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Last Fortress Underground WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

Last Fortress: Underground - an exciting strategy from the company Life Is A Game Limited, which is an action game about a zombie apocalypse. You are the commander of a squad of heroes, your only goal is survival. Develop your shelter, get resources, train soldiers, destroy zombies and capture territories on the world map. Demonstrate your managerial skills and save the last survivors.


  1. Tips for Getting Started Right
  2. Beginner’s Guide
  3. All about the game’s plot
  4. Battle Hero Guide
  5. Tips for getting and leveling heroes
  6. How to fight zombies?
  7. Tips for creating and managing troops
  8. How to manage the hideout?
  9. Resource Production Tips
  10. All About Exploration
  11. How to get resources for free?
  12. Should I join an alliance?
  13. How to complete story missions?
  14. Donator Guide
  15. Is it worth playing?

Last Fortress Underground: Tips for Getting Started Right

1. Location. At the beginning of the game, you need to determine what tactics you will follow, just develop a shelter or focus on freeing the world from mutant zombies. In the first case, move the shelter to a point on the map far from other players, in the second, use the offer of the alliance leader and move closer to him, so you can quickly gather troops to destroy mutant zombies and get protection from allies.

2. Learning the game. In most tabs you can find tips and descriptions of the main objects of the game, studying them will help you quickly get used to and start successful development. Since the game combines building simulation and strategy, it is also important to thoroughly study the skills of all unlocked heroes in order to properly apply them both in military operations and in shelter management.

3. Choosing an alliance. You need to find a group with strong and active players. At the beginning of the game, alliance bonuses, constant help from players and receiving rewards for their achievements will allow you to quickly develop your shelter, create a powerful team of heroes and an impressive army.

4. Shelter layout. In order to effectively manage the shelter and have workers spend less time moving around the rooms, it is important to properly place objects inside the shelter. In the upper part of the shelter, it is necessary to organize a control zone, soldier training, a production zone with a warehouse, a food zone with a canteen. Rooms such as bedrooms, barracks, and workshops that do not require workers to perform actions are best placed at the bottom of the shelter so as not to waste your attention on them.

5. Free time. To begin the full development of the shelter, it is necessary to overcome the first 5 in-game days that introduce users to the game. All actions will be performed quickly enough, but there will be a lot of them, so it is better to start playing on a day off in order to go through the initial stage at a time. Further, construction and production will take more time, so the game can be entered at regular intervals. If you want to develop as quickly as possible, then you should enter the game every 2 hours to perform basic game actions and get resources.

6. Activity. A beginner should try to take part in all temporary events and promotions in order to receive additional resources for the development of the shelter and heroes. Particular attention should be paid to several special events for beginners, in which you can earn all the necessary resources.

Doomsday hike. During the first 5 days of the game, you will receive tasks related to the main activities. Consistent execution will allow you to quickly get used to the game and earn the necessary resources and items to develop the shelter, team of heroes and troops. Tasks open gradually day after day, you will have 7 days to complete them.

Reward. As a reward for the completed task, you will receive diamonds, recruitment points for combat heroes, Z coins, stone, iron, boosters, temporary bonuses, as well as campaign points from 5 to 50 per task. Hike Points will fill up the extra reward gauge, for 1000 points you will get the hero Wolowitz, who is a NASA engineer and an excellent management expert.


Wasteland king. During the first week of the game, you can receive a reward for reaching a certain BM indicator. Only 7 indicators from 30,000 BM to 600,000 BM. Reaching each milestone will earn you a chest that can contain Recruit Points, Boosters, and Elite Battle Hero Cards.

Development of prosperity. During the event, if the number of rescued residents reaches a certain level, then you can receive a small reward. There are 7 stages in total to receive the reward from rescuing 15 civilians to 140 civilians. As a reward, you will receive chests with stones, iron, Z coins, electricity, and various boosters.

Last Fortress Underground: Beginner’s Guide

Profile. To identify you among other commanders, you must specify your nickname, it must be from 3 to 16 characters in length and at the same time it must not contain special characters and match the nickname of another player. You can also choose one of the proposed avatars. The main indicators of the profile are the level of the shelter and the total combat power (BM), they reflect your game progress and status among other users.

Authorization. You can log in through your game center, Facebook and IM30 account. The linked account can be used as proof of ownership of the game account in case of problems. Authorization will also allow you to play on multiple devices and receive 300 Recruit Points as a reward.

Link more accounts for increased security and rewards.

Game activities. The game has a diverse gameplay that gives users the opportunity to try themselves in several game genres at once. The main activities in Last Fortress Underground are:

  1. Vault management - you have to repair, build and improve facilities, produce resources and provide for the needs of the inhabitants of the shelter.
  2. Team battle - you have to create a powerful team of 5 heroes to clear the shelter and subway from zombies.
  3. Strategy - you have to train soldiers and send them to conquer under the leadership of your heroes.

Interface. The main screen of the game displays your shelter with all the repaired and built objects. In the upper left corner, information about the profile is displayed, in the right part - about the amount of accumulated resources and promotional events. In the lower right corner there is a help button for allies and a control menu. The left side of the screen displays current activities, tasks and a button to go to the world map.

Settings. In the profile card, you can go to the main settings of the game to change the volume of sound effects and music. You can also change the language, adjust the image quality, turn on notifications and change the flag of the country under which you play.

To prevent your phone from draining quickly, set the image quality to low.

Available languages:

Notifications. If you don’t want to miss important events in the game and are ready to constantly pay attention to the gameplay, set up notifications. In the settings, select the types of messages that you want to receive or disable unnecessary ones.

Types of messages:

Rating. You can find out about your status among other users of the game through the profile card in the Rating section. Competitions among players are based on several parameters of the commander’s BM, the level of the shelter and the progress of the expedition. The rating among alliances is also calculated according to the BM parameter.

