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Hills of Steel is a tank action game with horizontal gameplay and physics elements from Superplus Games. Move across the battlefield on your own tank, aim at the enemy and hit him. Collect trophies from defeated enemies. Improve your technique, unlock new powerful tanks and heroically enter the battle. Win a worthy title and climb the career ladder to become the best tanker of all time.


  1. Tank Combat Guide
  2. Combat Secrets
  3. All Tank Boosters
  4. Selecting and leveling tanks, the appearance of the tank and the equipment of the tanker
  5. How to defend your base?
  6. Beginner’s Guide
  7. Clan Guide
  8. What is the best store to buy?
  9. Guide for Donators
  10. Pros and cons of the game

Hills of Steel: Tank Combat Guide

Where to find the battle? Battles can be found on the main screen, at the bottom of it, next to the start button.

Types of battles. The following types of battles are presented to your attention: event, against, adventure and survival. To understand which battle to choose, let’s talk about them in more detail.

The event is the first activity you will see in battles. Events are constantly updated and have time limits. At the end of the event, if you participate in it, you will receive a reward. On the battle screen there is a scale that decreases along with the defeat of enemy tanks. As soon as the scale on top becomes empty, you will win. Sometimes one scale means one wave of influx of opponents. After it, another appears, then another, and so on. There is also a health bar above your tank. In the upper right corner, the number of your cups and your own cup record are displayed. At the bottom of the playing field are the tank control buttons, as well as the shot button, next to which amplifiers can be located. Consider the main types of events, their tasks and rules:

Against. This battle provides for the game 1VS1 (one against one), 2VS2 (two against two), as well as the game as a commander. The interface of these battles is the same: at the top of the playing field is information about you and your opponent, a health scale, the number of medals you and your opponent have, a timer. For each successful battle, you can get medals and stars, which in the future will allow you to open a chest with rewards. For a series of victories in this type of battle, you will receive a reward in the form of coins. More on these activities below:

First of all, launch the most pumped tanks. To launch tanks, click on them as soon as they become available, as soon as their image lights up at the bottom of the screen.

Adventure. Go through different levels and see how far you can go. The more you play, the harder each level becomes. In the adventure, you have to fight against ground and aircraft. Win a level by destroying the boss at the end. In an adventure, you can earn stars by destroying enemies. On the right side of the game board, your record for destroyed enemies in all adventures, as well as the number of enemies killed in this adventure, is displayed.

Survival. Pass the endless level of your choice. The number of enemies and their power increase rapidly as you advance. Each subsequent location in the battle of survival will give you a coin multiplier as a bonus. But! Opening each location costs coins, and the better the bonus, the more expensive the cost of the location in the battle of survival.

We recommend that you open new locations in survival mode gradually and see how many coins you earn in them. The fact is that, having opened a location with a 4x coin reward, you will not be able to fight in it and go far, because your enemies will be much stronger than you. And even with a 4x coin reward, you will earn less than with a 2x or 3x reward. Go through the battle several times and compare the amount of coins earned in the current location and in a more expensive location. If you earned more in the previous location, fight in it, if in the next one, then play in the next one. Ignore the headlines 4x, 5x and so on, look at the real earnings of coins and stars.

Boss fight. Fight only bosses and try to get as far as possible. The further you advance, the more difficult the bosses become. A huge number of coins are waiting for you as a reward. The boss drives out on a black armored tank. To defeat him, you must also shoot and hit him, just a little longer than a normal tank. There are many bosses, and they are different. Prepare to meet them, take a good position. The energy of the boss is displayed at the top of the playing field.

Hills of Steel: Combat Secrets

1. Take your time to drive fast. The battle time is not limited, so take your time. When you are in a hurry and drive fast forward, you can run into not one enemy, but a group of enemies. It will be difficult for you to defeat them, as they will attack you all at the same time, and you will receive a lot of damage. It will be better when you slowly drive, see the enemy, defeat him, drive on, defeat another enemy, and so on.

