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Familyscapes WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

Familyscapes is an exciting puzzle game developed for mobile devices on the Android and iOS platforms by Playrix. The game’s plot follows characters named Emma and Timothy, who have just become closer in marriage and moved into a new apartment, unaware that Emma’s parents have become their neighbors. In the game you will find exciting adventures, funny situations and interesting tasks that will help maintain your interest from the very beginning until the very end of the game.


  1. Guide for New Players
  2. Secrets to creating a cozy home
  3. Everything you need to know about Match 3 elements
  4. Guide to boosters and bonuses
  5. In-Game Events
  6. Questions from players
  7. Is it worth playing?

Familyscapes: Guide for New Players

Game features. Players are given a wide selection of tasks and missions that help them advance in the game and earn resources. The game also has social elements that allow you to communicate and collaborate with other players. One of the advantages of Familyscapes is its colorful graphics and addictive gameplay, which is suitable for both adults and children.

Features of "Match 3". The Match 3 game is a fun logic puzzle game in which the player has to carefully place three or more identical elements so that they form chains and disappear from the playing field. Such actions allow you to score points and move forward, overcoming difficulty levels.

The focus of the game is the desire to constantly improve results, achieve new records and develop logical thinking. With a variety of combination options and the ability to use tactical techniques, Match 3 gives players room for creativity and strategic thinking.

In addition to providing an intellectual challenge, the game also helps develop attention, reaction speed and concentration. Bright and attractive graphics create a pleasant visual impression and make the gameplay even more attractive.

One of the main attractions of the game is its versatility: it is suitable for different ages of players, and can also be used as a way of entertainment, relaxation and brain training anytime, anywhere.

Main features:

What are stars? Make your way to success in the exciting Match 3 game and earn special resources - stars! Each completed level earns you one star, which can be used to improve your apartment or complete various tasks and actions.

Don’t forget, stars can sometimes be earned through in-game events, adding extra excitement and rewards!

Stars are actions in the game. Stars play an important role in completing levels and completing various tasks - install a new sofa, cook delicious pizza or organize a party in honor of the opening of a renovated apartment! Each task not only brings you closer to completing the repair, but also affects the development of the storyline, making the game unique and exciting.

Move through the levels, earn valuable stars and turn your apartment into a real home together with the game’s heroes - Tim and Emma! Open all the rooms, unleash the potential of the apartment and enjoy the process of creativity and improvement of your home!

Why do quests require so many stars? Each task in the game is rated with a different number of stars depending on its importance and the complexity of changes to the interior. Some tasks may require more stars than others to be completed.

If you think you’ve already completed a task, you’ll need to check the game’s script as you may find yourself working on an expensive task and your stars may disappear faster than you expect!

What rewards can you get in the game? Every day in the game you have a chance to win valuable prizes that will help you complete levels and improve your gaming experience! Rewards can be varied: coins to purchase additional features, boosters to speed up the process, as well as additional and even unlimited lives to continue the game without interruptions.

What specific actions can you get prizes for:

Don’t miss your chance to win valuable prizes! Play actively, help others and take part in all the interesting events to get even more joy from the gameplay.

Familyscapes: Secrets to creating a cozy home

How to open new rooms in the house? Unlock the rooms of Tim and Emma’s apartment one by one, each of which is a unique space for creativity and comfort. To complete all the tasks in one room and achieve the perfect result in the renovation, you will need about 2-3 game episodes, where exciting challenges and interesting tasks await you!

Complete levels and earn stars for completing various tasks that will require your attention and creativity. For each task you can require up to 6 stars, which makes the process of collecting resources even more fun and challenging!

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the task progress bar at the top of the screen, as well as stay up to date with your current goals and objectives in the bottom left corner of the screen. This is the only way you can successfully meet the challenges and transform every room in your new home into a wonderful place to live. Good luck in renovating and creating comfort in your apartment!

What is an external location and how to get there? The external location in the game represents unique places outside of a cozy apartment, where your heroes go, experiencing new adventures and solving difficult tasks. By following a special map, they can get to different locations, such as a cafe, bar, police station, electronics store or corner supermarket, where exciting tasks and interesting encounters await them.

