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Frozen Free Fall WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

Disney Frozen Free Fall is an addictive match-3 puzzle game with jigsaw elements from Jam City, Inc. The game is based on the popular cartoon "Frozen", which has won the hearts of millions of viewers around the world. In it, players will find an exciting journey into the wonderful world of Arendelle, where they can plunge into an atmosphere of magic and meet their favorite characters: Elsa, Anna, Olaf and other inhabitants of the kingdom.


  1. Guide for new players
  2. Game Modes
  3. Secrets of creating powerful combinations
  4. All about special tiles
  5. Guide to companions in the game
  6. Important questions from players
  7. VIP Program Guide
  8. Is it worth playing?

Frozen Free Fall: Guide for new players

Game features. The game offers many exciting levels, interesting puzzles and the opportunity to use the unique abilities of the characters to overcome difficulties and achieve new goals.

Disney Frozen Free Fall offers colorful graphics, addictive gameplay and many exciting tasks. Join Elsa, Anna and their friends on this magical adventure and help them save the kingdom from a winter spell!

Please note that some items in the game may be available for real money.

Game process. Disney Frozen Free Fall is an exciting match-3 game that consists of as many as 465 unique levels, each of which offers players a variety of tasks and challenges. In each level, players have to complete a specific goal, be it to score a required number of points, collect certain items, clear the field of ice and snow, or complete a task within a given number of moves or time.

On August 27, 2014, the game was updated with the summer map, which currently includes a whopping 180 additional levels. This content was later renamed to the Seasons Map, which was divided into many sections dedicated to different seasons and different holidays.

After the Season Map, players will find the Infinity Map, which offers endless challenges and opportunities to break their own records. To access subsequent maps, you must successfully complete previous levels or take advantage of the opportunity to purchase access to new maps for real money.

Conditions of the game "Three in a row". Common items in the game, which come in six different colors and are destroyed by matching comparable items, can sometimes be referred to as "tiles" or "crystals". This is because the term "tile" is often used to refer to the small square element that acts as an object or obstacle holder, while "crystal" or "ice crystal" can be associated with the name of the objects themselves in the game.

There are special crystals that are formed by matching crystals in a specific configuration, such as a cross or T shape (Iceberg), rows of four (Windmill), or rows of five or more, which are called talismans or power-ups.

The game also features bonus items that can give characters special skills outside of the game board and are commonly referred to as enchantments. For added complication, Elsa’s power-up can have the same symbol as the Glacier talisman, and Olaf’s Gift, which transforms crystals into amulets, is called a power-up.

How to pass levels? The game consists of various levels, each of which has its own challenges and difficulties. To complete a level, you will need to collect power-ups, dodge obstacles and enemies, and solve puzzles.

Your character may have different abilities and skills, so choose the one that suits you best. In addition, you can collect coins and other bonuses that will help you improve your character and complete levels faster.

Remember to stay alert, as each level will become more difficult and require more dexterity and skill from you. Good luck completing the levels and winning this addictive game!

Game restrictions. In the game, if you run out of all lives, you will automatically replenish your account with one life every 25 minutes, up to a maximum limit of 5 lives. However, if you urgently need to get back into the game without waiting, you can purchase an instant refill of all 5 lives for an additional fee.

This way, you will always have the opportunity to return to the gameplay without wasting time waiting for lives to be replenished.

How to successfully complete levels? Levels in the game can be of varying difficulty and require different types of actions on the part of the player. For example, on one level you may need to collect a certain number of certain items, on another you may need to destroy all enemies on the playing field, and on a third you may need to achieve a certain score of points.

To successfully complete a level, you need to carefully study the goals and develop an action strategy. Sometimes it may take a few tries to figure out how best to complete the tasks.

Remember that it is important not only to complete the objectives, but also not to exhaust all your moves, because even if you have completed all the objectives, if you have no moves left, you will still lose the level.

Game moves. As the game progresses, gameplay is built around a system of moves. At the start of each level, the player is given a certain number of moves within which he must keep within to successfully complete the level. Each combination and combination of elements on the playing field will require the use of one of the precious moves.

How to earn coins? Each time you successfully complete a level, you will receive 30 basic coins, plus an additional coin for each special dish you keep after winning. In addition, it is possible to earn coins from prize chests that are awarded for decorating rooms.

How to earn snowflakes? When you successfully complete a level, you earn one snowflake. Snowflakes can be used to complete tasks in decorative rooms and quest locations.

