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Geometry Dash SubZero WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

GEOMETRY DASH SUBZERO - Android game with release date 12/21/2017 from the company RobTop Games. Game Genre: Arcade. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official site, and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. A Beginner’s Guide
  2. Press Start Walkthrough
  3. Walkthrough Nock Em
  4. Walkthrough Power Trip
  5. Map Elements
  6. Hidden Game Modes

Geometry Dash SubZero: A Beginner’s Guide

Geometry Dash SubZero is an arcade mobile game from RobTop. The game is a small application to the main game - Geometry Dash. SubZero appeared at the box office on December 21, 2017. It has some elements that will be included in the large-scale update 2.2, they can be seen during the passage. The game is distributed through Google Play and the App Store, and it is free.

Currently, players are available in 3 levels:

  1. Press Start.
  2. Nock Em.
  3. Power trip.

You can play in normal mode or in practice mode.

Practice Mode (Practice Mode) - this option is the game, which is available in each version. The function gives the player the opportunity to practice passing levels. You can also find out the location of objects and traps. You can enable this mode through the "Pause" by clicking on the green diamond. In practice mode, you can create "spawn points" in which the character will be transferred after death. By default, points are created automatically.

In the game settings, you can disable the automatic saving of points. This can be done by unchecking the "Auto-Checkpoints" function. Setting points is easy enough:

  1. If you play on the phone, you should pay attention to the 2 buttons at the bottom of the screen. Using the left - you create a point, using the right - delete the last point you created.
  2. If you play on the emulator on the computer, then you should use the buttons on the keyboard "X" - removes the dot, "Z" - sets.
  3. If you play on the Xbox 360, you should use the game console (the arrangement of buttons will be described on the screen).

It is worth remembering that in practice mode you cannot collect coins.

The main character

At the start of the game you need to select a character. You can choose the appearance of the hero in the "Character Menu". In order to get new avatars and coloring of the hero, you must complete the "Achievements" and enter secret codes. The character is controlled with the help of a finger, which should be moved around the phone screen, and also use the left button on the mouse + spacebar or up arrow (on the computer). Appearance not only decoratively transforms the hero, but also gives him various options.

Character appearanceCharacter Character
CubesPerforms jumping up 3 blocks when a finger clicks on the screen. If you hold your finger for a few seconds, then the character jumps on its own. The character breaks if it falls into traps.
ShipIf you hold your finger at any point on the screen, the character rises. If you release your finger (mouse), then the hero begins to decline.
BallsIf the character touches an object or the earth, it will change the flight path. It must be constantly monitored.
UFO (UFO)Performs jumps. If you click on the screen, the hero will make a small jump while in flight. Like the ship, if you release your finger (mouse), then the UFO will begin to decline.
WavesMoves up diagonally. The hero does not make contact with objects, with the exception of the upper and lower faces of the map. If you click on the screen, the character will rise higher.
RobotsPerforms large jumps, while holding time affects the height of the jump. Can be moved by jumping over long distances.
SpidersThe hero can instantly move to any nearby target using teleport.

It is interesting to note that if during the passage you change any figure to a UFO or Ship, then a Cube will appear and sit in them.

To avoid obstacles, you must constantly monitor your hero. You should also learn to press the screen in time. You should play in practice mode to understand where you need to press, so as not to land on an obstacle.

Secret coins are a game element, when collecting which in SubZero you can get Achievements. The coins have the shape of a circle, painted in yellow, in which the alder star is inscribed.

Receiving coins:

  1. They can be found at every level of the game. At each stage, you will find 3 coins that are located in hard-to-reach places.
  2. For closing all levels, you are entitled to additional coins.
  3. Coins can be obtained for finding a special secret.
  4. If you go to the tab "Coming Soon" (coming soon), you can find another 1 coin. The tab can be found if you scroll through the stages of adventure.

Custom coins (User Coins) - the similarity of gaming gold coins. In the map editor, it is allowed to place up to 3 trophies. These coins have the same value as regular money. These coins are divided into 2 types:

  1. Bronze - coins created by the player, which are integrated on the card to increase the difficulty of passing.
  2. Silver - if you created a truly interesting and varied map for passing, and it was noticed and separately highlighted by the developers. In this case, the trophies created on the map will turn into silver, which will give some buns to the creator and the players who will go through the adventure.
In order for your card to become famous, you should go through it, record the passage on video. This video should be sent to developers. In this case, you should write your ID (player identification number).

The use of silver coins:

  1. To enhance your own Achievements.
  2. To complete daily tasks (in full version).
  3. In order to go to a special store.

