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Last Pirate WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

Last Pirate: Survival Island Adventure - an exciting survival simulator from RetroStyle Games. You have to become a real pirate and survive on a desert island, where various dangers await you. Build a shelter, get resources, destroy skeletons and hunt wild animals. Use all your skills and abilities to survive, save your friends and unravel the mysteries of the mysterious island.


  1. Tips for Getting Started Right
  2. Beginner’s Guide
  3. All about the pirate
  4. Pirate Management Guide
  5. Tips for Fighting Beasts and Undead
  6. Weapon Guide
  7. How to restore a pirate’s vital signs?
  8. How to get free bonuses in the game?
  9. All About Storage
  10. How to get crafting items?
  11. Building Guide
  12. All About Fishing
  13. Quest Tips
  14. How to defeat the Kraken?
  15. How to find treasures?
  16. All About Pirate Rescue
  17. Dungeon Solving Tips
  18. Donator Guide
  19. Is it worth playing?

Last Pirate: Tips for Getting Started Right

1. Activity. There are no automatic functions in the game, all actions related to survival on the island are carried out only after your command, so it will take you a lot of time to develop. You need to devote at least a few hours to the game every day in order to get more resources and achieve high results.

2. Craft. The process of survival is built around the study and creation of various items that make life easier on a desert island. Since special blueprints are required to study, you need to spend them wisely. First of all, you need to open those items that are required to complete the story tasks and improve the ship, then items that help you get food and water, then tools and weapons, and then everything else.

3. Online. All actions that are related to time, such as creating an item, receiving a reward, activating crates, etc. require an online presence. When you exit the game, the timer stops. If possible, connect the gaming device to Wi-fi, put it on charge and leave it for the required time. Go to the Quests tab so that the pirate’s vitals do not decrease while you are not playing.

4. Safe movement. Many dangers await you on the island, but you need to travel to find rare resources. Since engaging in combat with wild animals and skeletons is always energy-intensive, you can try to bypass the danger. The safest path between locations is rocks, if possible, climb the hill and freely go to the desired point.

5. Gold coins. You will receive very few coins for destroying skeletons, most of which you can get for watching commercials or for being in the game for 180 minutes online. Since gold coins are not easy to get, spend them on expanding your inventory first, then you can use them to repair weapons and tools, teleport and resurrect.

Last Pirate: Beginner’s Guide

Plot. Your pirate ship was shipwrecked under strange circumstances. You woke up alone on the coast of a mysterious island, you have nothing but the desire to survive. However, the lack of water and food will not be the main problem, the island is filled with the undead, which seeks to destroy uninvited guests. Set off in search of your crew and together build a ship to return home.

Location. All events take place on an island in the middle of the ocean. You can move along the coast and explore the objects located here. However, you will not be able to go deep into the island and swim far into the sea, otherwise you are not limited in your movements.

Game activities. The game has a variety of gameplay, you need to be good in each game genre in order to develop successfully. The main activities in Last Pirate are:

Profile. At the very beginning of the game, you must specify your nickname so that the game fixes the profile name. You also have to choose the gender of your character. Since the game is played in first person, the storyline and the main game picture will not be affected, the gender of the pirate is only displayed in the inventory section.

Interface. In the upper left corner, information about your vital signs is displayed, in the upper right corner - the number of accumulated blueprints and gold coins, buttons for going to the settings and the game store. At the bottom of the screen there are buttons for moving to the inventory, the quick access panel, the mode of creating items and construction.

Settings. To go to the game settings, click on the gear icon in the upper right corner. You can adjust the volume of music and sound effects, as well as the sensitivity of the pirate control. The game is translated into several languages, so in the system settings you can choose the appropriate one:

The gear icon is white so you can’t see it against a light sky, move your camera to a dark area to see the outline of the icon.

Graphic arts. For a more comfortable and enjoyable gaming experience, you can change the graphics quality to Fast, Medium, or High. You can also adjust the frame rate and choose how many frames per second the game will show you: 20, 30 or 60. Using the graphics settings, you can save Internet traffic and reduce the energy consumption of the gaming device.

Discord. For users of the game, an official online community has been created in Discord. Here you can find friends of interest or more experienced players to learn from their experience. To go to the desired site, click on the pop-up icon in the lower right corner.

Last Pirate: All about the pirate

The pirate is the main character of the game for which you have to play. The pirate’s vitals are displayed in the upper left corner and are of paramount importance to you in the process of surviving on the island.

Basic indicators:

Death. As soon as your health bar is at zero, you die, this can happen both from hunger and from injuries received during the battle. After the first death, you can resurrect completely free of charge by watching a commercial. In the future, resurrection will cost 100 gold coins, in this case you are guaranteed to receive a new weapon as a bonus.

Grave. After death without resurrection, you will start the game at the starting point next to the ship, without equipment and resources. You can return the lost only by reaching the grave, which will be located in the place where the pirate died. Get to a given point and take all your belongings to continue development.

After death or resurrection, all vital signs of a pirate are fully restored.

Hook. You start the game with only one hook instead of your left hand. With it, you can extract resources, fight the undead or wild animals. The hook is a universal weapon of a pirate that will remain with you even after death.

