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Nuclear Day Survival WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

Nuclear Day Survival is a survival simulator with a unique storyline and a mesmerizing atmosphere from game developer Evgeny Grishakov and Somnium Fabri. Plunge into the world of post-apocalypse, control the main character, look for survivors, help them and complete various tasks. The hero will be surrounded by hunger, radiation, disease and sheer suffering. Can you help him survive after a disaster in a small Russian town?


  1. Tips from Experienced Players
  2. Guide for Beginners
  3. How to control your character?
  4. Hero Survival Tips
  5. How to pass locations?
  6. Equipment and Weapons Guide
  7. Where to look for materials?
  8. How to take part in fist fights?
  9. All about completing the story campaign
  10. Tips for a successful start in the game
  11. Hospital Walkthrough Guide
  12. How to clear the Deserter Base?
  13. Tips for passing the School
  14. Guide to completing the mission in Anthill
  15. How to complete the tasks of the residents of Anthill?
  16. Forest Survival Tips
  17. Guide for Donators
  18. Is it worth playing?

Nuclear Day Survival: Tips from Experienced Players

1. Gather materials. All materials that you find at locations must be collected and taken to the shelter. First of all, these are food, water and medicine, then materials for crafting equipment and weapons. If your backpack is full, go to the shelter and put all your finds in the closet, and then go to the location again. Completely clear the location before you decide to go to the next area, as during the course of the story the location may be blocked and you will not be able to return there.

2. Prepare for the expedition. Various dangers will await you at the locations: traps, wild animals, armed deserters. Prepare in advance equipment and weapons that will allow you to protect the main character. If you have a firearm, do not forget to put ammunition in your backpack. Before traveling, get your vital signs back up and take medications with you to restore your health if you are injured.

3. Save often. The game does not provide for the resurrection of the hero, one life, which in case of serious injury simply ends. It is important to save in time so that if the hero dies, you can restore some progress. Save as often as possible and use all available cells. Saving will come in handy if at some point you decide to replay the task and change the decision you made to get a different result.

4. Bring your tools. While exploring locations, you will encounter obstacles that will not allow you to explore the premises or obtain valuable materials. In the following sections we will tell you what tools will be useful to you at each location. Prepare the required number of items on the workbench in advance and take them with you so as not to return to the location again, waste energy and not endanger the hero.

5. Study locations carefully. Materials can be hidden anywhere, so it is important to carefully examine all areas so as not to miss anything. Pay attention to locked or blocked doors, furnishings intended for storing things, and corpses of people. In addition to searching for materials when exploring locations, it is important to remember the location of key characters, since many tasks are related to fulfilling their requests.

Nuclear Day Survival: Guide for Beginners

Check out the loading screen. The screen displays the city in which the events of the game take place, destroyed after a nuclear explosion. In the lower right corner there are buttons to start a game, start a new game or load a save. There is a Language button in the upper left corner; use it to select the game language: Russian or English. In the lower left corner there are buttons for going to the official game communities on social networks.

How to start the game? Click the New Game button, after which a video will start telling about the events that led the main character Andrey to the starting point of the game. After you meet Andrey, save the game so you don’t have to watch the video again if the hero dies while completing the first task. Complete the Find the Path mission, get acquainted with the game, master control of the hero and start surviving.

We recommend playing with the sound turned on to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the post-apocalypse.

Explore the interface. During the game, the main screen displays the location in which the main character is located. The current task is displayed in the upper left corner, the hero’s vital signs are displayed in the central part, and the buttons for going to the store, the hero’s diary, saving and exiting the game are in the upper right corner. The hero control panel is also displayed on the main screen.

Use shelter. After completing the first mission, you will be able to use the Vault location. Here you can rest, store supplies and create new items necessary for the hero’s survival. First of all, open the cabinet with a master key and rearrange the found materials, then light the stove and restore the workbench for further manufacturing of items.

Chat with other players. The game is constantly evolving, the creators are constantly working on new additions and updates to the game. Sometimes bugs happen that other players or the developers themselves will help you figure out. Nuclear Day Survival is actively discussed on social networks, find like-minded people and learn from the experience of other players. If you are stuck and don’t know how to complete a task, social networks will also help you find the right tips.

Nuclear Day Survival: How to control your character?

How to move the hero? There is a joystick on the left side of the screen; use it to select a direction and move the hero around the location. Click on the joystick or on the screen in its area to start moving in the desired direction. Use the special button on the right side of the screen to activate the running function. The hero gets tired quickly, so to move quickly you need to wait until his energy is restored.

Move by running only if you are sure that the location is safe.

Choose your weapon. The game features several types of melee and ranged weapons. To go through locations, starting from school, be sure to take a weapon with you, otherwise you will not be able to survive. All weapons added to the inventory will be displayed on the control panel in the form of special buttons. Click on them to make a hit or shoot.

