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Hidden City WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

HIDDEN CITY: HIDDEN OBJECT is a game for android with release date 07/10/2015 from G5 Entertainment. Game genre: Adventure. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. A beginner’s guide
  2. Hidden Object Tips
  3. Monsters
  4. Mini Games Guide
  5. Keys and Stickers Secrets
  6. Friendship Secrets
  7. Permanent Events Walkthrough

Hidden City: A beginner’s guide

Hidden City is a puzzle game. The plot is based on investigations of various mysterious phenomena that take place in the city. The plot of the game develops gradually, it is not only interesting to play it (since, in addition to searching for hidden objects, there are several more game modes), but also to read the history of the mysterious city.

The main task of the player is to follow the quests and conduct investigations that the characters of the game give you. At the start you will be greeted by a beautiful girl - Juliet, who will tell you what happened in the village. Then, a detective will come to your aid. In the future, you will get to know other residents of the town.

The main screen of the game is a large city with many buildings and places - locations for finding hidden objects. There are more than 70 such locations at the moment. Each room is unique and has its own unique landscape. To unlock locations, you must have a suitable level (it is indicated under the building’s inscription) and a certain amount of coins.

It is recommended to unlock locations after the corresponding quest appears in order to continue the story and receive an additional reward.

The city has 3 mini-games buildings, Totem statues and a rarity shop, which becomes available during temporary game events. Often on the map you can find various treasures, some of which can be obtained for free, some for coins, the rest of the treasures are mined for rubies. Monsters periodically roam the city, with which you need to fight (we wrote about them below).

Main screen

In the upper left corner is your avatar, by clicking on which you can go to the settings of your account. The main menu of the G5 company is also located here, through which you can find friends and invite them to other games of the developer:

  1. Personal data. We recommend that you completely fill out this section, since if you lose your account, you can use them to restore the progress of the game. Also, by filling in all the fields, you will get access to the game from any device. 10 diamonds will be a nice bonus to filling.
  2. Newsline. In this tab you will find out about the activity of your friends. Also, the developer’s news about the release of updates and promotions in different games is published here.
  3. Friends. A tab through which you can visit the cities of friends and help them in passing. For each help they will receive additional energy and collection items. You will receive the energy of friends, hearts for raising the level of friendship, coins and collection items.
  4. Chat. You can talk to friends who are playing Hidden City.
  5. Invite friends. At the start of the game, the system will randomly offer to send invitations to 10 people who are playing the game. You can also send invitations to callers from your phone book or from Facebook.

This menu can be accessed by clicking on the "Friends" button, which is located in the lower left corner near the Investigation Diary. At the bottom right of the screen there is a "G5" button that takes the player to the game developer’s menu.

Quest symbols. Quest icons appear on the left side of the screen, with small symbols in the lower right corner. They have their own meaning, and they are given to facilitate the player’s navigation through current tasks:

Currency - the indicators available for your game currency can be seen in the upper right corner of the screen:

  1. Coins are the main currency of the game, you need to open new locations, to buy some tools and summoning amulets. Coins can be obtained by completing quests by opening a daily gift chest (available 1 time per day). Also, coins can be earned in mini-games and traveling through the cities of friends.
  2. Rubies are a rare in-game currency, required to purchase some tools, to acquire additional energy. You can get it for free at the start of the game for completing some tasks, and each time you get a new level, you will receive 1 ruby. Rubies are purchased for real money in the game store.
  3. Energy is necessary for passing locations, tasks and mini-games. Each time the level rises, 5 units of energy will be added to the maximum limit.

Hidden City: Where to get energy? Energy in the game is a very important resource, without it you will not be able to complete 90% of tasks (except for fighting monsters and collecting collections). 1 unit of energy is restored for 3 minutes. You can restore 20 units of energy in an hour. Energy can be obtained in several ways:

  1. For passing locations.
  2. For completing assignments.
  3. In the daily chest.
  4. In chests from the treasury of monsters.
  5. For defeating monsters.
  6. Gathering from Totems.
  7. For collecting collections.
  8. After increasing the level, the energy scale is filled by 100%.
  9. For visiting friends of your city.
  10. Buying energy for rubies.
  11. Exchange of some tools (apple, croissant and others). These tools are given for completing some quests, and can also be purchased at the store.
  12. Buying energy for real money.

Energy bonuses

Red AppleRestores 30 units of energy
Fresh orange juiceRestores 50 units of energy
CroissantRestores 100 units of energy
Energy drinkRestores 150 units of energy
Electrum cocktailRestores 250 units of energy
Rabbit footFully restores energy and increases the limit by 10 units. The most effective application occurs if the player is still far from the new level
We recommend that you save the tools that provide energy for high levels, as it will be sorely lacking.


The game can collect a huge variety of collections. There are 2 types of items that are required to collect a collection:

  1. Collection items are the items themselves that make up the collection. Items from one collection cannot match another.
  2. Activators are items needed to charge a collection. If all the parts of the collection itself are collected, but there are not enough activators, then it is not possible to assemble the collection. Activators can fit different collections.

The collection menu can be accessed through the button located in the lower right corner. For collecting the collection, you will receive rare items, coins, rubies (in very rare cases) and energy.

We do not recommend building your own collections. Better to wait until the task appears on them. Thus, you will not need to collect the elements again, and spend precious energy on it. You will also receive an additional reward for completing the quest.

Assemblers (collection activators) are an integral part of collecting collections and completing quests. Assemblers that appear in one place are sometimes associated with the rank of the room. A location has a base 30% chance of rewarding an assembler upon exploration.

