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Greedy Cats WiKi: Tips and tricks for passing the game

Greedy Cats: Kitty Clicker is a clicker game from the New Zealand company PIKPOK. The game has its own kawaii atmosphere, it is funny and funny, with unique and cute cats. You have to feed your greedy cat, as he is always hungry, and a support group of other cats will support you in every possible way and give their positive effects.


  1. Beginner’s Guide
  2. Secrets of your greedy cats
  3. Game Activity Tips
  4. What do you need Greedy Cat friends for?
  5. Secrets and tips for passing the game
  6. Donator Guide
  7. All you need to know about VIP status
  8. Is it worth playing?

Greedy Cats: Beginner’s Guide

Story in the game. At the beginning of the game, you are offered two cats to choose from. After choosing, you will undergo a short training in the basics of the game and then proceed to the main part, on your own. Do not worry if you get tired of your cat, then you can use the services of a stylist and completely change the appearance.

Actions take place in a unique kawaii universe where cats live and hold tournaments among themselves, who will eat the food faster for a while. There is a huge variety of food in the world and your greedy cat wants to taste everything.

How to play? The game is a clicker. You need to quickly click on the screen and watch how your greedy cat satisfies his hunger, eating portions of food one by one. This is the goal of the game, endless feeding of your cat, for the sake of total profit.

Game interface. The main screen displays your main greedy cat and his support group in the form of other cats. In the upper left part of the screen, your medals for completing the Path of Triumph are displayed. Your gold coins and diamonds are displayed nearby. Just below you can see the daily roulette for additional profit.

On the left side of the screen, offers from developers are displayed, they appear quite often and offer excellent options for buying diamonds and other items. At the bottom left you can see your current task, they are quite simple and give a good additional profit in the form of gold coins.

The bottom of the screen displays your cat menus, cat outfits, friends tab, events tab, and shop.

The path of triumph. It is a map with locations, each part of the path is divided into five maps, with its own unique food, music and theme. For each successful progress along the Path of Triumph, you will be given useful rewards.

To advance along the Path, you have to fight in a tournament with another champion, another player’s greedy cat. Before the start of the tournament, you need to go through 8 stages of preparation and after passing the last one, you will be able to start the tournament.

After some battles with greedy cats, you will be asked to add the cat as a friend. Do not miss this chance, your cats will become friends, and you will be able to exchange gifts every day.

Tasks. The tasks in the game are quite simple, you need to complete the described goal in the lower left corner and, after completing it, collect your well-deserved reward. Do not forget about these tasks, as they provide a good additional income. The reward in the form of coins will vary depending on your total income in the game.

Gold coins. It is the main currency in the game. Obtained every time your cat finishes the dish to the end. Coins will be useful to you for buying new cats from the support group; almost all of your actions will require gold coins.

Diamonds. They are the donor currency in the game and at the same time the most valuable. You can get diamonds completely free of charge by moving along the Path of Triumph. Diamonds will be needed to buy gold coins in the store and to buy clothes for the greedy cat and his support group.

As you progress along the Path of Triumph, you will be given a lot of diamonds. When you receive a reward in the form of diamonds, you will be offered to watch a commercial, for watching which the reward will be increased by X2. Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity, as diamonds are a valuable currency.

Game settings. In order to open the game settings, click on the gear icon on the main screen in the upper right corner. In the settings, you can change the volume levels of music and sound effects. It is possible to change the language to the desired ones, there are many languages. There is also a mail section where you can find rewards submitted by the developers. There is user support in the game settings, if you have any problems with the game, be sure to report it to the developers, so you can improve the game. You can also look at other games from the developers from the proposed list.

At the bottom of the game settings, there is an option to sign in to Google Play. This is convenient, since you can play the game on several devices at once, without losing game progress.

Greedy Cats: Secrets of your greedy cats

Your cat’s appearance. You can always change the appearance of your greedy cat if you want to change its color or add a new coloring, no problem, all this is in the stylist’s room. You can choose ears or a new tail, all designed to make your cat like you and be truly unique and cute.

How to feed a cat? Your cat has a scale for eating food, by clicking on the screen you can see that the scale decreases. This indicator displays how much food is left for your cat to eat. The faster he eats it, the faster you will make a profit. The main task is to lower the scale to zero by clicking on the screen as quickly as possible.

