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Family Guy Freakin WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

Family Guy Freakin Mobile Game is the second game developed jointly by Jam City and FoxNext Games. In this game, you don’t have to build cities, but collect matches, while Peter drives around Quahog and serves residents fresh cocktails from his mobile bar on wheels, diluting them with strong alcohol. Immerse yourself in the exciting world of the famous animated series "Family Guy" and encounter exciting challenges and adventures presented in exciting game mechanics.


  1. Guide for New Players
  2. All about getting unique shots
  3. Match 3 Features
  4. Guide to episodes in the game
  5. Questions from players
  6. Is it worth playing?

Family Guy Freakin: Guide for New Players

Game features. Family Guy Another Freakin Mobile Game offers players a unique gaming experience full of funny moments, interesting puzzles and colorful characters from the popular animated series Family Guy.

Here are some features of the game:

  1. Classic characters. The game includes a variety of characters from the Family Guy cartoon series, such as Peter, Lois, Stewie, Brian and others, each with unique abilities and characteristics.
  2. Exciting levels. Make your way through various levels and puzzles offering varied game mechanics and challenges. Use strategy and logic to solve complex problems.
  3. Collecting combos. Combine various items on the playing field to create unique combinations and receive bonuses. This makes for fun gameplay and helps you earn more points.
  4. Funny story. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the animated series Family Guy and enjoy the humor and plot of the game, which is completely consistent with the style and atmosphere of the original show.
  5. Possibility of improvement. Upgrade your characters and improve their abilities to cope with more complex tasks and achieve new goals.
The game also offers a great way to plunge into the world of your favorite characters and enjoy exciting gameplay that will give you a lot of fun and entertainment.

The main currency is coins. Coins play an important role in the game as they are the main currency that players can use for various purposes. First of all, coins can be spent on buying boosters, which can help you complete levels faster or improve your gaming skills.

In addition, coins can be used to purchase extra moves, which can be useful in difficult situations or for solving puzzles. Finally, they can also be used to buy extra lives, allowing you to continue playing even after unsuccessful attempts.

So, collect coins, use them wisely and improve your scores and abilities in the game!

How can I purchase coins in the game? The game has the ability to purchase coins through the built-in store in the application. Follow these instructions to replenish your supply:

  1. To do this, click on the "Plus" sign next to the "Coins" section on the game map.
  2. The next step is to select the desired coin package, which is displayed in US dollars.
  3. Log in to your iTunes or Google Play account to complete your payment.
  4. After a successful transaction, coins will be automatically added to your inventory.

Is it possible to play without coins? You have the opportunity to enjoy the game and achieve success even without using coins. Although coins provide additional assistance and enhance the gaming experience, all levels can be successfully completed without relying on them.

Thus, coins are only an additional bonus, and not a mandatory element for completing the game. You are given the freedom to choose how to play - with or without coins.

How do lives work? In the game, lives are automatically restored every 30 minutes, and the player can have a maximum of five lives. This means that even if you run out of lives, you can continue playing, wait for them to replenish, or even use other game mechanics.

Don’t forget that successfully completing a level will allow you to save your lives and continue the game without interruptions.

How can I earn stars? To earn stars, players need to actively participate in the gameplay, win matches, complete quests, and complete new levels. The more successfully a player copes with assigned tasks and challenges, the more stars he earns. Stars play an important role in the game as they allow you to open star packs with photo stickers, upgrade your characters, and perform other in-game activities.

Strive for active gaming activities and win stars to improve your gaming experience!

How many stars can you earn for completing a new level? When passing a new level, you can earn a maximum of three stars. On your first attempt to complete a level, you will receive three stars. If it takes you two attempts to complete, you will earn two stars.

And if it takes more than three attempts to successfully complete a level, you will be awarded one star. Don’t forget to use these rewards to develop your profile and achieve new goals in the game!

Family Guy Freakin: All about getting unique shots

What is a snapshot? Snapshots are a fun collection of images that players can unlock by collecting stickers in the game. With each update, the addition of new pictures enriches players’ opportunities for creativity and self-expression. Players can enjoy the process of collecting and sharing photos, creating a unique collection that reflects their preferences and style.

