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Merge Mansion WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

Merge Mansion is a puzzle game from Metacore Games Oy. Help Maddie renovate her grandmother’s old mansion, find new friends and even love. To develop the plot and solve tasks, you will need to create the necessary items by combining elements from one chain. As you progress through the game, you will discover Maddie’s family secrets and solve her problems. The game features wonderful music, nice graphics and addictive gameplay.


  1. Beginner’s Guide
  2. Success Tips
  3. General Guide to Obtaining Item Combinations
  4. How to get flowers?
  5. How to get wood and wood?
  6. How to get gardening tools?
  7. How to get tools and lamps?
  8. How do I get cleaners and detergents?
  9. Secrets of Accumulating Coins and Energy
  10. Getting and Using Boosters
  11. Chest Guide
  12. What’s in the boxes?
  13. Game Events Guide
  14. Shop Guide
  15. Pros and Cons

Merge Mansion: Beginner’s Guide

The plot of the game. You play as a girl, Maddie, who receives the keys to the gate from her grandmother and finds a huge mansion behind them. Since the house is old and in serious need of repair, Maddie is visited by an inspector who informs her that the building is to be demolished. Maddie asks him to wait with a decision and promises to get the house in order. So you enter the game and begin to gradually complete tasks, the purpose of which is to clean the house and clear the area adjacent to it.

How to play? Each cleaning task will require you to have certain work tools, which can be obtained in the garage. To enter the garage, click on the garage symbol in the lower left corner. The garage itself is a playing field in the style of the game "Three-in-a-row". To get the necessary tools and other things, you need to combine two identical elements on the playing field. When combined, the elements form a new object.

To get an item of the next level, you need to combine two identical items of the previous level, etc. Each chain of items consists of several elements, from the lowest level to the highest. Accordingly, the further you move through the game, the more high-level items from each chain you will need.

How to complete tasks? Location objects marked with asterisks contain repair tasks. Click on the star to open the task and see the list of items that are needed for it. The full list of available tasks can always be viewed by clicking the button in the lower right corner of the screen. Here you will be shown a list of all items that currently need to be obtained in the garage.

When you combine an item that is in the list of current tasks, a green checkmark will appear on it. After receiving all the elements within one task, go to the place of its execution and complete it. Each task you complete gives you experience stars and sometimes item boxes.

Click the "i" icon on the item’s icon to see the chain of obtaining it by combining other items. Keep in mind that in order to unlock this hint, you need to get the item you are looking for the first time.

Player level and experience stars. As the player levels up, you gain access to new locations and tasks to repair the mansion, as well as new puzzles. To level up, you will need experience points (XP). Experience points are represented as experience stars, and like other items, they have 5 levels.

To get an experience star lvl. 1, you need to combine items to level 5 or higher. To get an experience star lvl. 2, you need to combine 2 experience stars lvl. 1 etc. Experience stars cannot be sold. To use an experience star, double-click on it. This will add the XP it contains to your total XP for the current level.

Try to get as many lvl experience stars as possible. 5, no matter how crowded your board or inventory is. Only max level experience stars will help you quickly level up the player and grant access to new areas.

What is the maximum level in the game? Currently, the maximum level is 40, it is impossible to rise above this level in the game. The level cap will be increased in future game updates.

Game currencies. At the top of the game screen, you always see the designation of the three currencies of the game. It:

You start the game with 100 energy, 100 coins and 100 crystals. All game currencies can be obtained by combining items on the playing field, as well as purchased in the store. Crystals can also be purchased with donations.

What is an Inventory? If there are no free spaces in your garage to combine the necessary items, move unused items to inventory. This option will become available after completing Task 3-3. To open your inventory, click the box-shaped button at the bottom left of the screen.

Each item occupies a free slot in the inventory. When all slots are full, you will not be able to put new items into your inventory. To remove an item from your inventory, simply touch it - this will return it to the garage.

Expand your inventory by increasing the number of its free slots for coins.

What are "daily tasks"? The Daily Quest feature unlocks after reaching account level 20. Every day you are given 6 random cleaning tasks. For completing all tasks, you will receive a daily box with crystals.

Completing daily quests is a great way to quickly replenish your premium currency.

