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Harvest Land WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

Harvest Land is a farm simulation game by MTAG PUBLISHING LT. In the game, you have to build your own settlement, equip it and decorate it, build new buildings, create a lot of items and make a lot of products and materials. There is also the opportunity to engage in animal husbandry, trade with local residents and with other players. Create your clan, unite the players and lead everyone to prosperity. Go on adventures, fight and explore new uncharted lands.


  1. Guide for Beginners
  2. Achievements Guide
  3. How to get crystals without investing real money?
  4. Tips for collecting resources and expanding the territory
  5. Everything you need to know about storage
  6. Where are Amulets mined?
  7. Building and Production Tips
  8. Secrets of farming and animal husbandry
  9. All available activities in the game
  10. Everything you need to know about the trading area
  11. Guide to clans in the game
  12. Tips and secrets of passing the game
  13. Guide for Donators
  14. Is it worth playing?

Harvest Land: Guide for Beginners

Plot. The game has the simplest plot. You find yourself on an island with a small village. You have to expand the settlement, improve the life of the Slavs, fight the dangerous inhabitants of the island and discover new unexplored territories. Your main goal is to create and expand a prosperous settlement with happy residents.

Education. At the beginning you have to go through training, a nice girl will explain to you how to harvest your crops and what you need to build at the beginning of the game. Only after you have completed the training will you be able to start playing on your own. There are no usual tasks in the game, only training tasks appear periodically. Such tasks will appear during the game with a certain condition, for example, after you have increased your level and new features in the game become available to you.

Interface. The first thing you will see in the game will be your village on the island. Your residents, workers and wars will walk around the village. Beautiful plants grow around the village, thick trees, apple trees with red apples and deposits of stones everywhere. All these resources you have to gradually collect and clear your territory for new buildings. Cute animals run all over the island, and a variety of birds also fly. The game is quite beautiful and pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

In the upper left corner of the game screen is the current level of the player. In the lower left part, the construction icon for coins is displayed, then the premium store and the subscription icon. Offers are displayed nearby, for which you can get crystals for free.

All your residents, workers and wars are displayed on the right side of the game screen. A social menu is displayed above them, in which you will find your friends in the game. To the right, the current number of gold coins is displayed, and below them the number of crystals. Next, an icon of all the amulets available in the game is displayed. At the bottom is the game settings menu, as well as leaderboards and a menu of your friends for quick access.

Player level. In the game you have to perform many actions for which you will be given experience. Experience is needed to get a new level, with each level increase, you will have access to new buildings or functions in the game, new activities and animals, as well as new expeditions and many new opportunities. In order to effectively gain experience, you have to farm, build, harvest and extract resources, also explore uncharted lands and go on new expeditions.

Experience. For all your actions, you get a little experience. For harvesting or resources, for production and trade. Try to do a lot of things, then you will quickly gain experience and quickly increase the level of the player.

workers in your settlement. Almost all actions in the game take place with the help of your residents, workers. They plant seeds in the fields and harvest. Residents cut down trees for you, extract resources and produce the necessary materials from resources. They are also involved in the construction of buildings. Each worker in the game is worth its weight in gold, without workers you will not be able to perform any actions in the game...

Where do workers live? Your residents need homes where they can live in peace and help you. At the beginning of the game, you have few workers available, so you won’t be able to do many actions at the same time, but as you develop, houses for new residents will be available to you and the population of your settlement will grow.

One job may require from one to several residents, for example, you will need only one inhabitant to harvest a crop, but as many as three workers will be required to remove a large stone on your territory.

Consider how many free workers you have. When you send them out for long jobs, you won’t be able to do other jobs without your villagers. At least one inhabitant should always be in reserve for harvesting or cleaning small bushes in your territory.

Golden coins. Coins are the main currency in the game. You can spend gold coins on the construction of your buildings, farms and animal pens. You can get gold coins by leveling up and completing orders for other residents who sail to your island.

Crystals. The most valuable currency in the game, purchased for real money in the in-game store. For crystals, you can skip construction, buy the necessary resources, expand the warehouse, and much more. If you have crystals in stock, they will help you greatly simplify the development in the game.

Amulets. For battles in the game, your warriors can get you amulets, quite valuable items. They will come in handy for battles with stronger enemies, as well as for expanding your warehouse.

Tools. For the construction of certain buildings, you will need tools. You can get them for the orders of the merchant and for participating in the dragon race. There are many tools and you will need the first ones already at the beginning of the game for the construction of buildings, and the merchant opens only at level 10, so you will have to wait a bit.

Tools can be a reward for trading with a gnome who periodically comes to your village and offers to exchange crystals or coins for something. But, unfortunately, the tools come across very rarely in his bag.

You can also buy tools for crystals in the section on the right side of the screen. But we do not recommend that you do this, since the price is unreasonably high for one unit, and most often you will need more than one unit of a particular tool to build.

