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Monster Super League WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

Monster Super League: Gacha RPG is a role-playing game from the developer Smart Study Games. Travel to the fairy-tale world of Latesia to meet special creatures - astromons. Start adventures on the map, catch and summon new astromons, and form combat squads with representatives of different elements. Try your luck in resource dungeons and be sure to join a clan to fight alongside your comrades. The game is distinguished by high-quality art, a wide variety of characters and addictive gameplay.


  1. Guide for Beginners
  2. Basic Astromon Guide
  3. All the ways to get Astromons
  4. How to use and improve gems?
  5. Carrying out Astromon Evolution
  6. The main thing about trinkets
  7. Expeditions Guide
  8. Dungeon Walkthrough
  9. Astromon League Guide
  10. Chaos Tower Battles
  11. World Boss Battles
  12. Guide to playing in clans
  13. Dimensional Defense Walkthrough
  14. Is it worth playing?

Monster Super League: Guide for Beginners

How to play? The basis of the game is interaction with special creatures, astromons (also called "monsters"). You collect monsters, improve them, form combat units and go through adventures (campaigns) and other game activities, including clan events, with them.

Player level. You level up the player by gaining experience by completing adventures on the map. The progress of experience accumulation is tracked by a green scale in the upper left corner of the main screen. With each increase in player level, you increase your energy limit and receive rewards - gold and astrogems.

How to get to the battles? Click "Play" on the main screen to get to the general adventure map. The entire map is divided into continents, and the continents, in turn, are divided into regions. Each region has a number of stages. Completing the required regions of certain continents will unlock new game modes for you. In other words, the more battles you go through on the map, the more gaming opportunities open up for you.

Give the game the maximum amount of free time in the first days of development. Complete as many stages of the adventure as possible to unlock new game modes, get more resources, upgrade your astromons well, and join a worthy clan.

Passage of adventures. Adventure is the main activity in the game. All regions on the map are inhabited by astronomers, whose properties are closely related to their surroundings. Different astromon elements are effective in different regions and should play a role in any seeker’s strategy.

Adventure difficulty levels are divided into Normal, Hard and Extreme. You must complete all regions on one difficulty level to gain access to the next difficulty level, but this rule does not apply to continents. Unlocking the Hard level on Continent 1 will not unlock the Hard level on Continent 2.

Selecting a region, information and assembling a squad. To start fighting, select the desired region on the map. In the information window on the right you will see data about the region:

Open stages of a region can be completed again (energy is wasted), information about uncompleted stages is hidden. By clicking on the energy icon next to the stage number, you will be taken to the squad gathering screen. Choose astronomers for your battle party, whose elements are strong against the elements of your opponents.

Don’t forget to improve your astromon capture rate in each open region. This can be done on the combat squad gathering screen. Upgrading your catch rate requires gold.

Energy. Every battle in adventures and most battles in other game activities consume energy. You see your energy reserve at the top of the screen. When your energy is depleted, you cannot continue fighting until your energy is restored. If necessary, purchase additional energy:

Spend as much energy as possible to constantly go through battles and get more resources to upgrade your astromons.

Currencies in the game. There are two main types of currencies:

You receive gold from most activities in the game. Astrogems are more difficult to obtain. The main way to get them for free is by participating in game events and receiving rewards for increasing the player’s level.

Completing quests. Quests are a great source for replenishing your stock of game resources. It is recommended to complete as many quests as possible to constantly receive currencies and other items as rewards. There are several types of quests: daily, weekly, monthly, challenges and quests to catch astronomers. You can view all quests by clicking "Quests" at the bottom of the main screen. When you complete another quest, you will see a notification - do not forget to collect your rewards in a timely manner!

Complete 8 daily quests to receive a bonus reward - 30 Astrogems!

What is an astro guide? The astro guide icon is located on the left side of the main screen. This is your guide and assistant to the astronomers you may encounter in the game. The astro guide has two sections:

Astro guide to skills. The Astro Skill Guide contains information on all the skills used by Latecia Astromons. Each skill is classified according to its characteristics, and the guide provides information such as the element and class of astromons proficient in that skill.

Your mail. Items that you receive in various events are sent to your in-game mail. Don’t forget to check your inbox as often as possible - here are all the newbie event rewards that you receive for daily activity in the game, including Astrogems, Eggs, Gold and Astromon Selection Cards. There is also a section in the mail where all gifts from friends are received. Click "Accept All" to collect all attachments in one click.

