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Panda Pop WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

Bubble Shooter Panda Pop is a bubble shooter game from Jam City, Inc that aims to take players on an exciting adventure with cute pandas. In this game, the player will have to help the panda get rid of multi-colored balls by hitting them and creating chains of same-color balls. The goal of the game is to clear the playing field of all the balls before they reach the end point.


  1. Guide for new players
  2. All about the Zen Garden.
  3. In-Game Activities
  4. Guide to obstacles in the game
  5. Questions from players
  6. Is it worth playing?

Panda Pop: Guide for new players

Game Features: Panda Pop attracts with its simple and at the same time addictive gameplay, which is suitable for both children and adults. With each level the game becomes more difficult, adding new elements and exciting challenges. Colorful graphics, fun atmosphere and funny characters make the gameplay even more attractive.


What is life? To successfully start completing a level, you need to have lives, which are represented by a heart-shaped icon. You can have up to five units of lives at your disposal, and each of them is restored once every 30 minutes. During the game you can lose lives if you do not successfully complete the level.

There are several ways to replenish them:

How to ask friends for help? If you run out of lives in the game, your friends on social media can help you complete the level. To receive extra lives from friends, you must have less than four lives, and you can request help without restrictions.

Here’s how you can ask for help:

What is Panda World? Explore unknown lands and win fun prizes in the world of Pandas! At a time when there were many pandas, they created a magical land. However, with a decrease in their numbers, it fell into decay, left unattended. Now, with the babies back, it was the perfect place for them. But it requires a lot of effort.

After reaching level 15, you can enter Panda World by clicking on the world icon in the lower left corner. There are many lands in this panda world, each with different rooms and items to restore. To progress further, you need to restore areas using color essences.

Once all areas have been restored, the room will be completed and you will move on to the next one. Completing rooms can earn you a variety of rewards, such as boosters and Panda profile badges.

To earn rainbow essences, you must successfully complete new levels that you have not played before on the first try. Before starting the game, the "Play, 1st attempt" button will be available at the corresponding levels. When you successfully complete a new level on your first try, the level will turn gold, indicating that you have earned Rainbow Essences.

For players who have already unlocked all levels, levels in the portal will allow them to continue earning Rainbow Essences. Complete the renovation of all rooms to complete the renovation of each area and help the pandas! Stay tuned for new plots to become available soon.

What are coins? Coins can be used to replenish lanterns as you complete levels, purchase boosters, and speed up the recharge of Zen Garden lanterns. They can be obtained by participating in events, completing achievements, and linking your game to a social network account for the first time.

Another way to get coins is to purchase a Money Tree and harvest it every day for 30 days. Additionally, you can purchase coins from the Panda Shop, which is the fastest way to receive them.

How to unlock new worlds? To unlock a new world, you must complete all levels in the current world. Each country will have between 10 and 20 levels, and after the last required level, a locked gate will appear. As you progress through the level, the gate will open and you will move to the next world.

To view a list of all unlocked worlds and quickly move between them, tap the trophy icon in the lower right corner and select Map.

What are achievements? Complete tasks and earn rewards. To view available achievements, click on the trophy icon at the top of the world map. There you will find a list of different tasks, such as releasing a certain number of bubbles or logging into the game for a certain time.

After completing the achievement, you can receive your reward at any convenient time. Therefore, they can be left for a more appropriate time.

What are suits? Dress up Mommy Panda in different costumes to give her a new style! To dress up Mommy Panda, click on the panda profile icon in the top left corner of the screen. Then select the "Costumes" section to view the available options and choose your favorite.

You can also unlock other costumes by completing challenges or purchasing them from the Panda Shop.

Who are Panda’s Buddies? Panda companions are fresh companions that you can make friends with! Each Panda Friend features a Panda Bear in a variety of costumes, available through the Panda Rescue Collectible Quests. These cute creatures will appear in your game as you progress through the levels.

In the Panda profile, you can see your panda friends that you have already unlocked and choose which three you prefer to see while playing. Don’t miss new panda friends released every month.

What is a Panda profile? Meet Panda’s profile! Located in the top left corner of the screen, Panda’s profile allows you to do the following:

  1. Change your name in the game.
  2. Change your profile photo to either your social media profile photo or one of our funny panda photos. Unlock exclusive profile photos available during limited-time events.
  3. See your game statistics such as current levels, number of stars earned, overall score and more.
  4. Browse the available Mommy Panda costumes and change her look.
  5. See which panda friends you’ve earned and choose which three you’d like to see as you progress through the levels.

