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My Cooking Restaurant WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

My Cooking: Restaurant Game is a casual cooking simulator developed by Gameone. Your task in the game is to prepare dishes and serve them to customers. As you progress, you collect keys, unlock themed restaurants, and learn new culinary recipes. You can also use boosters and improve your kitchen to complete levels more successfully. The game is distinguished by high-quality art, good music, and provides interesting temporary events and bonuses for players.


  1. Tips for a successful game
  2. Guide for Beginners
  3. Ways to get game currencies
  4. Booster Guide
  5. Participation in events
  6. Achievements in the game
  7. Guide for Donators
  8. Is it worth playing?

My Cooking Restaurant: Tips for a successful game

1. Try to quickly fill empty plates with new dishes. The faster you learn to do this, the faster you will serve customers, which means you will receive more income and make more combos. Make sure your plates are never empty. As soon as you serve the dish, immediately begin preparing the preparation for the empty plate.

Dispensing a dish on each plate should follow the following scheme: starting the cooking process - placing it on the table - adding additives to the dish (if necessary) - issuing the finished dish to the client (emptying the plate) - starting a new cooking process for the empty plate. By constantly filling empty plates with new food to replace the one given out, you will only spend time adding the necessary additives and not waste precious seconds on the cooking process itself.

2. Don’t cook too much. If you keep food in a frying pan, oven, etc. for a long time, it will burn. In this case, you will have to throw it away. Throwing away food takes time, and on some levels is even a losing condition. To prevent this from happening, cook only as much as you have free plates!

Don’t expect that three pieces of meat that you prematurely put on the roasting pan will be immediately demanded by customers. Most likely, there is simply not enough space in the kitchen for half of them, and they will go to the trash. Take note of our tip No. 1 to always have the necessary supply of ready-made food to hand out to restaurant patrons.

3. Monitor your clients’ mood scale. Each waiting client has a mood scale. If it drops to zero, the guest leaves the restaurant upset and hungry. Lost clients worsen your level completion statistics and deprive you of income. In order not to lose your customers, always keep control over the mood scale of each guest and do not allow the indicators to drop to zero. Give priority to ready-made meals to customers whose mood meter is starting to turn red. Offer such customers cupcakes - this will restore their waiting time.

4. Watch more ads. Of course, constantly watching ads gets boring, but remember: the more you watch, the more coins and diamonds you get. So, you can collect free diamonds for watching ads and double your coin earnings per level. With the help of advertising, you will accumulate coins 2 times faster, which will have a beneficial effect on pumping up your restaurants.

5. Buy a Piggy Bank. If you intend to donate to the game, then start shopping with a Piggy Bank with coins. With it, you will receive bonus coins from each level you complete, which will make it easier to upgrade your restaurant.

6. Use your boosters wisely. When you unlock the booster feature, the game will prompt you to use it immediately. Do not rush to agree to this, since the first levels will be easy and quite accessible to complete without additional help. It’s best to save boosters for the really difficult levels in the next restaurants, where you’ll have a lot of challenges. Wasteful use of boosters may result in you having to buy them in the store in the future, which is not always profitable.

My Cooking Restaurant: Guide for Beginners

What should you do in the game? Open restaurants around the world, master new cooking recipes, serve customers and earn income. Clients come to you and place an order. You do not need to prepare some order items (for example, drinks) - they are poured into containers from the machines themselves. You will have to additionally cook and fry other complex dishes, supplement them with additives, decorate them, etc.

For received orders, customers pay you a reward (coins). You can also perform a combo if you serve several customers at a time. Each combo gives you extra coins. You need currency to upgrade your kitchen utensils and products, which increases your profitability. By collecting keys at the levels of the current restaurant, you get the opportunity to open the next restaurant.

Stars. Each level in the restaurant must be completed three times to get three stars and then open up the possibility of completing "pink" levels. Each new star increases the difficulty of completing the level. As you receive stars for levels, you will also collect keys to open the next restaurants.