Last Fortress Underground: All about the game’s plot

Background. A global catastrophe has occurred in the world, a virus has spread, as a result of which people began to turn into zombies. The apocalypse has come, few could survive, but perhaps you still have a chance to save humanity. People began to form groups to increase their chances of being saved from zombie attacks.

Zombie. These dangerous monsters lie in wait for you every turn, they have surrounded the shelter, and some are hiding in abandoned rooms. Even the slightest scratch can become a source of infection and destroy your squad, so do not let your guard down for a moment, it is not known what other dangers await in this underground world.

Start. You are the commander of a group of heroes, your team managed to find shelter and hide from the zombies for a while, but they are still chasing you. You will find a metal card with a faint inscription Bruce, using this magnetic card in the future you will be able to get into the Control Center. You find a secret passage and go down into the depths of the shelter. Water, electricity, food are all in order and for a while you will be able to avoid the consequences of the end of the world.

Secret. In the dining room you will find a diary that describes the possibilities of the shelter, the equipment available and the supplies that you have yet to find. But there is no one in the shelter, and you have to find out what really happened here.

Investigation. As the story progresses, you will have to conduct investigations, search for items and search the premises. Click on the button with the image of a hand in order for the hero to carry out the necessary actions and find the necessary object.

Command. Your group consists of 5 people, including you, they have united under your command and are ready to make every effort to survive. It is these heroes who take part in the study of the shelter and the disclosure of its main secret during the development of the storyline.

Main characters:

The rescue. Once your team has settled in a bit and settled down in the hideout, it’s time to rescue the other survivors. Their cities are taken over by zombies, so they, like you, are running in search of shelter. You will need more people to gain a foothold in this territory, so shelter the heroes in your place and they will help you with the development of the shelter.

Last Fortress Underground: Battle Hero Guide

A hero is a playable character who can work in a hideout or fight zombies. It is the combat heroes that are of primary importance, since with their help you will be able to participate in the main game activities.

Heroes tab. It displays a list of all unlocked heroes, divided by faction, as well as received hero posters. In the Blueprints section, you can study the characteristics and skills of all heroes. For discovering a new hero, you will receive 100 summon points as a gift.

The discovery reward can be received during the trial period of using the hero.

Characteristics. Each hero has a certain set of characteristics, their performance depends on the class of the hero and the level of his development. Upon opening, heroes receive one of the four lower classes, which can later be promoted to a higher one.


How to choose? Determining the most effective and powerful hero is difficult, since for battles you will need defense heroes, support heroes, and offensive heroes. At the initial stage, elite heroes have the best performance, below is information about the best combat heroes for fighting zombies.

Attack heroesStrength / INT / DEX / TLS / LHDFractioncombat power
Chen Qian80 / 39 / 53 / 26 / 66Observers10 435
Ogawa80 / 39 / 53 / 26 / 66sons of the wasteland10 435
Benson80 / 39 / 53 / 26 / 66Volunteer army10 435
Max80 / 39 / 53 / 26 / 66Avengers10 435
Baron80 / 39 / 53 / 26 / 66Avengers10 435
Rebecca39 / 80 / 53 / 26 / 66Volunteer army10 435
Quinn39 / 80 / 53 / 26 / 66Avengers10 435
Marlene39 / 80 / 53 / 26 / 66sons of the wasteland10 435
Kaya39 / 80 / 53 / 26 / 66sons of the wasteland10 435
Lauren39 / 80 / 53 / 26 / 66Observers10 435
David39 / 80 / 53 / 26 / 66Observers10 435
Defense HeroesStrength / INT / DEX / TLS / LHDFractioncombat power
Bolton53 / 39 / 80 / 39 / 53Volunteer army10 421
Enrique53 / 39 / 80 / 39 / 53Avengers10 421
Harman39 / 53 / 80 / 39 / 53sons of the wasteland10 421
Roland39 / 53 / 80 / 39 / 53Observers10 421
Support HeroesStrength / INT / DEX / TLS / LHDFractioncombat power
Alice39 / 80 / 53 / 26 / 66Volunteer army10 435
Blanche80 / 39 / 53 / 26 / 66Avengers10 435
Jessie39 / 80 / 53 / 26 / 66sons of the wasteland10 435
Suzuki Lin39 / 80 / 53 / 26 / 66Observers10 435

Peculiarities. Heroes differ among themselves not only in terms of basic characteristics, but also in relation to a certain faction of heroes and combat skills. The faction affects the bonuses of the team of heroes in battles in the shelter and expedition, and the skills determine where it is better to use the hero in team battles or in campaigns on the world map.

The keeperThe hero grants an ally a shield and protects them from incoming damage.
TreatmentThe hero is good at healing allies in combat.
strongest spearThe hero has tremendous destructive power and can easily destroy enemies on the front flank.
DefenseThe hero is good at shelter defense.
CollectionThe hero is good at mining and has additional carrying capacity when gathering.
SiegeThe hero is good at besieging enemy hideouts
hikeThe hero has a high march speed on the world map.
DestructionThe hero is good at destroying enemy buildings and lowering the defense indicator.
zombie killerThe hero gives a bonus to experience gained for exterminating zombies.
Minor roleThe existence of the hero does not make much sense, his resources can be used to improve the heroes of the team.

Last Fortress Underground: Tips for getting and leveling heroes

Receipt. The main way to get a hero is to hire them through the Satellite Center using special recruitment points. The cost of 1 hire is 100 points, you can also hire 10 times at once for 900 points, which is much more profitable and will allow you to save a little.

Bulk recruits guarantee a rare or elite hero, and every 22nd recruit guarantees an elite hero.

Trial period. Various heroes will appear in front of your shelter, which you can use during the day. For example, Beasley improves the training of fighters, so during the trial period you can quickly train a powerful squad of soldiers.