Your in-game missions can take your characters to a wide variety of locations, adding variety and dynamism to the gameplay. However, the main setting remains the apartment, where the heroes feel at home and spend most of their time solving puzzles and mysteries.

Characters go to other locations only when necessary, for example, to get medicine at a pharmacy, go to the post office for a long-awaited package, or simply spend time with friends in a cafe.

Each location in the game adds new opportunities and challenges, immersing players in an exciting world of characters’ stories. Get ready for exciting adventures and exciting discoveries in each new location!

How to renovate an apartment to your liking? Changing objects in the apartment is possible thanks to the unique "Design" mode, which allows you to creatively transform your home! Immerse yourself in the world of design by activating Design mode by simply pressing and holding on the item you want to change, be it a sofa, table or anything else, and choose from the variety of design options available.

Events. Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in exciting events where you can prove your taste in design and earn incredible items for your apartment renovation. Give your space a new look and decorate it with beautiful details that you can get by playing and winning.

Movement restrictions. Remember that there are some objects that cannot be moved, and some of them only have one design option available. However, even in these cases, you have the opportunity to give your interior a unique style and create a cozy space with different interiors and decor that reflect your personality.

Familyscapes: Everything you need to know about Match 3 elements

Hanger 3x3. Let’s help Emma choose an outfit! To free up space on your rack, you can create matches next to Emma or use special boosters. Don’t forget that the last item on the hanger is the level goal that you need to achieve to complete the task and get your reward. Help Emma create a stylish look and conquer the fashion world.

Hanger 3x2. Skirt or pants? To help Emma make a decision, you can make combinations next to the hanger or use power-ups. When the last item is removed from the hanger, the level will end and you can enjoy Emma’s new outfit!

Element Bag. At some levels of the game there are not only packages, but also other elements, such as bags. To move forward and make room for new items, it is important to connect matches or activate bonuses next to bags. Your skills and strategy will determine how successfully you complete these levels and help Emma on her adventures in style!

Box element. At some levels of the game, not only bags, but also boxes appear, which can become an obstacle to success. To remove these boxes and make room for new items, simply create matches or use boosters next to them. However, please note that some boxes may be covered with adhesive tape, which requires additional effort to remove.

Element Carpet. Place the perfect rug for a cozy home. To begin, you will need to match up the piece that covers the carpet tiles. This step will help you spread the rug over the entire available area. After this, it will be beautifully and neatly laid out.

Don’t forget to use bonuses that can help you spread the carpet better and complete the task. However, remember that a hammer is not intended for straightening carpet, so use it wisely!

Locker. In the game you have to help the heroes collect all the necessary socks. They are stored in the chest of drawers. Unfortunately, it cannot be destroyed or rearranged. However, with the help of combinations or bonuses that you create next to the dresser, you will be able to open it and start collecting socks.

Pay attention to every step and don’t forget to use every opportunity to open the chest of drawers and reach the next level.

Pizza element. Nice atmosphere and hot pizza - the best combination! Let’s cut this delicious pizza while it’s still hot so everyone can enjoy the taste. Create combinations and use bonuses next to the box to quickly open it and get the pizza.

Cup. This sounds very refreshing! Enjoy every sip of iced coffee in hot weather. To continue playing the level with the glass, you must empty it before removing it from the field. Collect the right combinations of elements or use bonuses to free the glass and continue your adventure.

Cookie. Sounds like a fun cookie game! Time to enjoy a sweet snack. Break the cookie into two halves by making combinations of elements or using bonuses next to it. After the cookies scatter across the field, collect both halves, putting them back together.

Scarf. Wrapping yourself in a soft and cozy scarf can be such a nice experience! Use your element collecting skills and ability to apply bonuses to wrap the scarf as quickly as possible. Enjoy this peaceful moment and watch your scarf become more cozy and beautiful with each turn.

