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Lady Popular WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

Lady Popular Dress Up Game is an exciting online game about fashion, style and creativity from XS Software AD, designed for fashion and design lovers. In this game you can create and improve your model character by choosing the style of clothing, hairstyle, shoes and accessories. Players can participate in various fashion competitions, perform on the catwalk, win prizes and develop their own style. The game also offers the opportunity to communicate with other players, exchange fashion tips and participate in fashion challenges.


  1. Useful tips
  2. Guide for New Players
  3. Developing Your Model
  4. Secrets of the fashion world
  5. All available activities in the game
  6. Guide to donating in the game
  7. Game Settings
  8. Is it worth playing?

Lady Popular: Useful tips

1. Get training. Do not skip the first tutorial in the game, as this is a key moment that will help you master all aspects of the game, understand its mechanics and functionality, and also be aware of all the available activities for players.

2. Experiment and try different styles. Play with different combinations of clothes, hairstyles and accessories to create your own unique style and highlight your personality among other models. Don’t be afraid to experiment and show your creativity to be truly original in the fashion world.

3. Complete daily tasks. Try to complete daily tasks regularly, as they allow you to receive valuable rewards in the form of currency. These rewards will help you update your model’s wardrobe and make new and exciting purchases.

4. Explore all the activities in the city. Explore the city map, carefully studying the various activity zones. Each building can offer unique events, opportunities for development and interaction with other players. Don’t miss the chance to immerse yourself in the exciting world of the game and discover all its possibilities.

5. Take part in fashion battles. Actively take part in fights with other participants in the game. The main element of the competition is represented by fashionable battles. By earning more fashion points, you can win cash rewards.

6. Don’t forget to invest skill points. You can improve your model’s skills, which will be useful to her during fashion shows. Distribute points earned in various activities to various indicators. This will help you win fashion battles and get more prizes.

7. Arrange your home. The house plays a key role in the game, providing a constant dollar income while offline. Upgrading your home and buying new items, furniture and accessories will help increase this income. Be sure to start furnishing your home as soon as possible to make the most of this source of income.

8. Maintain your energy balance. You have two types of energy required to participate in a variety of game events. Participation brings various dollar and valuable rewards, so being active is important. However, the main problem is the limited energy: once it is used up, participation in events is impossible, and it takes time to restore it.

9. Try to participate in all temporary events. The game developers offer exciting events that will help diversify the ordinary gameplay. These types of events usually have a time limit, but provide unique rewards, such as clothing not otherwise available. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to such events and, if possible, taking an active part in them.

10. Join a gaming club. Joining a gaming club will allow you to team up with other players to develop faster thanks to unique activities available only to club members. In addition, you will be able to communicate and get advice from more experienced players in the fashion world, which will also be useful for your progress.

We hope you find these recommendations helpful in your fashion journey. Good luck in the game!

Lady Popular: Guide for New Players

Game features. In the section below, we will take a closer look at the main aspects and features of the game that give it its unique character and create an immersive gaming experience.

Limited collections. The store offers many unique collections from which you can choose what suits your style. 3 new collections are released every week, giving you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of fashion and choose the perfect outfits for the catwalk.

Frequent game events. Every week there will be an exciting event in the game where you can add beautiful items to your wardrobe and enjoy the gameplay. A variety of unique hairstyles and makeup awaits you at every turn. Traveling from the red carpet of Ancient Egypt to the Amalfi Coast, you’ll be immersed in beauty and unique style while shopping for the best of these destinations.

Beauty contests. Take part in the beauty contest by presenting your unique designs and win the recognition of discerning fashion connoisseurs. Evaluate the style of the other participants and express your opinion. Join the exciting world of design or the jury and find out who will be the winner on the fashion podium.

Taking care of your pet. Unique cute pets are waiting for you to dress them up and go explore the world. Shop for adorable outfits for your furry friends and use them to express your style.

Ability to play with friends. Spend time with like-minded fashion enthusiasts and make new friends who share your passion. Join the club to expand your social circle, chat and enjoy a good time with new friends.

