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Emoji Blitz WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

Disney Emoji Blitz Game is an addictive match-3 puzzle game from Jam City, Inc. based on popular emojis. Players will have to connect emoji of the same type into rows of three or more to earn points and activate various effects. The goal of the game is to earn as many points as possible in a limited number of moves or time. Emoji Blitz also has a variety of tasks and missions that bring additional bonuses and rewards. Players can compete with friends, track their progress, and develop their skills in the game.


  1. Guide for New Players
  2. How to complete missions?
  3. Variety of emoticons
  4. Secrets to Getting Emojis
  5. Guide to Game Events
  6. Questions from players
  7. Is it worth playing?

Emoji Blitz: Guide for New Players

Game features. Emoji Blitz is an addictive match-3 puzzle game that brings together your favorite Disney and Pixar characters and icons. Here are some features of the game:

  1. Various characters. The game features hundreds of characters from popular animated films such as Maleficent, Finding Nemo, The Lion King and many others. Players can collect emoji representing these characters and use them during the game.
  2. Unique abilities. Each emoji character has a unique ability that helps players complete levels faster and earn more points.
  3. Events and missions. The game regularly hosts special events and missions where players can earn exclusive rewards and emojis.
  4. Competitions. Players can compete with friends and other players in real time to see who can score the most points within a certain period of time.
  5. Updates and new characters. The developers regularly add new characters, levels and features to the game to keep players interested and enrich the gameplay.
Emoji Blitz offers a fun and colorful gaming world where players can enjoy meeting their favorite Disney and Pixar characters, develop their skills and compete with other players.

Game "Three in a row". Match-3 game is a type of puzzle game where the player must connect three or more identical elements (Emoji) in a row or vertically/horizontally to make them disappear from the playing field and score points. Here are the key elements and features of the Match 3 game:

  1. Purpose of the game. The main goal of the Match 3 game is to clear the playing field from elements by connecting them in lines or groups of three or more identical elements. This is often accompanied by additional objectives, such as reaching a certain number of points, freeing cells, or achieving certain combinations of elements.
  2. Bonuses and enhancements . During the game, players can activate various bonuses and enhancements that help them clear the field more efficiently. This could be explosions, shuffling elements, destroying entire rows, or other ways to improve the outcome of the game.
  3. Strategy . Although Match 3 does involve an element of chance, successful play also requires strategic thinking. Players must plan their moves in advance to create the best combinations of elements and use power-ups to achieve goals.
  4. Levels and difficulty. The Match 3 game offers a variety of difficulty levels that become increasingly challenging as you progress and require more careful planning and strategy.
The Match 3 game is a simple but addictive puzzle game that brings a lot of fun and stimulates the development of players’ strategic thinking and logical skills.

How to earn coins? Looking for spare change on your couch? Don’t worry, we have tips for earning coins in Emoji Blitz! Become a true expert in strategies and techniques to increase your wealth in the world of emojis.

Available methods:

Follow our tips, strengthen your financial potential in the game and become a real master in increasing the number of coins in your virtual wallet!

What are boosts? Before starting a fight in Emoji Blitz, you will have the opportunity to use (or purchase) power-ups. These improvements will help you in the fight for victory, speed up the completion of the level and increase your chances of winning:

What is the emoji fee? An emoji charge gives the emoticon additional energy, which allows it to produce a more powerful and vibrant effect when making combinations. As a result, the emoticon becomes even more powerful and effective.

In addition, the use of emoji charge encourages emoticon collectors to constantly replenish their collection, since the possession of strong and enhanced emoticons becomes a source of pride and respect among other users.

Emoji Blitz: How to complete missions?

Single player missions. Single-player missions in Emoji Blitz are fun challenges that can be completed in a single game. This is a great way to diversify your gameplay and get additional bonuses and rewards.

Test your skills and wits by focusing on completing single player missions. Each mission provides you with specific goals to achieve within one game.