Relics. The newest rare and expensive resource in the game at the moment. Obtained from treasures, in unique buildings and dungeons such as Cromlech. Used to build certain buildings. There are 4 types of relics in total: Earth, water, fire, wind. You can buy them for crystals, but we do not recommend that you do this. The price is high, about 600 crystals per unit.

Game settings. The settings icon is displayed at the bottom of the main game screen. Clicking on it opens a menu. The name of the farm is displayed at the top of the menu that opens, you can change the names to whatever you want. To the right, you can rate the game at will.

The game has nice music and sound atmosphere. We recommend that you play with sound and headphones. So you will fully experience the atmosphere of the game.

Also in the settings there is a section of the creators, authors of the game and changing the language of the game out of nine proposed. It is possible to turn off music and sound. The game has additional settings for participating in the dragon race, a section for helping and supporting players. At the bottom of the settings menu, you can log in using your social network account, while receiving a gift in the form of 100 crystals.

We recommend that you enter the game using social networks. It is convenient and fast, you can also play on any device under one account and save all the progress made in the game.

Bonus every day. Every day, when you first enter the game, you will be given a bonus. This can be a variety of prizes, such as crystals and amulets. The very first days are not so valuable, but for the last 7 days you will receive a good and valuable reward.

Harvest Land: Achievements Guide

Achievements. There are 125 achievements in the game, each of which has three stages of rewards. Each completed stage will bring you crystals. The very first stage is the easiest, but to complete the subsequent ones you have to make an effort.

Most of the achievements are completed by yourself during the gameplay. You can not focus on the execution, but just continue to play for fun. Achievements are a great way to get extra crystals in the game, if you focus on them, you will get a good amount of crystals at the beginning of the game. In the future, they will come in handy for the subsequent comfortable game.

The achievement building is located separately and does not need to be built, it is already on the island. It is located next to the warehouse and after you complete any achievement above the building, an orange star will light up, prompting you to collect your reward.

Achievement types.

All achievements in the game and how to get them:

X - a certain amount, at each stage of achievement the amount may change. Just like the achievement reward, it changes depending on the stage completed.

Achievement.Receipt method.
Dealer.Complete X Boat Orders.
Grubber.Uproot X bushes.
Mushroomer.Collect X mushrooms.
Monster killer.Destroy X monsters.
Builder.Build X buildings.
Merchant.Transport goods worth X gold by ship.
Treasure hunter.Find X treasures.
Player.Use 10 magic chips in the casino.
Caravan owner.Send X shipped caravans.
Collector.Harvest X crops from bushes and trees.
Reaper.Harvest X crops from the fields.
Storekeeper.Upgrade the warehouse X times.
Gunsmith.Craft X regular weapons.
Engineer.Craft X items in the Engineering Workshop.
Cutter.Craft X items in the carver’s workshop.
Glass blower.Craft X items at the glassmaker’s workshop.
Musician.Craft X items in the Music Workshop.
Chemist.Prepare X units of paint and varnish products at the paint factory.
Botanist.Grow X plants in the greenhouse.
Artist.Create X pieces of art in the artist’s workshop.
Sweet.Make X sweets at the chocolate factory.
Pizzaiolo.Cook X pizzas at the pizzeria.
Barista.Prepare X drinks in the cafe.
Ice Cream Man.Make X servings of ice cream.
Blacksmith-sorcerer.Make X units of magic weapons.
Fisherman.Catch X fish.
Jeweler.Make X decorations.
Miner.Get X ore.
Benefactor.Take care of X workers and warriors.
Breadwinner.Feed X animals.
Weaver.Weave the fabric X times.
Baker.Bake bread X times.
Cook.Cook X meals in the kitchen.
Plucker.Collect X feathers.
Egg tycoon.Collect X eggs.
Meat dealer.Gather X Hams.
Dairy merchant.Collect X milk.
Wool virtuoso.Collect X wool.
Dwarf friend.Make x trades with the dwarves.
Island Guardian.Log into the game X days in a row.
Fitness instructor.Craft X items in the sports shop.
Narrator.Give a name to your settlement.
Florist.Grow X flowers in the flower shop.
We do not recommend that you only chase achievements in the game. Play for fun and take your time, achievements will be obtained by themselves and without any extra effort.

Harvest Land: How to get crystals without investing real money?

Where to get crystals without investing real money? Throughout the game, you will need crystals. Maybe you want to buy the necessary resource or skip the long construction of the building, suddenly you have an expensive order and you lack the only product. All these problems will help to solve valuable crystals. But how do you get them?

Movie barge . The main source of crystals is the cinema barge, which often spawns near your shore on the water. By clicking on it, you will be prompted to watch a short commercial. For watching, you will receive one of three random rewards. Among the gifts there are also crystals that we need so much.

