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Hybrid Warrior WiKi: Tips and tricks for beating the game

Hybrid Warrior: Overlord is an RPG from Korean developer Cat Lab. The game offers an interesting storyline and many unique mechanics. You have to fight a lot of monsters and get to the boss, moving further and further through the floors of the game. The hero starts the game by defeating the Overlord and loses all his flesh, and you need to collect it from the killed monsters in order to become the strongest hero Frankenstein.


  1. Hybrid Warrior Walkthrough Tips
  2. Beginner’s Guide
  3. How to get bonuses in battle?
  4. Tips for Increasing Your Hero’s Power
  5. Everything you need to know about the hero’s weapons and equipment
  6. How to make potions and why are they needed?
  7. Secrets of Dr. Stumps
  8. Tips for Completing Quests and Achievements
  9. What special events are there in the game?
  10. Game Screen
  11. Everything about the currency in the game
  12. Donator Guide
  13. Is it worth playing?

Hybrid Warrior Walkthrough Tips

1. Active game. If you have a lot of time left or you are ready to devote your time to the game, then try to go through the dungeons not just by watching the battle, but by helping your hero in defeating the monsters. You have a dash at your disposal, which has a short cooldown and using it gives good progress in the dungeon. There is also an assistant glove, when you click on the screen, damage deals separate damage to monsters.

2. Passive play. If you do not want to spend a lot of time helping your hero, then just run the dungeon and your hero will kill monsters himself until he loses or successfully completes the dungeon. So you can start the dungeon and go about your business. It is worth remembering that it is undesirable to leave the dungeon, as all progress and accumulated coins will be lost.

3. Use the best flesh. When new flesh appears, which greatly exceeds the flesh put on you, be sure to change it. Flesh is your main piece of equipment besides your weapons, and comes with a lot of stats and buffs. Well-chosen flesh makes the hero stronger, and he will be able to go through more difficult floors in the dungeon and get more coins as a reward.

4. Upgrade your assistant glove. The gauntlet that accompanies your hero is inactive until you click on the device screen. If you often help your hero in the fight against monsters, then be sure to upgrade the glove. So you can increase the damage from clicks and get additional positive characteristics.

5. Get various boosts for watching a commercial. In the shop section, you can find four buffs at once, which you can purchase for diamonds. But it’s best not to spend diamonds and get all these effects for 10 minutes, completely free. You need to watch one commercial for each type of gain. Update gains periodically by watching new commercials. So you will greatly facilitate the passage of the dungeons for the hero and yourself.

6. Complete daily tasks. Daily quests are updated every day and completing the quests gives you a lot of rewards that will come in very handy. For example, among the rewards may be diamonds, which are a rare currency in the game. Daily tasks are easy to complete throughout the day if you take the time to complete them.

7. Upgrade your hero. Your hero is completely up to you. Do not forget to improve its main characteristics for coins. Attack and health are important indicators when fighting monsters. If you feel that your hero is not coping, then it is worth investing your accumulated resources in improving his characteristics.

8. Participate in events. The game has many events. Such as fighting bosses and passing special chests with gold. Try to participate in such events every day. Such battles provide a lot of resources that you will need to create new flesh or improve your hero.

9. Complete the main tasks while they are available. Quests are a great way to get diamonds for free and with little to no effort. All tasks are easy and consist of simple routine tasks that are completed as your hero’s strength increases and help you quickly get used to the game. For such tasks, rare diamonds are issued, which will be useful to you in further development.

10. Use potions. If you feel that your hero can successfully complete the dungeon, then you can help a little by using potions. While your hero is destroying monsters, his health is reduced, and he can also receive negative effects that greatly reduce his damage or other characteristics. For such cases in the game, there is a whole range of different potions that you can use in various situations.

11. Prepare for the dungeons. The game has three elements: fire, earth and water, these elements are present in your hero and the flesh used. Monsters have the same set of elements, some monsters are water, others are fire, and so on. For a successful passage, select parts of the flesh so that your elements correspond to the weaknesses of the monsters, so you will increase the damage done.

12. Use of autoclickers. If you want to simplify the gameplay of the game and cheat a little, then this is possible. There are third-party applications "Autoclickers" that allow you to set up clicks on the screen of a certain area in automatic mode. This is useful for launching dungeons automatically, without the participation of the player.

Hybrid Warrior: Beginner’s Guide

Plot. Your hero fought with the Lord of Darkness, for the last blow and for the use of a unique skill, he needed all his flesh. The hero’s flesh was gone and only bones remained. You have to collect parts of flesh from monsters and how to use the best parts of flesh as equipment that you can find in the dungeons as a real Frankenstein.

Dungeon. It is the main and most important activity in the game. In order for your hero to become stronger, he needs the best flesh and you can get it only by going through the floors of the dungeon. Moving up the floors, you will meet many different monsters and at the very end of the dungeon, a boss awaits you. The passage is passed in automatic mode, you can help your hero or just watch his battle.

Dungeon selection menu. Each passage of the dungeon has 10 floors. 9 of them are floors with ordinary monsters, and on the last floor a boss awaits you. In order to choose which dungeon you want to go through, click on the dungeon section. In the menu that opens, you will be shown the available dungeons, if you are new to the game, you will start the passage from the very first floor.

Remember that passing the lower floors that you have already completed gives you few resources in the form of coins and flesh. It’s best to go through the current available dungeon, even if you can’t complete it.

Automatic flesh transformation. For a later game, a feature is provided that allows you to disassemble things you don’t need automatically. There is a setting of your choice that selects flesh items based on the number of stars. If you think that you don’t need items with a certain number of stars, you can enable this feature.