Changing game settings. If you need to change game settings, click the gear icon. Here you can enable/disable sound effects and music, change the language, customize the order in which notifications appear, and link your account to Google Play or Facebook. The game also has an option to delete an account.

To avoid accidental loss of progress due to occasional technical failures, it is recommended that you link your account to Google Play or Facebook as soon as possible. So you will not only save your data, but also be able to transfer your progress from one device to another in the future.

Merge Mansion: Success Tips

To successfully complete the Merge Mansion quests and obtain the necessary items, use the tips below.

1. Arrange the items correctly on the game board. Organize your game board from top to bottom or left to right. Top-level sources should be in the topmost row or left. The items of each item category must be grouped together.

The screenshot above shows an example of the correct arrangement of items on the board. With a grouped arrangement of elements, it will be more convenient for you to navigate the playing field. Accordingly, you can quickly use the desired source and find elements to merge.

2. Collect level 3 piggy banks. Combine daily free piggy banks up to level 3 every 4 days. So you will get much more crystals and coins than when you open the 1st level piggy banks daily. After 4 days, get 14 items from Tier 1 Piggy Banks, combine them into Tier 2 Piggy Banks and immediately into Tier 3 Piggy Banks for the maximum reward. Below is a visual comparison of rewards in piggy banks of different levels:

3. Level up chests and collect as many items as possible. The higher the level of the chests, the more high-level items you can get from them. We recommend combining chests up to level 2 in order to get as many of the necessary elements on the playing field as possible. Moreover, if the chest has a limit of receiving, for example, 5 items, then it is better to take 4 items from it, then combine and collect the maximum number of items from the chest of the 2nd level.

4. Get maximum resources. Do not rush to take bronze coins and experience stars from the playing field. So, experience stars are best to level up to level 5 to get the maximum 150 EX. It is beneficial to upgrade bronze coins to level 6 and take 120 coins. By using this tactic, you will be able to level up your player level faster and accumulate in-game currency.

5. Careful with sales. Don’t be in a hurry to sell combined items, even if you don’t currently have quests where you’ll need them. As a rule, improved items from the same fusing chain are difficult to obtain, so selling them can significantly slow down your future game.

6. Spend coins sparingly. It’s better to spend your coins on buying extra storage spaces in your inventory. Keep in mind that the cost of extra seats almost doubles for each subsequent purchase, so save your money.

7. Take your time. A simple but very effective tip. Before you merge an item, sell it, or devastate a source, consider how appropriate it will be at this stage of the game. As mentioned above, some sources are best saved for pooling and getting better items, and some items are simply not worth selling due to their rarity. Remember that Merge Mansion does not set a time limit for solving puzzles, so you can always think and evaluate your chances of success.

Merge Mansion: General Guide to Obtaining Item Combinations

What to do with items covered with cobwebs? Not all items on the playing field can be combined. Some of them are initially dark and covered with cobwebs. Such items cannot be moved and used in the game. In order to unlock a webbed item, you need to fuse it with an identical item to obtain a level 1 unlocked item.

You can also resort to the help of crystals and unlock the item by paying the required amount of premium currency for it. Please note that this is a very expensive method, since the cost of such an unlock increases every time. Use premium currency wisely.

Pay close attention to what objects on the playing field are pulsing. This way you can quickly find the right pairs and combine them in combinations.

How to remove dark boxes? To remove a dark box from the playing field, you need to connect any two objects next to it. In this case, the box will disappear, and an object covered with cobwebs will appear in its place. It can be unlocked by combining with another similar item.

What items are in the garage? The objects on the playing field differ in their purpose, and you yourself set the general filling of the field (this is the difference between Merge Mansion and Match-3 puzzles). So, you may have:

How to find out what is needed to get a certain item? If the item is on the playing field, press the blue "i" button in the upper right corner of the information panel to see the chain of combinations of this item up to the highest level item that you have already received.

Finding out what you need to get previously uncombinable items in the game will not work - this is one of the features of the Merge Mansion, where the player must independently obtain the desired item for the first time. As a general rule, if you need an item that cannot be produced by the items you already have or cannot be obtained by combining them, you need to find it in the chest.

