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Final Destiny WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

Final Destiny - from the company YEMA GAMES, is an action game with RPG elements, where you play as a young warrior who travels with a child to the ends of the world. On the way you will come across various monsters and bosses. The game has puzzles that need to be solved in order to progress further. Simple gameplay, bright interesting pixel graphics and clear controls make the project in demand among many players.


  1. Beginner’s Guide
  2. Final Destiny Walkthrough
  3. Walkthrough of bosses
  4. Passage of additional activities
  5. Puzzle Solving
  6. Gear Guide
  7. Skill Tips

Final Destiny: Beginner’s Guide

Final Destiny is a game that is vaguely reminiscent of the legendary Mario, but you lead the adventure from the perspective of a young fighting girl who travels with a baby. You will find the child after beating the first battle in the ruined house at the start of the game. Your task is to complete all the adventures, while the child must survive.

The mechanics of the gameplay is quite simple: you simply switch the "Right - Left" buttons on the left joystick, thus you can move around the location. You cannot jump. The "Attacks" button is located on the right side of the screen, next to it there are 3 more buttons: the top two are the location of active skills (you will get them in adventures for solving puzzles correctly), another 1 button is acceleration. By clicking on it, you will increase not only the movement speed of the heroine, but also the speed of her attack.

Level. In battles, you increase your (heroine) level. After receiving a certain amount of experience points, you will move to a new level. The scale, which shows the current state of the level, is located in the upper left corner of the screen under the character’s portrait. With each new level, new gaming opportunities will open up for you, the main characteristics of the hero (attack, defense and health points) will increase.

Child. The baby requires special care: he needs to eat, sleep and play with him. This can be done at the camp. There is a child by the clock, and if you do not feed him on time, he will constantly cry in adventures. Food can be obtained during the passage of the campaign or bought in the store.

It is equally important to put the baby to sleep or play with him on time. While you are online, you should visit your camp more often, otherwise it will cry and attract unnecessary attention with the cry of various monsters. Hearing the cries of the baby, the monsters will try with all their might to take it away from you. If the child is silent, then the passage will be a little easier.

Go through 3 - 4 stages of the adventure, then take care of the baby in the camp. A contented child will not draw attention to itself, so some monsters will not go behind your back.

Camp. After completing stage 1, you will be taken to the camp, where you can receive daily gifts for logging into the game, improve and equip equipment, and feed and comfort the child. The functionality of the camp increases with the passage of history. The camp has a game store where you can purchase various necessary items for currency.

Game currency. There are 3 types of game currency in the game:

  1. Food - allows you to restore the strength of the character, feed the child, or exchange it in the store for various items. Food can be obtained for completing stages of the game, for completing daily missions and, as a gift, for entering the game daily.
  2. Coins are the main currency of the game, with which you upgrade equipment and buy things in the store. Coins can be obtained in the process of destroying monsters, for completing adventure stages, bought for diamonds, received for completing daily tasks and for entering the game.
  3. Diamonds are a premium currency that allows you to purchase rare items in the store. You can get them for free only as a gift for daily entry into the game (naturally, not every day) and for watching commercials. You can also buy diamonds for real money.

But if you can’t buy diamonds, don’t worry, the gameplay is friendly enough for any player, and you can complete the game without using the premium currency. Of course, at the start of the game, you can use diamonds to buy advanced equipment or a sword with a high attack, and go through stories faster than with a simple sword. But this does not greatly affect the game, since the game develops gradually, the opponents will not be difficult for you right away.

Advertising. You can view the videos in a special section of the store. For viewing you will receive a reward. This can be a chest with upgrade stones, game currency (including a small amount of diamonds), equipment and other items. Videos are available several times a day, so we recommend that you follow the show timer to get additional rewards. Ads are not intrusive, and if you do not consider it necessary to view them, then you can not do this.

Daily entry into the game. Every day you can get some kind of prize if you just go into the game and from the camp go to the tab of the same name in the store. Prizes are scheduled for a few days in advance. If you do not plan to play daily, you can choose only those days to enter. In which you will receive diamonds or a rare game item. We recommend setting a reminder on your phone so you don’t miss the reward.

