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Family Town WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

Family Town: Match-3 Makeover is an addictive match-3 game from PlayFlock that will immerse you in a fascinating world of puzzles and design. In this game, you can not only enjoy the classic Match 3 gameplay, but also create amazing city designs and help develop them. Complete various levels, collect combos and upgrades to unlock puzzles and earn bonuses. Discover new areas of the city, upgrade buildings, and decorate them to your liking to create a unique and prosperous city.


  1. Tips and gaming tricks
  2. Guide for new players
  3. How to successfully complete levels?
  4. All about game boosters
  5. Secrets of the home, wardrobe and hairdresser
  6. Story Quest Guide
  7. All game activities and events
  8. Guide to donating in the game
  9. Game Settings
  10. Is it worth playing?

Family Town: Tips and gaming tricks

1. Check assignments regularly. Don’t forget to check the tasks in the game regularly. This is key, as tasks and goals will help you move forward, reach new levels and earn valuable rewards. Keep a close eye on your goals to effectively manage your progress and earn more rewards.

2. Collect bonuses and rewards. In the Family Town game, don’t forget about collecting bonuses and rewards. These valuable features will help speed up your progress and complete levels more efficiently. Bonuses include boosters, coins and other useful items needed to improve the local town and complete various tasks. Don’t miss the chance to collect all the bonuses in the level to increase your chances of successfully completing the task.

3. Use the unique abilities and skills of the characters. Each character in the game has unique abilities and skills that can help you complete the levels easier. For example, some characters are able to destroy large clusters of elements, while others can change the colors of elements to create winning combinations. Use these abilities to your advantage to quickly complete difficult levels and complete tasks successfully.

4. Plan your moves in advance. One of the important aspects of the game is strategic planning of moves. Before you take the next step, think carefully about your actions and try to anticipate which combinations of elements will lead to the best result. Effective planning will help you optimize your moves and achieve your goals faster.

5. Upgrade and improve your homes. In the Family Town game, it is important not only to successfully complete levels, but also to actively invest in the development of houses and buildings in the town. Give your town a unique style, decorate the streets and buildings to attract more residents and make it more attractive. Upgraded dwellings not only enrich the gameplay, but also help you earn more coins and rewards.

6. Save game resources. Remember that effective management of game resources is the key to success in the game. Try to use resources sparingly, think strategically and use them wisely to achieve maximum efficiency and benefit. Plan your actions in advance, make smart decisions and do not waste resources in vain, thus increasing your chances of success in the game.

7. Chat with other players. Don’t forget to communicate with other players - this is a great way to improve your skills and learn new strategies. Exchange tips, share tactics for completing levels, discuss your successes and failures. Perhaps you will find friends and allies with whom it will be easier to overcome difficulties and reach new heights in the game. Find out what other players think, and don’t forget that communication can be the key to success in the exciting world of the game.

8. Find out about new opportunities. Don’t miss out on new features and game updates! Follow the news and updates implemented by the developers. New features can greatly improve your gaming experience, add interesting elements to the game and make the experience even more exciting. Stay up to date with the latest changes so you don’t miss the chance to use new features to your advantage. Play with pleasure and with full dedication!

9. Improve your skills. The more actively you play, the greater your chances of improving your skills. Constantly analyze your mistakes, experiment with different strategies and tactics to effectively complete the levels. With each gaming experience, you will become more skilled and capable of handling any challenge the game throws at you.

10. Enjoy the gameplay. Don’t forget that in addition to strategic planning and improving your skills, the game should be fun for you. Relax and immerse yourself in the exciting gameplay of Family Town, plunge into the exciting virtual world and enjoy every moment of the game. Allow yourself to enjoy the gameplay and relax while enjoying the gaming atmosphere and colorful game details.

Using our recommendations, you can not only quickly master the game, but also achieve significant success towards your gaming goals. We wish you the best of luck in all your gaming adventures!

Family Town: Guide for new players

Game plot. Young and ambitious Chloe dreams of a career in Hollywood and, together with her lover, is ready to go through any obstacles on the way to the heights of stardom. However, their plans change dramatically when Chloe finds out she is pregnant. The news of this event forces the couple to reconsider their life goals and plans for the future.

How will Chloe’s boyfriend react to this unexpected news? Will they be able to combine their career dreams with responsibility for the future of a loved one? Will their relationship be tested in the face of new challenges?

Join Chloe and her lover through this emotional journey, where every decision weighs the balance between career success and motherhood.

Discover how their love changes and strengthens during times of change, and how their relationship blossoms in the face of future happiness and new life. Only together will Chloe and her boyfriend be able to overcome all obstacles and find their place under the shining sun of Hollywood fame.