In terms of gameplay, assemblers are very similar to collectible items, but with a few differences. If more assemblers are required than one, then they can be bought for rubies, and they have a better chance of being found than a particular item in the collection. Any new event assemblers cannot be gifted to friends, but can be purchased from the store. After obtaining enough items from the bonus mini-games, the player can add most assemblers to their wishlist. Also, any assemblers added to the wishlist will have an increased chance of appearing on the giftlist.

Can a collection be assembled multiple times? Yes it is possible! But you should be careful, as some activators are difficult to obtain, and they may not be enough to collect the collection from the current task.


Totems are special statues in your city that you will gradually receive for fulfilling certain conditions. For example, after collecting several collections. After a certain time, you can receive a reward from each Totem in your city. Totems are divided into several types:

  1. Investigation Master - opens after completing 20 quests. This Totem gives energy every 6 hours. After receiving a new rank, the number of completed tasks is reset to zero.
  2. Riddle Master - To activate, you need to win 3 mini games in a row. This Totem gives a certain amount of experience points every 5 hours.
  3. Collector - becomes available after 3 collection of collections. Grants a collection item every 12 hours.
  4. Team spirit - you can activate the Totem after acquiring 5 friends. The totem gives strength points (to help friends), experience points and coins every 4 hours.
  5. Researcher - activated after using 10 tools in locations. Grants a random tool every 24 hours.

These Totems are located in the city from the very beginning of the game, but they must be activated. By clicking on the Totem, you can follow the process of reaching the next rank. The higher the rank of the Totem, the more reward you get.

There are also Totems that can be obtained in seasonal events. They are not only pleasing to the eye, reminding of the event, but also give pleasant bonuses.

Player level

Level is a measure of the total amount of experience a player has accumulated. At high levels, the player is able to have more energy, locations, strength, as well as certain assemblers than at low levels. Locations open at a certain level, and a higher level room will usually be more difficult to walk through than at the previous rank. At the same time, high-rank rooms consume more energy, but also give higher rewards when researching. The level of a location should not be confused with its rank.

The player’s level rises when a certain number of experience points are accumulated. The game displays a new level and awards, as well as reminders of several available collections.

Benefits of leveling up. As the player’s level rises, several of the player’s attributes increase, and energy and strength are fully restored. Also, when receiving a new level, the player receives awards and bonuses:

Cons of leveling up:

Experience methods:

If you feel that your level will soon increase, and you still have a lot of energy, then we recommend going through expensive locations or playing mini-games. Thus, energy will not be wasted.

Investigation Diary

Investigations (cases) are part of the "main (plot) story" of the game. They also refer to in-game events. Players can access the diary in the lower left corner of the city map screen. It looks like an open book and allows the player to track their progress while investigating. It also shows important information such as how many stages are in the case (five on average) and a description of each stage. To complete the investigation phase, players need to complete one complete collection and assemble it.

It is important to understand that Cases are not unlocked in order after a certain point. In order to unlock the investigation, players must be at the required level and complete previous stories as well. In your Investigation Diary, you can "pause" and "resume" an investigation. To do this, open the diary and press the green button on the case page. By pausing and resuming business, you can pause the old business, and instead work on the new one that you got on the quest. This can come in handy when you cannot collect a collection for a long time to complete an investigation.

The diary has several tabs on the left side:

When the players finish all the cases in the diary, and there are no new investigations, they will have to wait for a new event to find an interesting case again.

Hidden City: How to start the game over? If you want to delete the game completely and start the passage process again, then from an Android device - this can be done as follows:

  1. Open the Play Games app on your Android phone or tablet.
  2. At the top of the screen, click the More icon.
  3. Then go to the "Settings" section.
  4. Click "Delete Play Games account and data".
  5. In the "Delete specific game data" section, select a game and click "Delete."

After the performed operation, you need to install the game again. You can restart Google Play under a different account and install the game. On new models of smartphones, you can create a "Second space" (the section is located in Settings), and install the game.

Hidden City: Hidden Object Tips

Hidden Object is the main puzzle game of the game. At the start, you will need to find only a few items in the main building of the City Hall. All buildings in the city, with some exceptions, is a hidden object search. The study of locations is getting more complicated every time: first you need to find 3, 7, 12 or more objects, then anomalies will open that make it difficult to complete the main task.

A list of required items appears at the bottom of the window. Items appear in turn. First you need to find the first 5 items. As soon as you find 1 item, the list is updated with new items. And so on until you open them all.

Items appear in strictly designated places. For example, an apple can be located in a room only at 5 - 6 different points. Therefore, we recommend memorizing the location of things, as this will help you find all the necessary objects faster.

The prizes received for passing the room are not prizes for completing the quest, since exploring the location once, you may not get the necessary item to complete the mission.

Tips for passing locations:

  1. Use elixirs. Special elixirs restore strength and energy. If you run out of them, you can use the potion to replenish the scale.
  2. Keep track of the transit time. When exploring locations, a countdown timer is located in the center of the upper edge. Once the countdown reaches 0, you will not be able to continue searching and you will not complete the task.
  3. Look for special items. In the future, they can be exchanged at the rarity shop during the in-game event. These items can be found in bonus mini-games and locations of the promotion.
  4. Pump over locations. Each time you explore a room, you fill out the visit meter. By filling the scale by 100%, you will raise the rank of the location. The higher the rank of the location, the more valuable items and rewards you can find on it. But the amount of energy that is spent on entering the room becomes a little higher. The rarest items and collection items drop at high ranks of location mastery.
  5. Use a pause. You can be distracted by any circumstances in life, therefore, when leaving the device, it is recommended to pause the process of exploring the location (the button in the upper left corner) so that the timer does not continue to count down.
  6. Take a screenshot. If you can’t find a hidden item from the list, take a screenshot of the room and pause the game. Then find the required item in the picture, return to the game and continue your search. If you are playing with night Anomalies and cannot go through the scene for a long time, then you can light the location with a lighter, take a picture, and pause the game. The same method will help you find differences faster.