Use solar energy X times in one game. Goal: Swipe the sun across the emoji to create solar energy. Do this enough times in one game to complete the challenge.

To successfully complete this mission, you need to use the sun as often as possible, eating away other emoji with it and creating solar energy. Combining suns and stars can help you complete a task faster, so try to do these combinations while playing.

One effective way to create solar energy is to combine 5 emojis in an L or T shape to make a sun. This will allow you to quickly generate the necessary energy and move towards achieving your goal.

Don’t forget to use the power of Flounder’s smiley face in this mission. His special ability can significantly speed up the creation of solar energy and help complete the task faster.

Combine a star with an item. You need to combine a star with a specific item. This may not be the easiest task, but it is important to be strategic and use all your options.

Try to swipe the star on the desired item to successfully complete the task. Sometimes combining a star with an item can bring you additional bonuses and help you reach your goal faster.

If you find it difficult to combine a star and an object, do not despair. You can use the power of the special Tinker Bell emoji, which sometimes adds stars to the playing field. This can make the task much easier and help you get the results you want.

Collect X items in one game. To complete this mission in the game, you need to collect a certain number of items in one game. It can be a challenge, but with the right strategy and use of your emojis, you can successfully achieve your goal.

To collect more items, try swiping the star over the items on the board. This will help you add more needed items to the field and get closer to completing the mission.

If you can’t match the star and the item, don’t despair. Use the ability of Tinker Bell, an emoji that sometimes adds stars to the playing field. This will give you additional opportunities to collect the required number of items and help you complete the task.

Plan your moves to make the most of your emoji abilities and achieve your goal of collecting the required number of items in one game.

Combination "Gain 1" + "Gain 2". To complete a challenge that combines two power-ups in the game, you need to carry one power-up up in a different way. To do this, you need to use an emoticon that has an ability that causes one of these power-ups to appear.

Use the corresponding emoticon’s ability so that it moves the power-up up or causes a second power-up to appear on the board. This will allow you to connect two power-ups and complete the task.

Match star with emoji. Swipe your palm over the star with the corresponding emoji to successfully complete this task. Connect 5 emojis to form a star.

You may need to complete a task for which you lack a specific emoji.

If you’re having trouble getting the emoji, you might want to change the task.

Use lightning X in one game. Harness the power of the Lightning Cloud to successfully complete this mission. Remember that combining rainbow stars with storm clouds can help you achieve the success you desire. Try to use all your wits like Mickey to successfully complete this mission!

Score x points in one game. Select an emoji with a high score. (Click on an emoticon in the "Emoticon Collection" tab to find out its points). Get the Blitz Bonus to make this mission easier. The more emoticons you collect in Blitz mode, the higher your Blitz bonus will be. The status of the bonus can be tracked by touching the mission level star or progress bar.

Play X number of games with X power level. Visit your emoji page (click "More emoji") to check your emoji’s power level. Click on any of your emojis to find the number listed on the shield. If you don’t have level 2 emoji, try earning duplicate emoticons to quickly increase their power level.

Collect X coins. To complete the mission of collecting X coins, you need to actively gain more points during the game. The more points you score, the more coins you will be able to earn.

Minnie Mouse might be the perfect choice for this mission! Her special ability adds hearts to the eyes of some emojis, which in turn will help you match those emojis and get extra coins.

Don’t forget to keep a close eye on the heart emoticons and quickly create combinations to maximize your coin earnings.

Use the gold or silver emoji X number of times. For this challenge, you must only use emojis from the silver or gold boxes. Emojis obtained from special events and villain challenges (such as Ursula) will not work in this challenge. You don’t have to use the same emoji in every game.

Clear X emoticons. To successfully clear X emoji, it is important to use your best emoji and actively strive to create matches that spawn sun, lightning, and star bonuses. This will help you gain points faster and complete the goal more efficiently. Remember to use your agility and tactics to make the most of the opportunities in the game.

