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Fishing Clash WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

FISHING CLASH - an Android game with the release date 10/24/2017 from the company Ten Square Games. Game genre: Simulation. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official site, and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Gift Codes
  2. A Guide for Beginners
  3. How to Catch a Boss, Megalodon, and Other Legendary Fish
  4. How to choose and improve a fishing rod?
  5. How to play (fishing secrets)?
  6. How to develop?
  7. How to earn coins (money)?
  8. How is it more productive to complete tasks?
  9. Game Tips

Fishing Clash: Gift Codes

Where to enter the gift code? You should go to Settings (blue button in the upper right corner), then a menu will appear where there is a "Gift Codes" button at the bottom. By clicking on it, a dialog line appears where the code characters are entered.

Gift Codes:

  1. Loot is a black pack of lures.
  2. Ishhdhhwkeo - a silver box for tackle.
  3. Feb_24 - 100 amplifiers.
  4. Kambr is a golden packet of fortune.
  5. Darwin - 100 pearls.
  6. Tujuuluk - 25 pearls.
  7. MUSTARD - 10,000 coins.
  8. 79-A4DD967E765 - Keg of Pearls.
  9. 54-BDD984B69BA - starter pack.
  10. 12-1DC9DFCBD63 - A bag of pearls.
  11. AA-D4558914460 - Bag of pearls.
  12. Extremesportfishing - sonar (50 pieces), luck + 100% (50 pieces), chance for fish + 100% (50 pieces).
  13. PHILLIPS - luck + 100% (25 pieces), chance for fish + 100% (25 pieces), amplifiers 25 (pieces), speed + 50% (25 pieces).
  14. Thankyouverymuch is a golden packet of fortune.
Codes quickly become obsolete. Do not forget to visit our site - Wise Geek. Here we will, if possible, add new game gift codes. Do not miss, as some codes are valid for a limited time!

How to earn free gift codes? To do this, you need to download and run the Google Opinion Rewards application from the Play Store. Small polls are held here periodically for which you will receive a reward for your Google Play account. These funds can be spent on the game Fishing Clash.

Fishing Clash: how to enter cheats? Putting cheats in the game is unseemly and dishonest. Moreover, if administrators find out about your trick, they will block your account, and you can no longer continue the game. Therefore, we recommend that you do not use cheats, as experienced players confirm from their own experience that even without cheats and making money into the game, you can enjoy the gameplay.

Fishing Clash: A Guide for Beginners

Fishing Clash is a mobile fishing simulator of the highest quality. This is a combination of fishing simulator, street and sports game. Upon entering the game you get to the main screen (lobby), from where you can go to various menus and select the desired location for fishing.

Profile Menu

The menu is located in the upper left corner. In the "Profile" tab you can see the game nickname, the rank achieved, the player’s parameters (the best fish caught, the number of hooks collected and other personal achievements). Also shown here are your badges that are given for events won.

In the progress tab - all locations are shown, and you can also see how many fish from the required number you caught, how many bosses fished out, and your current collections on this location. All locations are concentrated here, the levels from which you can visit this pond are shown. In the upper right corner you can see your current license.

Skins tab - here are all the design details for the design of your player card. These components do not affect anything, just a beautiful decor. There are: frames, skins, emoticons, portraits.

Mail tab - messages from developers come to the mail, messages about upcoming events and updates also come. Invitations to clans come here too. After reaching a certain level, you will begin to be invited to the clans.

Friends tab - here is the entire list of your game mates. You can invite any player to become your accomplice. You can also connect your profile from Facebook to find colleagues and compete with them. You can publish your achievements and victories on your page on the social network.

VIP status tab - each VIP status gives the player permanent benefits. Upon reaching a new level of status, you receive a one-time reward. Status can be upgraded for VIP points. Under the map on the right side of the window is the crown symbol. 1 crown is 1 VIP point. In order to receive these points, players must go to the Store and start making purchases. When buying goods with coins, you will not be able to earn VIP points. But, in the store free gifts appear daily. When you receive a free gift, you get 1 VIP point. Those who do not want to sit and collect these glasses for a long time can purchase any product for real money. Each item says how much you can earn when buying VIP points.