Game modes

The icon above the locationMode nameDescription
The wordsThis is the first mode you encounter. Items to find are displayed in the list as text
SilhouettesItems to be found appear in the list as a black silhouette. The hardest part is determining what you are trying to find - use your imagination, what looks like a sea anemone may turn out to be a mirror. It is best to remember where objects are most often located.
Night silhouettesThe search list uses color images. Exists in locations: Werewolf Cave, Knight’s Crypt and Sewer. These silhouettes are much easier to play than normal silhouettes due to the accurate display of objects
Similar itemsIn this mode, 2 similar items are always hidden, which are written in the list. But the items on the list are not necessarily exactly the same. For example, you need to find 2 monkeys, one of which will hang on a liana, and the second will be a soft toy
NightIn night mode, the location is shrouded in black and the environment is visible only in a small moving area. The items to find are displayed in the list as text. Using the lighter tool, you can fully illuminate the area within 30 seconds, or use the flashlight tool to increase the visible area for 30 seconds
PastThe screen is divided into 2 halves. You need to find the required number of items from the list
ReflectionThe mode is similar to the Past mode, but the halves of the screens are mirrored
AbrocodabraIn Abracadabra mode, the letters of the items in the list are mixed up. But the initial letter of the item is always capitalized. If you want to put letters in words correctly, you can use the Cipher Cube tool
Wrong wordsIn the Reverse Word mode, the items on the list are written mirrored, so you must read backwards. Cipher Cube will help here too

Mysterious items. In some events, in addition to searching for hidden objects, it is necessary to find hidden stock symbols. These symbols are called - mysterious objects. Mysterious items can only be found at the location of the event. These symbols drop out at random locations in the room. In the upper right corner, during the event, a green circle appears, where the number of symbols you collected will be displayed. It also gives the exact number of mysterious items that are hidden in the room. If you find all the items, you will receive an additional reward.

Mysterious items are required to be found before you find the last item from the main list. If you leave the search for later, then after the complete collection of items, the game is considered over, and you will not collect the promotion symbols.


Anomalies can occur randomly in all locations and in the Crystals and Destiny Card mini-games. They often contaminate a place or mini-game that you played shortly before. They complicate the process in several ways and consume more energy. If a place or mini-game is infested with Anomaly, it persists until the location is successfully completed or the appropriate tool against Anomalies is used. A room already infected with an Anomaly cannot be infected with another Anomaly.

Location anomalies

Anomaly SymbolNameDescription
DrumsHarmless Anomaly. On failure, these little ghosts allow time to pass twice as fast for 10 seconds. Can appear from player level 10. 2 incorrect clicks are considered a failure. Can be summoned with a Jam Jar and expelled with a Bundle of Firecrackers
Night terrorsUnconscious fears interfere with movement and willpower. Night breaks in, with silhouettes barely visible in the darkness. In case of failures, time passes twice as fast within 15 seconds. Appears from level 9. Summoned by Scary Toy and banished by Antique Lantern
DistortionFrom time to time, the subject of the list loses a letter. In case of failures, time will pass twice as fast within 15 seconds. Appears at level 11. Summoned by Magic Coil, banished by Alchemy Flask
Ominous ShadowsYou need to find objects by silhouettes in the dark. In case of failures, time will pass twice as fast within 10 seconds. Appears at level 12. Summoned by Octopus Ink, chased away by the Rune of Silence
The batsThe search takes place with the active Abracadabra effect in the Similar items mode. In case of failures, time will pass twice as fast within 15 seconds. Appears at level 15. Summoning - Antique Locket, Exile - Sonic Cannon
Electra anomalyHidden objects at night in Abracadabra mode. In case of failures, time will pass twice as fast within 15 seconds. Appears at level 19. Summon - Tesla Generator, Exile - Tesla Lightning Rod
PoltergeistThe picture will be flipped from top to bottom. In case of failures, time will pass twice as fast within 20 seconds. Appears at level 23. Summoned - Mystic Bell, Banished - Proton Trap
IllusionsHides items, but gives a chance to find rare artifacts. Items are visible in a small area of the screen. Appears at level 18. Summoning - Plasma Lamp, Banishing - Plasma Aster
Ice patternsSimilar to Illusion Anomaly, you only see items in a small area around the cursor. Appears during special events. Summoning - Essence of Cold, Exile - Solstice

Mini - games anomalies

Anomaly SymbolNameDescription
MovesThe anomaly changes the rules of the mini - game. Now there is no time limit, but there is a certain number of moves in which you need to complete the game. Appears at level 13. Summoning - Magic Lamp, Banishing - Shimmering Skull
ChainTransforms chains on locked cells into double chains. Anomaly can be removed by removing the cells with chains from the field. If you do not have time to remove cells with chains, then the Anomaly will periodically appear again. Appears only in Crystals from the 7th rank of the mini-game. Summoning - Golden Links, Banishing - Ultimate Dissolver
A rockComplicates the passage of Crystals by turning cells into stone. The faster you complete the mini - game, the less stone cells will appear. Appears at Rank 8 Crystals. Summoning - Heart of Stone, Exile - Diamond Drill
IceForms ice on the yellow squares of the field. When all yellow cells become ice-cold, other cells begin to ice over. It appears from the 4th rank of Crystals. Summoning - Essence of Cold, Exile - Solstice

In order not to play with Anomaly, you can destroy them using special tools. But if the quest requires a certain Anomaly that is not in any place, you can summon it with a special amulet (or wait until it appears somewhere by itself). Both Anomaly summoning tools and Anomaly casters can be obtained as a reward for collecting a collection, as a reward for events, knocked out of monsters (very rarely), or bought in the store.