Daily tasks. The menu with tasks opens after completing the first 5 stages of the adventure, and is located on the right side of the camp screen. Here you will be given several tasks that must be completed during the day. The progress is reset at 00:00 game server time. In tasks, you can get additional rewards.

The list of missions increases with the passage of the game. The tasks are not difficult and do not require additional actions. You just go through adventure stages, dungeons or work in the mines (they will appear after completing chapter 3 of the adventure). If you do not want to work in the mine, then you can simply skip the task.

Mines. This is an additional activity that can be entered through the camp. She appears after the completion of chapter 3 of the story campaign. The mine button is located on the bottom control panel. In the mine you will extract stones to improve your equipment. The longer you work, the more expensive the stones will come across to you.

If you complete the process and leave the mine, then the next time you enter, you will have to start excavating with cheap stones. We advise you to take this moment into account in order to get the best stones. It is worth noting that the stones are distributed according to the quality of the equipment: the more expensive the stone, the better items of equipment it can be encrusted. When you have only legendary items of equipment, then, consequently, you will need the most expensive stones (we wrote more about equipment below).

Dig the mine more often from the moment it appears, as you can get (very rarely) diamonds and coins in them, which will allow you to purchase better equipment.

Pets are your additional helpers that will be available to you after completing Chapter 1 of the adventure. You can get to the section with pets through the camp. First, you will have a turtle that will periodically restore your health points. Over time, you will unlock a few more creatures that can accompany you.

Pay attention to their abilities, as you will need them in battles. For example, the turtle will heal you, so you save more healing jars. The dragon will increase your attack, and he will beat opponents. There are pets that will remove negative effects from you. Pets, like other items, can be changed before entering the adventure level.

Pets appear from eggs randomly, some eggs you can get in missions, but mostly they are sold in the store: ordinary - for coins and rare - for diamonds. Rare pets have more attributes than common pets, but they are also more difficult to care for.

Pets, like children, need to be fed. To do this, in battles, you can collect food, or buy the necessary ingredients in the store. Your creatures are pumped in battles. If you decide that the dropped pet will be useful to you in the future, then you can upgrade it in chapter 1 or 2 of the story campaign, where the monsters do not pose a danger to you.

Medals - you get them for completing the Tower and Dungeons in the competition mode. This mode will become available after completing the normal level of passing all the chapters of the campaign. In the "Medals" section, which you can enter from the camp, you can exchange medals for the items you need or elements of exclusive equipment.

Final Destiny Walkthrough

The game has a few different maps where the main action of the adventure takes place:

  1. Regular chapters are outdoor locations where you encounter various monsters and bosses (at the end of the chapter).
  2. Dungeons are locations, the interface of which is made in the form of dungeons with various traps.
  3. Tower - for a certain period of time you need to shoot as many flying creatures as possible with a machine gun, while the child and you should not die.
  4. Riddle rooms - here you need to solve a puzzle to get a skill card.

At any time, you can return to any story to go through it again or upgrade your pets. You can scroll through the chapters on the map and select objects to pass. You can also go through levels several times with a chest, which gives significant prizes and rare items. For example, pet food, baby food and so on.

If you stop at one of the stages, and you can not go further. Take your time. Try to play easier stories to increase your level (and therefore parameters) and get more items from which you can make rarer items (we wrote about this below).

Passage of ordinary chapters

Ordinary monsters. So, the monsters in the game are divided into several categories. Ordinary are small creatures that have a small amount of health points. They attack, usually in a crowd, which makes it difficult to pass. Some creatures have weapons that shoot at a distance (bow, crossbow, sling). These monsters must be destroyed first. They are easy to kill as they have low health and armor points. But if you turn your back on them without first destroying them, they may kill your child. Which is constantly in your backpack behind your back.

Melee enemies have more health points than ranged enemies, but they have lower attack. Some of them can move around the area very quickly and successfully dodge your attacks. They often run behind the back, hoping to get the child.

Watch out for fast monsters especially carefully, try not to launch them behind your back. If several enemies managed to break through to your rear, then turn on the acceleration and move back so that all opponents are in the same direction.