Basic home screen icons

Game Currency:

  1. Coins - located at the top of the window. Their current number is shown here. Coins are needed to buy fish in the store. In addition, coins are needed to improve the bait.
  2. Pearls - the number of pearls can be seen next to the coins. For pearls, you can purchase various amplifiers and baits in the store.

The main menu is located in the upper right corner. There are settings here. For example, if someone’s phone vibrates when they receive a game message, you can turn off this vibration. There is also a "Help Center" where you can see some tips on the game. In Settings, you can change the language (if it is in the game libraries), select the weight (kilograms or pounds).

It’s important if you liked the game and decided to devote some time to it, we recommend that you link your game account with Google Play. This must be done in order to maintain progress. If there is no binding, then in an unforeseen case, it will be impossible to restore your achievements in the game, and you will have to start all over again.

Fishing Clash how to assemble a collection? Collections are nothing more than groups of fish in a location. The menu is located in the upper right corner of the screen. They are not divided into epic or mythical. These are the species. For example, toothed. These include the cape crucian carp, black-nosed gray shark and large barracuda on the Florida Coast location. This is 1 collection. To collect it, you need to catch each of these fish for 12 stars. When you catch all these 3 fish, you will collect 1 collection. And such collections in Florida - 7 pieces.

Events - the button is located on the left side of the main screen. It shows a variety of promotions and events that developers are currently holding. Events open after a player reaches a certain level.

When you select fish for fishing, some creatures have goblets on the card. This means that the animal is participating in some kind of tournament. Championships are held daily, in each event different fish participate. To take part in the competition, you must catch the fish from the list. The larger the waterfowl caught, the more points you earn.

Tackles - there is a tab "Fishing Rods". At the start of the game you are given a simple fishing rod, without amplifications. Gear is pumped up to level 7. Each of them has its own bonus:

Licenses Tab Licenses add certain bonuses for catching certain fish, or for special conditions. For example, during a competition. Licenses are regular and PRO. Each new level opens an additional bonus. You can increase the level by simply catching fish at a location. Once the required number of fish completes the experience scale, the license reaches the next level. PRO - increases the parameters of the license by 2 times and gives you more bonuses.

Clans - in the menu you can find the gaming community that suits you. That is a group of people with whom you will develop together, help each other with advice. By clicking on any clan from the list, you will see all the information about it. For example, "Prestige Points" are points that are awarded for winning between clans. By the number of cups, other clans (with a similar number) are selected for competitions.

Amplifiers (located on the right side of the screen):

  1. Weight booster - necessary in order to catch larger fish.
  2. Chance for fish - increases the chance of catching a certain fish.
  3. Speed - used to increase the speed of fishing.
  4. Luck is necessary to increase your chance of catching big fish.

Fish cards - located in the lower right corner. By clicking on the map, you can see all kinds of fish. You can also see which fish are available to you at the current stage of the game. At the start, all types of ordinary fish are open. These fish are marked on the card with a gray frame, and below are marked with the signature "ordinary". If you upgrade fish, then you will gain experience points. There are several types of fish (or bait):

  1. The basic bait is a location card that you can fish on. It is issued free of charge. But it usually comes across ordinary fish.
  2. Common fish.
  3. Rare - in this form there is a subspecies of "black fish", which can only be obtained from packs of Lures. They can also be obtained in clan packages of Lures.
  4. Epic - it is better to catch these fish at each location, they have a higher chance of fishing than mythical and legendary waterfowl. But these fish are much larger than rare and ordinary, so you can quickly raise the license level on them.
  5. Mythical - very rare, and has a low chance of catch.
  6. Legendary - this is the coolest bait that is in the game, which do not fall on the base bait.

Fishing Clash: how is experience gained? For example, if you upgrade Rabirubia fish, then 2 experience points are given for it. You need to improve the fish as follows: you need to click on the necessary fish, after which its menu will open. In the right part of the window (near the card with the fish) there is a button "Improve". A waterfowl improves with a certain amount of coins.

At the top of the screen is a blue six-pointed star with a scale. On the star itself, your current level is indicated, and the scale indicates the progress of accumulating experience points at this level. At each level you should score a certain number of experience points. This number is displayed above the scale.

The higher the level of the bait, the larger the fish can be caught on it. That is, on level 1 bait, you will never catch fish with 11 stars.