Treasure of the Cheetah Warrior. During this event, you have the opportunity to receive cards for the elite hero Ogawa, who will strengthen your team in the early stages. You just need to log in for 7 days in a row and you can get 4 Hero Cards, 20 Elite Hero Medals, 500 Commemorative Coins, an Advanced Gear Chest, and 4 Boosters.

Combat Power (BM) is the main indicator of each hero, which determines his effectiveness in the fight against the enemy. BM increases when heroes level up, advance, increase skill levels, and use equipment items.

Level. The indicators of the main characteristics can be increased by increasing the level of the hero, the maximum level of development is 100. To increase the level, you will need the experience of heroes, which can be obtained in a campaign, expedition, and when destroying zombies near the shelter. Open the hero card. Go to the Upgrade section and use the indicated amount of hero experience.

Breakthrough. Every tenth level you need to make a breakthrough for further development. This will require not only the experience points of the hero, but also commemorative coins, which can be obtained by destroying zombies near the shelter.

Skills. Each hero has 4 skills that must also be developed. To increase the skill level, you must use hero medals that correspond to the hero class. Medals can be personal for a specific hero, or universal suitable for all heroes of a given class.

Promotion. With the help of promotion, you can increase the class of the hero, for this you will need posters or unnecessary heroes. Go to the Promotion section, place posters or heroes, and then promote the hero class.

If you choose a trained hero to promote another, the experience spent on upgrading it and equipment items will be returned.

Equipment. An additional way to increase the characteristics of the hero is to use equipment, each element of which can improve a certain indicator. After receiving the equipment, open the hero card and add the equipment to the advise cell.

Equipment types:

Wheel of Fortune. By spinning the wheel of fortune, you can win chests with equipment, as well as materials to enhance equipment. During the event, you need to earn special items to trigger the spin. You can do this by destroying 5 mutant zombies daily, or take advantage of the offer for donators.

Reset. In the Satellite Center, you can return the spent experience points and commemorative coins that were used to develop the heroes. This must be done after the formation of a combat team in order to return the resources spent on already unnecessary heroes. Select a hero and click the Reset button.

Last Fortress Underground: How to fight zombies?

VS mode. You have to fight with a team of zombies and enemy heroes while exploring the shelter and during the expedition. To defeat the enemy, it is necessary to form a powerful team with a high BM rate and additional battle bonuses.

The beginning of the battle. Before the start of the battle, the recommended BM value of the hero team and the reward for destroying monsters will be indicated. If you are ready, press the Attack button, after which you will enter the team formation mode.

If you are fighting against a team of zombies, then you can win with a lower recommended BM value.

Battle. Teams attack each other in turn, first your heroes will make moves, then the enemy. The battle time and the number of rounds are unlimited. All actions are carried out automatically. At the initial stage, you will not have the opportunity to increase the speed of the battle, but after learning the technology, you will be able to fight much faster.

Team formation. You have to create a powerful team of 5 heroes of different classes and levels. The team should include 2 defense heroes, 1 hero with single attack skills, 1 hero with group attack skills and 1 hero with allied support skills.

Placement Tips:

Before the start of the battle, try to pump all the heroes included in the team as much as possible.

Faction Bonus. If you have a lot of open heroes, pay attention to the faction of heroes when forming a team. If you use heroes of the same faction, you will receive an additional bonus to the combat characteristics of all the heroes of the team.

Number of heroesBonus
3 heroes of the same factionSO. ATK +10%, ATK OR. +10%, HP +10%.
3 heroes from one faction and 2 heroes from anotherSO. ATK +10%, ATK OR. +10%, HP +15%.
4 heroes of the same factionSO. ATK +15%, ATK OR. +15%, HP +15%.
5 heroes of the same factionSO. ATK +20%, ATK OR. +20%, HP +20%.

Command example. When forming a team from the Sons of the Waste combat heroes, the defensive heroes Harman and Irma must be placed in the foreground. In the second row, Ogawa and Kaya should be placed as attacking heroes, as support for Jessie, who will be able to heal injured heroes.

Counteraction. Before the battle begins, study the composition of the enemy hero team and pay attention to their factions. The game provides for the advantage of one faction over another, opposition gives the team 20% additional damage:

Last Fortress Underground: Tips for creating and managing troops

World map. To go to the map, click the button in the lower left corner, here the shelters of all players are displayed with their names. Also on the map are mines of stones and iron, zombies and mutant zombies roam. On the world map, you will be able to realize your strategic gaming skills.

Asylum status:

Army. To perform actions on the world map, you will need an army. The heroes you choose will control the soldiers, the type and number of soldiers that he can lead into battle depends on the hero. 5 heroes can be assigned to one squad, trained soldiers are included in the squad before making a campaign on the world map.

It is important that the heroes allow you to include soldiers of all types in the squad.

Creation. To create an army, you will need barracks, this will allow you to place soldiers in the shelter. It is also necessary to build training halls where the soldiers will be trained in one of the areas. You can build a training hall for shooters, fighters and defenders. The level of preparedness of a soldier, and, consequently, his characteristics depends on the level of the training hall:

Training. Open the training hall, select the level of the soldier you want to train and click the Training button. For training, you will need iron and food, the higher the level of a trained soldier, the longer the training takes and the more resources are spent. The maximum level of a soldier is 10.

Low level soldiers can be retrained and leveled up to the highest possible level.

Heroes. In preparing soldiers for battle, several heroes can help you, who with their skills will speed up the training process or increase the number of trained soldiers. Also, heroes can bring an additional bonus to the characteristics of soldiers in squads. Below is a list of heroes suitable for this role.