After such a playthrough, in which you have chosen the function of automatic flesh dismantling, in addition to receiving coins, you will also receive resources from the dismantling of flesh that you received from monsters. This is very convenient and when using this function, you can not waste time manually parsing the resulting flesh items.

Remember that the automatic mode will dismantle any and all items of flesh that will be received and will correspond to the settings of the automatic dismantling function. If you understand that the necessary parts of the flesh may fall, then it is best not to use this function.

Dungeon interface. Upon entering the dungeon, your hero will immediately start an automatic battle against monsters. It will move on its own through the floors and deal damage. You can just watch the fight, but you can also help your hero in passing by clicking on the screen of the device. We will talk about this a little later.

Monster health. Displayed at the top of the dungeon game screen. The health of the monster is displayed in real time and when your hero is hit, the health is reduced by a certain amount, which depends on the damage of your hero. To kill a monster, the hero needs to lower the health bar to zero, after which the monster will be defeated and your hero will start the next battle.

Coins. The currency you get for killing monsters. For each monster killed, there is a reward in the form of coins, the more difficult the floors, the more coins you will receive. The coins received are displayed under the monster’s health bar, if you exit the dungeon, all the coins you received for the entire time of the passage will be lost.

Coins are dropped by the monster and can be collected automatically after a few seconds, but if you wish to collect them yourself, then it is possible. Just swipe on the part of the screen where the coins are visible and you will immediately collect them.

Monster buffs. Positive effects are displayed under the health bar, each such effect gives an increase to certain characteristics or elements. You can follow the various effects in real time.

Hero damage. You can track the damage of your hero, with each hit on the monster, damage numbers appear above it. The damage depends entirely on your hero’s upgrades, buffs, weapons used, and flesh equipped.

Damage per second. At the bottom of the game screen, the damage dealt by your hero per second is displayed. You can always observe changes, for example, when receiving positive or negative effects. This damage still depends on the upgrades of your hero and the equipment used in the form of flesh and weapons.

Monster damage. The monster’s damage to your hero is also displayed above the hero. You can watch how much damage the monster does to your hero. The damage depends on the monster element used and the difficulty of the floor. The higher the floors, the stronger the monsters and the damage to your hero increases significantly with each floor increase.

Negative monster effects. Under the monster model, negative effects that your hero could impose are displayed. Such effects benefit your hero by reducing damage against him or increasing damage against a monster, reducing defense, and so on. Getting negative effects from a monster depends entirely on the positive effects of your hero.

Hero health. The hero’s health bar is displayed at the bottom of the game screen. It is red and clearly visible, on it you will see how much health your hero has at the moment. When dealing damage to your hero, the scale will decrease. When receiving lethal damage, when your scale drops to zero, your hero will die.

Don’t worry, if you die during the dungeon, the game won’t end there. You will not lose anything from what you have received, all equipment and coins will remain with you. Death in the game is a mandatory part that many players go through, and you will go through this many times.

Positive hero effects. There are almost always positive effects on the hero, which can be obtained from your equipment, weapons, flesh, or from the glove’s assistant. Among the positive effects, there are various elemental damage reductions, luck that increases coin drops, exploiting various vulnerabilities, increasing damage, and so on.

Well-chosen buffs can make certain dungeons much easier to complete. Pay attention to the effects that your equipment gives you. You can independently combine flesh or weapon items to achieve a suitable set of effects.

There are various monsters in the game that can be vulnerable to one element or something else. Before you prepare for the passage of the current dungeon, we recommend that you start the passage simply to familiarize yourself and study the types of monsters and their vulnerabilities. So you can choose the strategy, the necessary potions, equip the right flesh and weapons to successfully defeat the boss.

Inventory. Your inventory in the dungeon is displayed at the bottom of the game screen. In the purse, which you will see on the left, items of the resulting flesh fall. When you get the flesh, it will show up in the bag.

Potions. On the passage of the dungeon, you can take three different types of potions with you. All potions give their positive effects. There are potions that restore health, remove negative effects, increase the speed of your hero, and so on. Well-chosen potions can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

We recommend that you use potions before the boss, so you’ll have full health and be able to deal with the boss. There are quite a lot of monsters, until you get to the boss, your health bar can be almost at zero, and this does not give you any chance when fighting the boss.

Jerk. An active skill that you can use on your own. Dash has a short cooldown and while using the skill, your hero breaks through monsters at high speed and destroys everything in his path with one hit. Using dash at the right moment is a great opportunity to get through monsters without taking any damage.

If the difficulty increases, and your hero is still a little weak and not really buffed, then the dash will be short. Such a dash is practically useless, since your hero will hit the next monster almost immediately. Therefore, do not forget to improve your hero, for strengthening, including a dash.

Using dash on bosses. When using a dash on a boss, it will take damage based on your hero’s strength, but will not be killed in one hit like all previous monsters. Using dash is a good way to deal more damage to the boss in a short amount of time, so you can use it as the skill cools down.

Unfortunately, the hero does not use the skill in automatic mode, so you must activate it yourself. Dash is a strong skill that helps you complete dungeons faster and more efficiently, and if you have time to complete a dungeon with a hero, then be sure to use this skill as often as possible.

Boss fight. After you complete 9 floors successfully, a boss will appear on your way. Bosses are complex monsters, with their own characteristics, vulnerabilities and positive effects. On the initial playthrough, you won’t notice much trouble in defeating the bosses, but in the later game, everything will change.

