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King’s Choice WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

King’s Choice is an RPG from ONEMT. Immerse yourself in the realities of the royal life of the Middle Ages and increase the power of your country. To achieve your goals, get and upgrade knights, build relationships with partners and raise heirs. In this colorful game, you will rule the country, simultaneously participating in PvE and PvP activities, as well as fighting as part of the Alliance. Distinctive features of the game: excellent art and music, interesting plot, convenient and addictive gameplay.


  1. Beginner’s Guide
  2. How to get a lot of resources?
  3. How to get knights?
  4. Knight leveling guide
  5. Ways to get partners
  6. Conducting Patrols
  7. How to improve partners?
  8. Guide to participating in ball events
  9. Guide to raising heirs
  10. How to hold the wedding of the heirs?
  11. Daily Quests
  12. Campaign walkthrough (outpost battles)
  13. Banquet Rules
  14. Arena Battle Guide
  15. Participation in the war of conquest
  16. Alliance Guide
  17. Dragon Treasure Event
  18. Building roads in the Alliance
  19. Guide for donators, VIP system
  20. Pros and cons of the game

King’s Choice: Beginner’s Guide

What is this game? You are a young Ruler who will have to resolve court conspiracies, get rid of enemies, find allies and achieve the prosperity of his own Kingdom. Faithful knights and partners will help you with this. To achieve your goals and take high places in the ratings, you need to upgrade your heroes, participate in game activities and do not forget about the constant increase in resources in the royal treasury. How to start the game correctly, we will tell further.

Game server selection. After installing and logging into the game, you will be taken to the newest game server by default. The servers are divided into European and American, due to the time difference, which may be important for some temporary activities. Choose the server whose time zone is closest to yours. Be sure to start the game on the last open server, best of all - even on the day and hour of its opening. This approach, combined with an active start, will provide you with amazing results and high places in the rankings.

You can practice mastering the game on any of the empty servers, and then, after opening a new server, create your main character on it and start increasing the power of the Kingdom, taking into account all the shortcomings and mistakes made earlier.

Character creation and appearance change. Initially, you choose the gender of the Ruler and the version of his appearance that you like. If you want to change your appearance later, you will need to apply a change of appearance card. You will receive a free card by mail in the first days of the game. Subsequent maps can be purchased for 500 gold in the in-game store or received as a 7-day login reward (for newcomers only). To change the appearance of the Ruler, click on the avatar in the upper left corner and click on the rounded arrows on the left side of the screen.

Attributes of the Ruler and the power of the Kingdom. Power is the most important indicator of your Ruler, which determines his influence and strength. It is formed from a set of values ??of four attributes:

Your task in the game is to upgrade the above attributes by obtaining and improving knights, giving birth and raising offspring, obtaining new partners and increasing intimacy with them. See all your statistics on the current pumping of indicators in the Ruler’s profile.

Upgrading the level of the Ruler and increasing the rank. To upgrade the level of the Ruler, you need to accumulate prestige. You can get it in several ways:

Increasing the level of the Ruler improves his rank. As the rank increases, the limits for performing state affairs in the Ministry increase, as well as the limits for collecting grain, silver and hiring soldiers. In addition, when moving to a new rank, you can receive an additional letter of recommendation with a new knight.

To constantly gain prestige and increase the level of the Ruler, do not forget to complete daily tasks every day and fight in battles near the outpost as often as possible.

Right start strategy. In order for your game to be successful, and the level of the Ruler and the attributes of the Kingdom to swing as quickly as possible, follow the following rules:

Don’t forget to link your account to your Google Play or Facebook account. When playing in guest mode, there is a risk of losing game data in the event of a technical failure or other malfunction of the device.

Main game currencies. There are 4 main currencies in the game:

You get the first three types of currencies in the ministry, when completing activities and for completing main tasks. Gold can be obtained for completing some achievements, opening the last chest in daily tasks, and also purchased for donations.

For completing the main tasks, you can get special resource coupons that are automatically sent to your bag. Use them to instantly exchange for silver, grain and troops. To do this, select the desired coupon in the bag and click "Apply".

Completion of the main tasks. Main tasks are always displayed on the main screen. These are quests aimed at mastering the game and related to the standard gameplay: leveling up knights, increasing intimacy with partners, completing battles at an outpost, etc. Click on the current main quest to view rewards and progress. Click "Go" to automatically go to the desired activity to close the next task.

your bag. The bag contains items received during the passage of activities and completing tasks. Check your bag often to apply important leveling materials, such as edicts for developing knight talents, in time. The bag has 2 tabs: items and equipment. The second tab is dedicated to crafting attributes to increase the maximum level of knights. To create the desired attribute, you need to get the required number of its components (collect them in rating events, purchase events and in shops).

Game bonuses. The game is rich in providing various bonuses, thanks to which you will be able to receive currencies and items necessary for the development of the Kingdom for free. Among them:

Keep track of the emergence of new similar gaming promotions. Their icons may appear on the left side of the game’s main screen. Participation always gives you an additional increase in game resources.

Ratings are a source of additional gold and prestige. The rating tower is located next to the ministry. Enter it as often as possible to worship the leaders of the rating and receive bonus gold and prestige. You can perform worship once every 3.5 hours. Ratings are divided into 2 categories with different subgroups: server and interserver.

Your mail. To get to the mailbox, click on the slide-out menu on the left side of the main screen, and then on the letter icon. Important notifications from developers come to the mail, but the most important thing is rewards for places in the rating and participation in promotions. Make it a good habit to check your mailbox once a day so that you can pick up gifts in time and use them in the game. Click "Collect All" to collect all attachments in emails in one click. Click "Delete Read" to free the mailbox.

