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Law Empire Tycoon WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

Law Empire Tycoon Idle Game is an exciting simulator that allows players to realize their dream of creating and developing their own legal empire. In the game, you and your team become the owner and manager of a law firm, striving for the heights of success and achieving global recognition. You will work your way from an entry-level career to a consummate lawyer with global influence. You will need to make smart decisions, attract new clients, enter into important contracts, litigate and build strategic partnerships.


  1. Guide for new players
  2. How to earn more money?
  3. Development Tips
  4. Guide to the employees of your company
  5. All about your firm’s clients
  6. Seasonal Case Guide
  7. Is it worth playing?

Law Empire Tycoon: Guide for new players

Game features. An important aspect of this game is the opportunity to develop your law firm. You will be able to open new offices in different cities, recruit experienced lawyers, train them in new skills and specializations, and expand the scope of your company. A wide range of services will attract more clients and help you increase your profits.

In addition, you will be given the opportunity to participate in various trials and legal cases where you will have to apply your knowledge and skills in the field of law. Get ready for exciting challenges, thorough research and memorable court hearings full of intrigue and plot development.

First tips for the game. Your primary task is to receive and litigate cases in order to generate profit and invest in the expansion of your legal enterprise. By opening up new avenues, you will attract more clients and be able to handle different types of cases.

Your company will be successful only if you ensure the efficient operation of all internal departments. To achieve this goal, you need experienced attorneys to help you handle your high caseload. However, each department must be modernized to speed up the work process.

Sign an agreement with new lawyers. Once your new office opens, hire and assign an attorney to your team so they can take over handling cases. Lawyers are key figures in your company and will represent your interests in court.

Invite legal interns. They will work with attorneys and have their own work space in your office. Interns will help prepare the necessary documentation for the case and gain valuable practical experience.

Hire detectives. Detectives will also need to have their own premises within your company. They will collect evidence that will help you win your case.

Hire couriers. They will deliver the necessary documents to the lawyers. Couriers will also need a fully equipped workstation to do their job.

It is important to ensure that each department has all the necessary resources and equipment to optimize the workflow and ensure the entire company is running efficiently.

Keep an eye on the dialog boxes. Regularly monitoring office and workspace dialog boxes is key to making your teams more efficient. Additionally, it is important to remember to rank up departments as soon as you complete a level.

These are three essential steps that will help maximize efficiency in a particular department:

  1. Level up. Level up until the progress bar reaches the maximum value. This will allow you to unlock new features and improvements.
  2. Department rank. Increase your department rank to gain access to additional upgrades. A department’s rating has a significant impact on its productivity and operational efficiency.
  3. Expand your work area. Expand and improve your work area by focusing on improving your rankings in specific areas of work rather than spending money on new ones. Before making decisions regarding expansion or improvement, it is recommended that you carefully examine your capabilities and potentials.

Don’t forget that improving department performance requires constant analysis, commitment to improvement, and communication with colleagues and management. A willingness to change, experiment, and prioritize strategies that lead to better results are essential to achieving peak performance.

Main functions. You may experience difficulties at some point, but don’t despair! Here are two main features that can help you overcome difficulties:

  1. Expanding your storage. Your income is limited by the storage space available. Therefore, it is worth expanding it as soon as possible to be able to earn more money! More storage will allow you to increase inventory and expand your offerings to customers.
  2. Research section. This section will become your new best friend! Here you will conduct research that will help you optimize work areas, get discounts, increase commissions, unlock new types of cases and much more. By spending time on research, you can update and grow your business.

If you are unable to update a specific feature, its dialog box will indicate the requirements required to continue. Pay attention to these details and adapt your growth strategy accordingly.

Don’t forget that it is important to constantly develop and look for new opportunities to improve your business. Therefore, use all possible ways to develop.

Marketing companies. Now that your law firm is running successfully, don’t forget the importance of clients! Marketing campaigns are becoming a key tool for attracting new customers. Don’t worry if any of your customers leave unhappy!

This will not affect your progress, but may indicate that some changes need to be made, such as adding chairs to offices, improving the reception area, or carrying out relevant research.

Star counter. Every time you complete a level in a department, you receive a star. The star counter will show your prestige level. While stars have no direct impact on the game, they are a visual representation of your law firm’s progress.

The more stars you get, the more successfully your company develops.

What does the folder icon mean? The folder icon in a trainee solicitor’s office or solicitor’s office shows how much paperwork is required for the job. If you see a warning symbol, it means you’ve run out of space for additional documents.

To free up space, you can place some documents in the delivery department or consider expanding your paralegal office or hiring additional delivery staff. Office improvements can also help make work more efficient.

Law Empire Tycoon: How to earn more money?

Expand your storage capacity. To increase your income, it is important to expand your storage capacity. Above all, keep an eye on the storage in your firm and upgrade it regularly to reach maximum capacity.