How to complete tasks in the game? Quests are represented by blue hexagonal icons in the world. Simply tap the icon to read the quest description and tap again to pay for it using snowflakes.

Why is there nothing on the task board? You have successfully completed all available and remaining tasks in Arendelle Plaza, which means a complete clear of the task board! Stay tuned for updates and new quests: as they become available, they will be automatically added to the quest board for new challenges and adventures. Stay updated and get ready for new challenges!

Collectibles. Collectibles are special objects that players can collect throughout the game. Once a player has collected a full set of 10 unique items within the specified level range, they will be given the opportunity to receive a valuable reward or bonus.

The table below shows all the collectibles:

Item.Where is it found?Collection rewards.
Flowers.Found from levels 1 to 30.Once you collect all 10, you will unlock Sneeze Olaf and receive 5 free bonuses.
Pumpkins.Found from levels 31 to 60.Collect all 10 rewards and 7 free bonuses.
Owls.Found from levels 61 to 90.Collecting all 10 rewards - 10 free ice picks that destroy one tile of your choice.
Cookies.Found from levels 91 to 135.Collecting all 10 rewards - 3 free snowballs, which adds 5 moves to the level.
Countdown numbers.Found from levels 136 to 180.Collect all 10 rewards and 5 free character bonuses.

How to get Arendelle points? To unlock amazing rewards you need to earn points! Arendelle Points can be obtained in the following ways:

Collect points, unlock incredible rewards and take part in exciting adventures in this magical world!

Frozen Free Fall: Game Modes

Game modes? The game features several exciting and varied game modes, each of which provides a unique challenge to the player. For example, in Ice Blast mode, you must activate the Ice Blast tile a certain number of times, which is made more difficult by the fact that each time it is triggered, all adjacent tiles turn to snow.

Thanks to the variety of game modes, every player will be able to find a challenge to their liking and enjoy an exciting gameplay.

Target score . In this mode, you have a limited number of moves to reach a certain number of points. If you exhaust all your moves before reaching the minimum score required to get at least one star, the level will fail.

Frost/Snow. In Frost/Snow mode, the player faces a high level of difficulty as the playing field is completely covered with frost or snow. It is important to think through your moves and strategy in advance to avoid freezing all the tiles. If the player exhausts all available moves, leaving at least one tile of frost or snow on the field, the level will not be considered completed.

Special items. In Special Items mode, special items such as tiaras and balls will appear on the playing field at various locations throughout the level. On the side of the game board you will see how many of each special item you need to collect. If you do not collect all the special items (by moving them to the bottom of the field) before the end of the turns, the level will fail.

Transcend time. In Beat the Time mode, the player is challenged to complete the level within a limited amount of time. This limitation introduces tension and speeds up the pace of the game, requiring the player to quickly and accurately complete tasks. If the allotted time expires before reaching the required number of points, the level is considered uncompleted, which adds excitement and dynamics to the gameplay.

Disposal. In Elimination mode, the player is faced with the task of destroying a predetermined number of ice crystals, which requires strategic planning and precision in each turn. The limit on the number of moves adds complexity, since if you exhaust all available moves before reaching the required number of crystals, the level will be considered failed.

Ice explosion . In Ice Blast mode, the player will have to activate the Ice Blast tile a set number of times before holding a match to it to trigger it. The challenge is that each time a tile is triggered, all adjacent tiles are converted to snow, making the task more challenging and requiring strategic planning for each move.

This mode requires not only dexterity and quick reaction, but also the ability to see and predict the consequences of every action on the playing field.

Blizzard. In Blizzard mode, the player faces an additional challenge - random tiles on the playing field will become covered with frost every three turns. This element makes the game more difficult because when a tile reaches the maximum number of layers of frost, it turns to ice, blocking access and creating an obstacle to completing the goal.

Frozen Free Fall: Secrets of creating powerful combinations

Pendants, charms and their features. Pendants in the game are special crystals that are formed by combining three or more crystals of the same color at the same time. Enchantments, on the other hand, can be activated either by combining them with other enchantments or replacing them with other enchantments to increase their effectiveness.

If a match results in multiple pendants being met at once, they will be created in order of their priority in the list from bottom to top, although in some cases both effects may be activated.

Cold wind. The most common amulet in the game, the Cold Wind Amulet can be created by combining 4 crystals in one row. When this amulet is activated, all crystals on the corresponding line are destroyed. The direction of action is determined by where the combination of 4 crystals was made, and is indicated by a glowing line on the windmill symbol.

