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Empire City WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

Empire City: Build and Conquer - an ancient city construction simulator from the developer of mobile games RED BRIX COMPUTER SYSTEMS. You have to become the prefect of the province and ensure the prosperity of your city. Build buildings, expand territories, produce materials and establish trade relations with other players. Make every effort to create an attractive city for life.


  1. Tips for the Right Start
  2. Beginner’s Guide
  3. All about city building
  4. How to complete development tasks?
  5. Tips for successful trading
  6. How to organize the extraction of natural resources?
  7. All about the production of building materials
  8. City Planning Tips
  9. How to get resources for free?
  10. Tax Collection Tips
  11. All About Residential Buildings
  12. How to meet the needs of the citizens?
  13. All about the implementation of architectural projects
  14. Should I take part in the events?
  15. How to communicate with other players?
  16. Guide for donators
  17. Is it worth playing?

Empire City: Tips for the Right Start

1. Free time. Moscow was not built right away, and your village is also waiting for a long way of development before receiving the status of a major trading city. There are very few automatic processes in the game. The extraction of resources and the production of materials is possible only after setting the appropriate task for workers and craftsmen. Play for 10-15 minutes every 2 hours to get resources and ensure the city’s continuous development.

2. Activity. To get free resources, such as gold coins and crystals, you need to actively prove yourself during game events. Strive to complete all assigned tasks. Even if you fail to take the first line of the rating, your efforts will be rewarded. Also, don’t forget to complete orders at the port in order to level up and level up cities faster and gain access to new activities.

3. Action planning. The number of objects that can be placed in the city warehouse is not enough to complete all current tasks at once. Choose priority and secondary tasks, which you will go step by step. Leave a reserve of space in the warehouse so that there is a place to place gift materials to improve objects and expand territories.

4. Continuous production. In order to complete tasks faster and load goods onto ships, ensure that mining facilities and workshops are constantly working. Expand your capabilities by purchasing additional slots at factories. This will allow you to create longer queues and create the necessary materials in advance. Charge your gaming device, connect Wi-Fi, and start the game to give workers and craftsmen new challenges when they have free time.

5. Notifications. Connecting game notifications can greatly facilitate the process of city development. You do not have to constantly be distracted by the game. Log in to the application after you receive a notification about the completion of the task, and determine the next front of work during your absence.

Types of messages:

6. Collect crystals. To increase the queue of productions, expand territories, improve the Basilica and the warehouse, you will need premium currency. There are several ways to get crystals in the game. Use the provided opportunities to accumulate the necessary amount and make useful purchases. Don’t waste crystals on production boosts, Emporium upgrades, or other pointless purchases.

Empire City: Beginner’s Guide

Interface. The main screen displays the territory of your city with all the erected buildings, where you will manage all the gameplay. At the top of the screen is information about the level of the city, the number of inhabitants and the amount of accumulated gold coins and crystals. The left side displays the current time events and a list of jobs. On the right side of the screen, there are stock icons, a menu for building roads and other urban objects.

Gameplay. Your main task is to extract resources and produce materials to complete the tasks. You can choose to focus on building or prioritize building trade links. Bring the unique projects of architects to life and equip the city as you like.

Education. At the beginning of the game, you will meet several characters who will help and support your efforts to improve the city. For example, Julia keeps an inn in the city and knows absolutely everything, and the architect Flavius ​​will take charge of the construction of all objects. You will meet other heroes as the level of the city rises and new activities open. Carefully read all the tips to quickly get used to the game.

City level. This indicator displays your progress and the progress of the city. Information about the level of the city will be available to other users. Earn experience points by completing daily tasks and building and upgrading buildings.

For reaching a new level, you will receive a reward in the form of 3 crystals. To double your reward, watch the suggested promotional video.

Authorization. When you first log in, your account will automatically sync with your profile in the game center. To change the binding system, go to the settings and change the authorization method. Saving progress will avoid problems with transferring data to another device and resolve any issues with in-game purchases with the support system.

Profile. After you get used to it a little, a quest to change the name will appear in the list of daily tasks. Give the townspeople your nickname so they know how to address their prefect. For this you will receive a symbolic reward in the form of 20 experience points and 50 coins.