Main goals of the game. In the game you will be transported to the exciting world of fashion, where you will have exciting opportunities to create your own model, striving for the heights of the fashion industry. You will be presented with a variety of boutiques with fashionable clothes, unique beauty salons, various activities and exciting battles against other models, as well as many exciting opportunities.

The main goal of the game is to lead your model to the heights of fame in the fashion world and constantly develop her skills and style.

Level of your model. Game levels play a significant role as they open up new features and activities for players. Levels are represented by a progress bar and special points that can be earned by participating in various game events.

How to get experience points:

Advancing your level also provides the opportunity to earn free model parameter points.

Gradual opening of content. There is a special dynamic to unlocking content in a game, where leveling up unlocks new gameplay options. When new players enter the game, they only have a limited set of activities available to them, but as they progress through the levels, players expand their active arsenal, unlocking more varied activities and opportunities, which greatly enriches the gameplay experience.

Yellow energy. "Yellow Energy" is one of two types of energy required for various game actions in the game. A unique feature of "yellow energy" is that its supply is always limited to 10 units and it is impossible to accumulate more.

Yellow energy plays an important role in participating in the game’s fashion battles. Each battle will require 1 unit from the player. Therefore, before taking part in the battle, the player needs to pay attention to his energy reserves and skillfully distribute its use to achieve better results.

Restoring yellow energy. After spending it, it is restored automatically by 1 unit every 15 minutes. Therefore, if you have spent all your stock, you can enter the game later.

Other recovery options:

Blue energy. Blue energy is also an important resource in the game, especially when participating in large beauty battles. Each such battle will require the player to have 2 units of blue energy to participate.

Restoring blue energy. By default, blue energy is automatically restored at 1 unit every 15 minutes, allowing players to return to active play after spending it. However, if a player urgently needs to restore energy and does not have time to wait, he can take advantage of the opportunity to purchase instant restoration for precious diamonds.

This will allow you to quickly restore your energy reserves and continue your gaming adventures without unnecessary delays.

Precious emeralds. Precious emeralds are one of the key game currencies in the game. They can be obtained by participating in the fashion arena and defeating other participants. For many players, precious emeralds become not only a symbol of success, but also an important resource that provides access to unique clothing options, new collections, and also allows you to purchase stylish furniture for your home.

You can get 1 precious emerald every day for watching ads. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Precious diamonds. Precious diamonds in the game are a special and rare in-game currency that can only be obtained in small quantities. However, the main and most reliable way to enrich your gaming wallet with diamonds is to purchase them in a special section of the store for real money.

What you can spend it on:

Game menu. When looking at the game screen, you will notice that the lower part is displayed in the form of a convenient list of sections through which you can easily navigate and carry out various actions. This intuitive interface helps you quickly find the features and controls you need, ensuring a seamless gaming experience.

Main section. The main game screen contains tools for changing the appearance of the model, game statistics, partner and pet menus, daily tasks, promotional offers, as well as opportunities for developing popularity skills.

You will be able to make key decisions, plan next steps, monitor the model’s progress and changes, and manage all aspects of its life in the game world.

Available section functions:

City section. On the city map, you will be able to navigate between different buildings, representing a variety of activities and opportunities for your model. Thanks to convenient navigation, you can easily and quickly visit fashion boutiques to update your wardrobe, beauty salons to take care of your appearance, furniture stores to create a stylish home, and much more.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the map for updates, because after each increase in the level of your model, new buildings with unique functions and capabilities may appear on it. Explore the city, find new places and develop your model.

Temporary events section. Your model’s Timed Events section will feature unique missions, events, and challenges that you can participate in for a specific period of time. Here you can receive special rewards, bonuses, unique items and other prizes that can improve the gameplay and experience of your model.

Hints from the game. Red dots on menu sections usually indicate new features, tasks, events or offers that may be interesting or useful to you. Don’t forget to check sections with these tags to stay up to date with all the updates and features.

