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Idle Berserker WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

Idle Berserker is an action RPG from CookApps. Make a contract with the devil himself and become a berserker to save your friend from the terrible and powerful black dragon. Develop your hero, fight various monsters and pass tests to obtain valuable resources. Team up with other players, take part in events and fight countless battles for the right to be called the best berserker.


  1. CD key (Codes)
  2. Tips from experienced players
  3. Guide for Beginners
  4. All about hero development
  5. How to get good equipment?
  6. Is it worth investing resources into skill development?
  7. All about additional ways to strengthen the hero
  8. How to advance on the map?
  9. Dungeon Tips
  10. How to pass the tests?
  11. Is it worth joining a clan?
  12. What tasks to complete?
  13. All ways to get resources
  14. Guide for Donators

Idle Berserker: CD key (Codes)

What is a CD key? A promotional code is a special combination of letters and numbers that allows the player to receive some bonuses. Players who have secret combinations become serious and inaccessible opponents. WiseGeek will tell you how to gain this valuable advantage.

What’s the benefit? The most important thing for the rapid development of a hero is the availability of the necessary resources. Using gift codes allows the player to receive valuable resources absolutely free. They will help you improve your combat characteristics, get powerful weapons and equipment, and develop your hero’s skills to the maximum.

How to get the code? The main way to obtain a CD key is to follow game news on social networks. Subscribe to official communities and wait for secret combinations to appear to win prizes. Communicate with allies and exchange valuable information. The following promotional codes are currently valid:

Please note that each promotional code can only be used once. Be careful when entering the combination and get your reward before the code expires.

How to apply the code? Open the menu in the upper right corner and go to Settings. Use the coupon entry function and enter a special combination in the field that opens. Apply the code and pick up your gift in a letter sent to your in-game mail.

Idle Berserker: Tips from experienced players

1. Choose a server. If your goal is not just to play Idle Berserker, but to become one of the best, then start the game on a new server. On new servers there is less competition among players and everyone has an equal chance to develop a strong hero and occupy the first lines of the ratings. When playing on an old server, you lose precious time during the first stage of development, and it will be very difficult to catch up with other players without donating.

2. Study the game. The game has a varied leveling system, many activities and ways to strengthen the hero. It is important to understand the features of the game and use all the opportunities provided. Carefully read the information about new activities, study the rules and get the most out of the development of your hero.

3. Actively develop yourself. The key indicator for passing most tests is the strength of the berserker. Use resources to develop this indicator first. Also develop a critical damage bonus and damage from the hero’s skills. Don’t forget about equipping your hero and using additional enhancements, such as berserker skins, weapon development bonuses, and skill collections.

4. Take an oath. Every day you can take blood oaths, which will increase the damage and health of the hero, as well as increase the amount of gold and experience received. The oath is valid for 30 minutes of real game time. The more often you use the oath, the higher the bonus it gives you. Increase the level of the oath and use the opportunity to strengthen the hero before the boss battle.

5. Complete tasks. Resources are necessary to develop the hero and upgrade his combat characteristics and skills. Complete as many tasks as possible every day and earn diamonds to create equipment and skills. Get more keys to complete tests and earn valuable resources. Keep an eye out for temporary events that provide additional opportunities to earn in-game currency. Log into the game in the morning, check out the current tasks and evaluate your capabilities to do the most.

6. Look for allies. You can become the strongest warrior, but without the support of other players it will be more difficult for you to get to the TOP. Joining a strong clan opens up opportunities to participate in new game events, receive additional bonuses and enhance combat characteristics, as well as exchange experience with allies.

7. Use automatic mode. Idle Berserker provides a function for conducting automatic combat and using the hero’s skills. Activate this feature and don’t worry about your hero losing the battle. Complete tasks, switch activities and earn resources to increase your level, the berserker will independently cope with all opponents.

Idle Berserker: Guide for Beginners

Get familiar with the interface. The main screen of the game displays a hero fighting monsters in one of the chaos territories. At the top of the screen information about the game profile, the current level of territories and the amount of resources earned is displayed. At the bottom there are buttons for going to the main game sections and information about the hero’s skills is displayed. On the left is information about the current story mission, on the left are buttons for moving to additional sections of the game and information about temporary events.

Register an account. Before starting the game, be sure to indicate your nickname and activate your account using one of the available methods. Authorizing your game profile allows you to make purchases safely and not worry about losing information about your current game progress and hero development level. To change the account registration method, go to the game settings section.

Set up the game. Click the menu button in the top right corner, then the gear icon to configure the game. Adjust the playback of music, sounds and display of damage done. You can also customize the game animation and determine what effects should be displayed during the battle. Set up to receive notifications from the game to always be aware of events.

You cannot change the language in the game settings. To change the language support, first select the desired language on the loading screen.

Use sleep mode. To save battery power on your gaming device, use the sleep mode function. Open the game menu and click on the battery icon. The Berserker continues to fight, but there is no animation playing on the screen, which allows you to save charge on your gaming device. To wake up from sleep mode, swipe your finger across the screen at the indicated location.