Fishing Clash: what is the maximum lure level? At the moment, there are only 12 levels (stars) of lures. Perhaps with the further development of the game, developers will raise the level of fish.

Fights - open at level 3. The button is located in the lower left corner. A duel is a competition in fishing with another player. Each opponent has an equal number of cups (by which opponents are selected for the match). When a rival is found, you select certain types of fish to fish. In this case, you are given the same time for fishing.

Hooks are given for winning matches:

For a certain number of hooks, you can get a "special pack of Lures." From these packs lures fall and with a small chance - pearls and coins.

At the start of the game, we recommend gradually getting to level 9. In this case, there is no need to rush. Just advise you to fish and enjoy it. Every day you will have events. In these events, you need to earn license levels.

Fishing Clash: How to Catch a Boss, Megalodon, and Other Legendary Fish

Fishing Clash: how to catch the legendary fish?

Fishing Clash: how to get the legendary bait? There are only 4 ways to get a bait for such fish (they don’t fall out in ordinary bait packages):

  1. Buy bait in the store.
  2. Participate in tasks that are periodically given by developers, with prizes in which there will be a legendary fish. The bait is dropped randomly. For example, you have 5 locations open, on 4 of them you have legendary decoys, but on 5 not. And not the fact that the exact bait that you need will fall out.
  3. Take clan booster level 11. Fishes randomly drop out of the booster.
  4. Participation in clan wars. If your clan is fairly well pumped (a level not lower than platinum 3), then for 1 place, sometimes in some tasks they give a bait for the legendary fish.

The difference between the legendary bait and the rest. Even if you have legendary level 1 waterfowl (that is, you got 1 bait), you can catch the legendary 11-star fish on this bait. Yes, the probability of catch is very low, but it is still there. It is advisable to have a special fishing rod for catching the legendary fish, because the fishing rod should be as likely as possible to catch the fish. Even if this fishing rod is level 1, but the "Chance of Capture" should be pumped as high as possible. The legendary fish almost always falls into the championships, therefore, without the bait for the legendary fish, you will not be able to win the championship, and will not take the prize.

When did you get the bait for the legendary fish, for example, one. And you have a second bait - you do not need to immediately upgrade it to level 2. Because the game is very often held event "Fiesta lures." For improving 1 legendary bait immediately gives 10,000 points. If you have 3 legendary fish for improvement, and you held them before the event, you will immediately receive 30,000 points. That for the performance you get 3 bronze packages of lures and 30 pieces of Sonar. Moreover, if you have accumulated several mythical and epic lures, then you will immediately receive the legendary lures.

Therefore, we recommend improving mythical and legendary baits during a special event on baits. Also, we do not recommend spending all the coins on improvement (it is better to save them), because improving rarities of high rarity requires a lot of money. Therefore, you should accumulate 100,000 - 120,000 coins for mass improvement.

How to catch the boss in Fishing Clash?

At each location there are 5 special fish - bosses that need to be caught. It is worth noting that, according to the game specifics, the boss refers to ordinary fish. This is important to know when completing missions, as well as during fishing in the Clan Wars. Since bosses give a lot of points for catching. This should be taken into account if you are doing the task "The best result: ordinary at the place of fishing (location is given)." Therefore, bosses should be caught in special moments of the game.

When you squeeze the boss at a specific location, you have the opportunity to improve the bait (base) on the current location. This gives you the opportunity to catch more significant fish. The more you catch the boss, the correspondingly, the level of bait will be higher.

Certain tactics to catch the boss on the location - does not exist. Any boss is caught randomly. And the catch does not depend on what bait you are fishing at, what level it is. You can cast a fishing rod at a location 50-100 times and not catch more than one boss, and sometimes you can cast 3 times and you will get 2 bosses.

The main thing that you should know by the very catch of the boss is that they should not be caught in fights, since these fish are not caught in them. Therefore, we recommend catching them from the shore. It is best to combine the capture of the boss with Challenge or some kind of championship. If in the event you are required to catch a certain fish from the shore, then perhaps you will come across one of the bosses.

Sometimes it is recommended to let the boss go, as he goes in the classification as an ordinary fish, sometimes clan wars take place at the location, in which it is necessary to catch species of such rarity for the maximum number of points. In no case can you spend pearls on catching the boss, since this is the rarest currency.