Hero nameSuitable place to workSkillImprovement effect
fionaShooting training roomIncreased soldier training limit.+3/ +6/ +9/ +12/ +15
Increasing the speed of training.+3%/ +6%/ +9%/ +12%/ +15%
Increase the attack rate of shooters.+3%/ +6%/ +9%/ +12%/ +15%
BeasleyFighter training roomIncreasing the speed of training.+3%/ +6%/ +9%/ +12%/ +15%
Increasing the limit of soldiers in the barracks.+10/ +20/ +30/ +40/ +50
An increase in the attack rate of fighters.+1%/ +2%/ +3%/ +4%/ +5%
LoriDefenders training roomIncreasing the speed of training.+3%/ +6%/ +9%/ +12%/ +15%
Increasing the limit of soldiers in the barracks.+10/ +20/ +30/ +40/ +50
Increased attack rate of defenders.+1%/ +2%/ +3%/ +4%/ +5%
PamelaShooting training roomIncreased soldier training limit.+3/ +6/ +9/ +12/ +15
Increasing the speed of training.+3%/ +6%/ +9%/ +12%/ +15%
Increase the attack rate of shooters.+3%/ +6%/ +9%/ +12%/ +15%
HelenHospitalIncreases the storage limit for medicines.+6/ +12/ +18/ +24/ +30
Increases the healing speed of soldiers.+10%/ +20%/ +30%/ +40%/ +50%
Increases hospital capacity.+40/ +80/ +120/ +160/ +200

hike. The left side of the screen displays the number of available units for making a trip, the maximum number of units is 4. The farther the distance from the shelter to the selected object, the longer it will take the unit to go to the world. Select the desired object for sending troops, select the heroes, replenish the size of the detachment and click the Campaign button.

With the help of the search, you can quickly find the object of the desired level.

Intelligence service. Before attacking another player, send a helicopter to scout, this will require some electricity. After the end of reconnaissance, a report will be sent to the mail with information about the amount of resources available for robbery, and the number of troops defending the enemy shelter.

Collection. For additional resources, you can send soldiers to collect stones or iron in the mines. The amount of resources received will depend on the level of the mine and the carrying capacity of your squad.

Gathering resources is a lengthy process, so send troops on a campaign before you are about to leave the game for a couple of hours.

Last Fortress Underground: How to manage the hideout?

Refuge. In this location, you have to build various objects and send heroes to work in order to provide living conditions for the rescued residents and protect them from zombie attacks. The main characteristics of the shelter are its level and the total BM, which is made up of the BM of all open heroes and built objects.

Construction. To build an object, repair or improve it, you will need resources and free space on the floors of the shelter. Click on the hammer icon and select the object you want to build and the hero who will complete the task.

Excavations. To make room for the construction of new facilities, it is necessary to clear the shelter from the rubble. To clean the premises, it is necessary to have suitable tools in the workshop, dense rocks can only be excavated after learning a certain skill in the laboratory. The resulting stones and iron can be collected and used as building materials.

To quickly find an area that can be cleared, use the shovel icon in the lower right corner.

Collection. To ensure the life of the shelter, you need to collect the produced resources. As soon as the object produces the maximum amount of resources, the corresponding icon will light up on the screen, by clicking on it, you will move to the object where you need to collect. After the worker collects everything, he will need to move the resources to the warehouse, or to the canteen, which also takes time.

Action queue. In order for the heroes to perform the above actions, they must be assigned to the workshop. Researching technologies will allow you to set the hero’s turn of action. You will be able to define a list of tasks for the heroes and take part in other game activities.

Action time. Each action to complete the work takes the hero a certain time. Excavation, collection of resources and their transportation takes much less time than construction, improvement and repair of objects. The action completion timer will be displayed next to the involved object.

Acceleration. Use the acceleration function to reduce construction time and improve objects. To do this, you will need special items - boosters, which can be obtained as a reward for completing tasks.

Job. Several heroes will be able to help you manage the shelter, who speed up the workflow with their skills. Below is a list of heroes that can be useful when working on a particular object.

Hero nameSuitable place to workSkillImprovement effect
WolowitzControl centerIncrease the reward for the expedition of heroes.+6%/ +12%/ +18%/ +24%/ +30%
Improving the productivity of mines.+4%/ +8%/ +12%/ +16%/ +20%
FernandoWorkshopIncrease in carrying capacity.+6/ +12/ +20/ +35/ +50
Increased the movement speed of all heroes in the hideout.+2%/ +4%/ +6%/ +8%/ +10%
BradyWorkshopIncrease in carrying capacity.+2%/ +4%/ +6%/ +8%/ +10%
Increase construction speed.+2%/ +4%/ +6%/ +8%/ +10%
Increasing the speed of your workout.+1%/ +2%/ +3%/ +4%/ +5%
Jack ChanWorkshopIncreased the movement speed of all heroes in the hideout.+20%/ +25%/ +30%/ +35%/ +40%
Increase construction speed.+2%/ +4%/ +6%/ +8%/ +10%
Increasing wheat production per hour.+2%/ +4%/ +6%/ +8%/ +10%
Increasing the limit of soldiers in the barracks.+10/ +20/ +30/ +40/ +50
MaurerWorkshopIncrease construction speed.+5%/ +10%/ +15%/ +20%/ +25%
Laura ChenWarehouseIncrease the grid of the material warehouse.+2/ +4/ +6/ +8/ +10
Increased help travel speed.+2%/ +4%/ +6%/ +8%/ +10%
Protection of coins Z from theft.300/ 600/ 1500/ 3000/ 5000
PearsonWorkshopIncrease construction speed.+5%/ +10%/ +15%/ +20%/ +25%
PhidiasWorkshopReduces construction time.-300s/ -600s/ -900s/ -1200s/ -1800s
Increases the speed of collecting stones.+4%/ +8%/ +12%/ +16%/ +20%
Increase construction speed.+3%/ +6%/ +9%/ +12%/ +15%
GraceWorkshopIncrease construction speed.+5%/ +10%/ +15%/ +20%/ +25%
Increased stone production per hour.+4%/ +8%/ +12%/ +16%/ +20%
Increase the speed of collecting coins Z.+4%/ +8%/ +12%/ +16%/ +20%
McCallWarehouseIncreases the movement speed of all heroes in the hideout.+20%/ +25%/ +30%/ +35%/ +40%
Increase construction speed.+3%/ +6%/ +9%/ +12%/ +15%
Increase the grid of the material warehouse.+1/ +2/ +3/ +4/ +5
TikkaDining roomFast food preparation.100/ 160/ 220/ 260/ 300
Increasing the storage limit in the canteen.+2/ +4/ +6/ +8/ +10
Increasing the rate of mood improvement.+15%/ +20%/ +25%/ +30%/ +35%
EmmaDining roomIncreasing the cooking speed.+2%/ +4%/ +6%/ +8%/ +10%
Increasing the rate of mood improvement.10/ 12/ 14/ 16/ 18
Increases the amount of commemorative coins received during an expedition.+2%/ +4%/ +6%/ +8%/ +10%
Increasing the limit of inhabitants in the bedrooms.+1/ +2/ +3/ +4/ +5
ChristinaBarBonus for receiving commemorative coins.+5%/ +10%/ +15%/ +20%/ +25%
Deceleration of the fall of mood in the shelter.-2%/ -4%/ -6%/ -8%/ -10%

