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Era of Conquest WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

Era of Conquest: Kingdom is an open world strategy game from TTHmobi. Choose which civilization to fight for in the Great War against the rebels and the Black Raven army. Get strong heroes to lead your troops. Build a policy, develop heroes and their skills, fight and get resources. Become the strongest ruler and prove it to other players in the Arena.


  1. CD key (Codes)
  2. Tips from Experienced Players
  3. TOP heroes (Tier list)
  4. Guide for Beginners
  5. All about choosing a civilization
  6. How to get strong heroes?
  7. All about hero development
  8. Is it worth developing the heroes’ skills?
  9. All about hero equipment
  10. How to form a strong army?
  11. All about exploring the outskirts of the policy
  12. Tips for developing a policy
  13. Is it worth joining an alliance?
  14. How to take part in battles in the Arena?
  15. Tips for completing in-game missions
  16. All ways to get resources
  17. Guide for Donators

Era of Conquest: CD key (Codes)

What’s the benefit? You have to restore the royal army and return the lands captured by the rebels. This will require a lot of resources, which are used to build the policy, summon and develop heroes. Developers love to give gifts to their users, so by using a special promotional code, you will receive a lot of free resources.

Where can I find the code? The main way to get gift codes is by following information on social networks. Subscribe to the official game groups and be one of the first to receive valuable information about current gift codes. Also, don’t forget to communicate with other players and share information about promotional codes. Check your email daily and read system messages.

How to receive a gift? Click on the profile icon in the top left corner and go to the Other section. Use the Redeem Pack feature and enter the secret combination in the given field. Enter the promotional code very carefully to avoid making a mistake that will prevent you from receiving resources. If you did everything correctly, the resources will be waiting for you in the mail.

List of valid gift codes:

Gift codes have a limited validity period, so enter them immediately upon receipt. Be sure to visit WiseGeek frequently for the latest information.

Era of Conquest: Tips from Experienced Players

1. Be active. The game features many different gaming activities. Log into the game every day and use all the opportunities to get resources and upgrade your heroes. On average, you need to play from 1.5 to 3 hours a day, dividing the playing time into several sessions. The higher your activity, the more successful ruler you will become and will be able to get into the TOP of players on the server.

2. Study the game. Since the game is very intense, you need to understand what actions need to be performed first. This guide from WiseWeek will help you with this. Also open information tabs and read descriptions of hero enhancements. Listen to the advice of the adjutant and the chosen story character, they will help you get used to the game faster.

3. Develop yourself comprehensively. Since the power of the army is influenced by various parameters, develop all aspects of the life of the policy. In addition to the development of heroes, do not forget about the extraction of resources and the development of policy buildings, which will help improve the economic and military components. Follow the objectives of the story chapters and take advantage of the military directive for beginners. During the development of the city center to a given level, you receive an increase in the speed of resource production, a reduction in the cost of improving policy buildings, and a significant increase in the speed of construction of buildings.

4. Distribute resources. The strategy involves the correct distribution of resources for the uniform development of commanders-in-chief, army and buildings of the policy. Collect resources several times a day, and also ensure that your backpack is replenished with various chests that can be used when there is a shortage of resources. The city warehouse level should allow you to store a large amount of resources.

5. Take part in events. Try to take part in all temporary activities to receive more resources for development. You can find out about the start of the event in advance by reading the calendar. Study the event rules and pay attention to the start date and time of the activity. Prepare your troops, distribute them at the right points on the map and be the first to begin completing the assigned tasks.

6. Don’t be afraid to lose. In case of defeat, you will not be able to receive a reward and will lose some of your troops. At the same time, you will be able to analyze the mistakes you have made and prepare more thoroughly for the next battle. First of all, increase the strength of your squad. To do this, improve, consider changing the composition of the commanders-in-chief and increasing the level of skills. You can also fight with a weaker opponent so that the heroes gain experience and increase their level.

Era of Conquest: TOP heroes (Tier list)

How to choose the best heroes? The game features 35 heroes associated with various civilizations. Each combat unit is led by 3 heroes, so you will need to develop about 9 commanders at once. In the process of insight, you can get any of the presented heroes, so it is important to understand who you need to give your preference to. Take WiseGeek’s advice and focus on your core stats first. The table below provides information about the characteristics of all heroes at the initial level of development.

Main characteristics:

Guan Yu.92.8758.7168.362.49
Richard I.91.9758.6249.7871.92
Peter I.87.9270.2876.368.25
Toussaint Louverture.86.8171.9957.1673.9
Oda Nobunaga.79.3758.8494.0650.27
Alexander the Great.78.5495.5481.3970.04
Lee Sunsin.78.4957.0140.3268.78
Hojo Tokimune.77.5848.2557.2271.99
Li Shimin.77.5748.4264.8271.82
Ying Zheng.72.6571.9390.8970.97
Joan of Arc.69.2148.5578.6757.7
Tachibana Ginchiyo.63.8149.378.3771.94
Darius I.62.0248.5579.5653.95
Zhuge Liang.59.3258.0198.0552.09
Ivan IV.58.1947.6179.6167.02
Queen Mary.56.248.4880.5453.04

WiseGeek Recommendations. To successfully explore the outskirts of the policy, return your lands and expel the rebels, gather 2 strong teams of heroes. In the future, you will be able to include a 3rd team in the gameplay to conquer the world map. We suggest considering the following successful pairings of heroes:

Advice for beginners. Based on your capabilities and stage of development, do not invest resources in the development of weak generals. First of all, select good partners for your starting hero, who will be provided to you after choosing a civilization. Use this bunch of heroes and begin the successful conquest of lands.

Civilization.Recommended combination of heroes at the initial stage.
Roman.Scipio with Ragnar and Baibars.
Russian.Ivan IV the Terrible with Konstantin and Hellman.
French.Joan of Arc with Darius I and Queen Mary.
Chinese.Li Shimin along with Li Sunxin and Boudicca.
Korean.Li Sunxin with Li Shimin and Pericles.
Japanese.Tachibana Ginchiyo with Herman and Hojo Tokimune.
Arabic.Baibars with Ragnar and Spice.
German.Herman along with Hojo Tokimune and Pericles.
British.Boudicca with Li Sunsin and Pericles.