Equipment. The only way to improve the basic indicators of a pirate is his equipment. Clothing items can be obtained as a reward, or you can create them yourself in the crafting section. In total, the equipment includes 3 items:

ThingEffectStudy costCreation cost
Sailor BandanaIncreases thirst by 50.50 drawings.2 cloth, 5 bones and 1 raw fish.
sailor’s shirtIncreases health by 50.125 drawings.4 fabrics, 3 leathers and 2 wools.
Sailor’s shoesIncreases satiety by 50.75 blueprints4 leather, 2 common metal and 6 stone.
Healer’s cocked hatIncreases stamina by 20%, removes poison 3 times.115 blueprints1 fish oil, 3 ropes and 4 skins.
Healer’s ShirtRestores health.220 drawings.1 stone knife, 7 cloth, 1 watch and 2 fish oil.
Healer BootsIncreases movement speed by 15%, removes poison 3 times.150 drawings.6 leather, 1 repair axe, 4 base metal and 2 nails.
poisoned hatIncreases health by 50, removes poison 3 times.125 drawings.2 strong fabrics, 1 raw meat and 2 spider venoms.
poisoned coatIncreases armor by 35, removes poison 3 times.175 drawings.1 crocodile skin, 3 skins and 2 spider venom.
Poison BootsIncreases stamina by 35%, removes poison 3 times.150 drawings.2 horns, 2 wool and 1 spider venom.
Gunner’s HatIncreases armor by 15, increases armor by 50 3 times.175 drawings.4 wool, 1 crocodile skin and 3 strong fabrics.
Gunner’s jacketIncreases armor by 35, increases armor by 50 3 times.350 drawings.6 wool, 3 crocodile skin, 2 strong fabrics and 2 steel plates.
Boots of the GunnerIncreases armor by 20, increases armor by 50 3 times.250 drawings.5 wool, 2 crocodile skin and 3 strong fabrics.

Last Pirate: Pirate Management Guide

Control. On the left side of the screen is a joystick, with which you will control the character in the game. Click on the screen, move the joystick to the desired side to start moving along a given trajectory. On the right side of the screen there are 3 more buttons with which the character can perform additional actions.

Run. On the right side of the screen is a running pirate icon with a right arrow. Around the icon is a yellow indicator that determines how long you can move at increased speed. As soon as the pirate gets tired, he will move at a normal pace, after restoring at least part of the running indicator, you will be able to accelerate again.

Use the run function to quickly cross the area with the undead and wild animals, if you do not have a goal to engage them in combat.

Bounce. On the right side of the screen is a jumping pirate icon with an up arrow. With this function, you can climb up the hill in the form of rocks, stones and fortifications.

Attack. On the right side of the screen is a fist icon, with which you can perform strikes with the weapons or tools you have. This function is necessary when fighting the undead, hunting and obtaining resources from barrels.

Collection. Some resources can simply be collected when exploring locations, for example, coconuts can be found under palm trees, and apples are forgotten on the table in houses. To get such items, you need to point the camera at the item so that it is highlighted. Once the indicator is completely full, the item will be collected and transferred to inventory.

Swimming. As befits a real sea dog, you can swim. However, no other actions can be performed in the water. Also, if you swim too far or stay in the water for a long time, you will freeze and your health will begin to decrease.

Water can be used as additional cover, as undead and animals cannot be in the water, unlike you.

Teleport. You do not know what will await you while traveling around the island. Therefore, in an emergency situation, using the teleportation function, you can be in a shelter in an instant. To use the teleport, go to the settings and spend 10 gold coins to be near your ship.

Dream. In order to make the game seem more realistic, the developers have set the change of day and night. The sun rises and sets automatically, but it is not always comfortable to fight the undead in the dark. In order to independently change the time of day, you will need a bed.

Bed. You can equip your shelter with a bed yourself, for this you will need 50 wood, 12 leather, 2 strong fabrics and 1 animal skin. You need to spend 125 drawings to study. You can also get a bed when you purchase one of the donation kits.

If necessary, you can use the bed, which is located in one of the houses in the nearest village on the right side of the ship.

Last Pirate: Tips for Fighting Beasts and Undead

Get ready for the journey. Before heading to the remote corners of the island, prepare supplies so that you have the opportunity to satisfy your hunger and thirst away from your shelter. Craft or repair weapons in advance, place a few items on the hotbar so that if the weapon becomes unusable, you can immediately replace it and continue the attack.

Restore your health. Keep a close eye on health indicators, especially if you play without sound. Place medicinal items on the hotbar to restore the pirate’s health with one click and not die far from the shelter.

The most affordable item for restoring health is a bandage, so try to always have about 10 in stock.

Skeletons. The most primitive type of undead, which has the lowest health indicator, but moves quite quickly. It is an ordinary skeleton that stretches its arms forward to get to you faster. Skeletons are most often encountered during the passage of dungeons.

Pirate Skeletons. They have an average health indicator, most often they sleep next to blue and red barrels. From afar, they will not replace you, only wake up when you get too close to them. Pirate skeletons attack slowly, so you need to take a step back at this moment, and then strike yourself. In this way, you can defeat the enemy without losing health.

Protected skeletons. Similar in characteristics and behavior to regular skeletons, but wearing armor makes them less susceptible to your attacks. Be prepared to deal a series of blows to get rid of this undead.

Skeleton archers. A dangerous type of enemy that can easily spot you and attack from a distance. In the process of approaching, change the trajectory of movement to dodge the arrows. In close combat, also remember to dodge at the moment when the archer pulls the bowstring.

Brawler skeletons. They are two protected skeletons that always fight each other when they meet. Since they are busy with their own business, you will be able to pass them unnoticed, but if you do not succeed, be prepared for a powerful attack. The most effective way to fight brawlers is to use weapons with a group damage effect, such as the Dead Man’s Saber.

Bomb skeleton. The most dangerous type of skeleton in terms of damage you can take from it. After the enemy notices you, he will go in pursuit and will explode when approaching you. You can run backwards from the skeleton to understand when it starts to explode and at that moment speed up the run. You can also blow up the skeleton from afar using a bow, crossbow or firearms.

When using firearms, aim at the skeletons’ heads to destroy the undead in one hit.