How to catch megalodone in Fishing Clash?

To catch megalodon, you must have:

  1. A special fishing rod "Megalodon Hunter" (the name is not a prerequisite), if possible pump it up to 7 stars, and assign it this particular type of fish for catch. 7 the property "Size" is recommended to increase as much as possible (this is 20%).
  2. We recommend having a Powerful Megalodon license with a weight of approximately 4.6%.
  3. Accumulate as many different amplifiers as possible. If you have few amplifiers, then catching a megalodon does not make sense. You can accumulate them in various events. Donut doesn’t matter.
  4. The level of bait is from level 2.
To catch a megalodon of 12 stars, you must have 3000 points or more. To do this, cast a fishing rod until you get the value of points in the range from 3000 to 3500 - 3700.

Fishing Clash: how to catch 12 star fish?

To catch 12 star fish, we recommend using the advice given by us above for catching megalodon. But, nevertheless, there are differences:

  1. It’s not necessary to upgrade the fishing rod to 7 stars. The main thing is that you have a high chance of capture and a high percentage of weight. You should also consider the type of fish you want to catch. All open properties should relate to a specific type of bait. You should designate the fish that you need to catch.
  2. Whenever possible, all types of licenses should be open. License metrics must also be upgraded.
  3. Dig up as many amplifiers as possible for Weight and Good Luck.
  4. Glasses of fish should stand - from 3000 and above.
  5. Must be pumped bait.

Fishing Clash: How to choose and improve a fishing rod?

Fishing rods are the main fishing tool in the simulator. As we wrote above, there are 7 levels of leveling rods. At the start, you will get a basic ordinary fishing rod with 1 property per weight. Each location has its own collection of fishing rods. The properties of each level are located in the center of the Gear screen. Opposite each bonus, the blue box shows the specific characteristics of the fishing rod.

We recommend improving fishing rods with a first indicator of at least 3.6%. It is best to pump a tool with a rate of 4% or higher. We recommend using fishing rods with lower indicators to improve the main ones.

In order to improve the fishing rod, click on the "Improve" button on the right side of the window. After that, a window will open where the level of the fishing rod is increased. On the left side you will see the current and subsequent state of the gear. And on the right side will appear all the fishing rods that you got at the current location. To improve it is necessary:

After you have raised the fishing rod level (stardom), you should look at the figure that opens. On a level 2 fishing pole, Sonar or Luck will open. The percentage of Sonar must be at least 30%. Otherwise, you will have to change the indicator to a better one. To do this, at the bottom of the window there is a "Pull" button. Here, for pearls, you can increase the properties of fishing rods.

Also, for each fishing rod you can "Assign" a certain bait, then you will increase the percentage of probability of catching precisely these waterfowl on this tackle. To do this, click on the "Assign" button, which is located in the lower right corner. You can assign any number of fish.

If, when you improve your fishing rod, you have a property on a specific type of fish (epic, legendary), then it’s better to attach just such fish to the tackle. Often the indicator for a particular fish falls out (for example, European grayling). Then it is recommended to appoint a European grayling, and catch it with this fishing rod. This is relevant during any events. You can reassign the bait at any time.

What is sonar? This is the interval of scatter in fish. For example, you catch burbot. He will have a scatter of points from 5768 to 5830. The scatter is 62 points. In this range you can fish with the Sonar amplifier, but the Sonar fishing rod’s property works a little differently: this feature makes it possible to fish in the minimum or maximum level of the range. If, for example, you have a Sonar rate of 60%, then you will be 60% likely to catch waterfowl with 5830 points.

Luck - increases the chance to catch the necessary big fish based on the level of your bait. If the Luck property has a high percentage on your fishing rod, then you do not need to use an additional amplifier. The maximum value for Luck is 45%. The Luck property will always work for a specific group of fish with the probability that you have in the tackle property.

Sonar does not affect the size of the caught fish, and the Luck property affects the higher the Luck percentage, the more often you will catch larger fish.

Fishing Clash: how to make an instant catch? The Instant Catch icon is located on the right side of the screen. It is made in the form of a torn heart, if you hover over it, an appropriate inscription will appear. A little lower is a symbol in the form of a lightning, which shows the number (in percent) of additional points for the combination. The more the rod level is pumped, the higher these indicators. The chance and bonus do not affect the rarity of the fish caught.