You can sort through all the items that arrive in your mailbox and only pick up the ones you currently need most.

Your account. Click the button with three horizontal lines in the upper right corner of the screen, and then select "Settings". Here you can change the game language, configure game parameters, ask for help from technical support and link your account to a social network or Google Play.

It is recommended to link your game account as soon as possible in order to protect it from accidental technical failures and loss of progress.

Special Events for Newbies

The game is generous in giving gifts to new players. Below we will look at the promotions that you definitely need to take part in.

1. Login event. A 7-day event where you get great gifts every day for logging into the game. The main prize (given on day 7) is a 4-star Astromon selection card. Don’t forget to log into the game every day to get all the rewards.

2. Quests for beginners. This event lasts 2 weeks. Each week you are given a series of simple tasks to master the game (for example, use the right amount of energy or complete a certain stage of the adventure). For completing tasks you receive rewards: gold, fruits for leveling up astronomers and a special currency - Victoria tickets.

Try to complete as many quests as possible to get more Victoria Tickets and purchase items from the Newbie Shop.

3. Shop for beginners. Use Victoria Tickets in the Newbie Store to purchase Heroic and Legendary Secret Eggs, 4-Star Victoria, and other rewards!

4. Special offers. Within 7 days after registering in the game, special offers for beginners will be available to you. So, you can buy additional gold at a reduced price and use Astrogems to purchase chests with 6-star gems and Astromon Selection cards.

Monster Super League: Basic Astromon Guide

Who are astronomers? Astromons (or monsters) are the main component of the game. They can be obtained by capturing or summoning, and then used in battles. Astromons come in both animal and human forms. At the same time, astromon people are considered a rarer type. Each astromon has a rank, element, combat type, as well as characteristics and skills.

Elements of Astromons. Any astromon belongs to one of the five elements. Each element is strong in relation to another element. Using the elemental powers of monsters will be important during the adventure.

Astromon rank. All astromons have a rank from 1 to 6 stars. Astromons start at different ranks, but all can be promoted to 6th. An astromon’s rank determines its maximum level.

Fighting types. Astromons come in five combat types: attackers, defenders, tanks, restorers, and balanced types. The type of each astromon is preset and fixed. For example, all Mihos of the fire element will always be of the same type. However, the same astromons of different elements have different combat types, so be sure to take advantage of this when developing your combat strategy.

Characteristics of astronomers. In total, astronomers have 8 characteristics:

What skills do astronomers have? Astromon skills can be divided into three types, some of which have passive effects.

Who are the Options? Astromon variants have leadership skills. If you encounter a Variant in battle, be sure to catch him and use his skills! The Variant icon has a special color designation.

How to improve Astromon? Astromon can be improved by leveling up, evolving, and ascending. Astromon can also be equipped with gems, which will significantly increase its characteristics.

Slots for gems. All Astromons are born with three gem slots. Each of them is randomly assigned one of three gem shapes: triangle, square or diamond.

Astromon inventory and how to expand it. The inventory is where your Astromons are stored. Initially it has 10 slots. Each astromon takes up 1 slot. To get new slots, you must deposit a certain amount of gold. At the same time, the cost in gold increases depending on the number of slots already unlocked.

Astromon storage. Once you increase your inventory to 200 slots, you can only get new slots by purchasing an Astromon Vault. The initial purchase will be 1,000,000 gold. Moreover, additional slots can be purchased 5 at a time, for a total of 100 slots.

Astromons can be selected multiple times and moved to and from storage. The Main/Leader or locked Astromon cannot be moved to storage. An Astromon in storage cannot be awakened, evolved, or used in battle.

Monster Super League: All the ways to get Astromons

How to catch astronomers? All Astromons that appear in adventure zones, except for boss rounds, can be caught using Astrochips (the icon on the right side of the battle screen). Astromons caught in this way will be in their pre-evolutionary state. In one battle, you have three attempts to catch an astromon.

Your astrochips are replenished automatically before the battle. If you fail to catch the Astromon on your first try, your chances of being caught will increase on your next try. If you defeat Astromon, you won’t be able to catch it. Catching a few Astromons will give you a must-have reward.

