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Gems of War - Match 3 RPG is a famous creation from 505 Games Srl. This game successfully combines three components: passing puzzles Three in a row, completing tasks in the Kingdoms and improving them, as well as managing your own troops of different types. Look for adventures in the world of Kristara, meet new enemies and allies, learn the secrets of the magical world and increase your power. The game features gorgeous detailed art and addictive gameplay in PvE and PvP modes.


  1. Kingdoms Leveling Guide
  2. How to open new Kingdoms?
  3. Ways to Increase the Profitability of Kingdoms
  4. How to upgrade a hero?
  5. Weapon Upgrade Features
  6. Crafting Guide in the Forge of Souls
  7. Secrets of Successful Battles
  8. Status Effects Guide
  9. Completing Campaigns and Getting Artifacts
  10. Dungeon Boss Battles
  11. A Guide to PvP Battles
  12. Arena Battles
  13. Treasure Hunt, Secrets of Victory
  14. Expeditions
  15. How to Catch Dwarfs?
  16. Walkthrough Class Events
  17. Guide to Guilds and Guild Activities
  18. Pros and Cons

Gems of War: Kingdoms Leveling Guide

Concept. Kingdoms are regions in Gems of War located on the world map. Use the Kingdoms to earn gold and strengthen your troops in battles using the additional characteristics you receive. Unlock and upgrade Kingdoms throughout Kristara to unlock new game modes with important rewards.

Tribute to the Kingdom. Unblocked Kingdoms collect tribute in the form of gold and other resources. The higher the level of the Kingdom, the more tribute you can get from it. To collect your tribute, click on the golden pulsing icon above your chosen Kingdom. Raising a Kingdom’s level to 10 will provide a bonus to tribute received, gem mastery, and skills (such as life) specific to that Kingdom.

Collecting tribute is the main source of obtaining diamonds in the game. The higher the total power of all Kingdoms you open, the more diamonds you can get.

Raising the level of the Kingdom. To increase the level of the parameters of the Kingdom:

  1. Select it on the world map;
  2. Select the "Level" option in the lower right corner of the menu;
  3. Select the type of level to raise on the right.

Pumping resources. To pump the Kingdom to level 10, you need gold. The cost of the raise will increase each time. After level 10, in addition to gold, donations will be used in pumping. Each Kingdom requires a certain type of gift. To upgrade Kingdoms of level 14+, you will need Imperial knowledge, and for Kingdoms of level 16+ - Books of Deeds. All these resources can be obtained by completing quests from the Adventure Board, or by purchasing from the store.

Get resources for pumping Kingdoms through crafting in the Forge of Souls. So, you can use orders to create donations, and donations to create Books of Acts.

Rewards for raising the level of the Kingdom. The maximum level for each Kingdom is 20. Each level has a name associated with the reward it receives. Rewards include increased skill, troop count, skill point bonuses, and faction storage bonuses.

1Tower+1 to mastery.
2Lodging1 rare army.
3Well+3 to mastery.
4Inn1 ultra-rare army.
5Obelisk+3 to mastery.
6RedoubtKingdom team bonus to rank I.
7Stables1 epic army.
eightMages Guild+3 to mastery.
nineFortressKingdom team bonus to rank II.
tenThe fountain+1 skill point.
elevenLockKingdom team bonus to rank III.
12Portal+ 25% to the parameters of the faction storage.
13CitadelKingdom team bonus to rank IV.
fourteenArmory+ 25% to the parameters of the faction storage.
15The statue+1 skill point.

Correct tactics when leveling Kingdoms. To distribute the available pumping resources as efficiently as possible, use the tips:

The power of the Kingdom. Raise the level of the Kingdom’s power to increase the amount of daily gold, tribute received, and bonus skills specific to this Kingdom. Complete 3 tasks, such as obtaining and selecting troops, to unlock the next level of the Kingdom’s power and proceed to the next task, up to pumping the Kingdom’s power to level 30.

If the quest says "Not yet achievable", it means that you have reached the current maximum power level for this Kingdom.

Trials in the Kingdom. Challenges are a series of battles unique to each Kingdom. Fight the challenges of increasing difficulty against teams of troops from this Kingdom to earn the best rewards. To unlock challenges, you need to complete the entire Kingdom quest chain. Each Kingdom has 7 challenges, and as soon as you complete all 7, you will move on to the next level.

There are 10 levels in total, which give different rewards. Each of them is more difficult than the previous one. You get a reward for completing each challenge and another reward for completing the entire level. After completion, you cannot re-pass the test, all rewards are given only once.

Gems of War: How to open new Kingdoms?

Kingdoms. The kingdoms cover the entire Kristara (world map), contain a variety of knowledge, unique troops, skills and bonuses, as well as special adventures. Unblock the Kingdoms in a specific order to go through the quest line inside them and get outstanding quests from this Kingdom.