If you have not seen the barge for a long time, then re-enter the game. Such an error rarely happens and is solved only by exiting the game, followed by an entrance.

Casino. The next way to try to win crystals is at the casino. The casino is located on the shore near the forest. For one game, you will have to spend a chip, which can also be obtained on a movie barge.

Harvest Land: Tips for collecting resources and expanding the territory

Resources. The main screen in the game displays a lot of resources, they are not indicated in any way and are part of the environment. The collection is only available if you choose them yourself. Resources include trees, rock deposits, shrubs, and apple trees. They are available for collection by your workers.

What are the resources for? First of all, the resources that you have collected can be used to produce goods and items, and resources are also needed to fulfill the orders of residents and the merchant.

Collection. In order to collect the resource you need. Click on it and select the appropriate tool from the menu that opens. Wood can be mined with an axe, and stone deposits with a pickaxe. It will take a worker some time to complete this work, after completion, the extracted resource will remain on the ground and you need to collect it.

In the game, resources are not collected automatically, you must collect them yourself. This is done so that at the wrong time your warehouses do not fill up completely and create inconvenience for you. The resource will not disappear anywhere, it will simply remain in the same place, but without collecting it you will not receive experience for mining.

Expanding your territory. In the game you have to expand your possessions more than once - this is an integral part of the game and an opportunity for new construction. Usually, to expand, it is necessary to remove an obstacle to a new territory, this can be an evil troll on the way, which must be defeated, or a pile of stones that must be removed.

Many new territories have their own structures that you need to restore or rebuild, such as a quarry or a fishing house on the shore. Also in the new territory you will find new resources such as cherries or apple trees, they can be transferred to a place convenient for you. For example, create an impromptu apple or cherry orchard.

Do not forget about expanding your territory, this is an additional place for construction, as well as new buildings or activities. As soon as the opportunity to open the territory, be sure to use it!

Harvest Land: Everything you need to know about storage

Stock. Your warehouse is located in your village, it was already built when you arrived in the village and you do not need to build it. Your warehouse is designed to store all your resources such as food, weapons and resources obtained by gathering. Everything you receive is sent to your warehouse. The warehouse is divided into 4 sections, each of which has its own capacity for items and is improved separately.

Restrictions. The warehouse is a kind of restriction to the actions of the players. It has a certain capacity for each type of item, so you can’t collect resources indefinitely. You need to keep a very close eye on your stock space. Because it can really spoil your impression of the game and cause serious difficulties, slowing down your development.

While you are collecting a resource, a warehouse capacity icon will appear on the left side of the screen. So you can monitor the capacity in real time without going to the warehouse menu.

Arsenal. The arsenal section is located in the warehouse menu, where you can store manufactured weapons or other items intended for battles. At the beginning it has the smallest capacity, you need to improve the arsenal to increase the stored items.

Barn. The barn section is located in the warehouse menu, designed to store food, crops and resources that you yourself have grown on farms. At the beginning of the game, the capacity is quite large and immediately you will not notice the need for expansion. In the later game, you will really run out of space and have to choose wisely what to gather or grow at the moment.

Storage. This section stores some food, such as eggs from hens or bread made in your homes. Also, resources that you have collected on your own in your territory, for example, wood or stone, and subsequent items made from these resources, are sent to the storage.

We recommend that you take your storage very seriously. If you have an overabundance of resources and want to throw them away, you will have to pay 1 resource for 5 crystals in valuable crystals - this is very expensive and it is best to avoid such expenses.

Pet warehouse. The last section of the warehouse, it stores items obtained by your pets. There are also items for pets. You won’t need it at the beginning of the game, but you will need it later in the game.

Warehouse improvement. Since the game has a limit on the storage of items in all sections of the warehouse without exception, you will need an upgrade very soon. In order to improve the section, you need to open the section you need and click on the "improve" icon at the bottom, after which a menu will open in which you will be prompted what resources you will need.

If you hold down the resource icon in the upgrade menu. You will be shown where it comes from. Use a hint when you need help.

To improve the capacity of the warehouse, you will need amulets, amulets are obtained during the victory in battles with enemies. We will cover this in a little more detail in the section below.

How to free up storage space? Sooner or later, the moment will come when you will see the inscription "Your storage is full" and you will no longer be able to collect your items or resources. We will tell you about all the ways to offload your storage.

1. Fulfilling the orders of residents on boats and ships - If you can complete the order and you have the necessary resources, be sure to complete it, this way you will unload your warehouse . Also sell your goods using the ship by downloading it and sending it to other players.

2. Feeding Animals - Your animals require food, and these are your resources grown on the farm.

If you are in a hurry to free your storage, you can visit your friends in their settlement. You will be able to feed their animals in need of food, in such images you will do a good deed and free up your warehouse a little.

3. Feeding your workers. Your workers periodically want to eat during their work, they like different foods, for example, baked bread or fruits. By feeding your workers, you will unload the warehouse a little.