Game features. Some features of the Family Town game include:

  1. A unique combination of game genres. Family Town combines elements of match-3 puzzle games with house decoration and design options, creating addictive gameplay for a varied gaming experience.
  2. Personalization of characters and houses. Players can make unique home renovations and decorations, as well as choose character styles and hairstyles, allowing them to completely customize the game world.
  3. Creative tasks and challenges. The game features a variety of tasks and challenges related to decoration, design, makeup and fashion, allowing players to develop their skills and creativity.
  4. Development and progress . Players can track their progress in upgrading their homes, developing style and fashion, as well as decorating and creating unique looks for their characters.
  5. Social aspect of the game. Family Town allows you to interact with other players, share your achievements, ideas and creative solutions, which creates an additional social gaming experience.
These features make Family Town an exciting game where players can express their creativity, develop their design and fashion skills, and enjoy fun gameplay.

Features of Match 3 games. Games in the Match 3 category have some typical features:

  1. A combination of fun and puzzles. Match 3 games offer an exciting combination of entertainment and puzzle elements. The game’s ambience and variety of puzzles make it attractive to players of all ages and interests.
  2. Simplicity of gameplay. One of the key features of Match 3 games is the ease of control. This makes the genre accessible to newcomers who can pick up quickly, while still allowing experienced players to enjoy the game’s levels of strategy and difficulty.
  3. Development of logical thinking. Match 3 games require players to think analytically and plan their actions. This promotes the development of logical thinking, decision-making and strategic thinking.
  4. Addictive gameplay. The exciting gameplay of Match 3 games is enhanced by various bonuses, difficulty levels and dynamic game mechanics. This makes the gameplay exciting and exciting, attracting players with its dynamics and variety of possibilities.
Games in the "Match 3" genre successfully combine elements of entertainment and puzzles, ease of control, development of logical thinking and exciting gameplay, making them popular.

What is life? Game lives are one of the key aspects of many games, especially in the Match 3 genres. They are presented as a heart or life icon at the top of the screen or in a special game menu.

These lives represent virtual resources needed to continue progressing through levels. They are mainly used to resume gameplay after failing to complete a level or task.

Let’s go back to the red hearts in the top right corner of the screen. These red hearts are a visual representation of in-game lives. When you successfully complete levels or scenarios in the game, your spent lives are returned. But if you lose or fail, one life will be wasted.

How to restore lives? In the Family Town game, there is a convenient automatic recovery system to restore the player’s lives. Typically, one life in the game is restored every 30 minutes, which allows the player to continue his adventures and not waste time in developing and completing levels.

In addition, the developers took into account the needs of players and introduced the possibility of receiving "Endless Lives" for a certain time. This feature allows the player to enjoy the gameplay more freely, without having to wait for resources to be restored and focus on achieving game goals.

Use the game’s life recovery system wisely to optimize the gaming experience and keep the flow of your character’s development and adventures in the exciting world of Family Town. Manage your resources wisely and enjoy the game to the fullest!

Coins are the main currency. In Family Town, coins are the main currency and play an important role in the gameplay. They are necessary for successfully completing story missions, advancing through the main story and improving the main character, Chloe. Coins are also used to purchase various items, upgrades and various resources in the game.

You can earn coins in the game in various ways: completing tasks, completing levels, participating in events and other activities. Carefully plan your coin spending and accumulation strategy to ensure the successful development and improvement of your game character and the world around you.

Use coins wisely to create cozy homes, improve the appearance of characters, update clothes and accessories, participate in fashion events and make your gaming life even more fun and interesting.

As a result, skillful coin management will help you achieve success in Family Town and turn your city into a real paradise for all its inhabitants!

A special currency is diamonds . In the game, in addition to the main currency in the form of coins, there is a rare and valuable currency - diamonds. These gems are the object of desire for many players and open up additional opportunities in the game world.

Methods for obtaining diamonds. Although diamonds can be found in the game by completing certain tasks or reaching certain levels, they are usually limited in quantity. For those who want to speed up their development or gain a competitive advantage, there is an opportunity to purchase diamonds for real money in a special game store.

The value of diamonds. In the gaming world, diamonds are especially highly valued because of their unique properties and the benefits they bring to players. Thanks to diamonds, players get the opportunity to use additional moves, boosters and special items that help them pass difficult levels, solve problems or overcome obstacles.

The role of diamonds in the game. Owning diamonds not only gives the player a competitive advantage and accelerates their progress in the game, but also allows them to expand the gaming experience, try out new strategies and enjoy gameplay enriched by the additional features that diamonds provide.