The higher you climb the floors in the dungeon, the more difficult the bosses will appear. Also, like all monsters in the game, the boss has its own element, on which your damage depends on it.

For some species, you need to build and use your own strategy, prepare certain equipment, use weapons and flesh that gives the best buffs.

Reward for partial completion. Even if you have not completed all the floors of the dungeon and have not killed the boss. You will be given a reward in the form of coins that you received for killing monsters. The reward depends on the difficulty of the dungeon and the number of monsters you have killed. You are guaranteed to receive coins regardless of the result of the passage.

You can increase your profits by watching a commercial. This is a good way to get triple coins if you don’t have much time to play. But if you have a lot of time in your supply, then you can not watch ads. All the same money you will receive in the game, passing the floors of the dungeon and killing monsters.

Complete completion reward. The reward for a complete playthrough is much higher, as you successfully killed the boss at the end and will receive improved rewards in the form of more coins and better flesh, good quality. Defeating the boss also opens up a new dungeon for you with the next floors.

If you need to exit the dungeon to the main menu of the game, you can do so. At the top of the game screen, the dungeon displays an exit door. We do not recommend that you leave the dungeon during the passage. Since you will lose all received items and coins. And this is an unnecessary and unnecessary waste of time.

Help the hero with a glove. Initially, Mr. Stump is a passive assistant who simply accompanies your hero and does nothing. But you are a player, you can help your hero inflict more damage on monsters, just click on the device screen in any convenient place, and the glove will deal damage, which depends on the rarity, characteristics and the glove used.

The more you click on the screen, the faster the glove will attack. The damage of the glove is marked in yellow so that you can understand how much damage the hero does and how much damage the glove does. Initially, the damage of the glove is small, but with the help of synthesis and improvement, you can increase damage, stats, and so on.

If you have time to play, and you notice that the hero has difficulty going through the floors. Then you can help him by clicking on the screen, so he will go further and get more coins as a reward.

Getting coins in AFK mode. During your absence, coins accumulate in the game without your participation. The game has a limit on the capacity of coins, so you need to periodically log into the game to collect profits. The higher the floor on which you kill monsters, the more coins you get during your absence.

When you receive coins, you can watch a commercial. When viewing ads, your profit increases up to three times. This is a good way to collect profits and increase them, completely free of charge.

Hybrid Warrior: How to get bonuses in battle?

Strengthening and bonuses. In the shop section, you can see four boosts or bonuses. Such bonuses will be useful to you in the passage of dungeons and bosses. Initially, your hero does not have bonuses, but you can purchase them for diamonds for a certain time.

Among the bonuses are:

Get an advertising bonus. Advertising is a good way to get bonuses. For watching one commercial, you get 10 minutes of your chosen bonus. In this way, you can always update the bonuses on your hero, completely free of charge.

We do not recommend that you purchase bonuses for diamonds, as the bonuses do not last long. Diamonds are a valuable currency, and buying this kind of bonus is almost a pointless investment of a valuable resource.

Bonus tracking. You can always keep track of bonuses and the time left until the end of bonuses on the panel in the dungeons. If the bonus is valid, it will light up with a colored icon and under it will be displayed the time during which the bonus is valid, as soon as the action ends, the bonus icon will turn gray again.

All bonuses are valid for exactly 10 minutes, regardless of what you do. Even if you do not go through the dungeon, the bonus counter decreases. You can renew bonuses once every 10 minutes, but you cannot renew a bonus if it has not expired yet, so you should carefully monitor the duration of bonuses before going to the dungeon.

We recommend that you try to start the dungeon with all the bonuses at the beginning of receiving them, so you can be sure that the bonuses will not end in the middle of the battle at the most inopportune moment.

Hybrid Warrior: Tips for Increasing Your Hero’s Power

Hero options. If you click on the hero, which is located on the main game screen in a green flask, the "About the hero" menu will open, in which you can see all the characteristics of the hero and belonging to the elements. You have access to such parameters as: attack, general health, defense, critical strike chance, critical damage and attack speed of your hero.

hybrid counter. This is a kind of statistics, which displays how many parts of the flesh of a certain element are worn on the hero. For example, you can equip the flesh of a monster that is made of water, then the counter scale will indicate that the hero is 80% water, and so on. The elements can determine whether your battle will be successful in the current equipment or not.

Elements. In total, the game has three main elements, these are water, fire and earth. Since there are many monsters in the game that have different types of elements, it is necessary to adjust the counter in such a way as to cause approximately the same damage to all elements. If you meet a monster with a water element, and you have 80% water on the counter, then the damage to such a monster will be minimal, but to a monster that consists of fire, it will be maximum.

Flesh. It is an analogue of equipment from other games, just instead of armor, your hero puts on flesh and becomes a kind of Frankenstein. You can harvest the same flesh from a single monster, or combine flesh from different monsters for good buffs.

Flesh cells. In total in the game, you can use six types of flesh as equipment. These are the left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg, head and body. Different parts of the flesh have five types of rarity. From the lowest quality to the highest quality, the characteristics of the flesh increase. Also, a set of various flesh items gives you buffs that are displayed under your equipped items.

Flesh items:

An interesting feature of the game is that not necessarily a rare item of flesh is better in terms of characteristics than a regular one, and so on. It also happens that the level of your equipped item of rare quality is significantly lower than the item that you just received of uncommon quality, and it turns out to be significantly better in terms of characteristics.