4.Help your friends. Your friends may need the resources you have, help them load goods into ships and caravans. You will do a good deed and unload your warehouse a little.

5.Create a weapon. Your weapon occupies a separate section in the warehouse, so you can create weapons from resources and thus free up the warehouse a little.

6. You can free up space in the armory by fighting the enemy. After you fight the enemy, your weapons will disappear and the armory will be freed.

7. Plant crops that require a lot of seeds. If you have accumulated a lot of seeds and they take up a lot of space, then plant something on the farm.

8.Produce sophisticated products. Produce more complex goods, for example, from 2 milk, create butter in this way, out of two occupied storage cells, only one cell will remain occupied. This will save a lot of space.

9. Removal with crystals. If you have absolutely nowhere to go and urgently need to unload your warehouse, then in extreme cases you can use the crystals. We do not recommend doing this, as crystals are a valuable resource.

10.Improve the maximum capacity. During the game, you will feel which section you have filled much more than the rest. Improve this section first, and then the rest of the sections.

Harvest Land: Where are Amulets mined?

Amulets. They are one of the most sought-after resources in the game, especially at the initial level. Without amulets, you will not be able to expand warehouses, open new lands and improve buildings. In the later game, you will need amulets to produce other items and many goods.

What amulets are currently in the game? Right now there are 4 amulets in the game that you can get during the game.

Fire Amulet. It is the most needed amulet in the game. This particular amulet is one of the most elusive and hard to find.

Required for:

  1. Making fire swords.
  2. Raising the level of buildings.
  3. Opening new areas, fighting monsters.
  4. Coal mining.
  5. Lamp production.
  6. Cooking pizza from four cheeses.
  7. Cooking pizza with mushrooms.

In the early stages of the game, you will need fire amulets to fight enemies that block your path to discovering new territories. Like Ents or Trolls. For monsters, you will need amulets paired with other amulets and weapons. Also, amulets of fire are useful for improving buildings paired with tickets and the production of various kinds of goods paired with other resources.

Where to find fire amulets? You have to try to find the necessary fire amulets. Below you can find out where you can get amulets with a certain probability.

Fight with monsters. Your settlement is often attacked by monsters. For each defeated monster, there is a chance to receive an amulet as a reward for victory. This is a certain chance of an item falling out, it is not supported by anything, only your luck.

Animal feeding. The same can be said about feeding animals in your territories. Periodically, animals want to eat, you can feed them and with a certain probability get an amulet or not. But still, you should feed them, they often ask you for food and soon the amulet will be received as a reward.

When the animal is hungry, you will be prompted about it. An icon of the fruit it wants will appear above the animal, and you need to double-click on this icon in order to feed the hungry animal. After feeding, with a certain probability, a reward will appear in that place.

Sending caravans. Each time you send out filled caravans with goods, you will receive prizes, among which there are amulets. If you look at each caravan separately, you will see that each cart, when filled, also gives an amulet. Be sure to fill in those caravans that have the necessary amulets as rewards.

Dragon race. If your clan is doing well in the dragon race, there is also a chance to get your prizes as fire charms. This is quite rare, even rarer than getting an amulet for feeding animals.

Level up. You can get an amulet of fire, with a certain probability, as a reward for leveling up. This is quite rare, but sometimes you will come across them.

Wind Amulet. The methods for obtaining the wind amulet are the same as for the fire amulet. Many of the amulets are mined in the same way, but have completely different uses.

The amulet is used for:

The wind amulet is needed to create thunder bows, for the subsequent battle with monsters. This amulet is also needed to create softwood along with an axe, but the amulet is not as necessary as the fire amulet, but is still used quite often in the gameplay.

Where can I find the Wind Amulet? Obtaining an amulet is the same as that of a fiery amulet. But we noticed that when feeding animals, it falls less often than the fire amulet.

Water amulet. This amulet is quite common in the game, much more often than other amulets. It is used and will be useful for various purposes in the game.

The amulet is used for:

The water amulet is much less frequently used in the game, but the game is constantly getting new updates and this may change soon.

Where to find water amulets ? The loot for the Water Amulet is the same as for the rest of the Amulets, however, we have noticed that the Water Amulets drop quite often and you will have little to no shortage.

Amulet of the Earth . It is the most common reward for defeating monsters. Throughout the game, these amulets very rarely end.

Earth Amulet is useful for:

Earth amulets are useful for creating human shields, they are also needed to upgrade buildings and create compasses in the game.

Where to find earth amulets?

You can also get for trading with a dwarf who periodically visits your village and offers goods blindly. At the beginning, you need to give gold coins or crystals, and then you will receive a reward. Not specific, but random.

To create more amulets in the game, open all caravan market stalls. Each caravan cart gives an amulet when full, and you get more when you fill all 3 carts and send the caravan on its way.