Animals. During the exploration of the island, you will encounter both harmless animals, such as rabbits and chickens, as well as more dangerous ones that can harm you. The strongest animals are bears and crocodiles, they are best attacked from afar and from high ground with firearms. In close combat, you have very little chance of defeating them, since they immediately deal a powerful blow and reduce your health by half.

Types of aggressive animals:

Last Pirate: Weapon Guide

Weapon. Most of the locations where rare resources are stored are guarded by the undead or wild animals. Therefore, you will definitely need a good weapon to protect yourself from the threat and get additional rewards.

Receipt. The main way to get weapons is to study and create them in the crafting section. You can also get weapons when resurrecting for gold coins or when opening treasure chests.

If the weapon was received as a reward before it was studied, then you can save blueprints.

What to choose? The game features 17 types of different weapons, so it is quite difficult for a beginner to make a choice. We recommend collecting resources at the beginning of the game to create a Stone Spear, it will help you defend yourself in the early stages, until you get a more powerful weapon. Then create a Rusted Sword, it does more damage and it will be easy for you to get the necessary materials.

Repair. Just like a pirate’s tools and equipment, weapons become unusable after their durability has expired. To repair, you will need the same resources that you used to create the item. For this reason, beginners do not have the opportunity to repair more powerful weapons that were received as a reward.

Types of weapons. The weapons presented in the game are quite diverse, both in terms of their functionality and indicators of durability and damage. The game features primitive weapons of the first people, homemade and high-quality melee weapons, as well as firearms. Below are all the available weapons, starting from the most powerful.

1. Golden musket. The weapon has increased accuracy. To create, you will need 2 weapon bolts, 3 springs, 4 iron pipes, 45 high-quality metal and 7 horns, damage indicator - 4, durability - 4. 900 drawings are needed to study.

2. Crusher of souls. To create, you will need 1 weapon bolt, 6 springs, 3 iron pipes, 35 high-quality metal and 5 horns, damage indicator - 4, durability - 4. 900 drawings are needed to study.

3. Scythe of death. The weapon has increased damage, and can also deal damage to a group of enemies. The damage indicator is 2, the durability is 3. The weapon can only be obtained as a reward when opening the golden chest of the dungeon, or when buying sets in the game store.

4. Drowned musket. The weapon fires shot. To create, you need 1 weapon bolt, 3 springs, 3 iron pipes, 6 gears and 170 ordinary metal, damage indicator - 4, durability - 3. 440 drawings are needed to study.

5. Homemade musket. To create, you need 1 weapon bolt, 1 spring, 1 iron pipe and 120 ordinary metal, damage indicator - 2, durability - 4. 300 blueprints are required to study.

6. Homemade pistol. To create, you need 1 iron pipe, 35 nails, 100 wood and 2 horns, damage indicator - 2, durability - 4. 240 drawings are needed to study.

Bullet. Required to use any firearm. To create, you need 5 ordinary metal and 2 gunpowder, the damage indicator is 2. To study, you need 100 blueprints.

7. Saber of the dead. The weapon has increased damage, and can also deal damage to a group of enemies. To create, you need 1 blade, 5 crocodile skin, 3 horns and 6 bones, damage indicator - 2, durability - 3. 180 drawings are needed to study.

8. Rusty sword. The weapon has increased damage, and can also deal damage to a group of enemies. To create, you need 60 stone, 40 ordinary metal and 10 rope, damage indicator - 2, durability - 2. 150 drawings are needed to study.

9. Iron spear. The weapon has increased durability. To create, you need 6 horns, 20 ordinary metal and 3 nails, damage indicator - 2, durability - 4. 120 drawings are needed to study.

10. Stone spear. To create, you need 20 stone, 75 wood and 4 leather, damage indicator - 2, durability - 4. 80 drawings are needed to study.

11. Kitchen knife. To create, you need 4 horns and 15 ordinary metal, damage indicator - 2, durability - 2. 120 drawings are needed to study.

12. Stone knife. To create, you need 20 stone, 2 leather and 5 sugar cane, damage indicator - 2, durability - 2. 60 drawings are needed to study.

13. Simple crossbow. The weapon has increased accuracy. To create, you need 100 wood, 5 ropes and 1 spring, damage indicator - 1, durability - 4. 160 drawings are needed to study. To use a crossbow you need bolts.

Crossbow bolt. To create 10 bolts, you need 10 wood and 10 stones, the damage indicator is 2. You need 50 blueprints to study.

14. Bone club. The weapon has increased damage, and can also deal damage to a group of enemies. To create, you need 3 skins and 2 bones, the damage indicator is 2, the durability is 1. It does not require the study of weapons to create.

15. Hunting bow. The weapon has increased durability. To create, you need 100 wood, 10 fabrics and 8 bones, damage indicator - 1, durability - 3. 120 drawings are needed to study. You need arrows to use the bow.

Wooden arrow. To create 10 arrows, you need 10 wood and 10 stone, the damage indicator is 1. 25 drawings are needed to study.

Firebolt. To create 10 arrows, you need 10 wood, 10 stone, 1 fuel and 4 fabrics, the damage indicator is 2. 75 drawings are needed to study.

16. Wooden spear. The weapon has increased durability. To create, you need 2 skins and 50 wood, damage indicator - 1, durability - 3. 25 drawings are needed to study.

17. Wooden club. To create, you need 25 wood and 7 stone, the damage indicator is 1, the durability is 1. It does not require the study of weapons to create.

Last Pirate: How to restore a pirate’s vital signs?

Health is the most important indicator for a pirate, since your main task in this game is to survive on the island. You can receive damage from various factors, for example, an attack by the undead, wild animals, or a fall from a height. Therefore, it is necessary to create items that can restore your health in a critical situation.