Use the reference book. Open the hero improvement section, select the general you are interested in and click on the book icon next to his characteristics. Carefully study this section of the guide to work out a strategy and form a strong team of heroes. Pay attention to the recommended partners and skills that best suit the hero.

Learn the heroes’ abilities. The game features 4 types of soldiers: cavalry, shield soldiers, archers and spearmen. To increase the power of a combat squad, take into account the hero’s skills in managing a specific squad of soldiers. This way you can gain a significant advantage in battle. There are 3 management skill levels:

Hero.A detachment of cavalrymen.Shield squad.A squad of archers.A detachment of spearmen.
Zhuge Liang.AAAA
Alexander the Great.AAAA
Toussaint Louverture.ASSB
Oda Nobunaga.AAAB
Darius I.SASB
Richard I.ASBS
Li Shimin.ASBS
Peter I.SABS
Tachibana Ginchiyo.SSBA
Guan Yu.SBSA
Joan of Arc.SBAS
Queen Mary.SBSA
Lee Sunsin.BSAS
Hojo Tokimune.BSAS
Ying Zheng.BSSA

Era of Conquest: Guide for Beginners

Get familiar with the interface. The main screen of the game displays the territory of your policy with erected buildings. The level of prosperity and the amount of resources received are displayed at the top of the screen. The main control menu is located at the bottom of the screen. A list of current chapter tasks is displayed on the right, and information about temporary events and formed combat units is displayed on the left side of the screen.

Create a gaming profile. You can see information about other players, and they, in turn, see the information specified in your profile. Click on your avatar in the top left corner to go to the appropriate settings. Enter your name or nickname, write a motto, then choose an avatar, frame and design for chat messages. The profile also displays information about the alliance and current achievements:

Log in. At the very beginning of the game, be sure to go through the authorization procedure to save your game progress and ensure the security of your game profile. You can use a game store account or a profile on social networks. For authorizing your profile and registering your email, you will receive 400 rubies as a reward.

Set up the game. To ensure a comfortable game, open the settings section and set all the appropriate parameters. Adjust graphics to play at the best quality or to save battery power. Adjust the volume of sound effects and enable notifications to receive timely notifications about in-game activity. You can also configure the map change and the ability to rotate the screen.

To change the language of the game, go to the "other" section, click on the corresponding button and select one of the proposed languages. After which the game will automatically restart.

Check your email. Check your game mail daily, as some of the rewards and gifts upon completion of events are contained in system letters. Information about events taking place in the alliance also comes here. Mail is not suitable for communicating with other users; the game provides a special chat.

Use a calendar. A special in-game calendar shows events from the last day to the next 6 days and is updated daily at midnight. Prepare in advance for the events you want to take part in. Also check the Tera Log, which is generated in real time based on the resources you receive. If you are active enough, you can receive a small reward.

Keep an eye on the rating. When you go to your game profile, open the "Rating" tab and study the achievements of other Era of Conquest users. This way you can find the strongest and most active allies who will help you develop faster. To get to the top players, develop all areas of activity both in an individual game and in an alliance. The player rating is based on several indicators at once:

Era of Conquest: All about choosing a civilization

Why choose Civilization? Before you begin the game, you need to determine which civilization you will play for. Era of Conquest features 9 different civilizations that can diversify the gameplay. Carefully read the description of each of the proposed civilizations and make your choice.

Parameters affected by your choice:

Civilization.The resulting hero.Bonus characteristics.
Roman.Scipio.Iron production is 20% higher.
Russian.Ivan IV the Terrible.Mining of stone and iron is 10% higher.
French.Joan of Arc.Wood production is 20% higher.
Chinese.Li Shimin.Food production is 20% higher.
Korean.Lee Sunsin.Wood and iron production is 10% higher.
Japanese.Tachibana Ginchiyo.Food and wood production is 10% higher.
Arabic.Baibars.Stone extraction is 20% higher.
German.Herman.Wood and stone production is 10% higher.
British.Boudicca.Food and stone production is 10% higher.
We recommend choosing a civilization that gives a bonus to the production of 2 types of resources at once. Get the other 2 resources on the world map.

How to change civilization? If during the game you for some reason decide to change your civilization and the bonuses you receive, open your game profile settings. Click on the image of the coat of arms under the avatar, select the desired civilization and confirm your choice. To change civilization you will need a special key, you will receive one for free at the beginning of the game, the subsequent ones will have to be purchased for rubies.

Era of Conquest: How to get strong heroes?

Have an epiphany. On the territory of the policy there is an altar where you can break stone steles and receive the blessing of the spirits. To get a new hero, open the Insight tab through the control panel at the bottom of the screen. Choose one of the proposed types of insight and use the appropriate steles to summon.

Insight "Warrior Spirit". Using this type of insight, you can get a hero to the level of 5 stars. To make a call, use the warrior stele, which can be received as a reward for participating in events and completing tasks. In addition to the earned steles, you can use the free summon feature, which is available 5 times every day. To make a free re-summon, wait 5 minutes.

Drop chance:

Every day, use every opportunity to achieve insight and further strengthen your army.

Insight "Spirit of the General". Using this type of insight, you can get a hero up to the level of 6 stars. To make a call, use the general’s stele; one of the main ways to obtain it is to complete all daily tasks. You can also purchase steles for rubies and make additional insights. The cost of one stela will be 98 rubies.

Drop chance:

Get a probability bonus. Perform insights using the general’s steles to increase the unity of the spirit of the Emperor’s Valley. The growth of unity allows you to increase the likelihood of obtaining a full-fledged hero and skill. After completing 666 insights, the maximum bonus is activated for the next 100 summons.

Era of Conquest: All about hero development

Level up. Heroes are the key playable characters in Era of Conquest. Constantly develop them to strengthen your army. First of all, it is necessary to increase the overall level of the heroes. To do this, send troops into battle with the rebels, where the generals can gain experience. The more often a hero leads troops during battles, the faster his level of development increases.