Settings. Click on the gear icon on the right side of the screen to go to the game settings. Turn sound effects and background music on or off to make the game more comfortable. Here you can customize the categories of notifications you want to send and choose the language you want.

Available languages:

Empire City: All about city building

City building simulator. One of the main actions in Empire City is the construction of various buildings and amenities to ensure the interests of the citizens. During training, master the process of erecting and improving buildings. Successful completion of any stage of construction will earn you experience points to level up the city.

Main construction objects:

Construction. Click on the icon in the lower right corner to open the construction menu. Select the desired section and determine which object you want to place in the city. Move the building from the control panel to the city map. If the location of the building suits you, click the green checkmark. For the construction, you only need gold coins.

Improvement. Upgrade residential buildings to increase the number of townspeople. Improvement of public buildings will increase profitability. To increase the level of the object, building materials will be required, which must be made in workshops. Click on the green arrow above the building, prepare the necessary materials and click the Upgrade button. You can also receive an additional reward if the improvement is included in the list of current tasks.

Work time.The construction of objects and the improvement of buildings takes a certain time. After the start of construction, a countdown timer appears above the building. To reduce construction time, use crystals or watch a commercial. There is no construction queue in this game, so you can build several buildings at the same time.

After the construction is completed, do not forget to put the building into operation, otherwise it will not benefit the city.

Communication paths. There should be a road next to every building in the city. Click on an already constructed road and swipe in the desired direction to extend the road. One road element occupies a 1x1 city area. In the same way, you can remove unnecessary elements of the road.

Stock. For rapid development and large-scale construction, it is necessary to properly organize the storage of building materials in a warehouse. Since the capacity of the warehouse is limited, produce only those goods that are currently required for the development of the city. Resources and materials should not just be kept idle in a warehouse.

Warehouse release methods:

Warehouse expansion. Complete tasks and get special materials as a reward to expand your warehouse: crates, ladders, racks. Missing materials can be purchased for premium currency, the cost of 1 unit of goods will be 30 crystals. Increase storage capacity to produce more complex materials. The first expansion will increase the warehouse by 10 units, subsequent upgrades will expand the warehouse by 5 units.

Use crystals to buy materials, so you can quickly expand the warehouse and free it from unnecessary items.

Empire City: How to complete development tasks?

Task list. Pay attention to the scroll in the lower left corner. Flavius ​​sketched ideas for improving the city and gave you his notes. Here you can find all the information about the current quests, which are divided into 3 categories: quests related to the development of the city, projects and trade orders. First of all, complete the development tasks, they will help you to create a great provincial capital step by step.

Completing quests is one of the main game activities, so try to complete at least 5 quests daily.

Task examples:

Reward. Embody the ideas of Flavius ​​and receive rewards from the Emperor himself. First of all, completing tasks will allow you to earn experience points to increase the level of the city. The amount of gold you receive as a reward is too small. It will only be enough to buy objects of the first levels.

New day. Complete more tasks to move on to a new stage of city construction. Above the list of current missions is an indicator of the transition to a new day. Each new day brings a box that can contain crystals, tools, materials for expanding the territory, warehouse or improving the basilica. Complete 20 city development tasks to get access to the reward box.

Completing tasks for the transition to a new day is not limited by time.

Hints. Each task has a magnifying glass icon next to it. Click on it to make a quick jump to the object with which you can complete the task. Unfortunately, the hints do not indicate which workshop you can get the necessary materials from. When you click on the missing item, the game will automatically offer to buy it for crystals. Be careful and don’t waste a valuable resource, make the materials yourself or buy them at the Emporium.

Empire City: Tips for successful trading

Trade relations. Building a great city requires financial investment. One of the main sources of gold will be the export of goods to other provinces and countries. Do not forget about the import of goods. Sometimes you may need materials that your craftsmen have not yet learned how to make, in which case you can purchase goods from other players. Establish trade and ensure prosperity for your city.

Port. First of all, build a port in the city and equip several moorings to receive more merchant ships. Each berth is equipped with a port crane, which type of merchant ships can moor depending on its level. For example, a Unireme holds 1 Trade Order, while a Trireme requires 2 Trade Orders to ship.