Properties Size and Effective Weight Gain - This is essentially the same weight that allows you to catch larger fish. The higher, in total 4 weight indicators, the big fish you will catch.

The first 4 properties show which fish this fishing rod is set to. If you have a specific type of fish (for example, mythical) in the first indicator, then the remaining 3 properties will also be on mythical fish. This must be understood when choosing a fishing rod. The next 3 parameters (5, 6 and 7) are indicators for all types of fish. If you have 1 fishing rod for ordinary fish in the location, pumped up to level 3, and a mythical fishing rod (up to level 7), then you will collect more fish from the second type of fishing rod, including ordinary creatures, since 3 characteristics are concentrated on them at once .

Therefore, 7 star fishing rods are more effective, more necessary at a location, than 3 - 4 tackle for 3 stars. Therefore, you should safely improve them to 6 - 7 levels. But it is best to improve mythical or legendary gear as much as possible, at the expense of other tools. This is necessary at the moment when the championships or fights are taking place, and you choose the legendary or mythical fish. Then you will get more points for catching such a fish than for the rest of the fish.

Fishing Clash: How to play (fishing secrets)?

Challenges for completing the Challenge:

  1. What is the best way to complete the challenge? Never start fishing for the Challenge at the very start of the event. You should wait until there are 15 to 20 minutes left until the call ends. If you catch fish with 11 stars, it does not guarantee you a place in the top ten. Before starting fishing, you should view the TOP players in this event and the number of points. Then you should go to Lures, find the Challenge fish, and compare your maximum result with the result of the players in the TOP. If the difference is too big, then you should not spend amplifiers on this event.
  2. It is recommended to combine several events at the same time, so you will get more rewards and spend less amplifiers. For example, we recommend combining the "Fights Marathon" and "Challenge". Since you can show a good result in the Challenge and complete tasks in the Duel.
  3. If you need to show good results in the Challenge, and you have the opportunity to improve the bait. It is best to first strengthen the fish, and then go catch it, because after pumping the first cast usually gives a very good result. You should also activate all amplifiers before the request. After which 1 -2 cast will be a record.
  4. It is not advisable to sit and wait for the beginning of the Challenge, in this case, you will get into events with those players who are currently in the game. We recommend that you enter the game 30 minutes before the end of the promotion (they all start and last one time). Consequently, the probability of getting at the same time with strong and pumped rivals is reduced.

Fishing Clash: How to develop?

  1. At the very start of the game you get to the first location "Florida Coast", and you do not have money, pearls and lures. Therefore, it is recommended that you try to complete all the events and tasks that the game system offers you. The tasks are not difficult, and are suitable for starting the game. For this you will receive rewards. The longer you get good results, the better the rewards. Accordingly, you will develop better.
  2. We advise you to enter the game at least 4 times a day. This is important in order to pick up free lures that open once every 3 hours. These lures are given for winning the Fights. Although there will be little bait, but at the start of the game - this is a good help. You should also pick up packs free of charge, which are available once every 4 hours, because they have 1 pearl.
  3. You must join an active clan. Naturally, at the very beginning you will not be accepted into the TOP clans. To do this, go to "Clans" - "Search for clans" and in accordance with your rating (which is obtained in the Duel), a list of recommended fishery communities will appear. After joining you will be available tasks "Clan Wars", for which you will receive prizes. Also, a clan booster will be available to you. This is an opportunity to earn extra bait, and the legendary bait periodically occurs.
  4. At the start of the game, pearls need to be spent on the purchase of PRO-licenses. This should be done at each newly discovered location. When you have this license, it becomes easier to play.

Bait leveling - you need to level the bait in such a way as to open 4 locations. Then we recommend stopping. That is, you pump the bait to about 40 - 45 account levels. After that, you just need to save bait. When you perform tasks that will be given to new locations that have not been pumped, and you will spend on pumping coins. As a result, you will have not pumped the first location, you will lose. Also, further locations will not be pumped. Therefore, it is important to stop at the recommended levels and start saving baits and money.

