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Global City WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

Global City - a construction simulator from the developer of mobile games My.com BV You have to turn a small provincial town into a huge metropolis where local residents, businessmen and tourists will be happy. Demonstrate your management skills, solve complex problems, build various buildings and structures. Become an exemplary mayor and pay attention to all areas of life to ensure the development and well-being of your city.


  1. Tips for the right start
  2. Building Guide
  3. City Planning Tips
  4. How to produce building materials?
  5. All About Residential Buildings
  6. How to ensure the functioning of the city?
  7. Tax Collection Tips
  8. Newbie Guide
  9. All about the plot of the game
  10. How to get game currency?
  11. Mission Tips
  12. Order Fulfillment Tips
  13. How to excavate?
  14. Is it worth joining an alliance?
  15. How to take part in events?
  16. Guide for Donators
  17. Is it worth playing?

Global City: Tips for the right start

1. It takes time. In the game, all actions are performed only after your command, there are very few automatic processes, so you will need a lot of free time to quickly develop the city. Every day you need to devote at least a few hours to the game in order to achieve high results. If possible, connect the gaming device to Wi-fi, put it on charge, start the game and sometimes get distracted by the game to start the main processes.

2. Get trained. At the beginning of the game, the inhabitants of the city will prompt you for actions and tell you about the main activities of the game. During the training, everything will happen quickly, so it’s best to start the game on a day off to give it the maximum amount of attention and understand the basics.

3. Plan. The warehouse has a small capacity, so you should only put in it the resources that you need to complete the current task. Since there may be several tasks available for execution at once, determine for yourself the order in which they are performed. Strictly following the plan, produce goods and place them in the warehouse so that after the first task is completed, there is enough space in the warehouse for the next.

4. Continuous production. Your factories should not be idle, so you can save time on tasks and upgrade your city faster. Purchase additional slots from factories to create longer production queues and create the right goods in advance.

5. Connect notifications. If you do not have the opportunity to constantly pay attention to the game, set up notifications. The game itself will remind you of the need to look into it in connection with the end of the process, the time for collecting taxes or receiving gifts.

6. Save globalbucks. Premium currency plays an important role in the development of the city, as it is the main way to improve factories and develop the production of goods. There are no ways in the game to immediately get a large amount of globalbaks, so you need to save them and not spend them on pointless purchases, for example, speeding up production. Be very careful when pressing the buttons, as there is no confirmation of purchases for globalbucks in the game and you can completely accidentally spend all your capital.

7. Be an active player. The main way to obtain resources for the development of the city is to fulfill orders and participate in game events. Even if you understand that you will not be able to complete all the tasks in the allotted time and get the maximum reward, take part in all events. Activity will allow you to quickly create a dream city and get into the top players.

Global City: Building Guide

Construction. The main action in the city-planning simulator is the construction of buildings and landscaping. You have to learn the basics of building in Global City in order to create a unique metropolis. Each built object and its subsequent improvement will bring you the experience points necessary to increase the level.

Construction objects:

How to build? To build a residential building or any other building, go to the construction menu in the lower right corner. Select the building category, then the desired object and drag it to the city map. If there is enough territory for construction on the selected site, the building will be highlighted in green, if not, in red.

Do not forget that in order for the object to function, a road must be connected to it.

Time. Construction takes a certain time, after you drag the building onto the map, the corresponding timer will appear. After the expiration of the time for construction, the object will be commissioned and ready for work or settlement of citizens. You can speed up the construction time with the help of globalbucks, the more time, the higher the price. You can also skip the construction time by watching a commercial.

The first time the characters in the game offer you to try this feature, globalbucks will not be deducted from your account.

Materials. For the construction of ordinary buildings, you will need citycoins and a suitable plot of land. Building materials are not needed during the construction of the building, but will be required to improve them. You can get everything you need by extracting resources, producing goods in factories or purchasing them on an international exchange.

Blueprints. Only materials are not enough to erect a building with a unique architecture or to build a high-tech facility. To develop the city, you will need blueprints, which can be obtained by completing various orders. There are 4 types of drawings in the game:

  1. Air drawing.
  2. Marine drawing.
  3. Wiring diagram.
  4. Scheme of the ventilation system.

Infrastructure. The game has several special construction objects that are designed to provide a decent standard of living in the city, such as the railway, highway, airport, etc. For these buildings, you do not need CityCoins, but you will need building materials, blueprints, and building tokens.

Construction stages. Each large object has its own construction and improvement plan, usually it consists of 3-4 stages. Each stage will include performing several actions to erect a part of the object. For example, one of the stages of the construction of the Airport is the equipment of the control tower, and the other is the construction of a helipad.

Warehouse. An important part of the construction is the proper organization of the storage of materials. The capacity of the game warehouse is very small and does not allow you to thoughtlessly produce goods, and then idlely store them in a warehouse. It is important to calculate the amount of free space in the warehouse to complete the current task or order, otherwise you will have to urgently free up space.

If the warehouse runs out of space, try to use the available goods and items, or sell unnecessary ones on the global exchange.

Capacity calculation. Place in the warehouse is occupied by items for expanding the warehouse, territories and improving the City Hall. It also stores all extracted resources, produced goods and all types of drawings, except for the sea drawing. Tokens, building tokens, railway coins are in a separate inventory tab and do not take up space in the warehouse.