To make searching easier, you can use special tools that you can buy in the store or earn by completing tasks. Also, tools can be found in chests (periodically appear on the streets of the city). The current stock of tools can be viewed in the inventory.


SymbolTool nameDescription
Explorer magnifierWill show you one of the hidden objects in the room. But you need to use it with caution, as it will look for the first item on the list. For example, you need to find a violin and gloves. But the violin is usually easier to find, but the magnifying glass will point exactly to it, since it stands first. For the magnifying glass to point to the gloves, you first need to find a violin.
ChronometerAdds 45 seconds to the main game time or multiple moves in mini-games with Move Anomaly.
CompassWithin 30 seconds, it will indicate the location of the item. The compass arrow always shows the selected item. It is better to use it to find as many items as possible
Diode bombRemoves 3 random items from the list. In Destiny Cards - removes 2 random pairs of cards
LighterIlluminates the entire room for 30 seconds in night mode or when anomaly with a hidden map
LampDoubles the visible area for 30 seconds in night mode or in a location with night anomalies
Cipher cubeWorks in all modes and with Anomalies, where words are spelled incorrectly or several letters have disappeared. It adds missing letters and sorts characters correctly
DetectorWorks only during in-game temporary events when it is necessary to search for Mysterious Items
Bomb detectorCan only be used in the Bomb Search Expedition mini-game. She shows the bomb and the adjacent fields. Also, 1 time can save the player if you accidentally stumble upon a bomb
BombIn Crystals, it is transported to a random cell next to the yellow field. It explodes twice when combined with crystals of the same color in a row. The explosion destroys 8 surrounding crystals. Combined with another bomb, the number of broken crystals increases. Bombs can be combined with horizontal or vertical crystal no matter what color it is
SupercrystalTransfer to a random cell of the field. It can be used to remove all crystals of the selected color (but only located in the adjacent cell)

Mini-games always display all available tools. Locations only offer 6 different tools, even if other tools can be used in the corresponding mode. You can get tools in the following ways:

  1. After collecting collections.
  2. From the Explorer’s Totem.
  3. From the Treasures of the City.
  4. From the treasury of monsters.
  5. From chests.
  6. From the daily chest.
  7. Buy from the store.
  8. From the gifts of events.

Amplifiers. You can get various amplifiers in the city to improve and diversify the gameplay. You can get them by completing quests, playing mini-games, passing temporary events. You can also save the bonuses you have earned in events. They will remain in your inventory until you use them. All boosts (boosts) will be stored in the inventory, where at any time you can see the available amount of unused boosts.

The great talisman of truth is the first boost that a beginner gets to know. This is part of the daily quests, the user logs in, and at the end of 5 days in a row, they receive one piece of the talisman. It will take a person 25 consecutive days to log in to receive the Talisman. It gives 12% more experience and coins for locations, dungeons and battles with monsters.

The main properties of amplifiers:

  1. Gain 2x more experience within a certain amount of time.
  2. Receiving a certain percentage more coins at a specified time.
  3. Increasing the chance for a certain percentage (25%, 50%) of the desired item (after receiving the assignment).
  4. Receiving 2 times more items (collection items, assemblers) within a certain time.
  5. Decrease in energy for passing locations (mini-games) in a specified period of time.
  6. Increases the chance to get weapons.

Hidden City: Monsters

Monsters are an additional game mechanic. Monsters will periodically appear on the city map, but it will be possible to beat them from a certain level after completing the corresponding quest. Monsters do not damage city buildings. The first ones you will have to face are the Ghosts. Further, new monsters will appear. Fighting monsters doesn’t cost energy, but it always brings some experience and coins. Fighting monsters requires a special weapon. You can start a fight only when you have a full set of weapons. To check this, you need to click on the monster, and the required number of weapons will appear in the description.

Obtaining weapons for monsters:

  1. Collection of collections.
  2. For completing quests.
  3. For passing the location.
  4. For winning mini-games.
  5. For defeating the monsters themselves.
  6. From treasures.
  7. From the daily chest.

When you start a fight with a monster, a window opens that shows the port area. A monster appears, when you click on it, 1 unit of weapon is used. For each monster, you need a different type of weapon. Depending on the monster, 3-5 weapons are required.

We do not recommend fighting monsters indiscriminately, and wasting your weapons on them. Better to wait for the quest for them, and get an additional reward.

As a reward for winning, you receive monster collection items, chargers, tools and energy. You can get rewards in two ways:

  1. Open the chest after the victory, which will appear on the pier.
  2. After defeating the monster, a portal to the Monster’s Treasury will open (if there is a special key), where you can open 1 chest (the remaining 2 must be opened for rubies).
Monsters, specially marked on the map, hide promotional charges and special items of access to the location in their treasures.

After defeating the monster, he will disappear from the city and a new monster (usually a monster of a different kind) will come in his place. If you need to fight a monster on a mission that is not currently in the city, you can summon it for 500 coins from the store (the cost of the summoning amulet). But if this is an event monster, then its call can be performed for rubies. Also in the store you can buy weapons to fight the monster.