How to shoot? The game features several types of firearms that are perfect for destroying enemies from a distance. Load your weapon and hold the point on the screen where you want to fire. The reload time is very long, so use another weapon in close combat.

Don’t forget to reload your weapon to always be ready to attack.

Be careful. Stealth is your main weapon. Use the crouch button on the control panel to make Andrey move slower and make less noise. While completing tasks, you will encounter various opponents; entering into battle with them at the initial stage of development is suicide. If possible, try to get around the enemy without attracting attention.

Use trash cans. The containers are roomy enough to hide in. Click on the tank so that Andrei quickly climbs into it and hides. Once the threat has passed, click on the container again and move further through the location. For example, trash cans can be found at the Deserter Base.

Collect resources. To survive in a post-apocalyptic environment, finding resources is of great importance. Explore locations and look for illuminated objects, this is where you can get food and materials. Take the hero to the object and click on it. The contents menu will open, select everything you need and put it in your backpack.

Nuclear Day Survival: Hero Survival Tips

Monitor vital signs. The main character has 5 vital indicators that affect his behavior and capabilities in the game. To continue the game, make sure that all indicators remain at the proper level. At the beginning of the game you will receive the following stat values:

Take care of your health. When a hero falls into a trap or is injured during a fight with wild animals or soldiers, health points are removed. To restore health, use medicines, bandages and first aid kits. Medicines can be found in locations or made independently at a workbench.

Medicines.Health recovery.Materials for creation.
Bandage.5 HP1 antiseptic, 4 tissues.
First aid kit.50 HP3 bandages, 15 tissues, 1 antiseptic.
If the health bar reaches 0, Andrey will die and you will return to the previous save location.

Eat on time. Use food to reduce the hero’s hunger and thirst. Open your backpack or closet, select the desired item and click the Use button to use the resource and restore your performance. Use food items only when necessary, as they cannot be found in all locations.

Satisfying hunger:

Quench your thirst:

Beware of infection. This indicator is indicated by a yellow icon; it can be seen if you expand all the hero’s indicators. Since the game takes place after a nuclear explosion, there is an increased background radiation on the street and indoors. Prepare the hero for the journey and select the appropriate equipment that can protect Andrey from infection.

Item of equipment.Radiation protection.
Medical mask.1
Homemade gloves.1
Homemade respirator.2
Homemade pants.3
Homemade modified jacket.5
Modified respirator.7
Refurbished camouflage jacket.7
Refurbished camouflage pants.7
Refurbished gas mask.9

Rest. The maximum amount of hero energy is 100, it is necessary to move between and across locations. To restore energy, use the bed that is located in the shelter; 1 hour of sleep replenishes 5 energy points. To start the process of restoring energy, watch the commercial. Look for energy drinks in locations and use them to replenish 20 units of energy and 20 thirst points.

Nuclear Day Survival: How to pass locations?

Study the map. Before starting the journey and searching for survivors, study the map of the area; it opens when leaving the location. The map contains pictures of places that you already know about. Only open gray locations are available to visit. The developers are constantly working to improve the game, and 5 additional locations are expected to appear.

How to navigate through locations? In order for Andrey to move from location to location, spend 20 energy points. Open a map of the area, select a photo of the desired location and click the Go button. After which the hero will be at the beginning of the selected location, and you can go to complete the assigned tasks.

Prepare for the trip in advance so as not to return to the shelter again and waste energy.

How to navigate in Anthill? In the Anthill you will find several signs that provide access to quick movement around this location. To gain access, repair the signs using the specified materials. Each sign will require 3 wood, 1 electrical tape and 3 nails. To move to another location point, spend a given amount of energy.

Travel area Main Gate:

Moving area Bar:

Moving zone Dead zone:

Relocation zone Stalker base:

Pay attention to the hints. Be careful while passing through locations and exploring rooms. Quite often you can find drawings with hints on the walls of buildings. For example, the direction of movement or the need to crouch in order to get further, or to take cover from an advancing threat.

Beware of traps. In some locations there are traps that can greatly harm Andrey and cause bleeding. Receiving damage always negatively affects the further possibility of successfully completing the location. Be careful when passing through the location for the first time, look carefully at your step and deactivate the traps in time. This will allow you to maintain high hero health indicators longer.

Beware of traps. In some locations you can find deserter traps that report the appearance of a stranger. For example, in the Bank there are alarms made from glass bottles. Be careful, carefully cut off the bottles with a knife and deactivate the trap.

Nuclear Day Survival: Equipment and Weapons Guide

Equip your hero. Equipment and weapons are key to survival in the post-apocalypse. Equipment allows you to increase physical and radiation protection, and weapons make it possible to defend yourself and inflict damage on opponents. The hero will also need special tools and special materials that cannot be found during research.