Port improvement. Since this facility is one of the main construction projects in the city, no special resources will be required to modernize the port. Create the necessary materials in city workshops and gradually improve the port according to the developed plan.

Trade order. The production of materials and their subsequent shipment to other cities is one of the main elements of the game. To see the current orders, click on the ship in the port, or open the Orders section in the task list. If a customer requests an item that you can’t craft yet, use the Substitute Order feature. Wait or watch a promotional video to shorten the waiting time for a new trade order.

priority orders. To organize successful trading, you need to learn how to prioritize orders. Familiarize yourself with all the tasks and do the easiest ones first. Identify products that take a long time to produce and load one of the workshops with them. The other workshop must continuously create simpler goods. Do not forget about the capacity of the warehouse, there should be enough space to collect materials and then load them onto the ship.

Reward. Next to the desired item is indicated how many gold coins you will receive for completing the order. Coins will be credited to your account immediately after the goods are loaded onto the ship. You will also receive a reward for sending a ship. The box can contain building tokens, coins, materials for the basilica, tools, items for expanding the territory of the city and warehouse.

After each dispatch of the ship, you will receive experience points. Use the port not only as a source of income, but also as an opportunity to quickly level up the city.

Emporium. Spend 1,000 gold coins to construct this building. Here you can establish trade relations with other players. This is a great opportunity to purchase materials that you may find difficult to create. Visit the Emporium more often to profitably purchase rare goods.

Sale of goods. Create a lot and put up for sale any material or tool stored in the warehouse. There are 3 free slots available for trading, you can purchase additional slots for crystals. Use special buttons to set the price, for each product the maximum price is set so that the players do not greatly overestimate the price. You will also be charged a small commission for selling the item.

All products sell out quickly, so to benefit, set the maximum value of the goods.

Shopping. Open the World Offers section to see what other players are trading. You will be shown 20 offers from random players. If there are no suitable products among the displayed products, use the Refresh button. To re-update, wait for the specified time to expire or use crystals.

Empire City: How to organize the extraction of natural resources?

Resources. The surroundings of your city are very rich in natural resources, use them to produce building materials. At your disposal are clay and ore quarries, as well as a sawmill. To organize their work, establish management of mining enterprises, bring tool storages into proper form and pave the way. Thus, you will ensure the operation of mining equipment and the delivery of resources to workshops.

Clay quarry. At the beginning of the game, this quarry is in decline, start the recovery process and install the first quarry crane. With it, you can extract the basic resource clay, which is required for the production of clay mixture, cement and bricks. A level 2 crane will be able to mine stone, which can be crafted into a stone block and an anvil.

Sawmill. For high-quality work, urban craftsmen will need wood. There is an abandoned sawmill outside the city, repair it and take care of its further prosperity. Build a sawmill to extract the basic resource wood. First of all, it will be required for the production of boards and the further creation of bars and tiles. A level 2 sawmill will allow you to get resin for the production of more reliable timber.

Ore quarry. The next stage in the development of the mining industry will be the development of an ore quarry. Install bucket elevators to extract ore, which is necessary for the production of iron ingots, the creation of tools and the operation of the forge. At the moment, the maximum capacity of the ore quarry allows you to install 2 elevators there. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the constant extraction of ore so that the necessary materials are available in the warehouse in the right quantity.

Production queue. Initially, the Crane, Sawmill and Elevator have an available production queue, consisting of two slots. Each unit of the resource is mined in turn in accordance with the given command. If a mining facility is idle, the letters Z will appear above it. To increase the mining queue, you will need crystals. First of all, expand higher-level vehicles so that you have the opportunity to extract several basic resources at once.

Empire City: All about the production of building materials

Workshops. Not all materials that are required to build buildings are produced in your city. Order workers to build a new workshop to buy less goods from other players. One workshop occupies an area of ​​3x3. The number of workshops of the same type that you can build in a city is limited.