Types of monsters

Monster nameDescriptionWeapon and Summoning Amulet
GhostThe ghost is a pale shadow, a lost soul between worlds. Its danger lies in the sadness it spreads. Ghosts are tormented by memories of their past that make the mind disappear when you awaken it. In doing so, he leaves treasures from another worldSummoning - Amulet of the Ghost (cost 500 coins), weapon - Trap (500 coins)
WerewolfA werewolf is a wild creature of the night. Once born as a man, he experienced love, tenderness and passion, but those days are long gone. When his human side faded into oblivion, he turned into a merciless creature of night and shadowSummoning - Werewolf amulet (500 coins), weapon - Silver knife (500 coins)
GargoyleCan a stone move? Can eyes of stone see, wings of stone lift a body into the air? In the world of science, of course not. However, in this city ruled by the magic of shadows, nothing is impossible! Beware of the stone statues watching you from the rooftopsSummoning - Gargoyle amulet (500 coins), weapon - Thor’s hammer (500 coins)
WandererThese servants act at the behest of the mysterious city. Wanderers are the eyes, ears and keepers of the secrets of the city. They emerge silently from the darkness of the night and quickly disappear again. Only a relic can make them stay, perhaps in exchange for a rare artifactSummoning - Wanderer’s amulet (500 coins), weapon - Red relic (500 coins)
MummyThe smell of decay, the rustle of dry bandages and shuffling footsteps are signs of an approaching mummy. This withered inhabitant of the catacombs knows no mercy, his only purpose in life is to protect the treasures of the crypt, and only complete destruction can stop himSummoning - Mummy’s amulet (500 coins), weapon - Fire dart (500 coins)
Psi werewolfThese creatures are both terrible and pathetic. Who killed him? Who was chained? Their excellent eyes pierce the fog, find the rarest artifacts. Psi werewolves can become dangerous. Their worst weapons are telepathy, mental attacks and hypnosis.Summoning - Psi-werewolf amulet (1000 coins), weapon - Electrocutioner (1000 coins)
Fire mummyHer breath is pure coals, and an aura of magical fire surrounds her. Almost nothing can extinguish the fiery fury of a fire mummy - save a pot of Mummifying Liquid. Rain of sparks, hissing cloud of hot steam, motionless body flops to the groundSummoning - Fire mummy amulet (1000 coins), weapon - Mummifying liquid (2 rubies)
Scaled GargoyleDandruff? An angry, elongated head with fangs? Network swing? One might think that among his ancestors there were plenty of bats and crocodiles. Scaled gargoyles are clearly cowardly, but more cunning than the rest of the brood. It is better not to enter into negotiations at all, but rather to strike right away. Sling works best on these beastsSummoning - Scaled Gargoyle amulet (1000 coins), weapon - Sling (2 rubies)
AdeptA pale face, magical tattoos, and a red mist envelop his lower abdomen. The Adepts sold their souls to the shadows in exchange for deadly powers. Their human feelings have become a victim of the past, the yearning of the adepts for lost times only makes them even more viciousSummoning - Adept’s amulet (1000 coins), weapon - blade of light (2 rubies)
DiggerThe Gravediggers are former explorers of the catacombs. Immortal and indifferent, these silent creatures lost their souls in the catacombs centuries ago. They are prisoners of time and cursed, forever roaming the catacombs. Sometimes they come to the surface to exchange rare items they found in the city catacombs for torchesSummoning - Digger’s amulet (1000 coins), weapon - Illuminating checker (2 rubies)
Fire GargoyleLike the daughter of a frenzied Inferno, this blazing creature has a hot fire that keeps it alive. Even if she seems invulnerable, she is still afraid of cold and water - that is, everything that could put out her fire. A few ice cubes make you run in a panicSummoning - Fire Gargoyle amulet (1500 coins), weapon - Ice dagger (4 rubies)
Moon werewolfYou never meet Luna Wolves during the day, and even at night you don’t need to worry about them. With one exception: on a full moon, they are deadly. These creatures develop a hundred times more strength in the light of the full moon, and it rarely happens that they ever escape their prey.Summoning - Lunar Werewolf amulet (1500 coins), weapon - Obsidian Dagger (4 rubies)
Iron gargoyleA glimpse of city facades can lead to poor opening. The iron statues seem to be constantly watching you. Like their stone brothers, the Iron Gargoyles collect artifacts that they would not share with others.Summoning - amulet of the Iron Gargoyle (2000 coins), weapon - Magnetic cannon (6 rubies)

Special monsters (spawn during events) cannot be summoned:

  1. Zombie.
  2. Ice golem.
  3. Forest echo.
  4. The spirit of the autumn foliage.

Hidden City: Mini Games Guide


This is a match 3 game. Here you need to collect 3 crystals of the same color horizontally or vertically, for this you need to swap the neighboring stones. Victory condition - you must clear the field of yellow cells. These cells are removed if 3 or more crystals are collected above them.


  1. Collected 3 or more identical stones on the field are removed. The yellow cell is also removed and the ice cell adjacent to the disappeared stones is unfrozen.
  2. If you combine 4 crystals, then a special stone will appear - Magic crystal, the color of which matches the color of the removed stones. A horizontal or vertical stripe will shine on this crystal (depending on how the chain was assembled). If you collect 3 or more stones with it, a whole row of crystals will disappear.
  3. If you connect 5 crystals of 1 color, which were located at an angle, then a bomb of the same color will appear in their place. After collecting another chain of stones in the color of the bomb, it will explode and remove 8 crystals next to it.
  4. If you collect 5 crystals in 1 row, then a super crystal will appear. By changing it with a stone - a neighbor, you can remove from the visible part of the field all stones of the same color with the "neighbor". For example, if you swap the places of the yellow stone and the super crystal, then all yellow stones on the field will disappear.
  5. If you collect 7 stones in a T-shape, then a super crystal will also appear.
  6. If there are no combinations left on the field, the crystals will be automatically mixed.
  7. Researcher’s Loupe will remove 1 random Yellow Cell, Ice, or Rock.
  8. To unlock a cell with a chain, you need to collect a combination with a crystal in this cell.
  9. In order to unlock cells with double chains, you need to collect a combination with a crystal in this cell twice.