Convey the level of development. Use the hero inheritance feature to share the experience and level of two heroes. Select a high-level hero as your source and click the "Transfer" button in the upper right corner. Add a new undeveloped hero to transfer the level and improve the characteristics.

Raise the hero. Use repeated hero signs to awaken their power and increase their star level. This will improve the hero’s characteristics and his compatibility with all types of troops. For each elevation you receive attribute points or talent points. For the subsequent rise of the hero, more signs will be required.

If you don’t have enough Hero Tokens to ascend, exchange Universal Hero Tokens of the appropriate quality for Tokens of the selected hero.

Develop talents. Each hero has 4 talents that need to be developed to improve his combat abilities. Pay attention to the recommendations for awareness; this talent must be developed first. Check out all the talents and distribute the points you earn to further strengthen your hero.

How can I change my selection? Use a special item - Book of Talent Re-Research to redistribute all spent points. The game will automatically distribute points between unlocked talents. You can also use the free talent reset feature after raising a hero to 3 stars. This way, you can redistribute talent points yourself.


Increase your attributes. Earned attributes must be distributed between the 4 main characteristics of the hero: strength, defense, intelligence and agility. Using the + and - icons you can add or remove attribute units. By long pressing + you can quickly add all available points to the selected attribute. If necessary, use the Full Reset Attribute Units feature.

Era of Conquest: Is it worth developing the heroes’ skills?

Skills are unique abilities that you can teach your heroes. The set of skills used can influence the course of the battle and gain advantages when liberating the royal lands from the rebels. Carefully study all available skills and distribute them among the commanders-in-chief.

Main characteristics:

How to get skills? The main way to gain skills is to perform insight at the altar. Summoning skill cards is identical to receiving heroes. Check out the section of the article How to get strong heroes, which also contains information about your chances of obtaining new skills.

What skills to use? Skills are divided into 5 types: active, passive, team, tactical and assault. The choice must be made based on the combat tactics you use. Also pay attention to the recommended skills for heroes. Try to select the most suitable abilities for your heroes in order to strengthen them as much as possible before the battle.

Hero.Recommended skill.
Leonid.Raitarov’s Salvo, Nick’s Rebellion, Sterling’s Hammer, Southern Elephant, North African Squadron.
Alexander the Great.Seven Seas Power, Roman Tortoise, Fortress Defense, Tight Formation, Swiss Guard.
Sid.Reithar’s Volley, Nick’s Rebellion, Sterling’s Hammer, Southern Elephant.
Caesar.Balkan Shield, Dragoon Formation, Skirmisher Tactics, Resurrection of Osiris, Spartan Fort.
Theodora.King of War, Heavenly Fire, Flame of Agincourt, Flamethrower of Byzantium.
PericlesBalkan Shield, Dragoon Formation, Skirmisher Tactics, Resurrection of Osiris, Spartan Fort.
Saladin.March of the winged hussars, Ottoman cannon, Duel with spears, Norman conquest, Gallic assault.
Toussaint Louverture.Fencing of the immortals, Formation of the crescent.
Oda Nobunaga.King of the Warriors, Flame of Agincourt, Enemy Conversion, Formation of Dragoons.
Darius I.Dragoon Formation, Flame of Agincourt, Spartan Fort, Byzantine Flamethrower, Heavenly Fire.
Hannibal.Assassin, Treason of Scorpio, Ancient Roman Scorpion, Knights of the Round Table.
Richard I.Prelude of Hadith, Ancient Roman Scorpion, Breakthrough of the Tiger.
Harald.March of the winged hussars, Norman conquest, Ottoman cannon, Gallic assault.
Li Shimin.Occupation, Glorious Feat, Foggy Pendulum, Parthian Tactics.
Peter I.Occupation, Glorious Feat, Tiger Breakthrough, Foggy Pendulum, Parthian Tactics.
Scipio.Fencing of the immortals, Formation of the crescent.
Charlemagne.Ottoman sword, Mayan Catastrophe, Maltese Falcon.
Tachibana Ginchiyo.Formation of dragoons, Skirmisher tactics, Mobilization of reservists, Spartan fort, Resurrection of Osiris.
Pachacutec.Balkan Shield, Formation of Dragoons, Resurrection of Osiris, Skirmisher Tactics, Spartan Fort.
Herman.Seven Seas Power, Roman Tortoise, Fortress Defense, Tight Formation, Swiss Guard.
Fredrich.Norman Conquest, Drakkar Invasion, Persian Chariot.
Guan Yu.Raitarov’s Volley, Sterling’s Hammer, Southern Elephant, Nick’s Rebellion.
Ragnar.Norman Conquest, Persian Chariot, Drakkar Invasion.
Baibars.Norman Conquest, Persian Chariot, Drakkar Invasion.
Joan of Arc.Flame of Agincourt, Flamethrower of Byzantium, Heavenly Fire.
Ivan IV.Flame of Agincourt, Flamethrower of Byzantium, Heavenly Fire.
Queen Mary.King of War, Flame of Agincourt, Flamethrower of Byzantium, Heavenly Fire.
Seondeok.Spanish Tertia, Jin Cavalry, Spartan Fort, Mobilization of Reservists.
Lee Sunsin.Occupation, Foggy Pendulum, Parthian Tactics, Glorious Feat.
Konstantin.Seven Seas Power, Roman Tortoise, Fortress Defense, Tight Formation, Swiss Guard.
Hojo Tokimune.Knights of the Round Table, Assassin, Treason of Scorpio, Ancient Roman Scorpion.
Boudicca.Occupation, Glorious Feat, Foggy Pendulum, Parthian Tactics.
Ying Zheng.Ottoman Sword, Heart of Avalon, Bohemian Wagenburg, Fog Pendulum, Spartan Fort.
Cleopatra.Spanish Tertia, Skirmisher tactics, Spartan fort, Mobilization of reservists.