Warehouse expansion. To increase the capacity of the warehouse, you will need to collect special expansion items. If some item is missing, you can purchase it for globalbucks or search on the world exchange. Once everything is collected, click on the green arrow and get an additional 5 slots in the warehouse.

Expansion Items:

Global City: City Planning Tips

Map. The main screen of the game displays a map of your city. Here there are already built objects and the foundation of special objects, on the rest of the territory you have to prove yourself and place various construction objects in order to continue the development of the city.

Placement of objects. All cities are individual, and the appearance of your city will reflect the sense of taste and style of its mayor. However, not only the appearance is important, the correct placement of objects is the key to the successful development of the city. In the early stages of the game, you won’t be able to place objects however you want, but you can already plan for the future.

We advise you to divide the city into several districts:

The correct layout of even one block will save space for new buildings and provide the population with comfortable living.

Editorial. Hold down any object you have built before the game goes into editorial mode. You can move the building to another point on the map, to fix the location, click on the green checkmark. With the help of yellow arrows you can flip the building, this function is necessary for denser buildings. With the help of a bulldozer, you can remove an object from the map, but the resources spent will not be returned.

To make it easier to change the layout of the city on a large scale, open several new lots so that you have the opportunity to remove all the buildings from the edited part of the city there.

Territory expansion. The map is divided into small 4x4 lots that you have to open to provide a place to build. To do this, you will need to collect special items that can be obtained as a reward for completing orders. You can buy a plot only if it has common borders with an already open territory.

Expansion Items:

Road. In order for the building to function and be useful, it is necessary to place it near the road, otherwise residents and guests of the city simply will not be able to get into it. To lay a new road, you must switch to the road construction mode through the button in the lower right corner. Click on an already constructed road section, swipe in the desired direction, then confirm the construction. With the help of a bulldozer, you can remove a section of the road.

Building a road is completely free, so you can safely build a road on new sections and then edit it.

Motorway. Your city is located on an island, so you need to connect it to the mainland in order to develop the economy and tourism. Alice prepared a plan for the construction and further development of the motorway. To ensure the movement of transport, you also need to organize the construction of transport interchanges on the island. To build a highway, you will need special tokens, which can be obtained as a seasonal reward or earned by delivering goods.

Hyperloop. Many developed cities are starting to build vacuum tubes that carry high-speed capsule trains. This technology will expand the territory of the city and organize the rapid transportation of residents to new areas. Keep up with scientific progress and build a hyperloop during a special event. You will need Territory Tokens, which can be earned by completing Cargo Orders.

Global Forum. Your city has been chosen to host the next Global Forum - a major international exhibition. To do this, you need a suitable venue where you can hold the event. Felix prepared the Global City Expo project - a special complex of three buildings that will receive all city guests with special glamor. For construction, you will need expo tokens, they can be obtained by completing orders at the Airport.

Coast. The territory of the island is small, so your advisers suggested to equip the coastal areas. With the help of special ships, you can build new islands right in the bay. You have to build a recreation area on the island with a park and the largest Ferris wheel in order to increase the efficiency of landscaping throughout the city. You can also place the business center Wantageland Park on the island, which will attract investment and stimulate air travel. For construction, you will need coastal tokens that you can earn by completing orders in the Port.

Global City: How to produce building materials?

Resources. It is very important to take care of the extraction of raw materials and minerals, since it is from them that you will produce goods for the construction and improvement of objects in the city. There are 3 mining facilities at your disposal, on which special equipment works.

Construction. To start the operation of a mining facility, it is necessary to take into account all the nuances. For example, you need to bring a dirt road to a sand pit so that you can take out the sand. An industrial road is also needed for the operation of ore excavators and harvesters. Do not forget about the construction of control centers, from where it will be possible to control a large number of vehicles.

Improvement. All mining facilities need to be developed in order to increase the diversity of resources and their production volumes. The level of modernization depends on the number of mining equipment and the type of resource being extracted, for example, at the first stages you will have only one excavator that extracts sand, and in the future you will be able to extract aluminum with the help of four excavators. Tasks to improve objects will appear as the game level increases.

Types of objects:

Resource mining. Each piece of equipment can execute only one command for the extraction of a resource, however, there is a command queue where you can schedule the execution of several tasks by the equipment at once. Choose a technique, determine the resource to be mined and set a command. For further work, it is necessary to collect resources and re-assign the team.

Initially, each piece of equipment has 2 free teams, additional slots can be purchased for globalbaks.

Factory. To process resources and produce goods, you will need various factories. They require citycoins and a 3x3 piece of land to build. The number of factories that each player can build in the city is limited in order to equalize the opportunities for beginners and more experienced players.

FactoryCost (Citicoins)Gaining experience
processing factory2000200
Factory of building materials3000270
carpentry factory4000150
Steel Plant4000150
Tool factory6000320
Electric parts factory10,000200
Chemical factory15,000500
Agricultural enterprise25 000600
textile factory50,000700
Electrical appliance factory150 0001 200
Shipyard250 0001500
car factory300 0001800

Production of goods. Each factory can only carry out one team to produce a product. With the help of the production queue, you can pre-determine the production order of several products in order to fulfill orders faster. To start production, click on a product or drag it to a free slot.

