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Hill Climb Racing 1 WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

Hill Climb Racing is a racing game from Fingersoft. You need to help the aspiring racer Bill Newton build his own fleet of vehicles and go on a trip to various parts of the globe and beyond. A wide variety of cars and tracks are presented for you, each of which has its own characteristics. Your task is to overcome each of them and not injure the driver. You can also perform tricks in the air and create original cars in the garage.


  1. Beginner’s Guide
  2. Top 5 best cars
  3. Guide to cars and their pumping
  4. All Ways to Get Coins Fast
  5. Secrets of a successful game
  6. All about the tracks
  7. How to use boosters (boosters)?
  8. Garage Car Building Guide
  9. How to get achievements in the game?
  10. Hill Climb Racing 2, similarities and differences
  11. Is it worth playing?

Hill Climb Racing: Beginner’s Guide

What is this game? You have to drive cars on various race tracks, collecting currency along the way to unlock new cars and areas, as well as pumping. While driving, gasoline (or solar energy, depending on the type of car) is consumed. Fuel reserves are replenished by collecting canisters with resources on the track. Behind the wheel of any car is a driver - Bill Newton. You lose if you run out of fuel or Bill gets injured.

The main game currencies and their meaning. The game has the following currencies:

Click on the current designation of the desired game currency in the upper left corner of the screen to move to the desired tab of the in-game store and, if necessary, replenish your game account.

daily missions. Daily missions help to replenish the reserves of game currencies well. Also with their help you can get paints and blueprints. Click on the leaflet icon at the top of the screen to go to the daily mission selection screen. They come in three types and vary in difficulty: easy, medium and hard. Your final prizes depend on the difficulty of the mission.

All missions are updated daily. Complete them as often as possible to get more coins and premium currency. This is especially useful when saving money to buy new cars.

Management interface. Press "Start" to go to the current track and start moving. At the top of the screen, you see a general scale for the distance you need to travel, as well as your previously set record for overcoming this area. In the upper left corner is the scale of your fuel, and below - the designation of currencies.

At the bottom of the screen are the control joysticks: brake (left) and gas (right). Between them are speedometers, as well as a booster button, which will be active when boosters are present. If necessary, you can always pause the game (the "Pause" button in the upper right corner) or exit the current race. In this case, all its results will be reset to zero.

Always keep an eye on your fuel gauge and never reset it. Otherwise, you will lose.

Your records and mileage. Records are measured in meters that you managed to drive on a particular track without crashing. When starting a new run, you always see your previous run record on the distance scale, which you can beat. As soon as this happens, you will receive a notification in the game. Overcoming a certain number of meters can earn you an achievement, a new level, or complete a daily task. At the end of any race, you see a report that indicates the statistics:

If you wish, you can always share the results of your race in social networks. To do this, click on the button of the desired social network next to the "Share" section.

Game settings. Click on the gear icon to set the game settings you need. Here you can:

It is recommended that you link your game account to your Google Play account as soon as possible. This will help protect your game progress from accidental reset due to technical failures, system errors, etc.

Hill Climb Racing: Top 5 best cars

For a more comfortable passage of gaming tracks by our readers, we have prepared the TOP 5 best Hill Climb Racing cars that you should definitely buy and upgrade.

1. Super SUV. Currently the fastest car in the game. It is quite versatile, quickly climbs mountains, is easy to drive, has good downforce and consumes little gasoline. Ideal for almost all trails, with the exception of trails with a ceiling.

For its characteristics, the Super SUV is quite cheap, so it is accessible to most players. With it, you can travel long distances and save up a lot of coins to buy other important machines, such as the Lunokhod. The downside of the Super SUV is the lack of a roof, which makes it dangerous on some maps.

2. Landed on the Moon (Lunokhod). The main advantage of this machine is the ability to fly with the help of accelerators. Gasoline will burn quickly. Lunokhod’s Boosters can help prevent you from losing, for example, when you land upside down. On other machines, you will certainly crash in this case, and on the Lunokhod, you can hold down the gas and brake buttons and "align" your transport. Other pluses of the Lunokhod are fast speed and efficiency on almost all tracks. Minus - high fuel consumption during flights and driving.

Only a lunar rover can reveal the nuclear secret for you at the Nuclear Power Plant.