Family Town: How to successfully complete levels?

Preparing to pass levels. Before you begin completing the levels, it is important to familiarize yourself with the basic rules of the game and prepare for the challenges that lie ahead. Start your gaming adventure by starting a level to immerse yourself in the exciting world of the game and begin your journey to victory.

Steps to start a level:

  1. Find the "Get Started" icon. Notice the "Start" icon located in the lower right corner of the game’s start screen. Click on the green button to go to level selection and start playing.
  2. Get ready for a challenge. After selecting a level, various tasks, goals and obstacles await you. Use logic, strategy and wits to successfully complete the level and move on to the next stage of your journey.
  3. Start your adventure. Click on the "Start" button and forward to new challenges and victories! A strong start to the level will set you on the path to success and help you enjoy the gameplay to the fullest.
Completing levels is an important part of the game. To progress through the game’s story, you need coins, which can be obtained for successfully completing puzzles.

Variety of level objectives in Match 3 games . Level objectives in Match 3 games play an important role in creating dynamic and exciting gameplay. Each game level presents a unique challenge, offering players a variety of goals and objectives. The variety of goals adds complexity to the puzzle process.

Difficulty of levels. Gradually increasing difficulty levels are one of the characteristics of many games, including puzzles such as combining elements. Initial levels usually serve as an introduction to gameplay, allowing the player to become familiar with the basic rules and mechanics of the game. However, as you progress through the levels, the game dynamics become more complex and varied.

The emergence of new goals, dangers and obstacles adds interest and challenges to the player. This requires the player not only to react quickly, but also to think strategically to successfully complete the levels. The complexity of the levels can increase both as you progress in the game and due to the introduction of new game elements and complicated combinations.

Overcoming the difficulty of levels requires the player to have patience, analytical skills and the ability to make quick decisions. This makes the gameplay fun and interesting as the player is constantly faced with new challenges and problems that must be solved in order to move forward and achieve victory.

What are moves? Moves in a game refer to the number of actions or steps a player can take at a certain level. Game turns are a limited number of moves that the player is given to complete set goals or objectives in a level. This adds complexity and a strategic element to the game, as the player must carefully plan his actions in order to use each move effectively and achieve his goals.

Game moves are displayed in the game interface, showing how many moves the player has left before ending the level. If the player uses up all resources and does not achieve the objectives, then the level will not be completed successfully and the player will have to replay it or use additional options such as purchasing additional moves or boosters.

The ability to effectively use a limited number of moves, plan your actions and think strategically is the key to successfully completing levels in the game.

Examples of level goals:

The variety of level goals makes the gameplay more interesting and varied, encouraging players to develop strategic thinking, dexterity and the ability to make quick decisions.

What is the playing field? The playing field is the cornerstone of each level in the Match 3 gameplay dynamic, representing a vast space that can vary in shape, size and obstacles depending on the specific level. By exploring a variety of playing fields and overcoming unique obstacles, players face a variety of challenges, making the gameplay exciting and dynamic.

Unique shapes and sizes. The playing field can take on a variety of shapes and sizes, from classic squares to more complex geometric contours, giving each level its own character and complexity. This requires players to adapt their strategy and tactics to specific conditions and features of the field.

Difficult obstacles. There are various obstacles placed on the playing fields, such as blocks, chains, blocked areas and other elements that interfere with the easy completion of the level. Solving puzzles and effectively overcoming these obstacles requires players’ ingenuity and the ability to make quick decisions.

Interactive elements. Sometimes the game fields may contain special interactive elements such as bonuses, power-ups or special blocks that can be used to your advantage to achieve higher scores and complete the levels with greater success.

Explore a variety of playing fields, learn their features and come up with unique strategies to overcome obstacles and complete levels with excellent results.

What are elements? Game elements are an integral part of the game, representing a variety of objects, symbols or figures placed on the playing field. They can have different shapes, sizes, colors and functional properties. The player will have to use his skills and logic to correctly combine and interact with these elements in order to achieve goals, complete tasks, or receive lucrative bonuses and enhancements.

Interacting with game elements can require strategic thinking, quick reactions and creativity, making the gameplay fun and exciting for the player.

How to combine elements? To successfully combine game elements, the player must connect at least three identical elements in a row or diagonally. Once a combination is completed, these elements will be removed from the playing field, making room for new elements that can bring additional points or activate bonuses.

This mechanics of updating the field and removing elements after successful combinations contributes to the dynamics of the game and helps the player achieve their goals at the level. Combining elements may also require strategic planning and analysis of the current situation on the playing field to achieve the best result.

