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IMMORTAL LEGEND: VERTICAL IDLE RPG is an Android game with release date 01/29/2021 from UnlockGame. Game genre: Role-playing. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Gift Codes
  2. A Beginner’s Guide
  3. Getting Started Right
  4. Home Screen Description
  5. Character Classes Overview
  6. How to Improve Mastery Level?
  7. Tips to Increase Character Combat Power (CP)
  8. Hero Character Guide
  9. Walkthrough

Immortal Legend: Gift Codes

How do I enter a gift code? To do this, go into the game, and from the main screen go to the "Benefits Hall" tab, which is located in the upper left corner of the events menu. If you cannot find this button, therefore, your menu is minimized.

To expand it, click on the red arrow below your avatar. If the tab is not available to you, then you need to raise the level a little for the section to be activated. It will take some time. You can just leave your hero to fight.

Going to the "Benefits Hall" section of events, go to the "CDK" tab, and enter the gift code in the active line. It should be remembered that the codes are valid for a limited period of time, and if you have not received the gift, then the code has expired.

Gift codes:

  1. VG6OLNEDMO - 500 diamonds, 500,000 coins, 500 rune stones, 2 prints of wisdom.
  2. XZT4ZBJIJ3 - 300 Diamonds, 300,000 Coins, 30 Legendary Soul Gems, 3 Wing Renewal Gems.
  3. P0TVYAAWVE - 500 diamonds, 400,000 coins, 40 epic soul stones, 50 Mayan stones.
  4. RB2WXMJ22G - 30 gems of health points, 1000 diamonds, 10 shards of Demon’s wings, 30 legendary soul stones.
  5. SWUO8N341V - 500 Diamonds, 300,000 Coins, 30 Star Life Stones, 300 Runestones.
  6. YIDV6TUSKW - 1,000 diamonds, 500,000 coins, 50 Mayan stones, 50 epic soul stones.
  7. X68CPY6OQN - 400 diamonds, 30 legendary soul stones, 10 mystical soul stones, 40 epic soul stones.
  8. MOGB11Z8VP - 1000 Diamonds, 3 Vouchers, 3 Imprints of Wisdom, 1 Legendary Chest.
  9. Y93O9MCBF1 - 3 legendary chests, 5 Avatar shards, 3 wing renewal stones.
  10. 0S2AQIA06Y - 500 diamonds, 500,000 coins, 3 epic chests, 30 legendary soul stones.
  11. D4EXWO6E76 - 400 diamonds, 300,000 coins, 10 mercenary stones, 100 Avatar stones.
  12. DFCUzy88 - 10 legendary chests.
  13. YubTYM77 - 500 diamonds, 30 legendary soul stones, 3 wings renewal stones, 2 wisdom prints.
  14. KRG166XOSB - 1000 diamonds, 3 legendary chests, 10 Mayan stones.
  15. 8232AB5UY2 - 5 vouchers, 500 diamonds, 300,000 coins.
It should be remembered that codes are entered case-sensitive (mostly, these are capital letters), also "O" is a letter, not a number.

Immortal Legend: A Beginner’s Guide

The Immortal Legend is a game in the Idle RPG genre, that is, all progression is aimed at the development of your character, while your hero himself fights with monsters and raises his levels, and you only direct him to the activity you need. Also, during your absence, the hero will not stop destroying evil spirits, and after entering the game in a few hours you will have significant progress. Also, the bag will contain all the items collected by the warrior.

What is the interest of a game that plays itself? Most RPG games boil down to the same type of constant endless killing of monsters. In this case, you constantly press several buttons on the joystick control. In the future, this process comes to automatism for you. In this case, you need to deal with the management of your hero (or team of heroes). This includes: pumping, improving abilities, talents, selecting equipment, choosing activities and finding the right monsters.

And in Idle - games, you skip the process of killing monsters, and just do the management. This means you have more time to understand the gameplay, mechanics and hero statistics. This is one of the advantages of the presented genre, but there are also disadvantages.