Remove X emoticons from the top/bottom row. To successfully remove X emoji from the top or bottom row, it is important to concentrate on enhancing the lightning or sun in the desired row. Once you activate the required bonus in the desired row, you can clear it quickly and efficiently.

When your goal is to clear the top row, remember that it may be more difficult due to the position of the emojis. Be patient and wait for the optimal moment to activate the bonus and successfully complete the task.

Spin the free prize wheel X times. To access the prize wheel in the store, click on the "Store" button. Afterwards, perform the Free Spin action to try to win the reward.

Blitz mode X times. You need to clear emojis to fill the rainbow bar at the bottom of the screen. Focus on creating bonuses, as this will be a more efficient way to progress than matching three emojis at once.

Complete X daily task. To begin completing challenges, find your challenges by clicking on the fourth tab (dart icon) on the main game screen. You only have a day to complete all the tasks, so it is important to plan which ones you can complete on time.

Don’t forget to consider the priority of tasks and the time it takes to complete them.

Pop some balloons on the round results screen. On the round results screen, you can see the balloons flying past after your score has been tallied. Remember that you can only touch one balloon at a time, and tapping multiple balloons at the same time will not cause them to appear.

Try your luck and enjoy extra interaction with the results screen!

Specific Emoji Missions. Some tasks require special emoticons to complete them. Here are a few emojis you might need:

Please note that "Hatbox Ghost" and "Abominable Snowman" are not Monsters, Inc. emojis.

Emoji Blitz: Variety of emoticons

Variety of emoticons. In the game Emoji Blitz, an exciting journey through the world of various emoticons awaits you! Here you can meet many funny and recognizable characters from various universes of Disney, Pixar and even Star Wars.

On your way you may encounter funny emoticons from such popular films and cartoons as "Star Wars", "101 Dalmatians", "Indiana Jones" and many others. You will be able to collect emoji in the form of your favorite characters and use them in game tasks, creating unique combinations and gaining the maximum number of points.

Features of the emoticon. In addition, each emoticon in the game has its own unique abilities that will help you complete levels faster and with greater success. You will be able to activate power-ups and bonuses using different combinations of emoticons to destroy obstacles on the way to victory.

Available Emojis. In the Emoji Blitz game you can get emoticons from different Disney worlds and universes. Some of the most popular worlds from which emoji are available include:

101 Dalmatians.4 emoticons.
Adventures of the Gummi Bears.1 emoticon.
Aladdin.More than 10 emoticons.
Alice in Wonderland.More than 10 emoticons.
Anastasia.2 emoticons.
Star Wars.More than 10 emoticons.
Bambi.5 emoticons.
The beauty and the Beast.More than 10 emoticons.
Cinderella.More than 10 emoticons.
DuckTales.More than 10 emoticons.
Finding Nemo.More than 10 emoticons.
Indiana Jones.4 emoticons.
Pirates of the Caribbean.6 emoticons.
Ratatouille.4 emoticons.

This is just a small sampling of the worlds available and the number of emoticons you can get in the game. A variety of emoji from different universes makes the game fun and exciting, allowing players to enjoy interacting with their favorite characters and overcoming a variety of challenges.

Power type. Each emoji in the game has unique abilities that can be activated or used in different levels. Emoji abilities can vary from level to level, turning ordinary emoji into powerful artifacts that can help you achieve goals and solve problems.

Available power types:

Your strategy and choice of emoji make a huge difference when it comes to overcoming obstacles and dominating the gaming world.

Emoji Blitz: Secrets to Getting Emojis

How to get the "Silver Box"? Silver Box emoticons are always available for purchase in the store. To purchase them, click on the "Cart" icon. The cost is 15,000 coins. Additionally, Silver Box emoticons can also be won as prizes through missions or events.

Certain emojis are exclusive and are only available at certain times. Once unlocked, they act like regular emojis in the box and you can get duplicates of them.