Unlocking the Kingdoms. Kingdoms open in groups. The next group of Kingdoms will become visible in Kristar only after you have unlocked the entire previous group and completed all the quest chains. When the Kingdom appears on the map, select it and buy it for 4000 gold. In the image below, there are 3 Kingdoms in different states:

Select the Kingdom with the Red Castle to see which Kingdom questlines you need to complete in order to unlock it.

Quests. Quests are the main plot or story arcs of the game. Each Kingdom has its own quest chain, consisting of 20-30 battles. Each Kingdom quest chain ends with a final battle against the Kingdom’s boss, who is also the Kingdom’s legendary army. Completing the Kingdom quest line rewards the player with a quest giver, who helped him on his travels (all quest givers are of epic rarity). As you open up new groups of Kingdoms, the quests in them will become more difficult.

Creation of a home Kingdom. The Home Kingdom supplies you with double tribute and serves as the gathering place for all gold and tributes from all Kingdoms. Players can choose their home Kingdom by following these steps:

  1. On the world map, select the Kingdom that will become your home;
  2. Click the Make Home Kingdom button.

You can always change your home Kingdom for free, and the number of attempts is unlimited. Your own Kingdom has a golden name on the map and a golden border in the Kingdom pop-up menu.

Gems of War: Ways to Increase the Profitability of Kingdoms

Income. Income or "tribute" can be collected every hour. Tribute gives you gold and other resources to develop your hero. There are two ways to check your income in gold:

On the numbers shown on the "Income" tab, all bonuses for completed quests have already been taken into account, the levels of the Kingdom’s power and bonuses of the guild statues have been applied.

Tribute. Every time you receive income in gold, there is a chance that the Kingdom will pay tribute to you. In other words, the more often you collect your gold income, the more likely you are to receive a tribute! Tribute is the main source of gold income for the hourly collection, and can also provide a small amount of additional resources such as gems, souls, fame and keys.

At a basic level, each Kingdom awards a different amount of gold, fame, and souls. For example, Broken Spire’s base tribute is 200 gold and 8 souls, while Adana’s base tribute is 175 gold, 2 glory and 4 souls. In addition to the standard gold, souls, and glory, collecting tribute from multiple Kingdoms at once grants bonus gold keys and diamonds, depending on the number of Kingdoms paying tribute to you.

To view the basic tribute level and chance of tribute, select the desired Kingdom, open the levels and power of the Kingdom and go to the "Tribute" tab.

Increased income from the Kingdoms. To increase the amount of gold and resources you earn, increase your gold income, tribute chance and tribute amount for each Kingdom. You can increase your gold income by completing all quests in the Kingdom and pumping the power of the Kingdom:

Strength levelIncrease in gold per day

The amount of tribute. The tribute amount is the total amount of rewards you can earn over and above the base level in each Kingdom. For example, instead of earning 200 gold from the Broken Spire, you can earn 400 gold if it is set as your home Kingdom. The amount of tribute can be improved in the following ways:

Gems of War: How to upgrade a hero?

Concept. Hero is a playable character in Gems of War and one of your strongest troops. Raise the level of the hero, get and improve special classes of heroes, use weapons and armor, and also customize the appearance of the character.

Characteristics of the hero. The hero has 4 different characteristics: attack, armor, life and magic:

The screenshot above shows a hero card that can be opened during the battle. So, the central panel shows the characteristics of armor, life and attack. The left pane shows the magic options.

Craftsmanship. The Mastery tab displays your current gem mastery scores and a breakdown by mastery scores. The higher the mastery of gems of a particular color, the more likely you will receive a mana surge for matching them during combat. Your hero gains skill points (like armor or life) and gem mastery as he levels up.

Classes of heroes. Classes give you additional hero talents. Classes can be enhanced with Gem Mastery and Skill Bonuses.

Raising the level and improving the class of the hero. There are 4 main ways to level up and improve a hero class:

Class experience can be earned in any game mode, except for training battles and arena.

Skill points. Hero classes can be upgraded with souls to level 20. This will give you additional increases in attack, armor, magic and life in addition to the characteristics that your hero already has (the number varies for different classes). It is important to note that the magic bonus gained from the hero class applies only when using weapons of the specified color - for example, military leaders receive a magic bonus only when using a red weapon, and knights receive a magic bonus only when using a blue weapon.

Traits. Each hero class has its own set of traits. Unlocking them costs the same as for the Legendary Squad.

Champion level. After you unlock and equip a class, you can level up a hero for that class by participating in battles with your hero. As your champion level increases, you unlock progress in the talent tree. You will gain champion experience for the class you equipped and used on a team if your hero is on a team.

Talent trees. Each class has 3 talent trees. As you level up your champion, you will be able to unlock new talents at levels 1, 5, 10, 20, 40, 70 and 100. You can activate 1 talent per level from any talent tree and change them. For example, as a knight, you can have a level 1 Guardian talent, a level 5 Morale talent, and a level 10 light talent at the same time. If you change the talent tree for a class, it will change for all teams using that class.