For example, Korean developers often copy game mechanics from each other, it is rare to find a game with unique chips and functions. At the same time, some developers are trying to fit into the gameplay all the ways they know to improve characters, a lot of activities, a huge number of items for pumping.

Authorization. It is very important to go through authorization before choosing a server, when you first enter the game. We do not know for what reason, but after some kind of failure (for example, the network disappeared), the game will restart and ask you to enter the game through your account on Google Play or on FaceBook. If you try to log in through the proposed accounts, but they were not previously declared in the game, then you will start the game again, and all your gameplay will be lost.

But if you have not registered accounts, but a failure occurred, we advise you to go through the "New player" button, then click on the "Switch" button, after which a menu will appear on your screen (as in the picture above). Now you just have to click on the "Continue to game" button.

Immortal Legend: Getting Started Right

If you have already started playing or are just going to, and now are looking for information on how best to start the gameplay in the Immortal Legend, then we recommend choosing (or changing) the server to the just created one (let it be maximum 2 days). This is important, because now there is a large influx of players in the world, some of them devote a lot of time to the game, invest real money in the game in order to become the best.

On new servers, the beginning of the progression of players is about the same, if you cannot deposit money, then you can pump your hero from the first moment of creating the server. This will give you an advantage over players who will enter the server from day 2 onward, since during this time you can already increase the hero’s skill, and his level so much that it will be impossible to catch up with you.

To view information about the server, you should go to "Settings" - this is your avatar in the upper left corner. The server data is shown at the bottom of the window. The top line is the name of the server. The line "Server Opening Days" - shows how much time has passed since opening. Next comes the server time - you can use it to plan and wait for game time events.

Achievements. Another criterion why you should choose a new server is the achievements of the players on it. They also exist on old servers, but since you were not present at the first achievements (for example, player N was the first to reach level 100), you will not receive rewards for them either.

On new servers, achievements are very common, sometimes there are 10 hours of absence in the game, you can collect rewards for 15 minutes, which are given to all players on the server. At the same time, the items in the prizes will greatly help to pump your hero at the start of the game.

To collect all the rewards for achievements, you should go to the "Rank" section (located in the events menu). Here, all achievements are categorized by type. To quickly collect rewards (sometimes it can take a lot of time to collect them manually), we advise you to click on the "Worship" button. This way you will collect all the prizes of the 1st category of achievements with one touch. Sure, it costs 20 diamonds, but you will save a lot of time.

Skip the first day of pumping. After creating a character, you can simply exit the game and enter it several times a day to empty the bag and slightly increase the characteristics of the hero. Since at the start of the game there is no great need to go to different activities (especially since they are all closed until a certain moment), and your hero will independently raise your level and bring you a lot of items for pumping.

Rebirth rank. On the second day, you can go through the opened activities and increase the F-level (strength level) of the hero. This is necessary in order for you to receive the rank of rebirth. After receiving the rebirth mechanic (you have it in the upper left corner above the avatar). The picture above has the inscription "No Rebirth". But you need to get the F-45 to open the main activities of the game for further pumping.

To track the progress of increasing the F-level, a special menu has been created in which you can not only watch the process, but see what needs to be done to increase the level.

The picture shows, for example, that to get the F-25, you need to destroy the Cross - server boss (that is, destroy the boss with a team with other players). This boss appears at a certain time, after you destroy all single bosses (section "Boss" on the left side of the screen).

We recommend that you get the first level of rebirth as soon as possible, since without it your further pumping will stop (you will only increase your level).

After receiving 1 rank of rebirth (and higher) in the information you will see the inscription M1R1. That is, you will have 1 mastery level and 1 rebirth rank (as shown in the picture above). We drew attention to this, since many newbies do not understand the inscription "No Rebirth", what it means. Also, many new players cannot figure out how to reach the required F-level in order to complete Dungeons or Bosses. Also, the activation of some items for the hero depends on the level of power.

Immortal Legend: Home Screen Description

Why did we decide to write this section? It’s just that many beginners who play this kind of game for the first time may get lost at the sight of many different buttons, labels and functions of the game.