Variety of combinations. The game offers many different combinations that provide access to various advantages and bonuses. Variations in element combinations allow players to activate a variety of boosters, each of which contributes to different results.

Combining elements with various bonuses and amplifiers can significantly affect the gameplay and help you complete your tasks at a more efficient level. Players are given the opportunity to experiment with combinations and strategies to achieve the best results in the game.

Combining boosters is a necessity, especially in the later game when the levels become much more difficult.

General recommendations for completing levels for new players. For new players starting their adventure in the game, it is useful to have some basic guidelines for completing levels:

By following these guidelines and making an effort, you will be able to successfully overcome levels in the game and enjoy the gameplay, achieving new achievements and levels of skill.

Receiving a reward for successful completion. Receiving rewards for successfully completing levels is an important point in the gameplay. Coins can be used to complete available tasks and objectives.

Special Event Coupons also play an important role in the game, as they can unlock unique features, limited offers, or special levels that are not available in the regular game mode.

Watching advertisements to increase coins earned is a common practice in many games, allowing players to improve their gaming experience and progress faster. However, it is at your discretion whether to accept this offer or not.

Remember to use your rewards strategically to make the most of the levels and achieve success in the game. Good luck completing the levels and getting rewards!

Family Town: All about game boosters

Level boosters. Boosters are unique items on the playing field that can significantly enhance your abilities and help you overcome difficult levels. They are a reward for successfully combining common elements and can be used strategically to achieve your goal.

Thanks to boosters, you can increase the power of your combinations, clear a larger area of ​​the playing field, make more effective moves, or even gain extra lives or moves. Combining boosters can also create powerful effects that can turn the tide of the game in your favor.

Remember that using boosters correctly requires strategic thinking and an understanding of their functions. Before using a booster, consider what effect it can have and what benefits you can get from using it. Combining boosters is a necessity, especially in the later game when the levels become much more difficult.

Don’t forget to collect and use boosters to improve your chances of successfully completing levels and reaching new heights in the game.

Why is it important to combine boosters? When it becomes more difficult for players to complete levels in a game, combining different boosters becomes a prerequisite for successful completion. Effective use of boosters and the ability to combine them with the main game elements allows you to cope with more complex tasks and overcome difficulties in the later levels of the game.

With each new level, the gameplay becomes more intense and requires the player to think strategically and be able to anticipate possible moves. Combining boosters opens up new possibilities for solving difficult puzzles and winning the game.

Remember that game boosters can only be obtained while completing the current level. In other levels you need to create new ones.

Pre-game boosters. Pre-game boosters are unique boosters that help players successfully complete levels by providing them with additional options or assistance in difficult situations. These boosters can include different abilities.

It is important to remember that the number of pre-game boosters may be limited, so they should be used wisely and strategically decide when is the best time to use them to achieve maximum effect.

To purchase pre-game boosters, you may need to use in-game diamonds, which you can earn in-game or purchase with real money. It is also possible to receive boosters for participating in various events, competitions or promotions held by the game developers.

Additional bombs. These are valuable boosters that provide the player with additional opportunities and advantages when completing a level. When using this booster, the player receives additional bombs at the beginning of the level, which can be used to destroy obstacles or collect certain elements.

Using additional bombs allows the player to start a level with already collected resources, which gives him a significant advantage and increases the chances of successfully completing a difficult level. This booster can greatly facilitate the gameplay and help you quickly complete levels that require strategic thinking and precision actions.

Use extra bombs wisely and tactfully to maximize their benefits and win the game. This booster can become a reliable ally in your quest for success and reaching new heights in the gaming world.

Additional bees. Extra Bees are useful boosters that provide the player with additional bee helpers. Bees can be used to collect valuable resources, destroy obstacles, or achieve certain goals in a level. When using this booster, the player will receive additional bees at the beginning of the level, which will help him complete tasks more efficiently.

Using additional bees can greatly speed up the process of collecting items and completing level objectives. Bees can be useful allies and assistants in the game, providing the player with additional options and improving the outcome of the gameplay.

Additional rocket pack. The Missiles Extra Pack is a powerful game booster that provides the player with the most powerful tool to eliminate elements in a level. By receiving this booster at the beginning of a level, the player has the ability to use it to eliminate a large number of elements in one turn. However, it is recommended to use it wisely and strategically, keeping it at the level until the best moment.

The ability to remove a significant number of elements in a single turn makes the extra rocket pack a very valuable and effective booster. It can be a key tool for successfully completing difficult levels and achieving your goals in the game.

Keep in mind that saving this booster until later can help you solve difficult situations or complete a level more efficiently. Plan your actions to maximize the potential of the additional rocket pack and achieve success in the game.

