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HERO WARS - Android game with release date 02/15/2017 from the company NEXTERS. Game Genre: Role Playing. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Heroes and Titans Calculator
  2. The Best Heroes to Rock
  3. Weak Heroes Better NOT to Download
  4. Who is worth downloading and who is not
  5. The best bundles of heroes
  6. Guide to the Titans
  7. A Guide for Beginners
  8. Wise Geek Tips

Hero Wars: Heroes and Titans Calculator

We want to introduce an interesting game service to the newcomers of the Hero Wars game - a calculator of heroes and titans. Here you can see all the main characters of the game and the titans. Before pumping the main team or some hero, we recommend that you look at its parameters for maximum pumping. Then it will immediately be clear whether it is worth downloading this or that hero. Titans, in principle, are all very good, but it will also be informative to learn a little more about them.

ATTENTION! The calculator normally works only on computers and laptops. He simply does not fit into the small screens of the phones. Sorry for the inconvenience. The service will help beginners to understand the variety of characters and titans, give an idea of ??the opponents (you can always see what the player expects in the Arena).

The main parameters for choosing heroes:

  1. Skills - by clicking on "+" or "-", you can see how the effect of the abilities of the characters changes with an increase in the skill level.
  2. Artifacts - affect the combination of characters in the team. Here, also, by clicking on an artifact, you can awaken him and see how he will behave at high levels, how much he will increase the main parameters.
  3. Gifts of the elements - you can see how much they affect the skills and basic characteristics.
  4. Equipment - you must click on the button "Put on everything" in order to display items of equipment on the hero.With increasing stardom, equipment should be changed. Each star will have new items that give an increase to the characteristics.
  5. Symbols - by clicking on the "+" next to each symbol, you can trace what to pump the hero in the first place.
  6. Skins - will show how the character will look in a new look, how many of them all and what they are for (what parameter they increase).

Hero Wars: The Best Heroes to Rock

It is immediately worth noting that all the heroes in the game create a balance, each hero is needed for something.But there are heroes who benefit the whole five, and there are characters who benefit only one hero. There are also characters who get at high levels, when the player has already assembled a team, and there’s no point in pumping them. There are also champions who lose their relevance in the later stages of the game.

Some heroes get out of the heroic chest, it’s hard to raise their level, you need to make real money. Players who do not expect to invest in the game are not recommended to pump such heroes.

You should download those heroes to whom the player will be able to take 6 stars (an absolute star).Many players neglect the stars. They think that stars are a secondary material that you can not swing, the main thing is to raise the level and skills. In fact, stars are very important. If a player has a hero who cannot take 5-6 stars, he is not advised to download it.


Good for the team - it takes energy from opponents, thereby preventing the ultimate blow from being brought closer. Increases physical attack to the entire unit with its 1 artifact. Creates a gap in space that completely absorbs incoming damage for 8 seconds. The hero beats with his skills opponents who are thrown into the air.Itself can toss enemies 1 skill. At the same time throws into the air 3 opponents with the least health.

K’Arh (Hero Wars) is worth downloading, because although he is a relatively new character, he managed to get the love of the players. It is difficult to collect it. Under it, you need to collect a certain bundle. It features great physical damage and impressive penetration of armor. Health does not exceed 300,000 units, and protection from magic is only 6,000 for full pumping. More - less protected from heroes who hit with a physical attack (physicists). Heals for a certain percentage of the physical damage done. An excellent physicist who can deal with highly pumped heroes of the enemy for the application of the ultimatum skill (ults).


Team Benefit - Jorgen is one of the most powerful fighters in the Arena. If a player wants to win tournaments and be among the first in the ranking, then this guy is definitely worth downloading. Jorgen calls Skull his 1 skill, which throws him into the front ranks of the enemy, causing them great magical damage. Amazed heroes cannot gain energy. 9 seconds is a lot in the Arena, during which time his team can advance well and crash the ult.

With the second skill, he gives his ally 2 times faster energy. Places a shield that absorbs a good percentage of physical damage. The third skill is very interesting. Jorgen curses his opponents, choosing the center of the curse of the farthest enemy (almost all the heroes hit him last). All damage within 10 seconds will be transferred to the center of the curse. If the enemy has Helios last, then the enemy will lose the most powerful attacking hero. In other words, Jorgen begins to break the pack from the end.

4 skill Jorgen steals part of the energy from the enemy. This passive skill fires every hit. With his 1 artifact, Jorgen adds a magic attack to allies. It’s good to place heroes with high magic attack with him. Has a lot of health and protection. It can act as a tank (melee fighter, covering the whole team).

Jorgen (Hero Wars) is worth downloading because he is one of the most powerful and multifunctional heroes in the Arena and in other activities.


The role is a fighter.

The main characteristic is agility.

You can get it at the Grand Arena store.

Interaction with heroes - suitable for any physical team. Works well in the Tower with Galahad.

How to download - 3, 1, 2, 4 skills and 2 artifact to the maximum.

Slot - 2.

Application - many experienced players believe that the Chaos Chronicles are built around Ismail. It is not replaceable at the Arena, it can go through the Tower alone, it helps a lot in the Company and in the physical bosses of Outland.

The team benefits - with its 1 artifact it increases the chance of critical damage to the entire unit, has vampirism, is practically invulnerable, because it has a high attack and attack speed, due to which the healing percentage is increased. It can take a demonic form, thereby increasing the chance of a critical strike and attack speed. He has average health, but due to vampirism he survives for a long time, has medium armor, which also helps to survive. It is characterized by huge physical damage, which almost no hero in the game can compare with.

Ismail (Hero Wars) is worth downloading , although it will not be easy, but judging by the reviews of many players, the game mechanics are built specifically for this character. He can play the role of a tank, has a powerful attack, in the solo passes the Tower.


Download first - 4, 2, 3 and 1 skill. The outfits are all useful, but the basic one is a priority. It can be pumped to a purple rank to unlock 4 skill. Enough for him, his main role is to prevent the Allies from dying. Artifacts - if it stands with physicists - 1 to 4 stars, if it stands with magicians - 3.

Team Benefit - Labels the enemy with his 1 skill. Allies falling into a labeled hero will restore their health by a certain percentage of the damage done. Prevents an ally from dying, giving him 20% of his health with 2 skills.Mostly restores the life of the tank, but can save other characters.

3 skill Dorian releases a flock of bats. The mice attack 2 times and return to the owner, bringing him 100% health points (that is, how much damage was taken, so much was brought to Dorian). This skill Doria deals significant magic damage to the enemy. Restoring life to himself, he can give more to a friend in the unit.

The most useful thing in Dorian is 4 skill and is the main one. The hero has an aura that heals nearby allies all the time. The mechanics of the ability are as follows - if an ally falls under the aura and causes serious damage, then he will restore his health. The more damage a friend has, the more often and more he regains his health. With an artifact, he increases the physical attack of the team, but this is not the main thing in it.

Dorian (Hero Wars) is worth a swing. Yes, Dorian, in fact, is a hero that many collect for money (donat), but this is the only character in the game that is worth investing in. This is the only normal healer in the game.


The role is the tank, support.

The main characteristic is strength.

You can get it - this is a very affordable hero, soul stones fall in the Company, for daily entry into the game, in events, for completed tasks.