Use the workbench. You are very lucky, because in the shelter you find there is a metalworking bench. Use it to craft equipment and improve Andrey’s quality of life. First of all, restore the destroyed workbench using the following materials: 2 wood and 1 electrical tape. Take the hero to the workbench, click on it, select an item to create, make sure you have the necessary materials and click the Create button.

To create equipment, materials can be in the warehouse, and to make tools and materials, put the resources in Andrey’s backpack.

Upgrade your workbench. To craft high-quality equipment that maximizes the hero’s performance, increase the level of your workbench. The maximum level of development of a metalworking workbench is 3. You will need the following materials:

Create weapons and equipment. Andrey’s initial equipment - a medical mask, which gives 1 protection from radiation and the hat he found (1 physical protection) will not be enough to pass difficult locations. The hero will also need weapons to repel attacks from wild animals and attacks from armed soldiers. Find the necessary materials, improve your workbench and create better equipment.

Weapon.Description.Workbench level.Materials for creation.
Kitchen knife.The item is good for the kitchen, but not for defense.13 blades, 1 glue, 3 fabrics, 2 stones, 2 nails.
Army knife.A strong and sharp combat knife.23 blades, 1 glue, 3 fabrics, 2 stones, 2 nails.
Axe.Sturdy working tool.28 blades, 1 glue, 3 fabrics, 2 stones, 2 nails, 2 wood.
Samopal.Weapons assembled from random things don’t even cut much.22 parts pistol. 6 nails, 4 metal, 1 blade, 4 electrical tape, 2 wood.
Homemade cartridge.Making and using ammunition for homemade weapons must be done with caution.21 stone, 1 metal, 1 nail.
Item of equipment.Description.Workbench level.Materials for creation.
Homemade gloves.Hands are protected and warm.13 fabrics, 1 skein of thread.
Homemade modified jacket.This jacket is safer than the blue jacket.18 fabrics, 3 glues, 1 skein of thread, 3 electrical tape, 1 steel sheet.
Homemade pants.Tight and reliable pants.16 fabrics, 2 skeins of thread, 1 electrical tape, 1 steel sheet.
Homemade respirator.Provides protection from radiation for some time.12 tissues, 1 empty bottle, 1 electrical tape.
Modified respirator.It will become much easier to breathe, reliable protection from radiation.11 homemade respirator, 4 fabrics, 1 skein of thread, 3 glues, 2 antiseptics.
Wolf skin hat.An insulated hat that protects not only from the cold.22 wolf skins, 1 skein of thread, 12 fabrics.
Wolf skin cape.A warm cape made of wolf skin that protects well from bites of wild animals.28 wolf skins, 3 skeins of thread, 24 fabrics.
Refurbished camouflage jacket.An excellent soldier’s uniform that enhances stealth.21 torn camouflage jacket, 8 skeins of thread, 1 antiseptic, 16 fabric, 3 glue.
Refurbished camouflage pants.Good military clothing that increases stealth.21 torn camouflage pants, 7 skeins of thread, 1 antiseptic, 12 fabrics, 2 glues.
Refurbished gas mask.A good military gas mask with high radiation protection.21 gas mask, 1 antiseptic, 3 electrical tape, 5 skeins of thread, 3 glue, 6 fabric.

Create tools. To gain access to rooms and closed objects with materials, special tools will be required. Finding them while exploring locations is quite problematic, so using a workbench from the materials obtained, create tools yourself.

Tool.Materials for creation.
Hammer.1 metal, 1 nail, 1 stick.
Master key.1 metal
Scrap.1 hammer, 4 metals.
Screwdriver.1 metal, 1 nail, 1 blade.
Razor.3 blades, 1 metal.
Shovel.3 wood, 2 sticks, 1 metal.
Please note that tools have a safety margin; when you use them, they gradually break down.

Produce materials. Some of the items that are necessary for crafting equipment cannot be found during exploration of locations. Use the crafting opportunity using a metalworking bench. The creation of some items will be required to complete story missions and further advance in the game.

Resource.Materials for creation.
Moonshine.1 bottle of water, 1 antiseptic.
Stick.1 wood.
Wood.4 wooden boards.
Wooden plank.2 wood.
Antiseptic.1 bottle of vodka, 1 bottle of water.

Nuclear Day Survival: Where to look for materials?

Materials are resources and items that can contribute to the survival of the main character in a post-apocalyptic world. Other survivors are scavenging for whatever they can find, so you’ll have to scramble to get food and materials to craft gear. We will give you some tips so that you can quickly get used to the world of Nuclear Day Survival.

Most locations do not provide for resource recovery; they can only be found once, so use materials wisely.

