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Noahs Heart WiKi: Tips and tricks for passing the game

Noah’s Heart is an open world MMORPG by Archosaur Games. The player enters a new planet that they can explore. The project impresses with its grandiosity, a huge world, various modes of transport, ranging from an ordinary horse to your own ship. The game features beautiful graphics, interesting and varied quests. Noah’s world offers not only PvP and PvE battles, here you can build and furnish your own house, sew exclusive clothes for yourself or cook goodies for your phantoms.


  1. Noahs Heart Promo Codes
  2. Beginner’s Guide
  3. Leveling Tips
  4. Phantom Guide
  5. Card Usage Tips
  6. Encounter Secret Quest Walkthrough
  7. Game Mode Secrets
  8. Battle Tips
  9. Cook Profession Guide
  10. House Building Secrets

Noahs Heart Promo Codes

Where to enter promo codes? To do this, you need to go to the official website of the game - https://noahsheart.archosaur.com/ . Here you need to click on the button on the top panel "Code Exchange". After that, you will be transferred to a new page, where you will first need to enter your ID. The identification number can be found in the game, so you should click on your portrait in the game (in the upper left corner). In the menu that appears, your ID is located opposite your game name.

You need to copy the ID to the site. You need to wait a bit until the character name and the name of the server you are playing on are loaded. Only then should you enter the gift code you have.

How to get a promo code? You can generate personal gift codes directly on the official website. To do this, open the "Events" tab on the top control panel, then go to the "Noah Collector" section. To generate, you must complete 3 tasks:

  1. Login to the game.
  2. Share on social networks the official website of the game.
  3. Join the official group on VKontakte.

After completing all the tasks, you can click on the "Get" button. Then click on the "Promo code" button, after which all your personal codes with rewards will appear. We have provided general promo codes below. After entering on the site, the gift will come in a letter to your game mail.

Promo codes:

  1. ARTNH9 - 100 diamonds, 3 entry-level weapon crystals, 2 telescopes, and 2 entry-level potential essences.
  2. NHGEC - 10000 gold.
  3. VKBAQW - 20000 gold, 3 cotton fabric, 3 linen fabric, 3 soft leather and 3 rough leather.
  4. 51701 - 20000 gold, 3 copper ingots, 3 stones, 3 clear crystals and 3 soft woods.
  5. ARFDAVG - 10000 gold.
  6. ASQNWWB - 20000 gold.
  7. ATPRXSK - frame for the avatar.
  8. NHBEST - 100 diamonds, 2 stardust, 1 life pill, 10 elemental crystals and 2 regular food.

Noahs Heart: Beginner’s Guide

Given that Noahs Heart is a mobile MMORPG, many beginners may ask a question about auto-combat, since in many mobile projects the characters themselves run for the players, complete tasks and fight. Immediately, we note that the auto-battle is present in the game. However, do not rush to get upset! It is radically different from what you have seen in other games. First, the automation does not turn on by itself. It should be turned on by yourself by pressing a separate button. That is, by clicking on the quest you have, the maximum that the game will do is lay a route to the place where the task is completed, and take your hero there.

Secondly, even if you turn on auto mode, then all the character can do is beat the monsters that are next to him. In this case, he will use only standard skills. For example, entering the Dungeon (dungeon), if you turn on auto-battle, then the hero, not only will not use the skills of your phantoms in battle. It won’t even go further than the first room. The auto mode will not guide the hero through the entire dungeon, as it happens in other mobile MMOs. In fact, it turns out that even though there is an auto-battle in the game, it is such that you still have to take part, since the automation in the game is greatly reduced in its capabilities. Many tasks require your direct participation.

Game world. Noahs Heart is not just an open world. The game has a whole planet with several continents, and you can move between them as you like and explore the space in search of something interesting. For the convenience of movement on the continents and between them, the developers have created a special route transport. That is, when you arrive at the port, you can wait until the ship berths, and after boarding, go by ship to the next port. Thus, you can go around the entire mainland, or get to another continent.

If you walk around a large city, you can find there a huge, and, most importantly, a functioning railway station, on the platforms of which trains will regularly arrive. On them you can easily ride and get to remote places on Noah’s planet. Noahs Heart has a very exciting game world, but it’s also very beautiful and detailed. There are not only picturesque landscapes, changing weather, time of day and different climatic zones, there is also an interesting style of the early 20th century: interesting mechanisms, steam engines, airships and much more are everywhere.

Game interface

Parts of the interface will open gradually. Often, you will have access to learning elements of its new elements. The names of the interface elements are quite distinctive, so they can cause confusion, but the mechanics themselves may be familiar to many users from other games. But in the game you can often meet newcomers who have not played such projects before. For them, some features of the game design should be explained.

Avatar - located in the upper left corner of the main screen. It is customizable by changing the image and adding a frame. Clicking on it will take you to a menu where you can see your ID, character name, and server name. You can also view basic information. For example, follow the scale of the experience of the hero. On the tab "Character" are its main characteristics. On the "Currency of Glory" tab, you can see the different currencies you earn in the game.

Profile Sections:

  1. Professions. In the lower right corner of your "Profile" there are buttons with which you can switch between professions and the tab for creating items for your house (after you get it).
  2. Title. From the name it is clear that this is the title of a hero that you can get during the game. It can be visually changed to any available.
  3. Glory. Similar to reputation in other games. Your task is to upgrade the Tree of Glory with the available faction as much as possible in order to receive all the rewards.
  4. Emblem. It’s like an achievement. Here you need to take certain actions. For example, complete a story mission or open a certain number of chests.
  5. Life. These are your Work Points that you spend on crafting items in the game. You also upgrade a special battle pass that unlocks new recipes and additional rooms for your house.
  6. Makeup. In the section you can change the appearance of the hero.

main phantom. Right behind your portrait is a picture of your leading phantom, which will help you in the open world. Only 1 phantom can be selected. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a phantom that best suits your play style. Phantom can be changed at any time.

Use - these are Trials, due to which your Glory is pumped. The transition button is located in the center on the top control panel of the game. Select failed tests. Next comes the "Adventure" menu button - this is an analogue of daily tasks. Your task is to score 200 points a day in order to get all the chests with good prizes. Here, in the "Experience" section, weekly tasks are located.

Bonus - here you get various rewards for your gaming activity. Some bonuses are given automatically, your task is to simply enter the game (even if you do not plan to devote time to the game). Here you can find various battle passes with rewards.

Weather - affects the game fauna. Also, the appearance of certain tasks depends on the weather. In the upper right corner is a world map. Below the map is the "Quests" menu, where you can select main or additional quests.

Awards. Collect all the rewards in the game, complete all the tasks that give you titles, avatars, frames, chat icons and other game items that, at first glance, are nothing but decor. But if you click on the description of any frame or portrait, you can see what characteristics it adds to you. At the same time, it is not necessary to activate them, you can simply have them in your inventory (collect), since all indicators are summed up and added to the parameters of your hero with a total mass.

Album. This mechanic opens at the start of the game, and you can go to it through the main menu. Here you can collect various collections. For example, the Album displays all the monsters you killed (at least once), and you get a reward for opening a picture in the Album. For each collected resource, a picture (there are special places for photographing), for the first time a dish is cooked or a costume is created, you will receive a reward.

Friends. All the main functions and features in the course of introductory training. But not everything is so obvious. For example, "List of friends". As soon as you start playing, add everyone who asks to be your friend. You can also send friendship invitations yourself. The fact is that the game has friendship points, and when you enter the game, you have the opportunity to give points once a day and receive those sent from friends. For this simple action, you will receive a special currency that you will need to get new phantoms in the "Phantoms" menu in the "Friendship" tab. So don’t ignore your friends list.

Guild. Another important nuance that is desirable to know from the very start of the game is related to the guild. As you progress through the introductory quests, you will be asked to create a guild or join an existing one. But the game will not tell you how important the guild is. The fact is that guilds not only provide the player with additional content, but also provide you with the opportunity to receive a lot of different gifts and bonuses.

To begin with, we advise you to pay attention to the "Red Envelopes" tab. By opening these envelopes daily, you will receive diamonds. For which you can get new phantoms, and make purchases in a special store. It is also very important to make contributions to the guild. There is a "Donations" tab for this. Every day you can make different donations, which are indicated in the list. You will be rewarded for your donations.