All fish improvements are recommended only when you have a task to improve the bait. For example, "Fiesta lures." So for pumping you will also receive an additional reward.

How to suspend leveling in Fishing Clash? In order not to raise the level, and stay at the current location for as long as possible, we advise you not to raise the levels of the bait. The player’s experience is gained by raising the level of fish. If necessary, you can not pump over waterfowl, but focus on fights and on the extraction of new fish.

How to earn pearls in the game Fishing Clash:

  1. Buy for real money.
  2. Opening free bundles of Lures. Every 4 hours in the game a pack of Lures is available, from which you will receive 1 pearl. But there is one subtlety: when the counting time of 1 pack is over, then the counting time of the second pack begins. Therefore, if you have been absent from the game for more than 8 hours, you can open not 1, but 2 free packs.
  3. Every evening at 22:00 Moscow time, you have the opportunity to open another 1 free pack. It is called a "pack of hooks." After collecting 10 hooks in Fights, you can open this pack. In this pack you get 2 pearls.
  4. For catching the legendary fish. The game has a special gradation or starry fish depending on weight. That is, the smallest fish will have 1 star, the largest - 2 stars, and so on to 12. Having caught the legendary floating creature for 1 star, you will receive 1 pearl, which can be picked up in the "Collections" section of your profile. For catching more star fish, you will get more pearls. But this bonus is issued 1 time per location.
  5. Free bundles of Decoys appear daily in the store (but free amplifiers may appear), sometimes a pearl can drop out. Therefore, it is worth going in and checking the gift.
  6. Pearls are given for completing certain quests. There will be few such tasks, with a pearl promotion, but they periodically appear. Therefore, you should follow the list of events.

Fishing Clash: How to earn coins (money)?

  1. Coins are obtained for catching fish. It is better to earn coins on epic fish. To catch exactly the fish you want, you should select the necessary bait in the "Fish Cards", then the "Equip" button will appear on the right side of the window. After clicking on this button, you will get to the reservoir and will catch this particular waterfowl. At the start of the game you will not be able to get a lot of coins for the catch. But when leveling the bait, you raise not only the level, but also for the caught fish you can get more rewards.
  2. Coins are dropped from packs that are earned in fights.
  3. It is required to participate in various time events, which give a lot more coins than you get when fishing.
  4. Coins also drop out of a pack of Hooks.
  5. Available at the store by opening the free Lures package.
  6. For holding fights.
  7. Coins can be earned by completing special tasks and participating in certain events.

Bonus for the competition. It can be found in the "Gear" section of the "Licenses" tab. And 4 point will be - a bonus for the competition. That is, all available parameters in the license during any competition will be more by the specified amount. For example, the weight of the caught fish will increase. Therefore, when you spin the roulette (after clicking "Random Bonus"), then first of all you need to pay attention to the weight. But the probability of catch and the speed of catch should be paid less attention. Since the main thing in the game is to catch more significant fish. The fish that is bigger always wins. Other things being equal, you will be in priority over another player.

When does the competition bonus work? If you are fishing from the shore, you should pay attention to the scale of the icons at the top of the screen. If the fish does not participate in the competition, then the bonus for the competition will not burn. But in Fights, the bonus for competitions always works. That is, when you participate in Fights at any location, this bonus will work.

To what level can lures be pumped? The answer to this question would seem to be obvious. The more fish bait is pumped, the better. But not so simple. It is impossible in the game without making real money (donation) to pump all the fish to the maximum level. Since you simply do not have enough money. That is, the game always gives you many more lures than money for pumping these. Accordingly, coins are in short supply, and bait is always in abundance.

But there is such a location - Florida Coast, it is necessary to pump it as much as possible, because a very large number of events that take place in the game are in it. And be sure to buy a PRO license for it.

What levels are recommended to pump fish:

  1. Normal - not lower than level 9.
  2. Rare - not lower than level 8, better than 9 levels. But at level 9 you need 40,000 coins.
  3. Epic - not lower than level 6, then you will achieve a permanent advantage in the game with other opponents.
  4. Mythical - 5 level. These and epic fish give the maximum number of points, so in the first place it is advised to pump them to the maximum.
  5. Legendary - here’s how to get it, but you should try to achieve level 3, but they do not fall out so often.
Possessing all these parameters, you will most likely be able to pull out fish 11 stars. Moreover, the probability of this catch is high enough.