Panda Pop: All about the Zen Garden.

What is a Zen Garden? The game’s Zen Garden feature allows users to decorate a beautiful garden by using reward stars to create statues that provide bonuses as they complete levels. To access the Zen Garden, click on the trophy icon in the lower right corner of the screen, select "Map", and then click on the golden "Zen Garden" button.

You can customize and improve your zen garden with the following statues:

After creating the statue, you will be able to temporarily activate the bonus feature using stars. Upgrade your statue to the maximum level to extend the activation time! Once the bonus feature expires, the statue goes into a cooldown mode lasting 24 hours before it can be activated again.

Zen Garden also has these fun features that give you the opportunity to earn rewards:

What is a money tree? After unlocking the Zen Garden, players will have access to the Money Tree. This allows you to earn coins over a certain period of time. Once unlocked initially, the Money Tree will produce 24 coins every 24 hours for 7 days, as well as a chance to receive boosters. It is important to collect coins daily.

Once the Money Tree expires, it can be extended for another 30 days using real money by touching the sapling in the Zen Garden.

Panda Pop: In-Game Activities

What are events? In Panda Pop, the game developers regularly organize special events called events, during which players can take part in the main gameplay. These events take place over several days and offer players the chance to earn rewards if they meet certain requirements, such as beating difficult levels or collecting certain items. Possible rewards include boosters, panda profile avatars, panda friends, and more!

Why can’t I access current events? To participate in the event, please ensure your app is updated to the latest version available on Google Play or the App Store. Also make sure you have a strong internet connection to access our servers and other players, especially if you plan to participate in multiplayer events such as Super Crown Crush and Panda Race.

How long do events last? Panda Pop regularly hosts limited-time events that are only available for a limited period of time. Most events last no more than four days, with the exception of lottery events, which last for a month.

Upon completion of each event, players will receive a reward, but progress will not be carried over to the next version of the event.

What is the Panda Race competition? Complete levels in Panda Pop to win amazing rewards. In this competition, players will compete against each other, vying for first place among 49 participants before the end of the time slot. The more levels you complete, the higher your rating will be. Defeat your opponents to get the main prize.

What are Collections: Panda Rescue Events? Collect keys to save baby pandas and receive bonuses. During this event, players will complete a variety of tasks to earn keys, such as using lanterns or completing levels. The difficulty level of each task can be either easy, medium or difficult.

The more difficult the task, the more keys you can earn. It is also possible to use coins to start a new task.

After collecting enough keys, you will be able to unlock rewards and a panda friend as the main prize. Once you unlock your panda friends, they will be yours forever and will appear as you progress through levels.

What is Panda Subscription? Complete levels and earn points to earn rewards through the Panda Subscription program. By purchasing a premium subscription, you can also gain access to additional exclusive rewards.

Subscription points can be earned by completing new levels, and even more can be earned by successfully completing levels on the first try. In addition, players who complete levels in the Portal will be awarded points.

Each subscription activation lasts approximately a month. Make sure you earn as many points as possible and claim your rewards before the timer expires.

Panda Pop: Guide to obstacles in the game

What are obstacles? As you progress through the game, you will encounter various obstacles in each level! Some of them will be designed to help you, while others will try to prevent you from achieving victory. Each level offers unique obstacles and different tasks to save the baby pandas.

Fire. Fire appears in the game when the player reaches level six. When activated, the fire flares up, accompanied by an explosion that destroys all adjacent bubbles on the playing field.

Grapevines. The appearance of vines in the game occurs after completing the ninth level. When activated, they are located on the playing field and begin to clear bubbles in a vertical direction as they appear.

Metal bubbles. At level 11, metal bubbles appear that are impenetrable and cannot be combined with other bubbles. When playing with such bubbles, you need to skillfully maneuver around them, breaking the surrounding bubbles in order to get rid of them and continue passing the level.

Water bubbles. Water bubbles become available at level 16. When they explode, they can clear a whole series of neighboring bubbles.

Ice bubbles. Ice bubbles appear after reaching level 21. They take on the color of bubbles that break in their immediate vicinity.

