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FIFA Mobile (FIFA Football) - Android game with release date 10.10.2016 from the company Electronic Arts. Game genre: Sports games. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official site, and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. A lot of money without MOD and hacking
  2. FIFARenderZ how to use the site
  3. Squad builder
  4. Footbal Skills Guide
  5. How to increase teamwork?
  6. Top Players for Beginners
  7. Adidas GMR how to use?
  8. Game Tips

FIFA Mobile: A lot of money without MOD and hacking

In any game, currency is an important aspect. In FIFA Mobile, coins are a very important currency. There are several ways to earn coins in the simulator. Today we will consider the most affordable types of coins. These methods can bring you good income if you regularly play the simulator.

Quick sale of players. The method is based on the quick sale of players on the market in the first hours after the opening of a sale opportunity (after events, promotions, updates, and so on). After the appearance of a certain event, you cannot sell players in a certain period of time. A sale opportunity will be written on each card with new athletes. You should go into the game on this day at 22:00 and see if it is possible to sell cards with football players. If such an opportunity is open, then they should be put on the market as soon as possible.

When new players (who are given in the current event) appear, they are very expensive. But putting up for sale is recommended not at the price that is on the market, but put the price tag a little lower. After the event, it is immediately advised to sell the received players.

Attack mode and equal game mode. In these 2 modes, you can earn more coins than in last year’s versions of the game. When moving to the top division, a very large number of coins is given. In addition, there is a Ravals division, where you can also get a lot of game currency. And for games in matches, rewards in the form of coins have not been canceled yet. It is important to play in both modes. Thus, you can take more coins. At the start of the game, you can easily raise money if you hold meetings up to the "Legend 3" division.

World tour. This type of earnings is suitable for those who are willing to devote a lot of time to the game. If you play a lot, move very far, then in addition to the players you can get a lot of coins on tour for each match.

Purchase of players. It is very important to know the functions of the market, and thoroughly study it. If you buy a certain player, provided that the cost of it increases, and its value really rises, then you can sell the athlete for a high cost. This method is suitable for experienced players. And this is the most risky option, since you can raise a lot of money and lose it.

But from the start, you can begin to monitor the dynamics of prices, watch which players periodically fall in value, and then increase. It is also important to note the players who are constantly cheap, or, conversely, expensive. You should not buy such heroes for resale.

Participation in promotions. From time to time, developers introduce events to replenish players’ pockets with coins. So, for example, 2 events are constantly starting:

  1. The Way to Wealth - runs weekly on Thursdays and Fridays.
  2. Coins + - runs weekly on Tuesdays.

At the same time, if you complete all the tasks on the first day of the promotion, you will receive a reward 2 times the expected value.

We recommend that you complete the most expensive quests in 1 day. Each quest’s description contains reward information. Thus, you can find out which missions should be completed in the first place.

Filtering Market Players

The market is one of the main places to earn coins in the game. Here you can buy cards of athletes, and almost all game items. Coins are needed to get players. But for some market operations, focus and attention are needed.

The main aspect in earning coins in the market is search filtering. This is important, as players from the "hot" offers are very expensive and not worth buying. If you entered the market for cash extraction, then you definitely do not need these lots. In order to have income from buying - selling athletes, you need to look for completely different cards.

How to correctly enter the names of players in the search bar? If you need to find 2 or more heroes at the same time, then you need to enter data as follows: "Ronaldo", "Messi". You do not need to make spaces and put commas and periods between surnames. If you need to find all the athletes, with the exception of one, you must enter the player’s name after the exclamation mark -! "Messi". If you need to remove several people from the list at the same time, you should list them in brackets -! ("Ronaldo" "Messi").

Which players should you look for? It is not recommended to buy absolutely bad athletes for further resale, since there is no demand for them. Athletes with a total capacity of more than 70 units should be selected. It is worth noting that buying such players at a high cost is not required. To filter out not expensive characters, you should put in the search menu a value in the range from 1000 to 25000 coins.

The specifics of the purchase. The market in the simulator is made in the form of an auction where all gamers place bets on certain athletes. If you want, you can buy a card immediately at the maximum cost. Here it is called - buyback price. The task is to find efficient football players at an acceptable cost, then place a bet on him. You need to constantly monitor the bets, since you will not be the only one striving to buy a profitable card. If all of a sudden the bids are higher than the price that you have outlined, it is advised to refuse to purchase.

Resale Tips. So you finally found and bought at a bargain price a good hero. Now you need to put it up for further sale. But exhibiting a very high cost is not recommended. Place a card 500 to 900 coins above the purchase price. If you greatly increase the cost of the card, then no one will buy it.