Read Wise Geek’s article to learn all about chains of merging items and how to get them.

What do sources generate? Along with crates, springs supply items to the game board to combine. With their help, you can either get items of the following levels, or open items covered with cobwebs. To take an item from the source, simply click on it. After the source generates the specified number of items, it will begin a recharge time, during which it will not be able to supply new items to the playing field.

Like other items on the playing field, the same sources must be combined and leveled up. Leveling the source will reduce its recharge time and increase the number of items that can fall out of it. The table below lists the types of sources and the items you can get from them.

Source nameItem Drop LevelItems from the source (level 1)
garden tool set4+Gardening tools, gardening gloves.
Toy car5+Flashlight.
Box4+Vase, garden tool kit, flower pot, chest of drawers.
VaseoneMosaic, medallion.
Vase with Flowers6+Peony flowers.
Flower pot6+Seed bag.
peony flowers6Bottle.
orange flower6Butterfly.
Seed bagfourOrange flower, empty seed bag.
Set of tools4+Tools, bolts and nuts, paint.
Panicle cabinet5+Cleaning products, detergents.
Wood4+Wood, firewood.
FirewoodfourBenches, wood.
Start creating items from the broom closet as soon as you can. This is due to the difficulty of obtaining items of this chain at higher levels and their relatively low drop rate.

Sale of items. If there is an item on the playing field that you do not need, you can sell it. To sell an item, click on it - its description and the number of gold coins that you will receive upon sale will appear at the top of the field. Click "Sell" to confirm the trade.

Keep in mind that some items (especially high-level items combined from other items) are much more difficult to obtain than others. When selling, you will lose them forever, so always analyze the feasibility of your transactions.

Merge Mansion: How to get flowers?

Flowering bush. Look for seeds for a flowering bush in brown chests and in the store. Item acquisition chain:

  1. Flowering bush seeds;
  2. Seedling of a flowering bush;
  3. Small bush;
  4. Bush (I);
  5. Bush (II);
  6. Flowering Bush (I);
  7. Flowering bush (II);
  8. Blooming bush (III);
  9. Flowering bush (IV).
Starting at level 5 (Shrub (II)), you can get Potted Flower Seeds, Planted Potted Flower Seedlings, and even Planted Potted Flower Buds.

Flower in a pot. Primary elements for obtaining a flower in a pot are dropped from a flowering bush (starting at level 5). Item acquisition chain:

  1. Flower seeds in a pot;
  2. Flower seedling in a pot;
  3. Flower bud in a pot (I);
  4. Flower bud in a pot (II);
  5. Flower in a pot (I);
  6. Flower in a pot (II);
  7. Flower in a pot (III);
  8. Flower in a pot (IV);
  9. Flower in a pot (V).

Peony flower. Peony seeds drop from vase level 6 and above. Item acquisition chain:

  1. Peony flower seeds;
  2. Seedling of peony flowers;
  3. Peony seedling;
  4. Peony flower bud (I);
  5. Peony flower bud (II);
  6. Peony flower.
Starting from level 5 (Peony Flower Bud (II)) water leaves begin to fall out of the item - the primary link in the chain of combining to get a boat in a bottle.

Orange flowers. Orange flowers have been used in various quests since the beginning of the game. Their seeds fall out of a large bag of seeds. Item acquisition chain:

  1. Orange flower seeds;
  2. Orange flower seedling;
  3. Orange flower bud (I);
  4. Orange flower bud (II);
  5. Orange flower bud (III);
  6. Orange flower.

From an orange flower you can get a butterfly.

Merge Mansion: How to get wood and wood?

How to get a tree? Tree seeds can be found in unusual blue chests. Level 4-6 trees will also periodically spawn one tree seed, which will spawn on any empty space on the playing field next to the trees. Starting at level 5, wood will also produce wood (I). The drop of wood (I) and tree seeds are independent of each other. Item acquisition chain:

  1. Tree seed;
  2. Tree sapling;
  3. Small tree (I);
  4. Small tree (II);
  5. Tree (I);
  6. Tree (II).
Don’t dust the cobweb trees you get at the start of the game. This is a waste of crystals, as you will still collect pure trees later on and be able to unlock these items.