Spiky bubbles. Spiked bubbles appear after completing level 31. Avoid colliding with them as they will destroy any adjacent bubbles. Avoid the spiky bubbles and pop the surrounding ones to clear the playing field.

Bumper bubbles. Bumper bubbles appear at level 41. Control the panda bubbles so that they collide with the bumper bubbles and bounce in the other direction.

Morph bubbles. At level 51, morph bubbles appear that change color after each move. Be careful and plan your moves carefully to successfully deal with these bubbles.

Locks and chains. At level 61 of the game, bubbles with locks and chains appear. To release a bubble with a lock, pop it or use a flashlight to break the entire chain. Be prepared for new challenges and use your logic to overcome these obstacles.

Bad bubbles. At level 71 of the game, Badbun bubbles appear. Beware of them, as you lose two turns for every Badbun bubble that pops. Use the booster against Badbun to transform them into regular bubbles and avoid wasting moves.

Plus bubbles. At level 81 of the game, additional bubbles appear. Don’t forget to click on the bubbles with the "+" symbol to get two more moves and successfully continue your game. These extra bubbles can be the key to solving difficult levels, so use them wisely as you progress through the game.

Cloud bubbles. After reaching level 121, cloud bubbles appear in the game. Cloud bubbles can trap other bubbles, making the level more difficult to complete. Pop them to release other bubbles and discard anything they touch.

Filling the bubbles. After reaching level 141, fill bubbles appear in the game. These special bubbles have magical powers - when you press them, they completely fill the lantern, helping you complete levels faster and achieve new records. Use them wisely and strategically to make the most of challenging levels.

Drain bubbles. Drain bubbles, appearing at level 161, can cause your lanterns to drain when they burst. Be careful and try to minimize contact with them. Use an anti-drain booster to transform those dangerous bubbles into safe regular bubbles.

Pink and purple bubbles. After overcoming level 211, pink and purple bubbles appear in the game. Unlike standard bubbles, they do not affect your flashlights, retaining their features and not requiring protection from them.

Gift bubbles. After reaching level 231, gift bubbles appear in the game. To reveal a special surprise, burst the bubble located in its vicinity.

Smoke. After completing level 261, smoke appears in the game. Be careful, this element can make it difficult to access bubbles by hiding them every other move! It is recommended to use a smoke suppressant to remove it from the level.

Bubble guns. At level 361 of the game, cannons appear that shoot bubbles onto the playing field. These bubbles can be collected all or destroyed using flashlights.

Switching spikes. The ability to change spikes appears after reaching level 421. Each turn, these obstacles switch between a colorful bubble that can be smashed and a spike that cannot be destroyed.

Masks. Masks appear when you reach level 461. When closed, they protect the bubbles underneath and cannot be removed. On each turn, the masks can switch between an open view with a colored bubble and a closed view.

Stones. The appearance of stones occurs after reaching level 561. To open the bubbles hidden underneath, you need to hit the stones.

Drain bombs. Drain bombs appear after successfully completing level 601. Don’t let the timer reach zero, otherwise all the lanterns will be dehydrated.

Ghosts. Ghosts appear after reaching level 641. They will hinder your attempts to get into their bubbles. Make sure the bubbles go through the activated ghosts before hitting a regular bubble.

Balloons. Balloons appear after reaching level 681. To complete your challenges, make sure you collect floating balloons to destroy the bubbles. They are similar to cloud bubbles, but can be cleared by raising or lowering the balloons and matching the colors.

Cubes with bubbles. Cube bubbles appear after completing level 741. You need to collect cube bubbles of the same color to clear them or different colors to change them. Remember this feature and use it to your advantage to successfully complete the level.

Ivy. Ivy appears after completing level 801. It grows on the bubbles and prevents them from bursting. To clear an obstacle, collect nearby matches, then hit the light bulb to destroy it.

Conveyor belts. These belts appear after reaching level 861. Each conveyor belt rotates groups of bubbles around the central gear after each move. Your task is to collect all the bubbles on it to clear it and complete the level.

Bamboo. The Bamboo Trap appears after reaching level 921. To overcome this obstacle, you need to hit it with bubbles or flashlights to weaken it. Try creating a chain of bubbles or light bulbs to break up the bamboo. Once it cracks, the obstacle will be destroyed and you can continue your journey through the game’s levels.