Interaction with heroes - will be good in any team.

Application - come in handy in every activity, showed excellent results in the Arena and the Grand Arena.

Slot - 1.

What to pump in the first place - the basic look to level 90, then switch to barbaric (to build armor), then the demonic look. Symbols - strength, armor, health, protection from magic, magic attack. Skills 4, 3, 2,1. Artifacts - you need 1 artifact to make three stars, then in priority 2 and 3 artifact.

The team benefits - as a tank, it fully performs its work. Plus still provides invaluable benefits, like support.Astaroth 4 skill can resurrect an ally or himself 1 time per battle (3 times in the history of the Company, 1 time per round). Imposes a shield on the allies that protects the team from physical damage. The shield saves the magicians on the back line from physical attacks. Works particularly well as a counterweight to Jorgen’s transfer.

2 skill reduces the energy of the farthest enemy, thereby delaying the moment of his ultimate ability. Astaroth’s passive ability gives him the opportunity to take part of the physical damage from the weakest enemy at that time.When transferring damage is reduced by 2 times. Thus, Astaroth becomes a counterweight to Jorgen and will not allow a friend to die. His 1 artifact gives armor to the whole five.

Astarot (Hero Wars) is worth downloading , because it is easy to get, has irreplaceable qualities, It is useful in a team. He can easily take an absolute star, in which he will be a powerful and powerful tank with an impenetrable shield.


Role - mage, support.

The main characteristic is intelligence.

You can get it from the Company during the passage of chapter 11.

Interaction with heroes - Helios does not have penetration of protection from magic, therefore, he needs a character in the team who gives this penetration (Orion, Judge).

Application - it has the highest magic attack, it showed excellent results in the Arena. Will help to pass the magic bosses in Outland.

Slot - 5.

What to rock first - starry is very important to him. Maximize the base look. Skills - 1, 2, 3, 4. Artifacts - 1 and 2 as much as possible.

Good for the team - with its 1 artifact, it gives armor to all allies. The first two skills deal significant damage in the front ranks of the enemy. Skills are effective against heroes with weak protection from magic (K’Arh, Ismail, Aurora and others). 3 skill creates 2 spheres that protect the closest allies and absorb physical damage. 4 skill reflects 84,500 physical damage (on full pumping) in the enemy who struck at an ally. Valid while the target is active. With this skill, he can resist Ismail if he does not create a rift.

Helios (Hero Wars) is worth downloading because it is one of the most powerful attacking heroes. Yes, he has little health and no penetration of protection from magic, but in combination with Orion he will work wonders.


Role - Mage.

The main characteristic is intelligence.

You can get it at the Tower store.

Interaction with the heroes - Helios, Nebula, will be good in any magic five.

Application - any activity, Arena.

Slot - 3, 4.

What to pump in the first place is to fully pump over the basic look, the symbols are intelligence, protection against magic, breaking through protection against magic, further in the surroundings. Artifacts - 1 to 3 stars to give a bonus to everyone at 100%, 2 and 3 to the maximum.

Benefit to the team - 1 artifact gives the entire team breaking through protection from magic. The first three skills inflict huge damage over the area, while reducing the attack speed for a certain time. 4 skill in the passive mode adds energy to the hero after each hit, which gives him more often to beat. If it stands with Dorian, it will constantly nourish health from the aura.

Orion should not be on slot 5, as Jorgen’s carryover and Joo’s attack quickly kill him.

Orion (Hero Wars) is worth downloading , because it is not difficult to get, deals great damage, has very fast attacks. Gives the unit penetration of protection from magic.

These were the main characters, which are most often seen at the Arena in the TOP. Now we will talk about equally useful heroes who are slightly deprived of the attention of the players, but also deserve trust and perfectly fulfill their function.


Ziri (Hero Wars) is worth downloading , as this scorpion has a huge amount of health and can protect the team for a long time. Ziri is an excellent tank, which is on a par with Astarot and Tesak, not very inferior to them in terms of parameters. When fully pumped, it has almost a million health units. It has a minus - at the height of the battle it can hide under the ground to restore its health. She has excellent skills in the arsenal, among which there is one that allows Ziri to increase her health and armor. This allows you to hold the blow longer, which is very significant for the tank.

It can cause all enemies to cause damage only on it, which is also very good. It is difficult to obtain, as it is bought in a guild war store and from a heroic chest. But since Ju is also sold there, they mostly choose to buy him (good tanks can also be obtained at the Company for free). 1 artifact gives additional armor to the unit.


Joo (Hero Wars) is worth downloading because he is the best physicist - a shooter in the game, often criticizes, can be healed himself. It will easily take its rightful place in the team of physicists. Joo is a serious and powerful physicist in the role of a shooter. But it does not differ in outstanding parameters, but it has excellent health for the shooter (about 640,000 units at maximum pumping). It can take a longline form in which it does more damage to opponents and accelerates Joo. Probably, this is the only decent shooter in the game (for some reason, the developers have ignored this class of heroes, and she sags after level 90). With a skill, a fighter restores his health after leaving a demonic form.

It can concentrate on the farthest, and mean the most powerful adversary. 1 artifact adds a critical hit. Works well in conjunction with Ismail and Galahad, who also have a critical hit. It can be obtained at the Guild War store.

Astrid and Lucas

Astrid and Lucas (Hero Wars) should be downloaded , as this couple can quickly and easily deal with the opposing team in the Arena. Astrid and Lucas are a popular couple, but are considered 1 hero.Astrid has Lucas, who can take on a fierce form and hold the blow of the enemy. This is their core skill. 2 skill increases the speed of attacks for yourself and your pet. All other skills are involved in 1 skill and complement it. 1 artifact adds armor to the team. They are mined in the 14th chapter of the Company, by this time the players already have an excellent five pumped. But if there is a desire and opportunity, then you can pump them.


Kira (Hero Wars) is worth swinging because she has a massive attack, and hits all opponents. Due to her abilities, she accelerates her attack, therefore she hits more often. Kira is a relatively new hero. It is obtained in the 4th and 7th chapters of the Company. Collect it is not difficult. Feels good in a physical team and 1 artifact adds physical attack to allies. She is a shooter. With the right leveling, it can attack all enemy heroes at once (3 of her skill "Ricochet"). She showed herself well in the Company, in Outland and in the Arena. If Kira breaks the opponent’s armor with her basic attack in battle, she deals additional damage, which depends on the pumping of 4 skills.


Nebula (Hero Wars) is worth downloading because it is an indispensable support in many teams. She herself does good damage, plus increases damage to allies. Nebula - in terms of parameters, it does not differ from other heroes. Her main role is the support of the allies, with which she copes splendidly. She has good armor when fully pumped (more than 23,000 units). Has a good dodge and an average amount of health (320,000 units). Increases nearby allied magical and physical attack for 5 seconds. But she increases magic attack more. Also heals them and removes negative effects. 1 artifact increases the physical attack of the entire ally.

It can be put in any mixed pack. 1 skill throws a ball at a team of opponents. It will depend on the player in which area it will explode, because it is activated manually. At the Arena, where everything takes place automatically, the ball reaches the last opponent and explodes there. Nebula has a good physical attack. It is recommended to put Nebula on the 3rd or 4th position.