All mail messages are stored for 15 days. Don’t forget to read them and collect all your rewards in time.

your settings. Press the gear button in the pull-out menu to go to the settings screen. Here you can:

It is recommended to give permission to display push notifications about the start of events in the Kingdom. With their help, you will not miss important temporary events where you can get rare rewards.

Profile customization. You have the ability to customize your profile with chat frames and an avatar (sold as part of game sets). You can also set as an avatar a portrait of your Ruler, one of the knights or partners. You can change the appearance of your Castle with the help of skins - get them when participating in temporary events.

King’s Choice: How to get a lot of resources?

Importance of the Ministry. In the Ministry, you collect and replenish the treasury with resources, and also decide state affairs at a meeting of the Government. In addition, dispatches about hiring new knights come to the Ministry. This building is unlocked from the very beginning of the game and will give you reminders very often when you complete new actions. Come here often to constantly collect new resources and upgrade the experience of the ruler.

Decision of state affairs. Open the "Government" section in the Ministry to take care of state affairs. Before you will be put questions of national importance, which you must decide as a ruler. For example, you can approve or cancel a tax increase or respond to a request for military assistance to a neighboring Kingdom. Depending on the solution chosen, you will receive a reward.

Very often, the choice of one option provides for obtaining prestige for pumping the experience of the Ruler, and the second - for obtaining a certain type of resource. Always choose the option that will be most beneficial for the development of your Kingdom, regardless of whether it meets the requirements of ethics or not. For example, if you are experiencing a lack of troops, then focus on the answers for which you will receive new soldiers. In all other cases, try to choose answers that give prestige to the Ruler.

Limit of state affairs. Upon reaching the limit of solving state affairs, they will need to recharge to accumulate the next batch of state issues. To resolve cases bypassing the cooldown period, use state letters. They can be obtained in activities and for completing main tasks. To use the state letter, click the "Apply" button and set the required number of letters. One government letter allows you to resolve one government case ahead of schedule.

Don’t hoard government letters and spend them as soon as they appear in your bag. The more affairs of state you solve, the more resources and prestige you can get.

How to increase the number of public cases available? For this purpose, you need to increase the level of the Ruler. The higher it is, the more government affairs will be available to you at the end of the cooldown period.

Collection of resources. Click "Collections" to start collecting resources and replenish the treasury of the Kingdom. There are three types of resources:

To collect, click the appropriate button opposite each type of resource and spend all attempts. The next gathering will be possible after a small cooldown, which can be skipped using the gathering decrees (obtain them from completing the main tasks, in temporary tasks and in the ranking event). After reaching the status of "People’s Ruler", you can collect all three types of resources in one click by clicking the "Collect All" button in the lower right corner.

If you want to significantly increase the amount of your resources, leave the game enabled on the collection page during AFK mode and collect each type of resource periodically. These actions will not greatly distract you from everyday affairs, and in return you will receive a full treasury. Use this tactic during short breaks from gaming when your phone is idle.

How to increase the amount of collected resources? To increase the set number of collection attempts, pump the level of the Ruler. Also, don’t forget to increase the attributes of the knights and the Ruler to get more resources at a time:

Keep in mind: when training troops, you spend grain. At the same time, the number of trained soldiers corresponds to the amount of grain spent. If you train soldiers more often than gather grain, you will quickly use up your food supplies. Avoid this scenario and keep an eye on the amount of grain received and consumed. It is best to have a little more than your soldiers.

Miracle. When collecting resources, you have a chance to summon a Miracle that will increase the resource you collect. Calling a Miracle is always random and depends entirely on your luck.

King’s Choice: How to get knights?

Meaning. Knights are the basis of your Kingdom and the most important factor for increasing its strength, passing battles at the outpost and pumping indicators that affect the profitability of the treasury. Knights have a system for upgrading and linking with partners, with each of them classified by talent and stardom. Below we will look at ways to get knights.

Receive letters of recommendation. By leveling up the Ruler, you receive letters with recommendations that open in the Ministry. The letter may contain a recommendation to appoint one knight or several (in this case, you need to choose one hero). The further you advance in the game and the higher the level of the Ruler, the more powerful knights you will come across in the recommendations. So, you will start the game by receiving 2-star knights, and later on you will be able to receive even 4-star heroes through letters!

The knights from letters of recommendation are unlocked in order. This means that until you get all 2-star knights, you can’t move on to getting 3-star knights, etc. After leveling up the Ruler, don’t forget to go to the Ministry to get a new letter!

Completion of the main tasks. Another easy way to get new knights is to complete the main tasks, which are always reflected on the main screen of your Kingdom. In other words, you simply go through activities and participate in the most important game events, periodically receiving new heroes as a reward. So you can get 2-star and 3-star knights.

Hero exchange. Here you exchange high quality 5 and 6 star knights for special rare items that can be obtained from various events. The exchange menu can be accessed from the main page of the Kingdom by selecting the "Exchange" button on the left sidebar. The exchange includes 4 sections:

Increasing the VIP level. Upgrade your VIP level with VIP points to receive new knights and partners as a gift. Each level has its own prize, including:

Gift of the first payment. When you first donate to the game for a relatively small amount, you will receive great gifts, including a 4-star knight Edward and partner Jocelyn.

Holding temporary events. Various temporary events periodically start in the game, during which you get the opportunity to unlock new knights. As a rule, in order to participate in them, you may need special items available in game activities. Just collect and accumulate all quest items while tracking the start of a new event. You will definitely need them.

You’ll receive your first 4-Star Dante Alighieri Knight on Day 2 of the 7-Day Newcomer Entry Event! On the 7th day of entry, you will also get Dante’s partner - Bays.

King’s Choice: Knight leveling guide

Starry knights. Stardom sets the maximum strength of the knight. In other words, the more stars he has, the higher his leveling threshold, which affects the possibility of increasing the knight’s attributes and the number of his talents. The very best knights of the Kingdom are 6-star. You will start your game by getting 2-star heroes, gradually opening up opportunities to acquire more powerful knights.