Flesh equipment. In order to put on an item of flesh, select the desired one from the available options and click on the "Put on" icon. Done, your item of equipment is put on the hero. When you have a lot of different flesh, you can get a little confused about the items. For this case, the game has provided a hint system. If the item you have in your inventory is better than the flesh you are wearing, then a green up arrow will be marked on the item.

characteristics of the flesh. By clicking on the item of flesh, you can always view the characteristics and choose the appropriate option, according to the parameters. The first thing you can see is the name of the item itself, its quality, the level of the item, the increase in strength and health. Also, positive effects are displayed in the right corner, which can help you cope with certain types of monsters and strengthen your hero.

As a rule, items of common and uncommon quality have almost no positive effects in the game or have a minimal set. More valuable flesh items (rare, epic and legendary) contain a set of good effects. We recommend paying attention to buffs, even if the flesh item is inferior in quality to yours.

The level of the flesh item. Each piece of flesh you receive has its own level. It is equivalent to your progress through the dungeons and the higher you go through the floors of the dungeon, the higher the level of the items of flesh you drop. The level of an item affects its characteristics and positive effects. Therefore, an item of flesh of a higher level obtained will be significantly better than your item of flesh of the same quality.

Obtaining flesh items. Flesh items can be obtained as a reward when passing the floors of the dungeon and after killing monsters. Also with a certain probability after killing the boss at the end of the dungeon. You can also create flesh from the available options for monsters, about which you have collected enough information.

Hero upgrade. The two main parameters of the hero can be improved by you for coins. Attack and health are important parameters in the game, since the hero’s damage to monsters depends on the attack, and the hero’s survival on the battlefield depends on health.

In order to invest coins in improving the hero, you must select the desired parameter and click on the icon. The upgrade icon displays the cost of raising the level of the parameter. Each level up is more expensive than the previous one. We recommend that you invest coins in turn so that the two parameters are the same.

It is best to invest coins immediately at level 10 of parameter improvement, so you will spend less coins. A kind of discount for upgrading works on X10 and X100, but X100 is quite expensive to upgrade and in order to accumulate so many coins it will take time for you to improve nothing, and this is a huge loss in progress. But X10 is the most suitable improvement for the parameters.

Upgrading a hero for diamonds. Also in the improvements section there are two options. The same as for coins, this is attack and health. The only difference between these upgrades is that they are upgraded only for diamonds and have their own upgrade levels, which are summed up with upgrades for coins.

We do not recommend that you invest diamonds in improving the levels of parameters, since the usual improvements for coins are enough in the game, and you will not feel the difference. It is best to invest in the form of diamonds in the acquisition of weapons, since diamonds are rare and valuable.

In general, your hero buff consists of properly selected flesh items that can give you the best buffs and an upgrade of the hero itself that increases basic stats. If you devote enough time to these two activities, then the power of your hero will grow.

Making items of flesh. In order to craft items, you will need resources and knowledge about the monster you are going to craft parts of. The crafting menu is a list of all the resources that you currently have and recipes for crafting parts of various monsters.

When choosing a particular manufacture, a certain amount of resources will be required. Upon successful crafting, you can receive one piece of flesh. It can be an arm, a leg, a head, and so on. Also, with a certain probability, an item can turn out to be of different quality, from ordinary to legendary.

Journal of Research. In order to craft a specific monster’s flesh item, you’ll need to fully research that monster. You can follow the research in your journal, which displays all the monsters in detail. Closed monsters are displayed but inactive, while open monsters are active and their body parts can be crafted.

If the monster is open, then its cell is colored, and if it is closed, then it is dark. In order to open a monster, you need to get some of its flesh and disassemble it for resources, after that, a research percentage will appear under the monster’s cell. You need to gain 100% research and only after that the creation of parts of this monster will open.

Analysis of flesh objects. Unnecessary parts of the flesh you have obtained can be dismantled, while obtaining useful resources. Dismantling allows you to study the parts of the monsters that you have dismantled and get resources to create new parts of the flesh. Therefore, if you have accumulated a lot of unnecessary flesh, be sure to disassemble it for resources.

In the flesh item scrapping menu, you can adjust the sorting of items if you have accumulated a lot of unnecessary ones. You can sort items by class and level. Also, for convenience, you can select all items at once by clicking on the "Select All" icon. Don’t worry about your equipped flesh parts, they will be intact during the disassembly.

Hybrid Warrior: Everything you need to know about the hero’s weapons and equipment

Equipment. Among the equipment used are the main weapon, shield, ring and necklace. Just like flesh, equipment can be of different quality, namely: common, uncommon, rare, epic and legendary. Rarity determines equipment characteristics, damage, and buffs. The lowest quality gives the lowest stats, while the highest quality gives the best stats to your hero.

If you have received a new type of equipment that is better than your item on the hero, then the item will be displayed with a red dot in the inventory of the "Equipment" section. It’s a handy system that helps you navigate all of your gear and pick the best quality items for your hero.

Equipment items help your hero to destroy monsters faster and more efficiently. You may notice that flesh items can be obtained from monsters, and equipment items are only obtained from certain chests.

Receiving items of equipment. You need to constantly change your items for better quality equipment by getting them from chests in the lottery. In the "Shop" section, you are offered a choice of four chests that differ in items. In the first chest you can find a weapon, in the second a shield, in the third a ring, and in the last a necklace.

standard lottery. It is the main way to get equipment items for free. You are offered a choice of four types of chests in which the items are located, and since this is a lottery, you can win items of different types and qualities.

To participate in the lottery, you need to watch one commercial when choosing a chest with equipment. After the item is received, the counter will start for one hour, during this time you will not be able to advertise and receive the item from this chest.