The price of athlete cards must be within the total cost of the characters on the market. At the same time, your price tags should not be the highest for a certain type of heroes.

Also, coins are bought in the store for FIFA Points. This is the game currency, which can be purchased in a special section of the market for real money. But this method is suitable only for those players who can afford to spend a certain amount on the simulator.

Important! Using MODs and buying coins from other players is strictly prohibited by the rules of the game. Also, you can not install additional programs that wind coins or make filtering the market. Any violation of the rules leads to the suspension of the account for an indefinite time, which depends on the degree of guilt of the player.

FIFA Mobile: FIFARenderZ how to use the site

The site https://fifarenderz.com/ was created for players of mobile versions of the game of the current and past years. Here you can see the list of players, if you go to the Players tab.

The players. Here you can see the list of players, if you go to the Players tab. The tab lists all the athletes of the game for the last 2 years. You can choose any player by:

  1. Rating.
  2. Positions.
  3. League.
  4. To the club.
  5. Nation.

You can also put players on strengths and weaknesses. For example, on a weak leg.

After you click on any hero, a new window will appear in which all the information on the selected athlete is given. The window shows his game statistics, physiological data, place of birth, strengths and weaknesses of the character. For example, what feints he is best at.

Compare. In the Campare tab, you can compare two or more players. To add a hero to the table, click on the plus sign in the right part of the window. After that, an active line appears, where you should enter the name of the player. In the same way, you need to add a few more players. At the bottom of the slots with a choice, a table appears in which the main parameters of the heroes are given:

  1. Pace.
  2. Shooting.
  3. Passing.
  4. Dribbling.
  5. Protecting.
  6. Physical.
  7. General indicator.
Based on these data, it is recommended to choose players for the team. This table will help you choose the most useful athletes at any stage of the gameplay.

The developers of the site did a great job of collecting data about each of the heroes of the game FIFA Mobile. This data is designed to help users select the most useful and effective athletes, compare several players, and also try to assemble their team in the "Project" tab.

Translation of FIFARenderZ into Russian. Unfortunately, this wonderful resource is entirely in English. This will not be a problem if you are fluent in English, or know the basic definitions. But many users do not speak the language. Therefore, you can translate the entire site using any free service. But, in our opinion, Yandex.Translator is the most convenient. You can find it using the search, or select from Yandex services.

Having opened the translator, select "Site" at the top of the screen, and then enter the address of the required resource in the search bar. After a few seconds, the system will find and translate the contents of the selected site. In this case, you can flip pages directly in the translator. Unfortunately, some functions of the resource are not available in it. For example, comparison of players. You will have to make a comparison directly on the site itself, and enter the address of the page with the comparison table in the translator.

FIFA Mobile: Squad builder

The team is the most important thing to pay attention to. Of course, at the start of the game you will not be able to put together a TOP team. But over time, you will have decent players who can be combined with each other.

Players are recommended to be selected according to the positions that can be displayed on the game football schemes. Each scheme implies its own style of play.

In each football simulator, positions are based on real football positions. We talked about the classic and most popular positions in this article https://wisegeek.ru/abc/pes-club-manager . New schemes become available as you progress through Career mode. Active is considered the selected scheme for the game.

After choosing a scheme, you should select the appropriate players for the position. There are several main positions in football. Some players can work in several positions (but there are very few).

Defenders (these positions are concentrated in the zone in front of their goal) :

  1. Goalkeeper (goalkeeper) - guards the gate. The goalkeeper’s main task is to prevent the ball from reaching the goal of his team. This player must have attentiveness and quick response. The goalkeeper is the only athlete who can play on the field with his hands.
  2. Fullbackers are team defenders who can patronize a specific opponent player or defend a zone allocated to them. It is important to have good speed and pressure.
  3. Right and left defenders (lateral) - these players control the edge of the football field (flanks) from the side of their goal. Their main task is not to miss the ball on the sides to the goal. They can also be assigned to personal guardianship to any player of the opposing team. Football players must have high speed and endurance.
  4. Wingbacks are attacking flank defenders. This is a universal position that combines the extreme defender and midfielder. These guys must have dribbling (a maneuver that allows you to pass the ball past the defender), agility and ability to disperse the attack.
  5. Central defenders (center backs) - guard the area in front of the gate. This is the hottest place on the field, where clashes between teams often occur. These guys are mostly tall and have powerful physical strength. They have a good player head, tackles. Often these guys become team captains.
  6. The Libero (a cleaner, a free defender, a sweeper) is the task of these guys to insure the entire defense zone and to clear the mistakes of their players. These athletes can independently choose the right position on the field. It must be an experienced and hardy football player, ready to make decisions.