The power of the knights. The power of the knight includes the following parameters:

Might affects the damage dealt by the knight in outpost battles, hunting, and pirate invasions.

Classify your knights by power, level and talents. To do this, go to the general menu of the knights and set the desired classification parameter in the lower right corner. In the later stages of the game, classification will help you quickly find the right heroes and level them up.

How to level up knights? To increase the level of knights, use silver. Each knight can be upgraded to base level 100. To continue further leveling, apply special upgrade items: emblems, weapons and armor of various qualities (they can be obtained through crafting in a bag). As the level increases, the values ??of the knight’s attributes increase. The level improvement limit depends on the star rating of the knight. Check the box "Level 10 immediately" to increase the level of the knight by 10 positions in one click.

As the level of the knight increases, the cost of the silver used increases. For a more efficient use of resources, it is recommended to carry out all improvements evenly, so that all your heroes are approximately the same level. This will ensure faster growth of attribute values ??and increase the power of your Kingdom.

Attributes of knights. Each knight has a set of 4 attributes. This is:

The totality of attribute scores from each knight determines the overall values ??of the attributes of the Ruler himself. That is why it is very important to pump each hero, regardless of his stardom and talent.

Pumping the attributes of a knight with the help of codes. Click "Teach" on the page of the selected knight to use codes and upgrade attribute values. Codes have their own classification and differ depending on the quantitative increase in the value of the attribute and on the attribute itself, which they are able to improve. There are also random codes, upon application of which a random attribute will be pumped. All codes are stored in a bag. They can be used as described above, or directly from the bag.

When pumping attributes through codes, take into account the stardom of the knight, the progress of improving his talents and unlocking communication with a partner. Raising the attributes of heroes with high performance and an open partner will bring a much greater effect than similar pumping of other knights in the collection.

Knight Talents. Knights have sets of talents that correspond to certain attributes. Moreover, the higher the star rating of a knight, the more talents are available to him. Each talent has an individual star rating that cannot be upgraded. When a talent levels up, the value of the associated attribute is recalculated. Further, with an increase in the level of the knight, this attribute will give a greater increase in its indicator. There are three ways to level up a talent:

Knight decor. Get decorations of the knights in the Atelier to unlock new hero skins. Each skin grants attribute talent points and additional experience from using the decoration. The possibility of using a knight’s decor is available for knights from 4 stars and above. View the possibilities for obtaining decorations and the buffs they give on the page of the selected knight or in the Atelier (section "High Fashion").

Knight skills . Improve the skills of knights so that they show the best results in arena battles. To do this, use special skill points that you can get when training a knight at a university or in arena battles.

Pump the skills of your knights evenly, without focusing only on specific heroes. This is necessary due to the fact that in the arena all fighters are randomly selected. Accordingly, you will never be able to predict which of them will be sent into battle.

What is the aura of knights? Some knights have an aura that gives them attribute buffs. To increase the level of the aura, special items are used. At the same time, the effects of attribute buffs are enhanced. Attributes obtained through codes are not improved by auras. Aura types:

Teaching knights at the university. Send knights to study at the university, where they will gain skill experience and talent experience. Each training lasts 3 hours and cannot be accelerated. In total, 6 knights can be trained at the same time, while the first place for training is open by default, and the rest must be unlocked for gold. The opening of each subsequent place is more expensive than the previous one.

Use the "Teach All" function to send the same knights to study as the previous time in one click. This option will become available after unlocking 5 seats in the audience. If an empty space is left in the class when using the option, it will be filled by the knight based on its attributes.

Communication of knights with partners. Each of your knights has a connection with a partner from the royal chambers. As you increase intimacy with your partners, they will unlock new skills. Upgrading them for experience adds to the characteristics of the knight associated with it. To see which knight is associated with a particular partner, open her page and click "Connect". From here you can update the link and further upgrade the linked knight’s attributes.

King’s Choice: Ways to get partners

Partners. Partners are close companions of the Ruler, with whom it is necessary to pump certain parameters. Strengthening partners directly affects the knights and the overall power of the Kingdom. Also, thanks to partners, the Ruler receives heirs and continues his family.

Depending on the gender of the ruler, the opposite sex of his partners is established. Go to the Partners tower to see the collection of received partners and the general gallery of all possible partners of the game (tab "Unfamiliar"). All ways of getting partners will be considered below.

Obtaining partners at the beginning of the game. At the very beginning of the game, you get your first partner Beth (Jan) by default. As you progress through the storyline of the battles at the outpost, partner Kristen (Lance) will become available to you, on the 7th day of the game you will get partner Bice (Darren). In parallel with these partners, you will receive others for increasing the power of your Kingdom. Thus, the main way to get partners in the first days of the game is your active start.

How to get partners for leveling the Kingdom? As the power of the country increases, you will automatically receive a new partner in the chambers. Among them:

Getting new partners on patrol. Go on patrol as often as possible to meet random partners and increase your mutual intimacy. With the accumulation of proximity to the required indicators, the partner will go to your palace. You can view the current progress of meetings with potential partners and the process of accumulating intimacy with them in the patrol menu.

Getting partners for pumping the VIP level. By increasing your VIP level, you will receive gifts, including new partners and knights. Check out the full list of prizes in the VIP menu. In addition, by making the first game donation, you will receive a partner Jocelyn (Frank) and a knight Edward.

King’s Choice: Conducting Patrols

Concept. Patrol is a special game mode in which you visit various locations of the Kingdom and its environs, accept quests, meet future partners and meet citizens who can thank you with additional batches of resources. During the patrol, you are invited to go in one of four directions: north, south, west or east. Depending on the chosen direction, you will either trigger a random event or do nothing.