Your avatar (in the upper left corner) opens the Game Options menu. The section is not big, but if you have a weak phone, then you can lower and remove some indicators. For example, at the top of the settings, you can check the boxes next to the items:

  1. OTHER player’s Block skill effect (blocking effect of other skill players).
  2. Block Normal Damage Floating Text (blocking the title of other players).
  3. OTHER player’s Block wings (wings blocking the other players).
  4. Protection effect Block (blocking protection effect).

By checking the boxes next to the necessary items, you will avoid phone failures in team activities and in the Arena. Thus, you will reduce the load on the graphics chip of your smartphone.

Graphic Settings - You can set a lower quality to avoid delays and glitches. To do this, switch the mode by clicking on the "Low Quality" button. The game will then restart.

Buff is the positive effect you get from:

  1. Privileged monthly pass (purchased with real money).
  2. Premium level (the class increases with every purchase for real money).
  3. For your world level (skill) - players with a skill level below the world level can receive bonuses to experience.

Mail is a mailbox where various letters from the system and developers come, and here you will also find a prize for the entered gift code. If you have completed an event, but cannot find rewards in your bag, then look at them in the mail.

Top Up are the suggestions that the game makes for you so that you can purchase good items for real money. A kind of shop. For purchases, you will increase your premium class.

VIP is the level of your privileges. But you can increase it simply by completing tasks in the game. The higher the VIP - level, the more buns you will receive, also with an increase in VIP, you will be able to access some tasks in events.

The picture above shows the server time and the WarZone section of the game. At the time of this writing, the section is under construction. But now you can go into it and "bow" to the world’s best players. For this you will receive small gifts.

Events - This is where temporary and permanent game events appear. Some suggest you take advantage of discounts or buy benefits with real money. But there are some really interesting shares for which you don’t need to give your hard-earned money.

Benefis Hall is a section where you can receive various pleasant rewards for your achievements in the game. Also here (in the CDK tab) you can enter a gift code and get free goodies. The codes can be found by going to the official page on FaceBook (the jump button is located in the events menu), and see the latest news and gift codes.

Login Rewards - here the game will reward you for entering daily.

Rank - here you get bonuses for the achievements of other players (we wrote about this above).

Free Treasure Hunt - As you get various tickets, you can get good rewards at random here. Several times a day you have free attempts to get free buns in each tab of the section.

Growth Rewards is a section where you will receive good rewards for your in-game achievements. There are similar achievements in the "Demon Pact", "Warrior Badge" and "Weekend Revelry" sections.

You should check the red circles on the section icons more often to get rewards.

Immortal Legend: Character Classes Overview

Immortal Legend contains, as it seems to us, all the options for pumping a hero available in the RPG genre. At the same time, we got only 3 character classes. You can choose who you want to play when you first enter the game (immediately after choosing a server). Unfortunately, the system will not give you a long thought. Therefore, you should choose a hero in advance.

Wizard - has the highest attack level in the game, has many abilities that cause massive damage. Why monsters can die before reaching the wizard. The hero is notable for his ability to go through activities longer and further than other characters. And thanks to the ability to heal, he can conduct 1v1 battles with bosses that are several levels superior to himself.

But the wizard has a significant disadvantage that prevents him from conducting battles with server bosses or world bosses 1v1. And this disadvantage is a small amount of health and defense points. Therefore, you should, first of all, increase his life and endurance indicators. This can be done, as talents are unlocked, and the strengthening of equipment items with various stones. First, you should look for stones (gems) that enhance health and protection points.

To find the necessary items for pumping, you need to go to the desired section for improving the hero, and click on the details you are interested in. After that, a new window will appear with a description of the item and the places of its search. By clicking on them, you will be taken to the required activity (if it is available to you at the moment).

Warrior is a very tenacious melee guy, he can keep various bosses on himself for a long time. He has a huge supply of health and protection points. Not one team that is going to fight the main villains cannot do without him. In the Arena, he can show good results if you pump his attack indicators.

The downside of a warrior is that he has a low damage parameter, his pumping is relatively slow (when compared with a magician), but he will not often fall at high levels of the game. If he strengthens the runes, talents and wings in the correct order, then you can get a good, harmoniously developed character.