Booster Bee. The "Bee" booster is a unique game element, which is a assembled structure of four elements in the shape of a square. When activated, "Bee" has the ability to destroy level targets. However, do not forget that this booster also affects surrounding cells, destroying them in the shape of a cross.

This simple but effective booster can be a powerful tool in your arsenal of strategies for completing the game’s levels. Using "Bee" wisely and at the right moment, you can quickly overcome difficulties and achieve your goals.

Bee + Bee. By combining two Bees you increase their overall strength and effectiveness. Moreover, when this combination is activated, the number of bees that appear doubles. This means you’ll get twice as many Bees, greatly increasing your chance of spotting multiple targets.

Bee + Bomb. The Bee + Bomb combination is a powerful and effective tool in the game that combines the unique properties of both boosters. When using this combination, the bee will fly to the target and damage it, and then the bomb will explode, hitting all objects around the target. This strike is capable of causing significant damage to targets and surrounding objects, making this combination one of the most effective in the game.

Bee + Rocket. The Bee + Rocket combo is a powerful booster combination that allows you to effectively take out targets while clearing elemental lines on the field. Using this combination, you can direct a missile directly to a target using a bee, allowing you to not only destroy the target, but also all the elements along its path.

Bee + Set of rockets. Using this combination, you can create entire armies of bees, direct them to targets and launch missiles to massively destroy targets in the level. This not only greatly increases your strength and efficiency in the game, but also ensures that you can complete levels quickly and efficiently.

Booster Rocket. The Rocket booster is a powerful weapon in your arsenal! To create a rocket you need to combine four identical elements along one line. Once activated, it allows you to destroy all elements in your path horizontally or vertically, making your move as effective and destructive as possible.

Rocket + Rocket. The combination of two missiles is a powerful move that allows you to destroy a large number of elements on the playing field at the same time in two directions, both horizontally and vertically. By combining two missiles, you create the ultimate weapon, capable of clearing a larger area at once and allowing you to progress further through levels faster and more efficiently.

Rocket + Bomb. The combination of a rocket and a bomb is a powerful combination that leads to explosive results on the playing field. When this combination is activated, a powerful explosion occurs in the center of the playing field, which destroys elements in the shape of a cross, covering both horizontal and vertical lines.

Rocket + Pack of rockets. The combination of rocket and rocket pack is an absolute triumph in the game! When these two elements are combined, a real miracle occurs - the number of missiles multiplies, which leads to the appearance of an entire army of missiles on the playing field. This allows you to set off a spectacular chain reaction of destruction of huge amounts of elements and make a breakthrough at a level that may seem insurmountable.

This combination is not only the most powerful for a rocket, but also the key to achieving exciting results in the game. Use it strategically to destroy the most difficult levels, complete tasks with a perfect score and feel the incredible satisfaction of having such a powerful combination.

Booster Bomb. The Bomb booster is a powerful tool in the game. It can be created by combining elements in a T or G shape. When this booster is activated, a huge explosion occurs that destroys the elements around the activation point.

Thanks to this, you can effectively clear the playing field of obstacles and create powerful chain reactions of destruction. This booster will become an indispensable assistant in passing difficult levels and achieving high results.

Bomb + Bomb. The Bomb + Bomb booster combination can be very powerful in the game. When activated, a double explosion occurs from each bomb, which allows you to destroy a large number of elements on the playing field. This combination can effectively clear the field of obstacles and create a favorable field for further moves.

Launching a double explosion also helps activate other boosters and chain reactions, which makes it possible to quickly advance through the level and achieve high results.

Bomb + Pack of missiles. The Bomb + Missile Pack combo can actually be very powerful in the game. When activated, a package of rockets will multiply bombs throughout the field, which will lead to a massive explosion and the destruction of almost all elements on the playing field. This will quickly clear the field of obstacles and create a favorable field for subsequent moves.

Booster Pack of rockets. The Rocket Pack booster is one of the most powerful and effective boosters in the game. The ability to destroy all elements of the same type on the field and multiply other boosters makes it a very valuable tool when passing levels.

Using the Rocket Pack booster, the player can quickly and effectively clear the field of a certain type of element, create chain reactions and increase his score. This booster really helps in improving your game scores and overcoming difficult levels.

Remember that to create a booster you need to collect five elements on the same line, so strategic planning and the ability to predict moves will be key to achieving success with it.

Pack of rockets + Pack of rockets. The combination of two Rocket Pack boosters is one of the most powerful in the game. The combined use of the two allows you to destroy all elements on the playing field in one move, providing maximum efficiency and excellent results.

