out that the mother of the murdered Jennifer lives at the address in the navigator. Ask a friend to call you, she will tell you that Jennifer was not killed, but she was shot down to death. Jesse also learns from Ayres that Hannah came to her in order to tell her that her daughter’s killer is following her.

Then Jesse asks the question: Why would a person go after Hannah if it wasn’t murder. Write that this is a "great question". The guys are in full swing discussing Phil’s arrest and his recent behavior. Then Jesse intervenes and tells that one of her friends testified against her brother in the police.

Support Jesse in her desire to find the one who wrote the denunciation on the guy. Then find out what you previously said about Phil behind her back. The girl will be offended. Whatever you answer, she will leave the chat. Then Richie will console her. Richie then writes to Dan that the car was fine before the accident.

You will have a conversation with Jake, talk to him about current problems. Then you should be informed that the number on the list of Hannah’s last calls - a certain Alan - is the head of the local police. Further, on the assumption of why a person could hand over the bracelet to the pawnshop, you should write that "The person was emotionally attached to the bracelet."

Jesse will send a photo to you - a door with a painted raven on it. Ask the girl more about how she discovered the drawing. Then she will send him to the general chat. Lily will send you a document from her sister’s mailbox. Write to her that you cannot read the text. Lily will write that this is an application form to visit a person in prison. Write to Lily that Jesse is in danger.

Then an active discussion of the raven sign on Jesse’s door will begin in a general conversation. Support the girl. At the end of the conversation, ask the guys to find out who handed over the bracelet to the pawnshop. Then Dan will write to you. Send Dan a video (the game will suggest it) when the guy says he wants to help you with the investigation. When asked where the video is from, say "From Hannah". Then discuss it with Dan. He will tell you something interesting.

Lily will send you a scanned application that she found earlier. The letterhead will contain the prisoner’s first and last name - Ted Madruga, whom Lily does not know about. Then, in the general chat, Richie threw off the list of things necessary for everyone to move into the house. You can laugh at him in private messages. In the conversation, Richie will say that he heard someone screaming from the forest, he went to see what happened there.

Duskwood: Episode 8 Walkthrough

Write in the general chat that something happened to Richie. At this time, Cleo will tell you that Phil handed over the bracelet to the pawnshop. Tell your friends what happened to Richie. Help Lily and the other guys find out what happened to the young man. Write and describe everything exactly (don’t forget about the house). Then Jesse will write to you, support her and tell her about your condition.

Thomas will go looking for Richie in the woods, but he will only find his cap. Jake will write to you, you can discuss what happened. You can tell the guy everything that is boiling, that it is you who are to blame for Richie’s pain, do not be shy in expressions. This will not offend the interlocutor. Then the Hacker will start asking you, tell in detail about everything that happened in the forest.

After the police call, who will drop Jake, write to him that it was Phil who took the bracelet to the pawnshop. Conduct a dialogue with the Hacker, depending on your relationship with him (there is an option when the heroine - the girl and Jake fall in love). Not without your efforts, Jake will join the group, who will be bombarded with questions. You, too, can ask questions that interest you. Follow the conversation closely. Something interesting is going to happen!

During the conversation, you will need to select a file with a tree that depicts a raven. Then send people 1 page of the diary (where you didn’t mark it up). Then let them read Document 2 and find the doctor’s prescription and audio recording. A very interesting conversation will start in the chat. Read each line carefully.

Then ask for a break during which Lily will text you. talk to her. She will want to find out what kind of person Hannah was going to visit in prison. Support the girl. Then you decide to write to him and invite Jake to the conversation. Together, you must write a letter to Ted.

Until the very end of the episode, you will discuss each evidence found in the general chat. Try to be convincing in your answers and ask the right questions. The game will help you choose the required version of the line.

In this episode, practically nothing depends on you. The plot is structured in such a way that you can simply go through a series of puzzles and draw some conclusions, which you will voice in the chat.

The episode begins with Jake throwing you Amy’s post he found. But you won’t be able to enter the browser, write to Jake "Available to users only". The username and password will be dropped by the Hacker. If you don’t find what you need, ask Jake "I don’t know what to look for". The guy will tell you to find a post about "The Man Without a Face".

After viewing the post (you can also read other stories), you will discuss it with Jake. The young man will ask you to get into the credibility of the people on the forum. Then Jesse will write to you, who parsed the document and found the file of Michael Hanson - Jennifer’s father. Then the girl will give you his phone number - 93844. At this time, the police chief wrote you a message asking you to call him.

But you call your father, whose number is out of service. About what and write Jesse. After talking with her, you should go to the forum. Write that the conversation has turned into private messages, and you are interested to know what’s next. One of the users will answer you, to which you can parry him "I agree, it pisses me off too". Then tell Jake what the Chief of Police is writing to you.

At the forum, meanwhile, a heated discussion developed. Ask the people what else they know. After that, a message will be sent to your profile on the forum, in which they will write to you the number - 28749. The number came from a person from the forum under the nickname Darkness. Enter his number in the search box and he will write to you.