WorkshopCost (gold coins)Experience PointsConstruction time
processing workshop20002001 hour
Construction workshop30002702 hours
Tool Workshop60003203 hours
engineering workshop10,0002003 hours
blacksmith shop14 0001502 hours
Agricultural manufactory25 0006005 o’clock
Weaving manufactory50,0007007 o’clock
Processing manufactory15,0005004 hours

production queue. To start production, drag the material icon onto the workshop building. Standard production line in the workshop - 2 items. In the future, purchase additional slots for crystals. The third slot costs 10 crystals, the fourth slot costs 15 crystals, and so on.

Requirements for the production of basic building materials:

Collection of materials. Production is a long process, when it is over, an icon of the material produced will appear above the workshop. Until the goods are collected, you will not be able to release the production queue and make a new goods. Click on the icon to move the item to the warehouse and free up space in the workshop.

Produce most of the materials yourself, so you can accumulate the required amount of gold coins for the construction of large infrastructure facilities.

Accelerators. Use accelerators to work workshops. You can activate an item at any time, to do this, transfer the bonus from the top of the screen to the workshop, or click the Apply button. There are 3 types of accelerators available in the game:

Empire City: City Planning Tips

Territory. At the start of the game, your province will include a number of constructed residential buildings and town facilities, as well as abandoned mining operations. The rest of the territory covered with forests can be used at your discretion. Prove yourself and create a unique, comfortable city that will not be equal.

City planning. Proper placement of objects is the key to the development of a successful city. The appearance of the city will reflect your sense of style and taste. At the first stages of the game, you have to build buildings in accordance with the current tasks. However, after you get comfortable and earn enough gold coins, build quarters, decorate them with art objects and plant green areas.

Change of layout. Move and rotate buildings using special buttons or long press on an object. If the location of the object is available in the selected location, a green checkmark will appear, use it to fix the layout change. For the convenience of using workshops and meeting the needs of citizens, divide the city into several zones:

Destruction of objects. If any of the objects on the city map bothers you, destroy it by clicking on the trash can icon in the layout mode. Unfortunately, the game does not have a function to move an object to a warehouse, which makes it difficult to change the layout of the city. Please note that when an object is destroyed, the funds spent are not returned to the city’s treasury.

Destroy buildings when the city runs out of space. Then you can replace 2 small houses with 1 more spacious one. Thus, you will increase the number of citizens and free up space for the construction of other facilities.

Territory expansion. The city is divided into small sections with an area of ​​4x4. To expand the territory and get more space for construction, it is necessary to cut down the forest. Craft building materials, collect or purchase any special materials needed. Choose a suitable blocked area, use resources and get new territories.

Special Expansion Materials:

Empire City: How to get resources for free?

Daily entry. The people are grateful for your work in the development of the city. They want to please you with a small gift, so Julia will leave a chest with a reward in the city back streets every day. Find it and get free resources in the form of gold coins, tools, expansion materials and crystals. Daily login allows you to get more valuable resources, the login counter includes 5 days.

If you miss even one day, you will have to start receiving gifts from the beginning. If you skip, pay 5 crystals to keep your login progress.

Advertising Bonus. For viewing ads, you can get a bonus in the form of gold coins. The higher the level of the city, the greater the bonus. For example, at level 1 you will earn 300 coins, and at level 20 you will earn 3,000 coins. You can also get an advertising bonus in the offers section for buying crystals. Here you can get gold coins, crystals, tokens, and upgrade and expansion items. Viewing ads to receive a bonus is available every 2 hours.

Daily gift. Click on the crystal icon in the top right corner. Every day there will be a free gift. Do not forget to open this section so as not to miss the opportunity to get free materials to improve the Basilica, expand the warehouse or territories.

A gift from the townspeople. After you advance in the implementation of one of the city projects, the townspeople will present you with a gift. You will get access to a profitable offer for the purchase of crystals and construction tokens. However, it is not necessary to spend money, you will receive free 500 gold coins as a bonus.

Exchange. If there is not enough gold coins to build new buildings in the city, exchange the crystals. Click on the plus sign next to the indicator of the amount of accumulated gold coins on the main screen. Choose the right offer and replenish the treasury.

Exchange offers:

Special offer. This offer is intended for donors and represents a gradual purchase of sets of resources one after another. Paid sets alternate with free bonuses. Thus, you can pick up the first 3 rewards of the special offer absolutely free of charge. Log into the game more often so as not to miss this promotion.