By using this combination, the player can quickly clear the field of all elements, creating ideal conditions for new combinations and chain reactions. This allows you not only to quickly complete a level, but also often get a high score, opening up new opportunities and bonuses in the game.

However, to assemble such a combination, you will need to have two "Missile Packs", which may require additional effort and the ability to strategically use available resources.

Additional level items. Additional level items are an important element of gameplay that give players additional options to solve levels. By purchasing and using these items with coins, players can interact with elements on the board without using moves, which can be the deciding factor in solving difficult problems.

By using additional level items wisely, players can make things much easier for themselves and progress through levels faster. However, it is also important to be able to spend coins sparingly on purchasing items so that you can use them at key moments.

Hammer and its features. The hammer is one of the main items in the game, which provides the player with the ability to destroy one specific element on the playing field. Generally, the hammer can be used to remove blocking elements, create combos, or perform other strategic actions that do not require a series of moves or combinations.

Hammer and its features. Using a hammer to destroy an entire line of elements on the playing field is a powerful and useful tool in games. Instead of removing individual elements one by one, the hammer allows you to quickly and efficiently clear an entire line and create space for new elements.

The glove and its features. In games, a glove is a unique item that gives the player the ability to swap elements on the playing field. This is a powerful tool that can help you create new combinations of elements, improve the game situation and help you pass difficult levels.

All available items can be very useful during difficult levels. Therefore, do not forget about their existence.

Family Town: Secrets of the home, wardrobe and hairdresser

Section "Home". The Home mode of the game is an immersive space where players can complete a variety of tasks to improve and renovate the main character’s main house. Here players will have the opportunity to show their creativity and design taste, transforming the interior and exterior of the house according to their preferences.

Here you can also change furniture, refresh the decor, select new wallpaper, decorative elements and much more to make your home cozy and unique. This section of the game will allow players to not only create beautiful and functional interiors, but also experience the joy of creativity and self-expression.

In addition, completing tasks in the "Home" mode can bring players additional bonuses and rewards, as well as open up new opportunities for the development of the game character and story. Maintaining and improving the main house of the main character will be an important element of the gameplay, adding new goals and challenges for players.

Thus, the "Home" section not only allows players to express themselves creatively and change the appearance of the main character’s home, but also contributes to the development and revelation of the game’s story, making the game world more alive and interesting for players.

Section "Wardrobe". The Wardrobe section of the game is a fun space where players can customize the appearance of both the main character and other characters in the game. This section features various categories that allow players to customize the style and appearance of the characters to their liking.

There are five subsections available in the Wardrobe, each of which offers unique options for modifying the appearance of characters:

You can get new items of clothing by participating in game events. You can also purchase sets for real money, which include unique images.

Appearance section. The Appearance section of the game is an interactive space where players can creatively change the appearance of the main character and other characters. This section features various categories that allow players to customize their characters’ hairstyles, makeup, and decorations based on their preferences.

Here players can show their individuality and style by creating unique looks for their characters:

You can also get new appearance options by participating in events. Or purchase them separately for real money.

Family Town: Story Quest Guide

Game tasks. Game missions are an important element of gameplay that help players immerse themselves in the story and develop characters. In your case, when information about the main character is revealed as you complete tasks, it adds intrigue and forces players to delve deeper into the game’s plot.

Different types of tasks, such as repairs, visiting certain places, using the wardrobe and hair salon, enrich the gaming experience and create a variety of tasks to complete.

Here are some examples of tasks that may appear in the game:

Need for coins. The game’s need for coins as a resource needed to complete quests can add an extra layer of difficulty and intrigue for players. Completing puzzle levels to earn coins can encourage players to develop their skills and think strategically.

The number of coins required to complete various tasks may vary depending on their difficulty, importance to the plot, or other gameplay parameters. For example, more complex and plot-important tasks may require more coins to complete.

Players will have to actively participate in completing puzzle levels in order to earn the required number of coins to complete the tasks.

Chapters. Sub-chapters, containing a certain number of actions, provide the player with clear steps to develop the plot and progress in the game. When all actions in a sub-chapter are completed, the chapter ends and the player can move on to the next part of the game.

This sub-chapter and main chapter system also opens up opportunities for variety within the gameplay. For example, each sub-chapter can present its own unique challenges, tasks and game mechanics, which makes the gameplay more interesting and varied.

You can get some coins for watching a commercial in the quest menu. This can be used an unlimited number of times.

Rewards for completing. Rewards for completing a chapter can be both material (for example, coins, diamonds, boosters) and story-related (for example, new information, access to new locations or characters). This can motivate the player to continue playing and achieve new results.