Harvest Land: Building and Production Tips

Construction. The construction store icon is displayed in the lower left corner of the main screen. In it you will find many buildings, workshops, farms and decorative items.

Throughout the game you have to equip your settlement. Build houses for new residents, workshops for the production of various kinds of goods, resources and even weapons. With each new level received, more and more buildings are opened up for you to build.

What resources are needed? To build certain buildings, you will need resources that you have collected on your own in your territory or items made in special workshops. Once you have the necessary resources, you can build a building. From the shop menu, you will need to transfer the building to the desired, cleared area.

Time for construction. Each construction takes some time and takes your residents to work. During construction, the building is not available for use and workers cannot be involved in other tasks. After the construction is completed, a bow will appear on the building and you will be hinted that it is time to open it for use.

Decoration of your settlement. A lot of decorations are available to you in the game, such as flower beds or beautiful figurines. You will need all this to create your own atmosphere in the village. You can buy decorative items in the construction section on the right side of the store. Decor items are sold for crystals and gold coins.

Production. When you click on one of the workshops or other buildings in which you can craft items or products, the crafting menu opens. At the top of the menu you will see what items can be crafted. Free cells are displayed in the lower part, you need to transfer the desired item to a free cell. After that, the production of the item will begin.

Time. For any production of products in the game, a certain time is allotted, for each product it is different. There are items that are very quickly crafted, and there are rarer items that take a long time to craft.

The game has the ability to skip the allotted time for crafting and craft an item instantly by spending a certain amount of crystals. We do not recommend doing this, as the wait is not so long, and the crystals are very valuable.

Required resources. All crafting in the game will require resources. Resources obtained by you during the gathering or through other manufacturing. In the game, everything is interconnected, you collect wood, and in the sawmill you process it, for subsequent construction or something else. You have to constantly produce something for the orders of residents, a merchant, loading caravans and selling goods to other players on the ship.

Harvest Land: Secrets of farming and animal husbandry

Farming. At the beginning of the game, the first field will already be available to you, which you can use immediately for crops and further harvesting. After harvesting, you will be able to produce goods from the collected resources.

Field sowing. In order to sow a field, click on it and a menu will open in which you can select the necessary seeds. Transfer the seeds you need to the field and the worker will sow it.

The worker will come to sow the field and will be free for the next work. Keep in mind that your worker will not constantly monitor the field. This is a plus in the game.

Seeds. In order to plant a field you will need seeds. Without seeds, you will not be able to plant more than one crop in the game on the field. You can get seeds by uprooting bushes and from harvesting in the field. If you constantly sow the fields, you will not feel the need for seeds.

Ripening time. Each culture in the game has its own ripening time, you can speed up the maturation for crystals. You can view the maturation time in the field menu by holding down the cult you are interested in for a short time. In the window that opens, you will see how much time is allotted for ripening and how many seeds you need to sow the field.

There are no icons in the game that indicate the ripening of your crop. You will have to navigate through the animation of the harvest. As soon as you sowed it, small shoots will be visible, then the middle stage will come with medium inputs. Well, the last stage is more noticeable, your field will be bright and attract attention.

Harvesting. After the harvest is ripe, you can harvest it by sending a worker to collect it. It won’t take long, after the harvest, there will be a crop left on the field, and there will be some experience under it.

If your warehouse is full, then you will not be able to pick up your crop and, accordingly, will not receive any experience. You can sow the field in a new way, it can be safely used further.

Livestock. The game has a wide variety of animals, such as chickens, cows, pigs and many others, from which you can collect animal products for further production and cooking.

How to buy an animal? Almost at the beginning of the game, the first animals will become available to you and these will be chickens. To buy chickens, you need to go to the construction menu, find a chicken pen there and place them in a suitable place.

Feeding. Without food, your animals will not bring you anything, if you do not feed them, then the production of products stops completely. Each animal eats certain resources, for example chickens eat corn and cows eat wheat. In order for them to always have food, you need to plant these crops in your fields.

The animal is hungry after each production. It is best to feed them immediately so that production can resume. To do this, click on the pen and select the food in the menu that opens and transfer it to the animal.

Time and collection. It takes a certain amount of time for animals to produce products, it can be different for everyone. After the animals are ready to give you the products, you can pick them up. The collected products will be useful to you for further production or cooking in the kitchen.

Harvest Land: All available activities in the game

Expeditions. Almost at the beginning of the game, your first expedition to an uncharted island will be available to you. In order to participate in the expedition, you need to click on the magic gate at the bottom of the game screen. A menu will open with the available expedition, and you will go on a journey.

What do we have to do? Each expedition has its own chain of tasks that must be completed and fully unravel the mystery in the uncharted land.

You have to clear your way by collecting grass, chopping trees and removing stones. Find hidden objects, craft special items in unique buildings, and much more.