Empire City: Tax Collection Tips

Taxation. The city-planning simulator allows you to plunge into all spheres of life, including the economic one. After you gain enough experience, take control of the taxes collected from the inhabitants of the city. taxes are calculated based on the type and number of public buildings operating in the city.

Basilica. You will need a beautiful room in which to hold meetings and sign decrees. Build a Basilica where citizens can come and pay their taxes. To do this, you will need 1 board and 3 bricks. The building has a certain capacity, which can be increased in the process of improvement.

When the maximum capacity is reached, the Basilica stops accumulating gold coins. For maximum benefit, collect taxes every 1.5-2 hours.

Improvement. Level up the Basilica to increase its capacity. With each upgrade, the maximum amount of accumulation increases by 50 coins. To carry out the work, special materials will be required, which you can receive as a reward for completing tasks. You can also purchase missing items for crystals. The cost of one material will be 50 crystals.

Special Upgrade Materials:

Public buildings. Build more public buildings in the city to develop the economy and increase profitability. The number of buildings of the same type available for placement is limited. Build new buildings or upgrade existing ones. Public buildings, which bring more taxes to the treasury, become available as the level of the city rises.

Public building up to level 35Income (gold coins per day)Experience PointsCost (gold coins)Food consumptionWater consumptionPopulation RequirementsFootprint
Assembly House72106532161x1
Archive7201503 500thirty121502x2
Court1 20032520 00045173002x2
tabularium144036070 00045183502x2
Museum1680375130 00050204002x2
Thermae2160390250 00060254503x2
Public building after level 35Income (gold coins)Experience PointsCost (gold coins)Food consumptionWater consumptionPopulation RequirementsFootprint
Basilica of Peace2400390450 00070thirty5003x2
roman basilica2640435650 00080355503x2
Argentarium2880480900 00085406003x2
Senate50406101 500 0001305010003x3
Mausoleum60008602,000,000160601 2003x3
chambers of commerce6 9609002,250,0001907014003x3
Observatory7 9209502 500 0002208016003x3
Emperor’s Tower888010403,000,0002509018003x3
Library10 0801 1503 500 00028010020003x3
College of Augurs11 2801 3004,000,00031011022003x3
Magistrate12 48014505,000,00034012024003x3
Public buildings put forward many requirements for activation. Calculate the maximum amount of taxes that you can collect per day, taking into account the level of the Basilica. If the income per day does not exceed this indicator, there is no need to build a new public building.

Empire City: All About Residential Buildings

Residential houses. The expansion of the city and the growth of the economy will attract not only merchants to your city, but also residents of neighboring provinces. People are ready to settle in a successfully developing city, but you are required to provide them with good living space. Empire City offers a wide variety of housing developments from rural houses to luxurious palaces, so you can choose what suits your taste.

Residential buildings up to level 25Cost (gold coins)population growthExperience PointsFood consumptionWater consumptionFootprint
Country house5025121x1
simple house5025121x1
prosperous house100410121x1
city ​​house100410121x1
Domus with colonnade150810232x1
Domus with pool2001010242x1
Domus surname2501215242x1
provincial insula30014thirty372x1
luxury domus50028704102x2
city ​​villa80036805eleven2x2
Roman insula1 20044125eleven252x2
rich insula15005216515352x2
Exquisite Villa20008022018453x2
Greek villa20008024018452x2
Enfilade Villa300010025020503x2
marble villa400012035022553x2
country villa500014041525603x2
Pool Villa600016044025653x2
Residential buildings after level 25Cost (gold coins)population growthExperience PointsFood consumptionWater consumptionFootprint
Villa patrician8000180545thirty703x2
Tribune residence10,000200590thirty753x2
Senator’s residence15,00030069535803x3
Consul’s Residence20 00034075040903x3
summer palace30,0003801235601453x3
majestic palace50,0004401 300651553x3
fortified residence100,0005001425751653x3
Family estate200 0005601620851753x3
circular palace400 0006401900951853x3
Prefect’s Palace700 00072022501051953x3
tropical palace1 100 00082027001202103x3
water palace1 500 0009403 3001352253x3
Praetor’s Palace2,000,0001 1004 1001502403x3

Construction. The ability to build a more luxurious building that accommodates more population becomes available after reaching a certain level of development of the city. Prepare gold coins and transfer the building from the control panel to the selected piece of land. After the house is completed and all the requirements of the residents are met, it will be put into operation and the population will increase.