Some emoticons may be group collection rewards. To get them, you need to collect all the same emoticons in the group.

Chances of receiving. Players have an equal chance of receiving any emoticon from the Silver Box, regardless of whether the emoticon is purchased in the store, won as part of a mission or event, or received as a group collection reward. This makes the process of collecting and collecting emojis in the game even more fun and joyful for all players.

Power levels and repeating emojis. By collecting duplicate emoticons, you gradually level up your current emoticon, increasing the power of its special effect! Want to know how powerful your emoji is? Just go to the "Emoticon Collection" section, select the desired emoticon and pay attention to the "Power Level" indicator to the right of the image!

Silver Box emojis can reach a maximum power level of 3 by collecting 8 duplicates of that emoji.

How to get the "Golden Box"? Smilies from the "Golden" collection are always available for purchase in the store. To purchase them, simply click on the "Cart" icon. The cost of one box is 30,000 coins.

Also, golden box emoticons can be won as mission-level prizes or participation in various events.

Certain emojis are exclusive and only become available at certain events. Once unlocked, they work just like regular emojis out of the box and can be obtained as duplicates. Some emoticons are group collection rewards that can be won by collecting all the same emoticons.

Happy golden box. Lucky Golden Box offers a special promotion - Lucky Golden Box, during which 3 specific emoji have a significantly higher chance of being selected from the box. As part of a special promotion, you have a 40% chance of receiving one of these special emojis and a 60% chance of receiving any other emoji.

This means that the individual chances of each of the three lucky emoji are around 13%, while the chance of picking any other emoji from the golden box, including exclusive and group rewards, is only 0.5%.

Power levels and repeating emojis. By collecting duplicate emojis, you can eventually upgrade your current emoji to the next level, increasing its power. If you want to know how powerful your emoji is, look through your emoji collection, select the one you want, and look at the power level to the right of the shield.

The golden box emojis have a maximum power level of 5, for which you will need 19 duplicate emojis.

Serial boxes. Serial boxes are part of the gold box collection. Although they work the same way as the gold boxes, the number of emojis in the production boxes is limited, making it easier to obtain a specific emoji. When winning or using emojis in missions, there is a difference between gold and serial box emojis. For example, if you received a golden box card as a reward for completing a mission, you will only receive an emoticon from this one, and not from the serial one.

Production boxes do not include the "Exclusive Diamond" or "Group Collection Reward" emoji. There are currently three series of boxes available.

Box of stories. The box contains unique emojis, which in most cases are separate versions of characters already contained in other boxes. For example, the character Simba is available in the Silver Box, while Baby Simba is available in the Story Box. Another example: Buzz Lightyear is found in the Series I box, and Mrs. Nesbit is found in the Story box.

How to get a? You can only purchase emoticons from the Stories collection by completing certain tasks, including participating in various events. These unique emojis are not available for easy purchase, making them even more valuable and desirable among collectors and players.

Some of the emoji in the collection are rewards for successfully completing a group collection. In order to get these special emoticons, you need to collect and connect all the repeating emoticons that are part of a certain group. This process requires care, patience and some luck.

The rest of the Stories collection emojis are exclusive to the event called Token Challenges. They only become available after successfully completing a quest using tokens during a specific month. This adds an element of intrigue and challenge to the process of collecting and collecting these unique emojis.

Power levels and repeating emojis. By collecting duplicate emoticons, you gradually level up your current emoticon, which increases its special power! Want to know how powerful your emoji is? Just browse your "Emoji Collection", select the emoji you are interested in and pay attention to the bar to the right of the "Power Level" shield!

Most Stories collection emojis reach a maximum power level of 5, which requires 19 duplicate emojis, the same as the gold emoji.