Wardrobe with shirts. We open the closet and look into its depths to find exactly the T-shirts that will please your liking. Collect pieces of fabric of the desired color by making combinations or using bonuses and get the opportunity to remove the desired T-shirt from the closet.

Each t-shirt has its own unique design and style, so the choice is yours. Experiment with combinations and enjoy the gaming moment while revealing the wardrobe secrets of the closet.

Flower pot. Flower pots and growing flowers add interest and beauty to the gameplay. By making combos and using boosters near flower pots, players can reward themselves with instant gratification and the opportunity to grow beautiful flowers in pots.

They will not only decorate the playing field, but will also become a source of new elements of the same color, which will help players in their strategy for completing the level.

Fridge. To get ice cream, you need to connect elements of the desired colors next to the refrigerator, allowing you to open its door. Once the refrigerator is opened, players will be able to collect colorful ice creams that arrive on the playing field.

This creates an additional element of interactivity and fun, allowing players to enjoy the process of collecting ice cream after freeing it from the refrigerator. In addition, ice cream can serve as additional elements to create combinations and complete goals in the level.

Vacuum cleaner. During cleaning, you not only need to activate boosters and create combinations next to the vacuum cleaner so that it travels across the entire field straight to the station, but also strategically plan your moves. You can make movements from either side of the vacuum cleaner, but it is important that these movements affect it so that it continues to move towards its target.

The vacuum cleaner plays a key role in the cleaning process, and using boosters and creating combinations affects how quickly and efficiently it can travel through the field to the station. The faster you can complete a level, the more bonuses and rewards you can get!

Carpet generator. Imagine that there is a roll of carpet in front of you that prevents you from moving forward. But don’t despair! After all, you can easily expand it by creating matches next to the rolls.

In order to successfully roll out a roll of carpet, you need to strategically place elements to create matches that will activate the rollups and allow the carpet to unroll. However, be careful! If there is any obstacle in the way of unfolding the carpet, the carpet will stop and will not be able to unfold further, which may complicate your passage of the level.

Think ahead about your move, focus on making the right matches and use logic to successfully unroll the carpet and continue on your way.

Artifact generator (Cake). Sweet surprises such as cake may appear in some levels of your game. To enjoy this delicious dessert, you need to activate boosters and make matches next to the cake to cut it into delicious pieces.

You need to be careful as each cake piece appears in a random place on the board and you will have to use strategy to correctly cut and collect all the pieces at the bottom of the board.

Screen element. The mysterious screen hides secrets and surprises behind it! Yes, behind the screen there really are pieces and boosters that can add a little flavor to your game. To unlock the secrets of the screen, you will need to make matches with pieces of the same color as on the screen door.

Gradually collect all the necessary pieces, and when there is enough of them, the screen will open, revealing a new level or new opportunities for you.

Burger. Mouthwatering burgers will make your delicious desires come true! But to get to them, you have to pass a little logic test. Make matches and don’t forget to use the bonuses located next to the bags. When you successfully collect the required number of matches, the bags will turn into hamburger bags, which will become your goal in the level.

Popcorn element. Exploding popcorns add fun to the game! Make matches with boosters and elements to explode popcorn bags and reach the level goal. When it explodes, it destroys several nearby pieces, helping you clear the path to victory.

Styrofoam. Foam is a very convenient material for covering and protecting parts and amplifiers in the game. It is a white material that can be seen on some levels. To remove the foam and gain access to hidden parts or devices, players need to make combinations near the foam. Once they are activated, the foam disappears, revealing the path to whatever is underneath.

Washing machine. It’s time to clean up! Use special reinforcements near the washing machine to start the washing process, and then your goal will be to find and grab a towel. Remember that only amplifiers are required to operate the washing machine, but to find a towel, you need to use combinations of the appropriate color.

Mysterious portal. A mysterious portal gives you the ability to move pieces around the playing field. As soon as pieces or other objects enter the portal, they are instantly moved to another part of the field.

Don’t forget to remove any obstacles in front of the portal so that objects can move freely.

