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Monster High WiKi Beauty Salon: Tips and Tricks for Walkthrough

Monster High Beauty Salon is a beauty salon simulation game developed by Krazilabs LTD. In the world of Monster High, a lot of monster fashionistas will come to you who will need beauty services. The monsters are ready for a fantastic makeover and a truly creepy look. Use a lot of tools in the hairdresser, a huge number of unique clothes in the wardrobe, various paints, tattoos and many other accessories. The game has a huge space for your creativity and creating the perfect image.


  1. Guide for Beginners
  2. Game Tips
  3. All about creating the perfect look
  4. Secrets to Creating the Best Hairstyle
  5. How to create beautiful makeup?
  6. How to choose the right outfit?
  7. What is the selfie section for?
  8. Secrets of a Successful Photo Shoot
  9. Guide for Donators
  10. Is it worth playing?

Monster High Beauty Salon: Guide for Beginners

Plot. Real monster fashionista Claudine Wolf has opened her own beauty salon where you have to host a lot of ghoul fashionistas from the world of Monster High. The owner of a beauty salon, truly understands the world of monster fashion and is ready to help her monster friends in the transformation. To create perfect and creepy images, you will need a lot of time and a huge number of transformation tools that are available in the game.

The purpose of the game. You are a real master of a beauty salon who understands all fashion trends. Your clients are monsters who need to create an incredible image. You can choose the right clothes, combine them and create unique combinations.

In the barbershop, you have a huge number of tools available that you can use to create hairstyles, dye your hair, perm, and many other options. In the nail salon, you have to create a creepy beautiful manicure that will perfectly suit the monster fashionista.

Game screen. When you enter the game, you will find yourself at the entrance to the monster beauty salon. The game settings are displayed at the top of the game screen. The in-game store icon is displayed at the bottom, where you can purchase various in-game items and unlock access to all fashionista monsters and all available items.

The "More games" icon is displayed on the right side. Clicking on the icon will take you to the developers page. You will be able to see the entire list of games they have created. When you click on any game, you are immediately sent to the game’s page on Google Play.

Game settings. The game has minimal settings for a comfortable game. You can learn the rules of the game. If you are the parent of a child, you can enable a time limit on the game. You can also completely turn off the music and sounds in the game, if necessary.

Beginning of the game. In order to start the game you need to click on the green "Play" icon. After that, you will immediately go to the game itself, in which you first need to choose a fashionista and create a unique and creepy look for her using a huge number of available tools. We will talk about all the functions in the cabin a little later.

Monster High Beauty Salon: Game Tips

1.Choose the monster you like. The game has a lot of fashionable monsters that you can choose to transform. Choose the ghoul that you like, so you will get more pleasure from the game and create the perfect image.

2. Create lots of looks. The game features a huge number of tools that you can use to create the perfect look. Use all possible options to achieve excellent results.

3. Practice. At the beginning of the game, it will seem to you that creating a truly beautiful hairstyle is almost impossible, but it is not! Practice and you will achieve incredible results. You will learn how to create beautiful hairstyles for your monster fashionistas.

4. Get more visitors. After each completed reincarnation, you are given a gift. Gifts contain items that you will need to create new images. Gifts can include hair dyes, nail polish sets, various hair ornaments, even new fashionista monsters! Almost all items in the game are obtained by playing, it just takes time.

5. Space for creativity. Experiment, you can create truly unique hairstyles, clothing sets, manicures and more. Feel like a real creator and master of beauty salons. After all, the more you play and create images, the more you will discover various items.

6. Explore all the presented tools. The game has a huge number of tools to achieve ideal results. Try each of them, study its properties and functions in the game. Once you know how each tool works and how it works in practice, it will become much easier for you to create the desired images.

Monster High Beauty Salon: All about creating the perfect look

Monster Fashionista’s Choice. A lot of clients of fashionistas from the presented ones have come to you, you need to choose the one that you liked the most. Each monster fashionista is unique, has her own appearance, race, skin color, and so on. All monsters are radically different from each other and therefore each created image for a certain fashionista will be individual and unique.

At the beginning of the game, only two fashionistas are available to you: Laguna Blue and Frankie Stein. The rest of the fashionistas are closed for your selection. Therefore, you need to make a choice between two monsters and then proceed to create an image.

Don’t be discouraged by the small selection, you have a small selection of monsters in the beginning, but this can be fixed. Keep playing and soon, you will be able to get a monster as a gift, for the transformation you have made, completely free of charge.

Beauty salon menu. After choosing a monster fashionista, you can start creating an image. All presented sections of the beauty salon have their own subsections. Each section has its own purpose, in which you have to use a variety of tools and create images for monsters.