Also pay attention to the research list to carry out all the necessary research related to the vault, which is located in the lower right corner of the building. Remember that you don’t have to spend real money to beat the game. If you see a price that is above your funds limit, it may mean that you have missed a level.

Carefully review the requirements in the repository dialog to understand what you need to do to succeed.

Update your offices. It is important to update your offices to increase the productivity and efficiency of your firm. Every improvement you implement will have an impact on every department. Pay attention to each room and the improvements that can be made.

For example, if you need to increase document productivity, check out the paralegal room and consider adding additional staff.

Also, do not forget about the role of couriers and the corresponding premises, since the efficient delivery of documents to lawyers is also very important. Check the entire process of working with cases, starting with the first step.

If you need to increase the number of clients, look at law offices that have dissatisfied clients and upgrade those offices. This will increase your prestige and attract more clients who are willing to pay more.

Upgrade and upgrade your offices to create a harmonious and efficient workspace for all departments of your firm.

Do all the research you can. Remember to do all your research to maximize your law firm’s potential. The microscope icon in the top right corner will be your best assistant in this process. Developing the various sections will take time, but the results of the research will help you expand and improve your company.

You should pay attention to the boosters provided by each research to choose the research that best suits your development strategy. Some studies can increase your headcount, some can increase your cash flow, and some can improve the efficiency of your lawyers.

Harness the power of research to optimize your firm’s performance and achieve greater success.

Check the list of lawyers. Update your list of attorneys regularly. This is very important to evaluate their effectiveness and achievements. Removing unproductive attorneys will help optimize costs and improve your company’s results.

Study general company statistics. It is also recommended to check your company’s statistics, which are accessible through the round graphic icon in the upper right corner of the screen. This tool will allow you to assess your company’s financial health in more detail.

You can see in which departments you are spending too much money or where you are not generating enough income. This will give you the opportunity to make adjustments to your strategy and improve your financial performance.

Cash storage limit. Don’t forget about your storage! If you don’t have enough storage space, you won’t be able to save more than a certain amount (you’ll start with a limit of 10,000). To expand your storage capacity, click on the storage icon or statistics button (the icons in the top right corner) and there you will see the price and requirements for increasing its capacity.

It is important to note that when increasing the storage limit to level 4, you need to open a third transport office, and not increase the office level to the third. Please take note of this to avoid any possible confusion.

Law Empire Tycoon: Development Tips

Expand and improve workspaces. To develop and improve work areas in your law firm, you can take advantage of various opportunities. Each department has its own requirements, and by meeting them you can expand your premises, create new jobs, hire more employees or implement new improvements.

Pay attention to game tips. To begin, pay attention to the green arrow that appears above the office. This arrow indicates the possibility of upgrading your office level. Raising the level will allow you to expand the premises and make them more spacious and comfortable for work.

Follow improvement requests. To expand premises and create new jobs, you will need to meet the requirements specified in the description of each department. For example, a certain number of lawyers at a certain level may be required to open a new department or expand an existing one.

The next step is to hire new employees. Increasing the number of attorneys and staff will allow you to stretch and grow your departments. Please note that the hiring process may involve negotiating and negotiating salaries with new employees.

Introduction of new facilities. Another opportunity to improve workspaces is to implement new enhancements. This could be the introduction of new technologies, process automation, equipment upgrades or other innovations that will help optimize the work of your company and increase its efficiency.

It is important to keep an eye on the development and improvement of your work areas to meet customer requirements and expectations. Gradual expansion and improvement will help your company become more attractive to new clients.

The same applies to law firms. Try to complete leveling up to improve your abilities! Pay attention to all the requirements necessary to expand your offices and departments as indicated in their description.

If you have reached the maximum warehouse level and have several updates pending, keep in mind that new content updates will bring even more features, allowing you to progress further in the game. The development team is working on it!

How to get prestige? At the top of the screen is a star counter that reflects your prestige level. When you complete all the upgrades in a specific work area, you will receive a new star and the opportunity to increase your ranking. This will also open up the possibility of expanding your offices and departments, as well as new and useful improvements.

If you see that a certain feature is blocked, it will simply take more effort to achieve greater success. Additionally, if you have reached the maximum storage level and have updates pending, remember that new content updates will lead to larger updates allowing you to progress further in the game.

Who are special clients? There is a seasonal case period at your law firm, which represents special cases involving crimes such as murder and corruption. These clients require special skills and expertise to successfully represent them in court.

You are given the opportunity to determine how many specialized lawyers you will hire to handle such cases. The more attorneys you have with experience and knowledge in these areas, the more you can grow your firm and effectively represent your clients.