Dream. By completing Alliance missions, you will earn moon points, they bring the onset of the full moon closer. When the indicator is equal to 100%, you will be able to sleep, which will allow the shelter to speed up and produce resources faster.

Nat. Universal robot with collection, transport and storage functions. It will help you to ensure the automatic operation of objects and the collection of resources, so the shelter can develop in your absence. You can try Nat for free, but you will have to pay real money for his further work.


Use the trial period of the robot when the shelter is developed enough to get the most out of this feature.

The main objects of the shelter

The control center is the core of the entire shelter, the level of the shelter, the availability of building construction and the study of new technologies depend on its level. After repairing and upgrading the facility, new areas of the shelter will become available for you to explore.

Roof terrace. A machine gun is installed here, which can be used to protect the shelter from zombie attacks. By increasing the level of the object, you can strengthen the defense and increase the reward for destroying the attacking zombies.

Dining room. Their mood depends on the catering of the inhabitants, if it falls below 60%, people will start to leave the shelter, and you will lose workers. The canteen will store food and prepare food for residents. The speed of cooking and the variety of dishes depend on the level of the object.

Warehouse - a place for storing extracted resources. The improvement of the facility will expand the space and capacity of the warehouse. It is also necessary to research technologies in order to place more items.

Bedroom. A comfortable room after a hard day is required by your allies for rest and good sleep. Build and upgrade bedrooms to increase the number of inhabitants in the shelter.

Ladder. An important construction site that allows workers to move between floors of the shelter. Ladders allow you to plan your hideout and speed up the transport of resources to the canteen and warehouse.

Last Fortress Underground: Resource Production Tips

Resources. To ensure the life of the shelter, you need various resources that can be produced directly in the shelter, received as a reward, or mined on the world map. To develop a shelter, you will need the following resources:

Abandoned mines. During the exploration of the shelter and excavations, you can find mines where there are still resources. After clearing the mine of zombies, repair and equip it so that the inhabitants can go mining. Upgrade objects to increase the number of miners who can work in it.

Collect minerals more often so that work in the mines does not stop.

Mint. This object can be found in the shelter when exploring the territory. Repair it and put it to work to produce Z coins. Open the object, place the required amount of iron in the slot and the Mint will start working.

Power station. Objects that provide electricity production can be built or found on the territory of the shelter. To start the power plant, load the required amount of coal, after the end of production, a lightning icon will appear on the facility. Building an electrical storage will allow you to collect more resources.

Water. The residents of the shelter need water, look for groundwater sources to supply their needs and produce more food. Install a hand pump to get clean water from a spring, or build a water treatment plant.

Product manufacturing. All vault dwellers need a source of energy, they need to eat hard to work more and stay in a good mood. In the hideout, you can find and produce the following power sources:

Choice of workers. In the production and extraction of resources, several heroes will be able to help you, who with their skills will improve the objects of production and the amount of resources received. Below is a list of heroes that can be useful when working on a particular object.