Item for craftingEffectAdditional propertiesStudy costCreation cost
Bandage+15 healthRemoves bleeding.No study required.5 sugar cane.
Fish fat+25 health-30 drawings.3 stones and 2 raw fish.
Healing Potion+50 healthRemoves poisoning.75 drawings.1 animal fat, 2 spider venom and 1 fish oil.
Big Potion+200 healthRemoves bleeding and poisoning.450 drawings.3 fuel, 2 healing potions, 3 horns and 2 fish oil.
Mushroom soup+10 health-25 blueprints5 mushrooms, 2 sugar cane drinks and 1 bowl.
All vital signs must be closely monitored. If you are hungry or dehydrated, you will begin to lose health points until you satisfy your hunger and thirst.

Thirst. You are on a tropical island, because of the heat, one of the main problems of a pirate will be constant thirst. The easiest way to quench your thirst is to search for coconuts, one coconut can quench your thirst by 10 units. You can produce additional sources of water yourself.

Item for craftingEffectStudy costCreation cost
Sugar cane drink+10 water.No study required.1 stone and 5 sugar cane.
water bottle+50 water.75 drawings.2 sugar cane drinks, 3 coconuts and 5 bananas.
Fish soup+10 water and +35 food.25 drawings.2 raw fish, 2 sugarcane drinks and 1
Mushroom soup+10 water and +30 food.25 blueprints5 mushrooms, 2 sugar cane drinks and 1 bowl.

Collector. This design is used to collect rainwater and dew. With the help of the water tank, you can solve the problem of dehydration and get flasks of water that quench your thirst by 20 units. To study, you need 150 drawings, to create you will need 200 wood and 5 sugar cane.

Coconut elixir. The most effective way to quench your thirst, as one elixir contains 75 units of water. You can only get it by opening barrels, crates and chests with rewards. Each elixir takes up one inventory slot, which is why many players constantly use it to quench their thirst. However, to complete the story campaign, you will need 10 coconut elixirs, put them in the chest and use the next ones to quench your thirst.

Hunger. Like any living creature, a pirate needs to eat to survive on this island. The main ways of obtaining food are gathering, hunting and fishing.

Gathering. If necessary, you can satisfy your hunger at any point on the map, if you pay attention to banana trees and mushrooms growing next to stones and buildings. At the beginning of the game, to satisfy your hunger, it will be enough for you to have a supply of the following products with you:

Cooking food. If you want to eat well, you will have to hunt and fish. The meat obtained from bear, wild boar, rabbit and crab, fish must be cooked on a fire to avoid possible poisoning. It is also necessary to monitor the cooking process so as not to overcook it, since in this case the food can also poison you. For example:

Bonfire. For cooking, you will need a fire, which you can create yourself. You do not need to study the item, to create it you will need 10 wood and 25 stone. To light a fire, you need to place wood in it, after cooking, you can put out the fire so as not to waste resources.

If the fire runs out of wood, the cooking process will be stopped.

Chicken. Near your hideout, you can find chickens, which are a special food source. To get food, simply drive the chicken to a dead end and use a hook or other tool to get an egg. You can eat a raw egg without any consequences, or cook scrambled eggs from it to increase the satiety of the product.

Last Pirate: How to get free bonuses in the game?

Daily reward. Just by logging into the game every day, you can get the necessary resources to develop and complete the story campaign. The reward is awarded for 35 days and it only gets better every day, for example, for every 7th day you will receive one of the most powerful weapons. You will also find elements of pirate equipment and rare materials to create the necessary items.

Free chest . Go to the game store and open the Best Deals tab, this is where the free chest with the reward is hidden. Every hour you can watch a promotional video and receive one of the nine rewards offered. After opening the chest, the reward will be added to the vault.

Possible reward:

Free coins. In the Coins tab in the game store, you can watch 5 commercials every hour and get free gold coins. Each ad brings in 5 coins, so you can easily save up to expand your inventory.

Time reward. During the day, you can receive a reward for being in the game online. There are 6 rewards waiting for you, the reward timer is displayed in the corresponding window. The distribution of awards is updated daily at 00:00 (UTC). You will be able to receive:

Boxes in the sea. As you explore the island, you will find crates on the seashore that can be opened every 16 minutes. However, you can only open 1 box, after which the timer will restart on all boxes. 2 items will drop randomly, you can accept the choice or replace the dropped item for 10 gold coins.

You can double the reward received by watching the commercial. If the item is rare, be sure to take advantage of this opportunity.

Barrels. In various locations, you may come across wooden barrels that store various resources, some items can only be found in them. Break the barrel, after which two bags with a reward will fall out and collect them. The map of the island displays all the places where you can find barrels of the desired color. Blue barrels are respectively marked with a blue cross, red barrels with a red cross.

Destroy barrels with the grappling hook, as using tools or weapons will consume their durability.

Last Pirate: All About Storage

Inventory. Most of the resources received and the items created are stored in the inventory. You can go to it by clicking on the bag icon to the left of the quick access panel. One cell can only contain a certain amount of resources, for example, 100 stones, if this value is exceeded, the stones will occupy an additional cell.

Extension. Initially, 14 slots in the inventory and 6 slots on the quick access panel are provided for storing items. Additional storage space can be obtained by spending 50 gold coins. The maximum number of storage slots in inventory is 56.

You can expand your storage space once per viewing an ad.

Kraft. An additional way to expand the storage space for resources and materials is to create chests. There are 3 types of chests available with different capacities. You can place chests anywhere, but to organize storage, it is better to do this in a shelter.

Small chest. Allows you to get an additional 4 slots for storing treasures. To create, you need 100 wood and 3 leather. Crafting does not require the study of the subject.

