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EverMerge WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

EVERMERGE is an Android game with a release date of 05/04/2020 from Big Fish Games. Game genre: Puzzle. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. A Beginner’s Guide
  2. How to get in-game currency?
  3. Energy
  4. How to level up quickly?
  5. Magic Crystals
  6. Walkthrough
  7. Dwarf Guide
  8. Hero Castle Building Tips
  9. Overview of Chests and Bags
  10. Mythic Island Walkthrough
  11. Tips for passing events

EverMerge: A Beginner’s Guide

EverMerge is a match 3 puzzle game in which you have to free the fairy tale characters. The game has an unusual gameplay for similar games. If in other games the merging occurs only in the passage mode (stage by stage), then here you constantly combine the same objects to create another object with a higher shape. In other words, you need to collect at least 3 elements in order to evolve them along a given chain into the most developed high-quality object.

Several types of objects are available for merging into a higher form in the game. All chains are displayed in the "Finds" menu. There you can see, merge, what items are available to you at the moment of the game.

There are 2 types of items in the game:

  1. Special - when combined, eventually unlock the character (for example, pearls unlock the Little Mermaid).
  2. Resource - with their help you can produce other items and build buildings (stone, tree, sprouts, coins, rubies).

As you progress, you will discover new lands and increase the number of your characters. Once you unlock heroes, they need a place to live. Therefore, one of the most important tasks in the game is the construction of castles. Your fairytale heroes are sweet lovers, and you will have to constantly feed your new friends.

All in all, EverMerge is a simple game with many different tasks and several main goals. The game attracts with colorful gameplay, ease. If at some point you do not have enough resources, then after a while you can enter the game again, and continue passing it, since the resources will be restored.

How do I move objects? In order to move an object, you need to hold your finger (or mouse, if you play through the emulator) on it for a short time. Then, without releasing your finger, the element should be moved to the place you need or merge.

The mechanics of merging items are different from similar games. Here, in order for the objects to combine, it is not enough just to bring the element to similar objects, you need to put the transferred object on one of the group of similar ones. In other words, you need to drag one item onto the other two. Thanks to this mechanic, you will be able to put the same objects side by side without merging them (for example, to combine more elements).

When you combine five of the same items, you will receive a bonus item! And instead of one new item, you will get 2 at once!

In general, you can combine an unlimited number of elements with each other. The more objects you merge, the more you get the bonus:

Tips for obtaining items. The game is all about combining different elements. If you have no objects to merge, then you have nothing to do. Therefore, you must learn how to get various items in the game in order to start connecting, gain experience and high-level elements. There are several ways to get new items:

  1. Collecting items. Some items can be collected from others. For example, wood, stone, bronze shavings. But for this you need to spend energy.
  2. Get items from another chain. Some chains end, but other things can be obtained from the last element. For example, a tree provides logs, which are needed to build Sleeping Beauty’s castle. The castle itself, in turn, will give pet babies.
  3. Buying some items from the market.
  4. Opening chests and bags. Various items can be obtained from chests, including items for merging.
  5. Discovery of new lands.
  6. Collection of aerial objects.
  7. Participation in promotions.

Locations for obtaining chests and bags:

  1. Purchase in the market.
  2. Daily chest.
  3. For completing the timeline of events.
  4. Getting bags of food for the menagerie from castles.
  5. Obtaining resource capacities from mines and resource facilities.

Flying objects. After a certain time, little suns will fly past your island. They never fly one at a time. Therefore, if the sun appears in your field of vision, then you should reduce the scale of the island and collect the rest of the suns. Flying objects mainly sprout plants from which you harvest ingredients. But sometimes they can contain very useful and rare items, for example, gold or rubies. During energy actions, the suns are accompanied by droplets of energy.

Advertising flies with suns several times a day. It should not be ignored as it provides valuable prizes. From time to time, green suns can fly past the island - these are plant seeds from the Mystical Island, they should also be collected. As soon as you click on the green blob, the sprout will automatically be in the ball in your nursery.

EverMerge: How to get in-game currency?

There are only two types of currency in the game. Of course, each of them can be bought for real money, but we will look at several ways to earn currency in the game itself. At the same time, both currencies have their own chain, which can be created and received a prize. Both currencies have value, but rubies are a premium currency and therefore more difficult to obtain.