Hero nameSuitable place to workSkillImprovement effect
Lemurosiron mineIncrease iron production per hour.+6%/ +12%/ +18%/ +24%/ +30%
Increasing the storage limit of all mines.+12%/ +24%/ +36%/ +48%/ +60%
Increasing the mint storage limit.+10%/ +20%/ +30%/ +40%/ +50%
Bakusstone mineIncrease stone production per hour.+12%/ +18%/ +24%/ +32%/ +40%
Increases the amount of commemorative coins received during an expedition.+2%/ +4%/ +6%/ +8%/ +10%
DianaAny mineIncreasing the productivity of residents.+2%/ +4%/ +6%/ +8%/ +10%
Increase construction speed.+2%/ +4%/ +6%/ +8%/ +10%
Increasing the production of pumpkins per hour.+2%/ +4%/ +6%/ +8%/ +10%
Increasing the limit of inhabitants in the bedrooms.+1/ +2/ +3/ +4/ +5
Erikawheat farmIncreasing wheat production per hour.+8%/ +16%/ +24%/ +32%/ +40%
Increase in the amount of collected cargo.+2%/ +4%/ +6%/ +8%/ +10%
Increased yields in all breeding rooms.+2%/ +4%/ +6%/ +8%/ +10%
Karapumpkin farmIncreasing the production of pumpkins per hour.+12%/ +18%/ +24%/ +32%/ +40%
Increasing the storage limit for pumpkins.+10%/ +20%/ +30%/ +40%/ +50%
Increasing the limit of soldiers in the barracks.+10/ +20/ +30/ +40/ +50
Increasing the limit of inhabitants in the bedrooms.+1/ +2/ +3/ +4/ +5
ElenaMilk’s farmIncreasing milk production per hour.+6%/ +12%/ +18%/ +24%/ +30%
Increase water production per hour.+5%/ +10%/ +15%/ +20%/ +25%
Increasing the milk storage limit.+12%/ +18%/ +24%/ +32%/ +40%
Increase iron production per hour.+4%/ +8%/ +12%/ +16%/ +20%
Lafi Marceauherb farmIncrease the production of herbs per hour.+12%/ +18%/ +24%/ +32%/ +40%
Increased storage limit for herbs.+10%/ +20%/ +30%/ +40%/ +50%
LambertMintIncreasing the production of coins per hour.+10%/ +20%/ +30%/ +40%/ +50%
Increasing the rate of production of coins per hour.+8/ +16/ +24/ +32/ +40
Charging residents for food.+1/ +2/ +3/ +4/ +5
McKinleyPower GeneratorIncreasing the production of electricity per hour.+12%/ +18%/ +24%/ +32%/ +40%
Increasing the storage limit of the power plant.+12%/ +18%/ +24%/ +32%/ +40%
Increasing income from accelerated production.+6%/ +12%/ +18%/ +24%/ +30%
MarioWater treatment plantIncrease water production per hour.+6%/ +12%/ +18%/ +24%/ +30%
Increasing the rate of iron collection.+4%/ +8%/ +12%/ +16%/ +20%
Increased lifting capacity when collecting.+2%/ +4%/ +6%/ +8%/ +10%
Bonniegopher farmIncreasing the production of gophers per hour.+6%/ +12%/ +18%/ +24%/ +30%
Increasing the storage limit for gophers.+12%/ +18%/ +24%/ +32%/ +40%
Increase construction speed.+1%/ +2%/ +3%/ +4%/ +5%
HarrisonAny production facilityIncreasing the production of mushrooms per hour.+12%/ +18%/ +24%/ +32%/ +40%
Increase construction speed.+1%/ +2%/ +3%/ +4%/ +5%
Increasing the storage limit of the water treatment plant.20%/ 40%/ 60%/ 80%/ 100%
Increases the amount of commemorative coins received during an expedition.+2%/ +4%/ +6%/ +8%/ +10%

Last Fortress Underground: All About Exploration

Research. For the successful development of the shelter and the creation of a powerful army, it is necessary to conduct scientific research. You will be able to get new knowledge and technologies, open access to the construction of new facilities and strengthen the heroes. For research, you need Z coins and electricity.

Laboratory. All studies are carried out in the Laboratory and take a certain amount of time from several minutes to several hours. It is necessary to constantly improve the level of this object in order to gain access to the study of new technologies and increase the speed of ongoing research.

Study the recommended technologies to ensure that the shelter develops evenly.

Technology. The Laboratory presents several categories of technologies that are related to the basic capabilities of the shelter, the development of built facilities, the improvement of military campaigns and the opening of new opportunities on the world map. Technologies are studied one after another in accordance with the presented chain. Some technologies have several levels of research, so for maximum efficiency, the study must be carried out several times.

Basic technologyPositive effect
Portable drillsConverting electricity into kinetic energy to excavate sandstone, allows you to excavate earth of 2 hardness levels.
AutomationImproved gopher trap and the ability to catch up to 4 gophers at a time.
fungal cultureObtaining artificial mushroom cultivation technology by researching fungal organisms, opens the Mushroom Crate and gains an additional source of food.
Electromechanical technologyUnlocks the Gopher Generator and receives an additional source of electricity.
Shelf organizationA more reasonable warehouse management and material placement plan is used, one cell holds +5 units.
Automatic cookingCanteen worker prepares food in automatic mode.
mechanical excavationUsing compressed air to excavate quartzite, it is possible to excavate earth of 3 levels of hardness.
MicrotechnologyWarehouse shelves are made from new materials and can hold more materials, one cell holds +5 units.
Temperature controlPower plants install water-cooled modules to increase the speed of electricity production, open the fast production function.
Shelf extensionWarehouse shelves are made from new materials and can hold more materials, one cell holds +10 units.
WheatUnlocks the Wheat Farm and gains an additional source of food.
Digging RulesOpens a dig queue so workers can dig up areas one by one.
Tube transportInstallation of transport pipes in the shelter so ingredients no longer need to be carried by workers by hand.
Physical compressionMaterials are processed using compression technology and take up less space in the warehouse, one cell holds +5 units.
HerbsUnlocks the Herb Farm, gaining an additional source of food and the ability to produce medicines to heal soldiers.
Hydraulic electromechanicsGetting hydraulic electromechanics, which allows you to dig the ground 4 levels of hardness.
domestication of animalsOpens the Gopher Farm and allows large scale gopher farming to provide a stable source of meat.
Lubrication technologyThe process of oil cracking produces additional lubricating oil, which can increase the rate at which herbs are produced.
IrrigationUsing the farm irrigation feature to increase production speed.
PumpkinOpening a Pumpkin Farm and getting an additional source of food.
dynamicMaterials are processed using compression technology and take up less space in the warehouse, one cell holds +10 units.
heavy excavationObtaining drilling electromechanics, which allows you to dig the ground of the 5th level of hardness.
Cloning TechnologyThe opening of the Dairy Farm, which allows you to clone cows.

Luke is a hero scientist, he loved physics since childhood and will allow you to take the research process in the Laboratory to a new level. He has the following skills to help you develop your hideout:

Last Fortress Underground: How to get resources for free?

Resources. Various resources will be required for building, improving buildings, training soldiers, obtaining heroes and pumping them: game currency, building materials, food and electricity. The game presents many ways to get all the necessary resources for development for free.

Book of Revelations. You can receive rewards for actively participating in game events, developing a shelter, and destroying zombies. In the corresponding tab, you can see the list of tasks that must be completed gradually one after another. The task is considered completed after counting the actions of all server players, so both active and mediocre players receive a reward.