Geometry Dash SubZero: full version - this version is offered to you by developers on the main screen of the game. In the center of the screen there is a button "Full Version". By clicking on the button, you get to Google Play (or the App Store). On the open page the main game is located - Geometry Dash, which costs 109 rubles. Whether or not to buy the full version is your decision. If you liked the game, or want to participate in the creation of content and try yourself in terms of a map developer, then you can try to purchase this version.

But, if for some reason you don’t want to pay, but you are interested in going through, in the lower right corner of the main SubZero screen the "Free Levels" button is placed. By clicking on it, you will be asked to download the SubZero sister - Geometry Dash World. Here you will have access to 10 more cards for the passage.

Geometry Dash SubZero: Press Start Walkthrough

Press Start is the first level. It is light enough to pass. At the stage, you can change the position of the camera, and you will also find several areas that will help you change the trajectory of your character.


Secret coins:

  1. You will find before the first mini - stage (approximately 67% of the route). To pick it up, you need to turn into a ship, and get to the top of the pyramid. Where there are no spikes, a coin will be placed there.
  2. 74% of the track is still the first mini-game. To raise a coin, it is required to turn the track to a horizontal position, click on the golden sphere, while it does not need to touch its neighbor. You will be taken back, and you will take a coin.
  3. Battle with the skull - 92% of the passage of the track. At the moment when the skull will attack the hero 2 times, you need to move up, there is a coin.
At 19% of the track, if you do not click on the balls, you will see the inscription "TAP" (Click). When you pass a part of the level in the image of a Robot, if you fall into the gorge and die for 55% of the route, you will be given a "Hold" hint.

Geometry Dash SubZero: Walkthrough Nock Em

Nock Em (Knockout) is level 2. It is somewhat more complicated than the first stage. This is the longest level. In the stage, the reversal portal is used, while the camera changes the angle of the shooting direction.


Secret coins:

  1. The coin can be found on 4% of the track when you run Cuba. To get a coin, you must jump to the table where the award is placed. If you do not want to die and start the level anew, you should bounce.
  2. On the segment of the route, while passing the Shar level, 48% can be found 2 prize. But in order to pick up a coin, you need to take the key on 37% of the route when you pass the Ship level. Further, while you will be a Ball, you should not touch the golden trampoline, but change the flight path. When you get the trophy, you should return to the original choice of direction.
  3. In the final segment of the adventure, 84%, in the image of the Spider, you will find the last coin. It is recommended not to move to the ceiling, but to continue walking along the bottom.

Geometry Dash SubZero: Walkthrough Power Trip

Power Trip (energy adventure) is the last level with the highest difficulty.


When you run the track at 66%, experienced players are advised not to click on the 2 pink ball, and you should fall between the spikes. Thus, the character will move to the top line of the map, the further path you will pass without obstacles and traps. At 73%, it is recommended not to tap on an emerald ball, so you will get down the cards and finish the passage without problems.

Secret coins:

  1. You run Cuba on 20% of the track, where you stumble upon a trophy. But before you notice it, you will be 19% of the road on a pole. But you can’t jump! You should go through the cone, where you get into the gravitational teleport, and then get the prize.
  2. You are in an upside down room on 33% of the track. The coin is mined in the same way as the first trophy. You just go through the area.
  3. Now you are a small Cube and are on 97% of the route, but before that, you should click on 92% 5 times until the symbols turn green. But you can pick up a coin only after passing all the letters.

Geometry Dash SubZero: Map Elements


These are objects placed at each level, when touched, the character is destroyed. At the moment, there are 2 types of traps: spikes and saws, which vary in size.


  1. Standard.
  2. Low.
  3. Small ones.
  4. Very small.
  5. Other.

Other spikes are the most insidious and dangerous, as they can stretch to the maximum width of the hero’s jump. Spikes are the main variety of traps. Each subspecies is divided into several types:

  1. Simple is a primitive device that can be seen from afar.
  2. With the option to change the color - an insidious device, as it can change the color to match the background.
  3. Disappearing - the closer the hero gets to the trap, the less noticeable it becomes.
  4. Colorless - it is difficult to notice (especially at high speed), as it merges with the background.
  5. Fake - does not threaten the hero in any way, but it is difficult to distinguish him from an ordinary spike.

Saws - unlike spikes, they have a larger radius of destruction, while they are in constant motion. There are also several types of them:

  1. Large ones are the most dangerous, since they are difficult to jump over (2 blocks).
  2. Medium .
  3. Small ones .
  4. Decoration for traps - serves as a simple decoration, and does not harm the hero.