Archer is a mobile and mobile character with good damage. At the same time, he has the highest damage per minute among other heroes. As a team, he fights at a long distance. He has high evasion rates, which help him to stay away from the attacks of opponents for a long time. In the Arena, he can stand against a warrior for a long time, but if the wizard is touched by his massive skill, he will inflict significant damage.

The downside of the archer is that he hits one target. But this is also a plus on bosses, the Arena and in some activities, since the damage of 1 enemy is higher than that of other heroes. But during pumping with monsters, when a whole crowd of them comes at you, the archer can only hope to dodge.

In the game, all the heroes are balanced and bring great benefit to the teams in different activities. Choosing any of them - you will not regret it.

System hints. Since there are a lot of automated processes in the game, everything that you find in different activities is displayed in the corresponding sections. If there is any opportunity to enhance the character, pick up rewards, complete tasks and much more, where you can perform actions, are displayed in a red circle on the section icon. This is a kind of hint to the player so that he does not forget to perform the manipulation.

In order not to get confused in pumping the hero, follow the prompts of the system, which will offer you the right equipment, artifacts, soul stones and much more. Pay close attention to the appearance of prompts, and take the necessary actions in a timely manner, so you will pump faster and you definitely won’t be mistaken.

But there are some places where you should not mindlessly click, as the system will not be able to adapt to your playing style, or it will simply show that you need to perform a strengthening, and what you will do it is your choice. Also, the choice of the time of rebirth or increasing the level of mastery remains at your choice.

Immortal Legend: How to Improve Mastery Level?

The mastery level is shown in the upper left corner of the main screen next to the rebirth level. It is designated as M1 (skill level 1), M2 (skill level 2), and so on. The increase in the level of skill is not affected by the level of the hero. We wrote about rebirth above, now let’s talk about mastery.

To find out what the requirements are for the transition to the next level of rebirth and mastery, you need to open the "Road to Angel" section, which is located in the lower left corner (picture above). Then go to the "Rebirth" tab.

As shown in the picture above, to go to a new (in this case, rank 4) rank of rebirth, 4 conditions must be met:

  1. The hero must reach level 300 at mastery level.
  2. Have a total gem level 120.
  3. Have a general 900 boost level.
  4. Clear Demon Tower up to floor 30 (inclusive).

In the same menu, it is indicated that you can have a "resurrection stone", which will give you an automatic transition to a new rank of rebirth. Alongside there is information (in the picture on the left) about what requirements you need to achieve Mastery Level 2. As shown in the example, you must have an activated rune "Secrets of Thunder" and the appearance of a staff "Golden Staff" SR rank. You should also strengthen the equipment of the soul to the rank of T6 - T7.

As soon as you move to the 2nd level of mastery, you will have access to the section "Master", where in the future you will be described the conditions for the transition to a new level of mastery. In addition to unlocking new game functions, when you move to new ranks of rebirth and skill level, you significantly increase the characteristics of the hero.

Rebirth and increasing the level of mastery do not depend on the level of your pumping, you only need to fulfill the conditions for the transition. Make transitions as early as possible in order to be able to power up the hero faster than the rest of the players.

Immortal Legend: Tips to Increase Character Combat Power (CP)

Combat power is displayed in the CP line next to the avatar in the upper left corner. This is the main indicator of your strength, by which you can compare your capabilities when choosing opponents in the Arena, adventures. There are certain restrictions in the game that are removed when a certain value of combat power is reached. For example, you will not be able to move to a new league in the Arena.

All methods of pumping the hero are aimed at increasing this indicator. But here it is worth noting that with approximately equal combat power of the characters of the players (for example, in the Arena or in the Dungeons), their characteristics can be very different. For example, one player spends more energy on increasing the attack indicators of the hero, another strengthens his avatar, the third increases the indicators of equipment or soul.