Level up. First of all, to improve the effect of using a skill, increase its level. To do this, open the hero card, select the skill you are using and spend gold coins to move to the next level. The tables below provide all the information about the effects of using skills after reaching level 20 of their development.

The maximum skill level depends on the level of development of the military academy, so do not forget to use research funds to expand your capabilities.
Active skill.Description.
Flamethrower of Byzantium.After 1 round of preparation, apply a tactical attack to the enemy 1 time (224% damage dealt) and a burn effect (receiving tactical damage for 2 rounds 92%). If the target is in Burn Mode, the damage and healing effect of your next active skill can be increased by 112%.
Formation of dragoons.With a 100% chance it places a block on 2 allies for 1 round. If the target already has a block, it increases its damage and outgoing healing by 27% for 1 round.
Volley of Reitars.Gives an immunity effect, each enemy target under the burn effect allows you to gain 24 units of strength and defense, which are cumulative and last for 2 rounds. Then a physical attack is launched on the entire enemy unit (from 45% to 180% depending on the attribute).
Nick’s Rebellion.Apply a physical attack to 2 opponents, if any target is in the burning status, you can increase your own damage generated by 76.5%.
Southern elephant.Apply a physical attack to the entire enemy team (from 52.5% to 210% of damage dealt), if the hero is riding a war elephant, the effect of the skill is doubled.
North African squadron.Take a physical attack on one enemy with the minimum current combat power (85.4% to 341.6% of damage dealt) and a healing ban effect for 3 rounds. This skill is not affected by sarcasm.
Swiss Guard.Apply the Sarcasm effect to 2 players in the enemy group (priority is given to targets that were not attacked by this effect) and reduce their power points.
Ottoman sword.Launches 1 tactical attack on an enemy unit (damage rate from 90% to 360%) and reduces its highest attribute by 12% for 3 rounds, and if the target is under the effect of disarm/silence/dizziness/fatigue, then this skill is launched 1 more once.
King of War.Inflicts 1 tactical strike on 2 enemy clusters (damage coefficient from 38.25% to 153%), with an 80% chance of allowing your own general to use the next skill without preparation. Lasts 2 rounds, hits after 1 hit, does not stack.
Flame of Agincourt.Perform 1 tactical attack (damage level from 26.25% to 105%) on 2 groups of enemies and apply a burn effect to them (1 tactical damage to 56.1%). There is a 50% chance to activate the skill, blocking treatment for 2 rounds.
Maltese falcon.Inflicts 1 tactical attack on an enemy target (damage coefficient from 96.25% to 385%), if the attack hits an enemy general, then with an 85% chance it stuns him or prohibits healing for 1 round.
Tiger breakthrough.After 1 round of preparation, use a physical attack on 2 enemies 1 time (from 52.5% to 210% damage dealt), and if the target is in control, create additional physical damage (from 31.5% to 126% damage dealt) and apply a healing ban effect for 2 rounds.
Heavenly fire.After 1 round of preparation, you can carry out 1 tactical attack against the entire enemy team (damage effectiveness from 35% to 140%). If the target is in a state of burning, then you can inflict 1 additional tactical attack on the enemy (damage effectiveness from 19.25% to 77%).
Resurrection of Osiris.Deactivate your hero with the minimum current combat power, remove all negative modes and heal the wounded soldier 1 time (from 116.382% to 465.5% healing efficiency).
Heart of Avalon.Apply a tactical attack to 2 enemies (from 50.05% to 200.2% of damage dealt), and if the target is under control, you can heal any of your wounded soldiers 1 time (from 56% to 224% healing efficiency).
Converting the enemy.Apply a tactical attack to 2 enemies (from 24.5% to 98% damage dealt), and you can also heal two wounded soldiers (from 28% to 112% healing efficiency).
Parthian tactics.After a normal attack, inflicts a physical attack on 2 enemies (damage rate from 19.95% to 79.8%) with a 59.5% chance of silencing the target. If the target is already under the influence of silence, then with a 50% chance it extends it by 1 more time.
A glorious feat.Inflicts a physical attack on the enemy (damage rate from 31.5% to 126%) with a 61.2% to 85% chance of disarming the target for 1 round. If the target is already in a state of disarmament/silence/fatigue, then with a 70% chance it stuns a random enemy target for 1 round.
Sterling’s Hammer.After 1 round of preparation, use a physical attack on the entire enemy team 1 time (from 42% to 168% of damage dealt). If any target is in Burn mode, there is a 33% chance of producing an explosion effect, causing additional physical damage to the enemy (from 47.25% to 189% of damage dealt).
Ancient Roman scorpion.Use a physical attack on 2 enemies (49% to 196% damage dealt). When hitting a target under the panic effect, dealing this damage will temporarily increase your own amount of power.
Fencing of the immortals.Cleanses one random allied hero, removes disarm/silence/stun from him. With a chance of 85% he receives a combo, with a chance of 49% he receives immunity that can block 1 control effect.
Prelude of Hadith.Causes panic among 2 people in the enemy community (1 physical damage per round, damage level from 23.6% to 94.5%). If the target is in a state of panic, deal 1 additional damage to it (damage level from 35% to 140%) and increase the damage of this skill by 20% for the entire battle.

