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Om Nom Run WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

OM NOM: RUN is a game for android with release date 02/20/2020 from ZeptoLab. Game genre: Action. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. A Beginner’s Guide
  2. Locations and Quests
  3. Power-ups and bonuses
  4. Getting Characters
  5. Character Leveling
  6. Championship and Records
  7. How to make coins?
  8. A Guide for Donators

Om Nom Run: A Beginner’s Guide

Om Nom: Run - an exciting colorful game in the genre of runner from the company ZeptoLab, the developers of the famous game Cup the Rope (Cut the rope). The creators of the game continue to acquaint users with the adventures of the beloved monster Om Nom. But now players have to take part in races on the dangerous streets of Nyumville.

When installing the game, you can refuse to accept the user agreement, then information from the device will not be transmitted to the developers.

How to play?

The goal of the game is to help Om Nom and other characters to reach the finish line, bypassing obstacles along the way. To successfully complete the levels, you must complete tasks and use power-ups.

The game mechanics are very simple:

Remember, without amplification, a character can only jump over low obstacles, for example, boxes.

When passing the first levels, the game will pause in order to show the user teaching movements and explain how to properly dodge various obstacles. The further the player goes through the level, the faster the obstacles change and the more the player needs to concentrate his attention.

The player can crash into an obstacle at any time, even when the level, it would seem, has already been passed. So that the player is not so offended, the developers have provided an opportunity to restore life for watching a commercial. To do this, you need to have time to press the "Save me" button. The number of rescues is not limited.

Some obstacles can move, for example, ghosts in the magic forest. Be careful and think in advance on which side to get around them.

To complete the level of the game, you must complete the task for one, two or three stars. As soon as the tasks are completed for all the stars, the level ends. The next level is available to the player after receiving the first star. There are 120 levels in the game, 10 in each story chapter.

Any level can be replayed, for this you need to go to the list of levels, select the desired one, then return to the main screen and press "forward", then the race on the previous level will begin. Earned stars are saved, replaying the level, the user completes tasks to get the next stars.


The main screen presents 3 options for the game character, with the participation of which the level will be completed. Central is the character the user has chosen. Behind - two characters who can be rented to complete one level for watching a commercial.

Main home screen buttons:

Om Nom Run: Locations and Quests

The user is visually interested in the constant change of locations and obstacles during the game. The location changes when the character passes through a special portal, or chooses a path leading to a different area. There are currently 8 locations in the game.

  1. The city is the first location in the game, obstacles in the form of trucks, moving cars, wooden boxes, cyclists, telephone booths, traffic signs, trees, flying pigeons.
  2. Storm Runoff - Unlocks at level 3, added containers, spider cisterns, and water pipes to obstacles.
  3. Magic forest - opens at level 6, giant mushrooms, logs, hemp, ghosts, forest monsters are added to the obstacles.
  4. Tower of Evil - opens at level 9, there are only two paths on the sides of the location, lasers and barricades from boxes have been added to obstacles.
  5. Factory of Robots - opens at level 14, computer tables, spider robots and electric saws are added to the obstacles.
  6. Fruit Market - opens at level 20, pots with flowers, fruit shops, rolling watermelons have been added to obstacles.
  7. Roofs - opens at level 30, fountains, lawn mowers, lampposts, beams, gratings, garbage containers, chimneys are added to obstacles.
  8. Space Station - unlocks at level 40, turnstiles, driving and flying robots are added to obstacles.

At the beginning of each race, a task is shown that must be completed to complete the level. For completing the task, you can get one, two or three stars. For example, on the first level, to get the first star, you need to cover a distance of 400 meters, for the second - another 600 meters, for the third - another 800 meters. There are 4 types of tasks in total.

  1. Run the distance - the task completion depends on the distance covered. At the top of the screen, a distance indicator appears in the form of a yellow ruler with a red beacon that shows how much more to run before completing the task.
  2. Collect Tokens - Completion of the task depends on the number of collected spider tokens. A token icon appears at the top of the screen, the numbers next to it show how many tokens need to be collected and how many have already been collected.
  3. Perform tricks - the task performance depends on the number of performed tricks. There are scooters with green jumps on the tracks, grabbing a scooter, the character performs a trick, depending on which side the player swipes. A springboard icon appears at the top of the screen, the numbers next to it show how many tricks you need to perform and how many have already been done.
  4. Collect letters - the task depends on whether the player has collected all the letters of the given word or not. To get one star you need to collect all green letters of one word. Blue cubes with letters appear at the top of the screen, the color of the letter on the cube changes after the character has collected it.