What to choose? Study the characteristics of residential buildings in order to choose the objects that will be most beneficial for your city. Consider population growth, minimum consumption of water and food. From inexpensive houses, good objects are Domus familia and Luxurious domus. In the later stages, preference should be given to the Summer Palace and the Majestic Palace.

Improvement. In order to increase the population of the city, it is not necessary to build a new house. Use resources to improve already built objects. You will need gold, the indicated building materials and tools. Each building has a certain number of upgrade stages. After the last upgrade, you will reach the maximum capacity of the house.

Upgrade buildings in the event that you do not plan to destroy them and build larger houses in their place, since the resources spent on upgrading cannot be returned.

Empire City: How to meet the needs of the citizens?

The needs of the citizens. To ensure the life of the city, organize the supply of objects with water, food, it is also necessary to maintain a balance of the population. Everything is interconnected in the game, if one of the parameters is not met, the operation of the object will be suspended. For example, if a residential building is not provided with water, it will not be put into operation, the population of the city will not increase, which means that public buildings will not have enough workers.

Pay attention to the reports in the tasks section. Respond to emerging problems in a timely manner to improve the lives of the population.

Water supply. Any buildings in the city must be supplied with water. Install drinking fountains to begin with, but they will only be able to meet the needs of small houses at the stage of the birth of the city. Accumulate gold to install in the city of the Waterwheel, this object will perfectly cope with the water supply during the development stage.

Water supply facilityWater glassesCost (gold coins)Experience PointsFootprint
drinking fountainthirty60101x1
Water wheel60024 0001652x1
Storage tank100085 0006202x2
water tank2000500 0001 2403x2

Food supply. Food is the second basic need of the citizens. Set up vegetable tents next to residential buildings so that the townspeople can purchase the necessary products. In the future, you will need a mill and a barn for the food supply of a large city.

Food supply facilityfood pointsCost (gold coins)Experience PointsFootprint
vegetable tent2560101x1
Mill40018 0001302x2
Barn60080 0004402x2
latifundia1800400 0008803x3
Place water supply and food supply facilities near the road to create a single network in the city.

Accomplishment. Citizens need not only houses and gardens, they are real aesthetes and want to see objects of art and masterpieces of landscape design around them. Patron Aurelia makes sure that your city does not turn into a stone jungle. Show your design skills and decorate your city, making it unique.

Houselandscaping requirementsHouselandscaping requirements
Country house-country villa6
simple house-Pool Villa6
prosperous house-Villa patrician16
city ​​house-Tribune residence16
Domus with colonnade-Senator’s residence20
Domus with pool-Consul’s Residence20
Domus surname2summer palace24
provincial insula24majestic palace36
luxury domus4fortified residence45
city ​​villa4Family estate55
Roman insula4circular palace65
rich insula4Prefect’s Palace75
Exquisite Villa4tropical palace90
Greek villa6water palace105
Enfilade Villa6Praetor’s Palace120
marble villa6

Construction of objects. In the Improvement section you will find trees, alleys, fountains and many other objects that will decorate your city. Choose a suitable object with the necessary landscaping parameters and pay gold coins. Position the landscaping object so that the residential building falls into the green visibility zone.

Improvement object up to level 25landscaping glassesCost (gold coins)Experience PointsFootprint
topiary garden48061x1
Athlete statue610081x1
goddess statue610081x1
Statue with a fountain8150151x1
Altar161 100351x1
Alley with a fountain408 800702x1
marble arch4418 0001202x1
Improvement object after level 25landscaping glassesCost (gold coins)Experience PointsFootprint
Big gazebo9630,0001802x2
garden maze10440 0002402x2
Obelisk112105 0003402x2
majestic garden180180 0005503x2
armillary sphere140160 0006002x2
Fountain Portal160200 0006752x2
Bell Square180250 0007502x2
bell tower225300 0008252x2
fountain park375500 00010503x2
water park450700 00014003x2
Peacock garden6751,000,00019003x3
Square8001 500 00025003x3

Empire City: All about the implementation of architectural projects

Projects. Acquire cultural greatness and implement unique architectural projects in the city. Raise the level of the city to get access to unique blueprints. Flavius ​​and the young genius Lucius will help you with the implementation of projects and give you useful advice. Also, during special events, you can diversify the architecture of the city and build world masterpieces.