Midfielders (control the middle of the field):

  1. The midfielder is a multi-player who defends the center of the midfield. Its leading qualities should be: speed, strength, endurance, interceptions and tackles.
  2. Attacking midfielder (dispatcher) - this guy can support the attack and create a dangerous moment in front of the opponent’s goal. May have a shot on goal. Must have increased stamina, as sometimes he is pulled to his goal to protect them. This position involves independent decision making.
  3. The playmaker is one of the leading players on the field. The main mission of the player is to create situations when his team attacks the opponent’s goal. This athlete must have the skill of aggravating transmission into the cut (pass to the partner, cutting off the opponent’s defense line).
  4. Extreme midfielders (flanking) - there are 2 positions: left and right midfielder. These are athletes who are located on the flanks of the center of the field. Often these guys combine the role of flank forwards. The guys control almost the entire field on the sides, playing in defense and attack. Their main physical data are endurance and pace.

Attack (players are located in front of the opponent’s goal, attacking athletes are called forwards or strikers):

  1. Center forward (nine) - this player constantly attacks the goal, imposing his game on the opponent’s defenders and defenders. Tactics are determined by the growth of football players. Short guys often use high-speed programs or play on the verge of an offside (violation of the rules of the game by the attacking team). Tall guys most often use awnings and casts. Nines must have stamina and good technique, adapt to the moments of the game, and get out of difficult situations.
  2. False nines - they do not play in attacks, but create only the appearance of an attack, taking away the defense from the ball.
  3. Insiders (welterweight strikers) - perform assists. Used in classic designs. Location - between the extreme and central forwards.
  4. Wingers (flank attackers) - are located on the edges of the field in the opponent’s defense zone. These athletes have the ball on the edge, for further transfer to his nine. The winger may be an attacking midfielder.

The starting line -up is the players who are given to you at the very beginning of the game. They can have different indicators and characteristics. Also, many players have their own unique skills that affect the playing style of a football player.

You should not pump from the start, those players whom you in any case replace with athletes with a high rating. But if you come across a player who will be useful for a long time, it is recommended to pump him and his abilities.

What is the best way to select players for selected positions? In this gamers will help the site FIFARenderZ, which we wrote about above. The site has a tab (on the left side of the screen) called Squadbuilder Builder - Create now. In this tab, you can select the scheme by which you want to play. Each diagram shows the positions of your players on the field, except for the goalkeeper (he is already constantly at the goal). The scheme can be selected in the active line "Formation".

In the "Squad info" section, check the box next to "Select position on search". If desired, you can reset the filters during the search (Reset filters on search) by moving the slider to the "on" position.

If you click on each position, a new window appears with a list of players that are suitable for this location on the field. The most expensive and useful athletes are located at the top of the list. Near the football player is given basic information about him. If you still cannot afford leaders, then you can scroll through the pages in search of a suitable candidate (at the bottom of the window there is an arrow with which you can scroll through the list).

After choosing the players, you can see the overall rating of the team. It is indicated in the Rating section. If you change the player, then this rating will change. The higher the rating, the better you have chosen a team for yourself. Also, the rating may change if you change the scheme, but leave the same players. Changes depend on the position of players changing, and some of them fall into an unusual role.

Of course, you can choose a team based on the ranking of TOP players in various leagues of the game itself. But there are not shown the schemes with which these gamers work. Therefore, the team of others is not always suitable for you. Therefore, we advise you to use the presented service to create your own individual team.

You can also compare players among themselves in the game itself. To do this, go to the team menu and replace one player with another. The characteristics that are highlighted in green are those indicators that are higher than the previous athlete. If the parameter is lower, it will be highlighted in red.

FIFA Mobile: Footbal Skills Guide

The abilities of each athlete in a team directly affect the gameplay during the meeting. These characteristics let gamers know more about the selected player, direct their choice (for example, what position this player will be useful for). In the simulator, all skills work the same way, but each skill has an effect that falls into one of the types of talents:

  1. Standard - affect the athlete’s game. The skill does not depend on who controls the gamer or artificial intelligence (in matches in tournaments, while the user is absent).
  2. AI skills - work during the game that AI holds for you.
  3. Career mode skills - work during the passage of the story campaign. In tournaments and championships, these talents do not work.
  4. Virtual pros - skills help to open the styles of football players in the clubs "FIFA Pros" and during the passage of the campaign.
  5. VOLTA Football - have an impact on the athlete’s game in VOLTA tournaments. Skills are not affected by the management of the match. Standard abilities also function in this mode, unless clarified.