Use a large backpack. At the initial stage, Andrey’s equipment capacity is 12 items. This is not enough to quickly collect materials when exploring locations. You will need a larger, 20-position backpack. Carefully explore the Hospital location; you can pick up a large backpack from one of the dead.

Don’t walk past trash. Most of the buildings were destroyed during the bombing; those buildings that survived have damage and destruction inside the premises. Search piles of garbage, as they may contain construction materials: boards, metal, nails, etc. These items will be useful for upgrading your workbench and crafting tools.

Open cabinets and drawers. You can find most of the materials in cabinets, tables, on shelves and inside bedside tables. Pay attention to pieces of furniture in rooms, especially those on the left side of the room, as they are very easy to miss.

Examine the corpses. These guys were less lucky than the main character. Some of them died from illness, some were mauled by wild animals, and some were killed by soldiers. In any case, it is worth checking your pockets for useful resources. You can only search those corpses that are highlighted. Bring Andrei close to the corpse, click on the object and take away all the most valuable things.

Use the tools. While exploring locations, you will encounter the problem of accessing some of the premises; they may be blocked. To continue your travels, find materials and complete tasks, take with you and use the following tools:

Look for the keys. A room that is of particular importance to the mission and is part of the task can only be opened with the correct key. To get this key, solve a puzzle, help a character solve a problem, or search another room. Once received, the key will go into the backpack in the quest items section and will not take up space. Approach an enclosed area, click on the door, and the key will automatically be used.

Watch the advertisement. Visit the Donator Offers section to take advantage of the opportunity to receive free resources. Watch the commercial and get 2 bottles of water, 2 sausages, 1 stew, 6 wood and 1 blade. Daily receipt of these resources will ensure a stable state of the main character’s vital signs.

Check the box next to the exit from the shelter to see if it is replenished with advertising resources.

Nuclear Day Survival: How to take part in fist fights?

Take part in a fist fight. After completing a few missions in the Anthill, you will gain access to fist fights in the bar. This is a great way to get medicine and prepare for Andrei’s dangerous forays. So, a successful outcome of the battle in your favor will allow you to get 2 antiseptics and 1 first aid kit from Prokhor.

Gameplay. Go to the bar and talk to Prokhor. Confirm your readiness to participate in battles, after which one of the bar visitors will come out against you. At the top of the screen, 2 scales are displayed showing the health of the fighters. To win, reduce your enemy’s health to 0.

During the battle, your character’s vital signs are not consumed, but if you lose, you will lose some of your health.

How to fight? Use the joystick on the left side of the screen and the control panel on the right side to fight your opponent. Andrey can use 4 actions to perform a second strike, wait until the reload finishes and the action button is activated. To avoid taking damage from a kick, simply move away from your opponent in time. If necessary, use the pause button in the upper right corner to take a breath and assess the situation.

Possible actions of fighters:

Nuclear Day Survival: All about completing the story campaign

What is this story about? The red button was nevertheless pressed and nuclear bombs were dropped on large cities. While yesterday’s megacities turned to dust, hundreds of small settlements were given a chance to survive. The main character hid from the maddened world for several months while the military divided the city. He realized that he could no longer remain alone and sit idly by, it was time to do something.

Chat with survivors. As you travel, you will meet other survivors with whom you can interact. Sometimes during communication you will be offered several answer options; choose the most appropriate one in your opinion. Surviving these difficult days is not enough, do not forget to remain human.

Complete tasks. Andrey is a reliable guy and is ready to help anyone who asks. Unfortunately, other characters will take advantage of this. But the more you help, the better they will treat you and at the right time they will help you with various tasks.

Study information about current tasks in Andrey’s diary. To go, use the button in the upper right corner.

Game character.Basic information.
Andrey Shilin.The main character of the game, who wants to find his friend Zhenya and escape from this terrible place.
Evgenia Shakhovskaya.The protagonist’s friend who worked as a volunteer after the disaster. Andrei went on a journey to find traces of her and reunite.
Yakov.An excellent locksmith whose refuge you were lucky enough to find. Lives in Anthill, others consider him strange and unsociable, but he can be of great benefit to all survivors.
Davydych.The last surviving doctor in this city. Before the disaster, he worked at the hospital. Pirogov, where Andrei will find him. A peculiar older man, but ready to continue helping people.
Irina.One of the survivors who settled in the left wing of the hospital. A dangerous and suspicious woman who can easily shoot you. Irina can obtain rare items in exchange for a favor.
Dmitriy.The head of the Anthill, who believes that he is always right in everything. It will be difficult for you to convince him, but such behavior is understandable. Dmitry believes that he is responsible for all the residents of Anthill and cannot let them down.
Bella.Teacher at an improvised kindergarten in Anthill. She has a very romantic and optimistic nature, who is ready to help everyone.
Prokhor.Bartender in one of the premises of the Anthill. Friendly and fair person. Thanks to his position, he knows a lot of useful information and is ready to share it for the benefit of survivors.
Jack.One of the leaders of a gang of marauders. Despite the fact that Jack once served time, he is a man of high moral principles. His goal is to do everything possible to ensure that his people remain living in Anthill.
Timur.Former military man and leader of a group of stalkers. Trains volunteers to use weapons and survive outside the Anthill. By agreement with Dmitry, he is engaged in protecting the Anthill from deserters and wild animals.
Sanych.One of Timur’s stalkers and a local mechanic. He is a strong-willed man, but due to the disaster and the shocks he experienced, he began to abuse alcohol and is still unable to cope with his addiction.
Sergey.Andrey’s classmate, whom you will meet while exploring the school. He will be wearing a gas mask, so Andrei will not immediately recognize him. Their further communication depends on the decisions made.