Special meetings. Sometimes during your adventure you will meet special astromons. So, when you find a Variant, Rare, Super Rare or Legendary monster, your Astro Cannon will detect it and stop the fight, even if auto-combat is enabled.

These astromons appear much less frequently than regular astromons, so try to catch them whenever possible!

Who are the "Exotic Astromons"? Exotic Astromons only appear during the Conquest Festival. These astromons can only be caught with the help of special astrochips.

How to calculate your capture points? When you capture rare, very rare, exotic and legendary astromons, you accumulate capture points. Every week you are given rewards based on your capture points. Here’s how capture points are distributed:

What rewards can you get for capture points? For accumulated capture points you receive rewards - secret eggs. The more points you have, the better the egg you will get. The player who collects the highest number of capture points for the week will receive the main prize - the legendary secret egg!

Capture points.Reward.
1500+Supreme light/dark egg.
1000-1499Supreme Secret Egg x3.
600-999Supreme Secret Egg x2.
200-599Supreme Secret Egg.
30-199Inferior Secret Egg x3.
1-29Inferior Secret Egg.

Frequency of encounters with astronomers. The frequency of encounters varies depending on the rarity of the astromon you are trying to catch:

How to summon astromons? Summon astromons in a special store using astrogems. A single summon for 60 Astrogems and a x10 summon for 600 Astrogems are available to you (in this summon you receive another bonus summon for free). In a special store you can only summon astronomers of the main elements (fire, water and wood) with a star rating of 3 to 5 stars.

Summons in the special store also give you crystals, which can be used to purchase items in the crystal store. One call in a special store gives 3 crystals, and a x10+1 call for 600 astrogems gives 33 crystals.

Every 30 minutes you have access to 1 free call for viewing an ad. Don’t forget to make free summons as often as possible to get more astronoms.

Guarantees and chances of recruitment. Summoning x10+1 Astromon guarantees one Variant Astromon and at least one 4-star Astromon or higher. Chances of Summoning:

Summoning festivals. Every month, Latesia hosts two major summoning festivals: the Festival of Heroes and the Festival of Clans. Both festivals have increased the chances of receiving 5-star Astromons during solo and x10+1 summons. There is also sometimes a Primo Festival where you can get new 5-star Astromons (Primo-Astromons). Only one festival can be held at a time.

It is recommended to save up Astrogems and use them during monthly festivals: this way you will have a better chance of summoning unique 5-star Astromons.

Festival of Heroes. During the Festival of Heroes, you have the opportunity to receive a unique Astromon that cannot be summoned during normal times. It will initially be 5-star and level 50. When you summon such an astromon, you will receive a Heroic Festival Egg as a bonus (limited quantity).

If you don’t get a 5-star Astromon after completing x10+1 summons for 14 times, your 15th summon is guaranteed to include at least one 5-star Astromon. Overall Summon Chances (including Heroic Festival Egg):

Festival of Clans. During the Clan Festival, you can summon Astromons along with other members of your clan and receive a variety of gifts. When you reach 20/40 total summons, you will receive a clan gift box. When you reach 60 total summons, you will receive the Legendary Golden Egg. A clan gift box is given to all clan members, including you.

When you open a Clan Gift Box, you will receive various items, including Heroic Essence. By collecting a certain amount of Heroic Essence, you will receive a Heroic Golden Egg (limited quantity). Total Summon Chance (including Legendary Golden Egg and Heroic Golden Egg):

Primo Festival. During the Primo Festival, you have a high chance of summoning Primo Astromon. Every time you reach the designated total number of summons, you will receive a special reward:

Astromon merger. When merging, you sacrifice a specific Astromon you have available to gain another Astromon, often stronger or more difficult to obtain. For example, the screenshot above shows the fusion scheme for obtaining Light Shiva. Each fusion absorbs two base Astromons and produces a new Astromon with random gem slots.

Is it possible to get a Variant during a merger? The resulting astromon may be a Variant. However, using a Variant Astromon in a fusion does not guarantee that the resulting Astromon will also be a Variant.

The rebirth of astronomers. Use five 3+ Natural Astromons to perform a Rebirth Ritual and get a new Astromon. The Astromons you can get from respawning change every season. Any Astromons used as revival materials will disappear along with the equipped gems.