2. Step back. Sometimes, in order not to get under fire or to choose a convenient position, step back and shoot at the enemy, unless, of course, there are obstacles in the form of hedgehogs for this. If you see that the enemies are advancing in a group, step back and they will begin to disperse, fast tanks will go forward, slow ones will fall behind.

3. Use bumps for aiming. There are irregularities on the playing field. You can shoot up if you stand downhill, you can also stand downhill and shoot down. This will help you aim. Be sure to use bumps for aiming.

4. Shoot early. When you shoot far away, you may not see where the bullet is hitting. You can’t see the bullet, but it can hit a tank that is driving outside the playing field. We recommend that you drive ahead and shoot even if you can’t see the target. As a result, the tank that appears on the horizon may already be hit and it will be easier for you to finish it off.

5. It is not necessary to aim at the tank. You can shoot not only at the tank, but also near it. Yes, this way you will inflict less damage than if you hit the tank itself, but nevertheless, your opponent will receive damage, albeit a small one. Bullets have an explosion radius on impact. The enemy takes damage not only when the bullet hits him, but also when the enemy is within the radius of the bullet’s explosion. The more powerful the tank, the greater the radius. There is no friendly fire. That is, if you fall into the explosion radius of your bullet, nothing threatens you.

6. Walk away from the punch. Enemies also shoot at you, so try not to get hit by enemy bullets, move away from the blow. To do this, perform maneuvering actions forward or backward.

7. Use hills when attacking aircraft. Aircraft are very hard to hit when they attack you. To retaliate, you need to use high ground so that your tank shoots up. If there is no hill nearby, you are on a plain, look for it with characteristic movements back and forth and try not to fall under the fire of these devices.

8. Use the features of the tank. Before going into battle, study the characteristics of the tank, its abilities, power and speed. Only after a deliberate choice join the battle.

9. Use tank swings to fire. When firing, the tank is thrown back, sometimes it becomes vertical, bounces. In bouncing or swaying, you can aim well and kill the enemy. Use it to attack. This will make it easier for you to hit your target.

10. Use amplifiers wisely. Before using an amplifier, evaluate all its characteristics, ability and ability to destroy the enemy.

11. Upgrade an existing tank. We recommend that you first upgrade the tank that you most often use in battles, and then upgrade all the other tanks.

12. Do not run into an enemy tank. You can run into the enemy, while you get up, almost in a vertical position. Don’t do this while you are moving in and out, the enemy will shoot at you without missing.

13. Take position and wait for the enemy to appear. Choose a convenient position for firing so that you hit the enemy, but he could not hit you. So you will quickly destroy the enemy.

Hills of Steel: All Tank Boosters

Tank boosters. Amplifiers are necessary for successful combat in normal or emergency situations. Each type of tank has its own several amplifiers. All tank boosters are similar, but have a different name, similar to the name of the tank. Only one booster can be used in combat, and it can only be used once. In some locations, after defeating the boss, the booster is renewed and can be used again.

How do amplifiers work? Below you will find information on each individual amplifier.

Airstrike. Drops missiles from the sky to damage enemies.

Repair kit. Restores some of the lost health.

Circular saw. Constantly deals damage to nearby enemies.

Explosive wave. Knocks back and damages nearby enemies.

Mine. Plant a mine that explodes on contact with an enemy.

Power shield. Blocks damage from the enemy.

Napalm. Drops rockets that set enemies on fire.

Fast reload. Instantly reloads your weapon and fires faster for a short time.

Drone. Summons a drone that fires missiles at enemies.

Amplifier boost. Tank boosters can be pumped, leveled up for watching an advertising video, as well as for coins. The cost of pumping amplifiers increases with each subsequent level. To increase the level of the amplifier, you need to collect amplifier cards. How many cards you need is indicated in the booster window. There you can also see its level, it is located at the top right in a circle. The higher the level of the amplifier, the stronger its properties, stronger impact and protection. Simply put, the higher the level, the more effective the amplifier.