Talents and their influence

Attacking talents

The name of the talent.The main mode of use.Other modes.
Exact hit.Standard - maximally tightens the ball during the pass. In use, the ball’s flight path may change, but not its final goal.It works in AI and pros mode.
Beat Swede.Strikes with the outside of the foot.Used in standard mode and pro.
Powerful header.With this skill, a footballer strikes power with his head. An athlete with this ability with a high chance can beat a corner from the penalty area, but has a small chance to hit from his corner.It works in all modes except AI.
Long throw-in.Throws the ball away from the side farther than other players. If you missed the throw-in, the player with this skill has a high chance of creating a dangerous moment in the opponent’s zone.The skill is in standard abilities and in a career.
Strong throw-in.The footballer takes the farthest shots from behind. May create a dangerous situation or assist.There is talent in standard, career and pro.
Early canopies.Has a high chance to complete this trick.Works in AI mode and in a career.
Execution of free throws on force.With a penalty, it runs further than other athletes, which makes the blow more powerful.There are in standard talents, in AI and in career.
Twist.Deals precise hits with the outside of the foot. If the hero passes the pass to the bottom, then he twists the ball.There are in standard skills, in careers and pros.
Graceful transfers.A footballer makes fewer mistakes when passing the ball.There are in standard skills, in careers and pros.
Stylish player.Talent implies the absence of errors in passing the ball. Characters with this skill often return the ball on horseback, which flies along a higher path.There are in standard abilities, in a career, in a pro and in VOLTA.
Prone to injury.A football player has a high chance of getting injured during a match.Only standard talent.
Strong player.It has powerful resistance in a collision with an opponent. Has a low probability of injury.There are standard skills and pros.
Scissors.The athlete is more likely to use this technique. But manually activate it does not work.Used in pros and in VOLTA mode.

Goalie Talents

The name of the talent.The main mode of use.Other modes.
Goes out of the gate.There is a high probability of intercepting the canopy. It works only if the goalkeeper is sure that he will intercept the ball first.There are only standard abilities.
It comes out with canopies.It works with canopies in any case.Standard talent.
Caution with awnings.It interrupts the canopy only if it is absolutely sure that it will take the ball.Standard talent.
Safe kicking.Likes to deflect attack with legs. He is more likely to hit the ball at short distances than other goalkeepers.Standard talent.
Direct hit.Allows you to knock the ball out of the goal with a powerful kick.Ability for career and pros.
Far throw.Allows the goalkeeper to throw the ball over long distances.A standard skill that is used in a career, in a pro, in an AI, in a pro.

Leadership talent

The name of the talent.The main mode of use.Other modes.
Master of standards.With angular and penalties, the sight does not return to its original position.Talent pros.
Second wind.The player is less tired at the end of the game if his team loses.For pro mode and career.
Leadership.There is a possibility of choosing a player with this ability to become a captain when the current captain left the field for various reasons.Standard skill.
Player of one club.Talent is similar to Leadership.Standard and career mode.
Team player.Talent is similar to Leadership.Standard and career mode.

AI Talents

The name of the talent.Description.
Creep in tackles.Most often, a football player uses tackles instead of the usual maneuvers.
Parachute.Most often, he tries to throw the ball over the goalkeeper when he hits the goal.
Stroke wizard.Uses strokes and maneuvers when dribbling. Also, this athlete with the greatest chance will be selected at the corner.
Speed Dribbler.Uses strokes and maneuvers when dribbling.
Long gears.Most often gives the ball over long distances.
Playmaker.To him in AI mode, the allies will often give the ball away for an attack.

The talents of athletes will help you to correctly place them on the field in positions. Skills open gradually as you progress through your career. Some abilities will become available after certain achievements in the simulator.

FIFA Mobile: How to increase teamwork?

The team’s team game on the field is influenced by the teamwork of the athletes. The teamwork parameter affects the conduct of matches in the VS Attack and Equal Game modes. It is very important for good results to have a teamwork score above 130 units. How to increase teamwork:

  1. The team should have as many elite players as possible (these are athletes with a total rating of 80 or higher).
  2. It is recommended to select players in a team from one club.
  3. It is advised to choose players from one country.
  4. The right choice of tactical scheme.
  5. Selecting players for the positions that suit them best.