Keep an eye on the rating. The system keeps records of the achievements of all players, the data is updated every 5 minutes. Check out the leaderboard to find strong allies and learn from them. The player rating is based on several indicators at once:

Check your email. Check and read the letters that come to your in-game mail every day. Here you can get information about a secret promotional code, the start of a unique game event, or pick up a reward after the end of a seasonal competition. Developers like to give surprises to their users and sometimes send emails with free diamonds.

To save time, use the "Get All" feature to automatically collect all rewards from emails.

Complete the newbie quests. For new users, there is an excellent temporary event that allows you to earn a lot of diamonds to summon equipment and skills, as well as get a unique berserker skin with powerful enhancements. Within 7 days, lists of tasks with quests for beginners will open; 14 days are allotted for completing all tasks. Each completed task brings points that fill the scale for receiving valuable rewards:

Task list:

Idle Berserker: All about hero development

Level up. Fight monsters on the main map and earn experience points to increase your berserker level. A high level allows you to increase the general combat characteristics of the hero and gain access to new game activities and improvements. As an additional way to gain experience points, use the Quick Battle feature.

Train a berserker. Open the training section and use gold coins to improve the hero’s combat characteristics. At the initial stage of development, improvements in attack, health, critical damage and the probability of inflicting it are available. After awakening to class A, the development of vampirism is available, increasing damage from attacks with light, darkness and nature. After awakening to class S - improvement of the decisive blow, to class SR - increase in damage from the decisive blow.

Improve your skills. Complete tasks and earn mastery points to further strengthen your berserker. Distribute points between the berserker characteristics available for improvement. If you want to redistribute all points in a different way, use additional slots 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. The following characteristics are available for development:

Characteristics have different values ​​and the cost of improvement, so be responsible in allocating resources and improving the berserker.

Awaken the hero. The hero is initially class D, you can upgrade him to SSR class. Use rubies mined in the lands of dragons to improve your awakening rates. When each characteristic reaches level 50, the ability to awaken is activated. Fight a strong boss, prove your superiority and move to the next level. Not only will you improve the basic characteristics of the berserker, but you will also open slots for placing awakening indicators, which will provide additional reinforcement.

Improve your runes. In the process of development, the hero will receive 7 runes, one of which is the main one, and 6 additional ones that are responsible for certain areas of pumping the berserker. Fight bosses in ancient ruins and earn materials to enhance runes. Each rune corresponds to a specific material, so there is no need to think about the distribution of resources. When all runes reach level 100, the class of the main rune will increase and the hero will receive significant improvements.

Types of runes:

Use stones. The stones allow the berserker to use elemental skills that vary depending on the shape of the stone. The color of the stone affects the element that will be applied: light, darkness or nature. Strengthen stones to get more powerful effects; every 5th level you need to carry out a special strengthening, which is not always possible to get from 1 time. To get new stones and stone dust for pumping, pass tests with elements.

Each element has its own strengths and weaknesses. Select elements and change combinations so that you can easily defeat strong opponents.

Idle Berserker: How to get good equipment?

Equipment are special items that the hero takes with him on the journey to improve his combat characteristics. The main equipment of the hero is weapons, rings and gloves. Later in the development process you will gain access to enhancing amulets. Equipment becomes a critical factor when preparing to fight a powerful boss.

Summon equipment. The main way to obtain equipment is by crafting it. Go to the appropriate game tab and select the type of equipment on the left side of the screen. Use diamonds or special tickets to make a call. Each call will increase the level of creation of a certain type of equipment, and thereby increase the quality of the items received.

Creation level.DCBASS.R.
Level 1.60%35.11%4.89%---
Maximum level.--40%55.4%4.48%0.12%

Chance of receiving a star item:

Every day, use the opportunity to create equipment for free by watching an advertising video.

Additional ways to receive:

How to improve quality? First of all, the equipment differs in quality. The higher it is, the greater the bonus to combat characteristics the berserker receives. Use the remelting function and get 1 item of higher quality from 5 identical low-quality items. This way you can create top quality SSR weapons over time.

Quality of equipment.Weapon.Ring.Gloves.Amulets.
SSR.Strength +4,480,000%.Health +4,480,000%.Strength +4,480,000%.Strength and Health +437%.
SR 4.Strength +2,337,400%.Health +2 337 400%.Strength +2,337,400%.Strength and Health +205%.
SR 3.Strength +1,467,900%.Health +1 467 900%.Strength +1,467,900%.Strength and Health +182%.
SR 2.Strength +848 300%.Health +848 300%.Strength +848 300%.Strength and Health +161%.
SR 1.Strength +418 600%.Health +418 600%.Strength +418 600%.Strength and Health +142%.
S 4.Strength +187 500%.Health +187 500%.Strength +187 500%.Strength and Health +112%.
S 3.Strength +103 950%.Health +103 950%.Strength +103 950%.Strength and Health +98%.
S 2.Strength +75 650%Health +75 650%Strength +75 650%Strength and Health +86%.
S 1.Strength +31 850%.Health +31 850%.Strength +31 850%.Strength and Health +75%.
A 4.Strength +14 400%.Health +14 400%.Strength +14 400%.Strength and Health +62%.
A 3.Strength +9 500%.Health +9 500%.Strength +9 500%.Strength and Health +52%.
A 2.Strength +6 200%.Health +6 200%.Strength +6 200%.Strength and Health +45%.
A 1.Strength +3 900%.Health +3 900%.Strength +3 900%.Strength and Health +38%.
To save time, use the function to melt down all unused equipment. Click the "Remelt" button on the left side of the screen and get ready to receive new items.