Patrol Conditions. During the patrol, stamina is consumed. In total, the accumulation of 3 units is provided. stamina that regenerates over time. To reduce the waiting period for the accumulation of endurance will help the elixir of luck, which can be obtained for completing daily tasks.

Increased patrol luck. The higher the luck in the patrol, the higher your chance for any event. With low luck, you can go through the entire patrol and not get anything, or run into trouble. Each patrol attempt consumes 2 units. good luck. Luck can be increased in the following ways:

For players of VIP3 level and above, 1 free daily attempt to increase luck is provided.

Review your patrol progress and rewards in the Patrol Log.

Meetings with partners. During the patrol, you can meet your potential partners. In this case, a random event will be triggered that will increase your proximity. When the intimacy reaches a certain level, you can invite a partner to live in your castle.

During the patrol, you can find evidence of 5 partners, and then meet them. You can view the received love evidence in the side menu on the patrol page.

King’s Choice: How to improve partners?

Proximity boost. Give your partners romantic gifts or ask them out on dates to increase your intimacy. The higher the indicator of intimacy between you and your partner, the higher will be the talents and qualities of your joint children. As intimacy grows, you will be able to unlock new intimate stages and get more partner connection, storylines with him, voice messages and poses. The maximum amount of intimacy that you need to get with one partner to open all the intimate stages is 1000.

Charm boost. Give your partners souvenirs to increase their charm. The more charm partners have, the more partner power points they will receive when meeting and at ball events. The amount of charm received depends on the quality of the souvenir.

How to give gifts to partners? Go to the tower of partners and select the one to whom you want to give a gift. Next, open the "Gift" tab and mark the desired item. There are 3 types of gifts for pumping intimacy:

It is best to give an equal number of gifts and souvenirs to each partner in order to evenly pump their performance and transfer them to new stages of the relationship. Thanks to this technique, you will be able to evenly increase the attributes of the descendants born from each of your partners, as well as increase the power points of partners for holding balls.

Partner connection. Each partner is associated with one of the knights in your collection - his portrait is displayed in the "Link" window on the partner’s page. Upon reaching a set indicator of proximity, you open a new type of connection between a partner and a knight, which can be improved for power points (get them at balls and meetings). Leveling connections with knights enhances one of the attributes of the latter, which additionally increases their strength, and hence the power of your state.

Love relationship with partners. After the charm and intimacy of the partner reaches certain values, you can increase your level of love connection. To do this, go to the general menu of partners, select the lower tab "Relationships" and then - mark the partner from the list for which the conditions for the increase are met. As the love affair grows, the attributes of your descendants will grow. The stages of the relationship, the conditions for reaching and increasing the attributes of descendants are reflected in the table below:

Relationship stageConditions for promotionChild Attribute Growth
Soul mateAffinity: 20,000, Charm: 20,000.+250.
Real loveAffinity: 10,000, Charm: 10,000.+190.
The perfect coupleAffinity: 5000, Charm: 5000.+160.
deep affectionAffinity: 3000, Charm: 3000.+80.
Crazy LoveAffinity: 2000, Charm: 2000.+60.
Great coupleAffinity: 1000, Charm: 1000.+40.
close partnerProximity: 500, Charm: 500.+30.
dreamy partnerProximity: 300, Charm: 300.+20.
romantic partnerProximity: 150, Charm: 150.+10.
Interesting partnerAffinity: 100, Charm: 100.+5.
First meetingProximity: 0, Charm: 0.0.

Holding casual meetings with partners. At random meetings with the Ruler, partners receive power points for pumping connections. Each meeting consumes 1 unit. energy that replenishes itself over time. The maximum limit of accumulated energy is 3 units. For early meetings and instant energy replenishment, use the genie. It can be obtained by completing Main Quests, Daily Quests, and Achievements. At each meeting, you will have a chance to go on a date and have a descendant.

Organize meetings as often as possible and don’t let them burn out. The more often you invite partners to meetings, the faster they accumulate power points, which means they get the opportunity to pump bonds with the knights.

What is a "Quick Meet"? A quick meeting with partners becomes available at the VIP-2 level. With it, all the energy is immediately consumed and a random meeting is held.

Keep in mind: a quick meeting never results in the birth of offspring for you!

Decor for partners. Each partner has an alternate outfit, which can be purchased at the Atelier by exchanging gold threads. Unlocked alternate robes increase intimacy with a partner by 200, and also provide an income boost to the corresponding partner at the ball (+40 exp from robe). To see your partner’s outfit options, go to his individual page and click "Decor".

King’s Choice: Guide to participating in ball events

How to take part? To unlock the balls, you need to complete Chapter 7 Outpost Battles. The entrance to the ballroom is located in the partners’ area. The ball event is held 12 hours daily. At the same time, you can visit the ball for free 5 times a day. Each partner can participate in the event only once per day.

If your application for the ball has been approved, you will not be able to cancel it or make changes.

Social strategies at the ball. Enter the ballroom and select from the list of partners who will take part in the event. After choosing partners, they begin to look for a partner for dancing among other participants in the ball. When a match is found, you need to apply a social strategy - i.e. respond to your companion in a certain way. Social strategies are:

The higher the charm of partners, the more they have a choice of social strategies. When couples choose their social strategies, the ball is over for them. If the couples do not choose a strategy before the end of the ball, the system chooses it automatically.

Event rewards. At the ball, participants receive partner power points, which are used to pump bonds with the knights. The number of points depends on the size of the partner’s charm. If both members of the dance couple choose a good strategy, they will receive an increased number of partner power points. If one of the participants chooses a good strategy, and the second - an evil one, then the second will receive more partner power points, and the first - less. If both participants choose an evil strategy, they will both receive a reduced number of partner’s power points.