A very insidious element of the game, which portends the beginning of a new segment of the track. There are 2 types of portals:

  1. For game modes - change the look of the hero.
  2. For interaction - change the physical characteristics of the segment of the route.
If you do not know how a particular portal works, then it will be difficult for you to complete the levels. They are somewhat similar to each other, so you should carefully study their location and their properties, in the practice mode.

Face change

Portal NameAppearanceProperties
CubeGreen ellipse with several spheres around the edges.The hero, when moving, turns into the image of the Cube, which can bounce up to 3 cells, and also move during the jump to a certain length (depending on the difficulty level). Maximum - 6 cells.
ShipPink ellipse with spheres.A hero appears in a controlled ship.
BallOrange ellipse with spheres.The hero turns into a sphere, which moves smoothly, and when pressed, changes direction.
UFOYellow ellipse with spheres.The hero appears in the UFO that he controls. Can jump at the top of the map.
WaveBlue ellipse with spheres.The hero becomes the image of the Wave. Unlike the Wave you selected at the start of the level, this Wave dies from any contact with map objects.
RobotPurple ellipse with spheres.The hero turned into a robot jumps 5 cells.
SpiderWhite - purple ellipse with spheres.Turned into a Spider hero, performs the standard actions of this image.

Gravity Portals:

  1. Yellow - changes gravity, that is, the hero bounces down and falls up.
  2. Blue - changes gravity, making it what it was before the Yellow Portal.

Triple portals:

  1. Yellow - rotates the camera angle on the track, while actions occur in normal mode.
  2. Blue - puts the camera in normal mode. This portal can only be activated after yellow.

Ribbed Portals:

  1. Pink - reduces the size of the hero.
  2. Green - returns the hero to normal size. This portal can only be activated after pink.

Speed Portals:

  1. Orange big arrow - reduces the hero’s speed by 0.7%.
  2. Blue thin arrow - increases the speed of the hero by 0.9%.
  3. 2 green arrows - increases speed by 1.1%.
  4. 3 pink arrows - increases speed by 1.3%.
  5. 4 red arrows - increases speed by 1.6%.

Trampolines - these items throw a hero or change the trajectory of his movement. The effect starts to work even when you touch the object. There are 4 types of trampolines:

  1. Yellow - low tosses the hero.
  2. Pink - it is weaker than yellow.
  3. Scarlet is stronger than yellow.
  4. Azure - changes the trajectory of the hero.

Spheres (Orbs) - these items perform predefined actions that the character you want to activate (the player must click on the ball). There are several varieties of spheres:

  1. Yellow - throws the hero.
  2. Pink - throws the hero up, but not as much as yellow.
  3. Blue - changes the trajectory of the hero.
  4. Light green - changes the movement of the hero, and throws the hero.
  5. Scarlet - throws the hero, but with more power than yellow.
  6. Black - pushes the hero vertically or horizontally.

Geometry Dash SubZero: Hidden Game Modes

Achievements is a specialized counter of your actions in the game. Achievements can be different, and for their implementation you get a nice bonus. There are not many achievements in the SubZero version, but they come with a nice bonus to the full version.

If you decide to download the full version of Geometry Dash and Geometry Dash World, then all accounts will be combined, you can go through the games from one account, and many additional functions will also be opened.
Achievement TitleDescriptionReward
Press Start!You must pass the level in normal mode (not practice).Surprised cube
Ultimate Press Start!It is necessary to collect secret coins (3 pieces).Cheerful Cube
Nock Em!You must pass the level in normal mode.Graphic cube
Ultimate Nock Em!It is necessary to collect secret coins (3 pieces).Pyramidal cube
Power Trip!You must pass the level in normal mode.Evil Cube
Ultimate Power Trip!It is necessary to collect secret coins (3 pieces).Aggressive Cube

All the images earned in Achievements can be used during the replay or in other versions of the game.

Storage (The Vault) - it’s a secret playroom, which is available in all versions. You can get into it from the main screen, on which in the upper right corner there is an icon in the form of a closed lock. To open the castle, you need to collect 10 user coins (this can be done on the cards of other players). When the input becomes available, an active dialog line appears in front of the player, into which you can enter special characters. For the code to work, click on the icon in the form of a Black Demon. For each code you can get an interesting bonus.

Secret codes

Code NameReward
LennySmiling Cube.
RobotopThe robot is the leader.
SparkySecret coin.
SpookyThe cube is a ghost.
AheadStealth (image of the Ship).
BlockbiteAggressive Robot.
NeverendingJet Ship.
MuleSupersonic Ship.
GandalfpotterMoon ball
You should enter your own game nickname.Cube - Big Brother.
8, 16, 30, 32, 46, 84 (Numbers are entered only in this sequence).Exclusive Ship.

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