It should be remembered that the movement acceleration button has a recharge time, over time you will be able to reduce this period. However, the cooldown will still remain, so you need to use it in especially dangerous moments or save it for boss fights. If you are slowed in battle, the button will not be active until the duration of the negative effect has passed.

Some monsters can slow down your hero (controlling him is a control skill). Try to memorize all types of creatures that are in the game, as this will help you find the most dangerous ones and destroy them first. Opponents can be very cunning, but over time, you will be able to trace some pattern in their actions, which will help you fight them more effectively.

Elite monsters are not bosses yet, but they are also very insidious creatures with a large supply of health points and increased attack (when compared with similar types of ordinary creatures). Elites are taller than regular opponents, which sets them apart from all other attackers. They are less predictable, so when you meet them, you can get into a quandary. Basically, elite creatures have melee weapons (sword, club, etc.).

We recommend that in the battle with the elite, try to separate them from the crowd of other monsters, and since they are more clumsy than small creatures, this can be done by speeding up. Ordinary opponents will quickly run after you, they can be met with an offensive skill with massive damage. As long as an elite opponent approaches you, you will have a minimum of enemies (or none at all), which will allow you to deal with them with less loss of health than a battle in the crowd.

Adventure mode selection. Once you’ve completed the normal mode of the story campaign, you can start playing the harder levels. In hard mode, you will receive rare prizes. And in hell mode, you can get 5 extra skill option. The "Demon Hunt" mode is individual bosses that are not found in the chapters of the story (we wrote about this below).

Final Destiny: Walkthrough of bosses

Bosses are very aggressive and powerful creatures. Has the highest amount of health points than other monsters. They also have several types of attacks (when using their skills). These attacks can take you out in a couple of hits if you don’t have time to run away. They are clearly visible in the crowd due to their huge growth. Some of them move as fast as normal opponents. There are bosses that do not have a retinue (as in the picture above) - these are the most dangerous creatures.

But the good news is, the bosses of the story are an enlarged copy (except for additional skills) of the usual opponents that you can meet in the chapter. Therefore, they will repeat all the maneuvers and movements after their smaller brothers. If you remember the battle algorithm of all ordinary monsters, you will know how the boss moves and attacks.

Each boss has skills that they successfully use in battle - this is a minus. But on the plus side, the bosses are often repeated during the journey of one chapter, which gives you the opportunity to study their abilities. Also, your observation will help you find and highlight the action after which the boss uses his skills. For example, an Ogre slams the ground hard with his hands and then jumps. Jump is his additional ability that deals damage in a certain range (mass damage). Therefore, you can run away from him with the help of acceleration. By the time the Ogre starts casting the second skill, the cooldown of the haste will end.

Single bosses from the "Battle bosse" stories are exclusive creatures that have increased damage and special skills. For example, they can freeze a character or pour fire on him, after which you will burn for several seconds. But such attacks have a limited range. You need to run away from the boss when he changes color (before freezing - blue, before fire - red). Such attacks are the most dangerous for the child, since he does not have your armor, but must survive.

Keep a close eye on the red stripes on the floor during the boss fight, as after they appear, stones or other troubles can fall on your head. We recommend running away from the monster or leaving the range of its skill (leave the red perimeter).

Some bosses have guards - these are normal monsters, but have higher armor compared to them. They will prevent you from running away from the attacks of the boss, but they do not bring much harm, and they die after the leader is destroyed. Therefore, we advise you to focus the attack on the boss.

The Black Dragon Predator was added in one of the latest updates. He has several different attacks. If red circles appear under your feet, then the dragon is going to pour ice over you. Try not to get in these circles. If a rectangle appears under your feet, then the dragon in this place will beat with its paws.

Hydra is the most difficult boss to complete, as it has several heads, and they do not hit in turn, but at the same time. At one point, a red stripe across the screen may appear on the ground, indicating a hydra attack. At this point, you need to decide on the direction of the run, and activate the acceleration. So you will have a better chance of not getting under fire or freezing. Periodically, the heads release spikes, the landing site of which is indicated by red circles on the ground. Yes, Hydra has skills that, at first glance, do not fit together. The Hydra can be destroyed by cutting off all of its heads. At the same time, each head has its own supply of health points.