Strengthen your equipment. Use the accumulated carnelian to increase the level of the equipment you use. Select an item and click the "Boosts" button to increase the combat characteristics of the equipment and allow you to move to a new level. For example, an S-class weapon at level 1 has a bonus indicator of +31,850%, and at level 50 - 108.29%. Raise the level more often, as it affects the overall equipment gain, which is presented in the table below.

General gain level.Weapon bonus.Bonus rings.Glove bonus.
50Carnelian +3%.Gold +5%.Experience +5%.
100Gold +5%.Experience +5%.Carnelian +3%.
200Experience +5%.Carnelian +3%.Gold +5%.
300HP recovery +5%.Strength increase by 5%.Skill damage +10%.
500Carnelian +5%.Gold +7%.Experience +7%.
700Gold +7%.Experience +7%.Carnelian +5%.
900Experience +7%.Carnelian +5%.Gold +7%.
1 100Attack based on HP 1%.Attack based on HP 1%.Attack based on HP 1%.
1 300Carnelian +7%.Gold +10%.Experience +10%.
1 500Gold +10%.Experience +10%.Carnelian +7%.
1 700Experience +10%.Carnelian +7%.Gold +10%.
1 900Damage to bosses +10%.Strength increase by 10%.HP recovery +10%.
2 100Carnelian +10%.Gold +15%.Experience +15%.
2 300Gold +15%.Experience +15%.Carnelian +10%.
2 500Experience +15%.Carnelian +10%.Gold +15%.
2 700Attack based on HP 2%.Attack based on HP 2%.Attack based on HP 2%.
2 900Light attack damage +20%.Natural attack damage +20%.Dark Attack Damage +20%.
3 100Natural attack damage +30%.Dark Attack Damage +30%.Light attack damage +30%.
3 300Dark Attack Damage +50%.Light attack damage +50%.Natural attack damage +50%.
3 500Carnelian +15%.Gold +20%.Experience +20%.
3 700Gold +20%.Experience +20%.Carnelian +15%.
3 900Experience +20%.Carnelian +15%.Gold +20%.
4 100Light attack damage +100%.Natural attack damage +100%.Dark attack damage +100%.
4 300Natural attack damage +150%.Dark attack damage +150%.Light attack damage +150%.
4 500Dark attack damage +200%.Light attack damage +200%.Natural attack damage +200%.
4 700HP recovery +30%.Strength increase by 30%.Damage to bosses +30%.
4 900Damage from decisive blow +20%.Damage from decisive blow +20%.Damage from decisive blow +20%.
5 100Skill damage +100%.Strength increase by 50%.HP recovery +50%.
5 300All damage is increased by 30%.All damage is increased by 30%.All damage is increased by 30%.
5 500Chance of a decisive blow +2%.Chance of a decisive blow +2%.Chance of a decisive blow +2%.

Idle Berserker: Is it worth investing resources into skill development?

Skills are additional elective bonuses for the combat characteristics of the berserker. Unlock all 38 skills, increase their level and transfer the most valuable knowledge to the berserker. Each skill will allow you to deliver an additional blow during battle or permanently increase one of the hero’s characteristics. Use this opportunity and become even stronger.

How to get a? Skills can only be obtained by creation using diamonds or special tickets. Unlike equipment, the creation level cannot be increased, so the chances of obtaining a quality skill are always as follows:

How to choose? All hero skills are divided into active and passive. The number of skills used is determined by the level of development of the berserker. Combine both active and passive skills. Change your skill set after gaining more powerful skills. Also consider whether you are fighting a single enemy or a group, as skills can deal different damage. Carefully read the characteristics of all skills presented in the tables below.