Such a system applies to all chests in the lottery, in one hour you can watch an advertisement to receive four chests and for each, its own timer will start. After the expiration of this time, you will be able to view ads again, and you will be able to get other items of equipment.

Odds of winning in the standard lottery. All items from chests can be of different quality, ranging from common to rare. The standard chances of getting a common item are 60%, uncommon 30%, and rare 10%. Obtaining items of equipment higher than rare is not possible in this lottery.

Premium Lottery. This lottery offers good quality and best quality item chests. You cannot get items for free in this lottery, but you can use diamonds. Item quality starts at Rare, goes up to Epic and Legendary.

To purchase an item from the chests, you need to give 300 units of diamonds, for one purchase. It’s quite expensive, but this lottery is guaranteed to give you one item of rare quality or even better.

You can purchase chests with equipment without any restrictions for diamonds, provided that you have enough of them in your account. There is no purchase timer, so you can purchase multiple items.

Chances of winning in the premium lottery. Since items below rare quality don’t drop from chests, drop chances start at 75% rare, 20% epic, and 5% legendary. The chances do not change depending on the number of purchases and are constant, getting a good quality item depends only on your own luck.

We recommend that you spend your accumulated diamonds on the purchase of equipment items from the premium lottery. You cannot get items higher than rare quality in the standard lottery, so the only way to get them is through the premium lottery, for diamonds.

Improvement of equipment items. Item upgrades are available in the game, for the currency that you can get from dismantled items of equipment. Improving items increases its characteristics and makes it possible to unlock new positive effects that the hero receives during the battle with monsters.

Upon reaching a certain level of improvement, your piece of equipment will receive a positive effect. One item can have up to four buffs. They open during the improvement at levels 3, 6, 9 and 12.

If you have already upgraded your item of equipment, then when you disassemble this item, you will receive all the resources that you spent on upgrading it back. Therefore, when receiving a new item, do not be afraid to use it. Dismantle your old piece of equipment and upgrade your new item.

Gain chances. The first upgrade of a piece of equipment always has a 100% chance, and subsequent upgrades reduce the chance by a percentage. If the enhancement is successful, your item of equipment increases the characteristics and increases the level of enhancement, and if you do not successfully improve the equipment, then all the resources that you spent will be lost and the level of enhancement will not change.

The item itself will not disappear or break, so do not be afraid to improve equipment items. Of course, you can lose your resources, but a successful upgrade gives your hero a boost to his stats.

We recommend that you do not upgrade normal quality items, as such items do not have good stats from the very beginning. Upgrading such items is not worth the effort and resources that you can lose if the upgrade fails. It is best to invest your resources in items of uncommon quality or higher.

Parsing items. You can always dismantle equipment for resources that will be useful to you to improve good items. You can analyze one item, several or all available at once. The equipment that your hero is using will not be affected by the disassembly if they are using it.

If a piece of equipment is not worn by your hero, but you know that you might need it to fight a certain boss or monsters, then you can exclude it from the parsing list. To do this, select the desired item in your inventory and click on the "Heart" icon, so you add the item to your favorites.

Equipment journal. An equipment log is available in the game, in it you can see all the items received earlier and items that you have not received yet. Available equipment is displayed with a colored icon, and non-discovery items are displayed as shadowed items. By clicking on such an item, you can learn its name and rarity.

This table shows all the weapons that are currently in the game. You can also find out how many stars a weapon has and its rarity.

The name of the weapon and its type.The rarity of the item.
Durable tree branch.Has one star and is a common piece of equipment.
Carved club.Has one star and is a common piece of equipment.
Spiked club.Has one star and is a common piece of equipment.
Blood club.Has one star and is a common piece of equipment.
Rusty, copper axe.It has two stars and is an unusual piece of equipment.
Broken, legendary, copper sword.It has two stars and is an unusual piece of equipment.
Heavy mace.It has two stars and is an unusual piece of equipment.
Battle ax.It has two stars and is an unusual piece of equipment.
Sword of Heroes.It has three stars and is a rare piece of equipment.
Mace Evening star.It has three stars and is a rare piece of equipment.
Ogre Double Axe.It has three stars and is a rare piece of equipment.
Ax Mjolnir.It has three stars and is a rare piece of equipment.
Anvil hammer.It has four stars and is an epic piece of equipment.
Hammer Neko.It has four stars and is an epic piece of equipment.
Blue club.It has four stars and is an epic piece of equipment.
Giant Cutter.It has four stars and is an epic piece of equipment.
Possessed Sword.It has five stars and is a legendary piece of equipment.
The masked rider’s lightsaber.It has five stars and is a legendary piece of equipment.
Saber of dark power.It has five stars and is a legendary piece of equipment.
Sword of the Archangel.It has five stars and is a legendary piece of equipment.
Shotgun.It has four stars and is an epic piece of equipment.

This table displays all types of shields in the game. You can also find out how many stars the shield has and its rarity.

The name of the shield.Stars and rarity.
Wooden plank.Has one star and is a common item.
Improved wooden board.Has one star and is a common item.
Wooden shield.Has one star and is a common item.
Durable protection.Has one star and is a common item.
Round shield.It has two stars and is an unusual item.
Ogre shield.It has two stars and is an unusual item.
Round shield.It has two stars and is an unusual item.
Templar Protector.It has two stars and is an unusual item.
Big shield.It has three stars and is a rare item.
Defender of the dead.It has three stars and is a rare item.
Tiamet.It has three stars and is a rare item.
Ancient door.It has three stars and is a rare item.
Magic royal shield.Has four stars and is an epic item.
Holy Aegis.Has four stars and is an epic item.
Defender of Justice.Has four stars and is an epic item.
Laser Shield.Has four stars and is an epic item.
Ancient key.It has five stars and is a legendary item.
Leader mask.It has five stars and is a legendary item.
Gatekeeper’s Shield.It has five stars and is a legendary item.
Defender of the golden light.It has five stars and is a legendary item.