3. Rally car. It looks like a normal car, but with a convertible spoiler (sometimes it saves lives). The rally car will help you overcome difficult terrain due to its speed, ease of operation and low gas consumption. It has a fairly stable suspension and good acceleration. Due to its downforce, it rises perfectly uphill, on the highway it can be driven up to 360,000 meters. Cons: high cost and complexity of control in the air.

4. Cross bike. Blue light motorcycle. It moves very quickly, has a low price, and, most importantly, consumes little gasoline. It is easy to operate, which makes it easy to do somersaults on it, especially back somersaults. A dirt bike will be especially useful to you on the Moon, because in the air you can do a lot of somersaults on it and get a mountain of coins.

The only disadvantage of this transport is its injury risk when performing tricks. You will need to learn how to stop and slow down in time to avoid losing. Also be careful on karts with a ceiling, as the Motocross bike breaks off the surface very easily, increasing the risk of hitting the rider.

5. Rocket. Rocket is a white car stylized as a rocket. Develops a high speed of movement, can smoothly land on the ground. A feature of the rocket is its ability to take off from the ground and take off into the air. To do this, hold down the gas and brake pedals while accelerating the car. Please note: when flying, you will spend quite a lot of fuel, which is unprofitable.

Hill Climb Racing: Guide to cars and their pumping

What are cars for? Cars are the main element of the game. They help you drive as far as possible along the track, get coins, gems, new records and achievements. The car cannot move when it runs out of fuel (gasoline, solar energy). In this case, you will lose and start the race again. In order to prevent the loss of fuel, collect the canisters located on the track in time.

Machine control. To make the car accelerate and move forward, press the right "Gas" button on the track screen. To brake, press the left "Brake" button. Certain types of gaming machines are capable of flying (for example, the Rocket). To fly, you need to accelerate the car and hold down the "Gas" and "Brake" buttons at the same time. Some cars also have built-in protection to prevent the driver from getting neck injuries while driving and stunts. Built-in protection will be destroyed if:

Types of cars. Currently, there are 37 cars in the game, each of which has its own specialization and the most suitable tracks for driving. These include: jeep, motocross bike, monster truck, tractor, hippie van, one wheeler, quad bike, cool buggy, bus, racing car, wing screw, police car, ambulance, electric car, super diesel 4x4, rally car, dragster, fire truck, motorcycle, low suspension, tank, snowmobile, super SUV, truck, buggy, ekranoplan, mini bike, Big Finger, baby express, landed on the moon, Hot Rod, rocket, mutant, luxury car, fast car, sleigh, spider car.

How to pump a car? Tuning. Each machine has a set of parts (components) that are upgraded for coins. To upgrade parts, select the desired car in the "Device" section, go to the tuning menu and select the component you want to upgrade.

Keep in mind that each subsequent pumping is more expensive than the previous one, therefore, for the greatest tuning efficiency, it is recommended to improve all the components of the cars evenly.

Pumping limit. Any part has a maximum improvement limit. You cannot increase the limit. You can see the progress of pumping on a scale with divisions, located on the left of the icon of each element of the car. When the scale divisions are completely filled, the part is considered pumped to the maximum. At the bottom of the icon there is also a fractional indication of the progress of pumping. For example, the designation 3/13 means that the part has been pumped 3 times, and in total it can be pumped 13 times.

Machine parts and their pumping. The most common parts found in almost all machines:

Improving control in the air (Mid-Air Control) . This type of upgrade allows your car to flip faster in the air and perform tricks. It is recommended not to improve this setting too much, as this will make the machine too difficult to control. Air control pumping works best on a motocross bike as it is quite a nimble bike. The track where the air upgrade is most useful is the Moon, as this gives you extra time in the air.

Hill Climb Racing: All Ways to Get Coins Fast

Concept. Coins are the most important currency in the game, thanks to which you improve your cars, unlock new vehicles and tracks. Below we will talk about the main ways to earn game currency.

Method number 1. Perform tricks. Performing tricks is the most practical and fastest way to get a mountain of coins. When flying in the air, you get coins depending on how long you have not touched the ground. After a fixed time (about 0.2 seconds), your earnings start to increase: first you get 25, 50, 75, 100 coins, etc., and then their number can increase from 1000 and more. However, you cannot get more than 25,000 coins in one jump.

Somersaults and back somersaults will earn you 1000 coins each. For a back flip, you don’t have to turn the car 360 degrees, just flip it upside down and a little more until the front wheel (rear wheel) is directly over the rear wheel (front wheel). When you die while performing a somersault or back somersault, the trick counts as a neck somersault and earns you 2500 coins.