In addition to the auxiliary tools formed in the field, you can use the usual tools (we wrote about them above).

Crystals mini-game tips:

  1. Collect combinations at the bottom of the field. Since crystals always fall from above, it is recommended to start collecting them at the bottom of the field. This gives you more combinations. But if a good combination of stones appears in the upper part, then you should use it.
  2. Try to collect more crystals. The more crystals you collect, the cooler you get the bonus. Also, collecting several stones at the same time will make room for more new stones. And if you need to unlock several ice cells, then it is better to collect as many stones of 1 color near them as possible.
  3. Try to use your tools wisely. At the start of the game, you will be given easy levels that you can complete on your own. Therefore, do not waste tools that are difficult to get. It is recommended to use the tool only when you cannot complete the stage for a long time.
  4. Don’t forget the timer! A certain time is given to solve the puzzle (if there is no Hoda Anomaly), so it is better to hurry up with the solution. But you shouldn’t poke at everything, not consciously, because you can miss the cool combinations that give bonuses.
  5. Better to complete the level 1 time. But if you didn’t succeed, don’t be discouraged! Energy will recover over time, and you can go through the stage again. Moreover, the stones always fall in random order, and you can get lucky and you will quickly pass the level without using tools.
  6. Use combinations of bonuses. By connecting a bomb with a magic crystal, you will remove more stones from the field. You can combine 2 bombs together to activate them, just swap the bombs.

Destiny Cards

A kind of game "Memory", where for a certain time you need to find a pair of cards. All cards are turned back to the player. It is required to turn over 1 card and memorize it, then turn another. If the cards have the same pattern, then they leave the field and are considered "Collected". If the 2 face up card does not fit the first, then both cards are closed, and the player continues the search. The task is to find all paired cards. In Destiny Cards, there is 1 Anomaly - Hody (we wrote about it above).

With the Move Anomaly, the Destiny Card is very easy to pass, since after each flip of the card, you can safely write down on a piece of paper what you saw and compare with what has been discovered so far. After all, there are no time limits.

The explorer’s magnifying glass will help you find and remove 1 pair of cards from the board. A diode bomb will remove 3 pairs of cards. The chronometer will add 5 moves so you can complete your pairing if you are playing with Move Anomaly.


The game is similar to Minesweeper from standard Windows games. Here you need to open all cells of the field, collect treasures in a certain time. If you run into a bomb, you will explode, and you will have to pay energy again.

How to play correctly? At the very beginning, 2 fields (or, less often, only 1 field) light up white. There is no hidden bomb in them and you can safely use them as starting points. After that, from the numbers in the open fields, you should close the fields with the bomb. 1 in the field - means that this field borders on only one bomb, 2 - borders on 2 bombs, and so on. Unfortunately, in this version of the game, you cannot mark the detected bomb fields, but you must remember where they are.

At the higher ranks of the Expedition, sometimes an unsolvable situation may arise when logic itself no longer helps. Therefore, you should always have a stock of tools.

The Explorer’s Loupe tool will reveal a tile that is definitely not a bomb underneath. If you used the Mine Finder tool, the lines bordering the bomb will be highlighted in red.

Hidden City: Keys and Stickers Secrets

There are several types of keys in the city that are needed to open locations, to activate mini-games, to open treasures from monsters and on the map.

Access keys. Lockpicks can be earned in all rooms and event venues, players can earn two for exploring the location, previous entry items. Locations that require the player to have a master key when entering:

It is recommended to save these keys, and spend them as a new location is opened, that is, when the task appears to open a particular room.

How do I get more lockpicks? All locations have lockpicks as a reward item, but there are also boosters that will allow you to collect more keys. Amplifiers can be purchased at the store. In addition, special Event Totems (Magic Potion, Snow Globe, Spring Fairy) provide lockpicks, so try to win the Totem during these special holiday events.

Event input keys. The game has monthly events that either bring a new location or the old location gets an updated look. During these events, the player must collect "entry keys" in order to gain access to the event venue. These keys change with each event, and there are separate keys required for excavation and mini-games with magic items.

The shorter the event, the more keys players can get from locations, and the longer the event, the fewer keys to earn by exploring rooms.

Secret keys. During events, after 2 - 3 games, gamers can unlock a "secret item mode" that allows you to search for "hidden" keys in the event location. These keys vary in search and quantity. The number of keys received in a location depends on the rank of the room.

Keys to city treasures. All of these keys have one thing in common, which is that they unlock different types of city treasures that can be found on the map.

Key imageDescription
Opens a city chest. 9 of these keys are required to open the chest. Obtainable by fighting monsters
This key is used to receive a Heap of coins, which is displayed on your card once a day. The key can be obtained by fighting monsters
This key is intended to open the chest of legends, the key can be obtained in mini-games or bought for 500 coins
Opens the Discoverer’s Cache. Obtainable by fighting monsters
The key can open the Scout’s chest, it is obtained only from the chests in the Treasury of Monsters
This key is for a research chest, but can be opened with coins
The key to open the Survival Kit. Dropped by Cards with Anomalies


The Moments page in the diary was introduced in 2018 as part of the Heart of Winter event. The page included stickers that were to remain in the diary forever. Since then, Moments pages have evolved a lot. In the beginning, players had to reach a goal in order to receive a specific sticker. Over time, players received small prizes for collecting a collection of stickers. At the 2019 Fear’s Grip event, the Curiosity Store was introduced, where players could purchase any missing stickers to receive a reward of 3 hours of unlimited energy boost.