Hills of Steel: Selecting and leveling tanks, the appearance of the tank and the equipment of the tanker

Types of tanks. On the main screen, on the left, there is an icon with a tank. By clicking on it, you can see the tanks you have, as well as the tanks that are currently blocked. You can buy blocked tanks for gems. Tanks in a blue frame are common, those in red are rare, those in purple are epic, and those in gold are legendary. Further details about the types of tanks:

Tank selection. If you click on a tank on the main screen, you can select a tank for battle using the right and left arrows. You can open some non-open tanks for gems and immediately get a new tank. You will not be able to open other tanks due to your lack of the required number of gems.

There are not very favorable prices for buying tanks here, we recommend waiting for a promotion and only then buying tanks at a bargain price.

On the left you can see information about the tank, namely:

After choosing a tank that suits all the characteristics, click on the checkmark and start the battle with the selected tank.

When choosing tanks, you can visually see how they shoot. Tanks are all different, they shoot differently and in battle they need to be used in different ways. The tactics of one tank may not be useful for another. Choose a tank that is convenient for you to control and shoot at enemies from it. If you have won a new, better tank, get used to driving and shooting from it, adjust to its shooting style.

Tank pumping. You can level up a tank if you have the required number of tank cards and coins to do so. The up arrow on the map scale of the tank indicates that the level of the tank can be upgraded. The number of required tank cards increases with each level increase. Click the Level Up button. White bars, your current level in terms of parameters, on the defense, attack and speed scales will move forward, that is, they will increase. This means that the combat power of the tank will increase. If you pump the level of the tank to the end, the white bar will be at the end of the scale and the tank will be pumped to the maximum. For undiscovered tanks, the maximum combat power that can be achieved when pumping the tank is shown, for open tanks - the power that you have reached.

You don’t need to upgrade all the tanks, you won’t be able to do it, you just don’t have enough coins to upgrade all the tanks. This is only possible at later levels, when you reach the heights in the game. You need to upgrade the main tank or several active tanks that you play with, since there are activities in the game in which you need to set up several tanks for battle.

Tanker equipment. You can change the appearance of your tanker. This can be done for free, as well as for gems. You can change the following options:

The appearance of the tank. You can choose the color of the tank, make it green, black, with a pattern for coins.

If you are a geek and like to impress other players, you can use gems to change the parameters of the tank and the tanker. Changing these parameters does not affect your progress, your achievements, or combat characteristics. Yes, the appearance is impressive, but still we recommend spending coins on pumping tanks, and not on changing their appearance.

Hills of Steel: How to defend your base?

World. At the bottom of the main screen is a globe. This is the entrance to the world. Here you can find your base and the bases of your opponents. Defend your base with your army of tanks or send them to raid other players’ bases for a reward.

Steel. The main currency of the world is "steel". You can get steel for attacking other players, as well as for completing base tasks. Upgrade your base with steel. In this way, you will increase your defense and increase the rewards received from attacks. The steel you can collect has a limit, it is not infinite. You can increase its limit by upgrading the base.

Attack. Your army needs time to carry out an attack, and your base at this moment remains undefended. The farther away the enemy base, the longer it will take to get to it. The attack uses the strength of your army, your base provides only defensive power.

Intelligence service. Send scouts to enemy bases for more information: reconnaissance will show the strength of the enemy base and your chances of victory. You can only explore for gems.

We still recommend that you do not explore. Do this only in exceptional cases, when you are not sure about the strength of your army. It is better to scout the enemy forces in battle.

Onslaught/Recall. Use the "onslaught" function to increase the speed of your army and immediately see the results of the battle. You can also recall and attack your army if your base needs to be defended. The ability to recall will be free, while the onslaught costs a certain amount of gems.