Other options section. This control center is where you can interact with other players through chats, share with them news and impressions that your model causes. There is also an in-game mailbox through which you receive notifications about new gifts and promotions prepared by the developers for you, as well as a place where your inventory with boosters and other valuable items that will help you progress through the game is stored.

There are also game guides to help you understand basic mechanics and strategies, as well as game settings so you can customize the game to suit your preferences.

Don’t forget to check your model’s mailbox to make sure you haven’t missed anything important.

Lady Popular: Developing Your Model

Model selection. When you first enter the game, you will be given the opportunity to choose from different character models. You have the choice of any available model, and in the future you will be able to individualize its appearance in accordance with your personal preferences and desires.

Popularity skills. These characteristics of your model play a key role in its success in battles and events. There are six main options in which you can invest your resources and develop them to ensure you have an excellent position in future battles and events.

Be attentive to the hints in the game. If the characteristics of your model do not meet the required level of development, you will be warned that you need to increase these parameters.

Available model parameters:

Increasing parameters. You can develop the basic skills of your model’s popularity. This will require gold coins or dollars, which can be obtained by completing various tasks, participating in events, or increasing the level of your model. Both currencies can be used to improve your model’s skills and stats, which ultimately contributes to its success in battles and game events.

Increasing the model’s popularity parameters requires a large amount of resources as the level increases. This is due to the fact that the development of each specific skill requires more and more points to improve.

It is important to effectively manage your resources and invest them in the development of key parameters of the model.

Additional ways to receive:

Parameter boosters. Using boosters can be a very effective way to temporarily improve your stats and increase your chances of winning battles against other models. Boosters provide the opportunity to significantly increase certain characteristics for a certain time, which can play a key role in successful performance in battles and events.

Purchasing boosters for 4 or 8 hours with an increase of 15% or 30% opens up new opportunities to improve your model and increase its effectiveness on the battlefield. The duration and percentage increase you choose depends on your strategy and goals in the game, so it’s important to consider how you want to use these boosters.

Purchasing a booster. Purchasing boosters with in-game resources such as dollars or gems opens up various options for improving parameters. If you purchase boosters for $300, they will last for 4 hours, giving you an increase in the stats you need.

You can also use precious diamonds to buy boosters. At the same time, for 2 diamonds the booster will also be valid for 4 hours, and for 5 you will receive an improvement that lasts up to 8 hours. This will allow you to enjoy increased stats and increased chances of winning the game for a longer period of time.

Receiving free boosters. Participating in events and activities may give you access to free boosters. Regular events and activities offered by game developers usually give players a chance to receive booster packs or additional resources that can be used to improve the model’s parameters.

By taking part in such events, you not only receive valuable game bonuses, but you can also improve your strategy and skills in the game, which will help you become stronger and more effective in fashion battles.

Model statistics. The statistics section provides you with detailed information about various aspects of your gaming activity, allowing you to analyze your successes and learn from your mistakes. In this section, you can track not only the total number of victories and defeats, but also detailed statistics for each duel.

In addition, the statistics section will allow you to track the development of your model parameters. You will be able to see which parameters require additional improvement to increase your chances of success in battles.

Use the statistics section as a tool to analyze your gameplay, improve your skills and reach the pinnacle of gaming prowess.

Ratings from other players. Reviews and ratings from other players play an important role in assessing the popularity of your model in the game. Each rating given by a player affects the overall rating and reputation. The maximum score is three stars, which symbolize high appreciation and positive attitude towards your character.

Model talents. Model Talents are special abilities or skills that can be acquired to improve your model’s performance and capabilities in the game. Here are the available talents:

Lady Popular: Secrets of the fashion world

Your model’s wardrobe and its features. Storing clothing items in the game’s wardrobe is a convenient feature that stores purchased items and the ability to use them an unlimited number of times. This allows players to create unique outfit combinations, change up looks, and add stylistic accents without having to buy new clothes each time.

Fashion collections. In the world of the game, boutiques are constantly updated with new exclusive items of clothing, leaving you the opportunity to amaze other models with your style. Every week, the boutique section features fresh collections available for purchase for a limited time.