Product readiness. Production is a long process, so you have the opportunity to do other things. When the product is ready, the icon of the manufactured product will appear above the factory, click on it to send the products to the warehouse and use it in the future.

Try to extract resources and produce materials for construction on your own, as it is not profitable to purchase them on the global exchange.

Requirements for the production of basic goods:

Global City: All About Residential Buildings

Residential houses. The successful development of the city attracts the attention of residents of other cities who are ready to move in search of a better life. You need to build different housing units for different categories of the population, for example, apartment buildings for urbanists or country houses for nature lovers. Since there are many business structures in your city, you need to take care of the comfort of city guests by building hotel complexes.

Improvement. You can build a limited number of residential buildings of the same type in the city. Therefore, in order to increase the population, it is necessary to improve houses and make them more spacious. Tasks to improve objects will appear in the tablet.

HouseCost (Citicoins)Gain experience/populationEnergy/Water/Area Consumption
Townhousefifty5/55/ 10/ 2x1
lanehousefifty5 / 55/ 10/ 2x1
Apartment house15010/155 / 10 / 2x1
European houseone hundred10/155 / 15 / 2x1
eco house15010/155 / 15 / 1x1
Maisonette20010 / 205 / 10 / 2x2
Elite residential complex20015 / 205 / 20 / 2x1
Vacation home35030 / 3515 / 35 / 2x1
candominium45070/4520 / 50 / 2x1
Loft apartments50080 / 5025 / 55 / 2x1
spacious house1 200185 / 12055 / 130 / 2x2
Comfort home1 300205 / 13075 / 180 / 2x2
old manor2000315 / 200120 / 285 / 2x3
capsule house2000240 / 20090 / 215 / 2x2
club house2500325 / 25095 / 225 / 3x2
Brownstone3000390 / 300115 / 275 / 2x3
tech house3400440 / 340130 / 300 / 3x2
Hostel2800415 / 280130 / 300 / 2x2
Prestigious home3 600545 / 360170 / 400 / 2x2
luxury apartments4 500590 / 450150 / 350 / 2x2
Princess Tower5 300695 / 530175 / 410 / 2x2
Elite residence5 700750 / 570190 / 440 / 2x2
view apartments9 5001235 / 950310 / 730 / 2x3
Park House10,0001 300 / 1 000330 / 780 / 3x2

What to build? Compare houses to choose the most economical in terms of resource consumption per person. So, from inexpensive houses, the most profitable is the construction of the Maisonette, if we consider more expensive options, then the best will be Luxurious apartments and Elite residence.

Don’t forget to complete construction tasks on your tablet.

Accomplishment. Residents of some houses dream of a modern green quarter with picturesque alleys and fountains. Therefore, to populate certain houses, you will need to develop a city park nearby and improve the territory.

Accommodation. Switch to construction mode and open the landscaping tab. Everything you need to create a beautiful green neighborhood is here, all you need is citycoins. Also, don’t forget to look at the options when choosing a new object to place.

An objectCost (Citicoins)landscapingGaining experience
Alpine slide8087
crystal spruce8077
Squareone hundred108
Apple tree2002621
light fountain2601923
The statue70024thirty
Alcove1 10026thirty
Alley with a fountain3 6005470
Skate park27 000210290
Sculpture28 000152200
green maze43 000160240
Pond160 000192340
spherical garden300 000306550

How to choose? Determine the benefit based on the price and the number of landscaping units received. The most profitable acquisition is the Apple Tree, you will spend about 8 sitcoins for 1 unit of landscaping. We also recommend purchasing Alleys, Alpine Hills, Squares and Maples.

Global City: How to ensure the functioning of the city?

Functioning. For the prosperity of the city, it is necessary to maintain a balance of population, construction of facilities, their water supply and electricity supply. It is necessary to carefully monitor the volume of consumption, since if there is a shortage, buildings will no longer generate income or produce goods. For example, commercial buildings consume a lot of electricity and require power plants to operate.

Hot line. You need to respond in a timely manner to the needs of the population, improving their life and way of life. Any issues that arise will be displayed on the tablet and marked with an exclamation point so you don’t miss anything. You will also receive valuable advice from Max and Maya, who are closely monitoring current issues.

Consumption. After carefully studying all sections of the article, you may notice that most of the buildings in the city have parameters for the consumption of electricity and water. These needs must be met primarily through the construction of the following facilities:

An objectCost (Citicoins)ElectricityGaining experience
wind generator6012010
wind station52040045
Substation5 8002000210
Biopower plant35,0003000440
gas turbine power plant90 0005 500740
nuclear fusion station400 00010,0001 565

What to build? In terms of cost, the most profitable acquisition is the Wind Generator, the cost of one unit of energy will be only 0.5 sitcoin. At the initial stage of development, you can safely install them throughout the city. However, when residential buildings and businesses will require a large amount of electricity, it is worth giving preference to more expensive power supply facilities.