Active skill.Quality.Action.Recovery time.
Lightning strike.S.R.Causes damage to all enemies.6.6 seconds.
Shocking wave.S.R.Causes damage to all enemies.12 seconds.
Uppercut explosion.S.R.Damages one enemy.9.2 seconds.
Sword of light.S.R.Causes damage to all enemies.13 seconds.
Acceleration.S.R.Increases attack and critical damage for 10 seconds.21 seconds.
Downward strike.S.R.Hit the weapon, causing damage to all enemies.13 seconds.
Kick up.S.R.Hit a weapon, damaging 3 enemies.9.2 seconds.
Cold lands.S.R.Freezing rain falls for 6 seconds, damaging all enemies and slowing their movement and attack speed.21.5 seconds.
Requiem.S.R.Berserker uses 30% of his health and deals a powerful blow to all enemies. After this, the damage dealt increases by 15% for 4 seconds.22.3 seconds.
Punishing sword.S.R.Berserker deals damage to the nearest enemy. After this, the damage dealt increases by 15% for 4 seconds.7.6 seconds.
Time of Troubles.SBerserker restores 5% health and deals additional damage to enemies over 3 seconds.11.9 seconds.
Oath of Hate.SBerserker uses 30% of his health and increases critical damage for 8 seconds.17.4 seconds.
Absorbing wave.SBlack Wave damages all enemies in its path and slows their speed by 50% for 5 seconds.14.1 seconds.
Black Mark.SBerserker marks the nearest enemy with a death mark. The mark stuns the enemy for 3 seconds and deals ongoing damage every second.8.8 seconds.
Choking chains.S2 chains deal damage to nearby enemies. For 5 seconds, enemies’ speed and critical strike chance are slowed by 30%.11.1 seconds.
Bloody curse.SEvery second for 4 seconds, the berserker deals ongoing damage to 6 enemies.12.7 seconds.
Starfall.SDeals damage to nearby enemies and weakens them by 50% for 5 seconds.8.7 seconds.
Fierce spirit.AThe Berserker takes less damage for 5 seconds and also has a 50% chance of becoming immune to negative effects.24 seconds.
The machinations of the devil.ADevilish hands erupt from the ground, immobilizing 6 enemies for 3 seconds and dealing damage to them.9.1 seconds.
Demon Blade.ABerserk strikes the nearest enemy, in addition to which the enemy receives ongoing damage for 3 seconds.8 seconds.
Furious spirit.BIncreases the berserker’s strength for 10 seconds.21.7 seconds.
Last Judgment.BA black explosion damages up to 6 nearby enemies.8.9 seconds.
Bloody blades.BThe blades damage 3 nearby enemies.6.6 seconds.
Shock sphere.BHit a random enemy. The affected enemy cannot use skills for 5 seconds.9 seconds.
Dissection.BCleaves the nearest enemy with a blade and deals damage to them.5.9 seconds.

Passive skill.Quality.Action.Recovery time.
Dark spear.S.R.When performing critical attacks on the same enemy, increases attack for 5 seconds (stacks up to 30 times).-
A pact with the devil.S.R.During rage, attack power and speed increases.-
Bloody feast.S.R.For 3 seconds, for each enemy destroyed, the critical damage indicator increases, and the chance of landing a critical hit also increases.-
Retribution.SWhen the berserker’s health falls below 50%, his strength and damage increase.-
A consuming abyss.SAfter exiting the rage state, the berserker’s attack speeds up by 4 seconds.-
Incendiary.SWhen landing a critical hit, the berserker’s attack power and speed increases for 2 seconds.12.2 seconds.
Coming of darkness.AWhen the berserker’s health drops, he takes 50% less damage.-
Berserker’s Rage.AWhen wounded, the berserker strikes much harder.1 second.
Madness.AWhile enraged, critical damage is increased by 4 seconds.-
Thirst for blood.AThe berserker’s strength increases.-
Phoenix.BWhen receiving fatal damage, a shield is activated, which grants invulnerability for a certain amount of time.180 seconds.
Predatory grip.BBerserker deals more damage to enemies with negative effects.-
Dance of Death.BEach time the berserker lands a normal strike on the same enemy, its power increases for 5 seconds (stacks up to 50 times).-

Form combinations. After awakening to a class A hero, the berserker receives 4 slots for placing active and passive skills. Select the desired skill and click the "Use" button to add it to a free slot. If all the cells are occupied, then determine which skill you will give up.

For better manifestation of the berserker while participating in various activities, use 5 additional tabs to create combinations of skills for any enemy.

Improve your skills. Raise the level of your skills to increase their effectiveness during battle. Summon skills and receive repeat cards that can be used to level up. When the required number of repeat cards has been collected, click the Boost button. You can also use the Upgrade All function, this will save time and automatically increase the level of all available skills.

Collect collections. Improve all your skills, this will allow you to collect skills and receive additional combat enhancements. Once you have obtained all the necessary skills of a certain level, a red dot will light up on the left side of the screen above the word "Collection". Open this section, find the collected collection and click the "Improve" button to receive a bonus.

Collection.Skills.Positive effect.
Munchkin.Cleave, Bloody Blades, Demonic Blade.Increase in strength indicator.
Heart of steel.Coming of Darkness, Phoenix, Raging Spirit.Increase in health indicator.
Debuff expert.Shock Orb, Starfall, Absorbing Wave.Increased skill damage.
Angry, violent.The Last Judgment, The Devil’s Tricks, Madness, Choking Chains.Increased critical damage rate.
Fanatic.Furious Spirit, Berserker’s Fury, Firestarter.Increased damage from Furious Wave.
Boss killer.Predatory Grip, Dance of Death, Bloodlust.Increasing the amount of experience gained.
The essence of revenge.Retribution, Oath of Hate, Blood Curse, Time of Troubles.Increasing the amount of carnelian obtained.
Gladiator.Cleave, Shock Orb, Dance of Death, Demonic Blade.Increase in health indicator.
Immortal.Furious Spirit, Phoenix, Furious Spirit, Berserker’s Fury.Improving the health recovery process.
The embodiment of rage.Predatory Grip, Bloodlust, Madness, Coming of Darkness.Increased skill damage.
Demon Hunter.Firebrand, Devouring Abyss, Bloody Feast, Pact with the Devil.Increased damage from decisive blow.
Traces of another world.Blood Curse, Retribution, Up Smash, Down Smash.Increasing the amount of gold received.
Debuff Master.Starfall, Choking Chains, Time of Troubles, Requiem.Increased light element damage.
Asura.Black Mark, Absorbing Wave, Oath of Hatred, Punishing Sword.Increased damage from the element of darkness.
Sleep mode.Bloody Blades, The Last Judgment, The Devil’s Tricks, Cold Lands.Increased nature element damage.