There are 6 sections in the game:

Task scale. To complete the task, to create an image, you need to fill in the green scale above your monster. In each section, a scale will be displayed at the top of the game screen, to fill which, you need to perform various actions. Each section has its own tools and each use of them gives points to fill the scale.

When the scale is completely filled, you can finish creating the image in this section and move on to the next one, while the section that you have completed will light up with a green checkmark. If you have not completed the scale, then the task in the section will be considered incomplete. You can log out, but the next time you log in, you will definitely need to fill the scale to complete the image creation.

Completion of the image. After you have created an image for a fashionista, you need to have a real photo session in which your monster will take part with her friend. Each photo shoot is unique in its own way. All the monsters take poses and take three shots, you must choose one shot to post on your local social network. You can also save the photo to your device if you like the image you created.

Reward. For each completed image, you are entitled to a reward. From the reward box, you can get absolutely all the available items in the game, and even fashionistas. The gift box can contain: Hair dye colors, nail designs, nail, hair and clothing decorations, various types of clothing and many other items. The more often you successfully complete skins, the more rewards and items you will receive.

Monster High Beauty Salon: Secrets to Creating the Best Hairstyle

Salon. This section is designed to create real hairstyles. Includes a huge number of items and tools that you can use to create a unique and beautiful hairstyle for your monster. The hairdressing salon is divided into 6 sections, which have their own sets of different functions.

Hair Jewelry Section. This section has a large set of hair ornaments. A huge number of different options, creepy, cute and so on. To use decorations, you will need to click on the decoration you like and drag it to the zone you need. After that, your decoration will remain on the monster.

The hair ornament is not attached to the hair. You can place the decoration in the place that you think is the most suitable. Among the ornaments there are those that are not only suitable for hair, but can serve other purposes. The choice is yours!

Background selection. You can choose the background that you think is more suitable for your fashionista. After choosing a suitable background, you can take a photo of the monster, which is published on the internal social network and the monster friends can rate it.

Hair tools section. This section has 4 hair tools with which you can straighten, curl and create wavy hair. With all the tools available, you can create a unique hairstyle with the perfect monster hair.

In order to use the tool, you need to click on the tool itself and swipe over the area on the fashionista’s hair that needs to be used. You will immediately see the changes, keep swiping the screen until you achieve the desired effect.

You can combine different tools and their effects on hair, in different areas, without limitation. In this way, you can create a unique hairstyle, which can be straight or wavy hair combined with straight.

Haircut section. This section presents items and tools for a radical change in the hair of a fashionista. A hairbrush, magic growth mousse, scissors, a razor and other tools will help you achieve the desired results for your fashionista. You can change the length, shape, hair cut and so on.

Hairbrush. This tool will help you comb your monster hair. If the hair is disheveled or has a strange shape, then after you comb it, it will become even and beautiful. To use a comb, select it from the provided tools and move it over the hair area until you achieve the desired effect.

Mousse for hair growth. If it seems to you that your fashionista’s hair is not long enough or you want to make your hair thicker, then mousse will help you with this. When using mousse, new strands grow in the area where you use it. To use, select the mousse from the items provided and select the area you wish to use the mousse on and click on it.

With mousse, you can create hair of various lengths. With one click on the area, one strand of small length appears, but if you press and hold, the hair will continue to grow. When you have reached the desired length of hair, simply cancel the press.

Shearing scissors. With scissors, you can change the length of your hair to your desired length and create a unique haircut. Having decided on the haircut you want to make for your fashionista, select the scissors from the presented tools and click once on the area of ​​u200bu200bthe strand that needs to be cut.

If you want to achieve a more even cut line of the hair, then try to draw a straight line along the hair, choosing the desired length. Thus, you will get an even cut and a neat haircut for a monster.

Thinning scissors. This tool is designed to soften the cut lines of the hair. You can create neat strands of hair, complementing the look of the hairstyle. To use, click on the scissors from the presented tools and draw along the cut line of the hair. Thus, the cut lines will become softer and the monster’s hair will look more natural.

Razor. If you are not completely satisfied with your created hairstyle or initial hairstyle and you need to start from scratch, then you can use a razor. The razor completely removes hair from the fashionista’s head. To use the razor, select it from the provided tools and swipe over the area of ​​hair you wish to remove.

In order to quickly remove hair from the head of the monster, do not remove one strand, but run the razor over the entire head. Thus, you will be able to quickly remove all the hair on your head and achieve the perfect result.