Note. Mufasa’s Spirit has a maximum power of 1. Characters such as Yzma Kitty, Jafar the Serpent, Jafar the Genie, Vanessa, Young Mime, Winter Cruella, Masquerade Cruella, the Witch and Maleficent the Dragon are plot villain characters, meaning their progression is consistent other villains.

Rainbow box. The rainbow box contains unique and special emojis.

How to get a? The Rainbow Box Emoji can be obtained by completing certain tasks, including participating in events and collecting items from cards. They cannot be purchased in the usual way. Some emojis in the box can also be won as rewards for completing missions at a certain level.

Certain emoji are group collection rewards. You can get them by collecting all duplicate emoji in a group. Some emoji make their first appearance as exclusive images in special missions. They can be unlocked by completing the token quest during a specific month.

Power levels and repeating emojis. By combining identical emoticons, you can improve your current emoticon and reach a new level by increasing its special abilities! If you’re interested in knowing how powerful your current emoji is, simply open your "Emoji Collection", select the emoji you want, and take note of the "Power Level" indicator to the right of the image!

Rainbow box emojis have different maximum power levels from 1 to 5, and require a certain number of emoji duplicates to power them up.

Villain box. You can obtain special emojis from the Villain Box by completing various tasks, including participating in events and collecting items. They are not available for regular purchase.

By completing villain events, you can receive a villain emoticon with a special title as a reward. Some Villain Box emojis can also be won as prizes for reaching a certain mission level.

Power levels and repeating emojis. The Villain Box emojis reach a maximum power level of 5 and require 18 duplicates. The number of emojis needed to level up is different from the gold box emojis.

Crystal box. The Crystal Box is a unique repository for special emojis that have a higher base score than emojis from other boxes. These exquisite emojis are a collection of exclusive and rare designs designed to delight and inspire users. Therefore, when you open the crystal box, you may find something special and excellent in the world of emojis.

How to get a? Emoji from the "Crystal Box" are special images that are rewards for completing certain tasks, including participation in events. They cannot be purchased in the usual way through the store.

Power levels and repeating emojis. In Crystal Box, most emoji have a maximum power level of 5, making them very powerful and desirable. To upgrade the power of such emoticons to the maximum level of 5, you usually need to collect 19 duplicates of a given emoticon, the same as for gold emoticons.

This improvement process can be lengthy and demanding, but the results are worth the effort as the maximum power levels make the emoji even more effective to use.

Platinum box. The Platinum Box emoji are special and cannot be purchased normally. To get these emoji, you need to complete certain tasks and participate in events that are offered in the application or platform.

Some of the emojis in this category represent rewards for collecting in a group. To get these emoji, you need to collect all the same emoticons in a certain group. This may involve collaborating with other users or participating in special events where you can exchange or give the desired emoji to complete the collection.

Power levels and repeating emojis. Platinum box emojis have a maximum power level of 5, the same as gold emojis. Raising an emoticon’s power level to the maximum power level of 5 typically requires collecting 19 duplicates of that emoticon. Thus, Platinum Box Smileys and Gold Smileys have a similar requirement to reach the maximum power level.

What is a magic wand? When you purchase a gold or silver box in the game, you will receive a new emoticon or a duplicate of an existing one in your collection. If you want to ensure that you get a completely new emoji on your next purchase, you should look into using the Magic Wand.

To use the Magic Wand you need:

  1. Go to the emoji collection section and click on the "Store" button.
  2. Select a gold or silver box and then activate the Magic Wand by touching it.
  3. On the purchase screen you will see the cost of coins and the Magic Wand.
  4. Click the purchase button to add new emoji to your collection.

Remember that each "Magic Wand" can only be used once when purchasing one gold or silver box. Magic wands are usually available as in-game rewards or during special sales, making them a valuable accessory for in-game emoji collectors.

What do the receiving odds mean for emoji? When purchasing a box, the percentage listed next to the emoji represents your chance of receiving that particular emoji with a specific purchase. For example, if a Diamond Box emoji has a percentage value of 20%, that means you have a 1 in 5 chance of receiving that particular emoji in a given transaction.