What are "Keys"? Keys are used to unlock main levels. You can get one key after completing one level. Only if you collect enough keys will you be able to advance to new levels or open new restaurants. Keys can be found at different star levels, sometimes at the first star level, sometimes at the third star level. If you want to know how many keys you have in the current world, you can check:

Life. Lives are your attempts at the game. The chef cannot have more than 5 lives. If you lose a level, you will lose one life. As rewards and bonuses, you can receive an infinite number of lives for a certain time (indicated by the "infinity" icon). During the duration of endless lives, you will not lose lives if you lose a level. Use the opportunity of endless lives to train on difficult levels of the game.

Infinite Lives activates immediately upon receiving this bonus and cannot be cancelled! Be sure to only use infinite lives when you have enough time to play. Otherwise, you will lose your chance to play the levels without losing a life.

Where can I see the number of my lives? The number of lives you have and the amount of time you have to wait to get your next life is displayed at the top right corner of the map page.

How to get lives? There are the following methods:

Why do you need to pump dishes and ingredients? Upgrade your kitchenware to:

Upgrade your ingredients to:

What are "Level Goals"? How to do them? The game has different goals that you need to achieve in order to complete a particular level. There are three types of goals:

You can also try serving desserts like cupcakes to your customers to lift their spirits and make them stay in the restaurant longer.

Your daily tasks. Complete daily tasks to win diamonds. Daily quests will reset every midnight. If you have completed all the tasks, you need to wait until the next midnight to receive new tasks. Tap the icon shown in the screenshot to check your daily quests.

Do you feel that the tasks are too difficult? Do not worry! You can update tasks by watching advertisements.

What to do if customers don’t accept their order? If the customer doesn’t accept the order, make sure you mix the right ingredients. You may have left out a certain ingredient or added an extra one. For example, sauce is a common ingredient that can easily be overlooked.

What to do with burnt food? Burnt food should be thrown into the trash. Do not cook or handle new foods until you throw away burnt food. Simply tap the food twice or thrice to throw it in the trash. This is a good solution if you cook the wrong dish or accidentally burn something.

There are levels where you are not allowed to throw away food! Be careful and careful.

How to unlock a new restaurant? Collect enough keys from your current restaurant to open a new one. Keys can be found at different star levels, sometimes at the first star level, sometimes at the third star level.

How can I travel to other worlds? To travel to other worlds:

  1. Collect all the keys of the current world.
  2. Find the globe icon in the lower right corner.
  3. Click on the icon to go to the next world!

Benefits of a piggy bank. The piggy bank gives you the opportunity to receive diamonds at a discount. To open a piggy bank:

  1. Get diamonds for completing levels.
  2. Keep diamonds in a piggy bank.
  3. Get ready to open the piggy bank at a bargain price after you collect a certain number of diamonds in the bank.

When you buy a piggy bank, you will instantly receive diamonds and it will be emptied. You can always resume storing diamonds in your piggy bank.

How to play pink levels? The pink levels only appear after you have obtained all the restaurant keys. Any levels with 3 stars can turn into pink levels. You can keep playing pink levels to earn more coins as long as you have enough lives.

What is "Reset Mode"? "Discard Mode" determines your food discard settings when playing levels. Typically this function is used when the food is burnt or you have cooked the wrong dish. The game has two reset modes: Double Tap and Triple Tap. You can click on a dish twice or thrice to throw it away:

You can freely choose the reset mode based on your own working habits. To set up "Reset Mode", open the game settings page and tap the icon shown in the screenshot above.

What is the "Restore" button for? The "Restore" button in Settings can help you restore your purchased items. Recoverable items include:

How to change the language in the game? You can change the language on the game settings page. Tap the gear icon and select "Languages" in the pop-up window. There you can select your preferred language.

My Cooking Restaurant: Ways to get game currencies

Diamonds. Diamonds are the in-game premium currency. Diamonds are universal and can be used in any world of the game. Methods for obtaining diamonds:

Diamonds will be useful to you for upgrading kitchen equipment in restaurants, for improving the cupcake bakery and for purchasing bonuses.

Coins. Coins are the in-game currency that is used to upgrade kitchen equipment. Each My Cooking world uses its own coins. Coins can be obtained:

If you don’t have enough coins to upgrade, you can also use some diamonds to pay for the missing coins and complete the upgrade.