By building just a few Biopower Plants, you can save space on the map and at the same time provide all the needs of the townspeople.
An objectCost (Citicoins)Water supplyGaining experience
Water tower6015010
Water storage5001 20045
Pumping station7 5003000165
Underground source50,0005000620
Atmospheric dehumidifier150 0007000890
Water Synthesis Company340 00015,0001870

What to choose? In terms of cost, the Water Tower and the Water Accumulator are the most profitable, but they will need a lot to provide a developed city, which means they will take up a lot of space on the map. You may place such Water Towers in free single spaces that you can no longer accommodate.

As the city develops, replace old water supply facilities with new and more powerful ones.

Global City: Tax Collection Tips

Taxes. The game is quite realistic, so the mayor needs money to develop the city, and the main way to get it is to collect taxes. To be able to collect taxes from commercial buildings built in the city, it is necessary to build the City Hall. The information tab will display your possible income for 10 hours and the number of active buildings that generate income.

To get the maximum income, you need to enter the game every 1.5-2 hours to collect taxes.

City Hall Improvement. The collected taxes are stored in the City Hall, however, the amount of savings is limited and depends on the level of the building. To collect taxes, simply click on the coin icon above the building. You can upgrade the City Hall with special items and thus increase its capacity.

To improve, you need:

Missing items can be purchased for globalbucks, but their cost is quite high, so just complete more orders.

Business development. You need to build buildings and upgrade them in order to develop the economy of the city. The more commercial enterprises in your city, the greater the amount of taxes received by the City Hall. New buildings will be available for construction as the game level increases. The number of buildings of the same type is also limited, for example, you can build only 4 TV companies in your city.

BusinessCost (Citicoins)Profit/ExperienceConsumption of water / energy / population / area
A cafe65100 for 10 hours / 105 / 5 / 60 / 2x1
Bicycle rental170150 for 10 hours / 4510 / 20 / 80 / 2x1
Trading house550350 for 10h. / fifty10 / 30 / 150 / 2x2
Electric vehicle charging point750350 for 10h. / 7020 / 35 / 160 / 2x2
Minioffice1400200 for 10 hours / 255 / 10 / 110 / 2x1
Moll5 500400 for 10 hours / 7510 / 30 / 280 / 2x2
TV company15,000350 for 10h. / 26015 / 40 / 440 / 2x2
Exchange Center32 000500 for 10 hours / 32530 / 75 / 1000 / 3x2
Entertainment center51 000450 for 10h. / 36025 / 60 / 1250 / 3x2
Panorama Tower90 000400 for 10 hours / 32520 / 50 / 1 220 / 2x2
business park110 000550 for 10h. / 39030 / 75 / 1 750 / 3x2
Finance center160 000600 for 10 hours / 39035 / 80 / 1900 / 3x2
Development Center440 000750 for 10 hours / 48055 / 130 / 3700 / 3x2
commonwealth tower440 000600 for 10 hours / 37550 / 120 / 3000 / 2x2
Coaching center560 000600 for 10 hours / 39050 / 125 / 3 220 / 2x2
Empire Tower580 000800 for 10 hours / 51570 / 165 / 4 170 / 2x3
commercial center780 000650 for 10h. / 43560 / 140 / 3500 / 2x2
Main office950 000950 for 10h / 61085 / 1495 / 5000 / 3x2
coworking center2,170,0001 600 for 10 hours / 1 040140 / 335 / 7500 / 3x3
Commercial businesses use a lot of water and electricity, so make sure your infrastructure is ready to run your business before you build or you won’t generate income.

Global City: Newbie Guide

Gameplay. The main process of the game is the production of materials, the construction of buildings and their improvement. You will be able to independently design residential and industrial quarters, expanding the territory of the city and moving objects. Also, one of the main elements of the game is the fulfillment of the tasks of the townspeople and the phased implementation of architectural projects.

Level. Your level shows other players what success you have achieved in the development of the city. To reach a new level, you need to earn experience points by building new objects and completing current and temporary tasks. At the moment, the maximum level is 200.

The higher your level, the more buildings and objects are available for construction, and your factories can produce a wide variety of goods.

Authorization. In Global City, authorization takes place through the game center or using a Facebook profile. Linking an account keeps it secure and allows you to play on multiple devices. You will also have the opportunity to restore construction progress when changing the gaming device.

Interface. Your city is displayed on the main screen, all processes are also controlled on the main screen. In the upper left part, your level, number of inhabitants and temporary events are displayed, in the lower corner - a tablet with tasks and a button to go to the union. On the right - the number of sitcoins and globalbucks, temporary promotions and a button to go to the settings, in the lower corner - the construction panel.

Settings. Using the gear icon on the main screen, you can go to the game settings section. Here you can edit the profile, change the language of the game, disable or enable sounds, notifications and display of buildings in the foreground.


Notifications. If you plan to become an active player and get to the first lines of the ratings, you need to enable game notifications so as not to miss the onset of important events. This can be done both through the settings of the gaming device, and in the game itself.

Types of messages:

Support. If you are experiencing technical difficulties, encountering a bug or bug, issue with item release or payment, please contact support. This can be done through the Settings section by clicking on the call center operator icon.

Advertising. One of the main ways to get extra resources and speed up production in the game is to watch commercials. In order for the application to give you promotional videos to receive a reward, you must allow the application to access the advertising user ID (IDFA) in the settings of the gaming device.

Rating. In this section, you can see the top players in your world and, if you wish, visit their cities. The rating is built depending on the number of experience points gained during the game, and the last three awards earned in events are also displayed next to the player’s name.