Dissatisfaction of the company’s clients. It is necessary to understand that these clients will be unhappy if your company does not have specialists in murder and corruption. They expect their case to be given due attention and successfully closed. Therefore, it is important to have a sufficient number of lawyers specializing in these areas.

However, there is no need to worry about possible penalties for poor performance. Despite their initial dissatisfaction, seasonal clients tend to come back to your company after a satisfactory result.

Preparing for new seasons. Prepare for this business season by strategically selecting and hiring specialized lawyers. Use your resources and knowledge to satisfy clients’ needs and develop your firm in the field of murder and corruption.

Successful representation of clients will help you attract more seasonal cases in the future and strengthen your reputation as a firm that specializes in complex criminal matters.

Why is it important to do research? The Research section is one of the key sections of your law firm that allows you to achieve success. It is represented by a microscope icon and allows you to conduct research to improve various aspects of your firm.

Read the description of the studies carefully. It is important to be careful and pay attention to all departments that require special examination. To understand which section you want to improve, you should read the descriptions of each section.

When you click on a specific option in the Research section, you will be able to view the permanent update that will be applied to your game. This could be a new legal skill, improving office equipment, updating data and information systems, increasing client confidence, etc.

Reviewing these updates will help you build a more successful and efficient firm.

Law Empire Tycoon: Guide to the employees of your company

How to hire employees? To view available lawyers, click on the button in the lower right corner of the screen. You will see a gallery of profiles of lawyers who are currently available for hire. To see more candidates, simply swipe right. Each profile contains information about the lawyer’s professional skills, experience and education.

Pay attention to the quality of each employee. We recommend paying close attention to the qualities of each lawyer and choosing the one that best suits your department’s needs. The descriptions will help you with your choice and provide additional information about each lawyer so you can make an informed decision.

Special employees. In addition, you have the opportunity to hire specialized lawyers with outstanding skills in specific areas of law. To do this, go to our store by clicking the "View in store" button. There you will find the best lawyers in the city who will help you cope with complex legal issues and provide your company with qualified legal support.

How to assign an employee to a department? Once you build a new office, you will need to assign a lawyer to that office. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the new office you built to open the office menu.
  2. In the office menu, find and select the "Lawyer" tab.
  3. In this tab, you will see a list of all available attorneys who are already employed by your law firm.
  4. Scroll through the list of attorneys and find one who is a good fit for your new office (pay attention to their specialties, skills, and attributes that might be helpful).
  5. Once you have selected the appropriate attorney, click the "Assign" button to have them take up their position in the new office.
You have now successfully assigned an attorney to your office! He is ready to get to work and ensure quality legal services in your new location.

How to replace or fire an employee? As your firm grows and gains prestige, you may need to replace or fire some of the lawyers on your staff. To complete these steps, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the button in the lower right corner of the screen to access personnel management.
  2. In the menu that opens, you will find a list of lawyers who already work in your firm.
  3. Select the specific lawyer you want to replace or fire. Pay attention to their profile to ensure they are not assigned to any position within your firm.
  4. If you want to replace a lawyer, click on the "Replace" button. In the list that opens, select another available lawyer who is suitable for this position and click "OK".
  5. If you want to fire a lawyer, make sure he is not assigned to any position in your firm. Then click the "Fire" button.
Remember, when replacing a lawyer, it is important to select the right candidate for the position. When resigning, make sure you have another attorney willing to take over their duties.

Also, pay attention to lawyers’ salaries. You can negotiate with them a salary in accordance with the financial capabilities of your company. However, keep in mind that if the salary is too low, the lawyer may refuse your offer.

Now you know how to replace or fire lawyers in your firm. Manage your staff wisely to ensure your law firm runs efficiently!

How to hire regular workers? Your firm’s lawyer hiring policy is determined by specific criteria and requirements to attract qualified specialists. You can determine the number of specialized lawyers you want to hire to meet the needs of seasonal cases such as murder and corruption.

However, for hiring employees in other departments of your company, you have separate methods. Click on the magnifying glass icon that is presented on the screen to view the available vacancies in different departments. Select the desired department in which you have an empty position and begin the process of hiring new employees.

Law Empire Tycoon: All about your firm’s clients

Why do clients leave angry and upset? Pay attention to your customers’ needs and take steps to minimize their dissatisfaction. If customers remain dissatisfied and wait too long, this can lead to them leaving the company. However, it also serves as an indicator that improvements need to be made to business processes.

Reduced waiting time. One way to improve your work is to improve your reception area. Pay attention to customer wait times, provide a comfortable and comfortable environment in the reception area, and train your employees to be attentive and professional in customer service.

Improving the appearance of offices. It is also important to improve the rating of your offices. This can be done by creating a conducive work environment, including modern equipment and comfortable work spaces. You can also assess customer needs in different areas and expand your presence by opening new offices in convenient locations.