Study groups. All characters in the game can be divided into several groups. Most of them are friendly towards you, but one of them will become your main enemy. We are talking about deserters who are better armed than anyone else. They are difficult to resist, but if you gradually develop your equipment and create powerful weapons, you will have a chance.

Group of survivors.Basic information.
Deserters.At the time of the disaster, all officers from the military unit were called to the city. Junior officers and conscripts seized weapons and food supplies. Now they believe that power is in their hands. They consider the rest of the survivors to be marauders, so they will shoot at you without an iota of doubt.
Valeta group.Previously, the looters took refuge in the bank, but deserters tracked them down and destroyed almost all of them. Now those who survived are forced to live in Anthill and its environs and put up with Dmitry’s rules.
Timur’s group.Stalkers who live in the vicinity of the Anthill. They are well armed, but the group is small in number, so it cannot fully resist the deserters.
Residents of Anthill.After the disaster, residents of high-rise buildings decided to unite and organize a community. The rest of the survivors strive to get there and get help, since it is almost impossible to survive alone in the post-apocalypse.

Look for clues. While exploring locations, look for notes from victims, documents from employees who can reveal the mystery of the disaster. The found entry goes into the backpack, where you can read it. Study the found documents carefully, as after reading the note will disappear. Use the diary, in which Andrey enters all the information received, to fill in the gaps in the game plot.

Nuclear Day Survival: Tips for a successful start in the game

Find a way. The first mission will begin with Andrey leaving his usual habitat and going in search of a new refuge. The hero has not eaten for several days and is almost exhausted. Just go forward, maybe you can do at least something. To shelter from the rain, go into the building that you come across along the way.

How to get past deserters? You managed to escape the rain and avoid the threat of infection from dangerous precipitation, but there are deserters here. If they find Andrei, they will shoot him without any questions asked. Hide in the trash can to avoid detection, then carefully make your way to the nearest room. Explore all objects and get your first supplies. Leave the building before the deserters notice you.

Save Andrey. While running away from danger, the main character falls into a trap and is seriously injured. The bleeding is a serious threat, go forward and search the doctor’s corpse next to the abandoned ambulance. Use the found bandage to restore health points and continue on your way until you find shelter.

Explore the store. There are not many supplies in the shelter and food is simply necessary for survival, so go to the first location, the Store, and try to find something. Here you have to solve a puzzle, after which an incomprehensible earthquake will begin. Run to the shelter, then return to the store and examine the woman’s corpse. Take the radio from her and then install it in the shelter, perhaps other survivors will contact you.

Several story events will take place at this location, the main thing is to pick up all the supplies and take them to the shelters before heading to the next location, the Hospital.

How to fix the shield? There is a shield in the store, repair it to get the key and open the food warehouse. There are 8 switches in the panel, find a clue in the store to solve the riddle. 1, 3, 4, 6 and 7 switches should be raised up, respectively, switches 2, 5 and 8 should be lowered down.

Nuclear Day Survival: Hospital Walkthrough Guide

The Hospital is the second game location, access opens after solving the puzzle in the Store. Go in search of Jacob, whose hideout you have discovered. At the hospital he installed a generator for wind turbines, perhaps you can find out something. When exploring the hospital, you will need master keys, a crowbar and a shovel. You will also need boards to cover the gap in the floor.

Find a doctor. There was an explosion in the building, many were killed. Find the only surviving doctor Davydych and try to make friends with him. The first task is quite simple to complete, go to the ENT office and find the key to the safe. Davydych himself is afraid to go there, because he thinks that there is a ghost in the hospital. Later it turns out that this is just a medical gown fluttering in the wind.

How to open a safe in a hospital? While exploring the office, you will find a piece of paper on which three values ​​will be written: +60, -20, +40. By performing these steps one after another, you can get the desired combination and open the combination lock. Enter 60, then click the Try button, the green light will turn on. Then enter 40 and 80 in the same way to get 3 green lights.