Golden coins. For coins, you can buy some items, energy, chests and various items for fusion on the market. To earn coins, you must use the following methods:

  1. For each merging of high-level items, you will receive gold.
  2. Completing daily missions.
  3. Collecting the chain.
  4. Purchase for rubies.
  5. Opening chests.
  6. Work in the mine.
  7. Viewing flying advertisements.
  8. Participation in some promotions.
  9. Garbage collection.

Collecting a chain of coins begins with the fusion of bronze dust. Basically, it drops out after the heroes receive their treat. Combining 5 elements gives 2 coins with a denomination of 1 gold. If you continue to combine coins, you will receive money with a higher denomination. The largest denomination is 810 gold coins.

We recommend that you view ads as soon as they become available. For example, launch it from flying objects. Advertising gives valuable prizes, and the more videos you watch per day, the higher the rewards.

Rubies . This is a premium currency, but it is not difficult to get it, although it is not recommended to spend it right and left. For example, you shouldn’t buy ingredients for desserts with rubies. You can get rubies in the following ways:

  1. Purchase with real money.
  2. Collecting the chain.
  3. Getting a new level.
  4. Participation in events.
  5. Opening daily chests.
  6. Completing daily tasks.
  7. Viewing flying advertisements.
  8. Opening high-level chests.
  9. Work in the mine.
  10. Fusion of high-level objects produces ruby dust.

Collecting a ruby chain begins with obtaining ruby dust. It falls quite rarely. If you complete the chain to the end, you can get 180 rubies.

It is best to spend rubies to get coins, since coins can be used to purchase energy and advance in the game.

EverMerge: Energy

Energy is the main resource in the game. It is necessary for the extraction of resource items (logs, stones, corals, and others). You can mine materials from one place several times. But each time it will cost you more and more energy. For example, knocking down several trees, you can spend about 100 - 200 units of energy.

Therefore, you should focus on energy storage so that you can progress faster through the game. There are several ways to accumulate energy.

Exchange gold for energy. If you have enough gold, you can use it to buy energy. But we advise you to be careful with how you make this purchase. We recommend spending coins to buy energy only 2 times a day. Because after 2-3 times the cost of the packages will increase to 700 gold coins, which is already quite expensive and not economical.

Buy gold for rubies, and then exchange it for energy. The advice is similar to the previous one, but it concerns exactly rubies, which, as a last resort, can be exchanged for gold, and then spent in an energy store.

View ads. It will take a little time, but for 1 commercial you will receive 30 units of energy. Do not ignore views, as they will significantly improve your gameplay (this is not only about getting energy). You can view ads in the energy store.

Participate in various events as much as possible. The game constantly hosts temporary events, participation in which will bring you additional bonuses. Each event has its own privileges. Some activities tend to give you endless energy for 30 minutes. There is also a one-day event called Energy Rain. All players get the opportunity to catch flying sets of energy during the day. The promotion starts automatically and does not require additional costs from users.

Another promotion for additional energy production is "Buy with Benefit". It lasts 24 hours and starts automatically. During this event, you can get a certain amount of energy for shopping in the market. You can buy any items. By purchasing things for coins, you will receive an additional 3 units of energy, and if the purchase was made for rubies - 2 times more. The promotion is aimed at users who can afford to shop for real money. But those who do not do this will also like a small bonus.

View ads. Several times a day, you can get 30 units of energy for watching ads. This is the easiest and cheapest way to earn energy.

Unfortunately, energy is the most frustrating moment in the game. It is quickly spent and restores for a long time (1 unit of energy is replenished in 3 minutes). At the start of the game, you will constantly experience a lack of it, even using additional help. But as you progress and get high levels, you will cease to lack this resource.

How to use unlimited energy correctly

Any items in the game that you receive, be it a purchase in a store or a prize won for a promotion, they appear on your island in the form of a balloon. It makes sense to burst this ball right away if you bought an item for completing a quest or merging elements. Chests and gifts can be left to plan above the island by moving them to the seashore (so as not to interfere).