In addition to all of the above, the "Guild" menu has an "Events" tab, participating in which you will sway, you will be able to receive various gifts, and most importantly, increase your contribution to the guild. Your contribution develops the guild, and allows it to get new levels. These levels open up new guild events and new opportunities for you. And the higher your contribution, the more wages you can get in the "Salary" tab. It is charged in diamonds, which can be obtained from several hundred to several thousand 1 time per week. This is very good!

Creation of items. At the moment, there are 3 professions in the game:

  1. Cook.
  2. Artisan.
  3. Tailor.

All of them are necessary. It is with the help of crafting items that you will create things for pumping friendship with phantoms, items for inlay, items for strengthening phantoms, all sorts of different goodies for yourself. For example, the appearance of the character. If you like to create various items in games, then here you will find a huge selection of different recipes.

Don’t forget about professions from the very start of the game! It makes sense to start doing them right away. Therefore, when completing quests, and simply exploring the game world, never pass by the resources that can be collected. These resources will help you upgrade professions, and you will be able to create a lot of useful things from materials.

Mail. Check your game mail periodically, as various rewards often come to it. Rewards can be issued for completing activities. For example, for participating in the battle with the World Boss. If a letter has arrived in the mail, then a red dot will be lit on the icon. The same dots light up on the menu icons in which you can pick up prizes or perform some action.

Game currency. There are a lot of different currencies in the game, each is necessary for something and is obtained in various activities. If you open the store, then at the top of the screen you can see the main currencies:

  1. Rubies are a premium currency, bought with real money.
  2. Diamonds - you can get for active participation in the life of the guild, as a gift for being active in the game (they come to the post office), for daily entry and in other places.
  3. Shells - all things that are not tied to a character can be sold at auction for shells, after which you can buy rare equipment and other items at the same auction.
  4. Gold - obtained in almost all game modes.
  5. Military ID - earned in the Arena.
  6. Alloy of Illusions - earned in the Arena of Illusions.
  7. Fluorite - obtained in the Temple of Time and in the missions of the region.

A big plus of the game is that it will guide you through all the currencies and various materials, explain what and how to use. You just have to remember what and why you need it. If you forget, it’s okay, as the store has a description of each currency. It appears when you click on it. The description says where you can get this resource.

Noahs Heart: Leveling Tips

When creating a character, you will notice that there are no character classes in the game. Instead, you get ability sets based on the hero’s weapon choice. Weapons can be replaced at any stage of the gameplay. At the start, you are presented with 4 types of weapons:

  1. Bow - ranged attack. Unlike other similar projects, the bow does not have a high attack speed. His speed is average. In this case, you will have to aim at objects yourself, there is no auto-guidance system here.
  2. Dual swords - has a high attack speed, but not a long range. This is close combat. There are skills that deal massive damage.
  3. Shield and sword - you can deal damage with a shield or hide from rivals. Close combat. If you go in a team of other players, then by choosing a shield and a sword, you will cover (act as a tank) allies, and take the main damage, keep the bosses.
  4. Spear - high attack range, although it is considered a melee weapon. The weapon has high damage but very low attack speed.

The level is an indicator of your development, which affects the opening of some features and mechanics in the game. Also, you cannot level up your assistants - phantoms higher than the current level of your main character. But this is only until the phantoms get level 55. At this moment, the mechanics of the Hall of Valor opens (we wrote about this below). The level of the hero increases in various activities.

How to get character experience? Already at about level 45, you will increasingly see this inscription in some of the main tasks: "Please level up to ... before you start new adventures." This means that your level is lower than necessary for the further passage of the story campaign. Therefore, it is important to pump quickly in order to progress through the game. There are several ways to gain experience as a hero:

  1. Click on the "Adventure" menu in the upper right corner of the main screen. Then you need to go to the "Experience" section (the transition button is located in the upper left corner of the task sheet. There are 2 tabs in the window that opens - these are daily and weekly activities. You will receive experience from chests by completing daily missions.
  2. Also in "Adventure" there is a section "Phantom’s Order" (lower right corner on the quest sheet). Here you need to select the "CRSTV" section, where you need to send your phantoms on missions. As a reward, you will receive equipment and a lot of experience.
  3. On the main screen of "Adventure" there is an activity "Use" (Tests, orange card). For passing various tests, you get experience and equipment. But here the indicator of fatigue is consumed. The higher the challenge level, the more fatigue you expend.
  4. Open the world map. Here you should study it carefully. You need elite monsters (the icon in the form of a red and white demon head) and chests with rewards, which are marked on the map with icons in the form of green whirlwinds. these activities consume your fatigue.

For convenience, the developers have provided a mode of endless tasks. Therefore, you will be given tasks based on various activities that you have not closed. This list will be constantly updated (located in the main tasks list). Additional tasks should not be discounted. Some of them also give experience. Although there are other sources of experience, very little is given there.

Character Skills

A very important aspect in the game is the skills of the hero, because thanks to them you will be able to conduct effective battles. It is worth noting that "skills" in the game are not only the active magical abilities of the character, but also his movements in battle. For example, jump or dodge. Each move that you can get in the "Skills" section is honed in special tests. To practice, you should open the "Adventure" menu, then select the map (in the lower right corner) "Use", you will see 3 sections, but you need the "Combat Test" mode.

There are several tabs in the Challenges that will help beginners understand the basic mechanics of the game. This is not only fighting movements, but also mastering the abilities and skills of phantoms. For each test, you will receive a reward that will be useful to you in pumping.

Check out Battle Trials more often to learn how to move in battle, learn some intricacies of the game, try out new skills, and test the capabilities of other weapons.

In the Skills menu, which can be opened from the main menu of the game, you can develop skills not only for the current weapon, but also buy additional slots to develop the abilities of other weapons. In doing so, you can create a custom skill build that is right for you. When you open the tab of your chosen weapon (for example, "Shield and Sword") on the right side of the screen, you can open the "Recommendations" section. These are the skills proposed by the developers for beginners that you can set yourself at the start of the game (until you fully understand the game). There are 2 recommendations:

  1. For PvP - a collection of skills for battle against other players. For example, in the Arena.
  2. For PvE - a collection of skills for completing various activities where you fight monsters.

By choosing one of the recommendations, you will automatically upgrade the necessary skills. After that, you can easily put them in the cells on the battle control panel (right joystick). If you decide to independently set the skills you need, then you should go to the "General" cell (located on top of the circle with the choice of weapons). Here you need to open each skill. You don’t need to download them. On the right side of the window, you will see a description of each skill and how to use it in battle.

At the bottom of the skill window there are 3 slots - these are places where you can place passive (not requiring activation) abilities that increase the hero’s characteristics under certain conditions. If you don’t have enough points to select a skill (for example, Battle Scars requires 200 points), then you need to level up some skills from the "General" slot. Here you need to improve the parameters that best suit your playstyle and the selected weapon (for example, for a sword and shield, it is better to increase the "Evasion").

Then you should go to the cell of your chosen weapon. Here you should open all the skills of 4 branches. After completing the action, if you still have skill points left, then it is worth pumping the skills that you most often use (or plan to use). Do not be afraid to make a mistake, as you can always reset all the skills you have chosen and upgrade new skills. After setting up the skills, you can put at the bottom of the general window the ability for your weapon.

Abilities Mirror of Java

These are your magical abilities that you can use in battle by pressing the button on the right joystick. These abilities are labeled "Mirror of Java" in the quests. Therefore, many beginners have questions about how to improve these abilities, and, accordingly, how to close such tasks. You will not be able to find the name "Mirror of Java" in the sections of the game, but in the main menu there is a section "Abilities", where you increase the level of "Charge", this is the Mirror of Java.

Going to "Abilities", you will see 2 tabs. The "Charge" tab increases the level of the Mirror of Java. In the center of the screen you will see a mirror with the current level. Around it are various runes that open as the level of the mirror increases. These runes are displayed in the "Skill" tab. The mirror is pumped with the help of gold and a certain crystal. There are 7 crystals in total (according to the number of runes), each crystal is responsible for its own increase in the level of its rune.

Places for obtaining crystals:

  1. Creature camp (rare monsters).
  2. Opening portals on the map.
  3. In open and secret chests in the world.
  4. Increasing the level of the researcher.

The level of the researcher can be viewed in the "Adventure" menu in the "Search" section. For leveling up the seeker, you get Java chests containing crystals. The seeker’s level is written above the planet on the left side of the window. And you can pick up the chests by clicking on the icon in the form of a gift under the image of the planet. The level increases during the passage of the missions of the region, the stories of the Clash and for participating in the battle of the World Boss.