Building tokens. All projects are being implemented in stages. In addition to building materials, you will need special tokens. Fulfill orders and send merchant ships to get the necessary items. The type of token as a reward will be determined randomly. Collect the following types of building tokens:

Sale of tokens. All earned event tokens that are required for the implementation of projects are stored in a warehouse. Since tokens do not consume capacity, they can be stored forever. With this, you have the opportunity to sell tokens and earn some gold coins. This is not the best way to earn gold, but if necessary, you can get from 10 to 25 gold coins for 1 token.

Seasonal rewards. Each season is dedicated to the implementation of a specific project. Complete tasks for the benefit of the city and earn success points. After accumulating a certain number of points, exchange them for set rewards. In addition to building tokens, you can earn gold coins, crystals, boosters.

Task examples:

Subscription. Purchase the Season Pass to unlock upgraded rewards and stock up on the Tokens you need. After reaching a certain mark on the success bar, you will be able to pick up 2 rewards at once. The Gold Pass also gives you access to the best rewards and allows you to activate a number of bonuses before the end of the season:

Buy a season pass if you are sure that you will be able to be as active as possible during the season.

Coliseum. The construction of this object will become available after reaching level 7. Flavius ​​has received the blueprints for a magnificent arena and can build it in your city. Produce the necessary materials and complete the construction of the Colosseum to give the townspeople a real spectacle. The Colosseum brings 1,080 gold coins per day.

Ear. Have you heard the legend of the Colossus of Rhodes? It is said that his statue is able to tenfold increase the luck of sailors and the profits of merchants. Reach level 14 and use the blueprints of Flavius ​​to place a great statue in the port. After the completion of construction, the execution of orders in the port will become more profitable by 3%.

Workshop of Barbegal. Raise the level of the city to level 20 and meet the young architect Lucius. He will offer you to curb the mountain river and use water power for the benefit of the city. Unite the efforts of builders and build a workshop that will create goods of any complexity for your prefecture.

Aqueduct. The prefecture is growing rapidly, the city is developing rapidly, and now you can significantly expand the territory for construction. Reach level 22 and build an aqueduct along the edge of the city. This facility will help to significantly improve the water supply of buildings and meet the needs of citizens.

Rice fields. The population is growing and it becomes more difficult for you to ensure the food supply of the city. Get level 24 and Flavius ​​will tell you how to solve your problem. Build abandoned hills and build rice paddy farms for an extra source of food.

Ancient Egypt. A unique event allows you to implement several interesting projects in your city. Primarily the Pyramid, it is built in several stages using tokens and building materials. Other objects, such as the Library of Alexandria or the Obelisk, require only tokens to be implemented. Use this opportunity and connect 2 ancient cultures in the city at once.

Empire City: Should I take part in the events?

City events. During the week, complete daily tasks and earn event points that can be spent on valuable rewards and unique prizes. For each completed task, you get 15 points, the maximum number of event points per day is 75. Additional event points can be obtained by making purchases in the game store or watching commercials.

Reward. The event involves the receipt of 15 awards. To do this, exchange the earned points for the desired prize. Access to the gift can be obtained only after the purchase of the previous object in accordance with the presented scheme. The value of the first gift is 20 points, the value of the last gift is 1,000 points.

If you do not plan to make purchases, purchase rewards in the central line. Getting them is more realistic for ordinary players.

Pass. Activating the event pass will allow you to get even more points for completing buildings and reach your goal faster. Since you need to earn more than 6,400 Event Points to get all the rewards, the Pass is a great investment. The table below provides basic information about the available passes.