The unlimited energy that appears in the ball does not require immediate use. It can be spent on higher needs than the usual collection of chains. In the game, you build several castles in which your characters will live. After construction, castles need to increase their stardom, as they produce certain animals. The higher the stardom, the more pets you get.

To raise the stars of castles, you need to "feed them" the resources from which they were built. For example, the Sleeping Beauty castle is made of wood. Therefore, after construction, he needs to increase the stardom of the tree or things included in the "wooden" chain. But raising the level of the castle requires a lot of resources (both energy and the tree itself).

We recommend organizing the pumping of locks using unlimited energy. And we do not recommend spending unlimited energy on everyday needs.

First, you need to accumulate as many trees as possible or pump the mine as much as possible. Then place it next to trees (or other resource items, depending on what you pump). It is best to clear a few free cells near mines and resource items so that they do not scatter all over the map. You should be prepared for the fact that other objects will fall out with the material, which must be removed immediately. For this time, you need to stock up on 3 blue gnomes and several red ones so that they produce buildings (they can also be fed to castles). You will have only half an hour to pump the fortress as much as possible.

EverMerge: How to level up quickly?

Your player level is displayed in the upper left corner. The discovery of new lands and the receipt of new recipes for the characters’ treats depend on him. Also, with an increase in the level, new elements and mechanics of the game will become available to you. There are several ways to increase your experience.

Combine 5 items. The easiest way to gain experience is to merge items. For combining the same 3 elements, you get the usual experience, without additional bonuses. But if you merge 5 or more items, then you will receive not only a bonus item, but also an increased number of experience points and crown points (during events).

If you do not currently have 5 similar objects, then you should not rush, but wait a little. Separately, I would like to note that rarely dropped items should always be merged in 5 pieces, so you will quickly assemble the chain and get the most pumped element.

The game periodically hosts a three-day "Merge Mania" event, in which you get stars (points) for the unions you have made. By typing a certain number of stars, you can collect the prize. The further you move up the event track, the better the reward becomes. During this event, at least 5 items should be drained at a time, as this increases the number of points (stars) received and the amount of player experience.

The higher the level of the merged items, the more points for the event and experience points you will receive.

Complete story missions. Story missions will appear in the left corner of the game screen. Before each task, the heroes enter into a dialogue with each other. Sometimes this is just a normal plot conversation, but often the characters help the player with advice on where and how much to complete the task. Some missions are completed quickly, and some last several days. If something doesn’t work out right away, it doesn’t matter, tasks have no time limit, so you can not be afraid to lose them.

Completing tasks gives a large number of experience points, so we advise you to periodically review them, and build the order of execution as the passage is difficult. For example, you can quickly open several chests, but the quest for the amount of work in the mine makes it possible to get chests. Therefore, it is worth first completing the mission with the mine, and it will close part of the mission with chests.

EverMerge: Magic Crystals

Magic crystals are magic elements that will help you combine only 2 items instead of three. This interesting mechanic allows you to merge high-level items, and saves a lot of time. For example, to get a red gnome, you need to drain 3 ruby hammers. Precious hammers are very rare and have their own fusion chain, at the end of which you get a red gnome. But if you use a magic crystal instead of the third element (hammer), then you can combine them and get a gnome.

We do not recommend using magic crystals on low-level items. It is best to merge 4 buildings with them to build a castle.

Magic Crystal Chain:

Getting crystal shards:

  1. Buy on the market (button in the lower right corner).
  2. Opening high-level chests.
  3. Opening Ruby Free Chests.
  4. Cleaning of obstacles (trees, stones).
  5. Cleaning is not garbage.

EverMerge: Walkthrough

Characters. At the start of the game, you meet the Sleeping Beauty, who will be your first hero. With her help, you can get Puss in Boots. To do this, you have to collect the necessary ingredients from objects on the island. To get the Cat, you need to merge the chain of objects of the "Boots" type. You shouldn’t be looking for boots separately, since there are additional tasks in the game, the completion of which will bring you experience.

Heroes will appear one after another, or when certain conditions are met. But all the same, they will have to be merged from the proposed elements. For example, you complete the task of merging Puss in Boots and building a house, after which you get the opportunity to merge simple axes. The chain of ax evolution will lead you to a new hero - Paul Bunyan. After you have received a new hero, his items will no longer drop out, and you will again receive new collection items to create the next character.