Trimmer. The trimmer will come in handy for shaving areas. If you need an unusual hairstyle and want to create something interesting using shaving, then this is a great tool to implement such ideas. In order to use the trimmer, you need to select it from the presented tools. After that, run the trimmer over the area you want to trim.

Section for creating an unusual hairstyle. This section presents 4 tools that will help you create an interesting hairstyle for your monster. All tools have their own unique functions and are able to radically change the appearance of hairstyles and realize many of your ideas.

Braid weaving. An interesting tool that can independently braid neat braids from strands. Suitable for those who love braids and various hairstyles with the addition of braids. To use a tool, select it from all presented. Then run through the necessary strands. In this way, you can braid a few strands or all of your hair.

Bah-Bah. A unique tool that can electrify a fashionista’s hair. The effect is quite interesting, the hair looks unusual and non-standard, useful for creating a unique hairstyle. To use, you must select a tool from all those presented and click on the hair area, all hair will immediately become electrified.

Hair bands. Standard hair ties that you can use to make ponytails for your monster. To use, you need to select a tool and click on the hair area, after which a ponytail will appear. In total, you can create two tails, on either side.

Tails can be removed with a comb. If you don’t like the ponytails you’ve created, simply brush them out and they’ll unravel.

Mousse for styling. If you are not satisfied with the styling of your fashionista, then for this case, use styling mousse. With the help of mousse, you can style your hair as you need or make it more voluminous. Realize all your styling ideas, and mousse will help you with this.

In order to use mousse, you need to choose a tool from all presented. Next, click on the area you want to change and move the strands. Keep moving until you get the desired result.

All available tools from this section, you can combine with each other. To do this, choose different areas of use of tools. In this way, interesting combinations can be created. For example, braid braids, lay them, and so on.

Hair color section. By selecting this section, you can see only two brushes, but with their help you can completely recolor your hair or create highlights on certain strands and even combine several colors.

Highlighting. If you need to bring ideas to life using different colors, then the highlighting brush will help you with this. In order to use the tool, select it, after that you need to select the desired color from the available ones. Next, brush through the strands. The strands that have been selected will be dyed in the color you have chosen.

Painting. For full hair coloring, a regular brush is perfect for you. In order to use a brush, select it and decide on the color that you need. Next, brush over the area you want to paint. You can also combine different colors on different areas of the hair.

Hair care section. In the section you can find 4 hair care tools. There is everything you need to ensure that the hair of the monster was well-groomed and irresistible. To create the perfect image of a monster fashionista, you will definitely need all the available tools in this section.

Shampoo. It will come in handy so that the hair of the monster becomes clean. After all the procedures, you need to wash your hair with shampoo. To use the shampoo, choose from the proposed tools and apply to the hair strands.

Shower. After applying the shampoo to your hair, you need to rinse it off your hair. To use, choose a tool from the presented and run through all the strands, drive until you achieve the desired effect and wash off all the shampoo from the fashionista’s head.

Fen. After all the procedures, the head of your monster remained wet and must be dried. To use a hair dryer, select one from the provided tools and slowly run through all hair until all hair is dry and bright.

Mousse for shine. To make the hair of the monster irresistible, use mousse for shine. To use, choose a mousse from the presented tools and apply to all hair. You will immediately notice that in places where the mousse was used, the hair became shiny and well-groomed.

All sections in the hair salon give a huge space for creativity, apart from the usual hair care, you can create truly unique hairstyles. Therefore, be sure to try all the available tools and create beautiful images.

Monster High Beauty Salon: How to create beautiful makeup?

Makeup section. Applying makeup is a great opportunity to change the appearance of the monster and complete her image. You can get creative with eyelash extensions, different eye shadows, face paints, many lipstick colors, eye color change and face decorations. Applying makeup is divided into 7 sections, in each of which you have to choose the most suitable option from the many presented.

Shadows. In this section, a lot of shadows of various colors are available for you to apply on the eyelids of a monster. To apply shadows, choose the appropriate color option and swipe over the fashionista’s eyelids. For easy application, the fashionista will close her eyes.

Eyelash extension. For the perfect look, you can use different types of eyelash extensions. The section presents a variety of forms and types. To use extensions, choose the appropriate option from those presented and swipe over the fashionista’s eyelashes. You can even combine different options to create unique lashes.

Eyebrow pencil. After you have dyed your fashionista’s hair, you need to choose the right eyebrow color that goes with your hair. To use the pencil, choose a suitable color and apply monsters on the eyebrows.