Visit the cities of experienced users to study the layout of the city.

Chats. As with many games, you have the option to chat with other users and form alliances. Through the tab in the lower left corner, you can go to chat with union members or Facebook friends. Here you can exchange experiences, give advice to other players or negotiate the sale of goods on the exchange.

To start communicating with the mayors of other cities, you will need to complete the task of building the Congress Hall.

Global City: All about the plot of the game

History. Welcome to a small town in the GlobalCity universe, the locals have elected you as its mayor. Now you have to get acquainted with the characters of the game and joint efforts to change the city beyond recognition. You need to constantly communicate with activists, they will tell you about local life and share ideas for the development of the city.


City. Before you start managing the city, do not forget to give it a name. Under this name, other players will see you, so you can use your nickname. You can change the name in the settings, through the Editing profile tab. Here you can also choose the mayor’s avatar.

Interesting fact. The developers did not just create a construction simulator for you, but tried to revive it. Carefully observe the life of the city, and you will see a lot of interesting things. For example, next to the City Hall, you can find a girl at a photo shoot at the fountain or a tourist looking at the statue of the Attacking Bull next to the Stock Exchange. Pay attention to the cars, both rare and modern car models ride on the streets of your city.

Global City: How to get game currency?

Game currency. Since Global City is a city management simulator, it is simply impossible to do without commodity-money relations in the game. You will need several types of currency that you can earn, receive as a gift, or as a reward for completing a task. There are three main types of currency in the game:

Construction tokens:

The main way to get building tokens is to complete orders.

Level up. The main way to get globalbucks is to increase the game level. So for each promotion you will receive 3 globalbucks, and for watching the commercial you can earn another 1 globalbucks.

Exchange. If there are not enough sitcoins for the construction of buildings and facilities, you can get the currency by exchanging the accumulated globalbaks. Click on the plus sign next to the accumulated amount of sitcoins and select the appropriate offer.

Exchange cost:

It is better not to spend globalbucks on the purchase of sitcoins, but save them to purchase additional slots for the production of goods.

Daily gift. Log into the game daily to receive a special briefcase. The gift icon appears randomly during the day above one of the built buildings. Depending on the day you enter, you will be able to receive various items for the development of the city:

If you did not have time to pick up a daily gift, then you can restore the progress of entering the game using globalbaks.

Bank. Click on the plus icon next to the accumulated amount of globalbucks to go to the bank. Here you can watch commercials every 2 hours to receive a gift. The reward drops out randomly in the form of sitcoins, globalbucks, blueprints and goods. You can also pick up one free item from the bank once a day for the development of the city.

Set a timer that will notify you about the activation of a free gift every 2 hours.

Exchange. Next to the City Hall is the building of the world exchange, where you can sell your goods or purchase the necessary items from other Mayors. Create slots by placing goods in them and set the desired value to expand your economic influence and earn citycoins. You can buy goods through the world offers tab, you can update them every 20 seconds.

To establish trade relations between cities, the price of your lots must be reasonable. However, if this is a rare item, then set the maximum price, there will always be a buyer.

Global City: Mission Tips

Tasks. Completing various tasks in the game guarantees you constant experience points and special items for building, expanding territories and improving buildings. One is impossible without the other, so completing tasks is one of the main gaming activities of Global City.

Be sure to take part in all events related to the execution of tasks. Many tasks are repeated, so you can collect several rewards at once in just one action.

Story missions

The tablet. Your assistant Alice enters all current tasks for the development of the city into a special tablet. You can go to the list of tasks through the button in the lower left corner. Check your to-do list, complete your tasks, and get the promised reward.

Task examples:

  1. Build a residential building.
  2. Build a commercial enterprise.
  3. Build a factory.
  4. Place amenities.
  5. Set up the power supply system.
  6. Set up a water supply system.
  7. Improve the built object.
  8. Expand the territory of the city.
  9. Send ships with cargo.
  10. Fulfill orders through the Airport.
  11. Load goods into railway wagons.
  12. Buy goods on the international exchange.
  13. Create a lot for the sale of goods on the international exchange.

Reward. Next to each position on the to-do list is the reward that you will receive after completing it. Some of the tasks will be considered completed immediately after the start of construction, while others require completion of work. For completing the task, you will receive sitcoins and experience points, the more resources are required to complete, the greater the reward.

Briefcase. Above the list of tasks is an indicator of the number of completed tasks. After you complete 20 tasks, you will receive a briefcase as a reward. It can contain citycoins, blueprints, items to expand the territory, a warehouse, and materials to improve the City Hall.

Completing tasks to receive a portfolio with a reward is not limited in time.

Projects. This section of the Tablet displays all ongoing projects for the construction of large urban facilities and their improvement. After completing all the stages of construction, you will receive citycoins and experience points as a reward. New projects appear in the tablet after increasing the game level.

urban season

Description. Participation in this event and completing tasks is a great opportunity to get prizes for the development of your city. You have to complete daily and current tasks in the allotted time in order to receive a reward for progress.

Success points. Each completed task brings success points that fill up the reward bar. For daily tasks, you will receive a few points, but for current tasks, much more. Such tasks are more complex and require time and resources to complete.