How to get a hero quickly? As soon as you have a new ingredient, you should spend most of your time getting it. First, you need to note from which resource objects the elements of the character chain are most often dropped. For example, when getting Paul Bunyan, axes drop better from trees, and pearls for the Little Mermaid drop well from stone mines.

Also, the same elements differ in the number of actions with them. For example, if you work in mines, and you are dropping materials for the construction of new mines for the extraction of stone, then you should build mines from high-level elements. This is important for the following reasons:

  1. Obtain items for collection with a lot of actions. For example, bags of stones produce a mine with 3 actions, and a stone pot (evolution level 3) builds mines 5 and higher actions. That is, such objects take up less space on the island.
  2. Resource objects that have many actions give more valuable prizes. For example, a tree for 3 actions basically drops 2 - 3 logs in 1 operation. And in the tree for 5 and higher actions, items for collecting a chain of heroes and elements of level 2 and higher for collecting a chain fall out (not 1 - 3 logs, but 2 - 3 bundles of logs). It is cost effective.
  3. After you completely exhaust the resource from the object, then you (for the last action) are entitled to a chest with rewards. Chests also vary by level. If a chest fell from a mine that was built from a bag of stones, a level 1 chest will drop out, which is not very rich in new items. If you received a chest from a mine built from a stone pot, then you will receive a chest with good prizes and high-level items for the hero chain.

All these factors should be considered when building. Of course, low-level items are dropped more often. But they, as a last resort (if there is not enough space), can be removed with a shovel (located in the lower right corner of the screen).

It should be noted that the cost of actions for resource objects is different. From a level 1 mine, you will pay from 5 to 10 units of energy, and spend less time collecting stone. And for a mine with a high level, it will take more time and energy. It is good to disassemble high-level objects during the planned collection to increase the stardom of the castles (we wrote about this above).


All characters in the game are very fond of sweets, and from time to time they ask you to cook some kind of dessert. If an icon with a treat appears above the character’s head, it means he wanted something sweet. Recipes can be viewed in the "Quests" menu, which is located on the right side of the screen.

Various ingredients are needed for the production of dishes, which can be obtained by growing crops:

All fields for collecting ingredients for recipes are gradually losing their limit. Therefore, you need to constantly connect the chains of beneficial plants. After the plant has stopped bearing fruit, it must be removed. To do this, click on the faded field and select "Remove". Cleaning will require one blue gnome and 5 units of energy from you. It lasts 15 seconds, so you can speed up the process for free. After uprooting, you will receive an incentive bonus in the form of bronze dust and sprouts of the harvested plant.

Ladybugs, which have their own evolutionary chain, fall from the collected plants along with the fruits. These cows bring a lot of experience and points during various promotions. They also have a separate quest that must be completed. Therefore, the frequency of collection depends not only on the receipt of ingredients, but also on your progression in the game.

If you have few ingredients for preparing several dishes at once, and 1 dessert is enough for baking, then we advise you to choose the delicacy that will bring you the highest number of magic wands.

If you want to quickly complete an order, you can speed up the process with rubies. You can also buy ingredients in the market for rubies and coins. But in the store there is a limit on the purchases made. You won’t be able to constantly buy wheat or apples with chisels or rubies. The market is updated once a day. And this also needs to be taken into account.

Magic wands. One of the main tasks in the game is the discovery of new lands on the island. Initially, all lands are shrouded in dense fog, which must be dispelled. This can be done with the help of a certain number of magic wands that you get when treating the heroes with desserts. Also, to open lands, you need to reach the specified level.

The island is divided into several parts, each part opens gradually. The required level and a sufficient number of magic wands is not always the main criterion for obtaining new land. The first obstacle you will encounter is the discovery of lands at level 14. This part of the island must be opened after acquiring the character The Little Mermaid. If you do not have it, then the further passage of the game is impossible.

Magic wands have their own evolutionary chain. But it makes sense to collect it only to get prizes in the "Finds" section. As soon as you close the entire chain, there is no point in draining the sticks anymore, since their cost does not increase with improvement. For example, if you combine 3 sticks, you get a new magic stick, which will give 15 units of rainbow stars. But by themselves (if taken separately) 3 sticks will give 15 rainbow stars. If you continue to compare, the result will remain the same. As a result, you will not receive an additional bonus. Therefore, the fusion of the wands is up to you.