This table displays all the rings in the game that can be obtained at the moment. From the table you can find out the name of the ring, the number of stars and its rarity.

Name of the ring.Stars and rarity.
Jujube wood ring.It has one star and is an ordinary ring.
Bone ring.It has one star and is an ordinary ring.
Copper ring.Has two stars and is an unusual ring.
Lapis-lapis lazuli ring.Has two stars and is an unusual ring.
Gold ring.Has two stars and is an unusual ring.
Beryl ring.It has three stars and is a rare ring.
Ring with amethyst.It has three stars and is a rare ring.
Ruby ring.It has three stars and is a rare ring.
Siren eye.It has three stars and is a rare ring.
The eye of a salamander.It has three stars and is a rare ring.
Oath of the Flame.Has four stars and is an epic ring.
Earth oath.Has four stars and is an epic ring.
Oath of the Tide.Has four stars and is an epic ring.
Ring of the gatekeeper.Has four stars and is an epic ring.
Protector’s Ring.Has four stars and is an epic ring.
Wizard Ring.It has five stars and is a legendary ring.
Ring of the great dark wizard.It has five stars and is a legendary ring.
Ring of Poseidon.It has five stars and is a legendary ring.
Earth’s wrath.It has five stars and is a legendary ring.

This table displays all the necklaces in the game that can be obtained at the moment. You can also find out the name of the necklace, its rarity and the number of stars.

Name.Stars and rarity.
Fang necklace.Has one star and is a regular necklace.
Totem necklace.Has one star and is a regular necklace.
Emerald necklace.It has two stars and is an unusual necklace.
Topaz necklace.It has two stars and is an unusual necklace.
Sapphire necklace.It has two stars and is an unusual necklace.
Shaman bone.Has three stars and is a rare necklace.
Bone of the dark shaman.Has three stars and is a rare necklace.
Round ocean necklace.Has three stars and is a rare necklace.
round necklaceHas three stars and is a rare necklace.
Gatekeeper’s necklace.Has four stars and is an epic necklace.
Protector’s necklace.Has four stars and is an epic necklace.
A fruit of magical power.Has four stars and is an epic necklace.
Fruit of the world tree.Has four stars and is an epic necklace.
The eye of an ancient spirit.Has four stars and is an epic necklace.
The eye of the fiery spirit.Has four stars and is an epic necklace.
Royal jaw necklace.It has five stars and is a legendary necklace.
Great Demon Necklace.It has five stars and is a legendary necklace.
Void Necklace.It has five stars and is a legendary necklace.
Flame necklace.It has five stars and is a legendary necklace.
Tears of God.It has five stars and is a legendary necklace.

Hybrid Warrior: How to make potions and why are they needed?

Potion. They are indispensable helpers in the battle against monsters. Your hero cannot use the potion on his own, only you can use the potion. Potions come in different types, some restore health, increase damage, cleanse received unpleasant effects, and so on. Each potion can be useful in battle and can even change the course of the battle in favor of your hero.

Making a potion. You cannot buy potions, but you can create them yourself in the "Production" section. To make one type of potion, you need various kinds of resources that are obtained by parsing the flesh of monsters of various types of elements. For example, Essences of fire are extracted from a fire monster, Essences of water are extracted from a water monster, and so on.

Potion bag. The game has a limit on the storage of potions. This restriction applies to all types of potions, since potions do not sum up, but simply occupy a cell in the bag. In total, 30 slots are available to you in the potion bag, so think about which potions are important to you and you should always have them in stock.

Potion Resource Backpack. The backpack has no restrictions on the storage of resources, so you do not have to worry about the space in the backpack. It stores all the resources in the game, such as: essences, keys to the dungeons, various tickets and the like. Therefore, you can always look into your backpack and see your resource reserves in one place.

We recommend that you always have a certain amount of potions with you for various purposes, namely potions of healing and purification. The healing potion gives you the opportunity to restore health to your hero, right during the passage of the dungeon, and the cleansing potion gives you the opportunity to get rid of the negative effect that was imposed on your hero.

Hybrid Warrior: Secrets of Dr. Stumps

Glove. Your hero’s assistant Dr. Stump has its own section. In which you can view all the gloves available to you, improve gloves and synthesize new ones. If you actively use the ability of the glove and click on the screen, then you need to improve it to increase the damage from clicks.

Glove upgrade. You can upgrade your glove with a special currency in the form of a skein of thread. Skeins of thread are a rare resource obtained with a small chance after parsing any type of flesh. Such an improvement gives a bonus to your hero’s damage by a certain percentage. It also grants a bonus to damage from the glove itself when you click on the screen.

When upgrading a glove, several improvements are available to you at once if you have enough resources in the form of threads and coins. Multi-level improvement makes it possible to do this quickly and without spending too much time.

When improved to a certain level, it is possible to perform synthesis, after synthesis your glove receives an additional star and changes its quality of the item. For example, your glove was an ordinary glove, after five upgrades and synthesis it received an additional star and the quality of an unusual glove. So you will improve the quality of the glove by moving from one glove to another.

Information. To view the current glove, you need to select it from the available ones in the list. When you click on the desired glove, a menu opens in which all information about the glove is available to you: name, characteristics, hero damage and projectile damage when you click on the screen.