Training players. In order to increase the level of players, it is necessary to constantly train them. Training takes place in the same tab in the team menu. After you put this or that player to the training session, you need to put a special experience object in the nearby empty slots (fall in Career mode, after won matches) or put a card of another player of the same type to which the pumped player belongs.

Types of players for leveling:

  1. Goalkeeper.
  2. Attack.
  3. Protection.
  4. Midfield.

Player cards can be bought in the market. But some newcomers can not correctly distribute finances and buy the first cards that come across. But this is fundamentally wrong, since you can choose players much cheaper, but they will also bring enough experience for leveling.

A selection of cards in the market. After you enter the market, you need to select the player of the necessary position. These items are selected in the filter. Then it’s worth putting players 7 to 8 levels lower than your main football player. For example, you need to pump an 80+ player. To do this, you need to put in the filter 72 - 73 the level of athletes, as well as their type of position. In this case, the value of athletes should be set at 1000 coins. If you want to pump the goalkeeper, then you should choose athletes within 1500 coins.

Players who are worth a bit do not immediately need to buy for the set price, you can make a lower bid, wait for the end of the auction and pick up the card. Since there are a lot of similar athletes on the market, no one will interrupt your bid.

If you pump heroes above level 90, then you can buy player cards from level 83 to level 87. But here it is necessary to calculate the amount of experience gained from the player and its cost. Each week, the value of players can change, so it’s important to keep track of athletes who give more experience, but for less money.

FIFA Mobile: Top Players for Beginners

At the beginning of the game you will receive a Start Team, with which you will spend a certain number of matches. But over time, you will need to attract more effective players to the team. But realizing that at the first stage of the game you won’t be able to earn a lot of coins, we selected good, but inexpensive athletes for you. They will help you get your first victories, and significantly pass the Career mode.

Ivan Santini is one of the most effective center forward in the simulator. Its value varies from 5000 to 10000 coins. There are other players at FIFA Mobile who have higher scores. That is why few people pay attention to Ivan. But judging by his skills and physical parameters, he can be pumped into a very cool forward. At the start of the game, your opponents do not yet have powerful goalkeepers, so this guy will help you win more than one match.

Mahmoud Dahud is a great support for forwards who rarely can take possession of the ball themselves. Therefore, they should choose such strong men as Mahmoud to help them. He is an excellent winger who has a high rate of endurance and ball control. But it should be understood that it cannot be effective when intercepting the ball. Mahmoud can have a great ball or send it into the goal, as the athlete has good canopies.

Timo Letschert - he does not have a high cost at auction, but he will become one of the best defenders for you. He has good characteristics and individual skills. It can be placed in the middle zone as an opornik, or made it an extreme protector. He knows how to perfectly intercept the ball, and also has good guardianship.

John Pele is a good and inexpensive goalkeeper. It costs around 20,000 coins. His most effective characteristic is an ability that enhances all goalkeeper skills. If you pump this skill, then John will still be able to intercept the ball flying at the goal, thereby reducing to zero the enemy’s attacks.

Arthur Masuaku - at the start of the game, he can seem like a not-so-cheap player. But 80,000 coins can be earned pretty quickly. This guy is a great left forward. He has all the indicators distributed harmoniously: sprint, excellent interception, good reaction and assessment of the situation. It will help you avoid dangerous situations, and bring the team to a new level of the game.

Marcos Alonso - if you didn’t like Masuac, then you can buy Marcos. But they have a different game style. Therefore, before buying the defenders, you should decide on the pace and style of the meeting. If Masuaku is quick and passes well, then Marcos is distinguished by interceptions and ball control. If you want to not only select the ball and pass it, but spend the ball bypassing several opponents, then Alonso is a great option.

Marcel Zabitzer is a good central winger. It controls the ball perfectly, has good characteristics, and is also highly likely to score a ball. If your attacker is patronized, then you should not pass the ball to him, but simply follow this guy to hold the ball to the goal and hit him. But the cost of Marseille is high enough for beginners. But after some time you can afford to spend 120,000 coins on Marseille.

Gerso Fernandez - right attacking midfielder. It has a very high speed of movement. This is its main and only plus. It is good for some schemes, and especially in those situations when it is necessary to quickly pass the ball from the defense zone to the striker.

Jesse Lingard is the central winger. It is slightly inferior in characteristics to Marcel Zabitzer, but at the start it can perfectly help to conduct good matches. He has good indicators of control and speed, and also has the ability that increases long shots. This is a good option for investing, as Jesse will pay back everything with interest.