Ball invitations. Click "Special Guest" and apply an invitation to the ball to send a partner to the ball and immediately receive partner power points as a reward. Ball invitations have no usage restrictions.

King’s Choice: Guide to raising heirs

How to get heirs? The only way to get heirs is by dating partners. Dating can be initiated in two ways:

An heir will not be born if you do not have free places for training! Be sure to check the free slots in the descendants’ castle before having a paid date for gold. Otherwise, you risk wasting the currency and not getting an heir.

The birth of a descendant, his talents and blessing. After a successful date, you receive a notification about the birth of a child. In doing so, you will immediately see the characteristics of his talents, which are determined by the level of proximity of his parents. Descendants with more talents have a higher maximum level of pumping and more power of the country. A newborn descendant must be blessed and given a name. You can enter your own name or leave it at random. After the blessing ceremony, you will immediately receive some experience of the descendant, as well as energy for his training.

Reach VIP-3 to unlock the Heir Rapid Development Perk.

Opening additional slots for training descendants. By default, only 1 slot is available to you in the descendants’ castle. This means that no matter how many dates you have with partners, you can only receive and send one child to study. To unlock more slots (and therefore get new children after dating), tap the "+" in the upper right corner of the descendants’ castle and pay gold to open a new place. The cost of opening each new slot will be more expensive compared to the previous one.

It is recommended to unlock all the slots in the castle of descendants in order to constantly raise new children and receive increases to the attributes of the Ruler. Also, don’t forget to check availability for descendants before arranging dates with partners. If you do not have free places in the castle, the child will not be born even with a date for gold.

Education of offspring. While in the castle of descendants, the child learns and gains experience points. Energy is also used for additional training. When the scale of the child’s current level is completely filled, it moves to the next level. At the same time, the maximum level of development of a descendant is determined by the number of his talents. With each increase in the level of the descendant, you get an increase in the attributes of the Ruler.

By default, you have 2 portions of energy for training a descendant. Energy replenishes itself over time. For early replenishment of energy reserves, use milk (you can get it when completing daily tasks, in achievements, in valuable packages, on expeditions, etc.).

Teach descendants as often as possible so that the accumulated energy does not disappear and is constantly accumulated for the next stage of training. In this way, you will be able to raise children much faster, constantly getting new additions to the attributes of the Ruler.

Rooms for the education of offspring. Initially, the newborn offspring is in the nursery. Other rooms of the castle of the descendants are: a fencing hall, a library, a meeting room and an art studio. You can move to any room by clicking on the desired slide at the bottom of the page.

Be sure to send older children to study in rooms that match their talent. In this case, the child gains experience and matures much faster. To place a child in the desired room, click on it, then click the "Submit" button and select a room marked with a bonus experience gain sign.

Growing up offspring. After reaching the maximum level, the descendants proceed to the maturation ceremony and receive a title based on their attributes. This is where the upbringing process ends, the children leave the descendants’ castle and go to the Royal Garden - here they can tie the knot with other descendants.

King’s Choice: How to hold the wedding of the heirs?

Conditions of marriage and its significance. The matured descendants are waiting for the matchmaking in the Royal Garden. They may marry descendants of other Sovereigns with the same title. Marriage gives both parties additional power of the country, equal to the combined characteristics of both descendants.

It is very important to start playing on a server where there will be players corresponding to your level of development of the Kingdom. Otherwise, you will spend a very long time looking for a mate for your grown descendants due to the large difference in power between your children and the children of other players on the server. There is even a high probability that you will not be able to find a party.

Wedding proposal. To accept or make an offer, click the "Arrange a wedding" button in the Royal Garden and move to the menu of the marriage arbor. Rulers need to spend special rings corresponding to the titles of their descendants, as well as gold. You can send a wedding proposal in two ways:

After setting the desired parameters and purchasing the rings, click the "Good" button, and the characteristics of your descendant will be able to see the circle of persons you have chosen.

Marriage proposal deadline. The wedding offer is valid for 24 hours. If the offer was not accepted or was rejected, all spent items will be returned to you.

To view your current marriage proposals, click "marriage proposals" in the Royal Garden. To see the entire list of your married descendants, click "Married Descendants". All pairs are listed here, as well as the attributes they give.

King’s Choice: Daily Quests

Concept. Daily quests are very important as they give you extra prestige to level up as a Ruler. Also here you get points for daily tasks that allow you to open chests with gifts and VIP points.

Types of daily tasks . These include:

Every day, the progress of completing daily tasks is reset. Have time to complete all the tasks from the list before the timer in the upper right corner runs out. Uncollected rewards are non-refundable.

Chests. For each completed daily task, you get prestige and points. After accumulating 15, 30, 50, 80 and 120 points, open the chests from the upper progress bar. These chests contain resources, stamina and energy replenishment items, government letters, gold, edicts, gifts for partners, and other rewards. The most important prizes from the chests are gold and VIP points, thanks to which you can upgrade your VIP level.

Ideally, you need to complete daily tasks to get 120 points and open the most prestigious chest, in which you will find 50 gold, an elixir of luck, random orders, beautiful and luxurious gifts for partners, a chest with prestige, and 10 VIP points.

King’s Choice: Campaign walkthrough (outpost battles)

Outpost. The passage of battles at the outpost is a campaign of the game, during which an interesting plot and relationships between the characters are revealed. After passing certain branches of the plot, you can even get a new partner. The progress of the battles at the outpost affects the unlocking of new game modes, the completion of main tasks, daily tasks and the receipt of the prestige of the Ruler.

Completing outpost battles is a great way to gain Ruler prestige. It is recommended to play the battles of the campaign as often as possible, subject to the rules for spending troops.