Be sure to complete the daily task of watching the commercial, this is the easiest way to earn success points.

Task examples:

  1. Send ships from Port.
  2. Speed ??up the production of goods.
  3. Earn citycoins in any way.
  4. Improve residential buildings.
  5. Upgrade business buildings.
  6. Complete tasks on the tablet.
  7. Build amenities.
  8. Spend globalbucks.
  9. Build residential buildings.
  10. Earn citycoins in Porto.
  11. Send single-deck ships.
  12. Send double-deck ships.

Reward. The maximum number of success points is 800. You will receive a reward every time you accumulate the specified number of points. There are a total of 16 rewards that can be obtained with the purchase of a Gold Pass. For free, you can only get 9 rewards in the form of tokens, materials, sitcoins, blueprints and globalbucks. While the subscription is active, you will receive both rewards.

Golden subscription. To get more benefit from participating in the event, the creators of the game offer you to purchase a special gold pass, which will open access to special rewards. When buying, you will be offered two options: a subscription for the regular price and for an increased one. If you purchase a more expensive option, you can get a bonus 400 success points and immediately take part of the rewards.

Bonuses. The Gold Pass will allow you to receive unique bonuses as a reward. They help to speed up the development of the city and get more resources. During the season, you can win the following bonuses:

Received bonuses are valid only during the current season.

city ??rescue

Description. Global City is a universe where there are no wars, peace and mutual respect reign. However, natural disasters still happen and at this moment the lives of citizens are under threat. Your task as the mayor of this city is to take all measures to prevent danger. Residents will be grateful and will help you in the further development of the city.

Event examples:

Collection types:

Ways to get collection items:

Reward. For each collected collection, you can get citycoins, building tokens, blueprints, experience points and event coins. By filling the indicator of collected collections, you can receive special rewards in the form of event coins, an avatar, and amenities. There are 8 awards in total, 4 of them you can get for free.

Golden pass. To receive all the rewards of the event, you must purchase a special pass. When buying, you will be offered two options: a subscription for the regular price and for an increased one. In the first case, you will take 200 globalbucks and 10 collection items, in the second - 400 globalbucks and 60 collection items, which is 5 times more profitable.

Rating. A quantity competition will be organized between random players. At the end of the event, you will receive materials for expanding the warehouse, materials for improving the City Hall, materials for expanding the territory of the isiticoin. By taking one of the first three places, you will receive a special avatar that will tell everyone about your achievements.

To receive the minimum reward, you must collect at least one collection of items.

Shop. You can use event coins to purchase construction tokens. The price is set to 50 or 150 coins to purchase 3 times more tokens. There is no benefit from a more expensive purchase, so purchase construction tokens as needed. You can also purchase exclusive amenities with event coins.

After the end of the event, you will have a few extra days to shop in the store.

Railway season

Description. By participating in this event, you can earn tokens for the construction of railway facilities, wagon cards, a bonus locomotive and speed up the launch of the railway. The event is much longer than the others, but the tasks here will be much more difficult.

Success points. For completing daily and current tasks, you can earn success points, which will affect the number of rewards received. Pay attention to future tasks in order to prepare materials for their completion in a timely manner and not take actions before opening the task.

Prioritize, be sure to complete easy tasks, as well as those tasks that bring more success points.

Task examples:

  1. Produce a certain type of product.
  2. Send single-deck ships.
  3. Send double-deck ships.
  4. Send three-deck ships.
  5. Speed ??up the production of goods.
  6. Buy a wagon.
  7. Send helicopters.
  8. Fulfill orders on the Railroad.
  9. Earn construction tokens.
  10. Spend globalbucks.

Reward. The maximum number of success points is 1,300. A total of 31 rewards, all rewards can only be obtained with the purchase of a gold subscription. For free, you can only get 16 rewards in the form of construction tokens, product sets, globalbucks, wagon cards, warehouse expansion materials and blueprints.

Golden subscription. To get more benefit from participating in the event, you can purchase a special Gold Pass, which will open access to special rewards. When purchasing a Gold Pass for an increased cost, you can receive a bonus 650 success points and immediately take part of the rewards.


At the end of the season, you will receive a statistical report and find out what percentage of players you managed to beat.

Global City: Order Fulfillment Tips

Orders. The production of goods for their subsequent sale is one of the main elements of the game. You need to develop the economy and trade relations in order to carry out further construction with the earned citycoins. All orders will be displayed on the tablet in the appropriate section, which will indicate the required goods and the method of shipment.

Goods. Orders are generated randomly, so you have to produce exactly what the buyer requires of you. The goods can be simple resources like sand or ore, as well as everything that can be produced in factories. To complete orders, you will not need building tokens, upgrade and expansion items, drawings and diagrams.

The order may contain a product that you cannot produce yourself yet, so either replace the order or look for the product on the global exchange.

Execution order. First of all, you need to send orders that are easy to fulfill. Also pay attention to the current shipping tasks, which indicate how the order must be delivered in order to earn success points.

Construction. The game provides several ways to send goods, organizing each type of delivery will require advising infrastructure facilities that need to be built and improved. Do not start building the next object until the previous one starts to function, this will allow you to fulfill more various orders.

Develop the Port first, then the Airport and then the Railroad.