Expedition warehouse. On an expedition, you have your own warehouse, separate from your warehouse in the village. It has no capacity limit and you can collect resources in it endlessly.

Energy. For all actions in the expedition, energy is spent. The energy scale is located at the top of the screen. This slows down your exploration a little and limits your actions. Energy recovery occurs automatically. Also on expeditions, there is a fire near your tent, in which you can create an elixir of energy from resources, it will take time to make, after it is ready, you can drink it and replenish some energy.

Time. For some expeditions you will be given a certain time. For example, 5 days, if you do not have time to complete the expedition during this time, it will not be available for passage and you will have to start the expedition again.

Awards. For the successful completion of expeditions, you will be given good rewards. Also in your research you will have a lot of actions for which you will receive experience, this is a good additional way to gain experience.

Fight with monsters. Monsters can attack your territory in the game, and you, as the head of the settlement, will have to send warriors to battle, before that equipping them with weapons created in your weapons workshops.

How to fight? If a monster has occupied your territory, then you will not be able to use the building or field until you drive it away. Therefore, you will have to fight. Click on the invading monster and select the necessary weapons to win, your warrior will start the battle, which will take some time and after winning you will receive your reward.

Weapons for battles. Each monster will require its own set of weapons. If you click on the monster above it, a menu with a hint will appear, in which you will see what weapon you will need to win. After you have found out what kind of weapon you need, you have to make it in the workshops.

Reward. For defeating monsters, you will receive your well-deserved reward, it can be amulets or gold coins and experience. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to get additional profit and experience.

Trade with locals. From the very beginning of the game, you will be able to trade with the villagers sailing in boats to the shore of your village. Their orders are varied, and trading with them helps to unload your warehouses from resources and get a good additional income and experience of your level.

What are the orders? As we have already said, the orders of residents are diverse. Many residents desire several goods or resources at once. They may need everything that you mine, grow in your fields, as well as all your crafted goods, except for weapons and cooked food in the kitchen.

If you come across an order that you cannot complete because you are not yet producing the required item or for another reason. Better give it up. The next resident who sails will wish for something else and you can fulfill it.

Order menu. A boat with a villager sails to the shore of your village, after that you can click on the villager and a menu will open with the items and resources that he needs. In the menu, you will see how much profit you will receive for completing orders.

If you have enough resources to order, a green exclamation mark will appear above the villager in the boat, indicating that you can give the order and receive a reward. Click on the inhabitant and click on the "Give" icon. After that, the resident will sail away and after some time, the next resident will arrive with another order.

At the initial stage of the game, locals with orders are the only way to earn money and unload your warehouses. Therefore, do not ignore this trade, focus on fulfilling orders, you will gradually accumulate gold coins and experience to increase the level, and then other activities will open up for you.

Trade with a merchant. At level 10, a new activity will open up for you, a merchant sailing to your village. For completing orders from the merchant, you will be given a reward in the form of experience and gold coins, and the merchant will also give you tools. Tools will be needed to build buildings and repair other structures in your area.

What orders are there? The merchant has the same requirements as the inhabitants with a boat. The merchant may need everything that you have made or obtained on your own in your territory, and he may also need food cooked in your kitchen. The main difference between the merchant and the inhabitants is his reward and the time after which he sails again. New locals arrive after 5 minutes, and the merchant arrives only after 2 hours.

Turn on notifications in the game settings. Thus, you will not miss when a merchant comes to you and can quickly complete the order. And we do not advise you to skip his orders, the merchant is the main supplier of tools, so necessary for the construction of most buildings.

Casino. Already with the opening of the first new territory, you will get the opportunity to use the casino. In the casino you can try your luck and luck by winning good prizes.

Chips. To play in the casino you need chips. The main way to get chips is to watch ads on a movie barge. You can also find tokens in rewards for leveling up and defeating monsters.

How to play in the casino? Casino is an analogue of roulette in the game. In just one casino game, you can use up to 8 chips. You need to put a chip on the desired reward, the reward has its own number and color. After you have chosen a reward, you need to spin the roulette wheel. And then it all depends on luck, whether your number and color will fall out or not. It is best to bet on colors without numbers, so you are guaranteed to receive a reward, albeit not as desirable, but still useful.

We do not recommend getting involved in roulette. Use it when you have chips. Additional chips can be bought for crystals, but they are not worth it. You can lose and win nothing by spending precious crystals.

Awards. Rewards change periodically. The rewards may include valuable crystals, various resources. Sometimes rare amulets and goods come across. In general, if you have chips, the casino is worth playing.

Trade ship. Pretty early you will have the opportunity to trade with other players. This is a great way to get rid of excess materials, help other players and make a little profit. The ship will stand next to your village in the pier.

What can be sold? You can sell absolutely everything that you harvested, made in workshops or grown in the fields. Other players may need your resources to produce in their settlements. Therefore, trading is a great option for replenishing your supplies with the resources you need, but also selling unnecessary resources.