How to get wood? Wood (I) can be obtained from wood or bought at the shop. The wood (IV) drops a wooden bench. In this case, after falling out, wood (IV) again turns into wood (III). Item acquisition chain:

  1. Wood (I);
  2. Wood (II);
  3. Wood (III);
  4. Wood (IV).

Merge Mansion: How to get gardening tools?

Concept. Garden tools - the first type of items with which you will start the game tasks. They drop from Garden Tool Boxes, Regular Wooden Box, Green Box, or can be purchased from the store. The drop rate for Garden Tools is high, and Garden Tool Boxes reload fairly quickly.

Garden tools are a good source of experience and coins. High-level gardening tools can be sold for a good price. Starting at 5th level, garden tools grant an experience star (I) when combined.

Merging steps:

  1. Garden knife;
  2. Garden fork;
  3. Secateurs;
  4. Axe;
  5. Shovel;
  6. Knife;
  7. Leaf rake;
  8. Hedge shears;
  9. Wheelbarrow;
  10. Saw;
  11. Shovel;
  12. Soil rake;
  13. Hoe;
  14. Chainsaw.

Merge Mansion: How to get tools and lamps?

Tools. Look for tools in toolboxes and blue boxes. You can also buy them in the store. Tools have the highest drop rate. Starting at 5th level, tools grant an experience star (I) when combined. Association chain:

  1. Wrench;
  2. Adjustable wrench;
  3. A hammer;
  4. Paint brush;
  5. Pliers;
  6. A hammer;
  7. Slice;
  8. Screwdriver;
  9. Roller for paint;
  10. Bolt cutters.

Postal lantern. The postal lantern falls out of the toy car. It can also be bought at the store. From the glowing postal lantern lvl. 6 moths drop out, which will occupy each adjacent empty space next to the lamp. Association chain:

  1. Box with a light bulb;
  2. Bulb;
  3. Post Lantern (I);
  4. Postal lantern (II);
  5. Postal lantern (III);
  6. Postal lantern (IV).
Since nothing else falls out of the toy car, there is no need to create postal lanterns if you do not need them. Moths from the postal lantern drop out without spending energy, so they can be combined and used to get coins and additional experience.

Merge Mansion: How do I get cleaners and detergents?

Cleaners. Cleaning supplies can be found in the broom locker, in the red box, or bought at the store. Their precipitation rate is about 8 times higher than for detergents. Association chain:

  1. Rag;
  2. Bucket;
  3. Sponge;
  4. Plunger;
  5. Spray bottle;
  6. Brush;
  7. Scoop;
  8. Dust collector;
  9. Mop;
  10. Raquel;
  11. Broom.

Cleaners are often used in the late game. Due to the long cooldown of the broom locker, always craft these items even if you don’t currently need them. You will need even more time to get higher level items.

High level cleaners (8 rags, 9 mops and 1 squeegee) will be needed in the garage, flower garden, pool, pool house, fortress and square.

Detergents. Detergents can be obtained from the broom closet, the red box, or bought from the store. These items have a 1 in 8 chance of dropping compared to cleaning products. Association chain:

  1. Toothpaste;
  2. Soap;
  3. Liquid soap;
  4. Detergent;
  5. Softener;
  6. Turpentine;
  7. Polishing wax.

Merge Mansion: Secrets of Accumulating Coins and Energy

Energy. When you get items from boxes, toy cars and other sources, you spend energy (all sources are marked with a lightning bolt as "energy-consuming"). The spent energy is replenished over time at the rate of 1 unit = every 2 minutes. Also, energy can be obtained by breaking energy bubbles on the board or buying it in a store.

The maximum amount of energy that can be obtained using energy recovery is 100 units. In the future, energy ceases to accumulate. For a productive game, it is recommended not to allow an excess of energy and spend it as often as possible on obtaining new items.

How to save on buying energy? If necessary, buy additional energy for crystals. Initially, the purchase price will be 5 crystals, while each subsequent purchase on the same day will double in price. The next game day, the price of energy in crystals will again be reset to 5. In addition, you will have at least 3 opportunities to buy energy daily at the same price. How to do it:

  1. Zero out the energy and try to get a new item. A pop-up window will appear that will notify you of a lack of energy and offer to buy an additional 100 units for crystals;
  2. Click the "+" sign next to your current energy designation. Exactly the same window will appear where you can repeat the purchase operation;
  3. Finally, go to the in-game store and purchase energy according to the general rules.

