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Miraculous Life WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

Miraculous Life is a cartoon adventure game from Budge Studios. Take on the challenge and become marvelous heroes by defending Paris as your favorite magical superheroes - Ladybug and Cat Noir. Embark on an exciting journey around the city, help your friends and complete heroic missions. Unlock your creativity, create unique characters and transform Marinette’s room into a real paradise.


  1. Useful Tips
  2. Guide for New Players
  3. How to level up a player?
  4. Tips for exploring locations
  5. Creating your own clothing line
  6. Superhero Wardrobe Guide
  7. Interior and renovation features
  8. Game Settings
  9. Is it worth playing?

Miraculous Life: Useful Tips

1. Collect ladybug coins to level up faster. Ladybug coins are the key game currency around which the entire gameplay revolves. Not only do they allow players to upgrade their characters, but they also provide access to various in-game cosmetics that allow players to customize their characters’ appearance to their liking. Ladybug coins are scattered throughout the game and are hard to miss.

2. Study locations. The game features varied and spacious locations, each of which hides its own secrets, unique currency and characters. Sometimes you will have to explore and run around the entire area to discover all the content and content that is available in a given location. Immerse yourself in the world of the game, study locations down to the smallest detail so as not to miss anything important and valuable.

3. Follow public events. Public Events in the game are interactive events that take place in different parts of the city and offer players a series of tasks and challenges for valuable prizes. They are easily visible on the game map, allowing players to quickly determine their location. Typically, these activities involve fighting infestations or fighting monsters.

4. Complete Lost and Found missions quickly to level up faster. The game has various areas with additional quest sets and content, but the type of missions remains similar for the most part. For example, Lost and Found missions offer players a variety of tasks that involve finding and recovering lost items or rescuing and searching for missing characters. They are also a reliable source of ladybug coins and can be very useful for development.

5. Customize your characters. The game provides a character customization system, which is carried out by increasing the level. As the player levels up, new accessories and clothing items become available for customization. Leveling up is not a difficult process and depends on the number of ladybug coins the player collects in the game.

6. Customize your home to your liking. Miraculous Life provides the ability to customize the home of the main characters to your liking. Players can change wallpaper, floors, walls, furniture and many other interior elements to create their ideal cozy nest. You can choose from a variety of styles and designs to personalize your home to suit your individual preferences.

7. Don’t miss battles. The game contains battles in every location, where the main character has to engage in battle with enemies. They can be either human or monster and the player needs to use his skills and strength to destroy them. Participating in battles can be very useful, as it allows you to receive in-game currency and increase the level of your character.

8. Complete tasks for residents. In the game you can complete tasks given by residents of various locations. They may ask you to complete various tasks, such as destroying a certain number of monsters, finding lost items, or helping them complete special tasks. Completing quests will not only help you gain experience and progress in the game, but will also add variety to the gameplay.

9. Enjoy the game. Play the way you like, find pleasure and achieve maximum fun. Enjoy every moment of the game, trying to get indescribable emotions and pleasure from the process. Let the game become a source of inspiration and joy. Remember to take breaks, rest regularly and engage in other activities to maintain a balance between the game and real life.

10. Follow events and game updates. Join player communities and stay tuned for regular updates. This will keep you up to date with future updates and new features. In addition, you will be able to communicate with other players, ask important questions and get answers.

By following these tips, you can develop effectively and get the most out of the game. Good luck to you and have a nice time in the game!

Miraculous Life: Guide for New Players

Game features. Miraculous Life has many unique features that make it special among other games. Firstly, the game is completely based on the popular animated series "Marvels: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir", which allows fans of the series to feel part of this exciting world.

Secondly, Miraculous Life offers varied gameplay that allows players to experience different aspects of the characters’ lives. You will be able to use the unique superpowers of Lady Bug and Cat Noir to cope with numerous challenges and fight evil in Paris.

The third feature of the game is interactive interaction with other characters from the series. You will be able to meet and interact with your favorite characters, as well as uncover new mysteries that surround them. Each character has their own unique story and personality, adding depth and interest to the gaming experience.

Miraculous Life is an ideal opportunity to feel like superheroes and become their reliable support in the fight against evil.

In addition, Miraculous Life offers stunning graphics and an atmosphere that completely immerses players in the world of the series. You will enjoy the colorful locations of Paris and feel all the heroic moments and emotions that are characteristic of Lady Bug and Cat Noir.