The best somersaults are obtained when performing tricks on the moon with a motocross bike. Due to almost zero gravity, you will soar into the air and spin indefinitely, which will allow you to earn a lot of coins even in one run.

Method number 2. Getting coins on the tracks. Coins on most tracks are located every 30 meters. They can be collected by simply driving over them. The collection process does not affect your driving in any way. Coins are available as 5, 25, 100 and 500 coins in one. As a rule, at the beginning of the track there are only coins of the smallest denomination, but the further you drive, the more high denomination coins you can get. The maximum number of coins in one place is 7000.

Method number 3. Pass levels, complete tasks, watch ads. Each track has levels. To complete a level, you need to travel a certain distance. After completing the level on the track, you get coins. Also, do not forget to complete daily missions of varying difficulty and watch commercials - you also get coins for them.

Be sure to watch ads before you start your trip. This way you will double the amount of coins you can earn (collected, for tricks and for completing levels).

Hill Climb Racing: Secrets of a successful game

1. Get a motocross bike and open the track "Moon". The emphasis is on this vehicle and this track, because in this way you can earn a lot of coins, which means you can constantly upgrade your cars. The moon differs from other tracks in that it has zero gravity. Here, tricks in the air are the easiest to perform, and a motocross bike is best for performing them. In other words, by purchasing this transport and this car, you get access to an unlimited number of coins for performing tricks on your game account.

2. Use the right track machines. Each track has recommended vehicles, and they should be used when starting your races. Always compare the availability of certain machines when deciding whether to buy a new track. Otherwise, you will reset your coin supply and will be forced to continue playing on the old tracks until you save up the currency and buy the right cars for the new one.

3. Don’t forget to upgrade your cars. The success of your trips depends not only on transport, but also on its pumping. Even the motocross bike mentioned above won’t perform as well on the moon if you don’t improve it. Ideally, you should have all the elements pumped to the maximum, but if you are short of coins, then, first of all, improve the priority elements. For successful stunts on a motocross bike, these are:

4. Don’t drive too fast. In Hill Climb Racing you are never given the task of driving around the track as soon as possible! Your goal is to balance the vehicle and overcome obstacles wisely. Test dangerous sections of the road, study the bumps, hills and valleys of each track, so you know exactly where to slow down and where to speed up.

Do not underestimate small hills and even low uphills - these are the places where it is easiest to crash. Also, be especially careful on tracks with a ceiling and remember about suspension bridges: it is better to drive off them at low speed, so as not to accidentally turn the car over.

5. Use the brake. Applying the brake at the right time can save your driver from injury. It’s a good idea to test the tracks ahead of time so you know exactly when you need to brake. Such techniques will prevent the car from turning over during unsuccessful uphill climbs and will help to leave the suspension bridges.

At the same time, you cannot completely stop the car, because in this case you will have another problem: an empty gas tank. Ideally, you should balance between gas and brake while maintaining normal movement speed in order to quickly get fuel canisters.

Hill Climb Racing: All about the tracks

Concept. Tracks are the stages that your car travels with Bill at the wheel. The game features many tracks that differ in weather conditions, location and types of obstacles, the presence of enclosed spaces (ceilings) and other features. New tracks can be bought with coins. To do this, go to the "Stages" section and select the one you want to ride.

For each route, certain types of cars are recommended. Before buying a new stage, make sure that you have vehicles in your collection that meet the requirements of the track.

Tasks on the tracks. The most important thing on any track is to drive forward, overcome obstacles and, if possible, perform tricks to get extra coins. Also, do not forget to replenish your fuel reserves in time. Depending on the complexity of the track, the distance between fuel canisters changes, as well as the conditions for obtaining them. Therefore, with a poorly pumped gas tank, some stages will become very difficult or even impassable for you. Below are the most popular routes.


Despite the fact that this is the first available stage in the game, it is quite difficult to pass due to the large number of slides and bumps. It is recommended to drive along this route at low speed, slowing down, carefully climbing up and down hills. Also, be especially careful with overhead roads: it is best to pass them at a low speed, otherwise you may roll over when leaving. There is no need to worry about fuel: cans of gasoline will be located every 90 meters. Difficult climbs:

Recommended vehicles to pass: Jeep, Super SUV, Tank, ATV, Bus, Thumb Screw, Truck Buggy, Big Finger.