Pass type.Event points.Additional reward.
Reward Tree Skip.2 times more points for completing a daily task.350 crystals and 800 event points.
Improved pass PLUS.3 times more points for completing a daily task.800 crystals and 1,750 event points.
Improved MAX pass.5 times more points for completing a daily task.2,000 crystals and 4,500 event points.

Personal competitions of perfects. Hurry up to take part and get valuable prizes. During this event, you will be able to measure your strength and skills with other players. Send ships and get competition points to reach the finish line first. The larger the ship you send, the faster you will move to the finish line.

It is important to immediately get ahead and complete all orders, since during your absence there may be a player who will get ahead of you.

Reward. To receive a reward for participating in the competition, score 25 points and reach the finish line of the race. Be in the top three perfects to get the best possible rewards. If you complete the race before the end of the event, then take part in a new one and earn additional prizes.

Empire City: How to communicate with other players?

Capitol. Under your wise leadership, the city flourishes, and merchants and builders from all over the world seek you. Spend 1,000 gold coins and build a Capitol building in the city. With it, you will be able to access chats and start chatting with the prefects of other provinces.

Alliance. After building the Capitol, the game will offer you several alliances that you can join. Use the search bar if you know the name of the player group you want to join. If the alliance has a restriction on the entry of players, then you need to wait for the approval of the application by the leader of the alliance. If you wish, create your own alliance for 500 gold coins.

Chat. Chatting is only available to members of the same alliance. It displays basic information about the entry of new players or their exit from the alliance. The left side of the screen displays information about the number of alliance players who are currently online and will be able to answer you. There is no built-in translator in the chat, so it is better to find like-minded people whom you can understand.

Rating. The Capitol keeps statistics on the number of experience points gained by all players. In the rating tab, you can study information about the leaders, their level and the name of the alliance they belong to. In the alliance tab, see how many experience points you have scored, then find yourself in the world ranking.

Visit the cities of more experienced players to study the layout of the city and borrow good ideas.

Empire City: Guide for donators

A gift from the townspeople. Successfully implement projects and get generous offers from city residents. For a few hours, you will be prompted to buy 2 sets in order to receive building tokens and materials for further development of city projects. Additionally, you will receive a bonus, the amount of crystals will be increased by 3 times.

Crystals. Since crystals are required to purchase tools and missing upgrade and expansion materials, you can purchase premium currency from the in-game store. Click on the plus icon next to the amount of accumulated crystals and check out the current offers:

If you decide to purchase crystals, wait for the promotion, during which you can purchase premium currency at several times more profitable. For example, instead of 110 crystals, you can get 300 for the same money.

Beginner’s set. Limited offer for new players. Get everything you need for your city at the moment. The proposal necessarily includes crystals, the expansion of a warehouse or territory, as well as the construction of a mining facility.

VIP offer. Use this offer to independently determine the amount and type of purchased resources. The given cells include 150 crystals, materials for the warehouse and material for the expansion of the territory. They can also be exchanged for crystals, gold coins, or building tokens. The total benefit from the offer will be 600%.

Architecture. As a promotional offer, you may be offered to instantly build one of the historical objects in the city, for example, the Colosseum or the Pyramid. The offer is expensive, but you will immediately receive a worthy decoration of the city and a valuable source of income.

Emerald source. Get more crystals for reaching a new level. Activate the offer and collect rewards for reaching levels 10, 15 and 20 of the city development. Depending on the offer purchased, you will receive an additional 350 or 1,750 Event Points to unlock city event rewards.

For an additional source of crystals, subscribe for 30 days and receive 10 crystals daily.

Warehouse expansion. An exclusive offer allows you to increase the storage capacity by 10 units at once. As a bonus, you will receive 4,500 gold coins. There is also a Super promotion, take advantage of it and immediately increase the warehouse to 105 units, earning 1,000 crystals.

Empire City: Is it worth playing?

empire city. Download the game and immerse yourself in the exciting process of building an ancient Roman city. The game is perfect for fans of city-building simulators and the ancient world, as well as for those who just want to play a little and relax after a hard day’s work. The process of city development is thought out to the smallest detail, and the opportunity to build masterpieces of world architecture is of additional interest.

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