Magic hats. Bring a little magic into your everyday life with magic hats. When destroyed, hats cause damage to all objects on the playing field. To activate the hat, you need to collect tiles of the same color as the chip inside the hat. Next to the hat there is a plate with the required number of elements.

Please note that magic hats cannot be removed using boosters.

Pajamas. It’s time to go to bed and put your pajamas back. To complete the level, collect the pajamas scattered across the field. The pajamas are made up of several layers and will only disappear once you place pieces of the same color as the pajamas next to them. Don’t forget to keep track of the level goals and act in such a way as to put all your pajamas on time.

Strange cases. It looks like the ring has disappeared! Don’t worry, you will definitely find it. Explore boxes by opening them and matching combinations to reveal their contents. Use available boosters, including nearby ones, to help you find the ring - the goal of the level.

Remember that not all boxes contain a ring, so you will need to carefully examine each one. Good luck finding the ring!

Ribbon with bows. What a magical way to untie a ribbon! Let’s start solving the puzzles and remove all the bows from the ribbon so that the field can freely sparkle with new possibilities. When you make matches or use boosters next to the bows, they will untie and the ribbon will disappear, clearing the way for new challenges.

Stone figure. What a miracle - beautiful statues are born from stone! Plan your moves by using the boosters next to the stone to gradually build up a beautiful figurine. With each use of the booster, the figure will transform like a blooming flower, and finally disappear from the field, leaving you delighted with its beauty.

Cake. How delicious the task sounds - to bring a piece of cake to the bottom of the field! Make matches to activate bonuses and boosters, helping the cake move down the field. Remember to plan your moves to ensure the safe descent of the cake and deliver it to the target.

Familyscapes: Guide to boosters and bonuses

Bomb and its features. In the game, bombs are powerful weapons that are activated by double tapping and are capable of destroying a significant number of units on the field. To get bombs, you need to match five shapes in the shape of the letter L or T. When activated, consider their powerful impact and use them strategically to clear the field or achieve the level’s objectives.

Spinner. The spinners in the game really play an important role in helping you remove one random piece from the field. They are especially useful for unblocking difficult areas or leveling up targets. When activated, spinners also affect adjacent parts, making them even more effective.

To get spinners, you need to match four figures of the same type in a square. Use this powerful tool strategically in the game to achieve new records and succeed in completing tasks.

Secrets of the rocket. The game’s rockets are a powerful tool for clearing all the tiles in a specific row or column, depending on the direction the rockets are aimed in. This effective bonus removes many obstacles in its path. To get rockets you need to match four pieces in a line.

Use missiles strategically to maximize their effect and advance further in the game. Defeat your rivals and reach new heights with your rockets!

Lightning and its features. Lightning is a bonus that completely removes all figures of one specific type from the field. To get the lightning bolt, you must make a five-piece combination or make a seven-piece T-combination. This bonus is ideal for clearing the playing field of certain pieces and creating new opportunities for further combinations.

Familyscapes: In-Game Events

Cascade events. Cascade Events provide an exciting adventure, limited in time and divided into individual stages. Take advantage of this chance to win amazing rewards by completing tasks in each stage, such as collecting parts or using power-ups.

Once you successfully complete one task, move on to the next, moving towards your goal. As you progress, the tasks become more difficult, but the rewards for completing them only become greater. The more tasks you complete, the more prizes you will earn and the closer you will be to the main prize - a large sum of money or another coveted reward.

Don’t miss the chance to compete for the main prize and experience the excitement and exciting moments of cascading events! Look forward to new challenges, develop yourself and show your skills in completing tasks - you deserve victory and rewards!

Pay attention. Cascade Events provide an exciting challenge available to experienced players over level 25. They don’t have special levels, so you start your participation and progress through the stages according to your current level in the game.

The main prize, which so attracts you, will be yours only if you successfully complete all the previous stages. You will undoubtedly feel satisfaction as you master each subsequent stage and move closer to your cherished goal.