Success in business. Hiring lawyers who meet clients’ needs is also key to a successful firm. Select appropriate specialists based on their experience, education and specialization to ensure quality legal assistance services.

Conducting relevant research, as outlined in the Research section, will also help you improve your work processes and improve the quality of services provided.

It is important to develop your own development strategy that will take into account all these aspects and allow you to gradually improve and develop your law firm.

What are the symbols above the heads of visitors? The symbols above the heads of clients at the reception desk indicate the type of case they have brought to the law firm. Each case type has a unique symbol that helps determine which office the client should be referred to.

For example, the gavel symbol can represent civil matters involving litigation and agreements. Symbols of the scales of justice can indicate criminal cases involving violations of the law and lawsuits. Symbols of documents or accounts can indicate matters with financial and commercial aspects.

How to increase the flow of new clients? You have the option to invest some portion of your profits in marketing campaigns that will run for a specific period of time and be customized for each type of business you have. This will allow you to attract more customers and increase awareness of your company.

To get started, you should use the marketing feature, which will help you choose the most effective options to promote your business.

Law Empire Tycoon: Seasonal Case Guide

What is a special case? Seasonal events will appear in the game for your law firm after reaching certain milestones. These events are limited in time and offer ongoing bonuses and exclusive rewards for your business.

If you haven’t accessed these events yet, don’t worry! All players will eventually be able to participate in seasonal events when their law firm is ready.

Please note that seasonal in-app purchases will be available during events. Please review all details carefully before purchasing this special seasonal offer.

In addition to this, you will be able to unlock all the rewards that appear with the lock in the reward list. However, you can also win some permanent bonuses and all the tips without spending real money.

What to do if there are no court cases? Time-limited challenges, such as Chess Assassin or Dark Side of the Law, are special events in the game that are only available for a specific time. To gain access to these seasonal assignments, you will need to achieve certain progress in your law firm.

If you haven’t yet accessed these special occasions, don’t worry! All players will have the opportunity to participate in these events. They will appear as soon as your law firm is ready for them.

And if you’re looking for even more seasonal challenges, the good news is that the development team is actively working on adding new content. They are committed to bringing you exciting new assignments so that you experience the thrill of litigation once again.

Special Case #1: Chess Killer. As you expand your law firm business, a unique situation will arise. You are given several days to collect as much evidence as possible and carefully prepare to defend a special client in court.

As you progress in this litigation case, you will receive ongoing bonuses that will forever improve your law firm’s performance.

The main goal is to solve new criminal cases related to murders. The more murders you investigate, the more boosters you will receive.

How to accept murder cases? To accept murder cases at your law firm, you will need to keep an eye out for special cases to arise. When such a case becomes available, you will receive applications from lawyers that will include a crime scene silhouette icon.

You can assign these lawyers to any of your department’s offices. You determine the strategy and allocation of resources to achieve your goals, so you can choose which offices will handle special murder cases and which will continue their regular work.

However, it is worth considering that the consideration of the murder case will only take place while you are in the game online. This means that it is important to be attentive to information about the hiring, firing or reassignment of lawyers so as not to miss the opportunity to begin an investigation.

How to get tips for a special occasion? For special occasion tips, you can check your prize list. Click on the office next to the reception or on the events widget to open a list of prizes. There you will see a clue progress bar and an indication of how many murder cases you need to solve to unlock new clues.

For example, the first clue will become available after solving 18 murder cases. When you unlock a new hint, it will automatically be saved in the Notes tab.

How to get new boosters? To use your new permanent boosters that you’ve unlocked by solving murder cases, you’ll need to tap on the specific area or activity you want to boost. Then click on the green megaphone icon, which is located in the upper right corner of the dialog box. There you will see how many leadership points you need to activate the booster.

It is important to note that both Leadership Points and Boosters require time to cool down and be ready for use again. Therefore, if you have just used a booster, you may need to wait a while before you can use it again.

Special Case #2: The Dark Side of the Law. As your law firm business grows, a unique event will arise! You will be given several days to gather as much evidence as possible before you appear in court to defend your special client. With every step you take in this legal case, you will receive ongoing bonuses that will forever improve your law firm experience.

How can I get corruption cases? When you have a special case at your law firm, you will be provided with statements from the lawyers, which will be accompanied by an envelope full of money.

The main goal is to uncover new cases of corruption! The more corruption cases you investigate, the more bonuses you receive. Please note that in-game activities will only be available while you are online.

Law Empire Tycoon: Is it worth playing?

Law Empire Tycoon Idle Game - provides exciting gameplay with pleasant graphics and sound, immersing you in the atmosphere of the best law firms in the world. Prepare for exciting challenges, strategic thinking, and achieving financial prosperity and fame. Are you ready to become great in the world of the legal industry? Then go ahead, open your own legal empire and conquer the world.

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