Upon reaching the goal in the level, if there are additional moves left, the Free Fall effect is triggered, which turns random crystals into windmills in an amount corresponding to the number of moves remaining, and activates them to perform additional actions and strengthen your strategy in passing the level.

Iceberg. Iceberg is one of the unique amulets in the game, which is created by combining two matches of 3 crystals of the same color at the same time. When activated, icebergs instantly destroy all crystals around them in a 3 x 3 area.

However, an important difference with icebergs is that they do not disappear immediately upon activation; they remain on the playing field, waiting for other crystals to fall in their place to cause another explosion and increase their effect.

The explosive ability makes these Cold Wind combinations especially powerful and effective in solving difficult puzzles and situations in the game.

"Cold wind" and iceberg. When Cold Wind is replaced by Iceberg, they explode in a thick cross, destroying all crystals in three lines in both directions. This powerful and destructive explosion can clear a large area of ​​crystals from the field, making these combinations especially effective at solving complex puzzles and overcoming gameplay challenges.

Two icebergs. When two icebergs switch places, each one explodes simultaneously, twice, destroying all tiles in a 5 x 5 area around each iceberg. This double explosion creates a powerful shockwave, clearing a large area of ​​crystals and opening up new possibilities for further combinations.

It is important to consider such possibilities in your game strategy and use iceberg permutations in those places where the maximum number of crystals is at risk in order to maximize their effectiveness.

Iceberg and glacier. When an iceberg is replaced by a glacier, all iceberg-colored crystals will turn into an iceberg and immediately fire, creating an explosive chain reaction. This means that all adjacent crystals that match the color of the iceberg will also become icebergs and explode, spreading across the playing field and destroying a large number of crystals.

This powerful action can change the landscape of the field and open up new possibilities for combinations, so such moves should be used at strategic moments for maximum benefit.

Windmill and glacier. When a windmill is replaced by a glacier, it results in a powerful effect that can destroy a large number of crystals on the playing field. By replacing windmill-colored crystals with new windmills of random direction and immediately activating them, it creates an effective chain reaction of destruction.

Because windmills are activated by waves and can destroy multiple crystal boards, they are often one of the most powerful moves in the game.

Two glaciers. When two glaciers switch places, their combined action creates a powerful effect in the form of a barrage of white rays that target all the crystals on the game board and destroy them. This effect has a concentrated destructive power that can completely clear the board of crystals.

Frozen Free Fall: All about special tiles

What are special tiles? Special tiles, which have different properties and effects, often appear in the game in stages to slow down the game’s progress and add difficulty to completing levels. Clearing or activating them usually becomes the central goal of this stage of the game.

When triggered, magical enchantments can purify or activate any tile in its area of ​​effect, transforming it into a more advantageous form or using special abilities. Exceptions include Void, Ghost, and Cauldron tiles, as well as inactive holiday lights, which are not affected by enchantments and remain unchanged.

The use of magical spells becomes an important element of strategy in the game, allowing players to use them with dexterity and tact to achieve their goals and successfully complete levels.

Frosty tiles. In a game context, frost tiles act like normal tiles without blocking the player’s movement, but have the added effect of matching frost tiles to clear their frost. Magic spell blasts are also capable of clearing the frost on every tile they impact, even if that tile does not have ice crystals on it. In some cases, multiple explosions may be required, especially if the frost tile is severely frozen.

Frosty tiles can also be created using special tiles such as Marshmallow or Window. If you try to apply frost on a tile that already has the maximum number of frost stacks, that tile will turn into an ice tile.

Ice tiles. Ice crystals are a special type of artifact in the game that are encased in ice and cannot be moved around the playing field. When two ice crystals come together, the block of ice is destroyed, but the crystal itself remains in place. This creates interesting tactical possibilities for players, allowing them to use ice crystals to destroy barriers or achieve certain goals in the game.

Snow tiles. Snow blocks are another interesting element in the game that block movement similar to ice, but do not contain a crystal inside them. They can be destroyed by matching on an adjacent tile up to five times depending on the size of the snow block.

The size of a snow block can be determined by its color - from the blue part in the middle of the block to completely white.

Size 1 tiles have the largest blue portion, indicating that they only require one match to be destroyed. While size 5 tiles are completely white and require five matches to be completely destroyed.

Empty tile. The empty tile is a unique element in the game and should not be confused with the empty tile. It is a special type of tile that does not currently have a crystal on it due to other obstacles, but is not a regular empty tile without features.