Find a generator. It turned out that Yakov installed generators for windmills in the basement. Help Davydych and complete the mission Let there be light. Before you go looking for a generator, make sure you have some good equipment. Thoroughly search the hospital to get all the necessary materials for crafting equipment. Then go down to the basement, move carefully so that the pipe falling from the ceiling does not fall on you. Go to the end and find the generator.

While exploring the basement, find 10 sheets of lead to complete Davydych’s next task, Lead Screen.

How to start the generator? To provide the hospital with electricity, repair the generator. Untangle the wires and connect them to the corresponding colored connectors. 1 wire - green connector, 2 wire - black connector, 3 wire - blue connector, 4 wire - red connector, 5 wire - orange connector. After the generator is turned on and you leave the basement, you will meet Irina.

Nuclear Day Survival: How to clear the Deserter Base?

Research the bank. Irina will tell you about the story of the marauders and the perfect attack of deserters on the shelter. Now the bank is a base for deserters, it is extremely difficult to get past the patrols and stay alive. Irina will share with you the soldiers’ duty schedule if you promise to bring her medicine. Start completing the task Behind the Stone Wall and get acquainted with the new location.

Basic principles of passage:

How to clear the Deserter Base? After you complete the mission Behind the Stone Wall, the Bank as an independent location will be blocked and the Deserter Base location will appear. The situation is the same as in the Bank, but now not all the guards can be bypassed, so be prepared to fight. The location is available for exploration every 12 hours.

Please note that the situation at the location and the location of resources will change with each new entrance.

What can you get? Carefully examine the cabinets that are located throughout the location. You can find crafting materials and food products there. If you are confident in your abilities, use weapons and engage in battle with deserters. After destroying the deserter, search his pockets for valuable items, most often you can get medicine. This is where you can find ammo and a body to create a homemade pistol at the workbench in the shelter.

Nuclear Day Survival: Tips for passing the School

The school is the fourth game location, access opens after completing the mission Behind the Stone Wall. The building is a regular municipal school for children from surrounding houses. The main entrance is blocked, so head to the backyard and make your way into the building through the basement. Once you clear the rubble inside the school, access to the premises will become easier.

What to prepare for? To explore the location, you will first need a knife. For the first time, you will encounter such a threat as wild dogs; with the help of a knife, you can defeat the enemy in 2 hits. Bring a shovel and master keys with you to gain access to all rooms. Beware of traps, of which there are a lot here, and deactivate the traps in time.

Find traces of Jacob. Carefully explore the school classrooms to collect all the clues and find out what happened to Jacob. You will learn that he managed to find a group of marauders who told about several detours to the Anthill - a gathering place for survivors. Now Andrei needs to figure out how to safely get to Yakov.

To continue your journey and gain access to the next Anthill location, craft equipment with a general radiation protection level of 24.

Help the stalker. In one of the school classrooms you will find a stalker who has fallen into a trap and cannot get out on his own. You have the choice to help him or leave him to die. To further develop the storyline, we advise you to help a person in trouble. The Stalker will hit Andrei on the head and he will lose consciousness, however, when you arrive at Anthill you will find out that you saved Sergei, Andrei’s classmate. In gratitude, he will help you with completing another task, The Road to the Doctor.

Collect the map. In the office where you met the stalker, find a torn map of the area, which Yakov allegedly used to plan a trip to the Anthill. Connect 6 map pieces to find a safe route. Move puzzle pieces that can be rotated if necessary. Once the map is collected, click the Explore button.

Nuclear Day Survival: Guide to completing the mission in Anthill

The anthill is currently the largest location in the game, the passage of which will take a lot of time and effort. Half of the city lived in this huge microdistrict; now the path to it is difficult and dangerous, but with the help of Yakov’s map you can go here at any time.

Features of the location. The territory of the Anthill is divided into several zones. Residential areas do not pose any danger to you, but the dead zone with abandoned buildings is fraught with a threat; wild dogs roam there. To gain access to the premises you will need several master keys. Don’t forget to bring materials to repair the signs.

Complete the main task. The mission of the Thorny Path is to help Yakov arrange his future life in Anthill. First of all, you need to find Jacob himself; to do this, get into the residential area. To get through the checkpoint, talk to the guard and answer his questions. Then find the room where Yakov settled and help him stay in the Anthill. The main task can be divided into the following stages:

1. Finding a water filter. Dmitry sets conditions for Yakov’s further residence in Anthill - obtaining a water filter. Go to the hospital basement, get to the generator and remove the filter.

2. Water filter repair. To repair it, you need a filter attachment, which can be made using 3 fabrics and 1 antiseptic. All materials can be found on the hospital premises. Take the drawing from Yakov and go to the shelter to make the necessary parts on the workbench.