You can track boutique updates in the temporary events section. Explore it every week to get unique clothes.

Collections update. If you have already purchased the items you want from the boutique’s weekly collection, you have the option to upgrade them early. This will give you a new list of available clothing items. To complete the upgrade you will need 20 diamonds.

Clothing store. The clothing store is located on the main street of the city and is open to visitors at any convenient time. Here are a variety of stylish clothing items available for purchase.

Available sections in the store:

How to purchase an item? To make a purchase, simply select the section of clothing you want, be it outerwear, shoes, accessories or something else, and select the item you want. Add it to your cart, where you can collect multiple items at once. Once you have completed your selections, proceed to checkout and all of your selected items will be added to your wardrobe.

Choosing the color of clothes. In the store you can also enjoy the variety of colors available in the clothing sets. This means that before purchasing, you can choose the color you want from the available options without changing the price. Thus, you have the opportunity to create stylish and fashionable looks by choosing colors that suit your taste and mood.

Cost of clothing items. The game features various items available for dollars, emeralds and diamonds. The price of items depends on their collection and uniqueness, so they may vary. Most items can be purchased with a certain type of currency. For example, clothing available for dollars has limited quantities and is less colorful compared to clothing available for diamonds.

The influence of clothing on victory in duels. While in-game clothing does not directly impact the game’s outcome or gameplay performance, it is interesting to note that an interesting trend has been observed: players who choose Diamond clothing sets are more likely to come out on top and win.

Beauty salon and its features. In the game you have the opportunity to create and change the appearance of your model using a variety of functions available in the beauty salon. You are given a wide range of free options to give your character a unique look.

However, in parallel with the free options for changing your appearance, there are also paid options that allow you to create an even more unique look and stand out among other players.

Available sections:

Confirmation of changes. After making any changes to your character’s appearance, be sure to confirm them by clicking on the green checkmark at the top of the game screen. This is important because without confirmation of your changes, they may be lost and all your efforts will be in vain. Follow this process carefully to maintain the perfect appearance of your character.

How to get unique items? There are unique items in the game that are only available during certain events. Developers can also give away rare items during special special events.

Lady Popular: All available activities in the game

Fashion battles. By participating in fashion battles, players can not only show their talent in creating stylish looks, but also compete with other participants for the title of the most fashionable and popular. The main feature of fashion battles is that success depends on the parameters of the models, which can be developed and improved using the available resources in the game.

Each model in the game has its own unique parameters, such as style, confidence, creativity and others. Developing these parameters allows you to increase your chances of winning fashionable battles and increase the overall popularity of your character.

Fashion battles are the main activity in the game. To successfully develop your model, you need to constantly participate in them.

Energy for battle. In the game world, each battle requires the participants to use one unit of valuable energy, regardless of who emerges victorious in this tense confrontation. Therefore, you will not be able to participate without interruption.

What rewards can you get for participating? Victory in the battle will reward players with one emerald. However, even if they lose, players will not leave empty-handed, as they will be awarded emerald dust.

Beauty contests. In beauty pageants, models compete against each other based on beauty treatments and makeup, as opposed to regular battles where the emphasis is on clothing. Important aspects in such competitions are all the characteristics of the model as a whole.

Energy for a beauty contest. To participate in one battle at a beauty pageant, 2 energy are required, unlike a fashion battle, where there are usually many more participants.

Judging in a beauty contest. In addition to participating, you can also judge other models and choose winners online. This way you can get dollars and keys to open the chest with rewards.

Chest with rewards. This is the main reward for active participation in battles and competitions. If you win, you can get from 10 to 15 keys for the chest. A certain number of keys are required to open the chest and then receive the reward.

Daily tasks. Daily tasks represent the main tasks that must be completed during each day. After completing them, you will be rewarded with a varying number of keys, which can be used to open chests with valuable rewards. Upon reaching complete completion of daily tasks, three chests will be available to you, and the last of them promises pleasant and generous rewards.

Seasonal rewards. This event happens monthly and basic participation is completely free. By actively participating in the game, you will earn special points that fill the reward scale. The regular free subscription comes with useful prizes, but the game also offers an additional paid subscription that can be purchased with real money.