Structure. Each chapter of the battles at the outpost includes several sub-stages, the last of which is the battle with the "boss", i.e. with the key villain of this chapter’s storyline. The sub-stages themselves consist of several waves of battles. When you win on each wave, you get silver and prestige for leveling the Ruler. On the current battle map, you always see three indicators:

  1. The strength of your Kingdom;
  2. Available troops for battle;
  3. The amount of accumulated prestige. It is reflected on the scale, upon completion of which the Ruler increases in level.
Speed ??up the process of completing battles at the outpost using the "Next" button in the lower right corner of the battle screen. When you click on it, you will immediately see the result of the battle. After completing chapter 10 of the campaign, a quick battle mode will open for you.

Troops . Troops are inevitably lost in every battle at an outpost. Moreover, the higher the strength of your knights, the less they will suffer soldier losses. Track the indicators of the current number of troops and avoid situations in which possible losses are greater than the number of soldiers you have - this will lead your army to defeat. If you win, you have a chance to get Knight Attribute Codes.

The further you go through the chapters of the campaign, the more troops you will need for subsequent battles. In the mid and late stages of the game, be sure to collect large parties of troops in order to close all the battles of the waves of one sub-stage of the chapter. Otherwise, you will start to lose in the middle of the battle and waste those troops that have already entered the battle.

Boss battles. The last battle in any chapter of the campaign is a boss battle. Your knights fight him, and each knight can only fight the boss once a day. Add new battle attempts for your knights with the Call Icon. All used battle attempts are reset daily at 03.00 server time.

The higher the power of the knight, the more damage he deals in a duel with the boss.

King’s Choice: Banquet Rules

Concept. After completing Chapter 20 Outpost Battles, you will unlock the option to hold banquets. Banquets are festive events that other server players and members of your Alliance can attend. For holding banquets, you receive rewards: fame and banquet points, which can be exchanged at the banquet shop.

types of banquets. To hold banquets, you need to spend a certain amount of resources and gold. Banquets are of two types:

The difference between a family banquet and an official one is that the latter accommodates more participants and gives more rewards. You can purchase items for the banquet in the rating event, in valuable packages and in the banquet hall.

How to organize a banquet? Go to the banquet hall and click "Hold a banquet". You will be taken to the banquet organization screen, where you can select the desired banquet and send an announcement of its holding to the general and alliance chats. The banquet ends when the time expires or if all the places at the banquet are occupied. After the end of the banquet, all participants receive rewards: banquet fame, banquet points, gifts for partners, etc.

Evening banquet. The evening banquet is available to all players, and no special items are required to organize it. You can hold evening banquets every 3 days. Evening Banquet Guests receive the normal amount of Banquet Points, but Rulers who host an Evening Banquet receive only 30% of the total Banquet Points.

Banquet seats. Rulers sitting in royal and premium seats give you extra points. Buy royal places with gold. These seats can only be occupied by special guests who have arrived at your invitation. Rulers can even compete for premium seats. In this case, the decisive factor for taking a place will be the power of the country and the rank of the Ruler.

Banquet bench. Exchange banquet points in the banquet shop and get various in-game items here, incl. materials for pumping knights, resource coupons, souvenirs for partners, etc. You can update the assortment of the store for free 3 times a day. Further upgrades are possible only for gold.

Information about the banquets. Click "Banquet Info" to get the data:

How to attend another player’s banquet? There are 2 ways to attend another player’s banquets:

  1. Search for banquets by searching in the functionality of the banquet hall, incl. through the player’s UID;
  2. Track information about holding banquets in the world chat and the Alliance chat.

Click "Go" to go to the banquet. Next, choose a seat at the table and pay a fee (in gold and silver). You will receive banquet attendance rewards appropriate for your location.

Choosing a place of honor spends more gold, but gives the most valuable rewards, incl. 10% more banquet points.

King’s Choice: Arena Battle Guide

The terms of participation. The arena will open when you collect 15 knights in the collection. Knights who have reached the 60th level of development can participate in these competitions. However, when other rulers challenge you, all knights will appear in your battle list, regardless of their level.

To successfully participate in the arena trials, it is recommended to pump all the knights of the collection (even 2-star ones) to at least level 60. Ideally, you want to level each knight evenly.

How are battles conducted? One arena battle includes several rounds. In each round, you choose one of your opponent’s three knights to attack. The battle goes on until your knight or the opponent’s knight loses. During combat, a knight’s health is determined by their general attributes and their respective skills, while their attack is determined by their general talents and their respective skills. In addition, the probability and damage of a critical strike depends on skills.

It is best to choose opponents of knights who are weaker than you. Thanks to this, you will be able to complete win streaks faster and receive rewards. Choose non-belligerent opponents - without weapons in your hands, with books and scrolls. This is how you will have the best chance of winning.

Temporary buffs. Before the start of the battle, you are prompted to apply temporary buffs. They only work in the arena and increase your chances of winning. Temporary buffs can increase your attack, restore HP, increase your critical chance, etc. There are 3 types of buffs: weak, medium and strong. At the same time, you get a weak and medium buff for the medals of glory that you get during battles in the arena, and a strong one - only for gold. One temporary buff is valid for the duration of 1 battle.

Don’t get carried away buying temporary buffs with gold. It is best to purchase medium temporary buffs for medals of fame, and spend premium currency only on those in-game power-ups and items that cannot be acquired otherwise.

Random calls. Each knight can only be challenged randomly once per day. The ability to call is reset and updated daily. In the arena, you will have a certain number of attempts to replace the knight. The replaced knight will no longer be able to participate in the battle on that day. Raise the level of the Ruler and the level of VIP to increase the number of attempts to replace the knight.

Every day, four arena challenges are available with an interval of 1 hour between them. Once you’ve used up all of your Daily Call Attempts, you can refill them with Assignment Orders. One Summoning Attempt Replenishment item can be used for every 5 of your knights that reach level 60.