Fishing Clash: How is it more productive to complete tasks?

We will give you a recommendation on how to more efficiently complete the weekly assignment. Such events are held every week, but in order not to spend extra resources, you should use our advice on the example of two events: "Fishing Rod Fiesta" and "Black-and-white cat shark" (this event begins on Friday evening).

Fishing Rod Fiesta is a mission that lasts 7 days. For each completed task from the proposed list, you get a certain number of points. These points are cumulative. Having gained the required number of points, you will receive a prize. The reward for 30,000 points is 3 gold packages of Fortune. You never need to close the Fiesta fishing rods at the very beginning. It is advised to leave this task until Friday evening. Even if you have a huge number of fishing rods, and they require improvement, and you understand that you can fully get 48,000 points in 1 day, never close everything all at once.

There is a task "Black-and-white cat shark" - this is a quest for a new fish, which begins on Friday evening. To get the bait for this shark, you should not start to perform tasks on the first day, as the bait gives only 5 pieces. It was also possible to see that already on Friday some players catch a shark for 11 stars, and you still only, it turns out, catch it at level 1.

So how did other players achieve this result? When the task for a new fish began, they began to close the tasks of the Fiesta fishing rods, reached 30,000 points, received 3 gold packages of Fortune, in which the bait for this fish necessarily fell. The dropped bait is enough to pump a black-shark to level 6-7. And the last reward for 48,000 points is 2 giant packages of Fortune. This package may also include shark bait.

It is worth leaving the execution of long weekly events to leave on Friday evening, as often the developers at this time start tasks for catching certain fish. If you run the championship on Thursday, then you should pick up the prizes (if you have won a prize) when the new fish event begins.

There is also one more important piece of advice: before undertaking tasks, you should calculate and analyze your capabilities. It is important to look at the assignments, what they give, whether you can complete them. If you can’t do all the quests, we recommend that you skip this event, or complete a small part of it.

Fishing Clash: Game Tips

Fishing Clash: how does a clan booster work? If you are a member of a clan, then every week from Friday evening to Monday morning, a clan booster is available to you. When you participate in Fights, you are given hooks for victory. All the hooks earned by you and other members of the community go to the piggy bank - to the clan booster. It is of 2 types: 10 and 11 levels. With the accumulation of a certain number of hooks (each level has its own requirements) at the end of the week, clan members can pick up the reward that the booster has. Each level has its own rewards. A level 10 package consists of all types of bait, except for the legendary ones. If you were able to pick up a level 11 booster, then you will get the legendary bait in the set.

Fishing Clash: How to Win a Duel? To win in Fights or Championships you must have:

  1. Well pumped location. Each level has its own location. Above, we wrote to what levels you can pump the bait so that you can comfortably win.
  2. You should purchase a license with a good bonus for the competition. It is advisable to have a bonus of at least 6% by weight.
  3. Good fishing rods. It is advisable to have at least 3 fishing rods in a location that allow you to catch mythical (5 stars), legendary (at least 3 levels, and have 2 weight bonuses) and an epic fishing rod (5 stars).
  4. It is important to see what your opponents come across. It happens that the rivals are so strong, and even having the same level as yours, but they have all locations maximally pumped. These players put real money into the game. Therefore, such fishermen can twist bonuses on fishing rods for a certain point.

Game Fishing Clash, how to unlock avatars? Avatars on the player’s card can be unlocked simply by fishing. Pictures open gradually. Some avatars can be obtained from events, Fights, and certain achievements.

How to recover account in the game Fishing Clash? A very urgent question, since any player may encounter the problem that you are entering the game, and all your progress has been reset, and you are at level 1. If this happens, you must write a letter to support. But since the operators work in English, you (if you do not know English) will need the help of an electronic translator.

In order for the support service to understand that you are the owner of the account, you will need a player ID. The number is in the Settings (button in the upper right corner). To do this, we recommend that you save the numbers in advance somewhere, just in case. You may also need your bills if you made in-game purchases for real money.

In order to prevent such a nuisance, it is advised to enter the game daily through your Google account. In this case, the process will be saved. Moreover, in this way you can play from multiple devices in turn.

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