Tasks. There are not many recipe tasks in the game. In fact, you only need to make sweets to discover new lands. Until the entire island is open, it is constantly necessary to feed the characters. New islands will appear periodically, the opening of which depends on other factors.

For example, at the time of this writing, the Wild Flower event has started. Together with the rest of the tasks, you need to open the Emerald Isle with the help of clover leaves that fall from the merger of the elements of the action. If you have the whole island open, and you treat the heroes out of the kindness of your heart, then during the moments of events you should focus on obtaining and obtaining the objects of the event, and for some time leave your fabulous friends without treats.

Since it takes a lot of time to collect and grow ingredients for recipes, at the time of events you can not pay much attention to getting desserts. Although you will still have sprouts falling from flying objects, and you will have to match them.

The period between harvesting takes several hours, so we recommend that you log in to the game by the time of harvest if possible.

Land clearing

After opening the next piece of land on your island (the mechanics will become available after reaching level 8), you will need to clear the land from obstacles. Obstacles are stationary objects that cannot be moved around the cells and cannot be combined. These elements will interfere with your progress. Until you remove them, you will not be able to go further and get other elements of the game.

Stationary items are mainly resource objects, from interaction with which you will receive elements of heroes and various materials. These objects are immediately visible - under them the cell is colored orange. These elements have the maximum number of actions with them. For example, you need to hit a tree 10 times to cut it down. In this case, more energy is expended than when interacting with ordinary objects.

It is also important to keep in mind the fact that the last action with an obstacle will take you 40 minutes of real time. If you simultaneously send 2 blue gnomes to clear the land, and they both stumble upon the last action, then you can forget about the game for 40 minutes (if there are no 3 gnomes).

Always try to leave the last action to collect the obstacle when you exit the game. As soon as you are about to log out, it is best to send your assistants to perform an operation that takes a lot of time (clearing the ground, building a building, etc.).

The last action on a resource object always gives you a chest. But you will receive the richest in content chests from the last action to clear the obstacle. These chests can be combined or opened anytime you like. It differs from the usual resource elements, stationary items are no longer possible to obtain. They may also be absent on new lands, so it is important to collect objects from them when they give the highest possible items for the chain of heroes. For example, from a stationary tree you will receive high-level axes of Paul Bunyan, and from the mines - the rainbow pearls of the Little Mermaid.

Keep your items organized. As you progress through the game, various elements will be collected on your island to merge. The further you go, the more different objects will be located on your island. Therefore, we advise you to arrange your elements in chains. Thus, during the passage of events, you will not move the screen in search of the desired item. And the very search for copies will become a big problem for you at high levels of the game.

It is recommended to first scale the screen to get an overview of the world. Then start grouping similar items together to get an idea of how many of the same type you have. You may want to combine some groups when there are enough of them. Therefore, objects for bulk merges should be arranged in 4 copies in several separate rows.

Sometimes, basic combinations of 3 items are the right solution if you need to free up space. However, large merges are always better, so you should aim for a large number of copies, even if they take up a lot of free space.

Take advantage of viewing ads to finish building quickly. The construction of any object takes a certain amount of time. For example, it takes 15 seconds to create a timber frame, but higher levels of buildings can take much longer. For example, building a wooden mansion takes 2 hours.

The game allows you to instantly complete any building in less than 30 seconds. You can do this by clicking on the blue "Free" button below the timer. In order not to sit idly by and wait for the completion of construction, the game sometimes provides an opportunity to watch ads to reduce the construction time of a certain task. This function is not always available, so it is necessary to shift attention to the objects under construction.


Almost every type of resource facility has its own mines (not to be confused with stone mines). Each mine has a star system, with an increase in stars, the efficiency of work in it increases. Mines do not require the participation of gnomes, but they need 5 units of energy for each action to produce.

Mines give the resource to which they belong. Periodically, you will receive items for the construction of common resource objects (pots for trees, bags of stone for stone mines, and so on). They will also give you the elements of the current hero (the character you are currently unlocking).