If you don’t use a gauntlet, but use the glove’s auto-attack bonuses, then we recommend upgrading it as well. The improvement gives an increase to the damage of the hero and the projectile of the glove and makes it possible to go through dungeons and kill monsters much faster and more efficiently.

The quality of the gloves. All gloves, as well as equipment, have different types of quality, which are indicated by different color frames. Gloves can be: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. The characteristics of the glove and the additional bonuses that the glove can give to your hero depend on the quality.

Chest of gloves. You can purchase a chest of gloves for 100 diamonds, this is a good way to get a glove of higher than normal quality with a certain probability. Also, upon obtaining such a glove, you can continue to synthesize and improve the quality already above normal. For example, if you obtained a rare glove from a chest, then your synthesis will continue from a rare quality, and you can independently increase the quality above rare, namely epic and legendary.

Hybrid Warrior: Tips for Completing Quests and Achievements

Main tasks. On the main game screen, you can see the current objective of the task. Among the tasks can be making a potion, flesh, dismantling equipment, passing certain events or dungeons, and so on. You will learn almost all the functions in the game with the help of such tasks, they help you quickly get used to the game and get valuable diamonds as a reward.

We recommend that you go through the main tasks first, as they accompany you throughout the development. Main quests give you initial capital in the form of diamonds, which you will need to purchase equipment or chests with gloves.

Daily tasks. The game has daily tasks that are updated every day, regardless of completion. There are a total of eight daily quests in the game. In the table below, we have displayed all the tasks, the objectives of the tasks and the reward.

Daily quest.Completion reward.
Get new equipment 1 time, for watching ads or for diamonds.7 diamonds.
Try to brew any potion 2 times.7 diamonds.
Convert waste flesh into resources 10 times.7 diamonds.
Increase the hero’s attack 3 times.5 damage amplification bonuses.
Increase the hero’s health 3 times.5 bonuses to increase the number of mined coins.
Start a fight.2 tickets.
Upgrade your equipment. To get upgrade stones, dismantle the weapon.7 diamonds.
Complete all daily quests.15 diamonds.
We recommend that you complete all of the daily tasks listed, as many of them give diamonds and various bonuses. Diamonds will be useful to you for purchasing equipment, and the bonuses you receive will be useful to you in passing dungeons a little more efficiently.

Achievements. The game has achievements for completing which you will receive rewards in the form of diamonds, resources and other useful items. Achievements are completed quickly, as many of them have goals that require the player to engage in routine tasks.

In the table below, we have displayed all the achievements in the game that you can get and the rewards for completing them. Also, achievements have their own levels, which change. For example, you have completed a certain achievement and after that, the same achievement is available to you, so we will display the number of goals required to complete the achievement as the number X, since the number of goals can change, but the main task in the achievement does not.

Achievement.Completion reward.
Get to the new point 2 times.10 diamonds.
Increase the level of all used flesh X times.10 diamonds.
Get Dr. Stump’s new glove 1 time.10 diamonds.
Transform enough flesh to increase the number of monsters produced by 2x.10 diamonds.
Kill X monsters.10 diamonds.
Craft new flesh X times.10 diamonds.
Brew the potion X times.10 diamonds.

Hybrid Warrior: What special events are there in the game?

Fight with other heroes. An event is available in the game that allows you to measure strength with other players’ heroes. The mode opens after the hero reaches a certain floor. The main goal of the PVP mode is to fight your hero with the hero of another player and defeat him. After winning, you will increase your rank and get a certain number of medals.

Before the start of the battle, you are offered a choice of several heroes of other players who, in terms of strength and rank, can be stronger than your hero and vice versa. It is best to target heroes that are weaker than you or one that is on par with your hero in strength.

If your hero’s target is heroes that are superior to the hero’s power, then you can pick anyone and lose. Of course, you will lower your rank a little, but you will see a different list of targets, among which there may be weak heroes.

The battle takes place in automatic mode, and you cannot help your hero with a glove. But you can still use the potions that are available in the combat inventory. Also, as in a normal battle, you can watch the health bar of your enemy and your hero.

Number of attempts. You have a limit on attempts to fight other heroes. The restriction works all the time, you can make 5 fights at once, but 1 attempt unit will be restored only after 60 minutes. When it is restored, you can use the attempt.

Rank. Hero rank does not carry any buffs or rewards, but can be a source of pride. If you successfully defeat the heroes of other players, then you move up the ranking table and your achievements in battles are available for viewing by other players.

Floor rank. Upon reaching a certain floor, your hero will open a section of ranks and the best heroes in the game. In the ranks section, you can look at the most active players and the number of floors your hero has completed. Every 30 minutes, the hero lists are updated, so the game always reflects the latest achievements of the players.

Dungeon with chests. One of the constant events in the game is the dungeon with chests that contain a lot of gold. Such a victory will bring you a reward in the form of coins, which you can use to develop your hero or Dr. Stump. The game has 4 different chests, which are designed for different strengths of your hero. The very first chest is the easiest to go through, and the last one is the hardest.

To participate in such a dungeon, you will need keys to enter. You always have three keys, participating in one dungeon consumes one key, the cooldown of which is 8 hours. Cooldown time goes on even when you are away from the game.

You need to destroy the chest within the allotted time, if you successfully destroy the chest before the expiration of this time, you will receive a bonus to the reward. The faster you cope with the destruction, the more you get bonuses to coins.

Boss fight. Separate events are battles with various bosses in the game, in which you only need to destroy the boss. On a certain floor, you have access to battles with certain bosses that have different elements.