Game characters and their features. The game features three playable characters, each with their own unique story and set of abilities, providing players with a wide variety of gaming experiences.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug. Marinette Dupain-Cheng is one of the main characters in the film Miracles: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir and the main character in the world of Miracle World. She was previously a student in Miss Bustier’s class at College Françoise Dupont in Paris, France. Marinette is also an aspiring fashion designer, and her dream is to create her own fashion brand. When Marinette receives support from her loyal ally Tikki, she becomes Ladybug - the superheroine of the power of creation.

Adrien Agreste/Cat Noir (unlocked by subscription). Adrien Agreste is one of the main characters in the TV series Miracles: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir and the main character in The Wonderful World. His identity lies in the fact that he is a human monster, created from the emotions of love of his late mother, Emilie Agreste. Adrian was previously a student in Miss Bustier’s class at College Françoise Dupont in Paris, France. He is also known as a former fashion model representing his deceased father’s brand. With Plagg, the little creature living inside, Adrien can transform into a powerful superhero named Cat Noir. In a black cat’s shell, he gains the power of destruction and becomes an invincible defender of the city.

Alya Sezer/Rena Rouge (unlocked by subscription). Alya Sesaire is one of the key deuteragonists in the series "Miracles: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir". She was previously a student in Miss Bustier’s class at Françoise Dupont College and Marinette Dupain-Cheng’s best friend. Alya also administers the Ladyblog and is the head of the school blog, where she keeps her classmates up to date with the latest events in Paris. In the episode "Sapotis", after her younger twin sisters become akumas - the creations of the main villain, Alya receives the Miraculous Fox from Ladybug. When the Trix inhabits the Miraculous, Alya transforms into Rena Rouge, a red fox-themed superhero who helps Ladybug and Cat Noir.

Transformation into a superhero. To switch your character into superhero or casual mode, all you have to do is click on the circle with your superhero’s portrait, which is located in the lower right corner of the screen.

When you click on this circle, your character will switch between his superhero costume and his everyday look, allowing you to feel like a real savior of Paris or enjoy the normal life of your hero.

In the wardrobe tab you can customize the character’s appearance. The game offers many options for clothing, accessories and much more.

When your character is in superhero mode, you will be able to use his abilities and strength to fight evil and protect the city. And in everyday mode, you can show your character’s ordinary life with others.

Remember that your character is a real hero and you can choose when to use his superhero powers and when to enjoy normal life. Feel like a real savior of Paris and maintain a balance between your roles!

How to select a character during the game? To select a character, click on his portrait in the lower left corner of the screen. You can then select your desired superhero and continue the game. Remember that changing a character allows you to use his unique superpowers, which will be useful in battles.

Use the opportunity to change heroes to diversify the gameplay and get more pleasure from fighting evil. Using different characters will allow you to experience different playstyles and strategies, which will add novelty and interest to the game.

Game subscription. Marinette Dupain-Cheng, also known as Ladybug, is available in the free version of the game. If you don’t have a subscription, you will still only be able to play as that character. To use two additional superheroes, you will need a paid subscription.

If you don’t have a subscription, you won’t be able to switch between different heroes during the game. But this practically does not limit the gameplay for the main character.

Non-player characters. Non-player characters are part of the game world and serve various roles in the game’s environment. While you won’t be able to play as them, you can interact with them, change their appearance, and receive important quests and tips from them.

They can be residents of the city, friends of your hero, or other familiar cartoon characters. Use interactions with non-player characters to expand your gaming experience and delve deeper into the game’s story.

Miraculous Life: How to level up a player?

Player level and characteristics. Player level is a key element in the game and determines your progress and access to additional features. The higher your level, the more opportunities you have.

Leveling up in the game is achieved by completing tasks, completing levels and collecting experience. Each new level unlocks better options for your superhero, allowing you to obtain new accessories, furniture or clothing that can be used to personalize your hero and create a unique style.

Don’t forget, too, that leveling up can give you access to new abilities and skills that will improve your effectiveness in battle. Explore all the features of the game and strive to increase your level to reach new heights and become a real superhero.

What does the level scale look like? The level scale in the game is presented in the upper right corner of the screen. It looks like a horizontal bar that fills up as you gain experience or complete certain tasks.

As you collect coins or complete other tasks in the game, the level bar will gradually fill up. Once it reaches a certain value, your level increases and you may be given the opportunity to unlock new features or rewards.

The level bar is an important element of the game interface that helps you track your progress and motivates you to achieve new goals in the game.

How to level up? Leveling up in the game is achieved by gaining experience. To gain experience, you can perform various activities such as collecting coins, completing quests, winning battles, or achieving certain goals.