Sometimes, after an event requiring stickers, there is a chance to receive missing stickers from friends, this is commonly referred to as "exchange", "sticker fair" or "festival of memories". They last for the first week of the new event if the previous event had stickers. During this time, players can add the missing stickers of the previous event to their wishlist by going to their diary (lower left corner of the screen), clicking on the tab, and then clicking on the "moments" button. Here players can click on an empty spot where the sticker should be. A pop-up window will appear with the words: "Ask your friends or buy" the sticker.

If the player clicks the "ask" button, he will be added to his wishlist. This works on most stickers, but only for the most recent event that required stickers, anything that came before the last event can be obtained during the current event from chests or bought from the Curiosity store.

Hidden City: What do stickers in the game give? By completing the Moments page during the event, players can receive a reward of 3 hours of unlimited energy and other cool bonuses.

Hidden City: Friendship Secrets

How do I add friends? To do this, you need to open the game, and at the bottom of the screen there is a menu (in the lower left corner next to the Investigation Diary) called "Friends". By clicking on the button, you will be taken to a new window. At the top, there is a tab called "other players" (there is a "list of random players" section in the game). Players can then click the Select All button and click Add Friends. This list is updated every 24 hours since the last invite of a player. If you want to update your list before 24 hours have passed, you can spend 10 rubies.

If you click on the button in the "other players" section under the name "advanced search", then you can choose the most profitable friends for yourself using various filters. But for such a search you will have to pay from 10 rubies. You can also add a friend by his nickname (aka username, player ID, game ID, etc.). This is the case if you know a player in real life, and he sent you his username or ID. Thus, you can find a gamer through the search for "Friends of G5" by entering the player’s login in the search bar.

After sending the request, the player must accept your invitation, only after that you will become friends in the game.

How do I remove friends? If you want to remove friends, this is a quick and easy process. First you need to go to the friends list by clicking on the folded hands in the lower left corner of the screen, then the list of players’ friends will appear, and if you know the nickname, you can enter it in the search field in the upper left corner of the friends list screen. When you find your friend in the list, there is a cross in the upper right corner, if you click on it, then a message about deleting a friend appears along with three options:

  1. If you are sure to delete the friend, then select "Yes, delete".
  2. If you are not sure then select "cancel".
  3. If this player causes problems or insults you, you can "block" him.

If you click on the chat bubble, you can see the last time your friend logged in to the G5.

How do I find your Player Login ID? The Player Login is the user’s personal game ID in the G5 system, which allows you to find you through a search. Each player is assigned a random set of numbers with the word Player in front. For example, Player1234567. But you can independently change the nickname at your discretion (if it is not in the system). Player logins are not case sensitive. You can find your username in the Profile (via an avatar), and on the right side of the screen there will be various fields for entering information to fill out the profile. The upper field titled "player’s login", which can be copied to transfer to a friend.

Gifts for friends. Friends can be gifted in several ways:

You can gift a friend any collection items or assemblers that are not part of the current event. These elements and assemblers usually become available in the next 2 events. If you choose "send a gift" (if you have the item in stock), the system will send it from the inventory to the selected friend. If you choose "cancel", nothing will be sent and the item will remain in the players’ inventory.

If you accept a collectible, the game prompts you to send a "Thank you" gift in return. Thanksgiving gifts are often assemblers. To donate assemblers, they must have certain conditions. For example, does the player have an unlocked location or not. One friend can be given up to 10 collection items and 1 assembler within 24 hours. Assemblers are not removed from the player’s inventory.

If the gift is rejected, it does not return to the giver, but simply disappears forever. If a player wants to ask his friends for assemblers or artifacts, then this can be done in several ways:

Requests. If a player has a specific item that he wants to purchase, but the wishlist is already filled, then he can request this item directly from a certain number of friends. By choosing to "send a collectible to a friend on request", he will bypass a maximum of 50 collectibles sent within 24 hours. To do this, you need to open the collection, find the item you want and click on the friend’s icon below it. Then the game will show the page of all friends, so you can select any number or all friends, and then click "Send request", after which the request will be sent to the selected friends. If a player gives a collectible to a friend through a request, then that collectible will be removed from the player’s inventory.

A wishlist is a list of five or fewer items that a player wants from friends. You can list collection items and assemblers. To get the item you want, you must open the collections and then navigate to the item you require. There is a little green "+" to click on, and the item will be added to the top panel, where there are five squares. You can make a list of 5 items. Requests will be displayed in your friends’ news feed.

The boxes a player can see on a friend’s wishlist indicate how many collection items they have.

The player’s mailbox is the place where he receives gifts that his friends send him. It is divided into two sections "gifts" and "requests". Gifts is a section where players can pick up gifts sent by friends. Queries are when a friend of a player asks him for a specific item in a collection using the "friends" query button in the collection list. The mailbox can hold a total of 50 gifts, all that the player can receive after 50 gifts.

Visiting friends. When you visit a friend’s city, the following information will be displayed on your screen:

Once inside a friend’s city, you can click up to 5 locations if they are below 10 reputation level, and each action uses 10 units of power. A visiting player will receive 5 experience points and 10 coins for each "charged" location, as well as random collection items. Each "charge" will provide its own bonus for one exploration of a place in a friend’s game.