Move away from her massive attacks, and then deal damage. First you need to destroy 1 head, then another, and so on. But you need to remove the heads very quickly, since the Hydra has the ability to grow them. While they are growing, they cannot attack, and have fewer health points than adult heads. Therefore, do not let them grow completely.

Kraken - a huge creature with several tentacles that strike in a chaotic manner. You need to dodge them. Also, the boss periodically freezes the wave, while the skill area occupies almost the entire screen of the phone. If you fall into a freeze, then a significant amount of health points will be taken away from you. You won’t be able to chop off his tentacles, so you shouldn’t pay your attention to them, just watch where the Kraken is going to hit them. The rest of the Kraken is an easy creature to destroy.

The Kraken has a lot of small octopuses that do decent damage, and do not allow you to go to the island of safety from the ice wave. They should be killed with an AoE skill, as octopuses do not have a large supply of health points. Take a crab with you to the battle, which can not only actively strike at enemies, but also catch a child at a dangerous moment.

The rest of the bosses are not particularly difficult. You just need to memorize their attacks and skills. We also recommend remembering the actions that monsters perform before using skills.

At the end of some stages there is a chest with rewards. Also, after the end of the level, you will receive coins, additional experience points and game items. Some levels are closed for passing, as it is required to pass certain stages first. The map will indicate the general requirements for passing.

Final Destiny: Passage of additional activities

Walkthrough Dungeons

Dungeons have fairly simple gameplay. Your task is to go through underground corridors in a certain time, overcoming traps. In total, there are 2 types of traps in the game, which are passed quickly, but sometimes, painfully. The most important thing in the Dungeons is not to stop for a long time in order to have time to go through it.

Thorns - they appear from the ground, causing damage to you. For some time they are at rest, then go underground. A simple trap if you only come across 1 row of spikes. If the spikes are on the ground, then you should wait until they start hiding. It is at this moment that you begin to pass the obstacle.

If there are no spikes on the surface, then you need to wait for them to appear, and then until they begin to hide. Your movement towards the trap (it can be seen on the ground through the holes) will provoke their premature appearance, and you may not have time to run through them. Especially if the trap is several rows of spikes.

If you come across several rows of spikes, then remember that they hide and appear at different times (in turn). You have to wait until row 1 starts going underground. Only then start running. It’s better to use acceleration. If you run into the spikes at the moment of transition, you will receive a significant injury. Therefore, we advise you to stock up on banks that restore health points. They have different denominations, but any of them can save you.

Stones are the second trap. Stones move in your direction, you can cut them with a sword by pressing the attack button. Over time, the stones will be stronger and faster than at the start of the game. Here you will have to choose skills (before entering the Dungeon) that can deal more damage to 1 target.

You can also try to run away from the rocks by hiding behind the spikes (thorns do less damage) if several large rocks roll at you at once. The stones can break the shields (if they are very large), however, the blades slow down their movement, which will give you the opportunity to heal or wait for the required skill to cool down. Small stones can be cut by spikes (especially if there are several rows).

statues. The further you go through the story, the more opponents you have in the Dungeon. If at the start of the game these are spikes and stones, then after the appearance of a separate section "Dungeons" in the camp, they will contain ordinary monsters. Statues will also appear, which will impose negative effects on you. The effects work next to the statues. If you move away from them, the effects disappear. The statues can be demolished so that they do not interfere with your passage. There are also friendly statues that give you an extra bonus. This bonus stacks up and persists until the end of the level.

At the end of each Dungeon, a closed door with chains will await you. You need to find the key to this door. To do this, pick up all the items along the way and open the chests. In some Dungeons, in addition to the chest, you can find epic or legendary weapons. At higher levels, you will be able to compete with other players for the number of creatures destroyed in the Dungeons.

Passage of the Tower

The most dynamic activity, as you need to quickly turn the machine gun and fend off flying opponents. These creatures are very fast, several individuals can fly at once. You can only increase the damage of the machine gun with a special item purchased in the store for diamonds.

At the start of the game, you can easily cope with the flying misfortune. But in the future, the monsters will become more agile and tenacious. Although the gameplay of the Tower is very simple, but its passage in the later stages of the game is very difficult. With all of the above, you need to destroy flying opponents in a certain period of time. And don’t forget, you only have a few lives that end quickly.