To level up, you need to explore game locations and collect red coins. Red coins represent the main currency in the game and are a source of experience. They can be placed on locations or hidden in different parts of the game world.

To find coins and level up, you will have to explore various locations and areas in the game. You may have to solve puzzles, fight opponents, or complete challenges to gain access to some coins or unlock new locations with more coins.

Also remember that completing key quests in the game usually gives you more experience than simply collecting coins. So follow the directions and instructions in the game to discover new quests and progress more efficiently.

Opening a chest with rewards. Opening a chest with rewards is a key moment in the game! When your scale reaches the maximum level, you will be able to receive well-deserved rewards. To open a chest, simply click on it located in the upper right corner of the screen.

Be careful: until you open the chest and receive your rewards, experience gain may temporarily stop. This means that you will not receive new experience until you claim your prizes.

So don’t forget to collect your well-deserved rewards as soon as your gauge reaches the maximum level. Opening a chest will allow you to advance further, get valuable resources and develop in the game.

Don’t miss the chance to get your prizes and continue upgrading your superhero. Good luck collecting rewards and reaching new heights in the game!

Miraculous Life: Tips for exploring locations

Superhero stuff. Your mission as a superhero is to save city residents from various threats and opponents. Each location presents a potential challenge where you may encounter different enemies. Get ready to challenge your opponents and fight them in epic battles. Your strength, skills and abilities will help you overcome any difficulties you face.

However, do not forget that your residents need your help. Rush to the rescue every time you are called to battle and don’t let your opponents win.

Features of locations. All locations in the game are unique and offer a variety of opportunities for exploration and adventure. Each location has its own special buildings, design and secrets.

Some locations may be more dangerous, with hostile creatures, traps, or difficult puzzles to solve. Other locations may offer hidden secrets, treasure chests, or unique items to help you on your journey.

Each location can be associated with special tasks and quests that reveal additional historical plots or the official history of the game.

Remember to be attentive to the details of the environment, look for clues and decipher riddles to expose all the secrets and achieve success in the game. The variety and variety of locations will create an exciting journey for you, in which each location will lead to new discoveries and adventures.

Traveling to locations. Controlling your superhero in the game is easy and intuitive. To move around locations, you just need to click on the desired place where you want to move.

You can also use a more convenient control method - just press and hold your finger on the screen and move it in the desired direction. Your superhero will continuously move in the indicated direction.

This method will allow you to run and move more smoothly and without interruptions. You can quickly and easily explore locations, fight opponents and complete various missions.

Choose a method of transportation that is convenient for you and enjoy an exciting journey through the superhero game world.

Interaction with the outside world. Interaction with the outside world. In the game, your superhero has the opportunity to interact with various elements of the environment. You can interact with other characters, special places, transitions to other locations, quest items, etc.

It is important to pay attention to unusual white lights that may appear in the game. They can be circles on the ground or outlines enclosing various objects such as furnishings or stands

These glows indicate objects that your superhero can interact with. Click on them to get more information, complete a task, start a dialogue with another character, or activate special abilities.

Be careful and explore each location to find all the opportunities to interact with the outside world. This will help you advance in the game, get new tasks and develop your superhero.

Completing tasks for the residents of Paris. Completing tasks from the residents of Paris is an important part of the game. Each location can offer unique quests that require the player to achieve certain goals. To accept a task from a resident, pay attention to the icon above his head.

If a villager has an exclamation mark above their head, it means they are offering you a quest. Carefully study all the requirements and objectives of the task that must be completed, and go on an adventure.

Completing tasks. Once you have successfully completed the assignment, you must turn it in. Note the yellow question mark that will appear above the villager’s head. This means that you have completed all objectives and the quest giver is awaiting your return to complete the task and receive your well-deserved rewards.

Approach the villager with the yellow question mark and interact with him to give him the results of your work. The quest giver will be grateful for your diligence and will reward you accordingly. Don’t forget to collect your rewards after completing the task.

Completing tasks not only brings you rewards, but also affects the development of the game world. Some tasks can open up new opportunities, unlock access to other locations, or affect the plot of the game.

Enemies and their characteristics. In each location you can encounter a variety of enemies. Please note that they have their own skills, abilities and characteristics of combat. Therefore, to win, your superhero must choose different approaches depending on the type of enemy.

Basics of combat. Proper combat in the game depends on the skills and abilities of each superhero. You should pay attention to the instructions and tips in the game to learn the basics of combat. This may involve collecting different shapes, drawing on the screen, or quickly pressing keys.