In the "Skills" tab in "Abilities" you will see the central rune, around which there are 7 categories. Each category has 4 runes. In order for you to be able to use the rune during the battle, you need to "Equip" it, that is, click on the rune selection button in the right part of the window.

Rune categories:

  1. Gentle wind - runes for restoring health points in battle.
  2. Void - skills that increase your performance in battle are concentrated here.
  3. Water - shield runes (its various effects).
  4. Flames - additional combat strikes on the area, can impose a long burning effect. That is, for a certain time, the opponent will receive some damage per second.
  5. Shine - abilities that increase the speed of your movement in battle.
  6. Shadow - abilities that impose negative effects on the opponent. The best spell for PvP is Spell Seal, which prevents enemies and their phantoms from using abilities for several seconds within a radius of 5 meters.
  7. Lightning - runes that affect the balance of endurance in battle.

Endurance - in addition to the scale of health points, you have a scale of endurance that affects your behavior in battle. If stamina is at zero, then you will not be able to move. Some runes require stamina to activate. For example, in the Void, all abilities first give you a stat boost and then reduce your stamina. That is, first they increase your running speed, and you move quickly during the battle, then there is a decrease in stamina for 12 seconds. At this time, you just stand, and the opponent overtakes you and attacks, and you cannot use the action, since your endurance is at zero.

Carefully read the description of the runes before putting it on the joystick. This is necessary so that you do not find yourself in an awkward situation during the battle.


Mounts are not only a means of your movement around the map, but with their help you can increase the performance of the main character, such as: life, attack, defense. You will receive the first horse at the very beginning of the game for free. By clicking on the "Tame" button, you will open an increase in the level of your animal. Here you can also see how much your performance has increased. You can increase the level with the help of "Forage".

You will need to use forage to complete the daily quest. To get it, you should go to the field where there is grass, click on the "auto attack" button. After that, the hero will start hitting the grass, and you just have to collect the weed. The amount of forage required depends on the task. Also, forage can be obtained in Wind Training (this is a Trial in the "Adventure" menu, the "Use" section).

Feeding . You can feed the animal with "Regular food". It can be cooked. To do this, you should go from the main menu to the "Life" section, select the "Cook" profession. In the "Cookbook" (tab on the left side of the screen) there is a recipe for regular food. It can be prepared with wheat. If you do not have it, click on the icon of the ingredient, then in the description select "Collection" in the Locations of obtaining. The system will show on the map the nearest point from you on the map where you can get wheat.

Breeding horses. This must be done in order to get better quality mounts. The higher the quality of the horse, the more points it will add to your parameters. To find a horse on the map, open it, go to the "Mustangs" tab, and in the description click on the "Forward" button. The system will lead you to the wild animal. To catch a steed, you must approach it calmly and carefully. Approaching it, click on the "Lasso" icon in the lower right corner of the screen. After you find yourself in the saddle, you need to hold out for a certain time in it. To do this, buttons will appear in the right corner, by clicking on the correct combination, you can tame the horse.

After taming a mount, you can view its parameters. After a few days of caring for the animal, you will be able to crossbreed. Having selected the desired horse, on its page, click on the "Breeding" button. After that, the crossing section will open. Add the desired mount to the empty cells, click "Next step" (before that, you can feed the horses). Then the breeding process will begin. You can find the foal in Inventory. By clicking on its icon, you will see its description and the "Apply" button. After that, the new animal will be displayed in the "Mount" section.

Mounts come in different types:

  1. Horse.
  2. Alpaca and Line Wolf (for real money).
  3. Motorbike.
  4. Ship.

As a result, from each tool you get a different increase in characteristics. They differ from each other in the speed of movement and purpose.


Constellations are a game mechanic that allows you to increase the main characteristics of the game. The main essence of development in the constellations works as follows: first, in the "Constellations" section of the main menu of the game, you increase the level of astrology (astrolabe). Due to this, you can improve the parameters of the character’s character. At certain levels of astrology, various constellations of the signs of the zodiac are revealed. Each constellation has its own internal leveling. At the same time, certain fragments of fate can be inserted into them. Each action to improve the Constellations increases the base indicators of your hero.

Astrology. As the level of astrology increases, the health points of the character, his attack and defense increase. To level up, you will need special stellar energy, which can be obtained in the following ways:

  1. If you level up your character to the maximum level of your server, then all experience points will be converted into stellar energy.
  2. Passing the Test of Light, which gives passive income in the form of various resources, including stellar energy. The higher the level of the tower, the more rewards you get.
  3. After you upgrade your house to level 10, you will receive special quests daily, for the successful completion of which you will receive various resources as a reward.
  4. Destruction of monsters like "Overseas Elite".

The nature of the character. Throughout the gameplay, in addition to the level, you increase the character of your hero. Each character has a number of character types that are recommended to be upgraded depending on your playstyle. Character stats increase the champion’s corresponding stats. In the table below, we have given an example of leveling a character using the Constellation mechanic.

character parameter.Stat increase for +1 character point.
Imagination.Shield +10.
Justice.Defense +1.
Optimism.Health points +20.
Modesty.Penetration +1.
Impulsiveness.Attack +1

To increase character indicators, you need a resource - a starry eye, which can be obtained in the following ways:

  1. Purchase from the Chaos Store.
  2. Buy in the store of Destiny.
  3. Receive as a reward for destroying the Overseas Elite.

constellations. To unlock constellation leveling, you will need to increase astrology to the required level (indicated in the description of each zodiac sign). You should also improve the character parameters indicated in the sign description. After that, for a certain amount of star eye, you can open the constellation.

After unlocking a zodiac sign, you will be able to increase its level, as well as additional improvements to the characteristics of your hero will be available to you. For example, you can improve basic parameters (health points, defense and attack), and you also pump auxiliary parameters (strength, endurance or agility). After you have improved the zodiac constellation as much as possible, then you will be able to insert Fate fragments and improve your character. To improve the signs you need a starry eye.

Fragments of Destiny. There are 5 fragments in total:

  1. Force.
  2. Luck.
  3. Agility.
  4. Endurance.
  5. Health points.

You can get fragments in the Elite Realm or buy them in the Chaos shop. You can also get a resource by synthesizing fragments. To do this, open the Inventory, click on the desired fragment, then click on the "Synthesize" button. If you do not have enough resource for synthesis, then the action button will not be available. If you decide to reconsider the leveling of your zodiac signs, then you can reset all the improvements and start the increase again. For a reset, the game will ask you for a certain number of zodiac crystals, which can be bought for diamonds in the mall.

Skill Build Tips

What weapon to choose for the character? Many newbies ask this question. In fact, you can play with any type of weapon, and independently evaluate its suitability for you. There are no pronounced classes of heroes in the game, which allows you to harmoniously develop in any direction, and at any time change the weapon and style of play.

Also, many people ask about the optimal builds that will be ideal for a particular type of weapon. But such assemblies also do not exist. In the game, you can develop absolutely all the characteristics, as the pumping system is quite flexible and varied. By the way, almost all the mechanics of the game hint at the fact that it is necessary to pump 3 basic parameters (attack, defense, health) in the first place. Whichever weapon you choose, these parameters will be the most important.

For example, you pump critical damage and critical damage chance. Of course, increasing the chance of critical damage is very important, as the increase in the probability of making critical hits becomes higher. But the very amount of damage that a critical hit will deal directly depends on the amount of your attack.

Similarly, you can prioritize the development of additional features. For example, if you decide that you will not actively participate in the Arenas, and you are only interested in exploring the world and PvE content, then you are recommended to increase the movement speed (to avoid monsters) and evasion (so that monsters do not hit you). These parameters are important for every weapon in the game.

The choice of skills. Of course, each type of weapon has some skills that are the main feature of the selected weapon. For example, a spear can be pulled towards an opponent, and a bow can levitate for a few seconds in the air. But the game will hold your hand at the very start, and the first skill that it will offer you to pump will be the leading ability of the class. Therefore, from the start it is recommended to increase precisely these features.

As for the choice of abilities of the Mirror of Java, not everything is clear here, since some runes are very stupid. Here you need to understand what will be your priority. Let’s say you visit the Arena a lot, where it’s important not to let the enemy use his skills, so before entering the battlefield, you can change the ability for monsters (for example, instant health recovery) to skills for the Arena.

We advise you to separately pay attention to the 4th rune of the Gentle Wind, which gives you vampirism. Moreover, the higher your attack rate, the more health points you can restore yourself when hitting an enemy. This rune will suit you in the Arena where you fight 1v1 with another player. Although the reload of the skill lasts 90 seconds, the run time itself after its activation will be enough for you. After receiving the first wound from an opponent, you activate the rune, heal after several hits, while dealing damage to the enemy. A very effective rune if you are actively pumping attack power.