Each photo tells its own unique story or inspires new adventures, making the gaming experience more exciting and varied.

How to get stickers for pictures? To obtain Snap Stickers, players need to exchange Stars for Star Packs. These packs contain a variety of stickers that you can use to decorate your collected photos. The more stars a player spends on packages, the greater the chance of receiving rare and unique stickers. Expand your sticker collection by exchanging stars for packs and add personality and originality to your photos!

Where can I view all my completed shots? You can view all your completed photos in the Album section. There you can see the complete collection of pictures you have collected and enjoy viewing your achievements. The Album section will become your personal archive of pictures, allowing you to review and remember your gaming moments and achievements.

Don’t forget to regularly update your album, adding new photos and expanding your collection!

When are new pictures added to the game? New snapshots are usually added to the game every two weeks after the last update. This means that players can regularly expect new content to add variety to their gaming experience. Be attentive to updates and don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy new storylines, characters or levels in the game!

What can you get for filling out pictures? After completing snapshots in the game, players will receive a chest that can contain various bonuses such as boosters, currency and more! This is a great way to engage players and encourage them to actively participate in the gameplay. Don’t forget to take pictures to win rewards and advance further in the game.

How long does it take me to take a photo? Players have two weeks to complete the Snapshot and earn rewards before a new Snapshot is added to the game! This time frame gives players enough time to think through their moves, solve puzzles, and complete challenges to earn bonuses and advance further.

Plan your time wisely and don’t miss the opportunity to earn extra rewards in the game!

What is Uranus? Uraniums are the digital currency in the game that can be used to purchase mystery sticker packs for your album. These mystery packs containing unique stickers are available for purchase in a special section of the game’s store. Expand your collection of unique stickers with Uranus!

Family Guy Freakin: Match 3 Features

Features of the game "Three in a row". Match-3 is a popular puzzle genre in which the player needs to match three or more identical elements (bottles) in a row to make them disappear from the playing field. Features of this type of game may include various difficulty levels, bonuses and power-ups, different types of goals, stylish graphics and sound, and the ability to use strategy to achieve the best result.

This exciting genre of games allows you to enjoy careful combinations, analysis of the playing field and strategic thinking, making every move important for a successful completion. Immerse yourself in the world of Match 3 and discover fun and addictive gameplay that gives players a powerful desire to win and unravel the mysteries of the levels while enjoying colorful visuals and sound.

Game boosters. Boosters are important gameplay elements that help players overcome difficult levels, increase their chances of winning and gain additional advantages. In the Family Guy Freakin Mobile Game, boosters can be earned through a reward system for winning tournaments or purchased with in-game coins.

Thanks to boosters, players can get various benefits, such as an increased number of moves, destroying a large number of elements on the playing field, shuffling elements to create new combinations, and much more. These additional features allow players to confidently overcome challenging levels, achieve goals quickly, and enjoy the gameplay.

A skillful combination of boosters with basic gaming skills can greatly increase your chances of success and help you reach the top in Family Guy Freakin Mobile Game.

In-game boosters. In-game boosters in Family Guy Freakin Mobile Game play a key role in providing players with additional features and benefits as they progress through levels.

Some of the boosters available in the game include:

  1. Cosmic Displacements - This unique ability allows players to get rid of one selected item on the game board, which can be extremely useful when creating combinations and clearing the way to victory.
  2. Kitty Crossbow - This booster is a powerful weapon that can destroy a row of items from right to left on the playing field, providing players with the ability to quickly clear a specific area and improve their chances of success.
  3. Bullet - This booster aims to destroy an entire column of items from the bottom up, allowing players to strategically use it to remove obstacles and create advantageous item combinations.

Pre-game boosters. Pre-game boosters in Family Guy Freakin Mobile Game promise players additional features and are ready to help them overcome the most difficult levels.