NameThe taskReward
First steps1,000 commanders upgraded the Control Center to level 6.50 diamonds, 50 commemorative coins, 100 experience points.
Zombie extermination2,000 zombies have been killed in the area.50 diamonds, 900 experience points.
Exploring the ruins100 commanders passed the location of 3-10 expeditions.50 diamonds, 300 commemorative coins.
Working TogetherAll alliances killed 100 level 10 zombies.50 diamonds, 300 commemorative coins, 100 memory points.
To work together800 mutant zombies killed in the area.50 diamonds, 500 commemorative coins.
Beginning of chaosAll alliances captured and restored 1 city each.100 diamonds, 900 commemorative coins.
Resource piling upA total of 350,000 resources have been collected in the district.50 diamonds, 500 commemorative coins.
Chaos timeThe number of occupied territories reached 20.50 diamonds, 500 commemorative coins.
Zombies RageAfter the completion of the chapter, all alliances captured 1 city of level 4 each.100 diamonds, 1,000 commemorative coins.
Collision and chaosAll alliances captured and restored 5 cities each.100 diamonds, 1,000 commemorative coins.
sharp edgesBM 100 commanders reached 500,000.100 diamonds, 2,000 commemorative coins, 900 experience points.
The start of the fightAll alliances killed 100 level 15 zombies.100 diamonds, 900 experience points.
Full armament1,000 commanders upgraded the Control Center to level 14.100 diamonds, 2,000 commemorative coins.
military strengthAfter completing the chapter, all alliances captured 1 city of level 5 each.100 diamonds, 900 experience points.
golden eraBM 100 commanders reached 1,000,000.100 diamonds, 5,000 commemorative coins.
Entrance to EdenAfter completing the chapter, all alliances captured 1 city of level 6 each.100 diamonds, 900 experience points.
Doomsday laurelsAfter completing the chapter, all alliances captured 1 city of level 7 each.500 diamonds and 20 faction recruitment cards.

Expedition. Every minute of research you get the experience of the heroes, every hour you get commemorative coins. The higher the level of research, the higher the reward. The level increases after passing 5 stages of the study.

Chests. When excavating in the shelter, you can find chests with rewards, in order to get diamonds, the hero needs to explore the contents of the chest. The deeper you find the chest, the more valuable its contents.

VIP reward. Every day you can receive 1 exclusive chest with a reward in the Vip section. The value of the contents of the chest depends on the current VIP level, the higher it is, the more rewards you will receive. For example, at VIP level 15, you will receive daily:

Log into the game daily to increase your VIP level and get more valuable rewards.

Destruction of zombies. A machine gun is installed on the roof of the shelter, with which you can destroy the approaching zombies and get hero experience points, Z coins and commemorative coins. The higher the level of the hall of defense, the better the rewards. To activate the machine gun, you will need electricity, which can be obtained from a power generator or a gopher generator.

Discounts of the week. In the Rewards Center, in the Deals of the Week section, you can receive a free set of items daily. It includes Z Coins, Diamonds, and Elite Class Hero Fragment.

Linking an account. When you authorize a game account, you have the opportunity to earn 300 recruitment points. For maximum security, you are offered to link your account with several options at once and receive double or triple rewards.

Social media. Joining the official community of the game is a great opportunity to share your game history, exchange experience with commanders around the world, and also receive news about upcoming game events. For going to the page of one of the communities, you will receive a bonus 200 summon points.

Developments. The developers of Last Fortress Underground launch several temporary in-game events every month, during which you have to complete tasks or certain in-game actions in order to receive a valuable reward. The mechanics of events are often repeated, so we will tell you about the main ones.

Be sure to take part in all events in order to receive at least a minimal reward and direct resources to the development of the shelter and heroes.

Personal race. The event is divided into several stages, each of which lasts 1 day. At each stage, you earn points by completing the tasks of the day, with the help of points the scale for obtaining a chest with a reward is filled, which will contain resources, boosters and temporary bonuses.

Stages of a personal race:

  1. Building upgrades.
  2. Technology research.
  3. Collection of resources.
  4. Soldier training.
  5. Hiring heroes.
  6. Destruction of enemy forces.

Exchange. The event lasts for 7 days, you have to destroy zombies to get special items, such as Wasteland Feathers and Tribal Crossbows during the Enemy to Friend event. These items can be exchanged for the necessary resources, or you can open a new hero for your team.

The number of exchange offers is limited, so it is better to save up special items before the end of the event in order to use them with maximum benefit.

Stock. Read letters from developers carefully, as they may contain information about additional ways to get free resources. For example, developers sent gifts to all players who managed to leave a comment under a post on Facebook within a set time.

Last Fortress Underground: Should I join an alliance?

Alliance - an alliance between several users, which allows players to receive additional resources and items for development. By teaming up with other players, you can capture territories on the world map, destroy mutant zombies and take part in special events.

In the dangerous apocalyptic world of Last Fortress Underground, co-development with allies will increase your safety.

Choice. If you know the name of the alliance you want to join, find it through the search bar, you can also select an alliance from the list of recommended ones. Analyze information about the number of players, total BM, alliance level and the main language of communication. It is necessary to select an alliance with the maximum number of active players, which guarantees you more rewards.

Introduction. As a condition of entry, requirements for the level of shelter and BM can be indicated. Send an application to the leader of the alliance and wait for confirmation of entry. Also, the leader of the alliance may not put forward any requirements, in which case joining the alliance will occur automatically without submitting an application. For the first entry into the alliance, you will receive a small reward in the form of 100 recruitment points.

If you have not found a suitable alliance, create your own and team up with active players to conquer the world.

War. The Alliance War section displays all the actions of your allies on the world map. To destroy mutant zombies, a troop gathering is announced, during which you can join allies, jointly destroy the enemy and earn a reward.

Help. Allies can help each other by reducing construction and research time, which allows the shelter to develop rapidly. Each assist increases progress by 1% and reduces time by at least 1 minute. To help a friend yourself, click on the handshake icon on the right side of the screen, and then the Help Everyone button. Every time you help an ally, your personal account will be credited with contribution points that can be spent in the store.