Team skill.Description.
Mobilization of reservists.Provides first aid to all members of his group during the first 3 turns of the battle. When receiving any damage, there is a 50% chance to instantly heal wounded soldiers 1 time (healing efficiency is 58.8%). After the start of the 4th round, you can heal your entire squad again, the healing efficiency is 211.022%.
Seven Seas power.All damage taken is reduced by 12%, and a bundle is applied to 2 allies. In this case, part of the damage in the amount of 35% is distributed. Each round has a 50% chance of removing the healing ban.
Balkan shield.Each round of battle when all allied heroes first receive a healing effect other than First Aid and Surrender Call, their highest attribute is increased by 40%, with an 80% chance of receiving 1 block.
Spartan fort.Each round, with a chance of 55.08% to 76.5%, 1-2 allies receive a block for 1 round. If the target already has a block, it heals the hero with the lowest combat power (healing rate from 65.1% to 260.4%).
Roman tortoise.At the start of the battle, use the Sarcasm effect on a random enemy for 1 round and increase all healing effects received in this battle from 8.5% to 34%, after that there is a 36.85% to 72.25% chance to apply the Sarcasm effect on 1-3 random enemies every round.
Tight formation of Sariss.From 43.35% to 85% chance of triggering each move. When other heroes receive the first damage, up to 80% of it will be divided over the next 3 rounds.
Hetaira.After each launch of your assault skill, there is a 48.96% to 68% chance of causing a combo effect on a random single hero in our side and removing the disarmament effect from him.
Spanish Tertia.Reduces the damage taken by 2 team soldiers during the first 3 rounds after the start of the war by 40%.
Foggy pendulum.For the first 3 rounds of battle, 2 random enemies will enter a state of fatigue after each normal attack, and their mental attributes will be reduced. The effect is cumulative and lasts 2 rounds.
Assassin.All damage taken is increased by 25.5%, but there is an 85% chance of landing 1 physical attack per round against a random single enemy (damage percentage from 53.55 to 214.2).
Maya’s catastrophe.When applied, the damage and healing effect of 2 enemies will be reduced from 10.8% to 21.25%. When Burn is inflicted on an enemy, there is a 30% chance that the enemy will be put into a heal-free state for 2 rounds.
Assault skill.Description.
Norman Conquest.After a normal attack, use a physical attack on 2 enemies (from 30% to 120% of damage dealt), which will be accompanied by a 38% healing effect. There is also a 36% chance to increase your own combo by +1 (the effect of this combo boost can only take effect 1 time per round).
Furious attack.After a normal attack, use an attack on an enemy 3 times, selecting a separate target. If you are in combo mode, you can deal additional damage 1 time (120.4% of damage dealt).
Blade Assault.After a normal attack, use 1 physical attack on the enemy (224% damage dealt).
March of the winged hussars.After a normal attack, use a physical attack on the enemy (from 75% to 300% of damage dealt). After the skill works 3 times, apply an immunity effect to your troops, you can also reset the control effect (disarmament, silence, dizziness, confusion) for 2 rounds. After this, additionally apply a physical attack to the entire enemy team (from 66% to 264% of damage dealt) and a healing ban effect for 1 round.
Gallic assault.After a normal attack, apply physical damage to the target (from 83.3% to 333.2% of damage dealt), and there is also a 50% chance of inflicting a healing ban effect for 1 round. If you are in combo mode, you can deal 1 additional damage (from 21.875% to 87.5% of damage dealt).
Persian chariot.After a normal attack, apply a physical attack to the enemy (62.3% to 249.2% damage dealt) and a healing ban for 2 rounds, then heal your wounded soldier (21% to 84% force healing rate).
Spear duel.After a normal attack, deals 1 physical attack to 2 enemies (damage rate from 35.35% to 141.4%) with a 42.5% chance of silencing the target for 1 round.
Drakkar invasion.After a normal attack, apply a physical attack to the entire enemy team 1 time (from 23.45% to 93.8% of the damage dealt), and if you are a deputy general, then there is a 50% chance of again applying a physical attack to the entire enemy team 1 time (from 14% up to 56% of damage dealt).
Ottoman cannon.After a normal attack, increase the commander’s strength by 55.25 units for 2 rounds. This effect can be applied 2 times, and then a physical attack can be applied again (from 87.5% to 350% of damage dealt).

Tactical skill.Description: You can only use 1 tactical skill per team.
Order of the knights.After the war starts, increase the damage generated by heroes and the healing effect by 21.675%.
Build a crescent.You can transfer your commander and 1 deputy general to fast mode during the first 3 rounds after the start of the war. There is also a 50.4% to 70% chance of getting combo mode.
Skirmisher tactics.Increases all damage and healing effect of the deputy general (from 17.425% to 34% healing effectiveness), and all damage taken is increased by 25.5%. At the same time, the owner of this skill heals 1 wounded soldier every round (from 17.5% to 70% healing efficiency). There is also a possibility of removing the treatment ban mode before healing.
Jin cavalry.During the first 3 rounds, each round increases the chance of triggering active skills of a general and a random colonel by 5%, prepared ones by 8.5%.
Bohemian Wagenburg.When any allied hero’s combat strength falls below 70%, all enemy heroes are affected by a random status for 1 round: disarmed/silenced/stunned. The skill triggers only 1 time per battle. When activated, the ally with the lowest combat strength is healed (healing rate from 15.75% to 63%) and receives an additional 25 defense points. For each enemy hero in a state of disarmament/silence/stun/fatigue, healing and defense are increased by 2 times.
Passive skill.Description.
Close formation.Each round, there is a 42.5% chance to perform a physical attack (112% damage rate) on the hero with the highest defense, and then perform a physical attack (168% damage rate) on 2 enemies in the group.
Defense of the fortress.Heal your wounded soldier 1 time every round during combat (healing efficiency 19.6% to 78.4%). When receiving a normal attack, there is a 23.205% to 45.5% chance to repulse any soldier in your army 1 time per 2 rounds.
An occupation.You gain the Agility effect whenever you disarm/silence/vertigo an enemy or take assault damage.
Frontline doctor.Heals a wounded soldier 1 time every round during combat (from 22.4% to 89.6% healing efficiency).
Scorpio cheating.If an ally’s hero is subjected to a normal attack during a war, there is a 50% chance to instantly apply a physical attack to 2 opponents (from 17.5% to 70% of damage dealt).
Knights of the Round Table.Damage from normal attacks is reduced by 50%, each round a random target is attacked 2 times (total damage from 72% to 228%). When attacking a target with the sarcasm status, there is a 40% chance of placing a block on a random allied commander.

Awaken your skills. Each skill has 3 awakening points, with the help of which the hero who owns the skill can receive additional bonuses to the main characteristics. Obtain a given number of skill fragments of a certain quality or use skill awakening stones to upgrade abilities.