When participating in tournaments with other cats, a countdown appears under the scale. During the time indicated under the scale, you must eat the dish faster than your opponent. Thus, the tournament is a game of speed, whoever eats the dish faster wins.

At some point, you will feel that you do not have time and are behind the time to eat the dish. This can fix your greedy cat and cheerleader upgrade. After you improve the cats, try to participate in the tournament again, and you will definitely win.

Cat improvement. The greedy cat can be improved, the main improvement gives an increase in units per touch. With each of your improvements, your clicks on the screen will take away more units from the scale of the dish being eaten. This is the main improvement and the most important, as your cat should eat food faster, this is especially useful for tournaments with other greedy cats that you have to get ahead of in speed.

Under all the improvements, there is an auto-click button on the screen. It gives you the option not to click on the screen yourself, so you can rest and your cat will continue to eat on its own. To get it, you need to watch a short promotional video.

Support Group. When you accumulate the required amount of gold coins, you will be able to purchase the first cat from your support group. Such cats are very useful and have their own sets of positive effects, for example, they add a certain number of units every second. This way, your clicks stack with your fan’s buff, and the greedy cat will eat the food much faster.

The usual improvement of your fans. Upgrading your cats takes place for gold coins. Each level of improvement will require more and more coins. In the cat menu, you can choose which upgrade to use.

If you have enough coins, then you can choose to upgrade to the maximum level. Your cat will be upgraded to the level that the coins were enough for. You can also choose how many levels to improve each cat individually. In the game, you can choose to improve by 1 unit, by 10 units and by 50 units.

Over time, you will have many cats. We recommend that you focus on improving one cat to a certain level, and then switch to another and also improve it to the same level. Thus, your cats will give good buffs and will be on a par with each other, equally improved.

A radical improvement in the support group. Let’s consider what positive effects your support group cat gives, when improved, using the screenshot above as an example. Initially, the cat cheerleader gives you X units per second. At upgrade level 10, the cat gives X11 units of this amount, at level 50 X2, at level 100 it increases all the fans that you have by X units and further upgrades are given at 200, 400, 600, 800 and 1000 levels.

These epic improvements after level 200 will require you to have certain stars that are issued for completing the Path of Triumph. After such an improvement, you can continue to improve the cat for gold coins.

When you reach the Stars reward on the Path of Triumph, you will be prompted to watch a promotional video and receive an x2 reward. Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity, as the stars are a very rare currency, and you will need it soon to improve the cats.

Clothes for cats. The main positive effects in the game are clothes for cats. It has a different rarity, which is displayed as stars. Accordingly, one star is a very common outfit that gives small buffs, and 4 stars is already the rarest clothes with the best buffs in the game.

Types of clothes:

Each section of clothing has more than 20 different types. Each item has its own unique look and style, as well as its own set of buffs.

You can put on clothes in a special menu, in the wardrobe. Each cat can be put on any clothes from all that you have. But it’s best to fully equip your greedy cat first, and then equip your fan cats.

If you have a large number of clothes, then the game has a special function for automatically putting clothes on your cats. This is to ensure that you do not get confused in your collections and can choose the best option that gives the right buff.

How to get clothes? Clothing drops from chests. Every day you can open one chest for watching a short advertisement. To purchase other chests, you will need to spend 20 diamonds. With a certain probability, one item of clothing or as many as two will fall from the chest, out of the two you will have to choose only one option that suits you in terms of positive effects.

With every 5 chest openings, your chance of getting a rarer piece of clothing increases. Among all the clothes, a set of 3 items, the best quality, namely items that have 5 stars, changes every day. The chance of getting such items is negligible, but the more chests you open, the higher the chance of falling out.

You can see which items of clothing drop from the chest and at what chance. To do this, click on the "open" icon, after which a menu will open with all the items that can be dropped.

Also, very good clothing items are sold in the store, in a set of special offers. Sometimes such sets appear on the main screen on the left side. Such clothes are considered the best in the game, clothing items purchased in sets give an order of magnitude higher useful effects, unlike ordinary clothes.