Always request the help of allies during construction and research in order to speed up the process as much as possible.

Development. The amount of bonuses that its members receive depends on the level of the Alliance. To increase the level, you need to donate resources, hunt zombies, complete tasks of the day and destroy mutant zombies. For each action performed, you will receive points and fill the Alliance development scale. When leveling up, all members of the alliance receive a reward in the form of diamonds.

Alliance level 20 bonuses:

As long as you contribute to the development of the alliance, the alliance will help you develop faster.

Tasks of the day. For completing daily tasks, you can receive rewards and activity points that fill up the scale for receiving an additional reward. Quests are updated daily, so you need to get 200 activity points in time to get a chest with fragments of elite heroes.

Task examples:

Present. When your allies purchase sets and defeat mutant zombies, you will receive an Alliance gift. It includes various items, gift points, personal contributions and alliance contributions. With the help of gift points, you will increase their level and in the future you can get more valuable prizes.

Shop. Here you can use your personal alliance contribution points to buy useful items for shelter development and world conquest. So you can purchase various boosters, chests with stones and iron, Z coins, a name change card, collection bonus, peace shield, counterintelligence.

Survival quiz. Your Alliance has to answer 5 questions, 50 seconds are given to think about the answer. You just need to send the answer option A, B, C, D to the Alliance chat, the first one received is counted. For a correct answer, you and your allies will receive a gift, which will be automatically sent to inventory.

Sample questions:

If you are in doubt about the answer to the question about the qualities of the heroes, click on each answer option and read a brief description.

Last Fortress Underground: How to complete story missions?

First days. At the very beginning of the game, you have to complete tasks so that the plot develops and you gain access to the main game activities. As a reward, you will receive resources and items for the fastest progress in the game.

Day 1 - Shelter. Following the instructions, a group of survivors arrived at the shelter, now you must find a way to survive. For completing all tasks, you can earn 1,500 hero experience points and get 4 boosters. You need:

  1. Send the hero to the Workshop.
  2. Excavate several sites.
  3. Build a bedroom.
  4. Destroy zombies.
  5. Prepare food.
  6. Find and upgrade the Control Center.

Day 2 - Expedition at home. You must take the tools in hand and actively explore the new shelter. For completing all tasks, you can earn 1,300 hero experience points and get 6 boosters. You need:

  1. Improve warehouse.
  2. Catch gophers with a trap.
  3. Prepare a new gopher dish.

Day 3 - Salvation. Your group is tired of what is happening in the world, you need to find empathy and save more survivors. For completing all tasks, you can earn 1,600 hero experience points and get 410 boosters. You need:

  1. Repair the car and go to rescue the survivors.
  2. Improve your bedroom.
  3. Research and equip the stone mine.
  4. Send residents to work in the mine.
  5. Find a source of water.

Day 4 - Drilling experiment. Working in difficult areas has become a big problem, you will need more powerful tools. For completing all tasks, you can earn 1,400 hero experience points and get 15 boosters. You need:

  1. Improve Control Center.
  2. Explore and run the power plant.
  3. Open a laboratory and study technologies.
  4. Build boxes of mushrooms.
  5. Prepare food.

Day 5 - Satellite communications. You need to find the satellite center in order to return to the surface to destroy the zombies. Completing all missions will earn you 1,600 Hero XP, 100 Recruitment Points, and 20 Boosters. You need:

  1. Check the satellite center and fix the radar.
  2. Upgrade the lab.
  3. Build a gopher generator.
  4. Improve Control Center.

Achievements. After completing the tasks of the first days, you will get access to the completion of permanent tasks. The block contains 8 different tasks related to the main gaming activities. You will receive a reward both for completing the task itself, and for completing the entire block of tasks.


Last Fortress Underground: Donator Guide

Awards Center. To quickly develop a shelter, create a powerful team of heroes and a strong army, you will need a lot of resources. All offers for donators are located in the Rewards Center, you can go to it by clicking on the plus icon next to the resources. Most can be purchased for premium currency - diamonds, which can be bought separately, or purchased in a profitable set.

VIP level. A high perk level can give you a powerful boost to develop. Each VIP level gives access to development bonuses and the purchase of an exclusive set of rewards, which includes a hero, medals for developing the skills of this hero, faction recruitment cards, hero experience, commemorative coins and VIP points.

Level up. Every day you can get Vip-points to fill the progress bar to a new level. The more days in a row you enter the game, the more points you get, but not more than 100 at a time. To reach the maximum VIP level faster, you need to make purchases of sets in the Reward Center.

First purchase. Top up your balance for any amount and get an elite hero - Quinn, as well as the right to upload and set your own avatar. Additionally, you will receive 50,000 hero experience, 50 commemorative coins and 100 diamonds.

Workshop. Take advantage of the offer and open an additional workshop. You will receive an elite hero - Maurer, 250 Vip points, 600 units of stones and a box of electricity. This is a great opportunity to speed up the development of the shelter and get a good worker.

Total purchase. A special event that is available to players for 7 days after the opening of the trade function. After each purchase you make in the game, the amount of diamonds purchased will be calculated, if it reaches a certain value, you will receive a reward.


Last Fortress Underground: Is it worth playing?

Last Fortress Underground is an interesting and thoughtful game that will keep you entertained for a long time. The game combines several exciting activities such as building, creating an army and capturing territories, pumping heroes and destroying zombies, so many users will like it.


  1. The app is available on multiple gaming platforms.
  2. The phone does not drain quickly.
  3. There are hints, the game is easy to master.
  4. The game is free, donation is optional.
  5. Several combat mechanics.
  6. The plot develops, the characters communicate with each other.
  7. No ads.


  1. A permanent internet connection is required.
  2. The monotony of the gaming location.
  3. The difficulty of pumping heroes to the maximum level.
  4. Expensive offers in the play store.
  5. There is no manual combat mode.

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