3. Conversation with Dmitry. When the water filter is ready, go to Anthill to Dmitry. Give him the filter and convince him that Yakov is a useful member of society who will help Anthill survive. You will succeed and Yakov will be allowed to stay.

4. Search for a stroller. Yakov suffered a leg injury and needs a wheelchair. First of all, go to Bella to get the stroller from her. To do this, help her find the toys scattered by the children: a bear, a doll, a boat and a spinning top. You don’t have to go far; all the toys can be found on the street near the entrance to the building.

5. Conversation with Jack. Bella will give you a stroller without wheels, go to Valet to get help. He will offer you to cut off the wheels of the cart; this will require a hacksaw. Jack, we advise you to go to the car wash with a squad of stalkers.

6. Getting a hacksaw. Meet the stalker Sanych, to do this, bring him a bottle of beer from the bar. Take 2 bottles of water to Prokhor and make an exchange. After you bring Sanych a gift, he will accept you as a new friend and give you a hacksaw.

7. Receiving the motor. Sanych also has a motor, but he is only willing to give it up in exchange for his favorite screwdriver, which he lost somewhere. Go to the shelter and craft a screwdriver for your new friend. Bring it to Sanych and get a motor.

8. Receiving wheels. Now head to Valet to saw off the wheels from one of the carts and adapt them for Jacob’s new stroller. Having received all the materials, go to Yakov and receive a new task - searching for a welding machine.

9. Repair of weather sensors. Bella stole Sanych’s welding machine and is ready to return it only in exchange for a storm forecast, which is necessary for scheduling children’s outings. Go to Timur, who will tell you that it is impossible to make a forecast due to the fact that the sensors are out of order. There is no one to place the new sensors, so this mission will be entrusted to Andrey. Place the devices on the outbuilding near the wind turbines and on the outbuilding next to the car wash.

10. Obtaining a welding machine. After completing the repair work, go to Timur and get a storm forecast for Bella. Go to kindergarten and make an exchange. Take a welding machine and together with Yakov build a wheelchair. Afterwards he will invite you to have a drink and have a heart-to-heart talk.

Nuclear Day Survival: How to complete the tasks of the residents of Anthill?

Complete additional tasks. After completing the main story, additional tasks will be available to you. There are a lot of people living in Anthill, talk to everyone, maybe one of them needs help, advice or just a friendly conversation. All received tasks are displayed in Andrey’s diary, where you can track them.

Moonshine task. Talk to Prokhor, he doesn’t like the fact that Sanych assembled a moonshine still, help him sort out this situation. Go to Sanych, try to convince him that drinking alcohol is harmful to his health. Then discuss the situation with Prokhor again. Choose one of the proposed options: insist and disassemble the moonshine still, or unite Prokhor and Sanych in the production of moonshine. Since Sanych is unlikely to stop drinking, we advise you to choose option 2 and inform Sanych about moving the moonshine still to the bar.

Task From the world by thread. Dmitry will ask you to find several caches of missing stalkers. They are hidden in the Anthill, Hospital and School. Look for caches one after another, then return to Dmitry and report the completion of the task. He will ask you to pick up another stalker’s cache, which is located at the car wash where the stalkers’ base is located.

Locations of caches:

Quest Behind the yellow jacket. In a conversation with Bella, you learn that one of her charges has disappeared. Help find traces of the missing girl or herself. The first clue is located in a house outside the Anthill - the girl went to the stalkers to find out about her toy, and promised to bring them a photo from the car next to the Anthill. Find a note in the gray car, you will find out that the girl was in grade 3B at a local school. Go to school, there are wild dogs there that can pose a danger to the girl. Unfortunately, you won’t have time to help the girl and will only find a torn yellow jacket. Go to Bella and tell her the sad news.

Assignment: Acquittal. Talk to Prokhor, he will tell you that he witnessed injustice towards the young stalker Artem; Dmitry’s people took him into custody, deciding that he was a deserter. There is no evidence, so Andrei decides to find out about the situation and do something. Talk to Sanych, he will tell you that he and Timur know Artyom well and he is definitely not a deserter. Dmitry is ready to listen to you only if you provide him with significant evidence.

Where can I find evidence? Go to an abandoned house in the dead zone, take the shoulder straps with the letter K and the lieutenant colonel’s diary from the desk drawer. Then go to the deserters’ base, carry out a cleanup and receive shoulder straps from the killed enemy. Talk to Sanych, he will tell you what the various symbols on the shoulder straps mean. Go to Dmitry and tell him about the investigation, he will agree with the conclusion about Artem’s innocence. Report to Prokhor that the task has been completed.