Idle Berserker: All about additional ways to strengthen the hero

Change your appearance. If you think that the appearance is only responsible for the appearance of the hero, then you are mistaken. In Idle Berserker, you can get a significant boost with a new skin. To obtain standard class appearances, awaken the hero. To get unique skins with big bonuses, take part in events and complete tasks.

The appearance of awakening.Class.Effect.
Regular clothes.D-
Dark Assassin.CHealth + 10%.
Gladiator.BStrength + 10%.
Red Avenger.AHealth + 25%, Gold + 5%.
The Dark Knight.SStrength + 25%, Experience + 5%.
Demon warrior.S.R.Strength + 50%, Health + 50%, Gold + 10%.
Lord of Death.SSRStrength + 100%, Health + 100%, Decisive Strike + 5%.
The appearance of awakening.Class.Effect.
Demon Hunter.S.R.Strength + 50%, Health + 50%, Boss Damage + 10%, Skill Damage + 30%, Dark Attack Damage + 150%.
Paladin.S.R.Strength + 50%, Health + 50%, Skill Damage + 10%, Natural Attack Damage + 90%, Critical Damage + 125%.
Snow King.S.R.Strength + 50%, Health + 50%, Recovery Speed ​​+ 3%, Damage from all elements + 30%, Light Attack Damage + 150%.
Cyborg.S.R.Strength + 50%, Health + 50%, Damage to bosses + 10%, Strength Gain + 30%, Damage from all elements + 50%.
Forest guardian.SSRStrength + 100%, Health + 100%, Number of items received + 20%, Nature attack damage + 240%, Nature damage boost + 800%.
Red Dragon.SSRStrength + 100%, Health + 100%, Amount of carnelian received + 10%, Strength increase + 80%, Dark damage increase + 800%.
Titanium.SSRStrength + 100%, Health + 100%, Critical Damage + 50%, Strength Gain + 40%, Dark Damage Augment + 240%, Skill Damage + 160%.
A lone warrior.SSRStrength + 100%, Health + 100%, Critical Chance + 5%, Critical Damage + 100%, Natural Attack Damage + 240%, Skill Damage + 160%.
Heavy metal.SSRStrength + 100%, Health + 100%, Gold + 20%, Dark Attack Damage + 120%, All Elemental Damage + 160%.
Fighter.SSRStrength + 100%, Health + 100%, Experience + 20%, Recovery Speed ​​+ 40%, Critical Damage + 400%, Skill Damage + 80%.
Ghost rider.SSRStrength + 100%, Health + 100%, Skill Damage + 20%, Light Damage + 400%, Dark Damage Boost + 200%, Strength Boost + 160%.
Sparta.SSRStrength + 100%, Health + 100%, Critical Damage + 50%, Recovery Boost + 40%, Skill Damage + 80%, Final Strike Damage + 32%.
Phantom Pirate.SSRStrength + 100%, Health + 100%, Skill Damage + 20%, Light Attack Damage + 120%, Strength Gain + 80%.
Guan Yu.SSRStrength + 100%, Health + 100%, Skill Damage + 20%, Natural Attack Damage + 200%, Critical Damage + 400%,
Great ruler.SSRStrength + 100%, Health + 100%, Damage to bosses + 20%, Damage from all elements + 40%, Damage from skills + 80%, Strength gain + 160%.
Steampunk.SSRStrength +100%, Health +100%, Skill Damage +20%, Dark Attack Damage +120%, Recovery Boost +80%, Celestial Damage Boost +800%.
Wukong.SSRStrength + 100%, Health + 100%, Light Attack Damage + 60%, Skill Damage + 40%, Infernal Damage Boost + 400%, Recovery Boost + 160%,
Ji-Woo Lee.SSRStrength + 100%, Health + 100%, Strength Gain + 20%, Skill Damage + 40%, Recovery Boost + 80%, Critical Damage + 125%.
Moon.SSRStrength + 100%, Health + 100%, Skill Damage + 20%, Strength Gain + 40%, Light Attack Damage + 480%.
Thor.SSRStrength +100%, Health +100%, Celestial Damage Boost +100%, Skill Damage +40%, Light Attack Damage +240%.
If you don’t like a skin that gives powerful bonuses, then use it only to gain abilities. Choose a suit according to your taste. Abilities can be used by up to 4 suits at once.