Om Nom Pursuit: Power-ups and bonuses

When passing a level, you can use various enhancements to facilitate the task, or collect bonuses and earn more coins. Power-ups and bonuses are collected when the character passes through it, after which an icon appears on the left of the screen with a green indicator of the duration of the improvement.

Om Nom Run: Getting Characters

The creators of the game have drawn many interesting and colorful characters. Most of them are opened after purchasing with in-game currency. As soon as the character is open, he can be selected as the main one for passing the levels.

All characters differ in appearance and performed tricks on the trampolines. There are no additional abilities for passing races, earning coins and getting game points.

Additional characters sometimes appear on the main screen to rent them one level. For example, Super Nom in a gas mask or helmet, or Om Nom in gold.

Om Nom Run: Character Leveling

One of the directions of the game is getting points for completing levels. Performing tricks during the race allows you to get additional game points.

Each character is capable of performing 3 tricks, each of which can be pumped up to level 10. The player gets 100 points for the first level trick, 200 points for the second level trick, and so on.

The cost of upgrading a trick to a new level varies. The more expensive the character itself, the more expensive it is to improve his stunts. For example, raising Am Nyasha to the second level costs 3500 coins, a similar level increase for Robomaby costs 5000 coins.

Om Nom Pursuit: Championship and Records

A separate direction of the game is participation in the trick championship and the achievement of records in passing the distance. The competition is between the residents of Nyumville. Participation in this direction of the game helps the user to quickly earn coins for discovering and pumping their characters.

Stunt Championship. Held every 24 hours. In the tournament table of 12 prize places, in order to move up it, during the day you need to earn game points by passing levels and performing tricks of a higher level.

At the end of the championship, prizes are distributed:

Nyumville Book of Records. The book contains records that were set by residents of the city. In the event that the user manages to overcome a greater distance than the character of the game has overcome, he sets a new record, rises in the table and receives a cash prize.

The following cash prizes are provided for overcoming the distance:

Om Nom Run: How to make coins?

1. Collect coins when passing levels. After completing the level, the player is shown how many coins he was able to earn per round and is offered to increase the number of coins earned by 5 times for watching an advertising video.

It is beneficial to watch the commercial if you have earned more than 2000 coins per round. In this case, you can get from 10,000 coins at a time.

2. Receiving prizes for completing levels. There is a coin icon in the menu next to the new levels, which means that you can get a cash prize for completing it. The number of coins depends on the difficulty of the level, for some they give 1000 coins, for others 2000 coins and above. The prize for completing the level can be obtained only once.

3. Obtaining coins for opening a gold chest. You can get it in the store for watching a commercial. Each chest brings 500 coins. You can watch commercials and open chests an unlimited number of times.

4. Daily rewards for entering the game. The calendar tab shows which day in a row the user enters the game, for which you can get coins. Day 1 - the player receives 1000 coins, day 2 - 1500, day 3 - 2000, day 4 - 3000, day 5 - super chest.

5. Win coins for spinning the Wheel of Fortune. You can spin the wheel for free every 3 hours, or for watching a commercial. The player can win 1,000 coins, 5,000 coins, 10,000 coins, 20,000 coins, 50,000 coins, or 100,000 coins.

6. Win coins in a stunt championship. You can receive from 500 to 15,000 coins daily. For breaking the records of characters in the races, you can earn up to 200,000 coins.

7. Buying coins for currency. In the store you can buy a "pile of coins" - 5,000 coins, a "mountain of coins" - 20,000 coins, a "mega bag of coins" - 50,000 coins. Purchases can be restored if you change devices or delete a game.

The most coins can be earned by spinning the Wheel of Fortune after watching commercials.

Om Nom Run: A Guide for Donators

Premium subscription. The most interesting offer is getting a free premium subscription. The subscription is valid for 3 days, after which the monthly fee will be charged.

Pros of premium subscription :

When signing up for a free subscription, you must enter your bank card details for automatic debiting of funds. Do not forget to turn off the premium subscription after 3 days, otherwise the subscription will automatically renew and you will be charged a monthly fee.

Additional suggestions. Appear after passing levels. There are only 3 offers, and they are periodically repeated, so you can use them at any time.

  1. Guardian of the law - after purchase, the user receives a new character Om Nom in a cloak, as well as 50,000 coins.
  2. Hero League - after purchase, the user receives new Super Nom costumes, 100,000 coins, as well as one free revival in each race.
  3. Run on - after purchase, the user receives one free revival in each race, as well as 50,000 coins.

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