Player choice options. Adding player choice during missions can greatly improve the gameplay experience and allow each player to personalize their experience. Providing choices regarding items, hairstyles, furniture and other elements allows you to independently shape your game story and character style.

They can also influence the course of the story, as well as relationships with other characters in the game, which will create additional layers of interaction and variation. For example, choosing a certain item or hairstyle can affect how other characters treat the player or even open up new options for completing quests.

Additional items for advertising. Adding additional items for watching ads is a great way to provide players with the opportunity to earn exclusive items or rewards that can greatly enrich their gaming experience.

Watching commercials can be an additional source for you to gain access to unique and limited items that you can use to customize your character, decorate your gaming space, or enhance your gaming experience.

Some items are only available to players who have a certain subscription. It is purchased separately for real money and unlocks a lot of additional content.

Family Town: All game activities and events

Game events. Game events add variety and interest to the gameplay. They provide players with the opportunity to test their skills and earn valuable rewards that can help them develop and overcome game challenges. Participation in game events becomes an important element for players who strive for success and progress in the game.

A variety of in-game events, ranging from weekly events to seasonal festivals and special competitions, enrich the game world and offer players unique opportunities for development. Participating in such events may require players to have different skills and strategies, making the gameplay more exciting and unpredictable.

Game events not only enrich the gaming experience of players, but also contribute to the creation of an exciting and dynamic gaming environment where everyone can find something interesting and useful for themselves.

History puzzles. Story Puzzles are a fun and exciting gaming event that adds an element of mystery and intrigue to the gaming world. This type of event offers players a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in an exciting story and uncover the secrets of the history of the game world by collecting various puzzles and riddles.

Each time the story puzzles are updated, players are presented with new puzzles and tasks that they need to complete within a given time limit.

Participating in story puzzles not only allows players to develop their skills and abilities, but also offers the opportunity to uncover new aspects of the game’s plot and receive valuable rewards that will help them further in the game. In addition, successfully completing story puzzles can lead to the discovery of new locations, characters or opportunities, expanding the game world and making it more interesting and varied.

Stages of assembling puzzles. To receive a reward, in some cases you will need to collect several stages at once, each containing four puzzles. To successfully find puzzles, you must complete the puzzles.

Useful rewards. The stages of assembling puzzles in the game event "Puzzles of History" are a fascinating process. To earn rewards, players often have to complete multiple stages, each containing four puzzles.

Successfully completing the puzzle stages is key to getting the desired rewards and progressing in the game. Each stage presents a new puzzle or task that the player must complete to gain access to the next stage and eventually complete all the puzzles.

Passing each stage and finding puzzles requires the player to solve puzzles. Therefore, participation in the event occurs automatically as you complete levels.

Album. The "Album" function in the game is a convenient means for storing and viewing all the completed puzzles and the player’s achievements. Here the player can review and remember plot points from the life of the main character in which he participated in the process of assembling puzzles.

Thanks to the album, players can once again plunge into the atmosphere of the game, remember interesting plot twists, and also evaluate their progress and achievements in assembling puzzles. In addition, the album can be a great source of inspiration and motivation for players, as it allows them to see their success and progress in the game.

Time-limited events. The game regularly hosts time-limited events, during which players can receive unique furnishings, clothing and other valuables. These events often offer a variety of challenges and puzzle levels that, upon successful completion, earn players special rewards.

Time-limited events add extra interest to the game, as they provide the opportunity to obtain unique items that are not available during normal times. Players are given a limited amount of time to complete tasks and earn enough points to receive the desired prize.

Events of the month. The game’s Monthly Events feature exciting and varied events that last throughout the month. During these events, players are encouraged to collect certain items to fill a special leveled bar and receive valuable rewards.

Players can earn various rewards such as infinite lives, diamonds, unique clothing items and more by completing tasks and collecting required items. The main feature of monthly events is that the set of rewards is updated and updated every month, which makes them unique and attractive to players.

It’s important to pay attention to the top event rewards of the month, as they are often unique and rare, providing players with the opportunity to earn special prizes and improve their gaming experience. Participating in the month’s events will help players have an exciting time in the game and receive valuable rewards for their efforts.

Several such events can take place in one month. And you can receive special items for two activities.

Events for receiving boosters. The game’s booster events provide a unique opportunity for players to earn a variety of booster packs by successfully completing back-to-back puzzles. The main feature of such events is their constant availability, which allows players to participate in them at any time.

It is important to remember that reward progress in booster events will decrease after each unsuccessful completion of a level. Therefore, to achieve the best prizes, players are advised not to skimp on using boosters and try to successfully complete each puzzle.