Why can’t coins be transferred between worlds? Coins from different worlds are not universal. But in the future, special events may open in which you can use coins from previous worlds.

My Cooking Restaurant: Booster Guide

What are boosters and how to get them? Boosters can make completing difficult levels faster and easier. Ways to get boosters:

Types of boosters. The following boosters can be activated in the game:

Special boosters. You can activate these boosters only after losing a level:

What does the number of boosters mean? This number shows the amount of a certain booster you own. Open the backpack to check the amount of booster you need (see screenshot).

My Cooking Restaurant: Participation in events

What is an event restaurant? An event restaurant is a restaurant that is only open for a limited time. You will only be able to enter the event restaurant for the specified time, after which it will disappear. For example, in the screenshot above is the entrance to the Christmas restaurant.

Event "Dining Car". The event takes place every Sunday and Monday. Conditions of participation: win 6 levels in a row without losing lives and get the main prize.

"Combo Dash" event. The event takes place every Thursday and Saturday. Conditions of participation: perform as many combos as possible on the levels. You will receive combo badges based on the number of combos you make. Collect a certain number of combo badges and get great rewards! You can’t get combo badges at pink levels.

Event "New Culinary Challenge". The event takes place every Tuesday and Thursday. The new Cooking Challenge allows chefs to play in a random My Cooking restaurant, meaning you may have a chance to try restaurants you haven’t unlocked on the main map yet!

"Streak Challenge" event. The event takes place every Saturday and Sunday. Conditions of participation: complete 15 blue event levels in a row to receive the main prize. Each stage consists of 5 levels, and for each stage there is a small reward. You can choose small rewards and complete the event, or continue the challenge to win the final grand prize. If you fail at any event level halfway through, you’ll have to start the challenge over again!

What should I do if the event icons disappear? Each event lasts for a limited time, so be sure to complete the challenges and win big rewards before time runs out!

My Cooking Restaurant: Achievements in the game

What are "Achievements"? Achievements are additional opportunities to earn in-game currency by completing certain tasks. Typically there are three ranks for each achievement. Getting a higher rank means higher rewards (diamonds). A list of all earned and available achievements can be viewed in the "Achievements" section.

Types of achievements. You can get the following achievements:

N is a variable indicator. It increases 3 times, with each new achievement rank.

My Cooking Restaurant: Guide for Donators

What are in-app purchases? "My Cooking Restaurant" is free to play. However, you can purchase items in the game to improve your gaming experience. In-app purchases are made with real money.

How to get to the store? To get to the game store and make purchases, you can:

Starter package for beginners. The banner for this offer will be on the main screen for the first few days of the game. In the future, the offer will not be valid - hurry to buy! The starter package for beginners offers you a set of boosters, 750 diamonds and activation of endless lives for 1 hour. All this is offered with a 50% discount, which is a very profitable purchase. If you intend to play the game for a long time and achieve great success in it, then the starter set will be a good help for further successful play.

Booster sets. Buy various sets of boosters in the store. Each set also includes diamonds - their number depends on the type of set:

Buy the above sets on difficult levels, where the game gets the most intense and fast. Also pay attention to temporary special offers that may appear in the game - they offer booster packs at a reduced price.

Boosters are best purchased in sets rather than individually. This is much more profitable and cheaper than spending premium currency (diamonds) on the purchase of individual goods.

Buying diamonds. As a rule, this is not the most profitable type of donation, which is best used only when absolutely necessary. Look for temporary special offers in the store or open the Piggy Bank to get more currency for the same money.

By purchasing 650 diamonds or more, you also receive an endless time bonus for 30 minutes - 2 hours.

My Cooking Restaurant: Is it worth playing?

The My Cooking Restaurant game will appeal to fans of culinary simulators and colorful games with beautiful art and simple gameplay. Great for relaxing, helping to brighten up the wait or just have a good time. The main requirement in the game is to quickly prepare the necessary dishes and accurately distribute them to customers. As you progress, you will master many recipes and open restaurants of different cuisines.

Pros of the game:

Cons of the game:

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