Freezer. This element adds additional complexity and tactical decisions to the gameplay. Given its ability to freeze adjacent tiles, targeted freezer management becomes an important aspect of strategy in each level. It is important to take into account their distribution and preference for ordinary crystals when solving puzzles.

Tiles Flowers. The game mechanic, where flowers can be removed by matching the same colors three times, is a great opportunity for players to develop their memory, attention and strategic skills.

Troll Tiles. Their feature of only moving downwards after each turn, as well as the ability to move away from matches or stop on a match tile, adds an extra dimension of strategy and move planning for players.

Trolls require a more careful and careful approach to awakening them, since their movement is limited and controlled by the conditions on the game board. Losing them if they fall from the bottom of the board emphasizes the importance of careful decision-making so as not to create a situation where the troll finds himself without a foothold.

Tile Sun. Solar tiles are amazing and mystical game elements that add surprise and interest to the gameplay. Their ability to grow and explode under certain conditions makes them unique and adventurous puzzle pieces.

Each solar tile has its own development path, which depends on the presence or absence of matches nearby. Players will have to carefully monitor these tiles and build their actions in accordance with their movements and states. Exploding a solar tile can have the powerful effect of destroying ice crystals in a specific area, opening up new strategies and opportunities for completing levels.

Ice Blast Tile. Activating this special tile causes a radical change in the landscape and environment, turning all tiles into a blanket of snow of a specific shape and size. The ability to increase the size of existing snow adds complexity to decision making and calculating consequences, making this element even more exciting for players.

Enchantments that trigger when destroyed by an icy stream open up new opportunities for combined actions and tactical use of resources in the game.

Zephyr tile. Their ability generates snow and increases the size of existing snowpack, adding surprise and strategic depth to the decision-making process. The uncertainty of Zephyr’s effect on surrounding tiles creates an element of randomness that may require the player to react quickly and adapt their strategy to the changing environment on the playing field.

Window Tiles. To open windows, you need to connect two matches on both sides of the window, which will cause a layer of frost to appear on adjacent tiles.

Jacuzzi tiles. When a crystal or special item is placed near the orange whirlpool, it will be absorbed by it and then reappear under the blue whirlpool. Whirlpools first appear in the fifth level of the summer map.

Wolf tile. Wolves are unique tiles that add a fun and unpredictable element to the gameplay. Each encounter with wolves adds dynamics and excitement to the gameplay, since the player must be prepared for unpredictable movements and circumstances.

Fire tiles. Campfires are unique game elements that require careful planning and strategy on the part of the player. Their ability to create chain reactions by adding ones to fire meters and destroying crystals on adjacent tiles makes them a powerful tool in level progression.

Lit bonfires create a constant danger to the crystals on the tiles surrounding them, and players must plan their moves carefully, taking into account the potential consequences of chain reactions and crystal destruction.

Tile of the Sailboat Olf. If a match is found near the sailboat, it will begin to move in a straight line in the opposite direction, leaving the screen. However, if several matches, charms, or other sailboats get in her path, they may start moving in a random direction. Sailboats can be moved like regular tiles.

Ghost Tiles. Ghosts destroy adjacent or diagonally located tiles of the same color and disappear after eating 10 crystals. The first appearance of ghosts was noted at level 33 of the summer map.

Tile Boiler. The cauldron is a 1 by 2 tile that will fill with candies falling on it. After 4 candies fall into the cauldron, they will disappear. Cauldrons are first encountered at level 45 of the summer map.

Tile Holiday Lights. Holiday lights are a gameplay element that are lit by matching matches and must be lit in a specific order. They will only light up if they are lit by the currently blinking single indicator.

Holiday lights first appear in the game’s Summer Map level 91, where players will have to use the element to complete specific objectives in gameplay.

Tiles Holiday Decorations. Holiday decorations are special tiles in gameplay that are distinguished from regular tiles by their special color. Players can create combinations with these decorations just like with regular tiles. They can be used to create regular keychains.

A glacier can be replaced with a regular tile to destroy holiday decorations of that color, but a glacier cannot be replaced with an ornament to do the same thing. A combination of two glaciers will destroy these decorations, as well as all other tiles.

Holiday decorations will not be moved if the board runs out of moves and is reshuffled.

Tiles Balloons. Balloons in the game can be burst if matches are collected next to them in a certain order. Balloons appear for the first time at level 136 of the summer map.

Fireworks tile. Fireworks in the game can be rolled in the opposite direction, while picking up a match next to them to destroy all the crystals in their path and allow them to bounce back when colliding with an obstacle.