Awards. Upon completion of a victorious battle, you receive arena points. According to the arena points earned, the places of the Rulers in the arena rating are determined. After completing a series of victories, you are given three cards to choose from. Open them and get various items for pumping knights as a reward, incl. skill points for pumping the skills of a knight who took part in the battles. Rating rewards for battles in the arena are sent to the mail.

Challenges in announcements. When a knight defeats an opponent 20 times in a row, information about him appears in the announcements of the arena. You can challenge a knight from the announcements using a battle order. The number of items consumed will increase if the same knight is sent to fight again.

Revenge on the enemy. You can take revenge on the enemy if he defeated your knights 5 or more times. In this case, similar to calls from announcements, you can apply a battle order and challenge the opponent to a rematch.

Use the revenge options and call from ads wisely. If the opponent’s strength is much greater than yours, you will fight an unsuccessful battle and waste your order to fight in vain.

Search and attack. Use the chase order to chase certain Rulers, causing them to lose double points. The number of Pursuit Orders used increases if the same Knight is sent out multiple times in the same day to pursue or avenge. This number is updated daily.

Shortcut function. The Quick Call feature becomes available at the VIP-5 level. Before using the Quick Call, you will be able to choose which buffs to buy before the fight. The following rules apply when using this feature:

Protection. By spending a protection decree, you can send a knight to protect the selected Ruler. If the Ruler under your protection is pursued, your knight will stand up to protect him in the first battle. The protection effect disappears at midnight after the reset or when the protection knight fights.

Plateau of Exile. Knights exiled to the Plateau of Exile cannot be sent into battle. They also cannot be attacked. If the knight is already assigned to combat, he will be expelled after the assignment ends.

King’s Choice: Participation in the war of conquest

Appointment of knights. You can assign four knights, with each knight occupying one deployment slot, each with a different attribute.

The higher the talent level of the assigned knight’s corresponding attribute, the higher the conquest power bonus received.

Reinforcement. Three detachments of reinforcements can be allocated to each deployed knight. Reinforcements significantly increase the power of conquest of a deployed knight. The stronger the characteristics of reinforcements, the more bonuses they give. Reinforcement buffs only affect the rank power buffs of assigned knights. Unlocking the reinforcement option is possible after beating the battle in Tirana’s Castle.

Fight rules. Your knights will deal damage to defenders based on their knight strength and the strength of the rank buff. When the damage dealt is enough to defeat the defenders, you will get the victory.

Rating of passing the stage. The war of conquest consists of three ratings. Each time you complete a battle, you will receive a ranking and rewards based on the number of defenders you have defeated. Defeat more defenders to get a higher rating level.

Rewards for each rating can only be received once. When you get a high rating, you will receive rewards for both that rating and lower ratings. The next chapter will be unlocked after you get 3 stars on all stages of the current chapter.

Scroll of Valor. The first Ruler who manages to go through all the stages of the War of Conquest will be included in the Scroll of Valor. Rulers in the Scroll of Valor will receive exclusive rewards. When a Ruler is added to the Scroll of Valor, all Rulers from that Ruler’s server receive a reward.

King’s Choice: Alliance Guide

Joining the Alliance. After completing the 15th chapter of the campaign, you will be able to join the Alliance and develop together with other server players. Alliances are closed and closing. As a rule, the TOP Alliances of the server are closed and require potential participants to have a certain power of the Kingdom to join.

Your task is to join the TOP Alliances, since it is there that the most active players will be located, with whom you can develop your community and take part in all alliance activities.

Information about the Alliance, leader and members. Click "Information" to view your community’s statistics, manifesto, and announcements. If the Alliance is multilingual, use the automatic translation option to read announcements and other information in your language. Also in the information menu is the nickname of the leader of the Alliance. If necessary, you can write him a message.

Click "Members" on the main page of the Alliance to view data about its members. For each participant, the following is indicated: nickname, position in the Alliance, the power of the Kingdom, rank and contribution to the development of the Alliance. In the right part of the information field, the time of his last online is indicated. Click on the avatar of any Alliance member to view their full profile.

Use member information to track the activity of your Alliance. If in the community more than half of the participants did not appear online for 7 or more days, then this is a sure sign of an inactive and non-developing Alliance, from which you need to leave.

How to upgrade your Alliance? The Alliance has a level that can be increased by accumulating Alliance experience. The higher the level of the Alliance, the more opportunities it has. The best way to gain Alliance experience is to participate in its development.

Alliance development. There are two types of Alliance development: for gold and for an item. Each type of development can be used once a day. Development for gold happens:

Don’t forget to develop your Alliance every day. Not only does this help level up the community, but it also gives you the right currency for the Alliance shop.

What are Alliance Coins? Alliance coins can be earned for participating in various alliance events, as well as with the development of the Alliance. Spend coins in the Alliance shop to buy the items you need.

What is the wealth of the Alliance? Wealth is points earned by the joint efforts of all members of the Alliance. Used in various events within the Alliance.

Consequences of leaving the Alliance. After leaving the Alliance or being expelled from the Alliance, you will not be able to join a new Alliance or create your own for 24 hours. In addition, all Alliance Coins you earn will be reduced by 50%.

If you decide to leave the Alliance, then calculate the schedule of alliance events so that you have time to join the new community before the start of important activities. To avoid unpleasant situations and exclusion from the community, follow the rules of the Alliance, warn its leaders about your possible absence and do not forget to develop your Kingdom.

Impeach the leader of the Alliance. If the leader of the Alliance has not entered the game for 3 days in a row, other members can impeach him. If the leader of the Alliance enters the game during the impeachment procedure, the impeachment request is automatically canceled. The term of impeachment is 1 day. If the leader of the Alliance cannot enter the game that day, the participant with the largest contribution to development who initiated the impeachment becomes the new leader of the Alliance.