Medium chest. Allows you to get an additional 8 slots for storing treasures. To create, you need 200 wood, 3 leather and 1 lock. You need 100 blueprints to study.

Large chest. Allows you to get an additional 12 slots for storing treasures. To create, you need 300 wood, 2 horns, 1 crocodile skin and 1 steel plate. You need 200 blueprints to study.

Storage. Some of the rewards that you will receive in the course of completing tasks are not transferred to the inventory, but are sent to the storage. This allows you to use resources when necessary and not fill inventory slots with unnecessary items. To go to the vault, go to the game store and open the corresponding tab.

Last Pirate: How to get crafting items?

Kraft. Crafting is one of the main game activities that will allow you to survive on a desert island. To produce items, study the technology and collect the necessary resources.

Creation queue. Initially, you will have only one cell to create an item. To produce several items at the same time, you need to watch commercials and open additional cells. The maximum number of production cells is 5.

Cane mining. Sugarcane is one of the three main resources that you will need to craft items. Getting it is quite easy, for this you need to find a growing reed at the location and just collect it. It is not necessary to use special tools for reed extraction.

Wood extraction. You can get a tree in the process of cutting down trees, mainly coconut palms. From one tall palm tree you can get 50 wood. You can use a hook to cut down, but in this case, the process will take time. In order to speed up the extraction of wood, it is necessary to use special tools.

Stone ax. To create, you need 25 wood and 10 stone. The resource extraction indicator is 2, durability is 1. It does not require the study of a tool to create.

Fortified stone axe. The tool has increased durability, it will require 50 wood, 20 stone and 2 horns to create. The resource extraction indicator is 2, durability is 3. 50 drawings are required to study.

Axe. The tool allows you to accelerate the extraction of wood. To create, you need 25 wood, 5 ordinary metal and 2 crocodile skin. Resource extraction indicator - 3, durability - 2. 125 drawings are needed to study.

Stone mining. You can get stone and ore in the process of mining boulders, which you can find anywhere on the island. You can also collect small stones without using tools just by walking along the beach. For mining, you can use a hook or special tools.

Stone pick. To create, you need 25 wood and 15 stone. The resource extraction indicator is 1, durability is 1. It does not require the study of a tool to create.

Fortified stone pickaxe. The tool has increased durability, it will require 50 wood, 20 stone and 1 horn to create. Resource extraction indicator - 1, durability - 3. 50 drawings are required to study.

Pick. The tool allows you to accelerate the extraction of stone and receive an additional bonus to extraction. To create, you need 25 wood, 5 ordinary metal and 1 crocodile skin. The resource extraction indicator is 2, durability is 2. 125 drawings are required to study.

The extraction of wood and stone is not limited, as trees and boulders are replenished in the location over time.

items for production. By crafting the Loom and the Furnace, you can recycle resources and get new materials from them to create more complex items. The production queue as well as the construction queue can be extended by watching commercials.

Production of materials. To start the work of the Loom or the Furnace, it is necessary to move the resources that are subject to processing from the inventory. If you want to use only a part, then divide one cell into two using a special button, and determine how many resources will be located in each of them.

Loom. Used to process sugar cane into cloth, then the cloth can be processed into rope. To study, you need 75 drawings, to create you will need 200 wood, 10 sugar cane and 1 gear.

If you do not need rope, then transfer the created fabric to inventory in time, as the production of rope in the Loom starts automatically.

Bake. Used to smelt metal from ore. To study, you need 115 drawings, to create you will need 80 stone, 35 wood and 5 fuel. In order for the furnace to work, you need to light it with wood, you can also use special fuel wood, which speeds up the process of smelting metal in the Furnace. The following materials can be produced in the furnace:

You can create any number of Looms and Furnaces.

Ways to get materials:

Last Pirate: Building Guide

Refuge. To survive in the harsh conditions of a desert island, you need to build a shelter where you can store resources, research and create new items. The construction of the first walls will begin at the very beginning of the game during the tutorial, in the future you will be able to apply your design skills and create an original shelter.

Construction. To switch to construction mode, click on the brickwork icon at the bottom of the screen. Wood is used to build the shelter. Select an element, use the camera to point to the place where you want to build and press the install button.

If the element cannot be built, it will be highlighted in red.

Elements. 4 elements are available for construction: foundation, walls, roof and stairs. Click on a cell to see all kinds of items in that category. For example, the wall can be with a door or window opening, beveled or shortened.

Shelter protection. Building a shelter can not only provide you with a roof over your head, but also protect you from external threats such as the undead and wild animals. Learn how to build wooden and stone fences with the help of crafting. Once created, place the element of protection on the territory next to the shelter.

Security elementStrengthStudy costCreation cost
wooden fence25050 blueprints75 wood.
Medium wooden wall25050 blueprints85 wood and 2 ropes.
high wooden wall50050 blueprints125 wood and 2 nails.
Wooden door50075 blueprints150 wood, 2 nails and 1 gear.
Medium stone wall600125 blueprints40 stones.
high stone wall1200125 blueprints60 stones.
stone door1200200 blueprints80 stones, 5 common metal and 1 gear.

Explosive barrel. An additional way to protect your territory is to create explosive barrels. This weapon can blow up everything around. To study, you need 250 drawings, to create you will need 1 barrel, 2 fuel and 3 wicks.

Don’t waste resources on making explosive barrels, as they can be obtained for free as a reward for playing online.

Analysis of structures. If you built an extra part or decided to change the design of the shelter, then you can disassemble it. Use the hook and start attacking the unwanted element. After the destruction, the element will disappear, and you will return some of the spent wood to yourself.

Repair hammer. When undead or wild animals attack your fortifications or shelters, structures can be damaged. To restore the strength of the constructed elements, you can use a special tool - a repair hammer. To create it, you need 50 wood and 1 leather.