Stars. After working through a certain number of actions, the mines need to be repaired. For repairs, you can use blue or red gnomes. After renovation, you will receive a stardom upgrade. The higher the stardom of the mine, the higher in level items from the available chains you will receive.

Quests. Often story missions are given for actions in mines. For example, work in a mine 15 times. That is, you have to start 15 actions in the mine. You can also get other assignments that should be read carefully. Some focus on a specific mine, others only on the mine of a specific resource. This is important to take into account when completing a task so as not to waste time and energy in vain.

EverMerge: Dwarf Guide

Blue gnomes. There are 2 types of assistants in the game, who will collect materials from resource objects, build buildings, or merge. These are blue and red gnomes. At the start of the game, you will receive 2 blue gnomes as a gift from the Sleeping Beauty. In the future, their number can be increased, as you get levels or complete tasks.

The third blue gnome will appear after the restoration of the mine for the extraction of wood. They will give it to you for 3 days, after which a cooling period of 2 days begins. After the expiration of this time, the gnome will again appear on your island. Its appearance can be combined with the construction of a castle for the character, since it takes 24 hours to build. In other words, during this time you will be deprived of one assistant.

Blue gnomes are not asked to build separate chains for them. They are constantly with you and will not disappear anywhere. Dwarves will perform any action that requires their presence.

Red gnomes. You will receive your first red gnome after overcoming an obstacle at level 8. These are temporary assistants who, after the expiration of the time they are supposed to, will disappear. Their work is limited to 1 hour. Although simply without work, they can stand on your island for as long as you want.

The red gnomes have an excellent ability - to instantly complete the construction of any task, if the construction takes less than an hour. Players ask many questions about the work of the red gnomes, so we decided to answer some of them:

We do not recommend using red gnomes for construction for more than 15 minutes, as they will use up their entire limit and will not bring much benefit. Better to build such buildings while you are out of the game.

EverMerge: Hero Castle Building Tips

Hero castles are another important challenge in the game. They are built in several stages. Each castle has its own building resource. For example, the Sleeping Beauty’s house is built from logs, while Puss in Boots’s castle can be restored from stone. In the end, you have to build a house for each hero. To build a house will need resources, a lot of resources.

You need to constantly evolve and collect the first items from the chain of each castle, so it is important to merge objects by 5 elements. This rule also applies to the construction of houses, thus, you will save time for collecting material and the resources themselves.

You will have your own playground for each lock. They will open with new lands. It is required to place 4 maximally pumped houses from each chain on the site. In order to move a building, you need to click on the building, and it will automatically stand on the site.

After you have placed all 4 houses, you will need to carry out the final construction of the wonder - castle. The construction will take 24 hours. To do this, 1 blue gnome will be taken from you. Therefore, it is better to start the construction site when you have at least 1 red gnome or 3 blue ones, so as not to interrupt the development process and the passage of temporary events.

After the final completion of the construction, the castle will bring you additional income in the form of animals, which you will breed on the Mystic Island. The higher the level of the castle, the more rare animals it will bring. Each chain of animals has its own castle. For example, Sleeping Beauty’s castle gives a chain of leopards. In addition to the animals, the fortress will give you ingredients for recipes and other items. The time between receiving gifts from the castles is 24 hours.

List of locks

The hero to whom the castle is builtChain starting material
sleeping BeautyWood, log
Puss in BootsStone, brick
Paul BunyanTruck
the little MermaidCoral
Peter PanMoon rock
AkronForest sprouts
PinocchioRoll of canvas
SinbadStone brick
Snow MaidenLeaves

I completely built the castle, but I still have logs and other wooden objects, what should I do with them? After building the castle, you will need to increase its stardom in order to obtain high-level animals. To improve, you will need the entire resource chain from which you built the fortress.

To increase stardom, you just need to transfer items to the castle. For example, you increase the stardom of a miracle - the castle of Puss in Boots, it was built from a chain of stones. Therefore, both bricks and mansions are suitable for improvement. But the higher the building, the more experience points the castle will receive. As you gain enough experience of the castle, a star will rise on it.

It is worth noting that after the fortress is built and pumped as much as possible, you may have resources left. They will not be useful to you later. Therefore, it is better to calculate everything in advance, and feed only logs on the last star, not turning them into houses.