Workout. Above, we didn’t just mention Combat Training in Trials for a reason. This is a very important place to understand some of the mechanics of combat. Here, without harming your rating, you will learn not only how to perform the skills of each type of weapon, but also be able to distinguish these skills in battle and parry them in time. For example, many beginners do not know that by choosing a shield and a sword, you can counterattack with a shield. At the moment when you are about to deal damage, you press the defense button, and then abruptly remove your finger from it while pressing the attack button. This strike will inflict more damage to the enemy than his subsequent attack. Many opponents in the Arena do not expect such attacks. This can disorientate them. And you can hone this movement in the Combat Test.

Noahs Heart: Phantom Guide

How to get phantoms? Phantoms can be obtained in the Call for coins of luck. These coins can be obtained by collecting all the rewards in the game. Calling is the usual mechanics for calling fighters, you select a tab in the "Calling" section. Then click on the "Summon" button. After a little nice animation, you will get a phantom (or several, depending on the number of summons). You can also get phantoms in various temporary game events that are periodically held by the game developers. You can get phantoms in Trials or through synthesis.

Why are phantoms needed? Phantoms are your helpers in battle. In fact, you collect yourself a squad of several phantoms, each of which has its own special skills. If you go on a solo adventure, your phantoms will go with you and fight on your side. They have 1 special skill, when it is fully charged, you can use it. In battle, the active abilities of phantoms are displayed in the center of the screen. Having correctly assembled a squad of phantoms, you can defeat even very strong bosses.

At the start of the game you will receive 1 free phantom - Euclid. This is a very good phantom for PvE content that will be useful to you at any stage of the game. You can spare no resources on it, and start improving it from the first moment you receive it. Even the game itself will hint to you that this assistant will be useful to you, that it is good and useful. Don’t ignore this advice!

Each phantom has its own weapon, its own element, and there are 2 special skills that will become yours if you appoint 1 of the phantoms as a squad leader. By changing the phantoms in the team, and changing your captain, you can get different combinations in battle, which looks quite interesting and unusual. Can be obtained from phantoms, for example, healing or freezing.

Elements of phantoms:

  1. Thunder.
  2. Storm.
  3. Wave.
  4. Flame.
  5. Light.
  6. Shadow.

All phantoms, in addition to the elements, are divided into quality (grades):

  1. Blue - Rare helpers, have the lowest base stats.
  2. Purple - epic, medium-strength phantoms.
  3. Yellow - legendary, most powerful helpers.

The main difference between phantoms in grades is their base strength. So on 1 star, legendary phantoms will be stronger than purple, and even more so, blue helpers. The game does not regret giving you various phantoms. If you develop for a long time, you can get absolutely all phantoms. But the quality of phantoms doesn’t really matter in the game. It is much more important here, the number of stars a phantom has, its characteristics and skills. Therefore, a pumped legend without stars will be inferior to a pumped ordinary phantom with 6 stars.

Legendary phantoms, if you do not deposit real money into the game, will not drop out often, so it will not be easy to upgrade stars for them. At the same time, copies and fragments of epic and normal helpers will drop frequently. And since stardom is increased only by copies of phantoms, the leveling of blue and purple assistants will be faster than the improvement of legendary phantoms.

There are only 4 types of weapons in the game, under which it is recommended to select a team of phantoms. We decided to give advice on choosing assistants for each type of weapon. The roles of phantoms are distributed according to the type of weapons of the protagonist. The exception is the sage, as he can take any weapon.

Phantom Professions:

  1. A guard is a so-called tank that protects his team from enemy attacks. Since most phantoms and heroes with melee weapons (except for the spear) hit the nearest opponent first, the guard will have to take almost all the damage. If you take him into battle, then he will initiate the fight, breaking into the ranks of the enemy first. Complements the character with a shield and a sword.
  2. The Ranger is a phantom with a ranged weapon. Has a high attack rate, but low health. His skills and actions are very similar to those of a hero with a bow. Basically, Rangers complement Lukars.
  3. The Sage is a support phantom, has the ability to restore health points and apply positive effects to the character and other phantoms. These phantoms can be taken by a hero with any type of weapon.
  4. The phantom warrior is suitable for characters with any type of weapon, but is mainly used in conjunction with dual swords. The warrior has good defense and attack performance.
  5. The Shadow Dancer is an agile and mobile phantom that will come in handy for an archer or a character with dual swords. These phantoms have interesting skills, due to which they are often placed as team leaders.

Many beginners ask the question: which phantoms should be pumped? In fact, in the game, each assistant is unique and has interesting skills. Therefore, it is not possible to single out anyone. For example, there is the phantom of Moses, who is very fond of putting in TOP teams in the Fan Arena (Arena of Illusions), although she is not very good in PvE activities. Some activities require the presence of a certain type of phantom in the team. Over time, you will be able to level all blue and purple minions up to level 55, and then you can choose the most commonly used phantoms for the Hall of Valor.

Pumping phantoms

Stars. Having assembled a team, you can evaluate its strength. The higher the number, the easier it will be for you to pass this or that content in the game. Phantoms are improved in several ways. The general level of assistants - from level 55 is the Hall of Valor. Stars - you can increase the number of stars for copies of phantoms. Since in some activities you will receive fragments (shards) of phantoms, then in the inventory, after receiving the required number of fragments, by clicking on the "Apply" button, you will receive a copy of the phantom.

Potential is an additional ability of phantoms, which is increased by a special essence. It can be purchased with real money, or through the Temple of Time challenge. Also increases the power of assistants through the "Phantom Weapon". Pumping here takes place by depositing real money into the game, through tests or assignments of phantoms. If there is more than 10,000 points difference between your phantom team and the one recommended in the trials, it will be very difficult for you to complete the game mode.

Do not waste the weapon crystals received at the start in large quantities, as it will be difficult to obtain them in the future. First, understand the game, choose your playstyle, find phantoms that fit it. And only after that, start pumping phantom weapons.

Phantom Special Training is a special activity where you can get all the ingredients to upgrade your phantoms. The mode is divided into elements, each element has several levels of passage. In the mode itself, you will fight with bosses. After the first passage of the level, you will receive a reward, but subsequent passages will not bring you anything.

Sympathy is an improvement in your relationship with the phantom. After gaining a certain level of sympathy, you will be able to appoint a phantom as a squad leader, and get 2 of his special skills. You will also receive the appearance of this phantom. With each new level of sympathy, you will receive diamonds and other gifts.

Sympathy can be increased by gifts, for example, by presenting dishes you have prepared. It is worth noting that phantoms are picky in food, so it is worth giving only those dishes that they prefer. During cooking, in the description of the recipe, you can see which assistant likes to eat this dish. Priorities in food are distributed according to the roles that phantoms have. In the table below, we have written the food that can be presented to different categories of helpers.

Phantom profession.20% to sympathy.10% to sympathy.
Guards.Steaks, cuts of meat (dishes associated with these resources).
Warriors.Steaks, cuts of meat (dishes associated with these resources).
Rangers.Crab meat, fish (dishes associated with these resources).Meals that do not contain meat.
Sages.Meals that do not contain meat.
Shadow dancers.Crab meat, fish (dishes associated with these resources).

Hall of Valor

Starting from level 55, it will be impossible to level up your phantoms just like that (taking phantoms with you in activity). You can do this in the special section "Hall of Valor". First, there are 8 cells for your phantoms in the hall. On the left side of the window are the currencies and their amount that are needed to increase the level of the Hall of Valor:

If you will never have problems with the first two currencies, then temple dust is a very valuable resource. There are only 3 ways to get it:

  1. Deposit real money into the game. This option is suitable for those who want everything at once.
  2. Phantom orders. But first, you need to level up the quests by sending your assistants on quests. These quests will only give you experience to level up the quests.
  3. Passage of floors Trial of Light . Dust you can get in rewards from passive income for passing. Although there is no guarantee that you will receive pink dust every time. But it’s better than the other ways. Therefore, regularly collect challenge rewards.

Phantoms placed in the hall slots will have the same level as the Hall of Valor. Through this system, you can increase the level of phantoms above the level of your character. And this was impossible to do before level 55. If you remove the phantom from the cell, it will reduce its level to the first. And the cell will not be available for 24 hours. Therefore, approach the collection of a group of your phantoms very carefully. You can expand the number of cells by spending evolution crystals or diamonds. The more often you buy new cells, the more expensive they will cost.