Life is the full scale of health points in adventures, once it is depleted, then you lose 1 life. At the start of the game, you only have 3 lives left. That is, you can pass the level until you spend the full 3 scales of health points. As the adventure progresses, you will gain a few more lives, which will give you more time to survive.

There are no special tricks for passing the Tower, since you just need to react very quickly to the slightest change in the air, and keep your finger on the attack button. You should not expect special surprises from opponents either, except that they bite painfully and scratch you with their claws. And remember, you must not lose a child!

Competitions are held between players, according to the number of monsters destroyed on the Tower. You can see your place from the camp in the Tower section. Once in the top three players at each level of the Tower, you will get the opportunity to improve 1 parameter of your character or your gun.

Final Destiny: Puzzle Solving

Why do we need stages with riddles? Puzzle stages give you skill cards. In total, the game has 8 abilities for your heroine to choose from, but you can put into battle only two. And since levels with riddles are a frequent occurrence, you will receive repetitions of existing skills. These copies of skill cards increase the level of your abilities. The more 1 skill cards you get, the faster you will level up your skill.

As the skill increases, the attributes of the ability increase. For example, at level one, you deal 400% of your stationary attack damage to enemies with your skill. At the second level of the ability, you will deal 500% damage, at level 3 even more, and so on. Some skills become available only with the completion of a certain chapter of the story campaign. Therefore, we recommend that you go through adventures at the highest possible level.

How to solve puzzles?

Since the puzzles are often repetitive and randomly presented to the players, we decided to explain the basic principle of solving them. If you understand the essence of the riddle, then, in the future, it will be easy to solve it. In fact, the game is not difficult, adventures and other activities are not particularly difficult to complete, so the developers did not suffer much from the riddles either, but created only a few types of puzzles.

Coat of arms collection. This is a puzzle where you have to build one of the coats of arms depicted on the red flags in the background on the shield. There will be 4 flags in total, you should carefully look at the elements depicted on the shield in order to understand which coat of arms you need to make. There are several circles on the shield that can be rotated using the levers that are located under each flag. By interacting with the levers (attack button), you can rotate one of the circles. The puzzle is easy and fast paced.

General image. Before you falls 4 parts of one drawing. These parts must be combined in such a way that a solid drawing is obtained. Under each shield there is a lever with which you can rotate the parts. As a result, you will get a simple image, for example, of a sword.

Equal to nine. 2 flags appear in front of you (on the right and left sides of the statue), which show the formula "+=9". Also, a table (as shown in the figure above) with numbers is lowered from the top of the screen. There are 4 more pillars with levers in the room, each lever is equivalent to a number from the code. You need to choose such a number on the column so that when you add the corresponding number from the table, you get 9.

For example, in the figure above, 1 digit in the table is 8, to get 9, it takes 8 + 1. Therefore, on the first column you put the number - 1. On the 2nd column there will be a number 5, since 5 + 4 u003d 9, on 3 - 9, and on 4 the number 2. This way you can solve other similar puzzles that you will come across on trial.

X squared. For this puzzle, beginners have the most questions, but once you figure it out, you will solve the next ones very quickly. The picture above shows an example of solving one of these problems. In fact, everything is quite simple: you need to add some element to the figures on the shield from above to get the image on the flag, that is, "x squared". The levers on the pillars will help you select the desired element.

On the 1st picture on the shield, a symbol is drawn in the form of the letter "c", on the 1st column on the left you need to find a cross with the right side face to get a figure from the flag. 2 image can be supplemented with 2 parallel vertical lines to get the desired character. On the 3rd pillar you should find a cross, and on the 4th - an arrow (as shown in the picture above).

Time. When you first meet this puzzle, you will immediately guess that a certain time is shown on the shield at the top. Your task is to set the time indicated on the shield with the help of levers. There are 4 positions in total. After compiling hours, you will receive a skill card.

Gems. You need to build a sequence of gems that are depicted on a descending shield. Only 4 stones, with the help of levers, you will find the necessary ones. One example of building a sequence is shown in the picture above.