It is best to spend diamonds on buying chests with clothes for your cats. Since this is the best investment currently in the game, all the buffs from clothing will give you an increase in overall income, and you can further advance along the Path of Triumph.

Making clothes. There are clothing options that can be created from several. To improve, you will need two items of clothing of the same type with one star, after creation you will receive one item of clothing, but already with two stars. This is a great way to create the best out of the worst clothes. Such a creation will require a lot of clothing and funds in the form of diamonds. In the later game, you will accumulate a lot of unnecessary clothes, because your kitties will already be well-dressed, and you can safely start creating new ones.

We recommend that you use the creation of clothes only when you have a lot of unnecessary ones. Do not take off clothes from cats in order to create another one.

Greedy Cats: Game Activity Tips

Absence from the game. Since this is a clicker game, and this genre of games is different in that you get income even when you are absent from the game for a long time. There is no absence limit in the game, you will receive all the income in the form of gold coins for the entire time you were not in the game.

Thus, there is always passive income in the game, but when you are not in the game, your cats do not participate in tournaments. Therefore, your profit will be fixed, and correspond to the level at which you stopped before leaving the game. When you have been absent for a long time, when you first enter the game, you will be shown how much profit the seals have brought you during this time. You just have to pick her up.

In the box for making a profit for a long absence, you are given two options to choose from. You can simply take your profits or double your profits for watching an ad. We recommend watching short ads to double your profits.

Roulette. On the main game screen, the roulette icon is displayed in the upper right part. By clicking on it, the roulette will open, when you start the roulette, you can increase your profit with a certain chance by x2, by x3, by x4.

In order to start the roulette, you need to watch a short commercial. If you are not satisfied with the increased chance received, then you can start the roulette again for watching one more ad. The action will last 4 hours, but you can increase it by watching the following commercial.

We recommend that you do not forget about the roulette wheel and use it constantly. This is a great opportunity to increase your overall profit. Especially do not forget to use the tape measure before going to bed or a long absence, watch the ad several times to increase the time of profit.

Flying cat with a gift. Quite often, flying cats with a gift in their paws appear on the main screen in the game. By clicking on them, you will be prompted to watch a small commercial for a gift, in the form of profit in gold coins, or a buff for the support group and your hungry cat for a while.

This is a great opportunity for additional profit, which should not be ignored. The commercials are short-lived, and the fact that they give gifts pays off in the form of the development of your greedy cat with his support group.

Daily tasks. Every day in the game you are given 7 tasks that you can complete and get tickets for the prize wheel. These tasks are not basic and can be ignored, but it’s better not to do this, as the prize wheel gives great gifts.

The assignments are quite easy and can be done easily throughout the day. They are updated and replaced, but the essence of the tasks does not change. For example, you must eat 500 servings of food, this task you can easily complete in a day. After you complete one task, opposite it in the task menu, you can pick up a ticket as a reward, and then use it for the prize wheel.

The prize wheel is a roulette wheel. The scrolling arrow will stop at the prize and you will receive it. Among the prizes you can get gold coins, their number depends on your total income. You can also get valuable diamonds and stars to improve your cats.

Don’t forget to log in and get tickets, at the beginning of the game the tasks will be much easier and you will be able to complete them with ease. Each task gives you one ticket and if you complete all 7 tasks, you can play the prize wheel as many as 7 times, and this is a great extra profit and good prizes.

Daily donuts. In the event section, donut eating is a regular event. The event is updated every day and you can participate for free once, but if you want to participate again, you can buy another game for 50 diamonds.

In the allotted 15 seconds in the game, you must eat as many donuts as possible. The more donuts you eat, the more donuts you get as currency in the game. For donuts, you can buy nice clothes for your cats.

Every day the rewards in the form of clothes change, and their price in donuts also changes. This way the reward never repeats and you can collect a lot of unique clothes with great buffs.

Don’t worry, you won’t get many donuts at the beginning of the game, as eating depends only on the upgrades of your greedy cat. But in the later game, when your cat is well upgraded, you will be able to collect a lot more donuts.

We do not recommend that a beginner spend valuable diamonds on an additional game of donut eating. It’s quite expensive and won’t pay off. You will collect few donuts, it is best to just buy a box of clothes. But in the later game, you can spend diamonds on an additional game and get a lot more donuts.