Reward. For completing orders, you can get sitcoins or railway coins. The portfolio that you receive as a gift for completing tasks related to sending orders may contain construction tokens, citycoins, blueprints, materials for expanding the warehouse, materials for expanding the territory, materials for improving the City Hall, tokens.


Port. Already at the first levels, Alice and Felix will advise you to start building the Port, where cargo ships can enter to pick up goods and deliver them to other cities. The number of ships that can simultaneously expect goods and the capacity of their holds will depend on the development of the Port.

Building tokens are not required to develop the Port.

Ships. Orders are delivered using cargo ships that randomly enter the port. The type of ship and the number of decks determine how many orders must be completed to send the ship for delivery.

Types of ships:

  1. Single deck.
  2. Double-deck.
  3. Three-deck.

Order fulfillment. Click on the arrived ship and learn what goods need to be crafted. As soon as all the goods from the order are in stock, you can load the container and send the ship for delivery. A ship with a new order will arrive at the port within 30 seconds.

Order replacement. If it is not possible to fulfill the order, replace it using the special button. A new order will appear after the specified time has elapsed, which you can speed up with the help of globalbucks or by watching a commercial.

Reward. The cost of order fulfillment can be seen immediately in the information card. You receive Citycoins after loading the goods on the ship and an additional reward in the briefcase after sending the ship. Thus, for sending a single-deck ship, you can receive two rewards at once for one order.

Navigation complex. The port harbor is restless: ships often run aground, and the weather is unpredictable. You need to take measures for the safety of merchant ships, for this build a modern Navigation complex with a lighthouse. Upon completion of construction, you will be able to increase the benefits of shipping. For construction, special sea tokens will be required.

The airport

The airport. Felix managed to negotiate the sale of your products to neighboring cities, which can bring a good profit. Since it is impossible to deliver orders to neighboring cities by sea, you will need aviation for faster and more convenient delivery. The city needs to build a cargo airport that could accommodate several helicopters and planes.

Building an Airport does not require building tokens.

Technique. The number and types of aircraft available to fulfill orders depend on the progress in the development of the Airport. The more equipment, the more orders you can fulfill at the same time, and the variety will affect the cost of delivery.

Types of technology:

Order card. By clicking on the airport building, you can open a list of current air delivery orders. Under each order, its weight will be indicated, which determines which aircraft will be able to deliver it to its destination. The card also indicates the destination and the time it will take for delivery.

Order fulfillment. Produce the necessary goods and load them into a free plane or helicopter, taking into account their carrying capacity. The flight time countdown timer will start, after the plane returns to the airport, you can receive a reward and send a new order.


Railway. Your city is growing and developing, so you need to constantly think about new sources of profit. The railroad is a powerful economic engine, so you need to build your own. To build, you will need special railway tokens, which can be earned by completing orders at the Airport or Port.

Order fulfillment. On the railway, a certain time is set for which it is necessary to deliver goods. The order contains requirements for the delivery of several goods, depending on the number and type of wagons, you can load all the goods or part of them. If there is not enough carrying capacity of the train, it is necessary to wait for the train to return to the station, load the next product into it, and so on until the order is completed.

Composition improvement. For completing each stage, you will be rewarded with special coins that can be spent on improving the freight train. You will also need special wagon cards that can be won in the event. You can purchase a new locomotive for globalbucks or try to win it in an event.

When the train is in transit, it cannot be improved, so wait for the delivery to complete.

Reward. Coins for completing the order will be credited only after the train returns to the station. The orders window contains a list of stations to which orders must be delivered. If the goods are delivered to all the indicated stations, you will receive an additional reward from the portfolio.

Global City: How to excavate?

Archeology. Sometimes workers found ancient amphoras in the quarries. Dr. Heinrich went to explore the area and discovered the ruins of an ancient city - the lost Polis. After examining the ruins, he came to the conclusion that it is possible to restore the ancient buildings. You have a chance to feel like a real archaeologist and restorer.

Procedure. To begin with, it is necessary to excavate several sites in order to find the foundation of the building. Once you have dug out all the parts of the foundation, you can begin to restore the buildings. Next, you have to dig out the rest of the sites, you will not know exactly where the next ancient object is located. This is all the fun of archeological excavation, you need flair and luck.

First excavations. The first thing you have to restore is the city gates, the inhabitants of Polis called them Porta Solaria. Examine the list of materials that will be required for restoration, this may be metal, cement and other building materials. After getting to work, the process is similar to the construction of other facilities in the city.

Tokens. For each stage of the archaeological excavation, you will need archeology tokens. At the beginning of the excavation, Heinrich will give you a few so that you can start restoring the lost Polis, but you will have to get the rest of the tokens on your own.

Ways to get:

GlobalCity: Is it worth joining an alliance?

Union. In Global City, it is possible to enter into alliances with other players and help each other in promoting and developing cities. Communication with experienced and active players will allow you to quickly get used to the game and start the successful development of the metropolis.

Introduction. The game offers a small list of unions to join, but you can search for the desired group yourself. In social networks, moderators create special topics for discussion, where you can learn about the new union and join it.

Creation. If none of the unions appealed to you or you are used to always leading the process, then you have the opportunity to create it yourself. In this case, you will be able to set the requirements for the members of the union by determining the minimum level that the player needs to join with you. Since the number of places in the union is limited, monitor the activity of the players and kick out the passive ones.