Class weapon. Each class of heroes has special weapons that can be unlocked by winning 250 battles with each class. After that, the hero will be able to use it, regardless of which class is selected. You do not need to have a hero on your team to get all 250 victories, but the appropriate class must be used.

Gems of War: Weapon Upgrade Features

Concept. Weapons can be unlocked, upgraded and equipped on your hero to give him a special spell separate from the troops. The weapon also gives the hero additional skill bonuses and effects in battles.

Purchase of weapons. The fastest way to get a weapon is to buy it from the store (the coin stack icon on the world map). Depending on the current weekly event, different types of weapons will be available. Weapons can also be purchased for gems in guild events in the shop tab along with other event resources.

Obtaining weapons by pumping the hero. Raise the skill level of your hero to unlock new weapons for free. Each time your hero improves a level, you get the opportunity to choose one of two offered mastery points, which are chosen randomly at each level. Higher spell proficiency levels unlock more powerful weapons of the corresponding color. For example, if you want to unlock the Burning Scythe weapon, you will need to earn 40 skill points in Fire (red) and Magic (purple) skill.

If you are short on weapons after completing the required Gem Mastery levels, try leveling up again to unlock weapons for your hero.

Weapon upgrade. Upgrade your weapons to get bonuses to characteristics: an increase in the indicators of damage, life, armor or attack of your hero. To upgrade your weapon, you will need ingots of the appropriate rarity (regular ingots for conventional weapons, rare ingots for rare weapons, etc.). In total, there are common, rare, ultra-rare, epic, legendary and mythical ingots. If it is possible to upgrade a weapon, you will see a small blue upgrade icon on its icon.

After upgrading your weapon, you will keep all previously purchased bonuses.

How do I get bullion? Ingots can be obtained:

Doomed weapon. The Doomed Weapon is a special weapon that can only be obtained from the Shop in the Tower of Doom event. It is upgraded with forge scrolls of the corresponding mana color of the weapon. For example, a doomed blade that uses blue mana and is located only in the Blue Tower of Fate requires an ice forge scrolls to level up.

Use of weapons. Weapons can be equipped in the "Troops" - "Weapons" section. To use a weapon, open your team, select the desired weapon and add it. Your hero will use any weapon. The weapon level is displayed on its icon with a "+" sign. Also indicated are the received effects of the weapon, its image, the Kingdom to which it belongs, and the spells that it can use.

Weapon affixes or effects. After pumping a weapon above level 5, you can unlock its additional effects, called affixes. For example, a 10th level Dawnbringer can destroy a random red gem and give the hero an additional 4 armor and 2 attacks. The first 5 weapon levels provide only a skill bonus, however, each subsequent level of weapon rarity will unlock a new property. Common weapons can only have skill bonuses, while rare weapons can have 5 skill bonuses and one mod. The affix is ??triggered after using a weapon spell or dealing damage.

Gems of War: Crafting Guide in the Forge of Souls

Concept, conditions of opening. In the Forge of Souls, you can independently craft valuable game resources. To unlock this mode, you need to complete a series of adventures in the Bright Forest, Grosh Naka, the Poisoned Lands and the Dark Rock. To open the Forge, click "Games" in the bottom menu of the main screen and select the appropriate tab.

Soul Forge Levels. The Forge of Souls has 10 levels. Each new level opens after killing a certain number of troops. If you don’t want to wait for auto-unlock, use diamonds to unlock new levels. The higher the level of the Forge, the more opportunities you will have to create various items and even troops. At level 10, you can create mythical troops.

Collecting gems and shards. To craft in the Forge of Souls, you need diamonds, gems and shards. Get them in Dungeon battles or buy them at the Dungeon exchange office (purple banner in the upper right corner of the activity screen). To unlock the Dungeons, you need to complete all quests in the Drifting Sands. Gems can also be created in the Forge using souls and shards.

Check your number of gems by clicking on the jewel icon in the upper left corner of the Forge of Souls. Don’t confuse crafting gems with gems or diamonds!

Crafting process. Select the type of craft by opening the required Soul Forge tab (gems, master stones, troops, weapons, etc.). On the left, you will see a complete list of items that you can get. The number in the list highlighted in green shows how many items (troops or weapons) you can craft with your current amount of resources.

Select the item you want from the list and the crafting recipe will be displayed on the right. The central image is the icon of the item being created, the small images are the ingredients of the recipe, the numbers below them are the required amount to create. Use the green arrows to set the required number and craft several items at a time. After setting all the parameters, click the "Create" button.

New recipes for creating troops and weapons in the Forge of Souls are updated weekly, so regularly check the lists of possible crafting and create the necessary items in a timely manner.

Making ingots at the Forge of Souls. All ingots, with the exception of regular ingots, can be created at the Forge of Souls using souls and ingots of a lower rarity. This requires 10 lower grade ingots and 100 souls for each ingot.

Gems of War: Secrets of Successful Battles

The basics. The basic combat mechanics of Gems of War is a match-3 game. In front of you is a playing field consisting of slots with gems and skulls. These elements are used to fight enemy teams and other troops. Collect combinations of 3 or more gems to fill the mana of your troops and give them the ability to cast spells. Skull combos do not grant mana, but deal damage to the first squad of the enemy team equal to your attack power.