Martha (Hero Wars) is worth downloading , although she is a new character in the game, she has already received the attention of experienced players. She has good prospects in the game. Martha is a great heroine, in whose arsenal she has excellent skills and good parameters. She will accelerate allies 1 skill "Vow of the foremother." She can stand instead of the tank and defend the team from the enemy Joo, who can concentrate on the distant enemy.

It is recommended to put it on 5 or 1 position. Martha heals herself well and heals allies just as well. Martha will have to get from a heroic chest. It can put a totem on which opponents do not hit (but it can be destroyed by a massive blow). Totem heals the weakest adversary.


Faceless (Hero Wars) is worth downloading this hero , but for certain teams. He is a rather specific character and not everyone will like it. If K’Arh is scheduled to appear in the team or there are powerful fighters without breaking through the protection from magic, then you need to definitely download it. Faceless is a very interesting character, not superfluous in many combinations. He has almost no armor. From magic when fully pumped, it is also poorly protected. But the most important thing is his skills.

The first skill copies the last applied ability of any hero on the battlefield (including opponents). The second skill throws up the closest enemy (mostly a tank). Throws the enemy in the center of the enemy camp and deals him good damage. This is his main combination with Q’arh. 4 skill passively increases magic attack. You can buy it in the Friendship store. Gives the team a breakthrough defense against magic with its 1 artifact.

Krista and Lars

Krista and Lars (Hero Wars) should be downloaded , because this is a ready-made bundle. Relatives in the company get it, although at a high level, they can fall out of the heroic chest. But to swing them is parallel to each other. Krista and Lars are two heroes whom it makes no sense to rock one without the other. According to legend, this is a brother and sister. All their skills are harmoniously intertwined and complement each other. Their skills are quite interesting. For example, Krista can tank (play the role of a tank). She is one of the few heroes who, not being a tank, can withstand the onslaught of opponents. She does this with a block of ice, in which she hides. An ice floe significantly reduces incoming damage.

3 the skill deals damage to the enemy team with the help of ice spikes along which opponents move, and the movement of enemies along the spikes is facilitated by Lars, which causes a storm and pulls the enemies together. Enemies are in a heap, Krista applies 1 skill, and deals ice damage to all enemies, then can spike thorns under their feet. Krista has 1 artifact on a magic attack, Lars - on breaking through the defense against magic, which is useful to many heroes in the game. Krista puts marks on the opponent, on which Lars hits.


Cornelius (Hero Wars) is worth downloading if a player wants to play in the Arena with opponents whose power is several tens of units greater than the power of the player’s team. Great against the magic team. Cornelius can be bought in the Friendship store, which simplifies its pumping. Cornelius - unfortunately, only experienced players choose him, but he was undeservedly deprived of his attention. Yes, he does not have outstanding abilities and parameters, but can be of great benefit in the battle with intellectuals.

The first artifact gives the team protection from magic, this is true for those characters who do not have this protection. He has an impressive magical attack. 1 Ability hits an enemy with the highest Intelligence Score. 2 skill hits the opponent with the largest attack, while reducing it by 12 seconds. Also, with his 3 skill, increases the magic defense of the entire team for 6 seconds.

Hero Wars: Weak Heroes Better NOT to Download

There are heroes who clearly show their usefulness. But there are heroes who in 90% of cases do not bring benefits to the whole team. We have selected several characters that should not be downloaded (except for Galahad, we will talk about him separately). These heroes can be seen in the five on the Arena, but players with these heroes do not rise high in the ranking ladder.


Positioned as a shooter who fights on the midline. His main characteristic is dexterity. It would seem that a dodger - a shooter should inflict a ton of damage and incinerate the enemy with just one look. But not here - it was, the main characteristic of "penetration of armor" he does not have. But not only this is its flaws. Breaking through the armor can be given to him by another hero. His main minus is his abilities.

1 Dante’s ability launches a spear that flies through the entire enemy formation and deals damage, which decreases with each subsequent target. In fact, this skill only charges opponents with energy, without causing significant damage to enemies. Thus, it brings the ultimate foam closer to the opponent (Why do they love Jorgen? He pushes the moment of the ults).

2 ability "Morok" . Dante puts a shield on himself and becomes invulnerable for 2.5 seconds. This time is close to the time of the attack animation of almost any fighter except Chaos. The time between attacks is 2 times longer. And so the chance that the "Morok" will work idle is very high. In addition, almost always Dante is second or third, and since he is not suitable as a tank, this ability becomes completely useless.

3 The Spiritual Connection ability is the only ability that truly benefits. She randomly accelerates one ally for 4 seconds. Usually, this is the second shooter or mage on the back line.

4 Dante’s ability , the most useless of all the abilities of the Hero Wars. The skill "Phantom Pain" is called. She passively increases the agility of all allies by 480 units. It would be a plus if he increased dexterity by at least 1000 units. And 480 is a statistical error that is removed by 2 strokes (for example, Qing Mao).

Dante (Hero Wars) should not be downloaded , because this hero only 1 skill out of 4 will benefit the team, the rest are useless or, conversely, harm the overall cause of the squad.


The player will receive this hero at the start of the game. She is positioned as a healer who fights on a long line. The main characteristic is intelligence. She copes with the role of a healer simply disgusting. Many players claim that it is simply not replaceable in the Tower, but Ismail is best suited for the Tower (you can put Galahad to it). Now we are talking about Thei, as a separate character, and not a bunch of Thei + Ju. It becomes clear about her already when passing through the 2nd chapter of the Company, where she stands on the sidelines, causes minimal damage to opponents, until it reaches the turn to activate her skills, the unit’s floor will be dead. And if they stand still, then she heals very little.

Her abilities, even those pumped, will not fix the situation much:

  1. Sanctuary of the Sun - in fact, it should heal all members of the team. In fact, on a full pumping, it gives a total of 37,000 treatment units for the entire five. This is a drop in the ocean, if, with a full pumping, the heroes’ health is higher than 250,000 units, and the attack exceeds 30,000 thousand (for the weakest fighter). If you look at the statistics in the tower, you can see that the tank has 5-6 times more damage than Thea healed.
  2. Healing Ray - Thea launches a healing ray at an ally with the lowest health, while restoring 50,000 units of health when fully pumped. What are these 50,000 for the strike of Helios or Ismail? In addition, this skill works so rarely that it cannot affect the outcome of the battle.
  3. Vow of Silence - puts marks on opponents that impose a silence effect for 3 seconds. In fact, with this skill, Thea charges the enemy team with energy, approximating the moment of the ult. In this case, the ability works if the enemy has less energy than Tei. And since it is the last, the energy accumulates slowly.
Energy at the time of the start of the battle for all heroes accumulates almost equally. Therefore, at the time of applying such useless effects, the approximation of the ultimate ability is delayed by 3 seconds, while the enemy receives an energy charge from the strike, which gives an advantage in favor of the opponent. Abilities trigger as energy accumulates, the faster the energy scale fills, the faster the hero will be able to use the most powerful skill. Therefore, many players do not take the five heroes who have "idle" abilities.

1 artifact gives protection from magic for 32,000 units, which in itself is not bad, but absolutely useless for physical heroes. Thea is a healer and should be useful to all heroes.