Obtaining astronoms from eggs. You get eggs by completing regular quests, participating in special events, push notification events, or purchasing them from stores with gold or medals. The level of the egg affects the star rank of the astromon you can summon from it. You can hatch astromon eggs in an incubator. Each egg will hatch into a random Astromon.

Obtaining astronoms from soul stones. Get new Astromons by collecting their soul stones. They can be found in guardian dungeons or purchased in the Shadow Shop. The number of soul stones required to obtain a specific astromon depends on its rank.

Using an astral incubator. An astral incubator is a device for storing astral entities. Astral Essences can be obtained from the Dragon Dungeon and then used to hatch a special Astromon in the Incubator. Challenge the dragon to get the great astromon!

Contracts with heroes. Log into the game 7 days in a row to complete the Hero Contract and receive the 5-star Astromon you selected earlier. The following contracts are provided:

Monster Super League: How to use and improve gems?

Slots and forms of gems. Gem slots come in three shapes: triangular, square, and diamond. The shape of the slot determines the type of gem that can be inserted into it. Astromon’s gem slot shapes are assigned randomly at his birth. Some stats can only be obtained on gems of a certain shape:

Stardom of gems. Gems can have from 1 to 6 stars. The star rating of a gem determines its strength.

Set colors and bonuses. Each Astromon can equip up to three gems. If all three equipped gems are the same color, the astromon will receive a special set bonus.

Gems of different colors drop in different regions. If you are trying to get gems of a certain color, be sure to check where they drop beforehand.

How to improve gems? Gems can be upgraded to level +15 using gold. Upgrades enhance each gem’s primary ability, and at levels 3, 6, 9, and 12, the gem also gains a random bonus ability. At level 15, the gem’s primary ability receives a huge boost, twice the normal boost.

Sale of gems. Gems can be sold for gold. The exact price depends on the number of additional characteristics that the gem has - the more there are, the higher the cost. To sell gems in bulk, go to Monsters - Management. In the lower left corner, select what type of gems you want to wholesale. You can also manually click on a gem to mark it for sale. When you’re done, click "Sell Selected." Any improvements to gems do not affect their selling price.

Monster Super League: Carrying out Astromon Evolution

How to awaken an astromon? All Astromons can be awakened by using three more of the same Astromons as materials. Each level of awakening increases the astromon’s stats while maintaining its level. Astromons used as consumables disappear forever, as do any gems they used.

How to carry out the evolution of an astromon? Once an Astromon reaches the third level of awakening, you can evolve it to change its appearance and significantly increase its characteristics.

You cannot Evolve Astromons that have already fully evolved, as well as Glim Astromons and Saint Glims.

Features of carrying out evolution with Variant. If a Variant is included as a final evolution material, your Astromon will evolve into a Variant. Alternatively, if the Astromon is already fully evolved, you can use one Variant as a consumable to turn that target Astromon into a Variant.

What is ultimate evolution? Some Astromons can obtain exclusive trinkets to undergo the ultimate evolution and regain their innate power. Ultimate evolution is only possible when you collect all the trinkets from the exclusive Astromon set. The requirements for ultimate evolution are as follows:

  1. Level 3 Astromon Evolution;
  2. The astromon has 6 stars;
  3. Level 60;
  4. A complete set of all exclusive trinkets.

Once you complete all the requirements, you will be able to activate Astromon’s ultimate evolution. Monsters that pass it will have higher characteristics, super skills and ultimate skills. Ultimate evolution will not happen if you remove exclusive trinkets.

How to super-evolve an astromon? Super Evolution is only possible for 6-star Astromons who have reached the maximum level and have been evolved to Evolution 3. For this process, you will need special materials and specially crafted super stones. A super-evolved astromon benefits from an increase in its base stats and a stronger active skill. He also changes his appearance, which you choose to change yourself: you are offered two types of "image".

How to get super stones? Super Stones are items needed for Astromon’s super evolution. They can be created by merging ingredients that can be found in Latesia. Some ingredients can only be obtained on certain difficulty levels, in certain areas, or after defeating certain Astromon or bosses. They can also be sold for varying amounts of gold.

Crafting Super Stones requires different ingredients depending on the desired element. Making them also takes some time, which can be reduced with gold. Only one Super Stone can be crafted every 24 hours. You can spend Astrogems to immediately complete the cooldown period, allowing you to create additional Super Gems.