Decor. For the full manifestation of their design abilities, the developers have provided players with the opportunity to create decorative elements and decorate their shelter. With the help of crafting, you can create various items that will make your shelter more comfortable for a long stay on a desert island.

decor elementStudy costCreation cost
Chair50 blueprints75 wood and 2 horns.
Bucket50 blueprints100 wood and 3 water flasks.
Table50 blueprints40 wood and 4 nails.
Stool50 blueprints35 wood and 5 stones.
Bedside table50 blueprints100 wood and 1 repair hammer.
Bag50 blueprints3 cloths, 3 apples, 7 bananas and 10 coconuts.
Shop50 blueprints25 wood and 1 fish oil.
Carpet50 blueprints6 cloth, 2 leather and 3 wool.
Fish drying rack50 blueprints30 wood, 10 raw fish and 3 rope.
Animal skin50 blueprints3 leather and 2 wool.
Barrel50 blueprints75 wood and 2 horns
Stump50 blueprints35 wood and 1 stone axe.
Deck50 blueprints40 wood and 2 common metal.
island lantern100 blueprints1 barrel, 1 fuel, 35 wood and 5 stone.
Dungeon Lantern125 blueprints50 stone, 2 high quality metal and 5 fuel.
Wheelbarrow50 blueprints200 wood, 2 common metal and 4 animal fat.

Decor chest. Go to the game store and open the Featured tab. Here is a Large Decor Chest that you can open for 30 gold coins. As a reward, you can get an Island Lantern, a Dungeon Lantern, a Barrel, a Chair, a Bucket, a Table, a Bench, a Nightstand, and a Deck.

Last Pirate: All About Fishing

Fishing is a special game function that, with its realism, makes you feel like you are on a real fishing trip. In addition to being entertaining, fishing also allows you to get fresh fish that can be used for cooking, medicine, and other items.

Fishing pros:

Place for fishing. In order to start fishing, you need to choose a suitable place. Spotting it is easy enough, look out to the ocean and look for splashes from a passing school of fish.

If you are fishing from the shore, you need to go into the water a little to activate the fishing mode.

A simple fishing rod is the main tool for fishing and getting an additional source of food. You can get a free fishing rod when saving a pirate from wolves. If you want to craft a fishing rod, you will need 25 wood, 5 stone, and 5 rope.

Control. Click on the fish icon on the right side of the screen to cast your line. After the fish is hooked, gently press the red button to hook the fish. Watch the arrow on the indicator, it should not fall into the red zone. The fish will be caught when the green indicator under the fish turns red.

Last Pirate: Quest Tips

Campaign. Plot tasks are aimed at building a ship on which you and your team can leave this unfriendly island. This is how you start your adventure by building a dock, and then go in search of materials to build a ship.

Level. The ship has 10 construction levels, tasks of the current level can be viewed on the ship’s blueprint, or in the list of tasks through the tab at the top of the screen. After you collect the necessary items, you can upgrade the ship and move on to the next stage of construction.

LevelNecessary materials
1 levelShip drawing.
2 level250 wood, 12 sugar cane.
3 level750 wood, 20 ropes, 1 tool box.
4th level750 wood, 100 stone, 20 rope, 4 nails.
5th level750 wood, 10 fuel, 6 nails, 1 anchor.
6th level10 gears, 80 ropes.
7th level500 wood, 6 small chests, 4 middle chests, 1 steering wheel.
8 level80 base metal, 6 fuel, 20 broken bottles, 1 compass.
9th level2500 wood, 40 ropes, 1 barrel of resin.
level 1080 cloth, 20 base metal, 20 rope.

Undead attack. Upgrading a ship can summon skeletons that will seek to destroy your ship. The undead attack in several waves, at the top of the screen will display how many skeletons you have yet to destroy. If you die, then all the resources spent on ship improvements will be lost.

Prepare in advance for the attack of the undead, restore vital signs, repair weapons and create medicines.

The final. To complete the story campaign, you have to complete the construction of the ship and prepare supplies for sailing. You will need not only food, but also various items that you can start collecting in advance. You need to fill 5 boxes:

Daily tasks. Every day you can complete 8 different tasks. These quests help you develop your survival skills, harvest resources, and earn extra rewards.

Task examples:

There is a bug in the game - the task to get raw chicken meat can be completed only by butchering rabbits and getting raw fillets.

Bonus chest. For completing tasks, you will receive blueprints and gold coins. The received drawings also fill the bonus chest opening scale. Once you have earned the set number of blueprints, the chest will open and you will receive two random rewards.

island events. Strange events are taking place on the island, by taking part in which you can get good rewards and get rare items for crafting and improving the ship. One of the tasks will appear automatically during the exploration of the island, you can take part or continue your journey.

Spider mother. You need to defeat a huge poisonous spider in battle, the difficulty is that skeletons and wild animals roam near its habitat, which can also attack you. As a reward, you will receive a chest that can contain a spring, a clock, an iron pipe, a lock, gunpowder, fish oil, strong cloth, horns, ordinary metal, a healing potion, sugar cane drink, enriched iron ore, coconut elixir, fuel wood .

Crab thief. You need to take the chest from the thief crab, for this you need to catch up with it and destroy it. As a reward, you will receive a chest that can contain blueprints, nails, gears, bandages, wood, stone, sugarcane, bones, leather, animal fat, cloth, iron ore, and broken bottles.

Skeleton thief. You need to take the chest from the skeleton thief, for this you need to catch up with the chest on bone legs and defeat it. The reward can contain a spring, a watch, an iron pipe, a lock, gunpowder, fish oil, strong cloth, horns, common metal, a healing potion, sugar cane drink, enriched iron ore, coconut elixir, fuel wood.