By purchasing a paid subscription, you will open a second reward scale, allowing you to receive two rewards at once for each level reached within the event.

Daily Roulette. Roulette is an event that gives you the opportunity to spin the roulette every day to win various rewards. Possible prizes that can be won when spinning the roulette wheel include emeralds, energy for additional activity in the game, dollars to purchase various items, a special surprise gift and precious diamonds.

Every day you have a chance to win valuable prizes. Don’t miss the opportunity to spin the roulette and find out what rewards await you today.

Rewards for daily login. Every day after logging into the game for the first time for a month, you will be able to receive various rewards. Among them may be such valuable resources as dollars, diamonds, emeralds, boosters and other useful items. Don’t miss the chance to get resources and don’t forget to log in daily.

Game achievements. The developers have implemented an achievement system that allows players to receive rewards for various meta-goals, completing certain tasks and achieving certain records in the game.

Each achievement has its own unique reward, which can be in-game resources (for example, coins, diamonds, energy).

Available achievements:

Win 100 fashion points.5 emeralds.
Win or buy $10,000.50 popularity points.
Win or buy 10 diamonds.10 emeralds.
Win 10 duels in the fashion arena.1 diamond.
Log into the game 10 days in a row.200 popularity points.
Spend $10,000.50 popularity points.
Win or buy 100 emeralds.500 popularity points.
Spend 100 emeralds.5 diamonds.
Spend 10 diamonds.5 diamonds.
Judge 10 duels at a beauty contest.50 popularity points.
Win 10 duels in a beauty contest.5 emeralds.
Use 10 boosters.50 popularity points.
Replenish your energy 10 times.10 emeralds.
Spin the daily wheel for 10 days.300 popularity points.
Complete 30 daily quests.3 emeralds.
Open 20 chests.3 emeralds.
Win 10,000 keys.500 popularity points.

Levels of achievement. Each achievement is divided into 7, 8, 9, or 10 completion levels, meaning players can continue to improve their scores and receive additional rewards for each achievement level. The reward for each level also increases, motivating players to move on and achieve higher and higher results.

Finding a lover. "Finding a Boyfriend" is an activity in the game that allows players to find a partner to enhance one of the key parameters - popularity. As a result of a successful search, you can significantly improve your position in the game and gain a lot of advantages.

Partner selection is critical - different partners can provide different bonuses and enhancements. Some partners can help you increase your popularity faster, others can help improve other aspects of the gameplay.

Developing relationships with your partner. Increasing your relationship level with your in-game partner through various activities such as kissing, calling, dating, and giving gifts is a great way to increase your character’s bond and popularity. These special actions allow you to raise the level of intimacy with your partner from its lowest point.

Carrying out these actions regularly will help you increase the level of your relationship and gain a significant advantage in the popularity parameter.

Getting a pet. In the world of the game, your pet becomes an integral part of your process of increasing your popularity parameters. Loyalty develops through your pet and performing various activities with it. Thus, this creates unique opportunities to participate in various events, such as themed battles or beauty pageants with challenges.

Pet costumes. The game’s boutiques offer a variety of costumes for your pet that will help give it a unique style. More unique and exclusive outfits can be purchased in the VIP Store as part of special packs, opening up new possibilities for decorating and personalizing your faithful companion.

Home development. Your home is the main source of passive income in the game. Even when you’re not playing, it continues to work for you, bringing in a small amount of dollars depending on the level of upgrades.

Apartment layout. The game features two apartment layouts with different numbers of rooms. The more rooms you have, the more options you have for placing furniture and decorations. For dollars, you can purchase additional rooms, expanding your creative and decorating space. To open, you will need to reach a certain player level.

If you have enough diamonds, you can unlock a new unique apartment layout. Each room will cost you 50 diamonds.

Purchasing furniture. The furniture store has a varied selection of home furnishings available for purchase. Prices are indicated in dollars, emeralds or diamonds. Each new furniture purchase is accompanied by an immediate increase in popularity points, which can be used to customize settings.