In order to earn a lot of coins while driving through the countryside, you need to drive quite a distance in well-designed vehicles. Take your time, otherwise there is a risk of falling into textures.


A feature of this route is the inclusion of four locations in its composition: spring, summer, autumn and winter. After passing through all the designated locations, one game year ends. Recommended transport for travel: super SUV or Big Finger. Location specifics:

There is a hill or "Ceiling" at the top of this track. The "ceiling" will always interfere with you greatly. It is very difficult to complete this stage. For driving 10 game years, you will receive one of the most difficult achievements to get - "Veteran". "Seasons" is the only stage in which the track changes its appearance and increases the difficulty.


Route relief: hills of various heights, without deep depressions. The main difficulty of the route lies in replenishing fuel on it: you will receive the first canister after 150 meters, and in the future the distance between the canisters will increase by 30 meters. Thus, the total range of passing this route depends not so much on the ability to maneuver the car, but on the volume of its fuel tank and speed.

At around 1400 meters of the highway there is a mountain - the most difficult place on the highway. This is where most cars crash. The highway is great for testing new vehicles.


The track "Moon" is very popular with players, as it is very easy to earn coins by performing tricks in the air. It is best to pass through it on a motocross bike or super SUV. However, not everyone can overcome long distances here because of the lack of gasoline, which will quickly run out after 1100 meters.

After a distance of 800 meters, you will begin to come across difficult mountains and potholes, while the further you drive, the more difficult relief obstacles will be encountered on your way. For a comfortable passage of these distances, it is recommended to have pro-tuned vehicles on tracks instead of wheels.

On the Moon, it is good to use the Lunokhod to take off on it without spending a lot of fuel and earn coins for being in the air.


An interesting and difficult stage, decorated in a gloomy black and white atmosphere, which contrasts very strongly with other tracks. Instead of coins, you collect something here that resembles small flying creatures. They all look the same, so you won’t be able to find out the exact denomination during the passage. Fuel canisters look the same as on other tracks, and instead of music, strange sounds sound here. Featured Vehicles: Moon Lander, Fire Truck, Big Finger. Track features:


The route is a mountainous terrain with sharp slopes and hanging bridges. At first it is not particularly difficult, but in the future (about every 1000 meters) the road begins to become more complicated: there are more steep slopes and bridges, when leaving which it is easy to roll over and crash. Also here you will meet with angular deep pits and sharp mountain bumblebees. To pass this route, it is recommended to use cars of an increased category: Cool Buggy, super SUV, Tank, Landed on the moon.


The track is of medium difficulty, the relief of which is formed by piles of old cars, including tracked vehicles and even cranes. Also here you can see the frames of a jeep, a police car and a tractor. It is best to pass this track on well-pumped cars or sleds. Obstacles will constantly come across on your way: cranes that prevent you from moving forward, or the remains of cars in which you will get stuck and slip.

Beware of angular pits followed by slides - it is very easy to roll over or get stuck here. Large vehicles (tractor, bus) in the landfill simply will not be able to pass. Without extra effort, you can overcome 1000 or even more meters on a snowmobile, a children’s express train and a super SUV. Recommended vehicles (in addition to the ones mentioned above): ambulance and monster truck.

In places where there are several broken cars, tracked vehicles can fall through the tracks into their texture. It is extremely difficult, almost impossible, to rescue the caterpillars.


The map is a mountainous area with occasional lava lakes. Up to 2700 meters, the relief of the map is relatively simple, but then hell begins, namely, high mountains, mostly spiky, and narrow pits. Lava lakes will burn your fuel. If a car drives across this lake, it starts to burn, and the fuel burns along with the car.

Also, lava lakes slow down the car, similar to the lakes in the Beach and the Mud Pot. Thus, all these objects must be avoided and "fly" over them. Recommended vehicles for passing: super SUV, tank, truck, Cool Buggy. Track unlock price: 1,000,000 coins.


This track is characterized by a flat terrain and multiple abysses that will prevent you from driving further. Also, you may have difficulty obtaining fuel: it can be located on the very edges of the roofs, which will be problematic to get close to. To overcome obstacles, you will have to use building beams. There are 3 types of beams: long, medium, short and all of them are suspended on cranes.

For example, they can hang on the same cable and swing in different directions. To drive over them and not fall, drive over to the left side of the beam to tilt it, and step on the gas. So you will find yourself on the roof, but be careful: watch the car, because at the slightest flaw you will fall into the abyss. You will also find beams suspended on two cables. Often they are tilted to the left, so they are easy to drive over. Recommended cars for passing: Landed on the moon, Children’s Express.