Era of Conquest: All about hero equipment

Equip your hero. Once a hero reaches level 20, you get the opportunity to equip him with weapons, armor, treasure, and decoration. Open the hero card and click the "Equip" button. Select one of the available items and click the "Equip" button. To quickly search, use the equipment sorting and filter function. Each item used will improve a given characteristic of the hero.

Build a forge. Build a forge on the territory of the policy to independently produce the necessary equipment for the hero. Use a certain amount of materials obtained earlier, as well as wood and iron, to forge an item. The higher the level of the forge, the higher quality items you can make.

White quality item.Force.Protection.Mind.Agility.
Barbarian axe.+2---
Nomad’s Bow.--+2-
Ashigaru Pike.+1--+1
Obsidian sword.--+1+1
Leather armor.+1+1--
Armor Black canvas.-+1+1-
Greek breastplate.-+2--

Green quality item.Force.Protection.Mind.Agility.
Dotsinsky axe.+3---
Scout’s Bow.--+3-
Greek spear.+1--+2
Roman dagger.--+1+2
Light pirate armor.+1+2--
Silk dress.-+2+1-
Scale mail.-+3--
Blue quality item.Force.Protection.Mind.Agility.
War hammer.+3---
Compound bow.--+3-
Roman spear.+1--+2
Shadow armor.+1+2--
Platinum armor.-+2+1-
Shining Chainmail-+3--
Purple quality item.Force.Protection.Mind.Agility.
Tang hammer.+4---
German sword.--+2+2
Nanman armor.+2+2
Armor yellow silk.-+2+2-
Heavy armor.-+4--

Orange quality item.Force.Protection.Mind.Agility.
Southern Blade.+5---
Lianzhu musket.--+5-
Polish spear.+2--+3
Guards knife.--+2+3
Napoleonic costume.+2+3--
Feiyu Kaftan.-+3+2-
Napoleonic breastplate.-+5--

Era of Conquest: How to form a strong army?

Build barracks. Build several barracks on the territory of the policy to ensure a stable supply of soldiers. Barracks automatically call up reservists until maximum capacity is reached. Constantly increase the level of the building to increase the number of recruited soldiers and the limit of reservists. The maximum level of the barracks directly depends on the level of the city center.

Form an army. Choose the strongest hero and appoint him as a general, 2 more heroes must be selected for the position of deputy general. Determine the type of troops and set the number of soldiers who will go into battle under the leadership of the heroes. The squad information card on the right side of the screen will indicate the main characteristics of the formed army.

If you have more generals, you will be able to increase the size of your army and increase your chances of winning against a strong opponent.

Change the type of troops. The game features 4 types of troops, each of which has certain advantages during battles with another type of troops. Replacement can only be carried out if the hero is within the walls of the policy. Before you go on the attack, choose your preferred troops:

Constantly maintain the number of your troops at the proper level, to do this, use the function of automatically returning the army to the city after the end of the battle.

Use a mobilization call. If a dangerous battle is approaching, take the initiative to start a mobilization call to speed up the process of recruiting reservists. In this case, the recruitment speed in the barracks will be significantly increased, but each summoned reservist additionally consumes the recruitment resource box.

Increase your strength. In the "Composition Evaluation" section, click on the image of the golden arrow to automatically strengthen the army. Use the "Promote in 1 click" function to view your improved army composition. If you are satisfied with the proposal, click the "Apply" button to assign new generals or replace the skills you are using. Before the battle begins, pay attention to the level requirements for heroes. Strengthen the skills learned by generals to quickly increase the power of the formed squad.

Study battle reports to get acquainted with the details of the past battle. Analyze the data and draw appropriate conclusions for further strengthening.

Equip your troops. Open the "Commander" section through the control panel on the main screen and click on the knight’s armor. Here you can select equipment for each type of army to receive additional bonuses to combat performance. Each military suit set includes 5 parts: headdress, armor, gloves, shoes and weapons.

How to get equipment? Send heroes to complete various tasks through the "War" section. Choose a hero or formation that fits all the given parameters to maximize your chance of getting good equipment during your journey. Click the "Submit" button, spend a special resource and wait until the end of the trip to collect your reward. Take advantage of every opportunity to send heroes every day to further strengthen your army.

Use forging. This function allows you to create 1 item of higher quality from 4 items of the same quality. Use forging to gradually improve your troops’ equipment. You can also dispose of low-quality items and get resources to send heroes on a journey.

Era of Conquest: All about exploring the outskirts of the policy

Explore the territories. All areas around the policy are covered in thick fog and you do not know what is hidden behind it. Your main task is to protect civilians from external threats, so you need to take control of the territories closest to the policy. Send scouts to the nearest accessible point highlighted in yellow, he will study the area and then the fog will clear.

Attack the rebels. There are rebel outposts around the city blocking the roads. Form a suitable army and send it into battle with the rebels. Select a squad, check out the composition of the enemy troops and click the Attack button. After clearing the area of ​​enemies, you can move on.

Receive scrolls of civilization. As you progress through each story chapter, collect 5 civilization scrolls to get a special treasure. Scrolls can be found when exploring refugee camps and caves that are located in the vicinity of the policy. Once received, activate the scrolls and unlock the civilization map. As a reward, you can receive the hero Sid and Queen Mary, as well as many resources that will be useful for their development.

Solve puzzles. To explore the refugee camp, help Paul get to his destination. To do this, it is necessary to eliminate all obstacles in his path, these could be rebels, wild animals or traps. Wooden barricades and stops can be disassembled to perform a specific action. For example, by removing a support, you will set in motion a huge boulder that can eliminate an enemy squad or block a deep well. Solve the puzzle and get a small reward.

If you can’t solve the puzzle, click the "skip" button and take the less valuable reward.

Take over production. Outside the policy there is a huge territory that is full of various resources. However, rebels are based in industrial locations. Gather an army, defeat the enemy and restore industry. After this, resource extraction will occur automatically, and your treasury will be constantly replenished.

Restore command posts. They allow your troops to get to a given point faster, and the speed of reconnaissance also increases. Capture nearby production facilities to gain access to the construction of the command post. Select an object, click the "unlock" button and activate the hero mobilization function.