Phenomena. Using the levers, you need to select the image on the pillars that matches the picture on the downed shield. The picture above shows one of the examples of building correspondences. For example, on 1 pillar are stars that appear at night in the sky along with the month. On the 2nd pillar - these are rain clouds that water the plants. 3 pillar - a snowflake, as a kind of precipitation, and 4 pillar - an umbrella that will hide a person from the rain. Other puzzles of this kind are solved in a similar way.

Final Destiny: Gear Guide

At the start of the game, you will wield one sword. In the future, you will receive various equipment of different quality:

  1. Gray is a common piece of equipment set with an orange gem and has 1 attribute that increases this stat. For example, a sword gives you attack, while a stone increases damage.
  2. Green - Unusual equipment, gray stones are inserted into it. Can increase 1 or 2 parameters. For example, a helmet can increase your defense and health points.
  3. Blue - rare equipment, has 2 attributes, blue gems are inserted into it.
  4. Purple - epic equipment, has 2 - 3 attributes, is encrusted with red stones.
  5. Orange is legendary equipment. A white stone is inserted into it. Has 3 or more attributes. Some extremely rare legendary items can grant an additional feat. For example, the moon sword reduces the duration of negative effects on you.
  6. Red - ancient items that give the maximum number of parameters. Significantly increase your stats. You will use them in the later stages of the game.

In the camp in the "Upgrade" section, you can improve your equipment. That is, insert stones, or merge several items of the same quality to get a higher quality item. For example, out of 3 common armors you can craft 1 uncommon. Similarly, you can get higher quality gems: 3 red gems will give you 1 white gem.

In the inventory, you can dismantle excess equipment to get stones. Gems obtained in this way will have the quality of a dismantled item. For example, a normal sword will produce 1 orange enhancement stone. You will need to pay a certain amount of coins for disassembling equipment (the price depends on the quality of the item, the higher the quality, the more expensive the operation).

Collect Legendary Gems, as by collecting 10 of these Gems, you can randomly create Legendary and Ancient items.

You will receive items from adventures and chests that you can open at the end of each chapter of regular episodes. There are things that can be bought with diamonds. Of course, such items of equipment are of high quality and the maximum number of attributes.

Over time, you will have many different items of equipment that will have different parameters. We recommend leaving 1 item of each attribute. For example, you should have a set in stock that increases health points, another set that enhances attack, and so on. This is necessary in order to more effectively pass the levels of adventures and bosses. There are stages in which it is important to have a lot of damage, and there are places where you need to have a lot of health points.

Over time, you will be able to learn how to choose the right equipment for completing missions. If you could not pass a certain level, then we recommend that you change the kit and try to pass it again. If you do not close at least 1 adventure level, you will not be able to open the next chapter.

Collect sets that increase several equipment parameters to make the most of the campaign.

Main character attributes

1. Health points - an indicator of your survival in battle. Above your head, and above the heads of your opponents, there is a special bar that displays health points. As soon as the bar disappears, you will lose 1 life, and the enemy, in this case, will die. In addition to equipment, health points increase with each character level.

2. Protection - one of the indicators of equipment that affects your stamina in battle. Defense reduces incoming damage. For example, you have a total defense indicator of 300 units, the enemy deals damage to you - 400 units. As a result, you will be taken away only 100 units of health. But if the enemy has an attribute that allows you to deal pure damage, then the defense will be ignored, and 400 health points will be taken from you.

3. Attack - an indicator of the damage that you inflict on enemies. The attack is divided into 2 categories: 1 - damage to 1 target, when you can only destroy 1 opponent, and 2 - massive damage (basically, massive damage gives a skill or certain swords), which destroys opponents in a certain radius of action. AoE damage is very effective at normal campaign levels.

4. Critical damage is the increased damage you inflict during the battle. Critical damage is determined by the percentage of attributes received from equipment. For example, in your hero’s stats, critical damage is increased by 30%. That is, with this strike, you will deal damage not 100 units, but 130 units.

5. Critical Chance is the chance of how often you can deal critical damage. Determined as a percentage, the higher your chance of landing a critical hit, the more often you will deal critical hits. For example, in your indicators, the chance of critical damage is 50%. That is, every 2 hit will deal increased damage to enemies.