Defense. Defense occurs automatically when the army reaches the base. Your tanks provide defensive power while your army is at the base.

Base assignments. Complete daily base tasks to earn more steel. You can only have one base job active at a time. Complete tasks at the base, to do this, click the Start button. At the end of the quest completion time, you will receive steel as a reward. Tasks are updated once a day.

Base fight. Choose an opponent, click on him. Your attention will be presented to the battle menu. It reflects: the data of your opponent, the possibility of exploration, the available rewards, the chance of winning. Press the attack button. So, your army goes into battle. During the battle, you can see information about the movement time to the target of your army.

Base level upgrade. The base can be pumped, improve its level for steel. With each upgrade, your base will become more powerful.

Hills of Steel: Beginner’s Guide

Profile. At the top left on the main screen is your avatar and your nickname in the game. Click on them to go to their profile. The profile menu displays the following information.

Profile photo. Connect Facebook to show your photo.

Player name. You can change the name of the player by clicking on the gear in the line with the name.

Location. Choose your location. The flag of the country will be reflected in your profile.

Clan. Your clan name is displayed here. By clicking on it, you will go to the clan menu.

Inbox. An envelope is your incoming letters and parcels, gifts and messages from developers, winnings in various promotions and contests.

Save game progress. To save game progress, you can connect to Facebook or Google Play.

Be sure to connect to either Facebook or Google Play to save your progress. Otherwise, when you delete the game, the progress of the game will be reset and you will have to start the game from the beginning. Connecting to Google Play will allow you to play on multiple devices - on a phone, on a tablet, on a computer via an emulator, and so on.

Subscribe to the game community. If you subscribe to the game on Discord, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, you will receive 5 gems each as a subscription reward, so you can get 20 gems in total.

Join at least one of the channels, not only to get gems, but also to follow the news, updates, changes, innovations of the game. Connect to everyone, then you will get a good reward.

Daily reward. When you enter the game, you will receive a daily reward in the form of gems. On the first day, you will receive 1 gem, on the second - 3, on the third - 5, and so on. On the seventh day of logging in, you will receive a rare chest with rewards. And on day 14 - a large epic chest with rewards.

To receive chests as a bonus for logging into the game, you must log into the game every day. Otherwise, your login days progress will be reset to the first day and you will have to start over.

Achievements. During the game, you will complete tasks, thereby reaching the goal of achievements and receive a reward for these achievements. The main achievements are detailed below.

Achievement nameAchievement goalAchievement Award (Experience)
CaptainAchieve the rank of Captain500
contemplatorDefeat the boss: Contemplator2500
1st lieutenantAchieve the rank of 1st Lieutenant500
Messenger of HellDefeat the boss: Hell Runner1500
Record 50Score 50 points500
2nd lieutenantAchieve the rank of 2nd Lieutenant500
LordDefeat the Overlord2000
WhipDefeat the boss: Whip1000
SergeantAchieve the rank of Sergeant500
LegionDefeat the boss: Legion1000
ArmadaDefeat the boss: Armada500
CorporalAchieve the rank of Corporal500
ThunderclapDefeat the boss: Thunderclap500
MajorAchieve the rank of Major1000
Lieutenant colonelAchieve the rank of Lieutenant Colonel1000
ColonelAchieve the rank of Colonel1000
Brigadier GeneralAchieve the rank of Brigadier General1000
Major GeneralAchieve the rank of Major General1000
Lieutenant GeneralAchieve the rank of Lieutenant General2000
GeneralAchieve the rank of General2000
Record 100Score 100 points1000
Record 150Score 150 points1500
Record 200Get 200 points2000
Laser mouthDefeat the boss: Laser Maw500
Novice DuelistWin 3 games in a row in 1VS1 mode500
Experienced DuelistWin 6 games in a row in 1VS1 mode1000
Elite DuelistWin 10 games in a row in 1VS1 mode1500
Novice SoldierWin 3 games in a row in 2VS2 mode500
Experienced SoldierWin 6 games in a row in 2VS2 mode1000
Elite SoldierWin 10 games in a row in 2VS21500

Player rating. Compete with other players from different countries and become the leader in one of the locations.