However, it is important to understand that the player’s active participation in battles is necessary to achieve victory. If you do not actively interact with the gameplay, then your superhero may be defeated by the enemy. Constantly being present and participating in battles will help you maximize your chances of winning.

Basic attacks. The main attacks in the game are represented by various figures that need to be drawn in lines from point A to point B. The more dangerous the enemies, the more difficult it will be to collect these lines. In later levels of the game this process will become even more interesting and create more excitement.

You will need skill and quick reactions to successfully carry out your attacks and defeat your enemies. Gradually, you will be able to master different combinations of attacks, which will allow you to deal more effectively with different types of enemies.

How to move between locations? In the game, you have the opportunity to navigate independently using transitions. They are represented by white glowing circles that you need to stand in to move.

In cases where you need to go to remote locations, you can use a special map. On it you need to choose a suitable place to move. This will allow you to conveniently and quickly travel around the game world and reach your desired destinations.

Location map. The game features a map with 7 different locations, but not all of them are available without a special subscription. Each location has its own unique features: some will allow you to freely travel and explore, while others will allow you to take advantage of personalization tools.

We present you the following table, which describes all available locations for players:

Location name.Entrance features.Description.
Fashion designer (Vosges mode).A subscription is required to enter.Here you can create your own designs of clothes and accessories for your superheroes.
Notre Dame de Paris.A subscription is required to enter.Location for exploration, completing tasks and collecting coins.
Place des Vosges.Free entry.Location for exploration, completing tasks and collecting coins.
Grand Palais.A subscription is required to enter.Location for exploration, completing tasks and collecting coins.
Marinette’s room.A subscription is required to enter.Here you can customize your superhero. Using different types of clothes, costumes and accessories. You can also rearrange the furniture and update the room with new items.
College Françoise Dupont.A subscription is required to enter.Here you can customize your learning class with Miss Bustier’s lesson.
If you do not have a subscription, you will not be able to visit most locations. Therefore, you can only check out one location for free.

Miraculous Life: Creating your own clothing line

Making your own clothes. In the game you can feel like a real fashion designer and create unique sets of clothes. Inspired by the heroine Marinette, you will have access to various tools and materials to create your own lines of clothing and accessories. Open up your imagination and create stylish and unique images!

What can you create? You can create unique sets of clothes and accessories. The whole process takes place in a gaming environment, so you can completely immerse yourself in the world of fashion. Choose the type of clothing you want to create - be it elegant sweaters, stylish blouses, comfortable trousers or fashionable shoes. Use a variety of materials, prints, fittings and decorative elements to give your creations a unique look.

Moreover, you can redo and modify each item as many times as you like to achieve the desired result. Your creativity will not be limited by anything!

Once you finish creating clothing sets, they will automatically be added to your superhero’s wardrobe. Here you can take full advantage of your unique clothing items and create stylish looks for your character.

Stages of creation. The process of creating a unique item is divided into four stages, each of which is important to achieve the desired result. These steps will guide you step by step from idea to final product.

Let’s take a closer look at each stage:

  1. Stage of choosing the desired style - at this stage you are given the opportunity to choose the main style of your clothing. You can choose from a variety of options such as sweaters, blouses, shoes, trousers, etc. Different styles and shapes allow you to highlight your individual taste and preferences.
  2. Stage of choosing a color palette - after choosing a style, you move on to the next stage, choosing colors for your clothes. You are provided with a wide range of colors, from delicate and pastel to bright and rich. You can choose one color or combine several to create unique color combinations that reflect your personality.
  3. Accessorizing Stage - In this stage, you can give your clothes a special charm and style by adding various accessories. These can be stickers, patches and much more.
  4. Use of Prints Stage - In the last stage, you can use different prints to add uniqueness to your clothes. These can be geometric patterns, floral motifs, abstract designs or even your own designs. Prints allow you to embrace your creative side and create clothing that truly reflects your personality.
With these four steps, you will be able to create unique and stylish clothing that is completely tailored to your preferences and personality.

Miraculous Life: Superhero Wardrobe Guide

Customize your superheroes. There’s a whole world of possibilities open to you when it comes to customizing your superheroes. The game features an unlimited variety of clothing, accessories, shoes and other items to help you create a unique look for your hero.

A wide range of items awaits you, which are gradually unlocked as you level up your superhero and earn coins. The higher the level, the more options available to you. Plus, you can also earn coins by completing various missions and fighting enemies, which opens up even more customization options.