Furniture store sections:

As you progress through the levels of the game, you will gain access to new pieces of furniture, decorations, and other decorative items. Each level gained also increases the income from the apartment.

Lady Popular: Guide to donating in the game

VIP store. The game developers offered players the opportunity to visit a special store where they can make purchases for real money. In this store you will find a variety of offers that allow you to replenish game resources or purchase special sets of items that will help you level up your character or improve your gaming experience.

Purchasing diamonds:

Purchasing dollars:

Promotion for a new account. The first time you make a purchase on your account, the number of diamonds you purchase doubles. This is a great opportunity to increase your resources in the game and get more benefits for your purchases. Therefore, choose the best offer in the store and enjoy double the amount of diamonds.

Possibility of exchanging diamonds for dollars. Exchange diamonds for dollars at the rate of 1 diamond per 100 dollars - an excellent opportunity to increase your financial resources in the game. This feature is available in a special section of the store, and you can make such exchanges an unlimited number of times.

Special offers. Exclusive offers from game developers combine exceptionally low prices and valuable resources. For example, the Fashionista starter pack includes 525 diamonds, 50 units of two types of energy, $20,300 and 210 emeralds.

Limited time offers. Game developers often offer promotional packs and special offers that are sold at discounted prices and contain useful items.

Notifications for these promotions usually appear on your character’s home screen so you don’t miss out on the opportunity to purchase lucrative items and improve your gaming experience.

Reward system from developers. If you actively buy and use diamonds in the game, you can take advantage of the VIP rewards program offered by the developers. This unique system provides rewards for players who spend a certain amount of diamonds. When you achieve specified conditions, you can receive valuable prizes, including unique clothing and other valuables.

Loyalty cards. You can also take advantage of a loyalty program that offers discounts on purchases in stores and shopping centers. To obtain bronze status you need to purchase 200 diamonds, for silver - 400 diamonds, and for gold - 700 diamonds.

Free resources. The ad viewing feature in the game store allows players to receive various resources as rewards. Every day you can get 1 diamond, 1 emerald, 1 emerald dust, 300 dollars and 1 unit of energy of each type.

Is it possible to play for free? The game provides the opportunity to play for free and enjoy the gameplay without the need to deposit real funds. However, purchasing diamonds and other sets can give you a significant advantage in the game. The choice to use or not to use in-game purchases remains with the player.

Lady Popular: Game Settings

Create an account. To save your game progress and ensure the security of your account, it is recommended to create an account or use automatic login through a social network. This will allow you to save all game achievements, progress and the ability to play on multiple devices without losing data.

Music and sound settings. To turn off music and sounds in the game, go to the settings section and find the appropriate options. If you need to play without sound, this will be a useful feature. However, if you want to enjoy your gaming experience to its fullest, using headphones can help you become more immersed in the game world.

Changing the language. Changing the game language is an easy and convenient way to customize the gameplay experience according to your preferences. Just go to the language settings section, select your desired language from the list of available options, and after restarting the game, you will be able to enjoy the gameplay in the selected language.

Help section. If you have any questions or difficulties while playing, don’t hesitate to ask for help. The game developers are ready to answer your questions and provide the necessary support. You can also take advantage of useful tips and recommendations in a special section.

Reset progress. If you do not have saved data or have not yet created an account in the game, then you have the opportunity to reset the game and start over. The game reset procedure will allow you to start from scratch, without any saved progress. If you already have a created account in the game, but still decide to start the game again, then simply log out of your account and create a new account.

In both cases, it is important to remember that resetting your account or game will result in the loss of all data, so evaluate all the risks before making a decision.

Lady Popular: Is it worth playing?

Lady Popular is a fashion game that allows players to immerse themselves in fashion, create stylish looks, participate in fashion battles and follow new trends. It often hosts various events and activities that allow you to diversify the gameplay and get new opportunities and rewards. The graphics of the game are made at a high level, and a wide range of functions allows players to show their creativity and create a unique character image.

Pros of the game:

Cons of the game:

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