Eyeliner. With the help of an eyeliner, you can apply eyeliner to the eyes of a fashionista. There are many color options available, but there are also different eyeliner options that have an interesting look. To use eyeliner, you need to choose the option you like and apply them to the eyes of your monster.

Lipstick. Lip makeup will perfectly complement your chosen image. There are many lipsticks, different colors and options to choose from. To use, choose the appropriate option and apply on the lips of a fashionista.

Lenses. You can also change the color of your monster fashionista’s eyes. The choice is large, the lenses differ in color and appearance, you can even create eyes of different colors and thus add some zest to your monster. In order to use lenses, choose the option you like and use them in front of your fashionista.

Face decoration. In this section, there are many decorations available that can be placed on different parts of the monster’s face. To use, choose a suitable decoration and place it on a suitable place on your face.

You can use several options at once to decorate your face. Just choose the appropriate options and place them in different parts on the face of the monster. After that, you will be surprised at the result.

Section of manicure. In this section, you have access to many tools for creating a manicure. Various decorations, colors of varnishes, types of manicure and many other options. You also have the opportunity to add various decorations for the hands.

Nail polish. There are many solid color nail polishes and manicure creations for you to choose from. To apply nail polish, select the appropriate color option and apply to the desired area of ​​the nail, moving the brush.

You can combine colors on one nail, for this, choose one color, apply it to the desired area, after that, choose another color and apply to another area. Thus, you will get interesting options for ideas for manicure.

Thin brush. A thin brush is suitable for creating a pattern on nails. To use such a brush, select it from all the tools presented. Next, select the appropriate color and on the selected area, draw the desired design. You can also combine colors by choosing them one by one and creating unique designs.

Finished design. If you don’t really want to mess around with creating your own design, then you can choose a ready-made option from the ones presented. To do this, simply select the desired design and click on the nail. You can also add your ideas to the designs, add new colors, embellishments, and so on.

Nail shape. Initially, you only have one form of nails for your monster, but the more you create images, the faster you will be able to open two more forms. In order to use the shape of the nail, choose the right one and the fashionista’s nails will immediately change their shape.

Stickers. For decorating nails, there are two sections with stickers and ready-made drawings that you can use to decorate your nails and create interesting designs. In order to apply a sticker or a finished drawing, select the desired option and click on it, after which it will immediately appear on the nail. You can move the sticker or drawing to any suitable place.

You can apply stickers and ready-made pictures on your nails without restrictions. If you need more than one, then simply select the appropriate options and transfer them to the desired areas on the nail plate, without limiting the number.

Manicure for all nails. You can create unique designs for each individual nail, different colors of varnishes, stickers or something else, but if you need to create the same manicure on all nails at once, then this is possible using the "Make all nails the same" function. In order to use this feature, you need to create a design on one nail, then click on the icon and all nails will receive an identical design.

Jewelry section for hands. You can complement your created manicure and image with the help of interesting jewelry. There are various options for hand jewelry for fashionistas, such as creepy options, cute ones, colorful ones, solid colors, and the like.

Rings. Jewelry for the hand are rings. In order to use the ring, you need to choose it from all the options presented. After that, you need to click on it, and it will appear on the finger of the hand. In total, you can use 5 different rings, they can be moved between the fingers by holding the ring and moving it to the appropriate finger of the hand.

You can always remove the ring from your hand if you don’t like it. To do this, click on the ring and move it to the bottom of the game screen. After that, it will disappear, and you can choose another one or leave your finger without jewelry.

Monster High Beauty Salon: How to choose the right outfit?

Wardrobe section. In the wardrobe you are presented with many types of clothes that you can use to create an image of fashionistas. All clothes are divided into 6 subsections, each of which has many different options.

Pants and skirts. Here you can find many options for skirts and trousers. Various styles and colors, without which no fashionista can do. In order to use the clothes you like, select it from all the options presented, and it will immediately appear on the monster.

Outerwear. There are many outerwear for you to choose from. T-shirts, blouses, shirts and the like, they are all different from each other, have their own style and color. In order to use the option you have selected, click on it, and it will immediately appear on your monster.

Dresses. The image of your fashionistas can also consist of everyday, holiday, weekend, evening and other dress options. Any dress you choose is perfect for different situations and fashionistas. In order to use the dress you like, click on it, and it will immediately be displayed on the monster.

Shoes. Shoes are an important part of the image, well-chosen shoes will help complete the image and emphasize the chosen style. There are many shoes to choose from, to use, click on the option you have chosen, and it will immediately appear on the fashionista.

Underwear. You can use tights, leggings, stockings and similar underwear to complete the look. In order to use the item of your choice, click on it, and it will immediately appear on your monster.