Thea (Hero Wars) should not be downloaded , because it is very dependent on the situation that has developed at the moment in battle. Therefore, you should not count on a permanent result. But if the player has a well-pumped Joo, then this hero will work perfectly together with her.


A lot of discussion arises around this character. Someone claims that if you make a game around it, and count the rest of the heroes in support of Ginger, then it will almost take down the entire pack of the opponent in one volley. One could agree with this statement, if not for one "BUT". If you put a character against it (you can 2) with 1 artifact on massive armor (for example, Astarot), then all 7 shots of her main ability, "Lead Storm", will fly into the "pipe".

A lot of players claim that Ginger is useless. But here you can not agree. In the early stages of the game, she is very strong, both in the Company and in the Arena. Up to level 70, she does wonders. Ginger is especially useful in the Tower and with Outland bosses. There, even at high levels, there is completely no armor for the opponents. With the level of growth of the heroes, Ginger’s influence decreases, the competitor’s armor grows, and she doesn’t have penetration of the armor.

Someone says that if you put Elmira or Qing Mao with her, then everything will work out right there. But not here - it was! If you put Astarot, who with 1 artifact completely interrupts the entire penetration of armor granted by the red-haired beast.

Armor that exceeds, breaking through 3000 units, reduces all incoming damage by 50%. In the case of Ginger, this is 7 volleys of 50,000 damage units (on a full pumping), they only charge opponents with energy, causing almost no harm. The thinnest pumped heroes have a minimum of 3,500 units of armor.

The remaining abilities are focused on attack, but do not differ in high power. Collectively, we get a bag of smoke and bright New Year’s crackers.

Ginger (Hero Wars) should not be downloaded , because it will sag strongly after level 70 and will lag behind other characters. But at the start of the game, when the player is just starting to master the Chaos Chronicles, and he will get it from the heads of the Company, then it is worth taking it with you to the battle. It will help to get more powerful characters, which can then be raised using the bottles of experience. She does not need to pump out skins or artifacts, because the resources will be needed to replace her.


A shooter with very ambiguous parameters, which at first glance could compete with the best heroes of the game. But, as always, the developers, for the sake of balance, went too far with tar in a solid and strong barrel with honey. If you look at its characteristics, the following picture emerges: Fox is a pretty good shooter, whose indicators allow you to break through armor, inflict damage and sometimes give critical hits. There is everything: gorgeous penetration of armor (23000 units for full pumping), solid physical damage of 71000 units. Critical Chance of 48000 units. So far, everything is very good, but if you go deeper, you can understand why the players do not choose Fox as the main five.

Fox’s one problem , and not only hers, is that her role falls on the arrow. And this class is the most distressed in the game. A huge number of heroes’ skills fall on the back line, which mercilessly burn 1 turn. In addition, the shooters have very little health. UFox the number of lives on a full pumping is only 141,000 units. One "carry" Jorgen, and she falls. Even the powers of Astaroth will not be able to save her in this case.

Fox’s 2nd problem is her skills. They are so inexpressive that it would be better if they were not:

  1. Blast wave - fires a huge projectile at the nearest enemy, which deals physical damage and knocks the target back. In fact - this is a normal attack from the hand + 10%, 79000 damage is received. Drops the target briefly, the rows do not move. If the developers added stunning for a couple of seconds, then it would be very good, as well as a very weak skill.
  2. Shrapnel - shoots a target with a projectile that explodes and deals damage to nearby enemies and slows the competitor by 2 seconds. In fact, Shrapnel deals 10,000 points of damage (it would be better if she hit with her hand).
  3. Kanonada - makes 6 shots, hitting all opponents in turn. Damage per shot - 22,000 units, this is so small that she cannot kill, cannot finish.
  4. Saboteur - also does not differ in a large attack, inflicting 28000 damage on the enemy. In this case, the explosion that she produces may not reach the opponent.

Fox (Hero Wars) should not be downloaded , because her skills interrupt good damage from her hand. Undoubtedly, Fox can take place among the good shooters of the game, if you work on it, it will cause enormous damage (since all symbols and artifacts contribute to this). But only that. Experienced players believe that the game is not worth the candle, there are more worthy characters for the role of a shooter, if one is needed.


Got the role of a magician who fights on the back line. Mages are now addicted to half of the players. And they mainly show their best side. But this does not apply to Kai. We went over several options for the fives to find a useful combination for Kai. It turned out that Kai can only play with K’Arh, he is no longer capable of anything. You can even say so: Kai acts as a 100% support, which does not cause any damage with its ultimate skill, but creates all the conditions for causing damage to Q’Arch. It would be clear if the description of the hero was given information that he supports only 1 character. But it is written that he is not just a magician, but a genius of magic! It is worthwhile to figure out why he was awarded the following title:

  1. Shackles of the Wind - Kai releases a whirlwind that throws opponents up and causes damage. It is this ability that allows him to play from K’Arh. But without it, it is simply useless, as it is tied to the level of the opponent. Deals only 49000 damage when fully pumped, excluding the effects of resistance. In addition, this ability can interrupt the ults of other allies (for example, Phobos).
  2. Breath of the Abyss - Deals 30,000 units of magic damage to nearby rivals. This is more than a hand attack, but for a magician, a drop in the ocean.
  3. Explosive sphere - Kai lets an exploding sphere into the nearest enemy and deals 32000 damage, which is very small. After the explosion, the sphere deals an additional 34,000 points of damage. Basically, the skill hits the tank, which it will not even notice, and the magic damage from the explosion will go further, where it will probably be protected.
  4. Alien life - gives Kai vampirism, but with such skills the hero will not receive much return.

Kai (Hero Wars) should not be downloaded , because, he will only occupy a place in the top five, will not inflict the substantial damage that is required from the magician. At the same time, it will periodically interrupt some abilities of other characters. K’Arch in a bunch is better to put Faceless (much more benefit from him).


Positioned as a tank. There can be no unequivocal opinion, but the fact that this character is not up to the tank is noticed by all experienced players. He is one of the most popular tanks in the game. Galahad 1 artifact adds to the team a physical attack, which makes it a highly specialized specialist. He looks good in the physical five. But if you put it to the magicians, then the player will greatly lose from its effectiveness.

The characteristics, at first glance, there are no complaints, but if you look closely, you can notice a few minuses. If everything is in order with health and protection, then with armor everything is not so good. But what about a tank without armor? Of course, there are tanks with less armor (Aurora, Tesak, Rufus, Ziri). But they are specialists, and Galahad is a station wagon. He has a critical hit, but during the time of the popularity of Helios, which with 1 hit breaks the face of Galahad, makes the hero even less relevant.

Galahad has vampirism, which should compensate for the lack of armor. But in fact, he fights with the same tanks, so the restoration of health is very small. All the skills of the tank are aimed at attacking, and the 4th skill gives it a total of 1150 units of increase in armor for a full leveling. This is very little that can be considered, and there are no 4 skills.

But if you choose the right five for Galahad, you will get a very good fighter. At the same time, he needs to fully pump 2 and 3 artifacts.

Multifunctional team:

  1. Galahad - in the role of a tank.
  2. Elmir - will give everyone breaking through the armor. With a break through, Galahad will do more damage, therefore, heal more.
  3. Jorgen - damage transfer.
  4. Joo - will give everyone a chance of critical damage. And Galahad will add physical damage to Joo.
  5. Helios - will give armor (can be put against Ismail and Elmira in conjunction). Will give allies physical protection.