Glim and Saint Glim. Glim is a universal awakening material that can be used on any astromon of the same element. Saint Glim is a special awakening material that can be used on Astromons of any element. Both of these materials can only be used when an astromon evolves from its first form to its second, and neither can be evolved or ascended.

Changing the appearance of the astromon. Use the Appearance Change Ticket to change your Astromon’s appearance. This will not change his stats or the number of times he hits an enemy. If you want to return the Astromon to its original appearance, you can do so by pressing the reset button. Resetting an Astromon’s appearance does not require an Appearance Change Ticket.

Monster Super League: The main thing about trinkets

How to use trinkets? You can equip your Astromons with Trinkets from the Monsters menu. Astromons can equip one relic, one magicite, and one essence. Removing trinkets costs gold.

Separation of trinkets. Trinkets can be separated. Each time you split a trinket, you receive a mystical powder. Its quantity depends on the level of the trinket being shared. Use mystic powder in certain stores to purchase various items.

How to improve trinkets? Trinkets are upgraded using certain items. For every five upgrade levels, the trinket will gain one more stat in addition to the existing stats being upgraded. Any trinket can be upgraded to level 15.

Exclusive trinkets. Exclusive trinkets help astromons discover their true powers. They can be removed from your equipment at any time and put on whenever you want. Astromons with true abilities that can be unlocked will have the chance to activate the ultimate evolution with these exclusive trinkets.

Using 2 or more Exclusive Trinkets will give an Astromon additional stats, even if the Exclusive Trinket was not created for that Astromon. If Astromon equips all three trinkets from the exclusive set, he will be able to activate the ultimate evolution. Exclusive trinkets can be obtained through expeditions and through summoning.

Monster Super League: Expeditions Guide

The beginning of the expeditions. Go on expeditions on an airship. Expedition regions will be unlocked when you enter the first stage of the adventure.

Expedition rewards. As you go on expeditions across different lands, you will receive various trinkets and items. The higher the rank of the region, the higher level of trinkets you can get.

Recommended Astromons. There are certain astronomers recommended for each region of the expedition. If you go on an expedition with them, your chances of getting mid- and high-tier items will increase significantly. Higher level items will bring you better rewards. Recommended Astromons are of the Astromon type regardless of their element.

How to send astronomers on expeditions? To carry out the expedition, five astronomers are needed on each continent. If you don’t have five Astromons, you won’t be able to send an expedition. Identical Astromons cannot be sent to the same region, and if an Astromon is sent on an expedition to one continent, it cannot go on an expedition to other continents.

Monster Super League: Dungeon Walkthrough

Concept. By fighting in dungeons, you receive various game resources that will help you become stronger. Dungeon mode opens after completing stage 4 of the second region (Lunar Valley) on normal difficulty. The dungeons are located on a separate island. Below we will look at all the types of dungeons available in the game.

Starstone Dungeon. The main place to get star stones. Open every day, floors can be walked multiple times. Star Stones are essential for Astromon Ascension, so it is in your best interest to have a healthy supply of this resource on hand.

Elemental Dungeons. To carry out the ascent, you will need star stones that match the element of the target astromon. Get them in elemental dungeons, which you can enter daily by spending energy. The bosses in these dungeons have their own unique properties, so you’ll have to think through the necessary strategy to defeat them.

Dungeon of Golems. The Golem Dungeon is always open and requires energy to enter. This is a great place to get gems that are difficult to get in adventure locations.

Ancient dungeon of the Colossus. This dungeon contains the Colossus, an ancient weapon of war. To fight the Colossus, you need to send a total of eight Astromons into battle. You cannot submit duplicates of the same Astromon, so be especially careful when determining which combinations of Astromons to use.

During the battle, you will also need to strategically choose when to rotate each combat unit. If you manage to defeat the Colossus, you will be rewarded with rare gems that are difficult to obtain otherwise. Use your wits and the resources at your disposal to defeat this challenging enemy!

Dungeon of the Dragon. The Dragon Dungeon is only open on weekends. It requires both energy and Dragon symbols to enter. They can be obtained in adventures on extreme difficulty. The Dragon Dungeon is a great place to get valuable gems that you won’t find anywhere else. Sometimes you will also receive Astral Essences which can be used to summon special Astromons.

Dungeons of the Guardians. These are hidden locations where you can purchase Astromon Soul Stones. The Astromons available in this dungeon change every season. If you can collect enough Soul Stones during the season, you can use them to summon the corresponding Astromon.