Remember that some types of underwear are displayed over trousers and so on. Therefore, try to choose wisely, suitable options for various situations. Well-chosen underwear can decorate your image or emphasize it.

Decorations. The final touch that will decorate the image of a monster fashionista is decoration. You can add a sophisticated choker or necklace, chain, choker, and the like. In order to use the appropriate option, you need to click on it, and it will be displayed on your monster.

Monster High Beauty Salon: What is the selfie section for?

Selfie section. This section is optional, but rather optional. If you are a selfie lover and love monsters, then for you right in the game there is a selfie function with unique and creepy filters from the developers.

Filter selection. To make your selfie unique, use the available filters. There are many filters to choose from that will add decorations to you or even replace your face, hair, backgrounds from the world of monsters and much more.

You may notice that some filters are closed and cannot be used. To receive, you need to create images and in one of the gifts you will definitely receive a new filter and you can use it for your own selfie.

How to take a selfie? To take a selfie, select the filter you like from the available options and click on the yellow circle. The selfie is ready, and your photo is published on the internal social network, where monster friends can like your selfie. You can also save selfies on your device.

Monster High Beauty Salon: Secrets of a Successful Photo Shoot

Photoshoot. After the successful completion of the image creation, you will have access to a photo session. This is the final stage in which you need to take a photo of your fashionista with her monster friends.

Backgrounds. There are many backgrounds available for you to take great photos. You can choose from backgrounds that are suitable for different events, holidays and images. Backgrounds differ in color, decorations, decorations and so on. In order to use the background you like, click on it and the background will immediately appear on the screen.

Photo. After completing the image and choosing a background. You can take three photos at once, in all three photos your fashionista changes positions with her friends. Of these, you have to choose only one that you like best and seems the most suitable.

Photo decoration. You took great photos, but they can be complemented with decorations. There are many decorations, creepy, scary, cute and many others, you will definitely like one or even several. In order to use the decoration, select it from all presented and transfer it to any part of the photo.

Decorations for photos, you can use without restrictions. After choosing a decoration, place it in any suitable place. For example, complete the hairstyles of the monster or her friends. Add embellishment to the outfit and many other options that can be implemented.

Saving a photo. The photos you take can be saved to your device. If you really liked the image you created, and you want to share it with your friends, then especially for this, the developers have added this feature. To save, click on the green checkmark and if, before that, you have given permission to save files to the game, it will be saved to the gallery of your device.

Also next to the green save checkmark, there is a "Share" icon - this feature allows you to share photos of your skins with your friends. If you have a desire to brag to your friends in an image, then click on the "Share" icon and select the appropriate one from the social networks presented.

SPOOKYGRAM. It is an internal social network in the game, which stores all the photos, created images for the entire time of the game. To open an internal social network, you need to create an image and when the photo is saved, you can go to SPOOKYGRAM. The social network is a feed of all the photos that you can scroll through. Also, under the photos, the likes that monster fashionistas gave you are displayed.

If you don’t like the photo that is displayed in SPOOKYGRAM, then you can delete it. Remember that the deletion is irrevocable, the photo of the image will be lost forever. In order to delete a photo, click on the box under the photo and the photo will be deleted immediately.

Monster High Beauty Salon: Guide for Donators

Shop. The game has a lot of items that are not available for beginners. In order to open all the items, it will take a lot of time and the creation of a large number of images. You can purchase sets for real money in the in-game store, which include items, disable ads, fashionistas and much more. Thus, you will not spend a lot of time on the extraction of items, but will play for fun with all the available items and create amazing images for the monsters.

There are currently 6 sets in total:

Almost all items from the sets, you can get for free from gifts for the completed image. If you’re not in a hurry and enjoy creating looks with the initial set of items, then it’s not necessary to buy them. Keep playing and all available items will gradually open.

Disabling ads. Advertising in the game is annoying and appears at the most inopportune moment, blocking the game screen. If it really bothers you, then we recommend turning it off if you are ready to invest real money in the game. Disable ads is sold in the store both separately and as part of a set, so you can choose which purchase option suits you best.

Monster High Beauty Salon: Is it worth playing?

Monster High Beauty Salon is a fun dress up game that is perfect for pastime and fun. If you want to feel like a real stylist, hairdresser, manicurist, then you should definitely try your hand at this game. Fans of dolls and the world of Monster High will definitely enjoy the game, it contains all the monsters that you can transform using a variety of tools, various sets of clothes and accessories. The game has a huge scope for creativity to create truly unique looks and styles.

Here are the pros of the game:

Here are the cons of the game:

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