Never miss a combination of skulls (unless there are other combinations of 4 or more stones), otherwise the enemy will use it against you!

Fatal skulls. Doom Skulls are pulsating skulls that provide +5 bonus damage when a unit or hero in position 1 deals skull damage.

Mana Burst. On a mana burst, you gain twice the mana as the number of gems you matched. Every time you match a stone in a combo, you have a random chance to get a mana surge. Usually, if you match 3 gems, the 3 mana gained will go to the first unit on your team, or if you match 5 gems, you will get 5 mana. With the burst, instead of 5 mana, you get 10.

To maintain game balance, you cannot receive a mana surge in matches with 4 stones.

Craftsmanship of precious stones. To increase the chances of a mana surge for certain gem colors, increase your gem mastery. Use the hero menu to test your gem mastery points and see where you can increase them. Here you can also see a breakdown of where you get your mastery points from and the percentage chances of getting a mana surge when matching certain colors in battle.

How to improve the skill of gems? Mastery can be improved in several ways:

Gems of War: Status Effects Guide

Concept. Status effects are temporary effects that are applied to allies or enemy troops during a battle. They can be positive (benefit allied troops) or negative (harm or hinder allies).

How to get rid of the effect of the effect? Most debuffs are removed or "cleared" after a few turns. Each turn there is a 10% chance of removing the effect, which increases with a new turn, reaching 20%, 30%, and so on. Status effects can be prevented by certain troop traits, such as Flying, which blocks the entanglement effect. Other effects can be dispelled by spells, such as by casting Divine Grace of Mercy.

Positive and negative effects. Debuffs are usually spells that deal damage. Buffs give various buffs to enhance.

Types of status effects

Barrier. The barrier protects allies from one or more damage (including spells and skull hits). After the expiration date, the barrier is removed, the army returns to its normal state. When the varier is activated, the troop icon and its armor (shield) symbol glow and pulsate with a golden shield.

Bleeding. Bleeding causes the affected army to take up to 10 damage. true damage in 1 turn. This effect can stack up to 4 times. Any effect applied after the 4th time resets the cumulative chance of cleansing:

During the bleeding action, red drops appear on the troop icons. The amount of the effect (i.e. how many times it has been applied) is displayed with a red heart above the troop’s armor icon.

Blessing. The blessing cleanses the affected army and makes it temporarily immune to the negative status effects of Mana Consumption and Burn. It also blocks the mana drain. When the blessing is activated, yellow rays of light will emanate from the upper left corner of the troop icon.

If the army touched by the blessing is cursed, the two effects neutralize each other. As a result, both the curse and the blessing will be removed from the army.

Combustion. Burning causes the affected army to take 3 damage per turn. Strikes armor and can deal fatal damage. Lethal damage kills the army. During burning, a flame appears on the symbols of armor, health (heart) and the army icon itself.

A curse. The curse removes all positive status effects and applies negative status effects, regardless of any immunities of the army. The curse also reduces the chance of removing negative status effects from troops from 10% to 5%. Only invulnerable troops are immune to the curse. When the curse is in effect, vertical purple and blue spirals appear above the troop icons. When an army is blessed, the effect of the curse is removed.

Death mark. An army marked for death has a 10% chance to die at the start of each turn. When the death mark is activated, two intertwined braids with a purple glow appear on the troop icon.

Disease. Disease burns mana. As a result, in one turn, the army accumulates half as much mana as under normal conditions. If there is an unaffected army in front that blocks a sick army from gaining mana, that army gains mana normally. When sick, a dull green or brown spot appears on the troop icon.

Enchantment. During the effect, enchanted troops gain an additional 2 mana per turn. In this case, the mana icon of the army glows pink, and pink symbols appear above its icon.

Rage. Rage causes enemy troops to deal 1.5x additional Skull Attack Damage. During the activation of the rage, the attack skill pulses in red, a red spiral appears above the image of the army.

Entanglement. Entanglement temporarily reduces the troop’s attack (crossed sword icon) to 0. You cannot deal skull damage while this effect is active. The enhancement effects will also not be applied. When the entanglement time expires, all troop parameters are returned to their original state. When entangled, the troop icon is crossed by two large green vines, the attack indicator is indicated as "0".

If during the action of entanglement 4 or 5 doom skulls are found, the skills will be activated. In this case, they will be able to inflict damage through attacks of skulls.

Magic fire. While magical fire is active, damage from all spells is increased by 50%. At the same time, light green fire appears on the troop icon, and dark green fire appears on the troop health indicator.

Freezing. Freezing prevents any army with frozen mana flowers from making additional turns with four and five stones, as well as using any spells. During the freezing action, the upper half of the troop icon is covered with icicles.

Hunter’s mark. Hunter’s Mark causes hit troops to take double skull damage. It is indicated by a red target symbol on the troop icon.