The team against the team where Ismail stands first:

  1. Galahad.
  2. Elmir.
  3. Jorgen.
  4. Dark Star.
  5. Helios.

Team against physical unit:

  1. Galahad.
  2. Elmir.
  3. Mojo.
  4. Jorgen.
  5. Helios.

The last three magicians will complement each other.

Galahad (Hero Wars) is worth downloading , because this is the first hero in the game that a gamer will receive. He will go with the player many heads of the company, so it will swing by itself. Moreover, at the start, apart from him and Astarot, there will be no worthy candidates for the passage of the Company. In the role of a tank, it is recommended to put Astaroth, and Galahad in 2 slots. Galahad with Ismail easily pass the Tower. This is a very good hero for those who are not going to invest real money in the game.

Galahad (Hero Wars) is not worth swinging , because at high levels it will sink significantly compared to other tanks. With his 1 skill, he opens access to the back rows of the squad, which is very bad.

Hero Wars: Who is worth downloading and who is not

There are still heroes who show good results at the start, and later other heroes outshine them. We created a table on the heroes of who should be downloaded (who will benefit) and who is not.

In the game, there is a balance among heroes and heroes bought for big real money are, in principle, equal to ordinary free heroes. In this sense, players who pour money (donate, donators) have no advantages. Therefore, if the player does not plan to donate, then you can do without these heroes.
HeroIs it worth it to downloadDescription
Aurora.It’s worth a download.An interesting tank, has a high dodge, in some fives it will be indispensable. Gives dodging to the whole team. For instance: Aurora, Judge, Jorgen, Lars, Helios. Aurora can be obtained in 1 - 4 chapters of the Company.
Phobos.It’s worth a download.An interesting hero, easy to get, easy to download. It will be relevant at any stage of the game. It takes energy from opponents, paralyzes them, heals allies. Useful character. Gives protection against magic. Drops out of the Company.
Daredevil.Do not download.At maximum leveling, he has only 144,000 health, a small chance of critical damage, and has outstanding skills.
Heidi.It’s worth a download.Not a bad mage, with average performance. Gives the team a dodge. It can be set in conjunction with Aurora and Orion, which gives a break through the armor. It can be obtained in the 4th chapter of the Company.
Chubba.Depends on a situation.The hero is ambiguous, acts as a tank, can swallow the enemy for several seconds. But with maximum pumping, it greatly sags on health and armor.
Arachne.Do not download.Many may disagree, but having approximately 280,000 health units for a tank is not allowed when fully pumped. It does not cure from strokes.
Mojo.It’s worth a download.The player will be able to get the mage in 1 - 4 chapters of the Company.Interesting character.Gives the team a breakthrough of magic protection. It has control, heals allies, inflicts significant magic damage.
Referee.It’s worth a download.Available at Arena Store. Enhances one’s magical attack and reduces it to enemies. It does not have outstanding parameters, but it can be reanimated with the correct five. For example, Aurora, Judge, Jorgen, Lars, Helios.
Dark Star.It’s worth a download.One of the new characters, the shooter, has interesting skills. It has control over the enemy, and it does good physical damage. Put her in the physical five. Can be bought at the Arena store.
Artemis.Do not download.The player will receive it at the start of the game, it is easy to pump it.But to level 50 - 70, she will give up her position. While there is no one better, you can go through the Company with her.
Marcus.It’s worth a download.Great healer. If not, Dorian will help the team well. Available at the Grand Arena store. Not popular, because Ismail is on sale in the store, and it’s difficult to collect 2 heroes from the Grand Arena without taking good positions in the ranking.
Peppy.It’s worth downloading if it falls out of the chest at the start of the game.It’s very difficult to get it. It’s hard to download. It can be a great counterbalance to Ismail. But there’s no point in specially pumping it after level 90 of the team.
Liane.Do not download.A mediocre magician, especially sold in the Grand Arena store, where there are more worthy candidates for pumping.
Cleaver.Do not download if the player is going to play without a donut.In fact, Tesak, a good tank, copes well with his role. But you need to spend a lot and a lot of real money on it in order to pump it.
Lilith.Do not download.It will be difficult to raise stardom if you do not use real money for pumping.
Luther.Do not download.He’s going to Outland’s store. Better to spend coins on more important items in this store. Yes, and as a tank he is not strong, he can escape to the enemy, opening for several seconds access to the back rows. Galahad is stronger.
Qing Mao.It’s worth a download.A good fighter, with skills greatly reduces the armor of opponents (tanks) and gives penetration of armor, has good physical damage.Going from Outland Shop. You can get for entering the game.
Jet.Do not download if you do not fall out of the chest at the start.You can only buy it in the Soul store, after at least one hero receives an absolute star. There will already be a large level, and it does not make sense to download it from zero.
Mayan.It’s worth a download.A great character that is sold in the Arena store. Collecting it is not easy, but it has the biggest attack in the game, even more than Helios. At the same time heals allies, inflicts negative effects on opponents and gives protection against magic.
Elmir.It’s worth a download.Creates his clones in battle, gives the team breaking armor, has a good dodge. He can leave the clone in its place and run away, for example, to Dorian (if he is on the team) and restore health.
Rufus.Do not download if the player is not going to deposit real money into the game.It is sold at the Grand Arena store. It is difficult to assemble without investing in the game. While the player will pump Rufus, he will already have a pumped Astaroth or Galahad.
CelesteIt’s worth a download.Owns 2 forms: light and dark, she operates on them as necessary (heals her and cripples her rivals). Increases magic attack with 1 artifact. Drops out of the 14th chapter of the Company.
Satori.It’s worth a download.This is a counterweight to Jorgen, Orion and K’Arch. Has a good magical attack, which is distributed by 1 artifact to allies. It has excellent penetration protection from magic.
Andvari.According to circumstances.New hero. You can get it in a special event or get it from a heroic chest. It will be difficult to collect it without an infusion of real funds.

Hero Wars: The best bundles of heroes

We present some of the best fives that we met while preparing the material. They have different characters: those that are bought for real money, and those who can be obtained and pumped for free. All characters are selected by a combination of artifacts and abilities.

In the game, combinations of the first artifacts play an important role. Each character needs to pump 1 artifact to 3 stars, be sure that it works with a probability of 100%.

Powerful physical fives

First option:

  1. Ziri - gives the whole team armor.
  2. Ismail - gives a chance of a critical hit, which is important for Joo and for himself.
  3. Joo - increases the chance of a critical hit for himself and Ismail.
  4. Astrid and Lucas also give armor, and in combination with Ziri’s armor makes it more effective.
  5. Dorian - gives a physical attack to the whole team, the damage will be just magnificent.

The second option:

  1. Ziri - armor.
  2. Ismail is a critical strike chance.
  3. Kira is a physical attack on the whole team.
  4. Joo is a critical strike chance.
  5. Astrid and Lucas - armor.

The third option:

  1. Ismail is a critical strike chance. It stands first, therefore it will gain faster energy for the ultimate skill, and will begin to deliver critical hits (with good pumping). He will restore his health from his powerful attacks.
  2. Elmir - breaking through armor. Jumps into the aura of Dorian, restores health and returns back to line 1.
  3. Joo is a critical strike chance. Restores health from the aura of Dorian.
  4. Nebula - Using 4 skills, it will increase magic and physical attack.
  5. Dorian - gives a physical attack, which is good for a long battle, gives health to 1 of the allies.