After completing the adventure area, you have a certain chance of discovering a Guardian Dungeon. Once detected, it will open within 1 hour. During this time, you or your friends will be able to complete it. Each Guardian Dungeon can only be completed once. The number of soul stones you receive in these dungeons is as follows: discovery: 1 soul stone; completion: 1-4 soul stones.

Dungeons of Heroes. These are special dungeons where you can purchase 5-star Astromon Soul Stones. The number of daily dungeon entry attempts is limited, and this number is common to all hero dungeons.

If you can collect enough Soul Stones, you can use them to summon the corresponding Astromon. There is a limit on the number of soul stones that can be obtained in each hero’s dungeon. More hero dungeons are planned to be added in future updates.

Spatial dungeon of golems. This dungeon is always open and requires energy to enter. It consists of 5 elemental dungeons. If you don’t enter each dungeon with an elemental Astromon that has an advantage over the dungeon’s element, your stats will drop dramatically. Clear the Golem Dimensional Dungeon to obtain rare gems that are difficult to obtain elsewhere.

Spatial dungeon. You can obtain the Dimensional Star Stones needed for Super Ascension from the Dimensional Dungeon. There is a limited number of dungeon entries per day, and each time you complete a fight in that dungeon, you have a chance to receive Poseidon Soul Stones (Light, 5 stars).

Apex Battles. These battles determine the greatest Astromon Master in each region. You must win 14 battles to come out on top. After each battle, your Astromons’ SP remains the same, and Astromons regain some HP before moving on to the next battle. As such, these battles require you to use more thoughtful strategies. For example, near the end of a battle you might be at full SP and have to determine whether to use your Astromons’ skills to win the battle safely or save them for the next battle.

Completing each stage earns you trophies that can be used to purchase items from the Apex Store. You will also receive rewards every week depending on how many stages you complete. In Apex Battles, you can only use one Astromon, and the total number of Astromons is limited. After reaching a certain number of moves in battle, hyper mode is activated. In this mode, Astromon damage will increase by 20% every turn.

Monster Super League: Astromon League Guide

How to participate? League tickets are used to play in the Astromon League. Each fight requires 1 ticket. Your tickets are automatically replenished after a certain time (1 ticket every 30 minutes).

Divisions. There are 9 divisions in the Astromon League: bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, Challengers, Masters, Heroes and Champions. You can move up or down between divisions depending on your league points.

How to get points? League divisions and rankings are determined based on league points. The number of points you earn for winning a match is determined by the point difference between you and your opponent. You can earn double the points by winning a rematch against the player who beat you. However, you will lose points when others defeat your defense group.

Be sure to assemble a defense team that can survive the battles! Select only the most relevant and pumped up astromons for this combat squad. Your points and division will largely depend on this.

Why are league medals needed? League medals are a form of currency obtained from winning battles. Medals can be used to purchase items from the store that cannot be obtained in other game modes.

Defensive battles. Defensive battles are matches where your defense team fends off attacks from other players. Unlike your normal party, defense groups consist of five monsters: four regular monsters and one "hidden" monster. Hidden monsters remain hidden from the enemy and do not enter battle until one of the four starting monsters is defeated. You can earn league points for winning a defensive battle, but you will lose points if your group is defeated, so it is important to place your strongest monsters on the front line of defense.

Rewards and rank reset. League ranks will reset every Sunday at midnight. Once all points have been tallied, you will receive your weekly bonus. Its size depends on your division and place in the final player ranking.

Champions League. Unlike the Astromon League, which takes place every week, the Champions League is an elite league that takes place every three weeks. In each match, the winner is the first one to win two out of three matches. Battles are divided into two phases: attack and defense. You can use 12 Astromons in the attack phase, and 15 in the defense phase.

Each season has certain Astromons who are prohibited from participating in the Champions League. Additionally, these battles (attack or defense phases) cannot use more than one Astromon of the same type/element. In the Champions League, you will receive special rewards based on the rank you reach by the end of the season.

Hypermode. After reaching a certain number of moves in battle, Hyper Mode is activated. In this mode, Astromon damage will increase by 20% every turn.