Lycanthropy. Lycanthropy causes the affected army with a 15% chance to transform into a random army type. There is a cumulative 10% chance to get rid of lycanthropy each turn. For example, if the army is under the influence of lycanthropy for 3 turns in a row, then there is a 30% chance to get rid of lycanthropy, on the next turn there will be a 40% chance, etc. During the period of lycanthropy, the wolf’s face pulsates on the army icon.

I. The poison causes the affected army with a 50% chance to lose 1 life each turn. Ignores armor and can deal fatal damage. During the action of the poison, the health indicators of the poisoned troops turn green and are covered with green bubbles.

Reflection. Reflection causes 50% of any damage taken by the affected army to be reflected back to the enemy that caused the damage. Reflection always deals at least 1 damage. Terminates after taking damage. During the action above the troop icon, white curved lines diverge.

Silence. Silence prevents the army from gaining mana or casting spells. When the silence passes, the army returns to the mana values ??it had before the effect was applied. When silence is active, the army’s mana icon is an empty white circle, the image of the army is emitted by gray symbols.

Stun. The stun disables all troop skills until the effect disappears. During the action, red crosses will cover the skills of the army, and the spiral gold symbol will cover its image.

Submarine troops. Submarine troops avoid all spell damage effects targeting the entire team. During the action, a large blue wave spreads over the troop icon.

Network. The net reduces the army’s magic score to 0, preventing this army from receiving new magic. Any magic amplification effects are also blocked. When the net is removed, the magic of the troops will return to those indicators that it had before the effect was obtained. During the action, the entire troop icon is overgrown with cobwebs.

Gems of War: Completing Campaigns and Getting Artifacts

Concept. The Campaign Mode is a series of ongoing events that run over 10 weeks in conjunction with weekly events and provide insight into the world of Kristara. By completing campaign tasks, you reveal the plot of the game. The campaign menu is located on the left side menu of the main screen. Access to campaigns opens after the hero reaches level 35. After opening the campaign lobby, you can familiarize yourself with the plot of the last open chapter and find out information:

Campaign tasks. You will receive 16 campaign tasks weekly. These tasks relate to normal gameplay and do not require any special actions from you. For completing tasks, you get stars. The complete set of tasks includes:

The tasks screen always displays 3 tasks of each of the listed categories. Completing all 16 missions will earn you 100 stars and claim all campaign rewards. You do not need to try to complete all campaign tasks by the end of the week - close them at a convenient time for you, the main thing is to do it before the end of the current campaign event.

If you come across a mission that you cannot complete, press the X button and use the gems to skip it and get stars.

Campaign passes. For every 10 stars you earn, you collect campaign rewards from the Campaign Pass tab. The top row of rewards are free rewards that any player has access to. Elite Pass holders have the opportunity to receive increased rewards.

You can purchase an Elite Pass at any time convenient for you and receive your rewards at once, depending on the number of accumulated stars.

Elite Pass +. In addition to the regular Elite Pass, there is an Elite Pass + in the game. It gives you an extra 20 stars weekly, so you get an extra 20 campaign rewards with it. If you purchase the Elite Pass + after the start of the campaign, you will earn an additional 20 stars for all previous weeks. When upgrading from an Elite Pass to an Elite Pass +, you will only need to pay the difference in the cost of these passes. Accordingly, you do not have to purchase the Elite Pass + at the full price.

Periods of validity of passes. Both types of Elite Passes are activated as part of the campaign for which they are purchased. Their duration is equal to the duration of the campaign. Any rewards not received from campaign passes will be sent by mail.

Artifact. An artifact is a special magic item that you get when you start the campaign. A new Artifact is provided for each campaign. All Artifacts contain knowledge about Kristara’s world. To check the information about the Artifact of the current chapter of the campaign, go to the "Artifact" tab. All the Artifacts you received are in your inventory.

For every 100 stars you earn, you increase the level of the Artifact by 1. For each level of the Artifact, a new chapter of the story will open, which is translated from runes into your language. If you do not unlock all levels of the Artifact before the end of the current campaign, you can still see the full history of the Artifact in your inventory.

Each level of Artifact grants you temporary bonuses to skill points that will last throughout the campaign and apply in any game mode other than testing your defense team or the "fight" option in the player’s profile.

Gems of War: Dungeon Boss Battles

Concept. Fight the bosses of the Dungeon every day to earn diamonds, gems and shards for crafting. So, these resources are used to create mythical troops, weapons and other items in the Forge of Souls. To unlock the Dungeon, you need to complete all the quests in Sunshine Beach, Drifting Sands, and Shentan. When you open the Dungeon, you can enter it from the games menu on the world map. Each day you have to complete 3 battles with increasing difficulty and rewards.

Dungeons are the main way to collect materials for the Forge of Souls. Here you can earn a lot more resources for crafting than for guild quests or events.