If the firework has not gone too far it will always return to its original position, otherwise it will move approximately 7 tiles. This way, fireworks will destroy fewer crystals when used in tight spaces.

Fireworks disappear after 5 crystals of their color have been collected. They are also encountered in the game for the first time at level 147 of the summer map.

Frozen Free Fall: Guide to companions in the game

Companion Anna. Anna is the main character of the animated feature film from Disney, released in 2013. Anna is the second-born daughter of King Agnarr and Queen Iduna, the younger sister of the Snow Queen Elsa, and the modern ruler of the kingdom of Arendelle.

Anna’s capabilities. Anna’s Torch is a powerful tool that can melt as many as 8 crystals in a row, giving the player the ability to create more powerful and valuable items. The first appearance of young Anna occurs at level 8 of the game, when the player is just beginning to immerse himself in the exciting game world.

While the adult Anna, symbolizing a strong and experienced character, appears later, at level 37, when the player has already acquired some experience and skills, preparing for the new and exciting challenges that lie ahead.

Elsa’s companion. Born with the unique ability to control ice and snow, Elsa is the eldest daughter of King Agnarr and Queen Iduna and the eldest sister of Queen Anne, future monarch of the kingdom of Arendelle. For much of her early life, Elsa lived in constant fear of her powerful abilities.

Elsa’s capabilities. Elsa has the ability to destroy all crystals of the chosen color, making her a powerful character in the game. Young Elsa first appears at level 9, while the adult Elsa first appears at level 38.

Pabbie’s companion. Great Pabbie, also known as the Troll King, is a character from the 2013 Disney animated film and its sequel. He is a wise and elder troll who rules the Valley of the Living Rock.

Pabbie’s capabilities. In the game, Pabbie has the ability to randomly select a power-up or item, making him an unpredictable and interesting character to play. He can also be seen on the map, along with another companion, Olaf, adding variety to the gameplay. Pabbie first appears at level 24, bringing with her unique abilities and tactical solutions for players.

Companion Hans. Hans felt the burden of not being able to sit on the throne of his family. Strongly desiring power and recognition, he aggressively sought marriage with Princess Anne of Arendelle, aiming to seize the throne from Queen Elsa and ascend to the royal throne.

Hans’ capabilities. Hans skillfully demonstrates his skill, cutting through crystals with his sword with incredible dexterity and power. In the game universe, his first appearance is noted at level 42, where he makes an impressive display of his combat skills and abilities.

Companion Kristoff. Born an orphan and raised among trolls in the remote mountains, Kristoff was initially wary of humans, whom he considered unscrupulous and deceptive. However, his point of view began to gradually change after meeting Princess Anna, whose kindness and sincerity proved that people might not be as bad as Kristoff thought them to be.

Kristoffer’s capabilities. When Kristoff wields the pickaxe, he is able to destroy up to 6 tiles of frost or other blocking objects, allowing him to carve a path through obstacles. Young Kristoff’s first appearance in the game occurs in the first level, although at this point he does not yet offer any additional bonuses or skills.

The adult Kristoff, having reached new heights and gone through many trials, first appears at level 81. Ready to take on greater challenges and achieve new victories.

Companion Sven. Sven is a reindeer and Kristoff’s main companion. Due to its mute nature as a deer, it does not use verbal communication, instead it expresses its thoughts and feelings through various sounds reminiscent of grunts or other sounds of nature.

Sven’s capabilities. Sven’s Carrot is a powerful weapon in the game, capable of destroying 9 random blocks with one powerful blow. This makes it one of the most effective tools for completing levels and destroying obstacles.

Sven’s first appearance occurs at level 92, when the player has already reached a high level of skill and is ready to cope with even more difficult challenges. This is the moment when this powerful ability becomes available and the player can take full advantage of it in gameplay.

Olaf’s companion. Olaf is the main character of the animated feature film from Disney. He is a good-natured snowman who was brought to life by Elsa. Besides the ability to regenerate his snowy body, Olaf’s main character trait is his passion for summer and everything that is warm.

Olaf’s abilities. Upon reaching level 111, Olaf’s signature hot chocolate can melt certain tiles and all those adjacent to them. Another special power-up called peek-a-boo is available at Summer Map level 32, requiring a different Olaf portrait to activate. This power-up grants an unlimited number of moves for a certain amount of time.

To unlock Olaf’s sneeze ability, you need to collect 10 items from the various Summer levels and place them at the bottom of the board. When this ability is activated, the entire screen is cleared.