The probability of an emoticon appearing in each individual purchase is determined by the specified percentage.

Emoji Blitz: Guide to Game Events

How to join the "Fight for Food"? Challenge a friend to a one-on-one food battle in Disney Emoji Blitz:

  1. Make sure your game and your friend’s game are connected to the social network.
  2. Open the Leaders tab to see your social network friends participating in the game.
  3. Click on the green button next to the name of the friend you want to invite to a cooking challenge. Please note that the button will only appear for friends who are online at the same time as you.
  4. Use the pineapple treat emojis to make them fall off your game board and cover your friend’s board.
  5. Collect as many treats as possible before time runs out to win.

Remember that the event does not count toward missions that require points. They must be performed outside of the event.

Your friends can see your social media name in Emoji Blitz, but they only know your first name and the first letter of your last name.

Will high scores in an event count towards the leaderboard or high score missions? High scores achieved during the event will be reflected in the leaderboard, which is designed to track the best scores. Good luck achieving high scores and raising your place on the leaderboard.

How many event cards are there? There are four maps available during the Food Battle event: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Dessert Duel. Each of these maps presents different levels of difficulty and offers unique missions and challenges. After completing one map, you will be able to move on to the next and continue your participation in the event.

What is the purpose of the event? The goal of the Food Battle event is to collect more items than your opponent and win the round. It is also important to earn stars as they will help you progress through the event and receive prizes. By winning games, you receive more stars and increase your chances of successfully completing the event.

Don’t forget to tactically use available power-ups and emoticons to achieve victory!

What level do I need to be at to take part in the tournament? To take part in the event, you must be at least mission level 7.

How many stars can you earn per round? In each round of the game you can earn a different number of stars depending on the outcome of the match. If you win, you will be awarded 6 stars, if there is a draw, each player will receive 3 stars, and if you lose, you will be awarded 2 stars. The main thing to remember is that every game gives you the opportunity to earn stars, regardless of how the match ended.

Why are some boosts unavailable during the event? Some power-ups may not be available during events to ensure balance and fair play. Buffs that may change match length or item collection, such as increasing the number of items or adding extra time, may be eliminated in order to maintain the competitive nature of events and make the game experience more even for all participants.

Why are some emojis not available during this event? During the Food Battle event, some emoticons may be limited or unavailable for certain reasons. This may be because specific emojis have abilities or characteristics that may negatively impact gameplay or give some players an inconsistent advantage over others.

Therefore, limiting the use of certain emoticons helps maintain balance and fair play for all participants in the event. Ultimately, this is done to ensure a fun and fair gaming experience for all players.

How to win prizes? In order to win prizes, you need to actively participate in the game rounds, collect stars and successfully complete each level of the map. Each level offers a variety of rewards, among which you can find bronze, silver and gold chests, which can contain valuable rewards and bonuses.

Therefore, do not miss the chance to compete for the best prizes and complete all levels with maximum success!

What is Enchanted Skies and how do I access it? Enchanted Skies is a fun mini-game that offers players the chance to win various prizes. To unlock Enchanted Skies, the player must reach level 8.

In this mini-game, you can earn items that will help you move up the game meter. Common items are worth one point, while rare items are worth ten points. Once you score enough points, the mini-game meter will be filled and you will be able to activate Enchanted Skies via the Round Results screen.

It’s important to note that prop items also count towards the mini-game counter, just like regular and event items. However, bombs such as Villain, Clean, Food and Survival do not affect the meter.

Rounds. During the mini-game, you have to go through three rounds, each of which contains nine chests. To open these chests, players will need keys to unlock various prizes.

If you wish to continue playing the game, you can earn additional keys by trading gems. For example, for 20 gems you can get 3 keys. It should be noted that the cost of additional keys will begin to increase by 10 gems after the completion of each round.