Pay attention to the exclamation mark in the wardrobe. It notifies you that this item is new and you have not used it before.

Thanks to a special editing mode, you are given the opportunity to choose materials, colors, patterns and even add personal details to your hero. This opens the door to creativity and allows you to fully realize your imagination in the game.

Customization options. Ultimately, thanks to its wide customization options, the game offers you a great way to express your personality and create a unique style for your superhero. Every player will find something to suit their taste - be it classic, stylish or eccentric.

Affordable clothing and its features. The wardrobe includes six sections, each offering different categories of clothing and accessories. In the list below we will describe all available:

Once you have chosen the desired image, do not forget to confirm it. Click on the green checkmark and go on your adventures with updated superhero style.

Miraculous Life: Interior and renovation features

Room interior. Mariette’s room is the perfect place to customize your superheroine’s decor. Here you can create a cozy space that reflects your style and preferences. You are given access to four sections that allow you to customize your character’s room to your liking.

Furniture section. In this section, you can choose different pieces of furniture to create a comfortable and stylish space. Choose a bed, cabinets, tables, chairs and sofas to give the room coziness and functionality.

Decor section. Here you can add decorative elements to give the room uniqueness and personality. Choose paintings, posters, mirrors, colored pillows, throws and other accessories to highlight your style.

You can also choose different light sources to create an attractive and atmospheric version of the room. Choose table lamps, pendant lights, wall sconces and other lighting fixtures to highlight the mood and functionality of the space.

Characters section. In the characters section, you can add different characters to your room and create a unique atmosphere. To create a romantic setting, you can add Adrien Agreste, who is one of the main characters. Adrien Agreste, also known as Chat Noir, is one of the lovelorn characters in the series.

Wall modification section. In the wall modification section, you have the opportunity to create the room of your dreams using your favorite colors and decorative elements. You can choose one of the following options:

Don’t forget to confirm your changes by clicking on the green checkmark to save your dream room with the chosen look and decor.

Moving objects. You are the owner of your room and have every right to make changes to it to create the perfect environment. You can easily move items that are already in the room to place them in different parts of the room. Just long-press on the item you want to move and drag it to a new location according to your preferences.

In addition, you have complete freedom when choosing the arrangement of furniture. You can create your own unique composition to best suit your needs and taste. For example, you can place a lamp, books, or decorative items on a coffee table to create a reading or relaxing area. Pillows, blankets and other elements can be selected to make the bed soft and cozy.

Use all the elements and possibilities available to you to turn your ideas into reality. Ultimately, your room should be a place where you can completely relax and enjoy the atmosphere that you have created.

Miraculous Life: Game Settings

Game settings. Game settings provide you with the ability to customize various settings to make the gameplay experience as comfortable as possible for you. The volume of music and sounds can be adjusted according to your preferences.

An additional setting provided in the game settings section is the ability to disable superhero voice acting. The game may have various dialogues and lines spoken by the characters, and if you think their constant comments may be annoying, you can choose to turn off the voice acting.

Language settings. One of the important game settings is the choice of language. You are provided with a list of available languages ​​in which the game can be played. This includes Russian, German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Korean and Portuguese. You can choose the language in which you are most comfortable playing to fully immerse yourself in the gaming atmosphere.

The game settings allow you to tailor the game to your preferences so that you can enjoy the gameplay in the best possible way.

Questions and answers section. The Questions and Answers section is a great way to get help and answers to your questions about the game. In the game settings you can find the "Frequently Asked Questions" section, which contains the most common questions asked by other players. This may be useful if you are having problems or if you are looking for information about any of the game’s features.

In addition, in the game settings you can also find the "Contact Developers" section. This allows you to contact the game development team directly with your questions or concerns. They are always ready to help and provide the necessary support.

Subscription management. In the "Manage Subscription" section of Settings, you can control your subscription. Purchase a new subscription or renew an existing one. A subscription gives you access to many privileges and features that are not available in the free version of the game.

It may provide benefits such as exclusive content, faster game progression, additional resources, or special features. By controlling your subscription through settings, you can ensure it is up to date and enjoy a complete gaming experience.

Miraculous Life: Is it worth playing?

Miraculous Life is an exciting game that fans of the Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir series will definitely enjoy. In the game, you can play as all your favorite superheroes and use their unique abilities to defeat the villains. One of the striking advantages of the game is the many different locations where you can fight with opponents and complete various tasks. In addition, the game offers the opportunity to customize your character through customization to make it unique and individual.

Here are the advantages of the game:

Here are the disadvantages of the game:

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