There are three types of boss battles in total:

The game tells you what element the boss is using. Therefore, try to prepare for battle and use the flesh that gives positive effects when fighting with a certain element.

Boss map. On the map you can see 5 battles that you have to go through. As a reward for each passage, you can get a lot of useful resources that will be useful to you for making flesh or a potion.

Even if you can’t get past all the bosses in a section, don’t be discouraged. Be sure to try to destroy those that are not difficult to kill, so you will receive a good reward in the form of resources.

Boss battle attempts are updated every three and a half hours, after this time has elapsed, you can challenge the boss again and receive rewards. Thus, several times a day, you can fight the bosses if you periodically log into the game and participate in the event.

Hybrid Warrior: Game Screen

Game screen. At the top of the game screen, the three main currencies in the game are displayed, which are used for various purposes. In-game achievements, research and daily quests are displayed below, then a shop where you can purchase items for real money.

There are also rewards for certain achievements in the game and your game backpack to store all the collected resources. The right side displays the rank of your hero, a magazine with all the items that are in the game and the settings icon for a comfortable game.

In the middle of your game screen, your hero name is displayed, which you can change to whatever you want, and the floor of the dungeon you are on is displayed. The bottom of the game screen displays sections such as: hero, equipment, potion, Dr. Stump, special events, and the main dungeon tab.

Game settings. In the upper right corner there is a "Gear" icon, when you click on it, a menu of all settings in the game opens. You can turn off all sounds in the game or make them quieter by moving the settings slider. There are also several separate pages on social networks, where you can find information of interest, the latest news and discuss moments in the game with other players.

In the game settings, a section of games from the developer is available, when you click on the section, a menu of all games opens. If you are interested in a game from the list, then click on the game and you will immediately be transferred to the page of its download and description. If you like the game, then from the settings menu you can proceed to rate the game and leave a review if necessary.

Contacting support. During the game, if you notice errors that prevent you from playing or leave an unpleasant impression, then be sure to contact the game developers through the support menu. This way you can improve the game and convey information to the creators so that they can fix bugs in future updates.

Coupons. There are coupons in the settings section. Coupons can be found on social media pages during events. Coupons look like a set of codes that you have to enter yourself. Coupons may include diamonds, resources, or other useful bonuses.

We recommend that you be sure to subscribe to the pages of the game in the social networks presented, so you can always track the appearance of codes. The codes give useful items and bonuses that will be useful to you for the development of the hero.

Login with Google. If you log into your account, you can save all your progress to the cloud. So your progress will not be lost, and you can always continue the game, even if you uninstalled it at some time and installed it again.

Notifications. The game has many events that you can participate in after a limited amount of time. Turning on notifications will always help you find out what events you can play in the game again.

Hybrid Warrior: Everything about the currency in the game

Coins. Coins are the main currency in the game. Your hero gets them after killing monsters and bosses, also when participating in various events. For most features in the game, you will need coins. For example, to improve the hero and Dr. Stump.

Diamonds. They are a donation currency, which is purchased for real money in the shop section. You can also get diamonds for free, for completing main tasks, daily tasks or achievements. If you actively play and complete all the tasks presented, you can easily accumulate diamonds little by little.

For diamonds, the most important things in the game of good quality are purchased, namely weapons and equipment. Therefore, the main spending of diamonds is occupied by these sections of the game, and the acquisition of a new Doctor Stump is also important for players who actively help their hero during the passage of dungeons, and a new glove is also purchased for diamonds.

Runes of improvement. Currency for upgrading your equipment. An important and rare currency that is needed to increase the power and strength of your hero in the game. It is obtained only when parsing equipment items for resources.

Hybrid Warrior: Donator Guide

Shop. The donor currency, which the player will constantly miss in the game, are diamonds. Good items in the game are sold exclusively for diamonds, and their accumulation takes time. Especially for players who do not want to wait there is a shop. In it, you can purchase separately diamonds, various sets and offers from developers if you wish.

Diamonds. You can buy diamonds in the following quantities: 300, 550, 1200, 3900, 7000, 15000 units. The price in real terms depends on the number of purchased diamonds. The more diamonds you buy, the higher the price.

In the shop section, a few diamonds are available to you every day for free. To get it, you need to watch a short promotional video. We recommend that you collect diamonds every day, as this makes it possible to get a rare resource for free and without much effort.

Packages. The most advantageous offers in the shop are packages. Each package includes not only diamonds, but also useful bonuses. If you want to invest real money in the game, then packages are the best and affordable investment.

Sets that are available in the shop:

Hybrid Warrior: Is it worth playing?

Hybrid Warrior: Overlord is an excellent role-playing game with an unusual and interesting storyline. The game has nice hand-drawn graphics, it is not demanding on your device and does not heat it up. Good music in the game helps to feel the atmosphere, which is gloomy and even sad. Hybrid Warrior gives the player the ability to fight monsters and collect flesh from them to use as equipment, this idea is fun and interesting, it will not leave anyone indifferent and will appeal to players who wish to create their own Frankenstein.

Hybrid Warrior: Overlord is an excellent role-playing game with an unusual and interesting storyline. The game has nice hand-drawn graphics, it is not demanding on your device and does not heat it up. Good music in the game helps to feel the atmosphere, which is gloomy and even sad. Hybrid Warrior gives the player the ability to fight monsters and harvest their flesh, which can be used as equipment. Such an idea is funny and interesting, it will not leave anyone indifferent. The game will appeal to those who wish to create their own Frankenstein.

Here are the pros of the game:

Here are the cons of the game:

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