If you still have materials, then we advise you to collect them into one building and leave it on 1 cell. Thus, the materials will not take up much space. Mine will also stay with you forever.

EverMerge: Overview of Chests and Bags

There are a huge variety of different prize objects in the game. Some of them can be combined, and they have their own evolutionary chain. Other items cannot be connected, so you can open them immediately. Usually, these are chests and bags, which are given for filling the timeline of events.

Getting chests:

  1. Collection from resource objects (wood, corals).
  2. Collection from mines.
  3. Castle prizes.
  4. Free daily chest.
  5. Free promotional chests with temporary resources.
  6. After passing some stages of events.
  7. Viewing advertisements.
  8. Daily complimentary food bag (on Mystic Isle)

Chests are divided into levels, and the higher the level of the object, the more prizes you will receive. It is important to consider the fact that chests provide materials of exactly the level that they themselves are. For example, a chest from a level 3 mine will give a rainbow pearl, that is, you will not have to make a chain of pearls up to level 3.

Also, with an increase in the level of the chest (or bag), the number of elements in it increases. For example, a level 1 chest contains 2 - 3 items, and a level 3 chest can contain up to 15 items.

Chests, according to their content, are divided into several types:

  1. Temporary stock chests (bags), from which items needed to collect event chains fall. After the end of the event (or after the time of the promotion), these chests disappear. If you still have such containers, then they will no longer be useful to you in the near future (until a similar event begins). It is better to open such chests at once or combine them, but do not pull until the very end.
  2. Resource Chests - These objects give the resources from which they were extracted. For example, a stone chest gives bricks and stone houses. In addition to the main resources, you can get elements of the chain of heroes from them. Such chests can be combined up to the maximum level. But if you feel that you have very little left before the maximum pumping of the castle, then we advise you to open objects immediately.
  3. Free daily chests - given 3 times a day after a certain time. You can get such chests on the market in the "Special" tab. This chest provides free recipe ingredients, coins, bronze and ruby dust. Sometimes they come across elements for composing the current character.
  4. Food bags - given free of charge 3 times a day after a certain time. Bags can only be opened on the Mystic Isle. They contain the first elements of the feed chain. For example, a strawberry sprout that evolves into a berry. You can get them in the market of the Mystic Island.
  5. Seed Bags - Very rare from resource objects. They contain plant seeds that provide ingredients for recipes. These chests do not merge, so you can open them right away.

Above, we described how to quickly collect a character in the game with the help of chests. They will also help to complete some tasks of the storyline. You need to carefully read the description of the quest so as not to confuse the level of chests required to complete it.

EverMerge: Mythic Island Walkthrough

After you get Paul Bunyan, his sister Heidi, who is the guardian of the Mystical Island, will come to your island. Together with her you will go on an adventure to this island. You can get to it through the "On the way" section, the button is located in the lower right corner next to the market.

During the transition to a new island, a new window will appear on your screen, in which there will be a picture with yours and the Mystic Island. But you may also notice that there is still room for other images. At this point, temporary stock portals will appear. For example, the island of the Golden Sheep.

On the Mystical Island, it is necessary to evolve various animals and place them in their habitat. Each animal has its own merge chain. After you get the largest possible animal in the chain, its habitat will become available to you.

To perform actions on the Mystic Island, energy is not needed, here it is replaced by paws. With each new level, more legs will be available to you. But you will not be able to restore them on your own, only with an increase in the level or automatic accumulation of paws.

Leveling Up - When you first go to the island, you might find it easy to take care of the animals. But actually it is not. As soon as your training is over, the ease of passage ends. The game implements the opportunity to receive bags of food for free, from which several strawberry sprouts fall out. These sprouts merge into a strawberry bush and produce a berry.

Strawberries are needed to feed your pets (of which there will be more and more). Until you harvest, you will not know which animal wants to eat. As soon as the harvest falls on the cells, the corresponding icon will appear above the hungry. In order to feed your pet, you need to transfer the berry to its cage.

For each feeding of the animal, you will receive experience, which is accumulated in the center of the left side of the screen. After collecting 30 points, you will go to the next level and receive a pet paw reward. The paw contains the starting elements of the animal chains. You will receive experience for every action performed on the Mystic Island.