Era of Conquest: Tips for developing a policy

Why develop a policy? At the beginning of the game, you find a place rich in resources, but poorly protected from external threats. It is your duty to protect the people, so refugees should feel completely safe from the lawlessness of the rebels. To develop the policy, complete story missions and complete chapters to transform your military base into a real kingdom.

Improve the City Center. This building is the center of the policy. Your ability to improve other buildings directly depends on its level of development. To develop the City Center, you must meet several conditions for the development of other buildings, as well as earn special civilization points, which can be earned in the process of completing story missions.

After reaching a certain level of the City Center, you will enter a new era, and the buildings will change their appearance.

Build a warehouse. For the full development of the policy, a lot of resources will be required. The warehouse building allows you to accumulate resources for costly improvements and the construction of large facilities. The higher the warehouse level, the more resources you can store. Make sure that there is always free space in the warehouse for automatic mining in the vicinity of the policy.

Build statues. Near the City Center, build 4 statues that will affect the characteristics of combat units. Upgrading statues is an expensive process, so develop them whenever you have available resources. The maximum level of a statue is 10. To fully strengthen the army, build all types of statues in the policy:

Open the Military Academy. The construction of this facility is necessary for the subsequent development of skills and increasing the maximum level. Learn secrets and specializations to get additional bonuses to attack and the volume of robberies on the world map.

Build a Weapons Research Institute. First of all, this building is necessary to receive bonuses to the characteristics of a combat unit - increasing the physical and tactical damage inflicted, reducing the physical and tactical damage received. Secondly, increasing the level of the Research Institute allows you to unlock a new rank of combat units with improved combat skills.

Build a castle. This building is an important strategic object, the improvement of which allows you to increase the size of the hero’s squad. Upon reaching the maximum building level of 25, the hero’s squad will be able to additionally include 4900 soldiers.

Era of Conquest: Is it worth joining an alliance?

Why is an alliance needed? The lords who, like you, protect civilians, have united so as not to leave the Black Crow army unpunished. Interaction with other players will allow you to develop faster and receive more resources to strengthen your army. Exchange experiences and help each other to become the best of the best.

How to choose an alliance? It is important to be in an alliance with stronger players, because in this case the alliance will develop faster and you will receive more bonuses. Keep track of the ranking of alliances, choose the most powerful one and strive to get into it. If you are confident in your abilities, then create your own alliance and lead a team of active players.

Conquer the kingdom. On each server there are competitions between alliances to conquer the kingdom. Each stage includes completing certain tasks to develop the alliance. If the members of the alliance manage to achieve the specified indicators, then everyone will receive valuable rewards.

Explore technology. Alliance members have access to 2 branches of technology development: city and military affairs. Donate the necessary resources to the alliance to develop one of the technologies. The higher the number and level of research performed, the more bonuses each member of the alliance receives. Pay attention to the technology that the alliance leader identifies as advantageous for research. It is necessary to invest resources in it first.

Collect chests. If a player member carries out daily replenishment, then when the guards of the world ruins are defeated, all members of the alliance receive a chest with resources. Each chest contains special keys that fill the scale for obtaining a special treasure. After activating the chest, all players receive treasure. Each time the level and contents of the treasure chest will improve.

Collect rewards daily for increasing the level of authority of the alliance. The resources received will allow you to make improvements to your policy.

Perform great feats. Participate in siege or battles between lords to gain feat points. They can then be exchanged for resource summon boxes or chests of feats, which contain valuable rewards. This way, you can benefit from your activity in alliance affairs.

Era of Conquest: How to take part in battles in the Arena?

Build a War Hall. To gain access to the Arena, build a War Hall building in the policy. Click on the crossed swords icon to go to the Arena itself. Every day there are 10 attempts to enter into battle with other players, measure strength and earn rewards.

Form a formation. The higher the level of the city center, the more combat units can be formed to perform in the arena. Select 3 heroes and determine the type of troops that will fight. The higher the power of the created squad, the greater your chances of winning the battle.

How to fight in the Arena? Before the start of the competition, choose one of the proposed difficulty levels: normal, advanced or strong opponent. After selecting the difficulty, information about the composition of the enemy team will appear on the screen. Carefully read the information provided and adjust the composition of your squad. Then press the "Strike" button to start the battle.

The battle takes place automatically, so in order to win, you need to send the strongest team of heroes to the Arena.

Earn competition points. After completing the challenge, you will be awarded competition points depending on the results of the battle. The more enemy soldiers you destroy, the higher the competition scores will be. According to yesterday’s ranking, you will receive a certain number of silver awards. You will also receive a reward based on the results of the weekly rating.

Say your prayers. Spend earned Glory Coins to pray at a special altar. The cost of one prayer is 2500 coins, you can pray 100 times daily. With each prayer, a random progress bar for obtaining the seal is added. If you are lucky, when you pray you can immediately receive 1 scroll seal of a random color. For additional benefits, perform 50 prayers daily to open reward chests:

Take part in tournaments. To add variety to the battles between players in the Arena, Era of Conquest hosts different events each season. Follow the start of the tournament, register your squad for competitions and complete the necessary tasks. For example, in the Royal Tournament, you can not only take part yourself, but also bet on the success of other players to try your luck and earn more rewards.

Era of Conquest: Tips for completing in-game missions

Complete daily tasks. Take part in all game activities to receive the necessary resources for development every day. Click on the scroll icon on the left side of the screen and open the list of tasks. For completing each task you will receive gold coins and activity points. Collect 100 points daily to open 5 chests with additional rewards:

Examples of daily tasks:

Get achievements. Open your game profile and go to the Player Achievements section. All player goals are divided into 4 categories: Civilization, Conquest, Military Affairs, Secret. By achieving a certain number of achievements, you can receive generous milestone and seasonal rewards. Earn 50, 100, 150, 200, 300, 400, 500 points to open chests.