Giant crab. You need to defeat a huge crab in battle, which will appear in the process of upgrading the ship. The difficulty lies in the fact that small crabs always run next to him, which also seek to damage you. As a reward, you will receive a chest that can contain blueprints, nails, gears, bandages, wood, stone, sugar cane, bones, leather , animal fat, cloth, iron ore and broken bottles.

Last Pirate: How to defeat the Kraken?

The Kraken is a legendary sea monster that has terrified sailors of all time. You have to fight the Kraken during the passage of the story campaign in order to get the item needed to build the ship.

Guns. Kraken is too powerful opponent for a simple pirate, so you need to install 3 cannons on the pier for a surprise attack. To install 1 cannon, you need to collect 2 gunpowder, 10 enriched iron ore, 1 iron pipe, 2 wood and 1 wick.

Bait. After installing the cannons, you need to attract the attention of the Kraken so that he gets closer to the shore, and you can attack him. The trap will require 10 pieces of baked boar meat, so go hunting.

Attack. The wind carries the smell of baked meat and now the Kraken is already showing up from under the water column. Head towards the cannons to fire the first salvo and reduce the monster’s health by 1/3. The Kraken will start attacking you with its tentacles, wait until one of them is on the ground and attack it with your most powerful melee weapon.

Remember to keep moving to dodge the Kraken’s attacks.

Victory. In order to defeat the Kraken, it is necessary to reduce its health indicator as much as possible. He will be exhausted and swim back into the ocean. After that, a special item will appear on the shore to improve the ship and further advance in the story.

Last Pirate: How to find treasures?

Treasures is an additional gaming activity during which you can feel like a real pirate and go in search of treasure. Carefully explore the island, find bottles with treasure maps and go for a reward. The map shows all the places where you can find the treasure.

A shovel is the main tool that is needed to organize a treasure hunt and excavation. You won’t be able to replace the shovel with another tool, so spend the drawings on studying it. To create, you need 25 wood and 5 ordinary metal.

Map. Open your inventory, select the treasure map bottle and click explore. The place where the treasure is buried will be marked with a red cross on the map. You can also move the bottle to the quick access panel so that the map is always at hand.

After the treasure hunt is over, the bottle with the map disappears from the inventory, freeing up a cell for storing other items.

Excavations. Find the place marked on the map, if you do everything right, the shovel icon will light up. Select a shovel in the quick access panel, and a lined field with 9 squares will appear on the ground. It is necessary to dig up each piece of land in turn in search of treasure.

Reward. In case of success and excavation of the desired piece of land, a roulette will start to select a reward. You can get 3 random items, if necessary, you can change the reward using gold coins. Watching the promotional video for doubling the reward also applies to getting treasures.

Last Pirate: All About Pirate Rescue

Team. You will wake up alone on the seashore and so far do not even suspect that there are still living people on the island. These are members of your team who, like you, found themselves in difficult conditions. They will need your help to survive on this mysterious island. After being rescued, all pirates head towards your hideout next to the ship.

You can find pirates while traveling around the island or during the passage of the story campaign.

First pirate. If you go to the right side of the island, then in the thickets you can find a small abandoned village. A member of your team was attacked by wild animals, to escape he climbed onto the roof of one of the structures. Destroy the guarding wolves and save the pirate. He will give you a fishing rod and ask you to catch a fish for him to satisfy your hunger.

Second pirate. Head to the left side of the island, where there is another abandoned village on the coast. This pirate encountered skeletons and found himself in a trap from which he cannot get out on his own. Destroy the undead and feed your team member a baked fillet.

Third Pirate. There are many skeletons wandering near the church, running away from them, one of your team members climbed onto a tall palm tree. He’s been in there too long, waiting for help, and he’s almost dehydrated. Chop down a palm tree so the pirate can safely descend, and bring him a coconut to quench his thirst.

Fourth Pirate. After the first passage of the dungeon at the waterfall, you will learn that the girl who was escaping from the bear managed to get to an abandoned village next to the church. However, hordes of skeletons were waiting for her here, wounded, she was able to hide in one of the buildings. Destroy the undead and bring the girl a large potion to restore her health.

Last Pirate: Dungeon Solving Tips

Dungeons. In the process of exploring the territory of the island, you will find 3 special locations: Waterfall, Arena and Church. You have to complete tasks and fight various skeletons for rewards. The dungeon can be replayed after 8 hours.

Prepare in advance for the passage of the dungeon, take food, water, weapons and medicine with you, as there will be a transition to another location.

Reward. After successfully completing each dungeon, you will be able to receive a chest with 4 exclusive rewards. Also, in the process of destroying the skeletons, you will receive gold coins and drawings for the further development of the pirate.

Type of awardPossible reward
WeaponMakeshift Pistol, Soulbreaker, Makeshift Musket, Golden Musket, Explosive Barrel, Bow, Crossbow, Kitchen Knife, Rusted Sword, Dead Man’s Saber.
InstrumentsShovel, Fishing Rod, Reinforced Stone Axe, Reinforced Stone Pickaxe, Axe, Pickaxe.
DetailsGun lock, Blade, Spring, Watch, Steel plate, Iron pipe, Lock.
ResourcesCrocodile Skin, Gunpowder, Sturdy Cloth, Horn, Common Metal, Fuelwood, Enriched Iron Ore, Fine Metal.
RecoveryFish Oil, Sugar Cane Drink, Coconut Elixir, Healing Potion, Major Potion.


Background. You will first enter this dungeon during the story quest to find the anchor. You will see how one of the pirates, running away from the bear, ran into the cave, there was a collapse, and the entrance was covered with stones.