Some of the chests contain special multipliers that increase all other prizes in the chests. When receiving additional multipliers after the first, the multiplier value increases by one unit. Rounds 2 and 3 will start automatically, and in each of them there will be multipliers on all chests at once.

Immerse yourself in the exciting gameplay, use your skills and strategy to discover valuable prizes and successfully complete the mini-game.

How to take part in the "Photo Hunt" event? Emojis are hidden behind purple squares on the playing field. You have to clear out hiding places, track down hidden emojis and take a photo! During photo hunting, emojis will hide behind purple squares, and removing these emojis will reduce the potential hiding places where they can hide.

When you find and remove the purple tile that the emoji is hiding behind, it will jump to another hidden spot on the board. Other potential hiding places will also be highlighted with a purple background.

Clearing the "Evacuation Route" for the hidden emoji will limit its movements and speed up the photography process!

What is the Rainbow Falls Challenge? You’ve completed the main event, and now it’s time to test yourself in Rainbow Falls, a limited-time bonus challenge! After completing the main event, new missions will open where experienced players can earn additional prizes.

Each challenge consists of a series of missions that must be completed in sequence to win. If you fail in any mission, you will have to start over. For example, if you fail the third mission of the second challenge, you will have to start over.

If you are having trouble resetting Rainbow Falls after successfully completing a level, try failing once and then trying again.

What are Stardust Challenges? Unlocking Stardust challenges is possible at level 15 and above with at least 6 unlocked upgradeable emoticons. By participating in Stardust Challenges you will receive "Star Energy" which can be used to unlock them. By playing in this mode, you can accumulate bonuses and earn stardust.

When you have enough stardust, you will be able to use the Wish Star feature and receive a random prize from the selected group. Continue to participate in challenges to gain access to the best prizes near the Wishing Star, which is updated once a month.

The amount of stardust to unlock challenges will increase as you complete them.

Emoji Blitz: Questions from players

How can I skip the event tutorial? To skip the tutorial for an event you’ve already completed, simply move on to the next step after completing the tutorial. You will no longer need to go through any training, and you can start playing right away.

The item I collected was not added to my collection. Items you receive while participating in an event automatically count toward your event collection only. These items will not be added to your regular item collection, but will be separately tracked and used exclusively for this event.

If you prefer to focus on collecting items for your regular collection, you can disable event participation. This will allow you to focus on your current goals and avoid adding additional items just for the event. You can always return to participate in the event at any convenient time.

Don’t forget that each event offers unique and interesting items that can be a valuable addition to your collection. The decision of whether or not to participate in the event depends on your personal preferences and goals in the game.

What are groups? Gaining access to groups with emoji collections at level 20 is a great way to add variety to the gameplay and add interesting items to collect. Groups can contain a variety of emojis that the player can collect, trade, or use in various interactive features of the game.

Players are interested in collecting complete sets of emoji in groups and achieving certain collecting goals.

What is the Prize Calendar and when will I have access to it? Once you reach level 4, you will gain access to the prize calendar. This calendar will allow you to receive a new prize every day you log into the game for ten days. In total, during this period you will receive ten different prizes.

It’s important to note that these days don’t have to be consecutive, so if you don’t log into the game every day, your progress will simply continue from your next visit to Emoji Blitz.

What is a quest pass? The Quest Pass is an upgrade that allows you to supplement the Monthly Token quest with additional prizes. This feature also increases the number of tokens players can earn by 25% and allows emoji boxes to be converted into choice boxes.

Emoji Blitz: Is it worth playing?

If you like collecting emojis, enjoying beautiful graphics and having fun, then Emoji Blitz could be an entertaining game for you. Deciding whether to play Disney Emoji Blitz Game depends on your preferences, interests and the time you are willing to devote to the game. Below are some factors that may help you make your decision.

Here are the advantages of the game:

Here are the disadvantages of the game:

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