For different activities in the game, you will need completely different phantoms. So, for example, some difficult Dungeons are completed faster and easier if your phantom team consists of helpers of a certain element. But in the process of pumping a character, the starting 8 slots should be enough for you.

In the phantoms menu there is a "Popular Squad" where you can see which helper teams are the most popular, we recommend that you first go to the "Rating" section (in the main menu of the game). depending on your activity. you can see the phantom squads of the best players. These are the very teams that you will need to strive for in order to repeat their result, or surpass them.

Of course, you may not have some phantoms, or they may not be boosted. You need to increase the number of stars that are located under the portraits of phantoms. Therefore, at first, it is better to add to the Hall of Valor those assistants who have the most stars. Thus, they will be more useful than legendary phantoms without stars at all.

Teams. In the "Phantoms" menu in the lower right corner (next to the Hall of Valor) there is a "Phantoms" section. In it, you can make several units of phantoms. This is convenient, you can choose a command at any time, and not create it specifically for each activity separately. After typing a command, you can see its "Score" (the total indicator of the strength of phantoms).

Noahs Heart: Card Usage Tips

The map is one of the main game mechanics in Noahs Heart. Since the game has a lot of different tasks that can be performed in different regions of Noah’s world, the use of the map is necessary to quickly complete the quests. Also on the map are places for collecting resources for professions, various monsters, chests and additional adventures. To open the map, you need to click on its image in the upper right corner of the screen.

When you open the map, you will see that on the left side of the screen there is a list of game elements. All these elements are shown on the map. For example, on a mission you need to destroy 5 wolves. You find the "Monsters" section in the list, then click on the "Wolves" item. The map will display the closest point to you with the location of predators. A description of the place, the distance to it will appear in the upper right corner. Also in the description there is a button "Go". By clicking on it, the system will pave the way for you to your destination, and you can go to it in automatic mode or run on your own. You can choose any vehicle.

Gathering resources - if you need materials for crafting by profession, and you don’t have them at the moment. Then in the recipe you click on the image of the resource. After that, an additional description appears, in which there is a "Collection" button. The system will take you to the map and indicate the nearest place where the ingredient is mined. When you get to the place, the item from which the material is extracted will be highlighted.

It is worth noting that some resources are not obvious. For example, you need copper ore, and on the map and terrain the resource is marked "Metal ore". That is, from 1 resource you can get iron and copper ore with equal chances. Other ingredients can be mined in the same way.

How to quickly move around the map? Open the map and find the nearest blue portal (these are small blue turrets). Blue color means that you have not discovered this territory yet. And the white color indicates that the task of the tower has been completed. Upon reaching the place, you will find a building with the inscription "Pillar of Light", which gives you a task. Quests are of 2 types:

  1. Ordinary.
  2. For a while.

In both cases, you need to collect some runes hanging in the air. As a rule, these are 3 - 4 runes. You can get to them using a hook or a jetpack. After completing the task, part of the map will open. Thus, displaying all other activities.

Trials are additional adventures that you can complete to earn rewards. These are simple tasks. A description will appear in the right corner. And if you can’t immediately complete it, then you can look at the hint. Also in the description are the rewards that you will receive after passing the test.

Chests are various rewards that you can collect. Undiscovered treasures on the map are marked in blue. Usually, these chests contain rare materials for leveling the character and equipment, as well as various rare game items. In the description you can see what is in the chest. Once you collect the chest, it will disappear from your map.

How to find invisible chests? To do this, you need to activate the "Shield and Sword of Light" on the ground. This mechanic must be pumped to level 2. To see the level, you need to go to the Inventory, open the "Tool" section. If your "Shield and Sword of Light" are not pumped, then click on it. In the description you can read how you can increase the level of the tool.

After you make sure that you have level 2 "Shield and Sword of Light", click on the appropriate button next to your skills (as shown in the picture above). Then you should switch to the "Lighting" mode. Only in this way can the hidden chest be discovered. In the table below, we have written the places to search for secret chests.

Territory name.The name of the area.
Tasmanian depression.Tasmanian Hollow (5 chests), Secret Spring of the Lake (4 chests), Spirit Spring Station (1 chest), Shiny Shore (1 chest), Earth Temple (1 chest), Tasama Mine (1 chest).
Derfins.Durfinam (10 chests), Bagan’s Castle (1 chest), Montana Dam (1 chest), Scarlet Mist Night Base (1 chest), Gulfstream Grad (1 chest).
Lafelme.Lafelme (11 chests), Ice Lake (1 chest), Hunter’s Base (1 chest).
Frozen Lands Verd.Frozen Lands of Verd (8 chests), Winter Plain (1 chest), Nightmist Headquarters (1 chest), Fortress Peak (1 chest), Lake of Stars (1 chest), Dragon Forest (1 chest).
Canaan mountains.Canaan Mountains (8 chests), Lake Stelaculus (1 chest), Starvale Temple (1 chest), Seafarers’ Camp (1 chest), Port of Utu (1 chest).
Desert of Al Friza.Al Freeza Desert (6 chests), Sibor City (1 chest), Abandoned City (1 chest), Shiny Lair (2 chests), Temple of the Golden Wind (1 chest).

Explore the open world. After completing all your daily tasks and activities, we advise you to go to the map and start exploring the world. As we wrote above, you can find non-activated teleports on the map, go to them, and complete tasks. Why is it important? For completing portal quests, you will receive a resource that is necessary for pumping additional abilities (in the "Abilities" section). These skills are not related to the weapon you have chosen, they are universal, but will greatly help you in battles.

You can also find a resource for improving abilities in chests. Some of them are marked on the map, some you may meet by chance. You will also receive other important rare materials from the chests. Therefore, the study of the world is very important for your productive development in the game.

Noahs Heart: Encounter Secret Quest Walkthrough

Encounters are story missions in the game. But you can’t just open them. To obtain them, you need to perform certain actions, only after that the task itself will open. Finding the quests themselves will be difficult, but you can view information that will help you find the beginning of the Encounter. To do this, go to the "Adventure" menu (the button on the top panel next to the map). Then you need to open the "Search" section, where you need to go to "Collisions". In the table below, we have listed some of the encounters to make it easier for you to complete them.

The name of the collision.Required character level.unlock conditions.
Lake spirit.14Find the Lake of the Secret Spring, open the chest, find 4 scrolls.
Fire ball.15In Spirit Spring County, find the girl Linda with a cat.
Domino.15In the Tasmanian Trench, pick up 1 apple from the ground.
Traveler’s talisman.18Find the train station in Spirit Spring County.
Sending the Spirit Source.20You need to catch 2 tiger butterflies, and climb onto the roof of the tallest building in Spirit Spring County.
Ball invitation.thirtyYou need to wait for the weather conditions "rain" in Durfinam, then find the box at the gates of the capital.
Postcard.31Take a picture of the Astronomical Observatory in the capital.
Sweet shop errand.31Walk around the capital’s shopping center until a message about the start of the Collision appears.
Robots can be curious too.35Find a robot in the Sacred Grove in Tasama.
Girl’s box.35, you should get the Album "Above the Ice Lake" (complete the side quest).Speak with Kesi Su in Dark Night County.
Meaningful cleaning.36, completed the main task "Fairy joins the team."Find Valeria at the Temple of the Snow gate in Lafulma.
Apple biscuits.39, completed the main task "Fairy joins the team."In Lafulma, in Misty Night County, you need to sit on a bench in the Ice Dragon Shout costume (manufacturing: Fashion section, Kit tab). Wait for the appearance of an elderly man.

There may be several Encounter quests on the same level, or none at all. Below are a few of the Encounter quests that are the hardest to complete. Some quests require you to complete adventures in the Dungeons. There are also tasks that require the opening of a certain area on the map.

Brochure of new products. After reaching level 31, you should go to the capital of Gulfstream Grad in Durfinam. On the suspension bridge (above the road) you need to pick up the fallen booklets. The location will be indicated on the map. This will start the Collision. First you need to return the booklets to the owner, the waiter Kay. A sluggish young man had them simply blown away by the wind, and you found only 1 of the lost booklets. You will need to find 2 more booklets.

Booklets are located on the roofs of the nearest houses (the blue beacon will glow). After you return all the booklets to Kay, it turns out that they should be pasted all over the capital. This will attract new guests to the cafe. After completing the assignment, you need to return to the waiter. He will give you prizes and decorations for the "mesh space" house.