Boxes with goods. Initially, you have only one cell for selling your resources. In order to sell more resources, you will need to purchase additional cells for crystals. In addition to buying for crystals, there are no other ways to expand in the game.

It should be borne in mind that all goods and resources have a fixed price. There is a certain price range, you can sell at the lowest price or the highest available price, but you cannot set the price yourself. In the game, this is done in order not to harm the economy.

Port visits. The game sends a ship randomly to two other players’ ports. You can increase the number of visited ports for crystals. If you purchase this upgrade, then your chances of selling increase. The ship spends 10 minutes visiting ports, which is quite a long time and, unfortunately, often the sale is not successful.

Buying resources from other players. On the right side of your island is a pier. Ships from other players periodically come to this pier. You can purchase the resources offered or refuse by sending the ship to sail on.

We recommend that you pay attention to player ships. You may come across really useful resources or goods that you can buy at a reasonable price.

Floating shop. The game has a floating shop, it is located on the water. In it you can buy almost all resources, crafted goods and items, tools and amulets. Everything you may need to develop in the game, you can buy for crystals.

Sometimes there are good discounts in the shop, the price of items is halved. The discount notification will be above the store itself in the form of%. It is better not to miss such a chance, because cheaper than on the day of discounts, you will not buy the necessary items.

Harvest Land: Everything you need to know about the trading area

Trade area. This is the main trading activity in the game. It becomes available at level 20, in area #5 you need to defeat the clay golem, after defeating it, a new area will open and the marketplace will become available for use. The Marketplace is the best and most stable way to get amulets in the game, which are so essential for almost all building and crafting of weapons for battles, as well as to increase the capacity of the warehouse.

Caravans. There are 4 caravans in the marketplace in the game, each with 3 carts. You will receive the first caravan completely free of charge, and you will need crystals to open the next ones.

How to send caravans? Each caravan has three wagons, you need to fill all wagons with goods before the time to fill the caravan expires.

Pay attention if you do not have time to load the caravan and send it on its way. You still have to wait a while to load the next caravan.

How to fill caravan carts? To fill the carts, you will need a certain amount of resources or items that are shown on the carts themselves. There are three ways to load carts:

First way. Upload all required items manually. This is the best way to fill baskets. In order to quickly check whether there is enough goods in your warehouse, you need to click on the product and it will be displayed in red.

Please note that if you do not have everything you need, you will not be able to fill carts that require a large number of goods. First you need to make sure that you have the necessary goods in your warehouse.

To get the necessary items, you need to produce them or request help from friends. You can also buy items from other players using ships that have arrived from other lands. When you have the required number of items in your warehouse. Click on the cart and click on the load button, after that the cart will be full and you can fill the rest.

The second way. Ask for help filling the cart. You can ask for help filling the cart, but this is not the best way. It is best to fill everything yourself, if someone else fills the cart for you, then you will not receive crystals and experience. Such filling is considered practically meaningless in the game.

Please note that you can only request assistance to fill one cart out of three. So choose wisely which cart you need help with.

The third way. Autocomplete subscription cart. With a subscription, you will be able to fill caravan carts automatically when you have enough goods in your warehouse. But this is not the best way, as it happens automatically, your products will immediately fill the cart, and at some point you may need them for something else.

Harvest Land: Guide to clans in the game

Clan fortress. The clan castle becomes available to the player at level 15, but to join the clan you need to restore it. The clan is useful for the gameplay and is one of the ways to quickly level up.

We recommend that you do not create your own clan at the beginning of the game. It is best to join an existing one. Such a clan will help you with the requested items, as there are many high-level players in such a clan. Often you will come across orders with items that you cannot craft yet, the clan will help you get such items.

Once you reach level 15, focus on restoring the clan castle and join it soon. There you will find many friends, join the game chat to chat.

Dragon racing. This is a great place to get some extra experience. It is a clan competition, you have to compete with other clans, completing tasks and earning certain points for your clan. Dragon races are divided into leagues for fairer competition between clans.

There are 5 leagues in total:

  1. Wooden.
  2. Steel.
  3. Bronze.
  4. Silver.
  5. Golden.

The golden league is the highest, and the wooden league is the lowest. Each league has a certain number of tasks for each clan member. A lower level league has access to fewer challenges.

  1. Wooden - 7 tasks.
  2. Steel - 8 tasks.
  3. Bronze - 9 tasks.
  4. Silver - 10 tasks.
  5. Gold - 12 tasks.

Keys. Be ready to fight monsters on your territory. Once you defeat the monster, you will receive clan points and a key. Keys are given at the end of each completed race, and they in turn open clan chests. If your clan successfully completed the dragon race, then you can count on all the prize chests.