How to earn coins? Save coins (not to be confused with bronze coins, one of the collectibles) and use them to buy things in the store or expand the slots in your inventory. To get coins, sell combineable items from the garage. The number of coins you get from selling an item will always be determined only by its level, and not by the number of combinations and the amount of energy spent to obtain it.

Merge Mansion: Getting and Using Boosters

Double bubbles and what to do with them. Double bubbles are sometimes created by fusing two items. They usually contain an additional recently merged item, but may also contain a Time Pass Booster or Charger. Open double bubbles for crystals, while the amount of spent crystals will depend on the item inside the bubble.

If you don’t open the Double Bubble, it will burst in a minute and leave behind Lvl Bronze Coins. 3.

What is a charger and how to get one? Activating the charger allows you to double the recharge rate of sources in 8 cells surrounding it on the playing field. A fragment of the charger can be found in a brown chest, sometimes a whole charger can fall out of double bubbles (opening cost - 25 crystals). Chargers disappear after use.

It is recommended to place sources around two chargers so that these items do not overlap each other.

Time pass accelerator. The time skip accelerator can be activated to skip the reload time in the garage. A shard of this booster can be found in level 2 uncommon blue chests, and a small booster booster is sometimes found inside double bubbles. The cost of opening a double bubble is 50 crystals. Active time skip boosters disappear after they are activated.

These boosters are valid only on the playing field on which they are located. This means that if you use the time skip accelerator in the event garage, the main garage will not skip time.

Merge Mansion: Chest Guide

What are chests? Chests are an important item on the game board as they contain various items to combine. Unlike other items, chests cannot be sold for coins. Some of them can be merged, while others cannot be merged and disappear after given usage attempts.

Bronze chest with coins. Gives level 1-4 bronze coins. Disappears after 5 item drops. Cannot be merged.

Energy Chest. Gives energy levels 1-3. Disappears after 5 item drops. Cannot be merged. Able to give approximately 53 units. energy on the condition that all the bubbles from it are collected and combined into a level 5 energy bubble.

Brown chest (level 1). May contain:

The brown chest opens 8 minutes after it appears (pay 16 crystals to open it instantly). Combining two brown chests results in a level 2 brown chest. Disappears after 22 item drops.

Brown chest (level 2). May contain:

Unusual blue chest (level 1). Opens after 30 minutes and disappears after 12 item drops. When combined, it gives an uncommon blue chest tier 2. May contain:

For efficient use and getting more items, it is recommended to pull out 11 items from the chest, and then combine it to get an unusual blue chest of level 2.

Unusual blue chest (level 2). Opens after 1.5 hours or upon payment of 153 crystals. Disappears after receiving 28 items. Inside may contain:

Daily chest. Complete 6 daily quests to get a daily crystal chest. You can get 5 items from it, then the chest disappears. Does not require additional time to open.

Merge Mansion: What’s in the boxes?

What are boxes? Boxes appear on the playing field when you complete the tasks of the game. You can also buy boxes at the store. Items obtained from boxes are always covered in cobwebs. This means that they cannot be used and moved until combined with pure items. Often, boxes are an opportunity to change the layout on the playing field and add the necessary elements to it for new associations.

Unused boxes can be sold for 1 gold coin.

How to remove cobwebs from items from boxes? There are 2 ways to remove webs: either combine items with identical net items, or unlock a web-covered item with crystals. Keep in mind: the cost of unlocking in crystals varies and depends on the type of item.

Regular box and green box. A regular box is a simple wooden box crammed with boards on top. The green box is an open wooden box topped with a green cloth. Can contain up to 5-6 items, disappear after use. Elements in boxes (covered with cobwebs):

Only in green box:

Red box. The red box is a wooden box covered with a red cloth. You will be able to receive red boxes after completing tasks 5-5 in the garage. Can contain up to 5 items and disappears after use. Items in the box (cobwebbed):

Blue box. The blue box is similar to the other types of boxes, but covered with a blue cloth. Available after completing task 4-30. Contains 5 items, disappears after use. Items in the box (cobwebbed):

Daily and gift boxes. For completing 6 daily tasks, you get a daily box with crystals on the playing field, which disappears after receiving 5 items from it. Gift boxes are given for game achievements, for example, for moving to a new player level. From it you can get energy bubbles and parts of boosters. The gift box disappears after receiving 10 items from it.