Monster Super League: Chaos Tower Battles

How to play? The Tower of Chaos has 120 floors, the difficulty of which increases as you climb. You need energy to enter each floor. However, each floor can only be completed once per season. If you hope to complete all 120 floors, be sure to develop your battle strategy and use the strengths of your Astromons.

What are ranks for? Ranks are determined by which players reached the top floor the fastest. All ranks earned are reset at the beginning of each season.

Distribution by seasons. Each season lasts one month and ends at midnight on the last day of that month. When a new season starts, the ranks are reset and you have to start over from the first floor.

Elemental Towers of Chaos. The Elemental Towers of Chaos consist of five different towers: dark, fire, water, wood and light. As you climb the floors of each Tower, you will encounter increasingly difficult enemies. Every day a Tower of a certain element opens. Entering it costs energy and requires an entrance ticket. You can’t replay floors you’ve already completed, so you can only go up.

To defeat the Astromons you encounter in the Elemental Tower of Chaos, you will need to come up with a variety of strategies. Conquer the Tower using the individual strengths of your allies. Each Elemental Chaos Tower has a ranking of the best players, which includes those who reached the top floor the fastest.

Monster Super League: World Boss Battles

How to fight? When certain conditions are met and the Chaos Rift opens, the World Boss Vritra will appear. Use the energy to fight him three times a day for three days. You have a total of nine attempts. At the end of the fight you will receive a rating ranging from F to SSS depending on the amount of damage you dealt. Your damage done over three days will be added up and your final ranking for this event will be determined.

Conditions of the battle. In the battle against Vritra, a minimum of 12 Astromons must be used in each battle, with a maximum of 36 allowed. Once the battle begins, several Astromons will fight automatically and manual controls will be disabled. However, during combat you will be able to take part in a bonus attack that will allow you to deal extra damage based on your success. The amount of damage you can deal is proportional to the strength of your Astromons. Special conditions:

World Boss Rewards. By defeating Vritra, you can receive Chaos Shards and other great rewards:

World bosses store. Buy various items from the World Boss Store using Chaos Shards received as rating rewards from World Boss battles. The store remains open even if there is no World Boss battle taking place.

Monster Super League: Guide to playing in clans

How to create a clan? Clans can be created after the player reaches level five and cost a total of 1,000,000 gold. The player who creates a clan automatically becomes its master and can appoint up to three officers. In total, a clan can have 40 members.

Clan Master. The head of the clan occupies the highest position and therefore has the greatest authority. This includes the right to appoint clan officials and even dissolve the clan itself. Clan heads cannot leave their clans without first appointing an officer as the new clan head.

If you become the head of a clan, be sure to work closely with your officers and clan members to take your clan to greater heights!

Clan officers. Clan officers support the clan master by assisting in clan affairs, such as submitting requests to join battles and approving/denying requests to join the clan.

Clan members. Members are the most important element of a clan. By working together, they can defeat even powerful bosses with relative ease. In order to join a clan, you must obtain permission from the clan master or clan officers, but you are free to leave the clan at any time.

How to leave the clan? To leave a clan, go to Clan Square - More details, and click "Leave Clan" in the lower right corner. After this, you will need to wait until midnight before you can join a new clan.

If you participate in the game "Clan vs. Clan", you will be able to leave your clan only after the end of the current season, i.e. on Sunday after the awards are given out.

How to get clan points? Clan points can be obtained by completing clan quests and fighting in clan battles. The points can then be used in the clan store to purchase various goods.

Clan level and why it is needed. When clan members participate in various events, they receive clan experience, which, upon reaching a certain amount, increases your clan level. As the clan level increases, the effects of clan buffs become stronger and more clan dungeons are opened.

Clan coins. Clan Coins are a currency that clan members can purchase individually and donate to the clan. Coins can be used to purchase gold and astrogems, and donated coins can be used to open clan dungeons, activate clan buffs, or purchase clan emblems.

Clan dungeons. Clan dungeons are opened by the head of the clan or officers for clan coins. The contents of the dungeon are determined randomly when opened, after which each clan member can enter it. Dungeons remain open for 12 hours.

Benefits of clan buffs . Clan buffs are activated by the clan head or officers using clan coins. All clan members receive these buffs and can use them. The buffs last for 12 hours after activation.

Clan quests. Clan quests are tasks that can be completed by all clan members. Challenges, on the other hand, are quests that can be completed by the clan leader and officers based on the clan’s activity. There are also daily, weekly and monthly quests whose requirements are based on the overall activity of clan members and which are updated at certain intervals.