When you are in a friend’s town, other friends are sorted by the list in the lower right corner of the screen. The list is sorted by player level, and after the visit is completed, a green checkmark will appear on the friends’ avatar in the list below. This is useful for keeping track of who has already been visited and who has not.

Visit strategy. Each player can apply bonuses to 5, 6, 7 and so on, up to a maximum of 10 (depending on the player’s reputation level) every 24 hours at locations in the cities of their friends. These are what players commonly refer to as "charging spots". Each bonus earns the player a point of reputation and provides a one-time research advantage. "One-time" means that it provides a bonus that is applied for 1 exploration of the room (as soon as the location is completed, the bonus will disappear). Bonuses are not cumulative. But players can charge 1 seat with different bonuses. The player can apply the bonus only to 1 location 1 time in 24 hours.

Since the player has a limited number of bonuses to apply, they should be used wisely. Players who visit friends should always click on favorite locations (rooms with a star on them). If you visit a friend who does not have favorite places, you can always write him a message and ask where he would like to receive bonuses.

Recommendations for visiting friends:

  1. Charging the Totem gives additional coins, energy and experience depending on the Totem. This amount will vary depending on the ranks.
  2. Always apply one action to the current event.
  3. Apply other actions to mid-level locations, as there are many quests in them.
  4. Mini games are a good choice for charging because of the large number of tasks associated with them.

Player professions. When a friend visits you and clicks on one of the locations, you get a certain type of "bonus" from the friend. This bonus is given by the game when a player’s account is created, it is called a "profession". The player does not have the ability to choose what profession he possesses. Ways to learn your profession:

Profession bonus

SymbolNameBonus description
ArchaeologistIncreases n 10% in the proceeds of coins from researching a location
MechanicIncreases experience gain by 10% for exploring a room
PsychicReduces energy consumption to explore a room by 10%
NavigatorIncreases the chance of finding a collectible by 5%

Hidden City: Permanent Events Walkthrough

In the game, for several years of its existence, game events have been periodically held. Follow the news on the official website of the game so as not to miss anything. In principle, they go through the same scenario. Each event has a main venue that requires special input elements to enter. They appear with every new event. Players are given a few items to start with, but then you must acquire more by playing anywhere else throughout the city, including mini games. Higher level locations require more items to enter and cost more energy.

By playing at the event location, you will receive special tokens for playing bonus event minigames, stars for unlocking gifts, and secret hidden objects. All of them are temporary and can only be used for the current event. Special Hidden Objects appear on the third visit to the first rank of the event venue. The search screen will show an icon for them in the upper left corner, and a notification at the bottom of the scene will prompt you to search for the corresponding number of hidden items. Each event has a whole new set of items that can be bought or spent at the Curiosity Store.

At the end of an event, input elements are usually transformed into picks, unless they are needed to enter the previous location in the next event. If they are not used, other event elements - stars, gifts, hidden keys, event minigame prizes, and more - will simply be "lost".

Event plan:

  1. The main goals are the overall statistics of your play in the stock. It is required to completely complete a special investigation, get the achievement for 5 stars, get a special Totem, which will give additional prizes.
  2. Additional objectives - appear after completing the main quests.
  3. Daily tasks - each event has its own tasks. But the general rule is to get stars, collect daily gifts, search for event tokens, complete some research.

Rules for participation in events:

  1. The player must be level 10 or higher.
  2. Play in a special location and mini - games to achieve your goal.
  3. Get 5 stars for the event.

Reaching 5 stars. The process of obtaining achievements is displayed in the menu, which is located on the right side of the screen and is highlighted with a beautiful frame. Event quests are located next to the rest of the tasks, but they can be recognized by the frame (such as the menu on the right side). Goals are given in the achievement menu so that players can make the most of their event time and earn the grand prize.

To see the progress, you need to click on any goal, so you can see the future of the reward if the scale is 100% full. If you click on the filled star, then you can see your percentage of the main goal. As you work on your main goals, daily objectives, and play mini-tournaments (as they appear), you will receive rewards that are calculated on the accumulation of five stars. Each page of the current event will contain specific information about these goals and rewards.

For each event, you will be able to earn several stickers to paste into your memory diary.

Event elements

Event input elements are special elements required to enter the location of an event (location). Players also refer to them as keys or tokens. The most accurate term is "entry items" required to enter and reproduce an event venue (eg, security icons for Foggy Backstreet). The items remaining from the event can be exchanged in the rarity shop within 24 hours after the end of the promotion.

Below is a list of locations that give the most entry items to an event location. Locations with a high unlock level will give the most tokens, with 10 being the maximum a player can earn in a single exploration. When receiving tokens, the rank of the room does not matter.

The main locations of the city

Place nameThe number of tokens you can earnDo you need a lockpick?
Autumn valleytenNo
Ballet academytenYes
Branch number 8tenYes
Easter picnictenYes
Imperial palacetenYes
Halls of SamhaintenNo
Ice palacetenNo
Italian courtyardtenNo
Jack’s TowertenYes
Japanese gardentenNo
Moon gatetenYes

Upper town

Place nameThe number of tokens you can earnDo you need a lockpick?
Architect’s gardenstenYes

Autumn locations

Place nameThe number of tokens you can earnDo you need a lockpick?
Autumn valleytenNo
Thanksgiving FairtenNo
Alley of golden daisiestenYes
Villa BonmaritotenNo

Winter locations

Place nameThe number of tokens you can earnDo you need a lockpick?
Christmas hall5No
Christmas school5Yes
Souvenir shop5No
Ice Palace5No
Polar quarter5Yes
Santa’s workshop3Yes

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