Rotators. They appear after restarting level 981. They protect the bubbles below, making the level more difficult to complete. To overcome the spinners, you need to hit the center to break them and free access to the bubbles.

Foam. Espuma appears at level 1041. The bubbles can easily penetrate the foam without slowing down!

Crystals. They will become available at level 1121. To activate a crystal, hit it with the same color. You can also use a different color crystal to change the color and create a strategic match.

Magic bubbles. Magic balls appear after reaching level 1201. Click on a magic ball to apply its color to the next ball in your queue and improve your chances of winning.

Ropes. After reaching level 1281, ropes appear. Collect bubbles near the lines to weaken them. Once the rope is frayed, use more bubbles to break it.

Supercharges. They appear after reaching level 1121. Hit the matching colored crystal to activate it! Alternatively, hit with a different color crystal to change the supercharge color.

Rotating shields. Gravity elements appear after reaching level 1521. They can change the direction of the bubbles! Fill the barrel under the gravity elements to change their direction and continue your strategy.

Wooden fans. Invisible blocks appear after reaching level 1601. They are hidden from view, but block your path! Use smart moves and strategy to get around them and reach your goal.

Fireworks. Magic whirlwinds appear after reaching level 1681. They can move your bubbles to the other side of the field. Use them to your advantage to create new combinations and achieve success.

Volcanoes. The volcano appears after reaching level 1841. This powerful obstacle can mix up all the bubbles on the field, creating both new opportunities and new challenges. Be prepared for change and use it to your advantage.

Bad guy, boss. After reaching level 2001, Boss Badbun appears. To defeat him, use bubbles or flashlights to land a clean hit and defeat this boss.

Runes. Once you reach level 2181, runes appear in the game. To activate them, collect the bubbles next to the runes. Activated runes trigger matching events.

Shuffling. After reaching level 2401, shuffles become available. These special bonuses will randomly change the position of the bubbles before each turn.

Leaves. After reaching level 3341, leaves become available. Clear the corresponding bubbles to reveal the hidden leaves underneath.

Panda Pop: Questions from players

Is it possible to play the game without coins? It is possible to complete the game without purchasing coins. This option is for those looking for additional support. All levels of the game are available to complete without purchasing lives, coins or boosters. Coins can provide an additional advantage to completing a level, but acquiring them is optional and is not required to achieve victory.

Game developers release levels only after they are convinced of their realistic difficulty.

Do you need internet to play this game? You don’t need an internet connection to play Panda Pop. However, it is recommended to use a stable Wi-Fi or 4G connection for the best gaming experience, such as participating in events, downloading new content and saving progress on our servers.

How to change the language in the game? Panda Pop is available to play in the following languages: Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Danish, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai and Turkish.

In order to change the language, you need to change the settings of your device, as the application automatically uses the language that is currently installed. For example, if you would like to see text in French instead of English, please go to your device’s language settings, select your preferred language, and then restart the application.

How do I turn notifications on or off? To manage push notifications, tap the toggle button in the top right corner to go to settings. Then select the second toggle button to open another settings page. Tap the notifications button: a green checkmark will appear if you’d like to turn notifications on, or disappear if you’d prefer to turn them off.

Android users also need to go to their phone’s settings and turn off notifications there.

Is an account required to play? When you launch the Panda Pop game for the first time, it will be automatically saved on your device. As long as you don’t delete the app, you can always continue playing with your saved progress at the same level the next time you open the app.

However, to ensure that level progress can be restored if the application is deleted, it is recommended that you connect the game to your social network account or Apple ID. This ensures that your progress is saved and can be restored even if you reinstall the application.

Also, your level progress will be stored on the developer’s servers, which will allow you to restore saved data on another device or play with one account on several devices.

What to do if all levels are completed? The development team is constantly working to add new levels to delight players. Don’t forget to check Google Play or App Store for the latest updated version of the game which will contain fresh content. Meanwhile, players can continue to complete levels through the panda portal to collect stars and points for events.

Panda Pop: Is it worth playing?

Panda Pop is an exciting game that will attract the attention of lovers of puzzles and a variety of levels. With beautiful graphics and adorable pandas, it will allow you to relax and enjoy the exciting process of shooting balls.

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Cons of the game:

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