Features of battles. You can fight 2 mini-bosses and 1 mega-boss daily. These 3 bosses are extremely powerful versions of regular troops with special spells. For example, Dungeon boss Bone Dragon can destroy all armor and create over 25 skulls. By comparison, the standard Bone Dragon card usually only destroys up to 25 armor and creates a minimum of 9 skulls for every 4 armor destroyed.

Click the "?" Icon for more information on the characteristics of the bosses.

Dungeon Rewards. Defeating the boss gives you a different amount of resources, including gems, shards, and diamonds. You also get standard combat rewards (souls, gold, etc.). Do not forget to accumulate them for what you really need in pumping!

Schedule of receiving awards. Every day, different types of Dungeons open for you, in which there are different bosses and different rewards are given. The schedule for receiving awards is presented in the table:


Special offers menu. Check out the "Offer!" and purchase an additional reward for completing the current day’s Dungeon for diamonds. This way you can earn more gems for crafting. Be careful: this option is available only after defeating the first mini-boss (you must definitely win it). In the future, an additional reward can be purchased only for donation.

Diamonds are not diamonds. Diamonds are an in-game currency that you can use in in-game stores. Diamonds are resources used to craft items in the Forge of Souls.

Gems of War: A Guide to PvP Battles

The basics. PvP is a game mode in which you fight against teams to defend other players. The battles take place not in real time, that is, you fight with teams created by other players, but they are controlled by the AI. There are two types of PvP: rated and regular. PvP also includes one of the varieties of mini-games - Arena. To start the specified battles, click "PvP" in the bottom menu of the main game screen. This mode is unlocked upon reaching the 10th account level.

Casual PvP. In this type of PvP, you challenge teams of other players, and if you win, you get gold. There are several levels of difficulty, opponents on which are sorted by strength. The higher the difficulty you can win, the more rewards you will get.

Casual PvP matches are a great way to test your teams for rated PvP.

Ranked PvP. As the name suggests, these battles have a ranking that determines the best players. For victories in fights, you get points, and for defeats, you lose them. Based on the number of points earned, a player leaderboard is formed. Depending on the place in the leaderboard, the participants in the competition receive valuable trophies.

If a lower level player is taller than you on the leaderboard, he may be awarded more points for fighting the third opponent represented in the matchmaking, as he is at a higher level and the match is considered significantly more difficult for him.

Weekly reset and rewards. After one week, the current rating PvP event ends, rewards for it are sent by mail to all participating players. Points, weekly stats, and leaderboard position are reset to calculate the totals for next week’s event. Each week of competition starts and ends on Monday at 07:00 GMT.

Selection of opponents. Both rating and regular PvP allow you to choose one opponent out of three proposed candidates. These are usually easy, medium and hard options. The higher the difficulty of the enemy, the more rewards you will receive for winning the battle. To determine the strength of the enemy, check the strength score of his team in advance in the lower left corner of the select button (fist icon).

You have the opportunity to carry out battles of revenge against teams of opponents who managed to outplay your defense team. When you win battles of vengeance, you receive an additional 3 renown on top of the base reward.

Who are the "rivals"? Rivals are players with whom you have exchanged a couple of battles. Defeating them will earn you 2 additional Glory.

Statistics tab. Open the "Statistics" tab to view your battle results, as well as general records. A summary of all your victories and defeats (in challenges and in defensive battles) is displayed here. There are two buttons in the statistics lobby:

The "Battle Log" tab. The battle log contains records of your last 20 battles. These statistics can be used to analyze battles, edit the composition of the defense team, and view the profiles of opponents.

The "Protection" tab. This is where you set up your defense team: a squad that will repel the attacks of other players. The defense team can be edited and changed as many times as you like. Also on this tab your revenge fights are tracked - they are displayed with a special icon on each enemy in the PvP menu.

Leaders tab. The Leaders tab displays the names of the top 100 players in the weekly PvP event leaderboard, along with their guilds, tiers, and related weekly statistics. The bottom of the screen shows your own statistics for comparison.

Gems of War: Arena Battles

Access. Unlock the mini-game in the Arena by completing the questline in the Fire-Breathing Peak. Battles in the Arena are conducted using a command system in which each squad is limited to a lower rarity. To gain access to these battles, you need to pay an entry fee of 1000 gold.

Choice of troops. For battles in the Arena, you are invited to form a team of troops of four randomly selected rarity types. Among them:

You are given 3 options to select your troops. The following options open after you make the current selection. All selected troops can be viewed on the left side of the screen. Once a team has been assembled, it can be reordered.

You can change the order of troops on the left side of the arena screen and your weapons on the right.

Special rules in the arena. In the Arena, opponents of different levels and collections of troops face off. To maintain a balance of power, the following requirements are set for troops and heroes:

Battles in the Arena. Your goal in the Arena is to win as many battles as possible before getting 2 defeats. As soon as you score 2 losses or 6 wins, you will receive prizes based on the number of victories won. Players with VIP level 4 and above will start battles in the Arena with 1 auto victory, so they will need to win 5 battles or get 2 defeats to complete the passage.

View the statistics of your victories and defeats on the right side of the screen. Having achieved 6 victories or 2 defeats, you can pick up your rewards in the arena.