Great adventurer. After you reach level 50, head to the Lake of Stars. Here you need to go closer to the railway bridge. Take a short look at the frozen lake. Literally in 10 - 15 seconds you will hear cries for help. Now you should switch the tab in the tasks to the additional plot. After that, you need to choose to track a new Encounter that has just appeared called "Lucky Adventurer".

Upon arrival, you will see a dead giant bear and an injured Jonathan. You should help him and collect the remains of the bear. Then you should say goodbye to the character, and go to the place where you heard the cry for help. After a few seconds, you will again hear a cry for help. Yes, it’s Jonathan in new trouble. This time he was attacked by a pack of wolves.

After the destruction of the shaggy, invite the young man to go to the nearest village, where he will be safe. But he refuses to go alone, as he fears for his life. Therefore, your task is to accompany him. During the campaign, wolves will try to attack him 2 times. Once you get to the village, get the Tonkotsu Ramen recipe from the young unlucky man.

Guard the border. After reaching level 50, you should go to the Temple of Earth in Durfinam. When walking around the area, you need to carefully look at your feet. You need to find Bob’s letter. After finding the letter, you will activate the Encounter quest. On assignment, you need to destroy 5 wolves near the temple. After that, you need to return to Bob, and pick up the reward.

Deer guard. After reaching level 50, you need to go to Nightmist Headquarters in the Frozen Lands. You need to go outside the gate and find a hunting knife. Raising your weapon will trigger an Encounter. This knife belongs to Giessen, who will ask you to help the deer. To do this, you need to kill 8 wolves. After a successful hunt, you need to return to Giessen and collect a reward, among which will be the title "Keeper of the deer", which gives +600 shield energy.

Guard’s determination. For completing the task, you will receive the title "The Way to the Heart" (gives +60 points to attack). After you get level 51, you should go to Misty Night County. In the county, you need to find a character named Hedun. He will send you to find the emblem of the sentry. The emblem is located in the Snow Temple Dungeon. After defeating the boss, simply pick up the emblem that will lie on the ground. After that, you will have to run a little around the county from Hedun to Luke and back. But in the end, you will get the title.

For treasures. After you reach level 55, travel to Coldmist Valley. This is a small village of 3 houses, surrounded by stone pillars. The pillars are located here for a reason. Each of them contains 1 mysterious shard. After collecting all 5 shards, you can get the quest "For Treasure". After collecting the fragments, you need to go to the highest stone pillar, which is located in the center of the village. Taria will be waiting for you near it. Who will ask you to get something from above, since she herself is not able to climb that high.

It turns out that all these are clues about the location of the treasure. The treasure itself is located in the Cedar Plain dungeon. So you need to go there. Immediately after the destruction of the final boss, a chest will be waiting for you near the wall. Now you should return to Thalia again. From her you will receive a reward in the form of the ability to create floor decoration in the house "Autumn Wild Field".

Brown bear attacking people. After reaching level 55, you should unlock the "Senior Hunter 2" achievement. This requires killing 500 animals in the open world. It takes about 30 - 40 minutes to achieve if you do it from scratch. It is best to hunt wolves. Once you get the achievement, head to Uthuk County in the Canaan Mountains. There you need to talk to Leoni, thereby launching the Clash.

The girl will ask you to get the claws of brown bears in order to raise the level of danger of animals in this region. After examining the claws that you bring her, Leonie will direct you to Lin, who, according to the girl, understands this better. Lin does not like Leonie’s methods, so she asks you to go to the nearest temple and pray for those slaughtered animals that died on Leonie’s order. But you need to go to Leoni and tell about the conversation with Lin. After that, you will receive a decoration for the house "the girl on my mind."

Prince’s order. For the successful completion of the task, you will receive the title "Steel Hero". Get level 58, go to the capital Gulfstream Grad, which is located in Durfinam. In the capital, you need to find King Evra in the palace. It was revealed that the Midnight Council had attacked the passenger ships. Now we need to urgently organize a rescue operation. The king will send you to the Order of the Knights, but you must verify your identity.

You need to provide the Order with your documents. After that, you need to go to the Iron Range Dungeon, and rescue 2 civilians. But there is a small nuance here. Residents are considered saved only after the appearance of the phrase in the chat: "Thank you very much, I can finally return home!" Until the inscription appears on the screen, do not rush to run away from the inhabitants. After that, return to the king. He will reward you with a new title.

Horror songs for kids. For completing the quest, you will receive a chat avatar in the form of Noah. After you have reached level 64 and completed the Dragonbone Dungeon, you should go to the Frozen Lands and activate the Dragonbone Realm. You need to go to the place indicated on the map, and there you will find Daisy singing spooky songs. As soon as you get close to it, the Collision will start. Talk to the girl and take the task.

Talk to Daisy again and find out that she lost her mother. And you should find it. Return to the beginning of the Kingdom. Here you will see a monument, examine it. Looks like the girl’s mother is dead. You need to tell this sad news to the girl. After that, you should pray with your child. To do this, you need to click on the smiley icon next to the chat, then you need to select the "Pray" emotion. After that, you will receive Noah’s avatar. It gives, when used, +20% attack and +200 health points.

Faith has a price. After completing the quest, you will receive the title "Materialist". After you reach level 64 and complete the Dragon Bones Dungeon, travel to the Frozen Lands and pray at the giant dragon skull. After that, you will receive a new Collision. You need to talk to the nearby Giga. He is still a scoundrel and a deceiver. Now you should go to the nearest village to the scientist Laurent, who will agree to help you expose the charlatan Giga.

To expose you will need crystalline phosphorus. You can find it in the Kingdom of Dragon Bones. It will already be familiar to you from encountering Daisy and her creepy songs. This time, you won’t have to run anywhere, as the phosphorus is located at the entrance to the Kingdom. After receiving instructions from Laurent on how to use the phosphorus, rush to the dragon’s skull again. Onlookers from nearby villages have already gathered near him. You managed to expose Giga, but it seems that the local inhabitants do not care, they just need faith. Fraudster Giga is not as simple as it turned out at first glance. In any case, you will receive a title and an additional reward.

Invincible heroes. After getting level 68, you need to go to the Canaan Mountains, to the point indicated on the map. You should wait until night. Night in the game runs from 21:00 to 6:00. As soon as night falls (you should be near the Abbas character), the Clash starts. You should talk to Abbas and go get the turban from the emperor.

As soon as you get the item you are looking for, you need to return to Abbas again. This time, you need to give the leaflets to the postman Hardy. It will take Hardy a couple of minutes to complete the task. After this time, you should talk to the young man again to make sure that the task has been completed. Now you need to return to Abbas. Now you need to return his father’s sword. With his help, the guy wants to challenge the leader of the pirates. You are rewarded with a "like smoke, like a dream" home decoration.

Veterans are immortal. For completing the quest, you will receive the title "Creed". After you reach level 69, go to the Canaan Mountains and find Reggie there. The Lake Kingdoms will serve as landmarks for you. Reggie is a veteran mercenary, and he and his comrades guarded the cargo until they were attacked by bandits from the Midnight Council. Alas, none of Reggie’s associates managed to get away alive. At the same time, the veteran himself was badly injured. He urgently needs a doctor. But he is a man of honor, therefore, first of all, he thinks about the delivery of cargo.

You need to go to the Fairy Lake Dungeon, and after the battle with the final boss, you need to pick up the cargo that lies on the shore. The cargo that the mercenaries were transporting belonged to the merchant Riley. He was not very happy when he heard the news of the dead mercenaries. It seems like he only cares about money. However, he agrees to bury them with dignity in the Lake Kingdom. You should go there and pray over Reggie’s grave. After that, you will receive a new title and an additional reward.

Noahs Heart: Game Mode Secrets


To get to the Arena, you need to open the "Adventure" menu, then click on the "Arena" map. When you open the section, you will see several different types of Arenas. Arena of Honor - you can join the battle 5 times a day, taking with you an incarnated phantom (or rather, his skills). Here there is a 1v1 battle with another player. The battle takes place online, so victory depends entirely on your gaming skill.

Weapon battle - held on certain days of the week from 20:00 to 21:00 online. You will be picked up by an enemy with exactly the same weapon that you have. After choosing an opponent, you will fight with another player for the best possession of weapons and his skills.

Duel - you fight phantoms against another player. You are prompted to select 3 phantoms in a few seconds. Each battle will have to choose new phantoms. The fight takes place in real time. Here you can use not only the power of your skills, but also use the abilities of your assistants. There are 3 rounds, one round for each phantom.