But how can you direct your efforts to improve certain indicators if the game plays into itself? In fact, this is not difficult to do. For example, you decided to increase your soul indicators. To do this, you need to go to the special section "Soulart" (the art of the soul). The button is located on the lower taskbar of the game. There are 2 sections here:

Skills. The soul has several abilities (in battle, this creature attacks, separating from the hero, looks like a transparent spirit with a shiny outline), which can be enhanced with talent points. To find out where you can get talent points, you should tap on them in the section, after which a new window will open with a description, which says that you can get them as a reward in the following places:

  1. In packages for sale (for real money).
  2. In daily Dungeons.
  3. In the Etheric realm.
  4. In the Tower of Demons.
  5. For pumping in AFK mode (while you are not in the game).

To develop soul skills faster, you need to attend more of the activities described above. But the limit of abilities increases with the level of awakening of the equipment of the soul. To do this, you need to open the next tab.

Soul Equipment. The picture above shows the top of the tab. There is an "Awaken" scale here. Several of the many soul equipment items are shown at the bottom of the picture. Items are categorized by quality:

With each activation of a new item and with an increase in the levels of already activated equipment, the awakening scale is filled. As soon as the scale is filled, you can awaken the equipment of the soul. This will increase the soul level (T1, T2, and so on), increase the level of soul skills, and increase the attack power of soul skills.

To increase the level of each item, you need to find the indicated number of copies of the item. Detailed information can be obtained by calling the window with a description, where at the top there will be a scale that shows the number of required copies (picture above). Likewise, you can analyze each section in which you can increase CP to increase the overall strength of the hero.

Immortal Legend: Hero Character Guide

The section is located on the lower taskbar. Going into it, you can get confused, since there are many tabs in it. The picture above shows the "Character" section. At the bottom of the window there are several buttons that open sections with a hero boost.

Set (set) - there are also several tabs, each of which contains a separate set to enhance 1 of the main characteristics of the character. If you need to increase the hero’s health points, then go to the "Star fantasy" section, then you should select the demonic appearance of the hero.

To increase health points (HP), you must fulfill the conditions. In the example (picture above), you need to have 8 items of star equipment of at least T4 rank, the set itself can have at least 1 star. If you need to increase this indicator very quickly, then T4 rank star gear should be placed in closed slots. To avoid confusion, there is a search object under the lock.

Items from the Set section are not worth looking for on your own (unless there is an urgent need), as they often drop from Bosses and in Dungeons, and they can also be obtained as rewards for assignments.

Appearance - there are several tabs, the indicators of which affect the main characteristics of the hero:

  1. Title.
  2. Track.
  3. Speed.
  4. Protection.

Sacred Ring - for coins you can increase the main characteristics of the hero. There are several tabs in the section that affect the increase in performance. Coins are collected very quickly almost everywhere, so you won’t have any problems loading in this section.

Fruit (fruits) - there are 8 fruits in the game, which increase 1 parameter of the hero (red - attack, green - health points, and so on). In addition, all fruits have a different quality (grade). The higher the quality, the more units will be added to the indicator. If you are missing some parameter, then you can tap on the fruit, go to the description, and then select the activity to get the fruit.

Equip Rune (equipment runes) - here you should put runes. There are 6 cells in total, and there are many more runes. The cells open as you increase your skill and level of the hero. It is the insertion of runes that will allow you to align the characteristics of the character. There are several types of runes:

  1. To attack.
  2. For health points.
  3. Defense.

A complete list of runes and their features can be found in the "Treasure Hunt" section in the "Soulgear Hunt" tab (this is a game event where, in exchange for tickets, you get various items and runes).

After the slot for the runes opens, you must first carefully study them and choose the most suitable one for you, since you cannot change it in the future.

The bottom panel of the "Character" section is peripheral items that give you the opportunity to have additional abilities:

  1. Artifact art.
  2. Wings.
  3. Divine equipment.
  4. Merlin’s book.

Here you will definitely not get confused, since the materials for pumping these objects fall in almost any activity, do not require special attention, and a red circle will always be on the icon, which will show you the need for pumping. Just enjoy the game, and gradually upgrade these objects.