Clan battles for the defense of the region

Protect the region and glorify your clan! At the beginning of each season, your clan can choose the region that it will defend and in which it will fight clan battles that week. If your clan performs best, your clan name will be displayed in that region for everyone to see for the next week. Make sure you can (literally) put your clan name on the map!

How to fight? To start clan battles, the clan master or officers must make a request. After this, your clan will be able to participate in a specified number of battles every day. Each battle lasts for a limited time, and you can engage in battles up to six times a day.

In these battles, you will only be able to use each of your Astromons once per battle, so be sure to level up several different Astromons to help your clan reach victory.

Awards and seasons. Clan battles take place from Monday to Saturday, with Sunday designated as a day of rest and preparation. After summing up the results of all battles, the best clan of each region is appointed, the battle data for all clans is reset, and the clan’s rewards are distributed among all clan masters.

What benefits will the winners have? Those who win battles to defend a region will receive special benefits in the region they defended. These "winner benefits" are applied after the rating is calculated and remain in effect until the next rating calculation.

Clan conflicts

How to participate? You can join clan conflicts at the start of the new season. To do this, the head of the clan or an officer must apply to join. The application process selects clan members who can join the conflict. These participants cannot be changed throughout the season.

Types of battles. Both offensive and defensive battles are provided. When it’s your clan’s turn to attack, you can initiate up to three battles. The Astromons you use in one of these battles cannot be used in the other.

In defensive battles, you create defense units that repel the attacks of the opposing clan. To maintain fairness for the clan, clan members selected to participate in clan conflicts cannot leave the clan or be kicked out of the clan while the conflict is ongoing. If you are selected to participate in a clan conflict, do your best to represent your clan.

Awards and seasons. Clan conflicts take place every week for a certain period of time. After summing up the results of all battles, the best clans are selected, and the battle data is reset. Clan rewards are distributed among all clan members (except students).

Monster Super League: Dimensional Defense Walkthrough

Apophis his characteristics. Apophis is the enemy you will have to fight for the Defense of Dimensions. He has a unique behavior pattern and powerful debuff skills for each element, so you must use the right strategy to counter him. The element of Apophis changes depending on the day as follows:

Fixed protection of Apophis. As the damage accumulates, Apophis’s level and fixed defense will increase and he will gain even more power. Fixed Defense is a fixed defense stat that cannot be ignored with Pierce or removed with Defense Reduce.

Once you reach a certain level, Apophis has a very high fixed defense, so try to attack using skills that increase your attack power in proportion to the target’s defense.

Setting the order of attacks. Before the battle for Dimension Defense begins, you can manually set the attack order of your astromons. Expose Apophis’ weakness with the most strategic attack order and deal more damage.

Advanced and reserve astronomers. When the front line Astromon gets tired and retreats, a reserve Astromon will immediately be deployed in its place. Reserve Astromons follow the attack order of the frontline Astromons, so different variables may be introduced depending on the progress of the battle.

Attack limit. The passage connecting the real world dimension and the otherworld dimension will disappear after a certain number of moves. You must deal maximum damage to Apophis in a limited time.

Entry restrictions. These battles cannot involve astromons of the same type and element at the same time. Additionally, Astromons cannot be deployed consecutively if they have already been deployed at least once within three attempts.

Awards and seasons. In Dimension Defense battles, you can get soul stones of 5-star Zeus. Every battle you engage in has a certain chance of dropping Zeus Soul Stones. Once you reach the limit of participating in a certain number of battles, you are guaranteed to receive your reward in the activity lobby.

Dimension Defense battles take place from Monday to Saturday. Sunday is considered a day of rest and preparation. After calculating the results of all battles, each clan is assigned a rank. After this, all data is reset and a new season begins. Clan rewards are distributed among all its members.

Monster Super League: Is it worth playing?

Monster Super League is an exciting RPG with gacha elements. The game has a good plot and interesting dialogues between characters, which allow you to completely immerse yourself in the gameplay. The game itself is quite colorful, it pleases with the number of game modes, interesting events and pleasant bonuses for players. Recommended for fans of role-playing games who like a variety of heroes, multiple leveling systems and dynamic battles.

Pros of the game:

Cons of the game:

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