Special events. The developers of the game add new events every month that last 30 days. During this time, you can participate in the event and receive various rewards. To participate in the event, you will need to choose a friend to help you, select any friend from your friends list.

You can participate for free three times a day. But if you wish, you can buy the opportunity to play more, for 20 diamonds. Events change once a month, but the essence of the game does not change. In each new event, only the rewards change.

It is better to choose a friend who has progressed as well as you on the Path of Triumph or even higher. Such a friend is more suitable for help, since the speed of eating dishes also depends on him.

You and your friend cat will have to eat as many servings of food as possible in 15 seconds. The more servings you eat, the more rewards you will receive in the form of diamonds. After you have played the eating game, you will see your accumulated score and a table on which you have to move.

The more points you can score, the more gifts you open, the last gift is the most valuable, you will be given a unique set of clothes with great buffs. Also, as a reward for doing better than more players, you will be given diamonds and stars.

Each event has a table of the best players, but it does not carry any value in the game. It was created simply to display the best players and be proud to be on the lists.

For each event there is a separate subscription, which gives a significant advantage in receiving points and gifts. A subscription is purchased for real money, but you can get it for three days completely free of charge, take the opportunity to try the subscription and decide for yourself whether you need it or not.

Greedy Cats: What do you need Greedy Cat friends for?

Friends. For friends, there is a dedicated tab at the bottom of the game screen. Each cat of another player, you can add after defeating him in the tournament. Each friend will be selected in your friends list, and you can see the progress of your friends in real time.

Every day you can give your friends seeds for planting in the garden. And they, in turn, can make a gift to you for your garden. These seeds are very valuable, because you can plant plants in your garden that, when ripe, give you diamonds.

It takes one hour to restore one gift, after you have a gift, select from the list of friends the one to whom you want to give the gift and send it. You can give 24 gifts per day, 1 every hour. Of course, this is on condition that you will constantly come in and hand them over. In reality, the figure is much smaller, so there will not be enough gifts for all your friends.

Since you are limited in the number of gifts, choose friends who have already sent you gifts. Thus, you will thank them and make them happy. Soon you will establish relationships with friends, and you will exchange gifts with them on an ongoing basis.

your garden. Your friends send you seeds that will be useful for planting plants in your garden. This is a great way to get diamonds constantly and for free. Which should not be neglected and used as often as possible.

In order to plant a plant, choose a suitable place and click on it. In the menu that opens, select the appropriate seed and plant it. After that, you will have to wait a while until the plant is fully ripe. When it grows, click on it and collect your reward in the form of the most valuable diamonds.

In the game, you are given the opportunity to pick up one seed every day for watching ads. Take this opportunity to plant your first plant.

Garden expansion. If you feel that you do not have enough space for planting and you have accumulated a lot of seeds, then in the game you can expand the planting cells in the garden. For the expansion, you will have to give diamonds in the amount of 100, 200 and 250 pieces, for different types of cells.

Greedy Cats: Secrets and tips for passing the game

1. Use autoclick. If you are in the game and do not want to constantly tap the screen, then be sure to use the autoclicker. Watch a short ad, this feature is worth it.

2. Upgrade your greedy cat. Do not forget to improve your main cat, as your main profit depends on it. Try to improve it first, and the rest of the seals after.

3. Improve your support group. Let the greedy cat get the main income, but the support group also gives its own positive effects and an increase in profit. Therefore, about the improvement of seals, do not forget. Try to keep their improvement at the same level as the greedy cat.

4. Dress up your cats. Don’t forget about clothes and buy them with diamonds. Clothes give good buffs, and if you have rare clothes, then it will significantly increase your profits and speed up the development in the game.

5. Participate in all available events. Try to participate in all the events that the game offers you. All events bring their own rewards, these can be gold coins, clothes, diamonds or stars for improvements. All this you will definitely need in the game.

6. Watch ads. If in the game you are given the opportunity to increase your profit or receive a reward for watching ads. Be sure to use it, this is a great chance to get completely free benefits in the game.