Opening. To gain access to the dungeon, you need to clear the blockage. Plant the bomb and be sure to move to a safe distance closer to the water to avoid taking damage from the explosion. As soon as the passage to the cave is cleared, you can begin the passage of the dungeon.

Bomb - a weapon is needed to clear the blockage near the waterfall. To create, you need 15 gunpowder, 1 watch, 3 nails, 3 gears, 10 ordinary metal and 2 wicks. To study, you need 150 drawings.

Passage. At first, you have to go through a small maze, then climb the stairs up and jump over the platforms to get to the other side. In the event of a fall, you must quickly get to the starting point, or fight the skeletons. Go inside the fort, open the grate, go through the labyrinth and go upstairs.

Be careful, the undead may be waiting for you around the corner.

Obstacles. During the passage of the dungeon, you will meet wooden and metal barriers. Wooden ones can be broken, so use a grappling hook to avoid wasting the weapon’s durability. Metal barriers are opened with the help of special mechanisms in the form of a steering wheel.

Completion. At the end of the dungeon, you will find yourself at the top of the fort, there are several mechanisms with which you can lower the platform on which the reward chest is located. After starting each mechanism, skeletons will attack you, so be careful. After receiving the reward, jump into the pond to return to the location on the beach.

If you have a weapon in your arsenal that deals group damage, you can activate all the mechanisms at once to destroy all the skeletons with a few hits.

Additional reward. You can quickly go through the location, trying not to engage in battles with the undead and get the coveted chest. However, it’s best to look into all corners of the dungeon, as you can discover secret red and blue resource barrels. For example, if at the beginning of the path you go down from the bridge to the waterfall, you will find a hidden red barrel behind a stream of water.


Location. On the right side of the island on the coast, you will find a path leading to a small stone building located in the water. There are prison casemates here, and in the center of the room there is a mechanism with which you can open the chamber where the chest with the reward is hidden.

Description. The dungeon is a multi-level game in which you have to constantly fight with various undead. The Arena has several floors, each time the number of opponents will increase, so you need to go to the dungeon prepared for battle.

Passage. To start game activity, you must use the mechanism in the center of the arena. With it, you will also launch new waves of undead. During breaks, restore vital signs and repair weapons. It’s best to take a defensive position in the corner so you can see all the skeletons, as if you’re in the center, you can be suddenly attacked from behind.


Completion. After destroying all the skeletons on the floor, one of the chambers opens and you get access to a chest with a reward. Then you can go to the next floor and continue through the dungeon, or leave the Arena and return to the beach.


Location. Finding this dungeon is easy enough, as the huge church stands out among the abandoned houses on the island. The entrance is through the central door, after which it will move to another location. You will find yourself in a dilapidated church, teeming with the undead.

Beginning of passage. The location is large, you can easily get lost, so move thoughtfully and remember the way. Climb up the wooden decks, below you will see zombies guarding the passage to the altar. You can destroy the zombies from a height, or engage them in a normal battle. Open the secret passage, go through the corridors of the church past the metal grate to the next mechanism, open the next passage and go to the hanging structures.

Secret passage. After using the key, three mechanisms will appear on the nearest wall. You can open the first one manually, the rest are on top, so use a bow or firearm. Be prepared for the fact that after the launch of each mechanism, skeletons will appear.

When replaying, you can run past the skeletons into a secret passage and immediately reach the wooden boxes, then you will be completely safe.

Where to get the key? The golden key will be required for the appearance of mechanisms with which you can open the secret passage. The key can only be obtained after talking with the rescued pirate girl. Thus, after creating the bomb, you will be able to gain access to two dungeons.

Resin barrels. To complete the story mission, you will need to collect 6 barrels of resin, all of which are highlighted in yellow. Several barrels are located under the ceiling, in order to get close to them it is necessary to use mechanisms to move suspended platforms. To get the last barrel, read the book, that’s when the secret passage to the chest will appear.

Completion. After starting the last mechanism, the exit from the church will be blocked by a metal grate, and a chest with a reward will appear next to the last barrel. When you step on the platform in front of the cherished goal, it will fall under you and you will have to climb up again using a new path. Climb up the stairs and exit through the door outside.

Additional reward. Blue and red barrels are hidden in the church, which will allow you to get additional materials for development. Carefully study the location to collect all the barrels placed here.

Last Pirate: Donator Guide

Donat. Last Pirate is free to play, however, for faster development and getting powerful weapons, you can take advantage of special offers to purchase items and resources. All offers for donators can be viewed in the game store, to go click on the chest icon in the upper right corner on the main game screen.

The best. This section contains the most profitable offers for players to purchase blueprints and items for developing a shelter. The best offer is to purchase 2,000 drawings, which will be enough for you to study the main subjects.

Equipment. In this section, you can take advantage of offers for the purchase of a specific type of weapon. You can also purchase special chests with weapons, clothes, ammunition and medicines.

Resources and supplies. Here you can find offers to buy food packs to keep a pirate alive, and packs with resources and crafting materials. For example, the Large Component Chest contains 2 blades, 2 steel plates, 2 iron pipes, 2 crocodile skins, 2 gears.

Coins. If necessary, you can also purchase gold coins, which, for example, can be used to repair tools and weapons in your inventory. The higher the value of the offer, the more profitable the purchase in terms of the cost of one coin.

Stock. Periodically, you will receive special offers for the purchase of various sets. You can use the offer only for a limited time, so if you decide to purchase resources, pay attention to temporary promotions.

Stock examples:

Last Pirate: Is it worth playing?

Last Pirate is an interesting game with a special atmosphere that can captivate you for a long time. The game combines several exciting activities like traveling around the island, searching for treasures, exploring dungeons and destroying evil spirits. Feel like a real pirate, build a ship and return home.



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