Game settings. The gear in the upper right corner is the game settings. Basic settings:

Supply Crate of the Day. On the right side of the main screen, you can see a parachute with a box. This is a promotion in which you can absolutely free, once every 6 hours, receive rewards in the form of tank cards, amplifier cards, gems and coins. Such promotions can appear anywhere on the screen. You must carefully examine the main screen so as not to miss this promotion and not miss the chance to get a reward.

Daily tasks. They are provided once a day. You can see how much time is left before the issuance of new tasks. Quests are updated at midnight GMT. Tasks consist of several parts. As you complete tasks, you will receive stars. They are reflected in the scale in the task menu. After you collect 100 stars you will receive a chest. Also, for completing tasks, you can get tank cards, amplifier cards, coins. Example tasks: play a game with a certain tank, use some kind of booster, open a free regular chest in the store, use revive when you lose, and others.

The ability to get a chest for free. It is possible to get a rare chest by collecting a certain number of stars. Stars can be obtained for winning any of the battles. At the bottom of the main screen, you will see a chest and a scale below it. As soon as the scale is full, you can open the chest and receive rewards. From the chest you can get tank cards, various bonuses and coins. You can double your reward from the chest by clicking on the characteristic button. After opening the chest, the scale is reset and the accumulation of stars for the next chest begins.

Hills of Steel: Clan Guide

What are clans and where can I find them? A clan is a community, a group, a team of players in a game. You can find the Clans section on the main screen on the left. Click on the green icon with the badge and the goblet inside it.

Requirements. Clans are displayed only for players who meet the requirements of the clan rating. Use search to find clans by ID or name. Your rating is calculated from the total rating of all modes "against" (versus).

Rank Permissions. The clan owner has all permissions. The leader can edit information about the clan and accept requests to join, can promote, demote and expel players with a lower rank. The officer can kick players with a lower rank.

Developments. With clans you can play weekly events. Fight in events to earn points for your clan.

Event rules. Be the boss and repel waves of enemies. You will receive one free game per day. The game ends when your tank is destroyed or the enemy has passed your barrier. The best players are rewarded at the end of the event.

Rating of players and clans. You can find the rating in the clan menu next to the Create button. Here you can see information about the leaders of the event: players and clans. Choose on the left which of the tops you would like to see. The top contains information:

Top clans often have high requirements. Still, strive to join a clan that is in the top. If your clan takes the top place in the ranking, then you will receive a reward. To do this, you need to join the top clan.

In the ranking you can see information about the player of the day, the player with the longest winning streak, you can see your place in the ranking. It also displays information about the clan of the day.

Clan event rewards. At the end of each event, each player of the top clan receives rewards, and the higher the clan’s place in the top, the better rewards he will receive:

Player Event Rewards. Complete the weekly event and get into the top players. For a place in the top, you will receive excellent and valuable rewards:

Buying gems. Share wealth with your clan. With each purchase of gems, other players in the clan receive additional gems for free.

Creation of a clan. Each player can create their own clan. To do this, in the Clans menu, click on the Create button. Creating a clan costs 20 gems. In the menu that opens, specify all the parameters of your clan:

If you want to enjoy the game, it’s better to join a clan rather than create a new one. When creating a clan, you will need to constantly clean the clan from inactive players, push players to be active, look for new players. And this will require a lot of your time, labor and nerves. But! If you want to get the most out of the game, upgrade your leadership skills, feel like a commander over other players, then we still recommend that you create your own clan.

Search clan. Click the Search clan button. So you can find the clan you need, where, for example, your friends play. Or just search for a clan by name. Choose a clan with a large number of members and with a large number of medals. You can see information about the players of any clan, how many medals each of them has, who has what rank or rank.