Progress bar. To make it easier to monitor your progress and see the goals you have already achieved, as well as understand what milestones and rewards are still ahead, pay attention to the event progress indicator. This tool will help you better navigate and plan your next steps within cascading events.

Have fun with the game, enjoy the challenges and don’t forget to strive for victory!

Event "Family Picnic". Once it’s time for a picnic, the exciting adventure begins! Complete the levels boldly and collect juicy apples to unlock valuable rewards. This is a unique time-limited event divided into 3 exciting stages. To achieve each stage you need to fill your baskets with tasty apples.

The number of apples collected depends on the level you successfully complete:

Don’t forget to keep track of the number of apples you need to reach your goal using the event progress bar. Successfully complete levels, collect apples and get well-deserved rewards!

Important note. To participate in this exciting event, you must be above level 31. Also, make sure that you have a stable internet connection to enjoy the gameplay without interruptions. Enjoy your picnic and good luck with your apple picking!

Water slide competition. Family vacations start with fun on the water slides. Join an exciting race where you need to overcome all obstacles faster than other participants in the event in order to take pride of place among the top three players and earn coveted rewards. In this case, the level from which you started the race does not matter - just enjoy the game.

After completing one race, you can immediately start the next one to continue the fun. Don’t forget that the time for the competition is limited, and when the timer runs out, the holidays are over.

To track your progress and see how much time is left until the event ends, simply tap the vacation icon in the top right corner of the screen. There you will find information about your participation.

Important note. Participation in the event is open to players who have reached level 23 or older. You should also check your internet connection before starting to ensure that the roller coaster fun is as smooth and exciting as possible!

Familyscapes: Questions from players

How to change your name in the game? If you want to update your name in the app, here’s how to do it:

  1. Open the app and go to Settings (gear icon).
  2. Find and tap the green square with a pencil icon.
  3. Enter the new name in the appropriate field and confirm it by clicking on the "OK" button.
Your name has now been successfully changed. Make sure your personal profile is up to date and matches your preferences. Enjoy using the application under a new name.

How to change your profile photo? You can easily change your profile picture at any time convenient for you. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open the app and go to Settings (gear icon).
  2. Find your profile picture icon and tap it.
  3. Select a new profile picture, apply the settings, and click OK.
Don’t forget that you can get new avatars for successfully renovating your apartment and participating in various activities, events and promotions!

Please pay attention to the following important points:

Saving game progress. Your game progress is saved automatically when your device is connected to the Internet, so don’t worry - even if you reinstall the game, your progress will remain unchanged!

You can also save your progress by linking it to your social network account, Apple ID or Google.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to game settings or home screen.
  2. Click "Save progress".
  3. Sign in to your account.
If you have any problems, don’t hesitate to contact Player Support. They will definitely help you.

Please note:

Transferring game progress to a new device. Transferring game progress to a new device is very simple and convenient. All you need to do is connect the game on your new device to the same social network account, Google or Apple ID that was used on your old device.

With this method, you can easily transfer your game progress from one device to another to continue playing without losing your achievements and results.

Remember that it is important to use the same account in order to transfer progress successfully. This way, you can enjoy the game on your new device and continue developing your characters without any problems

Is it possible to start the game again? Want to relive your adventure again? Here’s how to contact support to reset your progress:

  1. Go to the game settings and click on the "Help" section.
  2. Click on the "Contact" button in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Select the "Privacy and Personal Data" category.
  4. In the window that appears, write a request to completely delete your data and send it.

You can also install the game on another device to start the game from the very beginning. Just remember that if your current game is linked to a social network account, Google or Apple ID, linking a new game to the same account will sync your progress across both devices.

Familyscapes: Is it worth playing?

Familyscapes is a great choice for fans of the Match 3 genre, but in addition to solving puzzles, players will have to immerse themselves in the game’s captivating storyline, build and customize their family home, complete a variety of tasks and achievements, expand their income and learn more about the characters and their stories . Familyscapes offers not only exciting gameplay, but also the opportunity to use your design and construction skills to create a unique space for your virtual family.

Here are the advantages of the game:

Here are the disadvantages of the game:

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