The number of beams suspended in a row varies from 1 to 3. Triple beams are the most difficult to pass, especially for large machines.

Hill Climb Racing: How to use boosters (boosters)?

Types of accelerators. Press the balloon button at the top of the screen to purchase boosters with gems. Boosters are boosters that can increase the speed of your vehicle for a short time. Among them:

Keep in mind that the booster only lasts for a few seconds. Accelerators will not help you overcome long distances. For this purpose, it is best to pump the tires of your car.

Tactics of the correct purchase of accelerators. The use of accelerators is useful if you want to overcome a steep hill, climb a high mountain, etc. The initial cost of any accelerator is 30 gems. The next purchase will cost you more. To avoid overpaying, buy only two boosters, use them, and then buy more. Otherwise, you will quickly use up your premium currency reserves.

How to activate boosters? There are 2 ways to activate the action of accelerators:

Be careful not to press the up arrow if you don’t want to use the boost. The booster icon on the screen also shows how many units of boosters you have left. An active accelerator should leave an electric blue trail behind your car. If you press the button and nothing happens, then you have not activated the booster properly.

Improper and inappropriate use of boosters can quickly throw your car off balance, leading to driver injury and game over.

Hill Climb Racing: Garage Car Building Guide

Garage. In the garage, you can build custom cars to your liking. To unlock the garage, you need to pay 300 gems. Garage options range from upgradeable parts like Inline 4 engines to V8 diesel engines, different body frame types, and even different types of tires.

Creation of machines. By default, you can create one car in the garage. To open the next one, you need to pay 1 million coins. Each subsequent car will cost 1 million more than the previous one. The vehicle name is the same as the chassis name but can be changed free of charge.

Tire types. Listed below are the tires that you can use in the garage while building your car:


In the garage, you can use the following engines.

1. Inline 4 and 6. Inline 4 is the base engine. Consumes 20% less fuel. Inline 6 is its upgraded version. 30% more powerful, but consumes slightly more fuel than its prototype.

2. Diesel 4, 6 and V8 TT. Diesel 4 is a diesel engine. Consumes 50% less fuel, which ensures its good efficiency. Its upgraded version is Diesel 6. It has 40% more torque and more power while consuming the same amount of fuel. This engine can be used on a truck. The Diesel V8 TT is a twin-turbocharged V8 engine that runs on diesel fuel. Up to 40% more powerful and consumes slightly more fuel than the 4 and 6 diesel engines for greater efficiency.

3. V6, 8 and 12. V6 - six-piston engine. Provides 40% more power but is not as efficient as some other engines. The V8 has 8 pistons making it 60% more powerful. V12 has 12 pistons and 80% power but very low efficiency.

4. Electric motor. Battery powered motor that delivers 20% more acceleration and more power. Very efficient as it consumes less fuel than diesel engines while delivering more power than they do. Electric Discharge is an upgraded version of the previous one, offering a 40% increase in acceleration. It is very efficient because it consumes the same amount of fuel as an electric one.

5. Gas turbine. A gas turbine is a thruster engine that delivers 40% more power but has poor efficiency. Uses a ton of fuel but delivers less power than electric motors. This engine is commonly used in aircraft.

Hill Climb Racing: How to get achievements in the game?

Concept. In the game, you can open 89 achievements, conditionally divided into several categories. To see the full list of achievements, click on the cup icon at the top of the screen. When you complete an achievement task, a special notification is displayed for you with the name of the achievement.

In the general list, an open achievement goes from black and white obscuration and becomes color. There are no additional rewards for completing achievements. Thus, this game element can be considered as collecting your own records.

Driving achievements. You get these achievements by driving a certain number of meters in any vehicle. At the same time, the mileage does not have to be collected in only one race and only on one vehicle - all your results are calculated according to the general data of all races. Kinds:

Achievements for getting new cars and tracks. You get these achievements by unlocking (purchasing) vehicles and stages. At the moment, you can buy 34 tracks and 37 cars in the game. When a new track or a new car is released, you also need to buy it in order to get the corresponding achievement. Kinds:

Achievements for improving cars. You get these achievements when you upgrade a certain number of cars to the maximum. Kinds:

Achievements for performing somersaults. You get these achievements by doing a certain number of somersaults, backflips, and backflips. You don’t have to do them all in one pass. It also doesn’t matter which transport you use.