This five is well suited for quick or protracted combat.

Fourth option:

  1. Ismail is a critical strike chance.
  2. Elmir - breaking through armor.
  3. Joo is a critical strike chance.
  4. Nebula - boosts physical and magical attacks. Enhances Ju, Ismail and Elmira.
  5. Jorgen - gives a magic attack, takes energy from the enemy.

Many may not like the fact that Jorgen is in 5th place. But in this detachment, its main role is to take energy from opponents. Attacks 1 hero, takes energy from him, thereby does not deflect the moment of the enemy’s ultimate attack. The advantage is that, having killed all the heroes, the enemy will get to the almost unscathed Jorgen, who still needs to be killed. And he has enough health and armor. Opponents simply do not have time to pick it out in time.

Powerful Mixed Fives

First option:

  1. Ziri - armor.
  2. Joo is a critical strike chance.
  3. Nebula - Strengthens Joo and Jorgen. Increases physical and magical attack to all.
  4. Jorgen - increases magic attack, takes energy from opponents.
  5. Marta - speeds up the whole team.

The second option:

  1. Astaroth - gives armor, resurrection, shield.
  2. K’Arh - boosts physical attack. 4 ability increases the top five magic defense.
  3. Nebula - Increases physical and magical attack. K’Arch beneath her is very painful.
  4. Jorgen - increases magic attack, takes energy from the opponent.
  5. Faceless - throws the hero up, preparing with this a bridgehead for K’Arch. Gives the entire team breaking through protection from magic.

Powerful Magic Fives

First option:

  1. Astaroth - gives armor to the whole team.
  2. Jorgen - increases magic attack, takes energy from the opponent.
  3. Orion - gives breaking through armor from magic.
  4. Dorian - here his main task is healing and aura for Orion and Helios.
  5. Helios - increases all magic attack.

This is one of the most powerful fives in the game. Of course, you have to download it for real money, but you can wait for a special event and drag Dorian into it.

The second option:

  1. Astaroth - gives armor and protection against physical attacks.
  2. Krista - increases magic attack.
  3. Jorgen - also increases the magic attack and removes energy from opponents.
  4. Orion - gives breakthrough protection from magic.
  5. Lars - gives breaking through protection from magic.

Orion and Lars break through twice the defense. Krista and Jorgen increase their magical attack, while Astaroth gives armor. All five are harmoniously connected. Moreover, Lars and Krista give more benefit to the team in tandem.

The third option:

  1. Astaroth - protection against physical attacks, treatment, removes energy from the farthest enemy. Gives armor to the team.
  2. Elmir - gives penetration protection against magic.
  3. Cornelius - hits the intellectuals. Reduces the magic attack and defense of opponents, increases the team’s defense against magic.
  4. Faceless - gives a breakthrough of protection from magic and 4 skill increases the magical defense of the team, reduces the physical attack to opponents.
  5. Helios - gives armor to the team.

Fourth option:

  1. Krista - gives a magic attack.
  2. Jorgen - also gives a magic attack. Together with Krista it works even more efficiently.
  3. Orion - gives a breakthrough of protection from magic, which is why magicians hit harder.
  4. Lars - also gives a breakthrough of protection from magic.
  5. Helios - Gives armor to the entire team, protecting 1 row.

There is no tank in the top five, it plays this role, but one should not be scared. The fact is that the team has 2 characters who can fulfill this role and deal with it well. Krista holds the blow with 4 skills, hiding in a block of ice for 2 seconds, and restoring her health. The lump absorbs any incoming damage. Jorgen is tanking due to the fact that he has the main characteristic - power. He has many aspects to improve strength. Jorgen has an excellent armor rating and excellent protection against magic. In addition, the team has two wonderful ligaments: Krista and Lars, Orion and Helios.

Powerful Fives with Lars and Krista

Relatives, relatively new heroes, they are created to fight together. Lars deals huge damage on Water marks, and Krista puts them at every opportunity. At the same time, Krista gives a magic attack, and Lars breaks through the protection from magic. Based on the brother and sister, you can collect great options for teams.

First option:

  1. Ziri - gives armor to the whole team.
  2. Krista - increases magic attack.
  3. Jorgen - also gives a magic attack. Together with Krista it works even more efficiently.
  4. Lars - gives breaking through protection from magic.
  5. Helio - boosts team armor.

The second option:

  1. Ziri.
  2. Krista.
  3. Jorgen.
  4. Orion.
  5. Lars.

The third option:

  1. Astaroth.
  2. Krista.
  3. Jorgen.
  4. Lars.
  5. Dorian.

Bundles for beginners

Heroes for the Tower:

  1. Galahad (Astaroth).
  2. Ismail.

Five vs Brog:

  1. Astaroth.
  2. Mojo.
  3. Heidi.
  4. Thea (or any healer).
  5. Phobos (Helios).

Team vs Ilissa Weaver:

  1. Astaroth.
  2. Ginger.
  3. Cornelius.
  4. Dark Star (Joo).
  5. Phobos.

Hero Wars: Guide to the Titans

Many experienced players advise you to join active guilds when you get level 30. It is in the guild that there is such a wonderful part of the gameplay as upgrading the Titans.

The Titans are additional heroes who help pass the Guild Dungeon. For activity in the Dungeon, they will give the runes that are necessary for pumping the main characters. Between teams of titans colorful fights are held.

Hero Wars: Leveling the Titans

How to get titanium? Titans are drafted in the guild in the circle of the call for the scope of the call. In the guild there is a Dungeon, which is passed by heroes and titans. For its passage, a resource is issued - titanite. As soon as the titanite scale (bar at the bottom of the window) is filled in the call circle, the player receives the call sphere. Call areas can also be obtained by completing certain tasks. A sphere can be purchased for crystals.

Titans are divided into 3 elements:

  1. Fire.
  2. Land.
  3. Water.

The skills of titans and totems are enhanced during an attack on a certain type of element:

  1. Water - attack on titans of Fire increases.
  2. Fire beats the Earth.
  3. Earth - beats Water.

Collect the five titans, it is necessary starting from this cycle. In total, the game has 12 titans, 4 representatives of each class.

What is needed for a good five titans?

You need to pump a great tank (Moloch, Angus or Sigurd). Each tank has its own advantages.

It is recommended to pump necessarily Hyperion. This is a representative of the water element. He deals massive damage to the back rows of rivals and heals the weakest ally. He needs to pump the attack, because the treatment directly depends on his damage. First of all, it is recommended to pump 1 and 3 artifacts. Well stands against Fire.

Titans that are aimed at damage should be higher in terms of leveling. That is, all resources will go exclusively to them. The remaining titans will play a supporting role for them.

For Elemental Tournament

It is recommended to take a team to the element tournament:

  1. One strong representative of the Earth (Angus or Eden).
  2. One fiery fighter (Moloch or Araja)
  3. The water should be Hyperion.
Against the fire five, it is recommended to put Hyperion and Mairi (he weakens the attack of all enemies).