Level up your appearance. As you complete challenges, you will receive special potions to increase the level of the skin you are using. Potions fill the experience bar and gradually improve the characteristics of the costume bonus. After reaching level 5, you move to the next star level. To do this, you will need to collect a set number of appearance elements. The higher the level of the suit, the more bonuses the berserker receives.

Open the titles. Go to your profile settings and check out the Headline tab. The higher your activity, the more bonus titles you can unlock. Aim to complete the task and get a title with a good bonus. Select the most suitable one and click the Equip button.

Choose titles that increase the berserker’s combat skills rather than the amount of resources produced.

Types of headings. The level of this bonus is determined by the Normal, Hard, Extreme and Master characteristics. There are also 2 additional categories: Special and Arena. Since you can only choose one title, WiseGeek recommends checking out the Master titles, which can be earned through active play.

Title.Exercise.Effect of application.
Magician professor.Reach level 200 of S class skills.Increases skill damage by 30%.
Gandalf.Reach level 100 of SR class skills.Increases skill damage by 30%.
The monster is the winner.Destroy 50 million monsters on the main game screen.Increases hero power by 500%.
Munchkin.Reach hero level 5,000.Increases decisive strike damage by 500%.
Lord of Death.Awaken a berserker to SSR class.Increases decisive strike damage by 500%.
Profile.Spend 3,000 hours in the game.Increases hero power by 150%.
Iron heart.Ascend Companions up to a maximum of 20 times.The amount of carnelian obtained increases by 5%.

Idle Berserker: How to advance on the map?

Walkthrough Basics . On the main screen of the game, battles with monsters constantly take place. This activity is the main source of experience for the hero, so the further you advance, the faster the berserk will develop. To study the map of territories, click on Teleport.

How to develop territories? At the top is the territory where battles are currently taking place. To advance to the next stage, destroy the boss. Prepare for battle, click on the red Boss icon and defeat the enemy within the allotted time. If successful, you will advance further.

What is the order of passage? There are 7 difficulty levels to complete 6 chapters. Each chapter is divided into 5 territories: Primeval Forests, Crimson Lands, Wild Deserts, Demon Caves and Cold Lands. First you need to go through Chapter 1 on all difficulty levels, then Chapter 2 and so on.

Use every opportunity to move faster around the map, as your current level affects how you gain access to game activities.

Tips for passing the map. Passing a map level is always a battle with only one monster. Choose a combination of skills that deal maximum damage in a small radius. This way you can concentrate all the hits on the boss. Use skills that increase the berserker’s attack speed to deal more hits and manage to destroy the boss within the allotted time.

Increase the level of the essence. Fight in one of the territories and earn essence of the corresponding color. Use it to increase the level of territory bonuses. For example, the Crimson Lands provide a bonus for gaining gold and experience, and the Cold Lands allow you to improve the hero’s strength and health.

Idle Berserker: Dungeon Tips

Dungeons are additional Idle Berserker game activities that allow you to obtain the necessary resources for the development of a berserker. To go to the desired location, use the cave icon at the bottom of the screen. Start completing tasks and receive well-deserved rewards.

How to access? To get into any of the dungeons you will need a suitable key. The game features 8 types of keys, which can be received as a reward for completing various tasks or purchased in the store for diamonds. Every day you will receive free keys to visit dungeons and obtain the necessary resources.

To get additional resources every day, use the opportunity to clear each dungeon by watching an advertising video.

Increase your pass level. Notice the Pass icon in the top right corner of each dungeon. For completing the first 100 levels of each dungeon, gradual receipt of rewards in the form of diamonds, additional keys and offline tickets is provided. Pass tests and earn even more resources.

Goblin’s Treasury. This location allows you to earn gold coins for berserker training. Your task is to destroy as many goblins as possible that get in your way within the allotted time. The more enemies you destroy, the higher the final reward. We recommend using group attack skills to increase the number of enemies hit.

Adamantine mines. The dungeon allows you to mine valuable carnelian, which is required to increase the level of the hero’s equipment. Break the big orange crystals to get resources, but don’t forget that they are guarded by monsters. Clear the entire location within the allotted time to complete the dungeon level.

If you cannot move to a new dungeon level, use the clear function and spend keys to obtain resources, the amount of which will correspond to the last level completed.

Land of dragons. Fight the main boss of Idle Berserker - a fearsome ancient dragon - to get rubies to awaken the hero. Your task is to inflict as much damage as possible on the dragon in the allotted time. This is where your skills for single enemy attacks will come in handy. The result of the battle will be converted into a certain number of rubies.

Ancient ruins. At this location you will have to fight a strong monster; these bosses can be much more powerful than those you met while passing through the territories of the map. Use single attack skills to concentrate attacks on one enemy. If you win, you will receive materials to improve runes. The higher the dungeon level, the greater the final reward.

Element tests. The dungeon has 3 doors that provide access to the dungeons of the corresponding element. Each location is available on a specific day of the week. Choose a challenge and destroy all enemies within the allotted time to receive power stones and materials to strengthen them.