Some of the available boosters include:

  1. 5 Extra Moves - Gives players a valuable 5 extra moves to use in any level selected. This booster can be a lifeline in situations where the number of available moves in a level is limited and each move plays a decisive role in achieving victory.
  2. Rainbow Star - this booster is capable of destroying all objects of a certain color on the game board. By pairing a Rainbow Star with a specific drink, players can get rid of all other fruits of the same type, which will help them create more profitable combinations and advance.
  3. Double Rainbow - Offers players the opportunity to destroy all items on the game board. This powerful booster can be the key to completing a level quickly and efficiently, especially if there are a lot of elements on the board and you need to make room for new combinations.
By combining skill, strategy, and the proper use of pre-game boosters, players can increase their chances of success and overcome the game’s toughest challenges.

Created boosters. The mechanics of game boosters in the game are represented by a variety of ways to create and use special elements. Here are a few types of boosters and how you can use them:

Family Guy Freakin: Guide to episodes in the game

What are episodes? Episodes are exciting stories that can be unlocked using Clams! Dive into exciting adventures, complete episode levels and earn amazing rewards to help you on your gaming journey!

How to get Shellfish? Shellfish are valuable game resources that are used to unlock new episodes in the game. You can earn them by completing levels and successfully completing tasks. Don’t forget to collect as many shellfish as possible to be able to explore new and exciting stories in the game.

What are special episodes? Special Episodes are special and time-limited events in the game that offer the player a unique opportunity to complete certain tasks or challenges. Successfully completing a special episode usually allows the player to receive valuable rewards, bonuses, or items that are not available in the normal game.

Participate in special episodes to earn unique rewards and experience the true excitement of Family Guy Freakin gameplay.

How to promote in special issues? To progress in special editions and overcome missions and challenges, you will need a unique currency specific to each episode. To earn this currency, you will need to complete the game’s levels and match game elements that are marked with a unique currency.

Each successfully completed level and completed task will earn you the necessary currency to advance in the story of the special editions. Play actively, use your skills and strategies to earn unique currency and achieve the goals of special episodes in the game!

Family Guy Freakin: Questions from players

One-time gift. Players are given the opportunity to receive a one-time reward in the form of coins by simply connecting their game to their social network account. This offering emphasizes the importance of social interaction and encourages players to expand their gaming network.

For those players who may need some extra help, boosters and extra lives are available in the game. However, it is worth noting that all levels of the game can be successfully completed without using these additional elements.

The game is aimed at developing logical thinking, strategic planning and the ability to solve complex puzzles, so even without the help of boosters, players have a chance to succeed and complete all levels of the game.

How to view daily tasks? At level 17 of the game, daily quests will be available to you, which will allow you to receive additional bonuses and interesting tasks to complete. To open daily quests, pay attention to the appearance of the "!" on the left side of the main screen. Just click on this sign to open tasks and start completing them.

Successfully completing challenges will improve your gaming experience and earn additional rewards.

What happens to the items if you reinstall the game? To prevent possible display issues, crashes and freezes, game elements cannot be transferred between different devices. Personal items in your inventory, such as lives, coins, and boosters, are saved locally on the device they were obtained on (computer, tablet, or mobile phone).

To ensure that your coins, lives or boosters are saved and accessible on a specific device, you must use that device when purchasing or receiving items. This will provide a more reliable and stable storage of your progress and achievements in the game.

What happens to my progress if I reinstall the game? If you played by linking your account to a social network, your level progress will be safely saved in your social network account and will not be lost. However, if you haven’t linked your account, your progress will be saved locally on your device and may be lost if you uninstall the app or restore your phone to factory settings.

We recommend linking your account to a social network to safely store your game progress.

How to start again from level 1? There is currently no way to reset the game from level one. Perhaps the game developers will introduce this option in the future, but it is not available at the moment. But you can use another account from the social network and thus start the game under a different account.

What to do if all available levels are completed? Congratulations on completing all levels! You are a real family man. The development team is constantly working on creating new levels to provide you with a fun gaming experience. Stay tuned to the app to stay up to date with all the news and updates.

Family Guy Freakin: Is it worth playing?

Family Guy Freakin Mobile Game is an addictive game that takes you into the fascinating Family Guy universe. If you are a fan of this crazy family and love match 3 games, then you will definitely like this game. It features many levels with varying difficulties, a variety of events and activities that will not let you get bored.

Here are the advantages of the game:

Here are the disadvantages of the game:

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