For Guild Wars

  1. Sigurd - receives invulnerability and is well worth it.
  2. Angus - defeats all opponents for 8 seconds, causing periodic damage.
  3. Nova - deals massive damage to the back rows and stuns enemies for 4 seconds.
  4. Ignis - Strengthens the allied attack.
  5. Silva - she simply attacks and complements the three elements of the Earth for the appearance of the totem.

You can change Silva to Hyperion and Ignus to put at the end of the five, then the Water totem will appear.

In fact, all titans are good, but some of them are more useful. For example, Hyperion from Water gives healing to allies, Araji accelerates the team. Titans such as Volcano (Fire) and Silva (Earth), in addition to attack, do not give additional advantages to the team. Therefore, they are pumped, as an addition to the main characters.

Effective Five Under Earth Totem

  1. Angus.
  2. Araji.
  3. Sylvia.
  4. Avalon.
  5. Eden.

The meaning of protecting the team is the appearance of the totem of the Earth. Araji contributes to the frequent appearance (accelerates the five). The totem also appears faster, because there are 4 titans of the Earth in the squad. Eden deals tremendous damage to enemies with its stone block (it is important for him to pump 1 and 3 artifacts). The main thing here is a pumped totem, otherwise its appearance will be meaningless.

Mixed team of titans:

  1. Moloch.
  2. Eden.
  3. Sylvia.
  4. Angus.
  5. Hyperion.

This combination will help the player to win the Element Tournament and the Guild War more than once. Moloch, getting to the ultimate skill, calmly turns off the enemy tank. If the opponent has 2 - 3 tanks, then the chances of victory are even higher. Moloch has a very powerful attack, which greatly affects the titans of the Earth. Angus attacks on all enemies. Silva needs to swing the attack (1 and 3 artifact). Eden has very interesting abilities.

It is important for titans to increase stardom, which will strengthen and significantly increase the basic characteristics of titans.

Hero Wars: Valley of the Titans

The Altar of the Elements is a place where you can open the spheres of the titans (they are issued free of charge for completing certain tasks with the titans). By opening the spheres, you can get parts of titan artifacts, parts of elemental spirits and totems themselves.

Elemental Tournament is a special Arena for the Titans, where teams of all game servers battle. The battles take place in 2 stages:

  1. Attack - the player who attacked will act as an attacker, if he does not finish the battle in a certain time, then he loses.
  2. Defense - now the players switch places, and the attacking player takes the place of the defender. If he can hold out on time, then he wins.

The tournament starts every Monday and ends on Friday evening. All players score points for victory and participate in the overall ranking, the results are summarized at the end of the tournament. For the first 10 places, players get great prizes. Other participants receive gifts, which depend on the rating.

Elemental spirits are a place where totems can be awakened and improved. There are 3 totems in total:

  1. Land.
  2. Water.
  3. Fire.

Totems improve in level and stardom. Stars can be obtained for parts of the spirits of the elements, and level up for trophies of the Guild War.

Totems can be called up for battle if the team has 3 representatives of one of the elements. The more representatives, the more often a totem appears. Totems have their own skills, with which they inflict damage at the command of the enemy.

Titan artifacts - Titan artifacts are improved here. Each titan has 3 artifacts:

  1. Provides elemental damage.
  2. Gives elemental armor.
  3. Increases the basic parameters of titanium.

Artifacts need to be improved, starting from the role of titanium in the game. If this tank, then it is necessary to improve armor and protection.

Artifacts affect the development and power of the titans.

Merchant - here you can purchase the necessary items:

  1. Stones of the souls of heroes (Nebula and K’Arh).
  2. Chest of appearance stones for heroes.
  3. Artifact coins.
  4. Chaos Core - for improving artifacts.

Hall of Fame - here are the best five players of the Tournament of Elements.

Hero Wars: A Guide for Beginners

The main goal in the game is to collect a magnificent five, which will occupy first places in the ranking of the Arena. In order to start to occupy high places in the ranking, it is necessary to study the gameplay and game mechanics.

The most difficult thing is to choose the right heroes, distribute resources between them, correctly build the five titans.

Experienced players advise from the very start of the game to invest resources only in those heroes whom the player was definitely going to lead to an absolute star.

How to upgrade heroes?

There are a lot of heroes in the game, each of them costs a different number of soul stones. Souls get in different activities or in their stores. Those heroes who need more soul stones to summon are considered one of the best heroes. In fact, even the most easily accessible characters can outshine expensive characters with their abilities. Some heroes can only be obtained in special events or for pouring money into the game. Accordingly, pumping them will be very difficult.

It is important for heroes to pump stardom, which rises beyond the stones of souls. The new star will significantly increase the main characteristics of the character.

Pumping heroes is a long and laborious process. It takes place in several stages, and consists in increasing the power of the character. According to the level of power of each hero, rivals in the Arena and in the Grand Arena will be selected. Each hero has a series of basic characteristics that affect his behavior in the game:

  1. Intelligence.
  2. Agility.
  3. Force.
  4. Health.
  5. Physical attack.
  6. Magical attack.
  7. Armor.
  8. Protection from magic.

Other aspects will to one degree or another increase the main characteristics of the hero.

The main thing in the game is not investing real money, but competent and correct pumping of heroes. You need to understand what characteristic and why you need to download the first thing for each of the heroes. What needs to be pumped right away, and what should be postponed until later, some parameters can not be touched at all. Only then will the player have an advantage.

Hero’s rank - must be increased to unlock skills and improve characteristics. Each rank requires its own set of equipment, which can be obtained from the Company or purchased in activity stores. There are several ranks and they differ in color:

  1. Gray.
  2. Green.
  3. Blue.
  4. Purple.
  5. Orange.
  6. Red.

The level of heroes rises in the Company. To increase the level, it is necessary to pass the stories and chapters of the Company by heroes who need to pump experience. Experience can be gained from special potions of experience. They can be obtained for tasks passing the Company. For potions of experience, you can raise the level of any hero. For example, a player passes the Company with five characters, but he needs Ismail to successfully complete the Tower. But starting the Campaign first under Ismail is not quite a hunt. Therefore, you can drink it with potions of experience right in the hero’s window and not be tormented with the passage of chapters. You can raise a good level to the hero and never once bring him to the battlefield.

At the start, it is better to choose 1 hero whose stones will be collected from the missions of the Company. So the player will save a lot of time, a lot of energy that falls on the search for only the right things.

Skills are the abilities of a character, his super blows, which are activated in battle. Their effectiveness is influenced by the main characteristics, as well as the skill level. Skills are active (manually activated by the player or in auto mode initiated at a certain point by the system). Passive skills are activated at the start of a fight or at a certain point in time when all conditions are met for activation. Skills can impose positive effects on a team of allies and negative effects on a team of rivals (debuffs).

Each hero has 4 skills. Each skill opens at a certain rank of the hero:

  1. The first skill is immediately available.
  2. The second skill is available at the green rank.
  3. The third skill is available at blue rank.
  4. The fourth skill is available at the violet rank.
Some skills depend on the level of skills of opponents, therefore it is necessary to pump all skills as far as possible. Of course, you must choose from 4 one of the most important, which will bring more benefits to the team or do more harm to the enemy. First you need to raise the maximum level of the selected skill, then select the next one in importance and pump it already.