Merge Mansion: Game Events Guide

How to open events? Events are only open for a set period of time and may be repeated thereafter. To open the events menu, click the calendar button in the upper left corner of the screen. Each event has its own playing field with items, which will become available to you after launch. You can only play one event at a time.

How to access events? Access to the event is granted by opening a task, which requires a reward that can only be obtained in the event. Thus, completing participation in the event, you will receive as a prize the necessary element that you will need to continue completing the main story missions.

Event mechanics. The mechanics of events, like the game boards in the event garages, differ from those in the main story missions of the game. Thus, events do not provide for the presence of inventory for storing quest items, and the experience bar when participating in the event is filled separately from the experience in the main game. Your energy is shared between the events and the regular story game, which means that you will usually need to pause normal quests until the event is over.

You start playing event puzzles on a new playing field in the event garage, where most of the sectors are filled with boxes. After opening them, you will find items covered with cobwebs. Open chests by combining them with similar chests. Unlock web-covered items by paying crystals or by combining them with the same items.

What is the purpose of the event? The purpose of the event is to get the maximum possible event experience (generated by only one event item). After the event ends, the game will create a chain of reward items for use in a regular garage. The higher the level you reached in the event, the more higher level items you will receive as a reward.

Event reward items are used to create an additional item that is required to complete the main story quest. At the end of the event, the event garage becomes unavailable. If you repeat participation in the event, you will lose all your progress in the previous round and start the game again. Despite this, repeating the game in the event is a good chance for higher level rewards.

Since the events are repeatable, they are a good source for regular experience and coins.

Permanent events. There are currently three permanent events in the game. However, you can only play one permanent event at a time. Permanent events can be activated at any time through the events menu. Once you complete a task associated with a persistent event, you will no longer be able to access that event. Types of permanent events:

Seasonal events. Seasonal events run for a limited time. The first of these, the Halloween event, begins with the discovery of a hidden staircase in the garage. Future events are activated in the same way. List of seasonal events:

As a reward for participating in seasonal events, you will receive decorations for the Grand Drive, as well as special boosters.

Event "Ignatius Boulton"

Event used to obtain a stone can. Unlocked after the "Install Missing Item" quest appears. Event Reward: A Garden Statue that allows you to get a stone jar when you level up (starting at level 6). To fulfill the condition of the event, you need to collect an item - Ignatius Boulton. All its parts are generated by elements of garden furniture that drop out on the game board of the event.

The event is only available for 3 days (72 hours) in each round. When it ends, you will receive rewards in accordance with the accumulated experience and you can start it again. At the same time, in each subsequent round, you will lose the progress accumulated in the previous round. However, you can keep replaying to get a higher level garden statue, extra experience and coins. The final chain to get the stone can:

  1. Small tin can;
  2. One cent;
  3. Can;
  4. One dollar;
  5. 3 banks;
  6. 9 cans;
  7. A stack of dollars;
  8. A lot of money;
  9. Tin can factory;
  10. Big pile of money;
  11. Mansion gate;
  12. Suitcase of money;
  13. Stone bank.
Even if you don’t need a stone can, this event is a very energy efficient way to get a gaming experience. For example, the Dial Phone quest item is able to drop low and high level numbers with equal probability, and each number above two gives a new experience star when combined.

Lindsey’s New York Story Event

Only in this event you can get sources for collecting decorations on the car hood. Unlocked after the "Add Decoration" quest appears, which is unlocked towards the end of cleaning the garage. At the same time, a prerequisite for gaining access to the event is the completion of the Ignatius Boulton event.