Achievements for driving a car. To complete this group of achievements, you will need certain vehicles. You get these achievements by driving 1,000,000 meters in a specific vehicle.

Other groups of achievements. These include:

How to get secret achievements?

There is another group of achievements in the game and these are secret achievements. You will not learn anything about their conditions until you complete the corresponding conditions of the tasks. Especially for our readers, we remove the "veil of secrecy" and talk about how to complete these classified tasks.

1. Achievement "Lucky Fuel". Objective: Take a fuel canister with an empty fuel tank. One way to complete it: open the Volcano track and drive into the lava lake at a distance of 266 meters. It is here that a canister of gasoline will be located, which does not need to be taken immediately. Just wait for the fuel to burn in the lava lake. When its indicator drops to one, take the canister standing next to it.

2. Achievement "Live fast - somersault". Task: do somersaults in 5 seconds from the start of the scene. One way to do this: open the "Countryside" map and choose a motocross bike to drive through. At the very beginning of the scene, step on the gas with all your might.

3. Achievements "Random back flip" and "Upside down". Task: do 10 somersaults and 10 back somersaults in one run. How to do it: open the "Moon" card and choose a motorcycle for driving (its pumping should be maximum). During the race, do 10 back flips in a row, and then do the same 10 front flips in the same way.

4. Achievement "Fingersoft". Objective: View the credits of the game. How to do it: Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen and select the "About" section. Next, watch all the credits on the screen to the end.

5. Achievement "Lose excess weight." Objective: Detach all train cars (detach two cars of the Children’s Express train in one pass). How to do it: open the "Countryside" map and choose the Children’s Express for passing. Continue up the slopes. The car must crash on one of them.

6. Achievement "Nuclear Secret". Task: find the secret at the nuclear power plant. How to do it: use the Lunokhod to travel around the nuclear power plant. Starting from a distance of 555 meters, accelerate and fly up. You need to fly up and forward to the mark of 623 meters. If you can do this, you will find the "Nuclear Secret" - a secret special place.

7. Achievement "Swamp Digger". Task: dive to a depth of 25 meters. How to do it: go to the "Swamp" map and choose the "Mutant" car for passing. When entering the track, immediately start to go back and make a low suspension. Press the gas and brake at the same time twice in a row - this will activate one large wheel and be able to descend on it to the declared depth.

Hill Climb Racing: Hill Climb Racing 2, similarities and differences

Hill Climb Racing 2. The second part of the game repeats the gameplay of the first, but with an emphasis on online competitions between several players. The single player game (or campaign mode) is called "Adventure". It is an endless track divided into levels. To go to the next level, you need to drive a certain distance. Differences from the first part:

  1. It is possible to change the appearance of the vehicle, as well as the main character;
  2. You can paint your cars any color you want;
  3. More expanded audio design of the game. Added new musical themes, there is an announcer’s voice before the start of the race;
  4. There are small tournaments, as well as a league and rating system.

Cups. The Cups are online competitions from Hill Climb Racing 2, during which you have to try to finish first on the race track. At the end of the race, points are given, where the maximum number is 3 points (for first place), and the minimum is 1 point. Competitions are not held directly online, i.e. you compete with the "ghosts" of other players.

First place in the Cups gives you rewards: coins, car paints, as well as the opportunity to upgrade vehicles for free or change the appearance of the driver. Rewards in the form of coins and experience points are also given for other places. Cups mode is only available when your device is connected to the Internet.

Leagues and rankings. In the second part of the game, a league and rating system was added. Getting rating points has become a condition for unlocking some types of transport. For example, to open the opportunity to purchase a motocross bike, you will have to score 10,000 rating points.

Achievements. Hill Climb Racing 2 has 52 achievements. Conventionally, they are divided into achievements for unlocking a car, performing tricks, driving a given distance, etc.

Hill Climb Racing: Is it worth playing?

Hill Climb Racing is an interesting racing game where you need to buy new tracks and cars, drive through the terrain and competently handle difficult road sections. You can also perform incredible stunts in the air here and even design your own cars. Despite its simplicity, this game has found fans all over the world, as it has a number of obvious advantages:

All in all, Hill Climb Racing does a great job and can keep players entertained. If you want to download an easy but exciting game to your phone, then you will really like our today’s offer. To make driving Hill Climb Racing easy, check out Wise Geek’s article and put into practice all the tips for a successful passage.

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