Alliance shop. Purchase a variety of in-game items from the Alliance Shop, from resource coupons to practice orders used in the Arena. Shop currency - Alliance coins obtained in alliance activities. Each item in the shop has a daily purchase limit, after which you will not be able to buy it again. The purchase limit resets daily and cannot be renewed early.

Alliance Chat. In the Alliance chat, it is very convenient to publish announcements about the marriage of descendants and holding banquets. So you can play a wedding or hold an event much faster. Also in the chat you can communicate on various game issues.

King’s Choice: Dragon Treasure Event

How to participate? Dragon Treasures is a permanent event available only as part of the Alliance. To run it, the leader of the Alliance or his deputies spend a certain amount of the wealth of the Alliance daily. Also, the leader, deputy or elite can spend gold to open this event. The activity itself is a battle with dragons (bosses) of different levels. Knights are on your side.

event levels. There are 10 levels of dragons in total:

The level of each dragon corresponds to the level of the Alliance, which is required to unlock this dragon. The higher the level of the dragon, the more difficult the path to it and the better the reward.

Battles. Each knight can challenge the dragon once per day. To add additional battle attempts, use the challenge icons. Daily spent attempts are replenished over time.

The more knights you have and the more they are pumped, the more damage you can inflict on the dragon.

Awards. During the battle, the knights receive a small reward. After killing the dragon guarding the chest, all Alliance members can collect its reward. The higher the difficulty of the dragon, the better the reward in its chest will be.

The leader of the Alliance can use the wealth of the Alliance to pump the dragon dungeon. After that, the boss in the dungeon will be strengthened by increasing his health, and the rewards for completing the dungeon of this level will be much better.

King’s Choice: Building roads in the Alliance

Construction rules. As a member of the Alliance, send your knights to build roads. For each sent knight, you receive rewards: development points and Alliance coins. To develop any of the sections of the road, knights of specific talents are needed. Every day you can send knights one time. Attempts to assign knights are reset daily.

How to send a knight to build? Go to the Road Construction menu of your Alliance. Here you will see a map of the area, divided into sectors. Each sector is marked with a talent icon - it means that only knights of the indicated talent can take part in the construction of the road in this area. You will see all the knights in your collection that have the required talent in the list on the page for a specific section of the road.

Use the highest talent filter to sort your heroes by the highest talent value. Sending knights with a high talent and a high level of development to build will increase your progress in building. The development progress scale is always indicated when clicking on a sector of a particular section of the road. Use Auto-send to send all knights of the required talent to the construction in one click.

Be careful when sending knights with multiple talents to build. If you have a choice about where to use the knight, choose the section of the road that requires talents that you have more. For example, if you have 10 knights with the Leadership talent and 20 knights with the Intellect talent, then those with both the Leadership and Intellect talents should be used in construction where the Intelligence talent is needed.

City awards. Create trade routes between cities and get rewards for this: the wealth of the Alliance and the prestige of the Ruler. After connecting all the cities on the current map, a new territory will open up for the Alliance. Map rewards and city rewards are updated on the first day of each new month.

Journal and construction rating. Click "Rating" on the Construction page to see the summary rating of the Alliance members who took part in the construction of roads. The rating is based on development points earned during construction. Click "Journal" to view today’s construction report.

King’s Choice: Guide for donators, VIP system

How to get VIP points? You earn VIP Points when you make in-game purchases with real money. Thus, you upgrade your VIP level, gaining access to a number of privileges, as well as exclusive gifts from developers. Among them: new knights and partners, as well as rare in-game upgrade items. Your current VIP level is always displayed below the avatar in the upper left corner of the screen.

For the purchase of the "First Purchase Pack" at the beginning of the game, you will receive great gifts - a new knight and partner, upgrade items, resource scrolls, and 99 VIP points.

VIP privileges. The full list of privileges looks like this:

Earn VIP points to participate in the shopping event and collect additional rewards.

Buying packages. Click "Valuable packages" on the main screen to go to the store with packages. There are two tabs here:

Visit the packages page every day to collect a free gift - "Lucky Bundle". By opening it, you have a chance to get from 10k to 100k resources or 100 gold.

Buying a weekly package. When buying a weekly package from special offers, you get the opportunity to perform the following actions automatically:

A weekly package is a great chance to develop your Kingdom, which will not miss a single opportunity for leveling, obtaining new resources and raising a descendant. We can say that with the activated weekly package, your only task will be to enter the game daily and use the collected resources.

A weekly package subscription can be transferred to another character on another server. Subscription bonuses will be activated automatically after the transfer.

Monthly and annual cards. Cards give a lot of VIP points, as well as the right to receive resources daily during their validity period.

If you are determined to play King’s Choice for a long time, then buying cards will greatly help you in the development of the Kingdom.

Buying gold. By clicking on the "+" next to your current gold value, you will be taken to the deposit menu, where you can increase your gold reserves directly. For the first replenishment, you will receive double the amount of gold, so it is recommended to purchase all sets one by one in order to collect the maximum amount of bonus premium currency. Topping up your account gives you VIP points, the progress of which can be tracked on the same page.

King’s Choice: Pros and cons of the game

You may have already seen games with similar gameplay, and in this regard, King’s Choice is not rich in innovation. You will need to build your Kingdom and raise it from scratch using the power of court confidants. In parallel with this, you will have to solve cases with your partners, raise children and do not forget to show your opponents who is in charge here. Despite the already familiar game base, King’s Choice is rightfully a very beautiful and well-made game.

You are invited to plunge into the secrets of the palace intrigues of the European Middle Ages and try on the role of the Ruler, who will always have the last word in any matter. The accompanying royal entourage, detailed locations, excellent musical accompaniment and very beautiful characters undoubtedly make this game worthy of attention. Choose King’s Choice to have a good time and have a good rest. Pros of the game:

Cons of the game:

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