Event "Mystical Box". The Mystic Box event in the game sounds like an exciting and slightly risky adventure for players. Choosing between four boxes with rewards and one with progress reset adds an element of excitement and luck to the gameplay.

With the possibility of receiving up to 25,000 diamonds, players should evaluate their chances and decide whether it’s worth the risk. It is important to remember that the main goal is to avoid the box that resets progress up to level 30.

The ability to avoid losing once per coin adds interest and a strategic element to the event. Players should carefully weigh their decisions and be prepared for possible risks.

Participating in the Mystic Box event provides players with a unique opportunity to test their luck and decision-making skills in a gaming environment. Be careful and good luck finding valuable rewards!

Levels for receiving coins. Coin levels sound like a great opportunity for players. The gameplay, based on the runner genre, where the player must skillfully control the character, avoid obstacles and collect coins, promises to be interesting and dynamic.

Additional coin levels can be a great way for players to improve their skills and earn additional resources in the game. Coins can be used to purchase various upgrades, items, or unlock new features in the game.

Despite the fact that these levels do not appear often, completing them can be a pleasant change in the gameplay. The recommendation not to skip these levels is quite logical, given their potential benefit in the form of additional coins.

Your skill and luck will help you successfully complete these levels and increase your game balance. Have fun collecting extra coins!

Why is it important to participate in the events of the game? Participation in game events provides players with valuable bonuses that can help them overcome difficulties on the way to successfully completing levels. Therefore, it is important not to miss the opportunity to participate in these events, but, on the contrary, strive not to miss them in order to achieve maximum results.

Family Town: Guide to donating in the game

In-game store. In the "Family Town" game store, the developers offer players a wide range of different boosters, sets, diamonds and other items that can be purchased for real money. The store offers unique items for the home, fashion clothing and accessories, and hair salon items.

The game is completely free, so there is no need to deposit real money. But you can get a more comfortable game if you purchase additional boosters.

Unique sets. Unique packs in the game are special kits that include several items such as boosters, infinite life and other in-game features. These bundles offer players a value proposition as they are usually priced significantly lower than if players purchased all items individually or purchased diamonds to enhance the gaming experience.

Thanks to packs, players can quickly get the resources and upgrades they need without spending a lot of time mining them in the game.

Limited sets. Limited sets in the game are special sets containing truly rare and unique items or resources that cannot be obtained through normal gameplay. Most often, such sets have special discounts or promotions that make them more accessible to players.

Limited packs are usually offered to players as limited-time offers that are only available for a specific period of time. Players may purchase these packs during the promotion, and after the promotion ends, these items may become unavailable or significantly more expensive to purchase separately.

Various event subscriptions. The game has the ability to subscribe to various events, which allow players to receive valuable rewards for development and participation in special events. Event subscriptions provide players with access to exclusive features and prizes that are not available to regular players.

One of the advantages of such a subscription is the opportunity to receive more valuable prizes and rewards for participating in gaming events. It can provide access to special bonuses, unique items or resources that will help players develop faster and achieve new goals in the game.

Family Town Event Subscription is a great opportunity for players to increase their chances of winning valuable rewards, participate in unique events, and improve their overall gaming experience.

Family Town: Game Settings

Game settings. Family Town features in-game settings that allow players to customize various aspects of the gameplay experience to suit their preferences. In the settings menu, the player can customize sound effects and music by adjusting the volume and choosing what to play during the game - this gives players the opportunity to create a comfortable gaming atmosphere.

Also in the game settings, the player can find a help section, where information about the rules of the game, basic mechanics and tips for passing is available. This allows players to quickly understand the gameplay and get answers to questions that arise. Additionally, game settings may include the ability to change the language of the game interface, which is especially convenient for players from different countries or those who want to learn a new language.

The game settings of the Family Town game are designed to provide a comfortable and convenient gaming environment for all players, taking into account their individual preferences and needs.

Saving progress in the game. Saving progress in the Family Town game is very important for players to not lose their achievements and continue the game from where they left off. One way to save progress is to link your in-game account to your social network account.

This allows players to save their game progress and achievements on the server, allowing for data recovery even if the game is deleted and then reinstalled.

When installing the game on a new device or after reinstalling the game on the current device, the player will be prompted to log into their account through a social network, and after this, game progress will be restored to the last saved moment. Thus, the player will not lose his achievements, level and gaming experience.

Family Town: Is it worth playing?

Family Town is an exciting game that combines several genres, such as puzzles and character life simulator. Players are given the opportunity to follow the development of many characters, carefully study their life history and influence the turns of events in the game world.

Here are the advantages of the game:

Here are the disadvantages of the game:

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