He will ask you "who are you?" send him your name. Introduce yourself as Amy’s friend. You can write to the person that Amy is dead, but you will not post her story on the forum.

At this time, the chief of police will persistently seek a meeting with you. You need to talk to Jake, who will tell you that the last number of Hannah’s contacts on the day of her disappearance is Amy. Then just have a nice (or friendly) conversation with the young man.

During a conversation with Jake, Phil will call you, he is still in prison, he calls to ask you for help - to prove his innocence. Also hints to you that he had a relationship with Jennifer’s father Michael Hanson. The hacker will drop you a 10-year-old record of your father’s interrogation. Listen to it, discuss it with Jake, and send it to the guys in the general chat.

The group will begin a heated discussion of the recording of the interrogation and the whole situation. During the conversation, write that Phil called you and asked for help. After the conversation in which the participants decide to talk to Michael, write to Jake that you have a bad feeling about it. In the end, Jesse and Thomas went to Jennifer’s father. Your further actions in the game will not affect the plot in any way.

When the couple drive up to the house, the discussion will begin at home. Here you can also insert any cues you like. Thomas and Jesse walked around the neighborhood for a long time until they found a basement, and in it they found a wall with their photographs. Advise the guys to "get out of there urgently." As a result, a man with a mask on his face entered the house, and the couple managed to escape from the house. Then I advise Lily to call the police. This is how the 9th episode of the detective game ends.

Duskwood: Episode 9 Walkthrough

The first thing you will have to do in the game in this episode is to write in the general conversation about the strange call that ended the previous story. You must tell your friends that an unknown (presumably a criminal) called, who intends to destroy all participants in the storyline. You should mention that the stranger will not only kill your comrades, but will make you watch the guys die. Most likely, by the time the police arrive, the cautious criminal will have time to remove all traces of his presence in the building.

At some point in the conversation, the participants will want to go to the forest hut that Richie went to in the first episodes of the game. The further history will not depend much on your choice, except for one moment when you will need to give the floor to Thomas, who will tell the interlocutors that he found the missing girl’s phone. But the smartphone sat down to discharge for such a long time, and it needs to get at least 20% of the charge, which is what the young man will do. Your task is to ask the Hacker a question about what the guy plans to do. The young man is going to get access to it after turning on the phone.

Jesse decides on the way to the forest hut to throw the photographs taken in the criminal’s country hideout into the cloud so that all the guys can better see them. After that, Jake will connect your device to his computer and will stream the photos. Your task is to discuss each picture with him. Look carefully at the photo, signs (circles) will appear on them, when you click on them, a discussion of this part of the picture will take place. You can make your own assumptions (it is better to make them logical), ask leading questions to Jake, or answer his lines. Try as best and productive as possible to jointly review the pictures with the Hacker (as shown in the picture above).

The guys are going to go to the house that Richie rented for them. Cleo arrived first and decided to give you a tour of the house. The house really makes an impression! You can take a close look at the photos, although they don’t really relate to the storyline of the story. At this time, Thomas will report that the missing girl’s phone was charged by 22%, and he turned it on. Now your task is to ask your friends for the PIN. Spoiler alert: all the assumptions that the guys make will be wrong, you will have to enter the wrong numbers three times for the device to lock. If you want to laugh a little, ask Dan for the code. Agree, cook him dinner when it’s over.

After unsuccessful attempts to unlock Hannah’s device, ask Jake for help. Of course, it will give you the ability to access someone else’s gadget! Of course, apps and files on the smartphone will open gradually. While the guy is busy with Hannah’s phone, you will be given the opportunity to chat with Jesse. This is just cute small talk (unless you are in a romantic relationship). But at some point, the girl will remember about the navigator in the car of her missing friend. She also noted that the seat was far away from the steering wheel, while Hannah was not tall. Try to find out everything the girl can about this.

Once Jake gives you access to your phone, you can view different apps, Instagram profiles, and more. As soon as it becomes possible to view chats, open the correspondence with Amy (it will not appear immediately), read it carefully. Then discuss what you read with Jake. Try to give answers based on what you have read to get closer to the answer. You can also ask the interlocutor leading questions, which you see fit.

Then you should inform the guys about the found correspondence, but they will not appear in the chat. After a series of puzzles, Hannah’s phone will receive a message from an unknown subscriber "You have taken the phone." You can answer him or keep silent. At this time, the guys will write to you. This is the time to take your mind off sad thoughts. Just chat with them. Then you have to talk about Hannah driving the car that hit Jennifer 10 years ago.

Then you can chat with each person in turn, find out new details of the various events associated with the disappearance of the girl. Basically, whatever you ask will not affect the storyline in any way. As a result, the stranger will write to Hannah’s phone that all the guys have fallen into his trap, although they were holding on very well. The episode ends with a call from a stranger.

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