Gift from Olaf converts 5 tiles into special blocks and is available at level 92 of the Summer Map. Olaf’s party explosion transforms 5 blocks into icebergs with one powerful explosion and is unlocked at level 137 of the summer map.

Troll companions. According to Disney’s official biography, these ancient creatures in the Valley of the Living Rock can only be discovered if they choose to be found. Trolls are considered the owners of minerals and creators of the night sky. They are also known for being bossy, loud, persistent, clumsy, and large.

Troll capabilities. Each troll throw causes the destruction of two rows of ice crystals of your choice, making him unrivaled at destroying obstacles. These powerful creatures are introduced for the first time at level 201, surprising players with their unique ability and impact on gameplay.

Frozen Free Fall: Important questions from players

What do Anna and Elsa’s dresses do? To unlock amazing dresses for Anna and Elsa, as well as five Elsa’s Glacier bonuses, you need to collect 10 cake collectibles from the board!

Anna’s dress is complemented by a new "Flowers" decoration. With this decoration you have to create five flowers in an X shape on the board. Each flower covers all the tiles underneath it, adding beauty and sparkle to your journey.

Elsa’s dress includes the new Snowball power-up. With its use, you must create 8 mini-Olafs on the board in order to destroy tiles and advance further in the game.

What to do if you get stuck on a level? If you encounter difficulties in a level, do not despair! It might be worth trying a new approach. Try to create more special combinations or use different strategies.

Don’t forget to replenish your character’s power meter to be ready for all challenges.

Also pay attention to in-game boosts and bonuses - they can greatly ease your path to completing difficult levels. Remember that the real fun of the game often comes after overcoming difficulties!

Why can’t I play with certain characters in some levels? Each level is designed with specific characters in mind to provide the best gaming experience. In some levels the player can choose between all three characters, but sometimes only certain characters are available to play through.

Joining the player community. The sooner you join gaming communities, the more benefits they will bring you. You will have the opportunity to communicate with other players, get answers to important questions, and also keep abreast of news and events happening in the game.

Frozen Free Fall: VIP Program Guide

What is the VIP program? The VIP Program is the game’s unique loyalty program that generously rewards you for your participation with cool perks and exclusive access to the VIP Store.

The program includes five different ranks, each providing unique benefits and rewards. As you advance through these ranks, you will receive more and more features and bonuses, which makes your gaming journey even more exciting.

Don’t miss your chance to explore the VIP program and start enjoying its benefits today. Find out what rewards and bonuses await you inside this exciting game world.

What benefits do I get from the VIP program? Check out the wide range of rewards that await you as part of the game’s exciting VIP program:

How to unlock the VIP program? To gain access to the VIP program, you must complete 50 levels of the game.

How to increase your VIP rank? Players increase their VIP rank by earning VIP XP. Your current level and the amount of VIP experience required to level up are displayed in the progress bar on your profile page or at the top of the VIP store. As you move through the ranks of the VIP program, you will also progress through XP milestones that come with unique rewards.

How to get VIP XP? There are three ways to earn VIP XP:

  1. By using snowballs, ice picks and other power-ups to complete levels.
  2. Purchasing goods in a store.
  3. By participating in various events.

How to get VIP coins? There are several ways in which you can earn VIP coins. Firstly, you can receive them as rewards for participating in various events and promotions. Additionally, completing Golden Pass stages will also allow you to earn these valuable coins.

Don’t forget that completing levels the first time will also reward you with VIP coins, helping you accumulate them for future purchases or leveling up your VIP status.

What is VIP storage and how does it work? This is a monthly cache of rewards that is available monthly. The rewards you receive from the base vault are based on your current VIP level, and you have the opportunity to expand the range of rewards by reaching new VIP XP levels.

To track your progress towards the next reward level and to view your current rewards, you can access your Vault on your personal VIP profile page. If you are unable to reach the maximum VIP Rank level, don’t worry as you always have the option to unlock achievement rewards to continue adding to your vault by earning additional VIP XP.

Frozen Free Fall: Is it worth playing?

Disney Frozen Free Fall is perfect for lovers of match-3 puzzle games. Thanks to the many levels, players will have enough to do for a long time. The main advantage of the game is its constant updating and adding new elements, which helps maintain interest and create a sense of novelty. The presence of the main character adds a special charm to the game and immerses the player in a fascinating magical world. Thus, this game is ideal for a pleasant pastime in the cozy atmosphere of the magical world.

Here are the advantages of the game:

Here are the disadvantages of the game:

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