Civilization category task.Required action.
Antiquity period.Upgrading the city center to level 2.
Subordination system.Upgrading the military hall to level 9.
Classification of accounts.Upgrading the warehouse to level 18.
Renaissance.Raising the city center to level 20.
Star-shaped castle.Upgrading the castle to level 25.
Standard weapon.Upgrading the Weapons Research Institute to level 18.
Mobilization system.Upgrading 4 barracks to level 21.
The era of colonialism.Raising the city center to level 23.
Reformation.Upgrade any statue to level 9.
Prussian ashes.Upgrading the military academy to level 10.
Country of Gold.Upgrading the gold mine to level 24.
Mercantilism.Upgrade any production building to level 24.
Professional army.Upgrading any training ground to level 3.
Age of Enlightenment.Raising the city center to level 25.
Scholastic.Passing the student test.
Bloodwing Black Raven.Take part in the gameplay of Black Crow Invasion 5 times.
Defiant Legion.Score 3000 points during the Black Crow Invasion.
Task category Conquest.Required action.
Dispersal of pogromists.Capture 1 industry of a level 5 territory.
A trip to the robber.Capture 1 industry of a level 21 territory.
Regain lost territory.Capture 1 level 25 territory industry.
Strategic resources.Capture any resource point level 16 or higher.
Siege tactics.Successfully take part in the capture of 5 cities.
Siege of the fortress.Successfully take part in the capture of 1 city level 19 or higher.
Bloody battle.Destroy 100 enemy Wall Garrison units during a siege.
Holding a position.Take part in a 50 point attack.
Assignment in the Military Affairs category.Required action.
Awakening the hero’s spirit.Level up any hero 3 times.
Exaltation of the hero’s spirit.Elevate 15 times.
Military training.Level up a skill 5 times.
Widespread recruitment.Total recruitment 150,000.
Summoning the spirit of a warrior.Summon a warrior’s spirit 300 times.
Summoning the spirit of the general.Summon the general’s spirit 70 times.
Riding raid.Successfully rob 20 convoys.
Death fight.Get 100 victories in the arena.
Meteor shine.Raising 1 hero to level 30.
The tail of a comet.Raise 3 heroes to level 50.
Two-tailed comet.Raise 6 heroes to level 50.
Valhalla.Promote 6-star heroes 5 times.
Focused training.10 skills training.
Charter of St.Reach level 20 9 skills.
Forging a plow into a sword.Received 9 blue quality outfits.
In the name of the sword.Received 2 orange quality equipment.
Steel Wuz.Receiving 2 types of troops.
Swedish steel.Receiving 4 types of troops.
Outstanding achievements.Exchange feats for 40 chests.
Roman triumph.Successfully carry out resistance and protect 5 convoys.
Game of death.Take the Spades Arena quiz 10 times.
Military maniac.Take part in alliance siege 10 times.

Complete Alliance missions. Together with your allies, go to destroy the army of the Black Crow. Complete tasks and achieve your goals to earn Alliance medals. Spend them in a special store and purchase chests of conquest or missing resources for the construction and development of policy buildings.

Examples of Alliance tasks:

Era of Conquest: All ways to get resources

Log in to the game daily. The easiest way to obtain resources is to log into the game every day and receive a reward corresponding to the day you entered. Click on the gift icon in the upper right corner and go to the Login Gift section to claim your reward. Even if you entered the game but forgot to get it, it will be waiting for you. Additional incentives are also provided for the number of login marks accumulated during the season.

Get temporary rewards. A special 7-day entry is announced as a temporary event; during the event you can receive generous gifts for summoning and developing new heroes. Click on the horn icon in the upper right corner and go to the Login Gift section. The rewards of temporary events are much more significant than standard ones.

Take the quiz. Correctly answer the adjutant’s questions about the game’s features and receive small rewards. Questions may also concern knowledge about the world around us. Read the question carefully and choose 1 of the 4 suggested answers. For example, to the question "What should be done if the Great Overlord at the novice stage discovered that he was training the wrong hero?" The correct answer is to use the hero’s legacy function to change levels.

Explore in-game tabs. Visit all sections and tabs in the game every day so as not to miss the opportunity to pick up free gifts. For example, in the bonus store you can pick up 1 box with basic resources, in the Daily Pack section there is a free chest with gold coins, and in the world exploration section you can get rubies.

To avoid missing out on your reward, pay attention to the appearance of red dots next to the section names. This sign means that the section contains information or a gift that is important to you.

Connect social networks. In the game gifts tab (gift icon in the upper right corner) there is an SNS section. Here you can familiarize yourself with the conditions for receiving rewards for your activity on social networks. So for joining the gaming community you will receive 100 rubies. For reposting, you can receive 3,000 gold coins daily.

Era of Conquest: Guide for Donators

Stock up on rubies. This gem acts as the game’s premium currency. If you want to develop quickly and get strong heroes, then use rubies to speed up various actions and purchase the necessary goods. The store offers various offers of varying prices and content. During the special promotion period, purchased rubies will be doubled.

Get conquest coins. This currency is necessary to purchase paid content in the game, and their cost is equivalent to cash. Go to the special conquest store, check out the offers and select the desired set of coins for further purchases.

Please note that the higher the cost of rubies or coins, the more profitable the purchase in terms of the cost of 1 unit of goods.

Buy a monthly card. The game store offers 2 types of cards, after purchasing which you will have access to receiving daily rewards. The card is purchased for the season and is valid for 30 days. When you first purchase the card, you will also receive a nice bonus gift.

Map.Daily reward.First purchase bonus.
Silver.60 rubies, 68 dispatch resources, dispatch guide.180 rubies, 2 chests with skill S, 2 general steles, 2 construction acceleration coupons, chat skin.
Golden.150 rubies, 108 dispatch resources, dispatch guide.300 rubies, 3 chests with S skill, 3 general steles, 3 construction acceleration coupons, avatar frame.

Choose a permanent package. This section of the game store presents all sets of resources that can be purchased for real money. Such packages include rubies, hero signs, hero and skill awakening cards, general steles and other valuable resources. Purchasing sets is the most profitable investment, as in this case you get a good discount.

The contents of the packages change periodically, so if you decide to make a purchase, do so immediately.

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