Here you need to monitor the environment, as sometimes the system complicates the duel with various negative phenomena. For example, lightning is released that can hit both players. Those who fall under it have a reduced chance of winning. Circles or streaks on the ground will appear before the apparition. Your task is to quickly leave the allocated place.

Team competitions - are held at a certain time on weekends. You need to assemble a group of 4 players. You cannot use phantoms. You will only have an embodied phantom. The round is held until the battle is destroyed by 8 players or the time runs out. Victory will be awarded to the team with the most survivors. A similar competition is held in the "Final Operation". A squad of 4 people gets to a new planet, where they have to fight for survival. But this does not take into account the pumping of the character.

Fan Arena - you choose your opponent from the proposed list. The battle involves your main character and 4 phantoms against a player with his phantoms. Your task is to defeat your opponent and collect your reward. You have 5 free battles, then you can use the "phantom pass" to have more fights.

In each Arena, there is a high probability that victory will depend not on your skill, but on the timely worked parameters of any of the opponents. For example, you can miss an opponent’s critical hit and lose. And in the next battle with the same person, you will already be able to inflict critical damage. Basically, battles are fast-paced, so any positive set of circumstances can lead you to victory or be fatal. Therefore, at such moments you should not pay special attention and be upset. As a result of the battle, in any case, you will receive a reward and rating points.

An important role is played by the choice of the opponent. Of course, there are Arenas where the choice of an opponent is random. But if you choose your opponent yourself, we recommend that you pay attention to players with lower strength indicators than you. So you increase the chances of winning, and get more rewards than if you lose.


The Kingdom of the Elite is the Dungeons that are located on the world map. To find them, you need to enable their display on the map. To do this, select Kingdoms in the upper right part of the window (as shown in the picture above). After activating the display, similar diamonds will appear in your area, which will indicate the entrance to the Realms. At its core, the Kingdoms are ordinary dungeons, once you get into them, when you call the card, you will see a diagram of the current Kingdom.

You need to get to the heart of the Dungeon, and destroy the final boss.

In order for you to fight the Realm boss, you need to have a scroll that starts a quest in the selected Realm. The scroll will contain, for example, the task "go to the Earth Kingdom, and challenge the elite of the Kingdom." The scroll can be obtained in tasks during which you need to visit the dungeons or buy it in the store.

overseas elite. Once you have your ship, you will have weekly quests that require you to fight the Overseas Elite. Otherwise, this type of task is called "Overseas transportation". These quests can be found in the main story quests. In total, you can complete 5 missions per week. In addition, you can join a team with another player to help him complete the quest.

To complete the quest, you should find a task that requires you to go to the Trade Alliance, where you should take an order to deliver a certain cargo. The task will indicate the name of the character from whom you need to take the mission. But automatically adding to the desired character will not work, since auto mode is disabled. But you can follow the yellow arrow to the desired direction.

You need to run to the pier and call your ship. Once on the desired island, you need to find a character who will give you a reward for delivering the cargo. Sometimes you can get an additional task from him - the destruction of the elite emir. But it doesn’t always come out. For defeating the emir, you will receive generous rewards. You can also help another player to destroy the monster.

Destroy rare monsters. Every day you will receive tasks in which you need to destroy rare monsters that can be found on the map. To display the habitats of monsters on the map, find the "Monsters" tab in the left list, then select "Rare monsters". After that, the monster’s head will appear on the map. By clicking on it, you can click on the "Forward" button in the description so that the hero gets to the habitat of the nearest monster.

When you run to the place, you will see a stone (as shown in the picture above), by clicking on it, you will summon a rare monster that you should fight. After destroying it, you will receive rewards and enchantments for enchanting equipment. The duel consumes 10 units of fatigue. From these monsters, you can get monster cards that you will need to upgrade your equipment. In the table below, we have displayed the coordinates where you can get pink monster cards to enchant weapons. You should copy them, then paste them into the chat and click "Submit". A message will appear in the chat, by clicking on which you will send the character to the desired point.

The name of the card.What is it synthesized from?Monster coordinates for getting card shards.
Greg card (primary weapon).40 fragments "The All-Knowing".[pos:1|0|-621|391|1600|Canaan Mountains(-621,1600)]
Map of Tiran Cruz (secondary weapon).40 fragments "Tyrant".[pos:1|0|-419|348|2438|Canaan Mountains(-419,2438)]
Map Vanadis (shoes).40 fragments "The Chosen One".[pos:1|0|-1528|523|-583|Derfinam(-1528,-583)]
Erenthal card (necklace).40 fragments "Sorrowful song"[pos:1|0|170|496|-2178|Al Friza Desert(170,-2178)]

We also decided to write the coordinates of the rest of the monster cards so that you can enchant (in the Cook profession) the rest of your equipment. The coordinates of the monsters that will give you cards for synthesis, we have written in the table below. Copy them into the chat to automatically follow the character to them.

The name of the item of equipment.Monster coordinates for getting maps.
Headdress.[pos:1|0|1689|378|-1706|Al Friza Desert(1689,-1706)]
Shoulders.[pos:1|0|-2553|316|1622|Dep. land Verd.(-2553,1622)]
Armor.[pos:1|0|662|313|-354|Glow Grove(662,-354)]
Earrings.[pos:1|0|170|496|-2178|Al Friza Desert(170,-2178)]
Belt.[pos:1|0|-40|386|-1068|Tasam Depression(-40,-1068)]
Bracelets.[pos:1|0|-2677|303|716|Vest. land Verd.(-2677,716)]

Hard Instance is a Dungeon where you can get hero experience and equipment items. Your maximum task is to defeat the final boss. To get into the activity, go from the "Adventure" menu to the "Use" section, here open the "Complex instance" story. You can play it alone or together with other players. Rewards can be received 3 times a day.

You can only reach two fours of the chain to receive the reward. When fighting monsters, you need to simultaneously use the ultimate ability of phantoms on difficult monsters. You need to do this 2 times during the passage of the adventure. If you do not have time to complete all the tasks at a certain time, then put assistants in the squad who cause the minimum amount of damage, provided that the weapons are not pumped.

Noahs Heart: Battle Tips

The game has a variety of different activities that can take you all day, by going to any tab of the "Adventure" menu, you will find yourself in the next section with various tests, quests or travels. Tasks may differ from each other in the manner of execution. Somewhere you need to kill the boss and related monsters (in this case, you need to fight with all the oncoming monsters), somewhere you just need to find a character or complete a certain task. In this case, you simply avoid aggressive monsters without engaging in battle.

Despite the variety of adventures, there are general recommendations for fighting different types of monsters (elites, bosses, and so on):

1. Pay attention to the description of the activity - often in the description you can see hints that you need to complete in order to defeat the monsters. For example, you need to take a certain phantom. Without it, your victory will not be counted.

2. See minimum team strength recommendations - if you go to a dungeon or realm alone, then you can use phantoms as team members. In the description of each activity there is a recommended minimum squad score (team strength). If your score is lower than indicated, then we recommend that you first increase the strength of the team or go through the story with strong players.

3. Pay close attention to the actions of the enemy - at first glance, it may seem that the monsters attack in a chaotic manner. In fact, they have an exact algorithm of actions for any of your movements. For example, you make a dash, and the monster dodges and counterattacks. But all monsters (bosses) have common actions on your skills. Therefore, we recommend practicing movements on weak monsters in order to know approximately how stronger monsters will react to your attacks.

4. Watch the geometric shapes on the ground - any of them show you the area of ​​effect of the opponent’s skill in PvE. You need to quickly leave the designated area so as not to get injured.

5. Do not use all the moves in the battle at once - we recommend that you choose the elements for the battle gradually in order to master them perfectly. Until you master one movement, you should not use another. It’s better to master 3-4 skills than to clumsily use 10 or more skills.

6. Learn to dodge enemy attacks - if in some games many monsters can hit themselves behind their backs, then in Noahs Heart all opponents attack only in the direction of their gaze. Therefore, if you see that the opponent is turning around, then leave the current place.

7. Be unpredictable - for example, in the Arena, everyone expects a spearman to use the ability to pull when the enemy is far away. Therefore, they prepare in advance some kind of trap near themselves (mostly they use the ability of a massive area attack with high damage). While somewhere your opponent is waiting for you to approach, you can pull yourself up to your opponent, and at the last moment use a dash from your shield and sword skills. After all, you can choose to build the skills of different weapons or use general skills.