Awards. For victories in the Arena, you receive the same rewards as in regular PvP battles (gold, souls, keys of glory and guild trophies). The general arena rewards depend on the number of your victories.

Arena offer. If you win at least 5 battles, then after receiving the rewards, an additional daily offer will appear on your screen. If you win 6 fights, you will receive a 10% discount on this offer.

Councils for the selection of troops. Use these tips to improve your battles:

Gems of War: Treasure Hunt, Secrets of Victory

Concept, access. Treasure Hunt is a mini-game that can be unlocked after completing the adventure series in Zul’Kari and Adana. In this game, the standard gem board is replaced with a treasure board. Your goal is to play as many moves as possible and find all the treasures among the stones. To play Treasure Hunt, you must use a treasure map.

How do I get treasure maps? Treasure maps can be found:

The process of the game. The goal of the Treasure Hunt is to collect as much valuable loot as possible in a limited number of moves. The game starts with 8 moves. Every time you combine 3 or more loot items, they turn into one more valuable loot piece (which remains on the board). Objects on the board fall and cascade as usual.

Earn extra moves by combining 4 or more items of the same type. 4 combos will give you one extra turn (no use up of a turn attempt), while 5 combos or more will give you a clean extra turn. You can see the number of moves remaining on the left side of the board. The top of the board displays how many stones you have earned and how many moves have been made so far.

A green guild statue will allow you to start a treasure hunt in 14 turns.

Awards. When you run out of turns, your loot is converted into one of the random rewards listed next to the loot icon on the right side of the field. It includes: Gold, Souls, Glory, Gems, Glory Keys, and Gem Keys. You will also receive a random stat gem every 15 turns.

Completing a treasure hunt with 60 turns or more will also earn you guild seals.

Secrets of victories. To find as many treasures as possible, use the following tips:

Gems of War: Expeditions

Concept. Expedition Mode is a special kind of mini-games. Here you fight against the troops of the Kingdom in which you are. For a complete passage, you get valuable tokens. You also have an increased chance of winning rare master stones to unlock troop skills. To unlock Expedition Mode, you need to complete the story and complete the entire Kingdom Adventure quest chain. After that, expeditions will become available from the main menu of the Kingdom.

Passage. Expeditions consist of 5-6 battles and include the following phases:

How to end an expedition? The expedition will be completed when one of the following conditions is met:

Expedition bonuses. Expeditions in the Kingdoms may have a bonus - getting 20% ??more mythical stones. Kingdoms with a bonus are marked with an orange lantern icon, and the bonus itself is indicated on the expedition button in the Kingdom menu. After you complete an expedition in the Kingdom with a bonus, it will be removed and moved to another Kingdom.

For the fastest collection of mythical stones, first of all, go through expeditions in the Kingdoms with a bonus! This way you can accumulate the required amount of resources and fight the mythical boss in any Kingdom of your choice in order to get the necessary master stones!

Gems of War: How to Catch Dwarfs?

Why are gnomes needed? Gnomes are troops with loot bags depicted on their icons. When you kill gnomes, you get additional rewards, for example, a lot of gold (see screenshot). Dwarfs are very rare troops. They can spawn randomly in most game modes and have a 50% chance to escape with full mana and using the spell. Kill them before they can hide! Dwarves can bring treasure, glory, pets, and jewels.

Where can I find the gnomes? Dwarf battles do not need to be unlocked as these troops spawn on their own in battles, including:

If the gnomes appear, they replace any other part of the enemy troops. They cannot appear in guild wars and training battles. During Vault events, the chance of gnomes spawning increases.

What do gnomes look like? Treasure gnomes will have a bag icon in the upper left corner of their icon (see screenshot). If the gnome does not have this icon, then it will be a regular troop card collected by the enemy player’s team. Each type of gnome has its own card.

Types of gnomes and awards of gnomes. You have a chance to pick up prizes for every gnome you kill, as well as a very rare chance to receive a key to the vault upon victory (it is less likely to be an epic key to the vault). The type of gnome indicates the rewards you can get for killing him. Some gnomes give the same rewards, but in different quantities. So, every gnome can give you:

Gems of War: Walkthrough Class Events

Types of class events. This activity allows you to earn extra Champion Experience for the event class and unlock new classes before the Kingdom to which they belong is unlocked. There are 2 types of class events:

The terms of participation. If you do not have the class of the current class event unlocked, you will need to complete the class quest in the event lobby. You will also need seals to participate:

Earn additional Seals by defeating the Valravens in Event Battles or by shopping in the Class Event Store.

How do I earn rewards? In order to receive the rewards in the class event, you must defeat all of the presented champions in any order. After that, you can continue the series of battles with increasing difficulty in order to take more valuable rewards. In total, you can fight up to 8 times (each subsequent series will be more difficult than the previous one). When creating a team for a class event, only troops from the event kingdom and only those types to which each event class belongs will be proposed.

See who is the class champion on the leaderboard and get additional rewards if you hit the top 100 and hold your position.