Artifacts. They can be obtained in the Airship by completing daily missions and opening the Valkyrie Blessing chest. Artifacts need to raise stardom and level to improve the basic characteristics.

Experienced players recommend first of all to raise 1 artifact by 3 stars. It is this artifact that gives the whole team an increase in parameters. For example, breaking through armor protection from magic or armor. On 3 stars, the probability of applying a bonus increases to 100%.

Each type of artifact needs its own resources, which can be obtained from expeditions in the Airship. They pass easily. You just need to select a specific mission, send a team (here it is necessary to observe the required amount of power, if you do not collect it with heroes, then the mission will not be available). Artifact fragments can be purchased from a merchant in the Airship and in the Valley of the Titans.

The faces. Each character has from 1 to 3 looks, which, when the level is increased, give an increase to the main parameters. Characteristics of the skins work regardless of whether the character is dressed or not. Forms increase for the stones of faces that are obtained from bosses in Outland:

  1. Illisa Weaver - gives stones of the appearance of the Force.
  2. Brog the Conqueror - Gives Dexterity stones.
  3. Vajar the Incinerator - gives stones of the appearance of Intelligence.

Skins can be accessed from chests in Outland.

Symbols - are improved by a runic monolith, which can be obtained in the forge of the guild. Symbols become available for upgrade from level 10. There are 5 different characters for each character.

Symbols are recommended to be improved, starting from the main characteristics and the main role of the hero in the game. For example, it is important for tanks to first pump armor, then protection, health. If the ability to hit the ability depends on the parameter, then you must first download this symbol (for example, an attack or protection from magic).

Elemental Gifts - These options are available after the player receives the titans in the guild. Gifts of the elements improve 3 main characteristics:

  1. Agility.
  2. Force.
  3. Intelligence.

To increase the level of gifts, sparks of power of the titans are used. Sparks can be obtained for the improvement of the titans.

Better to pump the main five heroes. Do not spray on other characters. At the start, you need to wear only the main characters (the things that are given to the character remain with him forever, even after raising the rating, they simply disappear). Many items are needed to create a piece of equipment. If there is great team power, then you can take good places in the Arena, even with the worst heroes.

Key Activities

The company is the first activity that a player will encounter once in the fascinating world of the Chaos Chronicles. From the Company, the player receives equipment and soul stones of heroes. There are currently 15 chapters that need to be completed as needed. There are no special recommendations for the passage of this activity. It is necessary to take 5 characters and go through stories.

Stories in which the stones of the soul fall can be completed only 3 times a day, while other adventures can be completed without restrictions. There is a mode of passage "Raid". You can get this mode by purchasing access for real money.

If you need to find the right thing, you just need to click on the item and click "Find." After that, the player will be provided with several stories of the Company where it is possible to get equipment.

Airship - here you can get artifacts, improve them and buy several heroes in the store. Every day, for free, you can get a key from the Valkyrie that opens the chest. From the chest, you can get not only fragments of artifacts, but also resources for their evolution or raising the level.

Outland - Opens at level 25. Divided into 2 parts:

  1. Robbers - are divided into several gangs. It is recommended to pass with the most difficult bandits. If the team could not win, then you can try to defeat the next squad.
  2. The owners are three bosses, for the victory over which stones of appearance are given. Each boss has his own stone. Bosses have their own characteristics.

Ilissa Tkachikha - this boss is recommended to be passed by heroes with massive damage and good health. Immune to magical and melee attacks. It is better to go through the arrows. The boss periodically releases small spiders on the heroes who attack the team. The spider has control over the enemy.

Brog the Conqueror - is immune to physical attacks. Has the ability to drive through the entire team of the player on his boar, stunning and causing damage to the heroes. Has immunity to control.

Vajar the Incinerator - is immune to magical attacks and does not allow ranged heroes to fight. It is recommended to pass fighters and tanks. Has immunity to control.

Tower - Opens at Team Level 40. This is the main source of gold in the game. You can pass the Tower with any normal five, provided that all the heroes are well pumped. The level of the Tower directly depends on the level of the player’s team. The higher the level, the more difficult the opponents in the Tower.

The main mistake is the level of the team is much higher than the level of heroes. For example, the account level has reached 70, and the characters trample on 50 levels. In this situation, the Tower is very difficult to pass. It is necessary that the heroes lag 2 to 3 levels from the account.

The command for passing the Tower (if there is no pumped Ismail):

  1. Good tank. For example, Astarot.
  2. A healer is needed so as not to die (Maya, Dorian, you can take Thei too).
  3. It is recommended to pump Faceless. Even if the player does not have plans, put him in the main team. You can just raise the level and pump 1 skill (enough for the Tower).
  4. It is necessary to put heroes who do good damage.

Five example:

  1. Astaroth.
  2. Elmir.
  3. Mayan.
  4. Arachne.
  5. Faceless.

Hero Wars: Wise Geek Tips

You should not take all the experience from daily tasks. Over time, when passing the Company and completing daily missions, enough experience will be given to increase the level of the team. But if the level of the account is much higher than the level of the heroes, this can badly affect the game process. For example, many heads of the guild take players with a high level of the team, but in fact it turns out that the heroes are at 20 (and sometimes at 30) levels. If the level of the team is much higher than the level of heroes, then this will have a bad effect in the Tower, where the power of opponents depends on the level of the e-account. The player simply will not be able to go through some floors.

It is recommended to take the team level wisely so that you can simultaneously swing heroes.

You should immediately join the guild. At player level 30, access to the guild will open. You must join the guild as soon as possible. It is recommended to choose an active team. Runes that are very necessary for pumping characters of heroes will be issued for activity, without them full pumping is impossible. It is necessary that the guild takes 3 runes per day.

The titans will become available, improving which the player will receive another resource for pumping heroes - sparks of power of the titans. This is a very important resource for increasing the Elemental Gift, as everyone uses it. If it is not used in pumping heroes, then the heroes will lag behind in development from other characters of the same level.

It is necessary to pay more attention to the heroes of the first line (tanks, fighters). This does not mean that all resources must be invested in these heroes, and leave nothing to others. But, if possible, they should be a priority for the player. Since the tank is the heart of the team, if it falls, the five will be quickly cut out. Therefore, tanks need to pay more attention.

What needs to be done in the game for those who play without donations (real money)? From the very first moment of the game you need to stock up resources as much as possible. Everything that gives a player in the Guild should never be taken from the mail, especially the energy and soul stones of heroes. No matter how tempting it is, it is necessary to leave resources until special events.

You should never run for high bosses in Outland, you should not bring to such a state. that the player will not be able to pass more than one boss. It is not worth winning prizes in the form of emeralds and stones of appearance. The player will be able to pick up all this in due time. It is always recommended to leave weak bosses to maximize the performance of events.

It is necessary to accumulate coins of the Arena, Grand Arena and Friendship so that there is a margin for events that often occur in the game. It is necessary to save the keys of the chests in the airship (pieces 10 - 15).

In events, it is advised to spend energy and materials only on necessary things. If the player does not need a reward, then there is no point in completing the task.

How to resurrect a titan? Very often, players ask this question. We answer - no way! But, if a player passes the Dungeon in the company of Astaroth, and the titanium falls, then only this hero can pick it up during the battle. In other cases, this is not possible.

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