Section "Guard" - here your avatar will be pumped (during the battle the hero turns into a Demon for a while and causes significant damage to opponents), a mercenary and a fairy. Locally, these creatures will give you a significant amount of CP.

Each creature has special items to enhance it. They also have their own skills that they use in battle. You can find the necessary item for pumping a particular object in the same way that we described earlier. We will not advise to strengthen one of them, since they all make a significant contribution to victory. But you shouldn’t run separately through activities in search of materials, as they fall in large numbers for tasks, in Dungeons and on Bosses. Items can also be obtained from temporary events.

Forge is a tab on the lower taskbar of the game. Here you can enhance all the items of equipment that you have in stock, insert stones, increase the level and rank of items. If you have materials for enhancing equipment, but the equipment items themselves are of low quality, then you should not be afraid to increase them, since all modifications will be saved if you install new ammunition.

Without knowing English, you can get confused by the many features available. It should be noted right away that you shouldn’t be especially worried about the translation, since the system itself will choose what is best for this or that subject, and will deliver it (after your command). This is exactly the moment that we described at the beginning of the article about the desire of developers to introduce a lot of options into the project.

Immortal Legend: Walkthrough

As we noted earlier, there are a huge variety of different activities in the game. They can only be completed through daily quests or missions that you receive in temporary events. Why is that? It’s just that if you start going through all the activities in turn, without having a specific system, you can get stuck in the game for the whole day.

You can start to go through activities through the search for certain items for pumping. That is, you need, say, a legendary soul stone, you go to the "Art of the Soul" tab, then select the required item, click to invoke its description, and go into activity through the proposed search options.

Daily (daily) - here you are given individual tasks and several stages of passing the obligatory daily Dungeons. There are not very many of them, so these Dungeons are worth going through. It will take a little time.

Explore - this is where the endless passage of various towers lies, where at each level stronger monsters are waiting for you than on the previous one. There are many rooms where you stand in the center of the hall, and your fans (monsters) who need to be destroyed are running towards you. There are a lot of mini-bosses here that just take a lot of time, but they are not very useful. But if you’re interested, you can go through these activities.

Dungeon (dungeons) - unlike research activities, here you will not spend so much time, but they will bring a lot of usefulness to your hero. There are not many of them, they are opened by the server time at a certain time (this time is indicated in the description at the entrance). After completing 1 dungeon, the next time you can go through it with a "raid" for a few diamonds.

Raid is a quick passage, when the battle itself is not shown, and you will immediately be taken to the stage of receiving rewards. It is very convenient, and in this case there is no need to spare diamonds, since you will get really effective items for pumping.

Boss (boss) - all the bosses that you can meet in the game are concentrated here. These are world bosses, and cross - bosses, server bosses and your personal bosses. They should also be passed, since after successfully destroying the enemy, you will receive very good rewards. On some bosses, a whole team of other players is assembled, and prizes are awarded depending on the damage done.

It is important to note that when you see a message on your screen that a world boss or a server boss has appeared in the system (as shown in the picture above), then we recommend joining the team. It will take a little time to destroy it, but you will significantly strengthen the hero.

Arena (Arena) is a PvP activity where you will fight with other players. There are 2 tabs here, each giving 10 free tries. If you want to spend more fights, then you can pay for the entrance with diamonds. The arenas are divided into leagues, and the opponents are matched according to your fighting power. 3 players will appear on the screen, from which you can independently choose an opponent. Battles take place, as elsewhere, in automatic mode, and victory depends on the level of your pumping.

Here it should be understood that the players are monsters to me, and they are pumped (despite the same type of process) in different ways. Therefore, if you want to move up the Arena leagues, then you should strengthen, first of all, the main parameters of your hero (magician - attack, warrior - defense, archer - evasion).

Guild (guild) - there are both PvE activities (battles with monsters) and PvP activities. If you love swinging solo, then you won’t really lose anything without joining an alliance. If you are interested in playing in a community with like-minded people, then you can find an active guild for yourself. But only active, so that you can develop, communicate, conduct team guild adventures together. If the players in the alliance are not active, then there will be little sense from such a community.

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