Gems of War: Guide to Guilds and Guild Activities

Creation and entry into the guild. There are two ways to become part of a guild: create a guild or join one. You can only be in one guild at a time. Creating a new guild costs 25,000 gold and can be done in the general guild menu. To join an existing guild, click the "Search" button in the general guild menu and select the one you need from the list.

Active guilds can vary in requirements and playstyle. They range from random guilds to top-ranked ones, where players have stricter requirements for joining, and also take on a number of responsibilities: turn in weekly contributions, participate in events, comply with activity quotas, etc. In the top guilds, you can get the best game development, so it’s worth striving to get into such communities.

Which is better: create or join? Your own guild allows you to set your own guild rules, membership requirements, shield style, and name. However, guild leadership is a slow and time-consuming process, the success of which is not guaranteed. In a worst-case scenario, you would be wasting 25,000 gold.

Joining an existing guild immediately gives you access to the working community and its bonuses. The only risk of joining an active guild is that you may not meet its requirements. Thus, it is recommended to conduct a preliminary analysis of all active guilds, identify preferred ones and determine for yourself a game growth plan in order to meet the stated conditions when submitting an application.

Guild seals. Seals are a special currency that is given only as part of a guild and is used to obtain guild keys. Each guild key contains 20 seals. Guild Seals can be obtained by doing the following:

Players can earn up to 2,000 seals per week, and guilds up to 40,000 (although players can earn their 2,000 seals even if the guild is maxed out in a week).

When calculating the weekly seal limit, seals obtained from clan orbs are not counted. You can use them as many times as you like and then still earn 2000 seals by completing guild activities.

Guild chests. Guild chests are unique in that their content grows as the number of guild seals increases throughout the week. Each milestone increases the rarity of troops available in chests for the entire guild, so it is very important to open them only at the end of the week! Also, guild chests have a 50% drop rate for Guild Guardians.

Guild quests. Each guild quest and quest step can be completed by investing gold to unlock prizes for the entire guild (they are delivered by mail). Complete all missions to unlock legendary missions and receive the best rewards. Complete more tasks to level up your statues and earn additional bonuses. Rewards for basic and epic guild quests can only be received once a week. If you change the guild in which you received your reward, you will not receive it in the new guild until the next week’s quests update.

Basic tasks. Complete each quest chain to earn different types of rewards such as Gems, Keys, and Glory. You can also get:

How to complete guild quests? The rewards for each subtask increase in value along with the higher gold cost of completing them. For example, purple quests grant souls at lower levels, but also grant diamonds at level 11. Contribute enough gold to complete all sub-quests for maximum rewards.

Guild leaders and guild members of the 2nd rank can specify in which priority the guild tasks should be completed. The tasks with the highest priority will light up in the task menu.

Epic guild quests. Epic quests are more expensive, but include resources that may be more useful for intermediate players. Completing a full set of epic missions of the same color will grant you a bonus to skill points. You can complete Epic Quests at any time (before, during, or after completing the main guild quests).

Legendary missions. Unlocks after 6 main and epic quests, as well as their sub-quests, have been completed. To complete legendary quests, 1,000,000 gold is required. For closing them, all guild members receive a combination of 3 random rewards, including:

Guild statues. Each guild has guild guard statues, the level of which is increased by completing guild tasks of the corresponding color. These Guardians give bonuses to the entire guild. Each basic task completed is worth 1 XP per level of the completed task (i.e. each task gives 1 XP more than the previous one). Legendary quests do not add experience to your guild statues.

Tower of Rock. Climb the Tower of Doom with your guild to defeat Ultimate Doom, earn rewards and scrolls. To participate in this event, your team must have troops that match the color of the Tower. You can use a hero’s weapon with any mana color. Each floor (level) in the Tower of Doom is sealed by a magical protection called Doom. To go to the next floor, Rock must be defeated in battle. The Tower Boss is in a locked room with a skull. To unlock the boss room, you must find the unlock scroll that is hidden in one of the other rooms on the current floor.

Raid boss. Raid boss Zuul’Goth arrives every 3 weeks. Deal as much damage to him as possible with the forces of your guild to close portals and earn rewards. Before you can fight Zuul’Goth himself, you will have to defeat his minions and 2 mini-bosses in the first 4 stages of the event. These stages are carried out individually, i.e. you will not be able to help your guild fight Zuul’Goth or collect portal rewards until you have passed the first 4 stages with minions. After you defeat the minions, you can challenge Zuul’Goth. For each closed portal, your entire guild can collect rewards on the "Rewards" tab of the event. If you have any rewards you have not received, they will be sent to your in-game mail.

Gems of War: Pros and Cons

Gems of War has already gained considerable popularity among fans of RPG three in a row, and the number of its fans continues to grow. The main components of the game’s success are a superbly thought-out combat system and intense battles, from which it is sometimes difficult to distract. Also, you will find a guild system and a huge range of PvP and PvE activities. Pros of the game:

Cons of the game:

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