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Puzzle Adventure ECO WiKi: Tips and Tricks for Game Walkthrough

PUZZLE ADVENTURE ECO - a game for android with release date Apr 24. 2019 by Gamefox. Game genre: Puzzle. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. A Beginner’s Guide
  2. Building Shelter
  3. How to Earn Coins?
  4. How to get all skins?
  5. Objects

Puzzle Adventure ECO: A Beginner’s Guide

Puzzle Adventure ECO is an adventure puzzle game from Game Fox. The creators of the game tell us about life on Earth after a global natural disaster - sandstorms.

The main characters of the game are the professor and his robot assistant ECO. They are stuck in the hideout, supplies are starting to run out, so the professor prepares an escape plan to get out of the hideout.

The ECO robot must overcome various obstacles to get to the exit from the shelter. On his way, he meets a robot villain collecting parts from old robots to improve himself, and he desperately wants to prevent ECO from getting to the ground.

As you progress through the episodes, we learn the story of the main characters, which is revealed through the dialogues of the characters and colorful comics.

How to play?

The goal of the game is to help ECO overcome all obstacles on the way to the warp portal, which moves him to the next area. To solve puzzles, you must use the auxiliary objects correctly and avoid dangers.

After installing the game, you are prompted to choose to play as a guest or using an account. Use your account to save your progress and play on multiple devices. When entering, the game may offer to choose whether to save on the device or on the server. Open save with great progress.

The level of the game is not always passed the first time, ECO can break or fall. In this case, the level can be replayed. There are no limits on the number of lives and attempts.

An additional task is collecting energy, with its help you can purchase items in the rooms of the shelter, get robots-numismatists and earn coins. Energy balls are collected by ECO when touched. At each level, you can collect 3 energies.

When passing levels, you can use hints, they are purchased in the store. When you click on the light bulb, a hand will appear on the screen, which will indicate what actions must be performed to complete the level. You can buy hints in the store, 3 hints cost 300 coins.

When passing a level, immediately collect all balls with energy so as not to return. If you cannot complete the level, use the hint.

There are currently 6 episodes in the game. Each episode tells a part of the story of the main characters. For example, in the first episode of ECO, you have to fix the power plant, and in the third, you will need to escape from the incinerator. To complete the episode, you must complete 50 levels on each.

Game Fox continues to work on the game, so in the future, new episodes and the development of the history of the professor and ECO are expected.


The main screen shows a hideout, each room corresponds to one episode. You can move between rooms using the arrows next to the "start game" button.

The back button allows you to see the entire hideout. The "Options" button allows you to customize sound effects and background music, change the language, change account, see achievements and reset all game achievements. The "skins" button opens the ECO skin catalog. The "shop" button offers to purchase various improvements.

Don’t turn off ads for money. So that during the passage of the levels it does not interfere - turn off the Internet.

ECO Bouncing Ball: Building Shelter

A separate direction of the game is the arrangement of the shelter. Each room looks empty when opened, but by completing tasks you can get gifts and add furniture and other household items to the room.

The tasks in all rooms are the same. You need to go through a certain number of levels out of 50, or collect balls with energy out of a possible 150. For the complete passage of the episode, you can get 6 gifts, 5 of which are related to the arrangement of the room.

For example, during the passage of the fourth episode, you clean up the trash in the room, replenish supplies, make a dining table and bed, and install medical equipment. In the fifth episode, you make furniture, toys and put on a radio. And in the sixth episode, you equip a workshop and create a robot.

Thus, during the passage of the game, you will have to open 30 gifts and make each room in the shelter more comfortable and functional, since it is not known when the professor and ECO will be able to get to the ground.

Puzzle Adventure ECO: How to Earn Coins?

The first way is to complete levels. For each completed level, you can get 10 coins.

The second way is to view ads. For watching the video after passing the level, it is offered to get 50 coins, however, there are bonus levels, after passing which, it is proposed to get 150 coins at once.

The fastest passing level is level 3 of the first episode. By watching ads after passing it repeatedly, you can earn a decent amount.

The third way is the creation of robotic numismatists. During the passage of the episode, you can create one numismatist. Each robot brings 25 coins every 12 hours. For viewing ads, the amount collected can be increased by 3 times.

Synchronize the time of collecting coins from robots-numismatists, then in order to increase the number of collected coins you will need to watch only one commercial.

Puzzle Adventure ECO: How to get all skins?

The creators of the game provide users with a wide choice of the appearance of the main character. The "skins" tab contains all purchased and earned costumes for the robot. Choose one of the available skins, and during the passage of the ECO levels it will look exactly like this.

You can choose a classic skin for ECO, for example, steel, silver or military color. Or more funny and then the robot will look like a spinner, a ball with a hamster or a glazed donut.

Ways to get skins:

Puzzle Adventure ECO: Objects

At all levels there are various objects, with the help of which it is necessary to help ECO get to the warp portal. When a new object appears, a text prompt appears on the screen.

  1. The wire is one of the main ways to move ECO around the level. Cuts if you drag over it. With arrow buttons, you can control the angle of the wire.
  2. Platforms - help ECO navigate the level. They can be stationary, move independently, or be regulated by arrows: up and down, right and left.
  3. Suspended beams - bridging gaps to prevent the ECO from falling. The rope must be cut in order for the beam to fall.
  4. Trampoline - ECO jumping device. There may be one or more trampolines on the level.
  5. Portal - presented in the form of blue and pink shimmering circles. When ECO gets into one portal, it moves to the second one of the same color.
  6. Pump - when pressed, creates a stream of air, tossing and moving the ECO further. It is necessary to calculate the flow rate so that the ECO is at the right point.
  7. Fan - creates a jet of air and allows the ECO to fly upwards.
  8. Clamp - fixes the position of the ECO and allows you to move it with a mechanism around the playing field.
  9. Laser beam - operates constantly, or is switched on / off by the button. If a laser beam hits the ECO, it will break. Rays can be blocked by platforms.
  10. Mirrors - reflect the laser beams and change their direction so that they do not hit the ECO. The position of the mirrors can be changed using the arrows.
  11. Assistant robots - Meet during the game and help ECO overcome obstacles. For example, a robot with propellers grabs an ECO and moves it to a warp portal.
  12. Spikes and Spiky Robots - When the ECO collides with spikes or robots, it breaks. Avoid contact of the ECO with studs.
Pay attention to the text clues at the beginning of the level. They will help you quickly understand the game and make the passage more interesting.

The author of the article: Maria M., Yaroslav I.