8. Watch the environment - there is a lot of unpredictability in the game, arrows can fly out of the walls in the labyrinths. During the boss fight, an additional obstacle may appear. So the system complicates your adventures. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on what is happening around. So arrows will not appear if the walls are completely smooth, but if there is, for example, a torch, then it may turn out to be a hidden weapon.

9. Study the possibilities of the game - for example, few players know that the archer can use spear skills (except for basic ones) or twin swords, so only the movements of the selected weapon are pumped. You can learn the skills of each type of weapon and make for yourself a universal assembly for the Arena, for bosses, and so on.

You can also use the grappling hook and jetpack in battle, but many don’t. The game has practically no restrictions on the use of all elements available for battle. You can pick up a stone and throw it at a pack of wolves, or hide behind a cover (tree, pole, etc.).

Explore the world, go through all the activities offered, read the tips at the bottom of the loading screen. Don’t ignore the training and education system. Even the quest descriptions can help you recognize a new opportunity to fight effectively.

Noahs Heart: Cook Profession Guide

Collection of resources. We decided to answer the most frequently asked questions related to cooking in the game. Most importantly, we will tell you how to open all the recipes that are in Noahs Heart. The first thing we wanted to talk about is the collection of resources. Everything is quite simple here: if you need something, then you open the map, here you need to scroll the list of objects (on the left side of the window) to the "Resources" section. Here you should select the sub-item you need. If you need ingredients for cooking, then you will need the "Collecting Place" item. Next, in the tab that opens, you select the resource that you need. After that, go to the place that will be marked on the map. You can send a character to automatically reach the collection point. To do this, click on the "Forward" button in the resource description.

There are several ingredients that need to be not just collected, but produced. Most often, players on gaming forums ask about the "pulp of the fruit." It can be obtained by collecting pears. After that, you need to select them in the inventory, and click on the "Apply" button in the description. The next ingredient, which is obtained in a similar way, is fish (in fact, it looks more like a fish fillet). First you need to catch any fish (this is done at almost every reservoir), after which you should select the caught fish in your inventory and click on the "Apply" button. There is also crab meat. To get it, you need to catch crabs using a net. And then, just like with fish and pears, you should click on the "Apply" button by selecting the caught crabs in your inventory.

When you need crabs, look for them near the water. If the recipe calls for eggs, then go to the forest. Nests with eggs are located on the ground next to the trees. And if you need pieces of meat, they can be obtained by hunting birds. They are found almost everywhere, so just be careful.

Recipes at Noah’s Heart

To open dishes of white, green and blue quality, there is no need to search for all these recipes in the game itself. It is enough to stock up on a huge amount of all the resources that you have. And then you should go to the section of the profession cook "Free cooking". You need to add the resources specified in the "Cooking Ingredients" section in this section, and after that, put the dishes in the cooking queue. So you can open all the recipes for the first three qualities of dishes.

White dishes:

  1. Oh, feed - 1 wheat.
  2. Sashimi - 1 fish (fish fillet).
  3. Steamed crab - 1 crab meat.
  4. Fruit plate - 1 fruit pulp.
  5. Boiled radish - 1 radish.
  6. Fried eggs - 1 egg.
  7. Onigiri - 1 fig.
  8. Fried potatoes - 1 potato.
  9. Roasted pigeon - 1 meat.

Green dishes:

  1. Fresh vegetable juice - 1 radish, 1 tomato and 2 apples.
  2. Love Cake - 1 fruit pulp, 1 egg and 2 wheat.
  3. Champagne - 2 fruit pulp and 2 apples.
  4. Apple Cookies - 1 apple, 1 egg and 2 wheat.
  5. Crystal bun - 2 eggs, 2 wheat.
  6. Fish and chips - 2 potatoes and 2 fish (fish fillet).
  7. Fried Noodles with Seafood - 1 crab meat, 1 fish and 2 wheat.
  8. Fish sushi - 2 fish and 2 rice.
  9. Stewed fish - 1 potato and 3 fish.
  10. Tamago sushi - 3 eggs and 2 rice.
  11. Omelet with tomatoes - 2 tomatoes and 2 eggs.
  12. Bread - 2 wheat and 2 rice.
  13. Stew with mushrooms - 3 steaks and 1 mushroom.
  14. Mushroom kebab - 2 steaks and 2 mushrooms.

Blue Dishes:

  1. Rice omelette with honey - 2 fruit pulp, 3 rice, 2 eggs and 2 steaks.
  2. Pork in fish sauce - 2 fruit pulp, 3 steaks.
  3. Meat Pie with Egg - 2 steaks, 2 mushrooms, 2 eggs and 3 wheat.
  4. Meat burger - 2 cabbage, 2 tomatoes, 2 wheat and 3 steaks.
  5. Rameno Tonkotsu - 3 steaks, 3 wheat and 3 tomatoes.
  6. Rice with barbecue steak - 1 egg, 1 cabbage, 2 mushrooms and 2 steaks.
  7. Chicken Kung Pao - 2 potatoes, 2 tomatoes, 2 radishes and 3 pieces of meat.
  8. Chicken burger - 2 cabbage, 2 wheat, 2 tomatoes and 2 pieces of meat.
  9. Large chicken plate - 3 potatoes, 3 tomatoes, 3 pieces of meat.
  10. Honey meatloaf - 3 pieces of meat, 3 fruit pulp and 3 wheat.
  11. Beef salad - 2 tomatoes, 2 cabbages, 2 potatoes and 3 steaks.
  12. Curry - 2 potatoes, 2 radishes, 2 tomatoes and 3 steaks.
  13. Potato steak - 3 potatoes, 3 steaks and 3 eggs.
  14. Tomato stew - 3 tomatoes, 3 steaks and 3 pieces of meat.

Purple dishes, or level 4 dishes, unfortunately cannot be made in the Free Cooking section. They can only be bought in the store in the "Trading Port" section in the "Home Store" tab. To buy recipes, you will need your home currency. And you can get it by dismantling furniture and participating in the modes available in your game house.

Why is it necessary to cook? You can give all the dishes you have prepared to your phantoms, and thus pump friendship with them. And you need this in order to receive special tasks from phantoms, with good rewards, to receive money, titles, rewards in the form of diamonds from them for pumping the level of friendship. When you pump friendship with them to the maximum, get the same appearance as the phantom.

Noahs Heart: House Building Secrets

House is one of the activities in the game. It will become available after completing a special quest in the "Additional plot" section at level 30. In the future, all tasks related to the house will be located in this section. As soon as you open this mechanic, you will have a "Home" button in the main menu. To switch to home mode, you should click on the "Enter the house" (or courtyard) button.

For the first time being in the house, you will see a lot of incomprehensible things. Also next to the house you will see game characters who will give you tasks. On the right side of the screen there is a button "Homestead merchant". This seller will sell you various household items. The trader’s name is Sandra, and she is described as a phantom trader and is one of the rooms in your house.

The house has an edit button with which you can rearrange furniture, move walls apart, put (remove) windows. In general, create your own interior. The "Destination" button will open the home improvement mode. Here you can open a new room and give it an assignment. For example, "Living room", "Kitchen" and so on. You can get a new room after a certain level of the house.

Science. You can increase the level of the house by clicking on the "Upgrade house" button in the "Details" tab. As you level up, you can do "Research". Each research is studied for the home currency. It can be obtained by selling the created furniture, or by daily clicking on the button in the "Details" section of the "Get All" item. There are good sciences in the house that can be applied not only in the house, but also in the game itself. For example, restoring fatigue daily.

In the "Assignment" in the "Assignment" section (lower control panel), you can assign phantoms to each room to receive home currency and energy points (for performing profession actions). The "Submit Order" button is the creation of various free items. Here you spend phantom fatigue (not global, but only within the house). In the "Alchemy" section, you produce resources, and in the "Post Station" section, you send them to yourself. The parcels will contain resources for any of the professions.

Raising the level of the house. In the "Details" section, you can see the houses of those players who came to visit you. "House upgrade" (raising its level) requires home currency and room keys. Keys can be obtained in special quests. You also need "Finish" and "Practice". By clicking on the "Edit" button, you can put a certain item in the house. For each item, you are given a certain number of "Finish" and "Practice" parameters.

To get furniture, you can buy it in a store or auction, as well as create it in the "Craftsman" profession. The keys to the room can be obtained with an increase in the level of pumping Life in the "Profile" menu (we wrote about it above). As you level up, you get gifts, including keys.

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