It is better to join a clan where there are many active players who have a large number of medals. Look for clans with few or no inactive players. If you join an inactive clan, this will not bring you any benefits, and you will not receive event rewards.

Join a clan. Once you find a clan that suits you, join it and wait for a response to your request. After joining, the name of the clan you joined will appear on the main screen under your name. Incoming messages will also be displayed here.

Leave the clan. Due to various circumstances, you can always leave the clan. To do this, enter your clan and click on the Leave button.

Hills of Steel: What is the best store to buy?

Score. On the main screen on the left you will see the image of a cart - this is a store. Here you can see: special offers, chests, temporary offers, subscription, gems, coins.

Special offers. Buying sets of gems, tanks, their cards, amplifiers and other items for real money. Time of special offers is limited. Expired offers are replaced by new ones.

Chests. You can buy chests with gems. As gifts in the chest can be: tank cards, tank booster cards, as well as coins. You can see the number of chests you have on the main screen at the top of it. You can open them at any time. In the store you can buy: common, rare, epic and legendary chests. Below is the drop rate of various elements and items from these chests.

Chance of dropping items from the chest.

ItemsRegular chestRare ChestEpic ChestLegendary Chest
Legendary Tank0%0%0%6%
epic tank0.01%0.75%3.6%16%
Rare tank0.25%3.75%10.5%100%
regular tank4.75%10.5%15.9%100%
Tank cardsx10+x40+x100+x400+
Legendary tank card0%0%6%49%
Epic tank map0.1%6%24%70%
Rare tank card4.9%33%38%100%
Regular tank map100%100%100%100%
If you decide to buy a chest for gems, we recommend that you do not buy ordinary and rare chests. These two chests you will, as you progress through the game, get quite easily and quickly. Gems are not worth spending on them. It is better to accumulate gems and spend them on an epic chest, or better on a legendary one. Then you can get a new rare tank. Try to open the epic and legendary chests at least once.

Temporary offers. The promotion is temporary. For coins and gems, you can purchase various items. Also here you can watch a promotional video and win a daily regular chest. The offer is updated once a day.

We recommend watching the promotional video and get the chest. We do not recommend spending gems on tank cards. Unless it’s legendary and epic tank cards that you don’t have. Spend your coins wisely. Don’t spend them on tank cards you don’t use. If you have a tank that you are using that you need to upgrade, spend coins on it. Coins in the game are easier to get than gems.

Coins. Coins are intended for pumping tanks and his abilities. You can see the number of coins you have at the top of the screen. Clicking on the plus next to them will take you to the store. Here you can purchase coin sets for gems:

The more expensive the set of coins, the more of them in the set and the cheaper one coin will cost you. Still, we do not recommend spending gems to buy coins, since gold is quite easy to get by playing various activities of the game. Gems need to be spent on those items that are very difficult to get in the game, in particular, these are cards of legendary and epic tanks.

Hills of Steel: Guide for Donators

In-app purchases. Hills of Steel is free to play, or you can make in-store purchases to improve your gaming experience. Some in-game purchases are made with real money.

Special offers. Special offers are limited in time and are constantly updated. In such offers, you can purchase for real money:

If you want to donate, it’s better to wait for special offers. This is more profitable than simply buying the same items and gems in the store.

VIP subscription. This is an auto-renewing monthly subscription for real money. Click the Join button and get a VIP subscription. You can manage or cancel your subscription in your Google Play Account after purchase. With a VIP subscription you will receive:

Gems. In the store, you can purchase sets of gems for real money:

The more gems you buy, the more expensive the set of gems, the cheaper one gem will cost and the more profitable the purchase of the set will cost.

Hills of Steel: Pros and cons of the game

Hills of Steel is a fun, addictive, beautiful, interesting and free war game. If you are a heavy vehicle lover and you like to shoot waves of merciless enemies, then this game is for you!



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