FIFA Mobile: Adidas GMR how to use?

Adidas GMR is the latest development of Adidas, Google and EA (Electronic Arts). These are insoles that you can put in your sports shoes, and a special sensor will track your movements. At the moment, high-tech insoles can be ordered on the official Adidas website ( https://www.adidas.ru/gmr ). The cost of insoles is $ 30.

Using insoles, you can perform special tasks and earn extra coins in the game, as well as get free football player Paulo Dybala. Although you can attach insoles to several game accounts, you will only be given an athlete 1 time and only 1 account.

You should think carefully about where exactly you need an athlete, where he will bring more benefits. Check if your game account is linked to Google Play, Game Center or Facebook. This is important so as not to lose your adidas GMR progress and binding.

The kit includes:

  1. Insoles.
  2. Chip.
  3. Charger.
  4. Plastic analog chip for symmetry.
If you play on the emulator, then before buying you need to check if there is Bluetooth on your computer (laptop). Otherwise, your insoles will not work.

Configure Adidas GMR

Before use, the chip must be fully charged. When the chip is connected to the network, a blue indicator will flash on its body. At this time, you should download the free Adidas GMR application, after which it needs to be launched. The application can be configured in Russian, but when choosing a country in the application itself, Russia is absent.

In order for the chip to start working, 3 steps should be performed:

  1. Connect the chip - in this paragraph it is described in detail what exactly needs to be done in order to correctly turn on and insert the chip in the insole. It’s best to place the chip on the foot that you are kicking the ball with. When prompted, you should allow the device to use Bluetooth.
  2. Pairing - this action takes place automatically. The user is required to allow creation. During installation and software updates, it is recommended that you use a Wi-Fi network. You can rename the name of the label (chip).
  3. Create email - here you can enter your valid address to which the label will be attached.
  4. Account setup - in this step you must enter the correct information about yourself so that in the future the tag can reliably transmit information.
  5. Insert the chip into the insole - this action is performed after the entered parameters. The program will tell you how to properly install the chip in the insole.
  6. Connecting Adidas GMR to EA Sports on FIFA Mobile - just click on the "Sync" button, after which the simulator will open on its own. In the game itself, the Adidas GMR section will become available for use, and the system will ask you about synchronization.

After you complete all the steps, the game will prompt you to select the Paulo Dybala position:

  1. Attacking striker.
  2. Forward.
  3. Right winger.

The Adidas GMR section will give you daily assignments. which you will perform yourself, not game characters. For example, you need to go a certain distance, make 10 shots on the ball, and so on. Each task will bring the user a good reward.

Players who have already purchased and tried the novelty are advised to insert insoles into sneakers with removable insoles. If you put Adidas GMR on top of insoles (for example, if the last ones are not removed), then it will be rather inconvenient to walk, and even more so to engage in sports.

FIFA Mobile: Game Tips

Whom to pump in the first place? There are always 11 players on your team on the field. Undoubtedly, every player plays an important role in the match, but first it is recommended to pump the attacking players. This is important, as it is these players who will set the pace and style of the meetings. And the athlete who has the highest chance of hitting a goal should be the first to rock.

Schemes. It should, when possible, choose the most effective, in your opinion, the best attacking scheme, and put in excellent forwards. Then choose a good defense scheme, for which you need to pump the best defenders. Between these schemes, you can easily switch when there is such a need.

Events. From time to time, developers launch interesting promotions and events. But not all of them can pay off. Therefore, it is recommended to choose such promotions that do not take you a lot of time, but bring very good rewards. Therefore, before the event, you should look at all the prizes for participating in it, and only then decide whether to participate in it or not.

Some management tricks:

  1. To perform a special feint during the lead, you should press the "Jerk and Skill" buttons.
  2. To transfer a partner, you must select it. To make the ball go down during a pass, when the control is on, hold the Pass button and select an ally. To give the ball to an empty seat, you just need to click on "Pass" and set the trajectory of the blow.
  3. When "Hit" the height of the ball depends on the duration of pressing this button. The longer you hold the button, the higher the ball’s flight.
  4. If you draw the path of the ball in an arc, then you will scroll the ball. To make the twisting more effective, you need to pump the appropriate skill.
  5. To take the ball away from the opponent, you must select it and press the "Jerk" button.

Irish League how to find? The league can be created by the player himself, in the "Create League" section, here you can create a League with any name. If you are interested in a specific League, you should enter its name in the search. After that, a list will appear in which all the names of similar Leagues will be.

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