Idle Berserker: How to pass the tests?

Trials are additional Idle Berserker game activities in which the player can freely take part and earn valuable rewards. You will not need keys or tickets to activate the entrance, the main thing is that the hero’s combat characteristics allow him to pass the test with dignity and earn rewards.

Study the territory map and move to new levels to quickly gain access to all the game’s challenges.

Test Tower. This is the first challenge you will have access to. To pass the tower floor, you must complete the assigned task, for example, the hero must survive for 30 seconds. A reward is awarded for completing a task on each floor, and there is also a reward for completing every 10th floor of the challenge tower. Repeated passage of levels is not provided.

Adventures. The map displays 5 game territories, where you, together with other characters, will have to destroy all opponents. In addition to receiving rewards, you will be able to delve deeper into the Idle Berserker storyline and learn the story of the main character. Complete 5 stages within the allotted time to move on to explore the next area or increase the difficulty level.

Spatial rift. This test allows you to fight monsters of various elements. Select a spatial rift and go to destroy monsters and bosses. Choose a suitable set of power stones for your hero to gain a significant advantage in battle and defeat all opponents. The challenge includes the following elemental benefits:

Domain of the Black Knight. A special competition between server players, in which you have to compete in the amount of damage dealt to the boss. The final reward depends on your place in the standings. The results of the competition are announced at the end of each week. Pump up your hero to the maximum and fight the Black Knight to take your rightful place among other players and earn diamonds.

Rating award.Place.Prize fund.
Challenger.150,000 diamonds, exclusive frame.
Grandmaster.240,000 diamonds, exclusive frame.
Master.330,000 diamonds, exclusive frame.
Diamond.Top 10%.15,000 diamonds.
Platinum.Top 30%.10,000 diamonds.
Gold.Top 50%.5,000 diamonds.
Silver.Top 70%.2,000 diamonds.
Bronze.Top 100%.1,000 diamonds.
The number of attempts to engage in battle with the Black Knight is not limited, so try your hand again and again to improve your performance by the time the results are summed up.

Tower of Torment. The principle of passing this test is similar to the Test Tower. However, in addition to the reward for completing the floor, there is an additional reward for fulfilling special conditions. For example, it is necessary to maintain the berserker’s health at a level of at least 80% or inflict more than 60% damage to the enemy using a certain element. Before starting the test, carefully read the conditions for receiving the maximum reward and prepare your hero properly.

Idle Berserker: Is it worth joining a clan?

Why join a clan? An alliance with strong and active players always gives you a number of advantages. First of all, you get access to additional activities that allow you to obtain resources and activate combat bonuses. Secondly, you make new acquaintances, exchange experiences and receive support. Choose a suitable clan and team up with other players in the fight against monsters.

Joining the clan is not available to newcomers. Move along the territory map to find allies.

How to choose a clan? Pay attention to the clan’s place in the corresponding tournament table. The higher the rating, the more active the guild members are, and therefore you will receive more benefits. Join a high-level clan to immediately gain access to all features. If you are ready to actively fight, then create your own clan and offer an alliance to valuable players.

Level.Number of clan members.Additional feature.
226Guild Battle.
327More clan emblems.
428More skins in the clan shop.
529More clan emblems.
6thirtyMore rewards for visiting the clan.

Visit the guild daily. The more players visit the clan daily, the more rewards you will receive the next day. To record your visit, you must click the appropriate button. For visiting you will receive a reward in the form of clan coins, contribution points and guild points. The size of the reward depends on the donation made.

Complete clan tasks. To earn clan coins and increase the level of your alliance, complete special tasks. Go to the appropriate section in the Clan tab, read the list and select 5 tasks that you can complete. For each completed task, players also receive mission points, which fill a special scale and provide access to a special chest.

Exercise.Clan coins.Contribution.Mission points.
Use 9,000 enchanted bones.150350150
Spend 200,000 diamonds.150350150
Summon the ring 600 times.100220150
Summon a creature 20 times.100220145
Summon the amulet 120 times.100220145
Summon weapons 600 times.100220140
Use 5,000 enchanted bones.100220135
Summon skills 100 times.100220130
Spend 50,000 diamonds.100220130
Enter the wild forest 10 times.70150120
Enter the elemental rift 10 times.70150120
Enter Ancient Ruins 20 times.70150115
Summon the ring 300 times.70150115
Enter the Dragon Lands 20 times.70150110
Summon a creature 10 times.70150110
Summon the amulet 60 times.70150110
Summon a weapon 300 times.70150105
Summon skills 50 times.70150100
Destroy 22,000 monsters.70150100
Increase the hero’s level by 5.50100100
Enter the adamantium mine 20 times.7015090
Enter the goblin treasury 20 times.7015090
Enter the ancient ruins 10 times.5010090
Enter the wild forest 5 times.5010070
Enter the elemental rift 5 times.5010070
Enter the Dragon Lands 10 times.5010070
Enter the adamantium mine 10 times.5010050
Enter the Goblin Treasury 10 times.5010050
Destroy 10,000 monsters.5010050
Fight the Black Knight.50100thirty
Don’t forget to visit the clan after completing tasks to receive rewards.