As a reward for completing the specified event, you receive makeup products used when combining a chain of items in order to obtain a decoration on the car hood (from level 4). To increase the level of the event, gain experience points by combining elements related to Lindsey’s stay at the hotel. The final chain for getting decorations on the car hood:

  1. Photo by Lindsey;
  2. The Statue of Liberty;
  3. Safe;
  4. Bull;
  5. Money bag;
  6. Bear;
  7. Empty safe;
  8. Theatrical mask;
  9. Spray can;
  10. Modern factory;
  11. Car hood decoration.
In this event, you will need at least two playthroughs to get the maximum level makeup reward (level 11).

Casey and Scatie Event

The passage of this event is necessary to obtain the Sign. Unlocked by completing the "Put the Sign" quest, which is unlocked towards the end of the beach house cleanup. As a reward for participating in the event, you will receive toys for the pool, which, starting at level 6, will begin to give out items for obtaining the Sign.

In this event, your top priority should be to combine beach toys, as they drop items to get a Sign, which gives you event experience points. Once the event ends, you will lose access to the event garage. All items in the event garage will disappear when you start the next round. Thus, you can sell all items before the end of the event for additional coins. The final chain to get the Sign:

  1. Slippers;
  2. Roller Skates;
  3. Sunglasses;
  4. Sandals;
  5. Surfboard;
  6. Beach towel;
  7. Necklaces;
  8. Wheel;
  9. White flag of surrender;
  10. Skateboard;
  11. Idol;
  12. Sign.
Be careful where and when you place the shells, as they throw away beach toys covered in cobwebs. Keep in mind that you will need to upgrade your beach furniture before it can discard active beach toys. Don’t let the shells create too many items as they will take up a lot of space. Better save it for event experience points.

Merge Mansion: Shop Guide

Concept. In the store, you can buy in-game items with coins and crystals, as well as with real money. It will become available after completing Mission 1-8 ("The Robbers Leave") in The Grand Drive. To open the store, click the shopping cart button at the bottom right of the screen.

Use of items from the store. Energy, crystals and coins that you purchased in the store will be added to your current game currency account. All purchased items, boxes, energy chests and piggy banks will appear in the "chest slot" in the garage, between the shop button and the inventory button.

All contents in the "chest slot" can only be used in chronological order. This means that you will not be able to apply the purchased items before applying the items that appeared in the slot earlier.

Time limited offers. Time-limited offers are usually valid for 24 hours and can be purchased with real money. Among them:

Daily offers. These store offers are available every day:

Don’t forget to get your free energy box in the store every day.

Flash sale. This section of the shop sells various quest items that can be bought with crystals or coins. 6 different items are available every 6 hours. When updating for crystals, the assortment of the section is completely updated.

Keep in mind that the price of an item in the Flash Sale is constantly changing. So, on one day, a product can be sold for crystals, and on another - for coins. Look for the best and cheapest deals.

Sale of boxes. Different types of boxes become available in the shop after you complete the quest with the corresponding box as a reward. There is no limit to the number of boxes you can buy per day. At the same time, the price for each subsequent purchased box will be higher compared to the previous one.

Sale of energy. Energy is sold for crystals in the amount of 100 units. for one purchase. The initial purchase price is 5 crystals. Further, the price doubles (10 crystals, 20, 40, etc.).

Sale of crystals and coins. These items are purchased with real money using your payment systems. There are several types of sets with increasing cost.

Merge Mansion: Pros and Cons

Despite the apparent similarity to other similar puzzles, the gameplay of Merge Mansion offers you some dramatic differences and even intrigue as to how to complete the new game tasks. A touching storyline awaits you, a constant search for the necessary items to advance in the game, and the puzzles themselves, the solution of which depends on your ingenuity and the correct configuration of the playing field. Pros of the game:

  1. There is a plot and diverse characters;
  2. Excellent original musical accompaniment, nice graphics;
  3. The game is exciting, great for rest and relaxation;
  4. Doesn’t spend a lot of free time.

Cons of the game:

  1. Limited game levels. At the moment, you will not be able to rise above level 40;
  2. Some items are very difficult to obtain;
  3. You need to wait a long time to get the right items. Because of this, the game is forgotten, it can get boring;
  4. Energy is consumed quickly;
  5. The game goes to reload even after a second exit from the application, which is inconvenient;
  6. Often you need crystals purchased for donations.

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