6. Ground damage - increases attack on monsters that you meet in ordinary stories. This option is good to use in the passage of ordinary stories, where it will be most effective. If you are going to the Tower or Dungeons, then it is better to change the equipment by choosing a different indicator.

7. Accuracy - since some monsters in the game have a high chance of evasion (that is, they leave without being injured from your blow), then you should pump up accuracy. This will increase the chance of hitting mobile creatures, and reduce their chance to dodge. Accuracy is important in passing the Tower.

8. Block chance - you can parry with a certain percentage chance. This percentage defines this parameter. The higher the chance to block, the more you will parry the blows, therefore, you will take less damage.

9. Blessing - an indicator can be obtained from improvement stones and artifacts. The attribute gives a chance that you can increase your normal attack by a certain percentage. The blessing works under certain conditions. For example, when collecting a set of equipment.

Collect items that increase critical strike chance and critical damage. So you will deal more damage to enemies more often.

Artifacts are additional items of equipment that increase your primary and secondary parameters. Artifacts drop from bosses. On the chapter map, such battles are marked "Battle bosse". But in order to get, after the battle with the boss, an artifact, you need to open the chests. This requires a key (each quality of the chest needs its own key). Keys can be bought in the store, found in stories, or obtained from the same chests.

Artifacts are stored in a separate section on the lower control panel of the camp. The more artifacts of the 1st type you have, the higher you will receive effects from them. For example, you have a pendant that increases your health points. If it is 1, then a total of 137 points will be added. Once you find 2 pendants, then health points will increase by 218 units. You don’t need to select artifacts for battle, as they will constantly passively provide an improvement, that is, the entire game.

Final Destiny: Skill Tips

Skills are special skills that you can activate in battle for effective combat. Skills increase your damage and other attributes. There is a skill that restores your health points. To get a skill, you need to solve puzzles. The range of abilities grows with the passage of the heads of the company. Each chapter can give you 2 - 3 new skills. But you can only take 2 skills into battle, that is, put them in special cells next to the attack button.

Each skill has a cooldown. The more powerful the ability, the longer the cooldown. This must be taken into account when choosing combat skills. For example, there is a skill that increases attack by 400%, the cooldown is 9 seconds. And there is a skill that increases attack by 500%, but it has a cooldown of 12 seconds. That is, in a minute you can deal 1 skill (provided that you deal damage of 100 units) - 2400 damage, and 2 skill - 2500 damage. That is, the second skill to put into battle is more profitable than 1.

Each skill is upgraded with the resulting copy of the skill in the puzzle. Let’s say you have 4 skills that you unlocked in Chapter 1. After passing the next riddle, you get a copy of one of the available skills. This means that your ability will automatically level up. With each new skill level, its performance increases and the cooldown time decreases. If we take the example described above and pump 1 skill, and 2 skill will have 1 level. Therefore, it is more profitable to take 1 skill into battle.

Skills can be rearranged at any time. That is, before going through a normal chapter without a boss, it is better to put a skill on the joystick that gives a massive attack. And if you go to a level where there are elite monsters or a boss, then skills that hit 1 target will be more effective. You can see the skills you have in the camp in the "Skill" section. From this section, abilities are put into battle.

"Healing" is a skill that you can get during the passage of Chapter 2. It restores 20% of its maximum health at level 1, and has a 70 second cooldown. Therefore, at skill level 1, it is not profitable to put him into battle, it is better to use banks to restore health points. This is a situational skill that can work well only after level 5 - 6 of its pumping. But if you have enough healing bottles, then you can not put it at all, and not take up a precious slot. It is better to put a more effective ability.

But besides the usual chapters, you should remember about the Dungeons, where you will only break stones, so you will need the maximum amount of health and defense points. We recommend that you put the pumped "Treatment" before going to the Dungeons. It’s also worth saving the larger health potions for boss stories and higher levels of the Dungeon.

In the later stages of the game, you will be given unique skills with which you can summon fire and ice meteorites that will freeze enemies or deal damage for several seconds.

A fairly simple game to play in which you can just relax, spend time waiting, for example, between lectures or while riding the subway. There are no pitfalls in the game, there are many different parameters. The game is suitable for those people who do not want to sit on the phone for hours and methodically develop a character, remembering various features and mechanics.

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