Organize clan meetings. Purchase party invitations to host a party for your allies. The types of meetings available depend on the guild’s current position in the season. Buy the following bonuses:

Visit the shop. Earn clan coins to purchase valuable items in the clan shop, primarily invitations to the holiday. You can purchase dungeon keys, exchange coins for carnelian, enchanted bones, diamonds or mastery points. Accumulate the required number of coins to purchase a unique Sparta skin.

Idle Berserker: What tasks to complete?

Complete tasks. There is a diary icon in the upper right corner; click on it to view the list of current tasks. The main reward for completing the task will be diamonds. Be active to earn as many resources as possible to create hero equipment and skills. Tasks are divided into regular, daily and weekly.

Examples of tasks:

Follow the progress of completing daily and weekly tasks so as not to miss the opportunity to receive a valuable reward at the end of the game day and week.

Follow the guide. Click on the menu icon in the top right corner and go to the Contents guide. There are several sections here that will point you in the right direction of hero development. Stages offer you rewards for completing tasks of 4 levels, all of which are related to the main game activities. The Berserker Training section encourages you to develop your hero’s combat characteristics, increase your class, and improve your equipment. It is also possible to receive rewards for activity in the clan.

Increase your clearance. At the top of the main screen there is a "Tolerance" button. Here you can find information about your progress in completing permanent and seasonal events. For achieving each level, you will receive a valuable reward. If you want to receive more resources, purchase a special pass and open access. Idle Berserker provides the following types of permissions:

Get achievements. Click on the menu icon in the upper right corner and go to the Achievements section. All achievements are divided into 4 directions, each of which includes several steps. If successful, you will receive diamonds, dungeon keys, enchanted bones, mastery points, tickets to summon equipment and other valuable rewards.

Basic actions to get achievements:

Idle Berserker: All ways to get resources

Attend the game. To stimulate players, incentives are provided for logging into the game every day. The rewards are varied, some of them you will receive on an ongoing basis, others during special events. Log into the game every day, accumulate resources and receive unique prizes in the form of powerful equipment or a new hero look.

Visit the shop. The developers want you to get acquainted with the offers for donors as often as possible, so they left some pleasant surprises there. Go to the game store every day to get diamonds and offline tickets for watching commercials; you need to watch the video 4 times in total. There is also a daily reward, a gift for weekly and monthly login.

Complete missions with equipment. Every day, 4 tasks appear in the game that you can complete with your equipment and receive resources for development. Fill the cells with suitable items and wait for the mission to complete. The more missions you complete, the higher the chance of getting high-class missions.

Chance of receiving missions at mission level 6:

If you don’t have the appropriate equipment in your arsenal, pay 200 diamonds and update the list of missions.

Take part in events. On the eve of various holidays, developers come up with new entertainment for their users. In addition to the fact that you can diversify the gameplay, you will have an additional opportunity to obtain resources. For example, during Bingo you have to earn special currency and use it to open cells that hide prizes. During Roulette, try your luck and try to get a unique look for the hero.

Claim seasonal rewards. Every month the game announces a themed season, which gives you the opportunity to receive rewards for your gaming activity. Complete tasks and receive points to increase your progress level, after reaching the required mark, the corresponding prize will be unlocked. If you want to receive more prizes, purchase a premium membership. Immediately after purchasing, you will receive a new hero skin, unlock additional seasonal levels, and activate the ability to receive chests at the end of the season.

Ways to get points:

Idle Berserker: Guide for Donators

Shop - Idle Berserker’s in-game store; to go, click on the corresponding icon at the top of the screen. This section contains all the main and promotional offers for donors. By making purchases in the game store, you can speed up the process of hero development and activate powerful bonuses.

If you are planning to make purchases, carefully study the content of the offers and choose the most profitable ones. To do this, compare the cost and quantity of purchased resources.

Receive kits. The Limited Package and Growth Pack sections provide suggestions for purchasing a set of resources. Check out all the offers and select the most suitable set of resources for the hero’s current level of development. Pay attention to the appearance of special offers for purchasing sets of resources that appear after the hero awakens or reaches a certain level.

Buy skins. In the "Skins" section you can purchase 7 new appearances for the hero. The Demon Hunter and the Snow King are available for purchase for 40,000 diamonds, the remaining 5 skins will require an investment of real money. When purchasing Titan, Solo Warrior and Ghost Rider, in addition to the skin, you will receive a bonus set of resources.

Buy diamonds. This resource is a premium currency and is necessary primarily for creating equipment and skills. The store offers several offers of different price categories, so that each player can choose the most suitable one for himself. You can also activate a special monthly pass and receive 3,000 diamonds daily.

Basic offers for purchasing diamonds:

Use bonuses. For making purchases you will receive special bonus points, which can then be exchanged for diamonds or dungeon keys. Please note that the store has a limit on the number of items purchased for bonuses, no more than 50 keys of each type.

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