Be sure to advertise your union on social networks to attract new active players.

Help. The main type of help that you can get from other users is the mutual sale of resources, goods and items for improvement. In the chat, you can agree with an ally on placing the desired lot on the stock exchange. So you can get the necessary item, and with skillful negotiation, also for little money.

Union race. A very rare event in Global City, during which alliances can compete with each other. Together with other players, you will have to complete tasks and earn success points for your union. The more active players, the higher the probability of receiving a good reward at the end of the event.

Global City: How to take part in events?

World masterpieces. Buildings and amenities for all users are standard and their variety depends only on your account level. However, the developers came up with an opportunity for players to diversify the architecture of the city. During special events, you will have the opportunity to build world masterpieces in your city, such as the Eiffel Tower from Paris, the Sagrada Familia from Barcelona or the Burj Khalifa from Dubai.

Time. Impress the inhabitants of your city, as well as other mayors. You have the opportunity to build exclusive buildings in your city, but the construction must be completed within the allotted time. If you failed to complete the construction, do not be discouraged, the events are repeated, so you can complete the construction of exclusive objects next time.

Tokens. To build buildings, you will need a special currency - tokens. You can get them as a reward during seasonal events that always run in parallel with the construction of world masterpieces. You can also get tokens by completing orders for the delivery of goods using ships, helicopters, planes and trains.

It is impossible to complete the construction of all objects of the event without a donation, so if you want to impress other players, purchase a gold event pass.

Procedure. During construction, you need to be very careful and take into account all the nuances of construction. Each building has 5 stages of construction, you will need a lot of building materials to build an object. Try to stock items that take the most time, and at the same time, do not forget to complete orders to receive tokens.

Foggy Albion. Who has not dreamed of visiting the Queen of Great Britain and visiting the famous Palace of Westminster. Now you have the opportunity to build its exact copy in your city, as well as several other London attractions.

Exclusive objects:

Skyscrapers of Shanghai. Secret blueprints for unique Shanghai skyscrapers were brought to our city directly from China’s best craftsmanship. These buildings are simply amazing and unique in their architecture. Skyscrapers are one of the most recognizable symbols of Shanghai, and you have the opportunity to build a real Shanghai corner in your city.

Exclusive objects:

Useful information. As the buildings are built, you will learn interesting facts about them. For example, that the Shanghai Tower has an unusual twisted shape of the facade, as the height increases, the outer part of the building twists by 120 degrees.

Global City: Guide for Donators

Bank. Getting a large amount of globalbaks during the game is quite difficult, you will have to save them for further use. At the bank, you can familiarize yourself with offers to buy globalbucks for real money, so you can speed up the process of developing your city.

If you decide to invest real money, then it is best to purchase promotional offers, or the most expensive ones, as they are the most profitable in terms of the cost of one globalbax.

Beginner’s set. During the first day of the game, you can purchase everything you need for the city. Your account will be credited with 430 globalbucks, you will receive materials for the first expansion of the warehouse, as well as a powerful rotary excavator that will speed up ore mining by 2 times. This offer is 5 times more profitable than if you purchased all the materials separately.

Daily globalbucks. You can purchase a subscription for daily delivery of globalbucks. Immediately after subscribing, you will receive 30 globalbucks, and then 10 daily for 30 days. The benefit of the offer is 340%.

Daily sets. Every day, a new promotional offer for the acquisition of resources will appear on the right side of the screen. It consists of three parts, the first in the form of sitecoins can be obtained for free, while the rest must be purchased for real money. After purchasing all parts of the set, you will receive a bonus in the form of 50 globalbucks.

Set examples:

Safe. A rare special offer, using which you can get both in-game currency and items for the construction and development of the city. Resources are obtained one by one according to a given chain. You will receive the first three gifts for free, these can be citycoins, blueprints and goods, the fourth gift will already have to be paid for, it will contain globalbucks and special construction tokens. Then you will again receive three free gifts and one paid one, the chain can continue until the promotion period ends.

Global City: Is it worth playing?

Global City is a unique city-building simulator that can immerse you in an entertaining process of developing and managing a metropolis. You will be able to create a dream city by actively participating in all events and activities. Since the game is new and quite popular, the developers continue to work hard on it and come up with new adventures for users.


  1. The game is available on multiple gaming platforms.
  2. Nice and colorful graphics.
  3. Clear gameplay, the game is easy to master.
  4. The plot of the game is aimed at the constant development of the city.
  5. There is a competitive element of the game.
  6. The gaming device discharges slowly.
  7. Developers are interested in the opinion of players in social networks.
  8. The game is free, donation is optional.
  9. No pop-up ads.
  10. Great for spending time after a day at work.


  1. It takes a long time to develop a city.
  2. Duration and complexity in the production of most goods.
  3. Small storage capacity even after expansion.
  4. The city editing mode is not thought out.
  5. Small font, you can not increase the description of objects.
  6. The game is designed for user donations.
  7. A permanent internet connection is required.

We recommend that you install Global City on your gaming device and play for a couple of days. After that, you will be able to understand if this game is right for you. If yes, then start creating your ideal city to the envy of other players.

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