Quest Matters of the heart. Help Timur win Bella’s heart, he wants to arrange a date, but doesn’t know how best to do it. Talk to Prokhor, he will tell you what the girl likes and how you can impress her. Visit Irina and she will promise to give you a bar of chocolate in exchange for a book of fairy tales. You will also need colored paper to make origami flowers, since it is impossible to get real flowers in a post-apocalyptic environment. A book of fairy tales and a paper can be found in the principal’s office at the school.

Organize a date. Take the chocolate from Irina to Timur. Then ask Jack for help, he promises that the children of the marauders will be able to make a bouquet of paper flowers for Bella. Talk to Prokhor about organizing a date at a bar. Take the flowers from Jack, inform Timur about all the preparations and take the invitation to Bella. Return to base, get some sleep and go to Timur to find out how the date went.

Assignment Road to the doctor. Talk to Dmitry about Anthill’s needs and suggest a good doctor for the survivors. Go to the hospital and persuade Davydych to move to Anthill. However, without Irina, he does not agree to move. She promises to help you in exchange for a handbag, which is in the glove compartment of the blue Niva in the Anthill. Go to the Ant Hill dead zone, deal with wild dogs and search the car. Go to the hospital again and talk with Ira and Davydych, who will agree to go to the Anthill only if he is well escorted.

Organize an escort. Talk to Dmitry about the possibility of transporting Davydych to Anthill. Since he has no free people at his disposal, ask Timur for help. Here Sergei will help you if you saved him while exploring the School location. Together with the soldiers, go to the hospital and pick up Davydach. Get ready, deserters will be waiting for you on the 1st floor. Destroy the enemy, go to Yakov, and then talk to Dmitry to complete the task.

Nuclear Day Survival: Forest Survival Tips

The forest is an additional location, when exploring which you can get additional materials for developing the main character’s equipment. To gain access to the location, talk to the leader of the stalkers and receive from him the first task to clear the Forest.

Complete Timur’s task. The Village Promenade mission involves exploring 5 settlements. Your task is to search the places where deserters looted and left their caches. After completing each location, report the location to receive a new task. Travel to the following locations to search for supplies and valuable resources:

Before going into the forest, put your things in the stalkers’ box, they will keep watch. This way you can free up space in your backpack.

How to clear a forest? After you complete the Village Promenade mission, the location will become available for exploration once every 12 hours. The external environment of the location will change, but continue to prepare for encounters with wild animals and deserters. Always take a shovel with you to look for the caches of stalkers and deserters.

Prepare in advance. Wolves are much stronger than wild dogs, you will need a firearm to eliminate them from afar and avoid taking damage. You can also use an ax for defense. Don’t forget to take your medications with you to restore your health. When exploring a location, move slowly so as not to attract attention to yourself.

Nuclear Day Survival: Guide for Donators

Open the Survivor’s Cache. Spend 90 tokens to open the Survivor’s Cache in the store and receive valuable and rare resources. Wait for the promotion when the cost of the cache is 60 tokens, this will allow you to significantly reduce your costs for materials and equipment. Each cache contains 1 rare item and several types of materials.

Chances of rare resources dropping:

Additional resources in the cache:

Acquire resources. Check out the store’s offers for purchasing special resources. For 80 tokens you can get 3 super energy drinks, which gives 4 minutes of endless energy for running. Spend 100 tokens to purchase 5 first aid kits to restore the main character’s health points.

Purchasing items may take some time, items may take up to an hour to appear.

Get a pet. Spend 220 tokens to get a unique German Shepherd pet. He will become your friend and will delight you with his cute face. In addition, the dog will become the protagonist’s companion, will accompany him everywhere and help him in battle, protecting Andrey from opponents.

Buy equipment. The store offers several sets of equipment, the purchase of which will significantly increase the main character’s chances of survival. If you decide to make a purchase, we recommend doing so at the very beginning of your gaming journey so as not to encounter unnecessary difficulties. The following equipment sets are available for purchase:

Upgrade your shelter. By taking advantage of offers for donors, you can change the environment in the shelter. Additional functionality will not appear, but the interior decoration of the room will be changed, furniture and lighting will be updated. This way you can personalize your gaming profile.

Replenish tokens. To make all purchases in the store, you will need special tokens, which are the internal game currency. Open the appropriate section of the store and choose the most suitable offer for yourself. The following offers are available in the store:

Watch the promotional video to get 10 tokens for free. Visiting the game every day will allow you to accumulate tokens and make a purchase without donating.

Nuclear Day Survival: Is it worth playing?

Nuclear Day Survival. If you like games with a lot of quests, then you should definitely download this application to your gaming device. Excellent soundtrack creates the right atmosphere with the effect of presence. And the dynamic game world, in which something is constantly happening, will not let you get bored. There is no race for time in the game, you can play at a time convenient for you and gradually learn the history of the characters.

Main advantages of the game:

Main disadvantages of the game:

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