How to quickly level up on the Mystic Isle? The increase in experience is not limited to one feeding, it is necessary to complete other tasks and discover new habitats. You can increase your level in several ways:

  1. Building castles for additional animals.
  2. Participation in promotions. It is necessary to close the scale of the period that gives chests or bags with nursery elements. After receiving them, all rewards are automatically sent to the Mystic Isle.
  3. Collection of flying objects. Sometimes green droplets will fly over the island, these are items for the menagerie. By clicking on them, you will receive additional strawberry sprouts.
  4. Completing plot tasks. Often you will be given missions in which you will perform some operations on the island. They give not only a lot of trainer experience, but also additional prizes.

For effective progression on the Mystical experience, we advise you to go to the island several times to get bags of food, but they should be opened once a day. In this case, the sprouts must be placed side by side on the largest and empty area of the island. To do this, you need to free up space.

Opening a few bags at once will give you a lot of strawberry sprouts. They should be placed next to each other in order to produce a massive unification. Thus, you will get new objects, 2 more sprouts than with a normal merge. This is necessary in order to produce more strawberries in the future.

Inventory. If you have pets or items on the island that rarely drop out, then they can be temporarily placed in your inventory. To do this, simply move the object to the "Inventory" menu (located in the lower left corner). The warehouse will help you remove unnecessary elements that interfere with the mass merger of sprouts.

Market. The Mystic Island has its own market where you can buy some rare animals, bags of seeds and chests of various denominations. Animals are falling from these chests. But the assortment on the market is laid out for rubies. Therefore, you should think several times before shopping.

Occasionally, various activities are held on the island of pets. It is necessary to participate in them as much as possible, as this will help you progress faster and discover new lands. If you are rewarded with some items that are only compiled on the main island, then they are automatically sent there.

EverMerge: Tips for passing events

New temporary events are constantly starting in the game. Some of them are repeated, which makes it possible to prepare for such events. Some of the large-scale promotions offer individual islands and a separate set of items that are only available for a limited time. The player’s task is to have time to get the maximum rewards.

"Treasure Hunt" - lasts 1 day, and is carried out automatically. Your main task in the promotion is to open chests as efficiently as possible. The more you open them, the faster you finish the round, and move forward in the event. For opening chests, you get purple spheres in which prizes are hidden. Each sphere gives 30 event points, which fill the stage scale. The more expensive the chest you open, the higher the chance of a purple object spawning. To complete the event, you need to open 40 gold chests.

"Gnomes in the House" - the event is aimed at the merger and construction of the tapa chain "Stone". During the action, for each action, you will be awarded points (from 15 to 300, depending on the level of the combined items. With each new stage of the passage, you get valuable prizes. The event lasts 2 days.

Stages and number of points for passing

Event stage numberThe required number of points for passing

Merge time and score

Number of pointsMerge time
five40 seconds
101 minute
405 minutes
10015 minutes
1501 hour
2152 hours
2954 hours
5001 hour 30 minutes (mines)

We have provided you with the statistics of the event so that you can calculate your actions and pick up the maximum possible number of prizes. It is worth noting that each stage of the promotion starts counting points from zero, and does not transfer the points of the previous stage to the next. For example, you have completed the first round of the event and moved on to the second, but you will not have 30 points in your piggy bank, since you have already received a prize for them.

"Phoenix Island" - the event consists of 2 stages. Duration 3 days. After gaining 10,000 points, you can completely close the event. During the promotion, you need to open 5 chains of elements:

First, you need to clear the ground, remove the lava, connect the phoenix eggs that will fall from the torch flower. Chests need to be merged up to level 2 after clearing the area of lava. During the event, for any merger of promotional items, you will receive phoenix eggs. Then you should open the entire island, and connect the chests to level 3.

"Magic Unicorns" - to close all stages, you need to score 10,000 points and spend about 4,000 units of energy. During the event, you need to collect the following chains of elements:

First you need to clear sharply, then combine items from the "Diamond Tree" chain, drain the chests and unicorns. At the start of the event, any associations give "Rainbow essences - spheres", in the future you will have to get them only from chests.

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