7. Complete tasks and spin the gift wheel. Every day you are given 7 tasks to complete. It is best to complete them all, for completing one task they give out one ticket to play in the gift wheel. There you can get good rewards such as diamonds, coins or stars.

8. Use roulette to increase your profits. Be sure to use the roulette to increase profits for 4 hours. You need to watch ads to use it. Extend the action for a longer time by viewing additional ads.

9. Leave the game for profit. When you run out of funds to upgrade your cats and can’t win the tournament, then leave the game. After leaving the game, during your absence, your cats will accumulate a decent amount, which you then use to improve and further develop.

Greedy Cats: Donator Guide

Shop. The shop section is at the bottom of the game screen. Clicking on it opens a tab with all currently available offers from developers.

The most consumed currency in the game is diamonds, which are purchased with real money in the shop section. You are offered a choice of packages for 120, 750, 1800, 3750, 9750, 21000 diamonds. The price depends on the number of purchased diamonds. Also, in addition to diamonds, you will be given a certain amount of VIP status points.

When you first purchase diamonds, you will be given a bonus of 50% of the purchased diamonds. If you purchase 120 diamonds, then another 60 diamonds will be added to you as a gift.

Subscription. The store offers to purchase a subscription for a month. She’s pretty helpful. Gives more rewards in special events in the game. Opens access to the special store "Greedy Cat’s Box", and every day you will be given 40 diamonds and 25 donuts as a gift. You’ll also receive double the daily donuts that you can use to purchase items of clothing. The first bonus when subscribing will be 500 diamonds and 150 VIP status points, and this is a good gift.

First Purchase Reward. For any first purchase in the game, you can count on a gift from the game developers. Purchases can be made for any amount. As a gift, you will be given 100 diamonds and 10 coupons for skipping commercials. These coupons will come in handy, as there is not always a desire to view ads.

Greedy cat box. A section of the store that sells unique outfits, they are updated several times a day. Sold only for diamonds and have very good buffs. If you have accumulated a large amount of diamonds, you should look here.

Sets with premium fans. This section sells unique fans, the characteristics of such fans are much higher than ordinary ones. They give great buffs and will greatly increase your profits and development in the game. These fans are bought only for real money, buying for diamonds is impossible.

Advertising pass coupons. A great investment for those who don’t really like watching ads, these coupons will save you time and you can get rewards without watching the commercial, right away. Sold in the store for real money in the amount of 40, 240 and 600 units. The price depends on the number of coupons purchased, and you will also be given VIP status points as a bonus.

Stars to improve cats. To radically improve your cats, you will need stars in the game, they rarely fall, and you may feel a lack already at the beginning of the game. For such cases, the store has a section in which you can purchase stars for diamonds in the amount of 100, 200 and 500 units.

Gold coins. If you feel that your development has stopped or slowed down, you can purchase additional gold coins in the store. In total, there is an opportunity to purchase three sets per day, with a different number of coins inside. The number of gold coins depends on your total income, the first set can be purchased for watching ads for free. The other two you can buy for 20 and 50 diamonds.

Limited offers. Quite often, limited offers appear on the left side of the game screen. The kits contain nice outfits for your cats, diamonds, gold coins or other rewards. Such offers are very useful and their price is not as high as if you bought everything in the set separately.

Greedy Cats: All you need to know about VIP status

VIP status. To support donators, the game developers have created a unique VIP status. To increase this status, you need to invest your real money in the game by purchasing various goods in the store. VIP Status Points are not earned by playing, this is a reward for those players who actively support the game.

VIP status levels. At the moment there are 14 levels of VIP status, but in the future the number may change. Upon reaching each level, you are entitled to rewards and privileges in the game.

Rewards for leveling up VIP status include diamonds, ad skip tickets, stars, and seeds. Increased time in events and the ability to purchase additional energy in special events of the game. Rewards increase as the level of VIP status increases. For each achievement of the level you need a certain number of points.

Greedy Cats: Is it worth playing?

Greedy Cats will appeal to players who love clicker games and especially love cats. This is a very nice game that relaxes after a hard day’s work, pleases with its music and graphics. The cats are very cute and joyful, and the atmosphere in the game is kawaii. The game has a lot of entertainment, tournaments and events. You will also find many friends from all over the world, like-minded people who are crazy about cats.

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