Harvest Land: Tips and secrets of passing the game

  1. Save the crystals. Try not to waste your crystals at the beginning of the game, they will come in handy in a later game.
  2. Unlock achievements. Achievements give crystals for free, so you should think about getting them.
  3. Restore the castle and join the clan. Be sure to restore the clan castle and try to join the clan as soon as possible. The clan will help you develop in the game much faster. You will be able to request help and help others by diluting the gameplay with new activities.
  4. Keep track of your warehouse. Be very careful with your storage in the game. The warehouse can cause a lot of inconvenience when it is completely full. Therefore, try not to fill it to the maximum capacity.
  5. Spend your crystals in the Premium Shop. It is best to spend the crystals in the later game in the premium shop. You can find a lot of useful and valuable things in the store.
  6. Watch ads on the movie barge. In the game you are given the opportunity to get crystals, chips and gold coins for free, do not miss this opportunity.
  7. Participate in the dragon race. Be sure to race the dragon, it’s a great way to gain extra experience and level up quickly. You will also receive many valuable rewards that will be useful to you.
  8. Fulfill the orders of the villagers and the merchant. Especially at the beginning of the game, we recommend completing orders, you will gain experience and gold coins. Also unload your warehouse, which fills up very quickly.
  9. Load caravans. Caravans are the main way to get amulets in the game, you will need amulets all the time. Therefore, as soon as you open the opportunity to use the trading area, be sure to start trading.
  10. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help. Ask for help if you need resources. Your clan may have high-level players who have the opportunity to share resources at no cost to themselves, and they will definitely share, believe me.
Play the game for your pleasure and achieve your goals! Our recommendations and advice will help you.

Harvest Land: Guide for Donators

Subscriptions. The game currently has three types of subscriptions. Each of the subscriptions gives you special benefits in the game. They are useful, but the cost of even the cheapest subscription is quite high. You can safely play without subscriptions, you are not limited in anything. Subscription types:

Master - Purchase is possible for a week for real money. Has three bonuses:

  1. Gives a premium daily bonus that does not depend on skipping days.
  2. One additional worker becomes available to you, which automatically collects your crops on the field.
  3. 10% more points for dragon race missions.
In the subscription store, you will have the opportunity to try out the master subscription for 3 days completely free of charge. Be sure to try it and decide for yourself whether you need it for the game.

Hero - Available for purchase at player level 16. Purchase is possible for a week for real money. Has 5 bonuses:

  1. Premium daily bonus.
  2. Bottomless Warehouses, increase the capacity of your warehouses by 200 each. It will be very helpful.
  3. An additional worker that automatically harvests your crops on the farm.
  4. Bonus blueprint chest.
  5. 20% more points for the Dragon Race mission.

Legend - Available for purchase after player level 20. Bought for a week for real money. It is the most expensive subscription in the game and at the same time the most useful. Has 8 bonuses:

  1. Premium daily bonus.
  2. Bottomless warehouses.
  3. Autocomplete caravan carts.
  4. An additional worker to harvest your fields.
  5. Bonus blueprint chest.
  6. A time accelerator that doubles the speed of collecting, fighting and building.
  7. +2 free tasks in the dragon race.
  8. 30% more points for tasks in the dragon race.
Subscriptions provide tangible benefits in the game, especially the legend subscription. If you decide to buy a subscription, then we recommend that you buy the legend. She has the largest number of useful bonuses that will greatly simplify your life in the game.

Buying crystals. To purchase crystals, you need to click on the crystal icon in the upper right corner of the main screen. In the menu that opens, you will see offers to buy crystals for real money. In total, the game has the opportunity to buy - 340, 925, 2040, 5525, 11900, 25500 crystals. For the purchase you will not receive any bonus, only crystals.

Time limited offers. Quite often, limited offers appear in the game, they are displayed on the right side of the screen. They are quite profitable, as you can purchase more crystals for a smaller amount.

Pay attention to the offers in the game. There are some really good discounts on the purchase, which are worth taking advantage of.

For crystals, you can purchase absolutely all goods in the game, in a floating shop. Therefore, crystals are an advantage, if you have them, you can develop much faster and more efficiently.

Harvest Land: Is it worth playing?

Harvest Land - is one of the best farming games. Variety of activities and functions, various expeditions and adventures. You will get an idea of ​​how to plant crops, take care of animals and also how to make a profit and develop your settlement by expanding its territory.

The animation in the game is excellent, you can always watch your residents and workers. They are all alive and active, planting and harvesting, fighting, building buildings and relaxing, asking you for delicious food. Also, animals run around your territory and birds fly. It binds you to your village, it feels really alive and has its own atmosphere.

The game has a great social part with other players. Your friends can give you gifts, and you can give them back. You can trade with players for resources and also buy them. There are clans in the game and a lot of activities come with them. You will never feel lonely in this game, you will notice the presence of other players and actively use it.

Here are the pros of the game that can be noted:

Here are the cons of the game that we found:

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