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Path of Immortals WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

Path of Immortals is an action game from Chinese game studio Mechanist Games. You will become one of the Immortal Warriors, your task is to protect people from the rebellious demons that have filled the whole earth. Go on a journey, help the locals, upgrade your ammunition and your abilities to easily destroy any enemies that stand in your way.


  1. CD key (Codes)
  2. Tips for Getting Started Right
  3. What activities to participate in at the beginning of the game?
  4. Beginner’s Guide
  5. Immortal Leveling Guide
  6. All About Getting and Upgrading Ammunition
  7. How to get and upgrade a defender?
  8. Combat Guide
  9. Story Campaign Tips
  10. How to get wasteland treasures?
  11. All About Arena Battles
  12. All Ways to Get Free Resources
  13. Donator Guide

Path of Immortals: CD key (Codes)

A promotional code is a special combination of letters and numbers, after entering which you can get free resources for the development of the Immortal. The promotional code must be applied immediately after receiving, because after its expiration date you will not be able to benefit.

How to get a? New promo codes can be found in the official Path of Immortals social media groups. To go to the corresponding site, open the game settings, go to the User Settings section and click the Community button.

Do not forget to read the letters received by the game mail, they may contain promotional codes from the developers.

Receiving a gift. Activating a promo code is quite simple. Open the game settings, go to the Technical support section and click the Promo code button. In a special window, you must enter the desired combination, and then click the OK button. If the promo code is successfully applied, a corresponding message will pop up, and the resources will be credited to your account and placed in your bag.

Active promo codes:

Be careful when entering the promotional code, because in case of an error, the code will not be applied and you will not receive a gift.

Path of Immortals: Tips for Getting Started Right

1. Server. If you set yourself the goal of becoming a strong player and getting into the ranking of the best, you need to start an active game on a new server. They open quite often, so you will definitely have such an opportunity. Servers are divided into two categories Europe and America, you need to choose the server with the most suitable time for your region of residence. You can play a little on the old server, get comfortable with Path of Immortals, and after that move on to creating the strongest Immortal on the new server.

2. Activity. The further you advance into the story campaign in the first few days of the game, the faster you can develop the Immortal. For all beginners, a number of additional activities are provided that will allow you to get the necessary resources at the initial stage. You will need a lot of free time to become the best server player, you need to pay attention to the game several times a day for a couple of hours.

3. Combat power. The main indicator of Path of Immortals players is the combat power of the Immortal, which determines your competitiveness and place in the ranking. The fastest way to increase the combat power indicator is to increase the level of the Immortal, develop ammunition and pump the defenders.

4. Guild. Joining a guild with active players guarantees you the constant receipt of additional resources and help from allies for the development of the Immortal. It is necessary to choose a strong guild at the very beginning of the game after switching to a new server in order to get more benefits from the union.

5. Completion of tasks. You will need many different resources to develop all the objects that increase the overall combat power, so it is very important to participate in all events and complete daily tasks. Most of the tasks are related to the performance of daily activities, for example, increasing the level of the Immortal or the defender, passing the map stage, and so on. It is these tasks that you should pay attention to, since you can complete them without much difficulty and at the same time get resources.

Path of Immortals: What activities to participate in at the beginning of the game?

Tests. At the very beginning of the game, you need to earn as many resources as possible to develop the Immortal. The developers have provided several opportunities for beginners to get the necessary items. In the first few days, you will have to complete various challenges, which will also help you get comfortable in the main gaming activities. Tasks will open gradually day by day, you can complete them until the end of the event time.

1. Day of adventure.Tasks for passing the map up to stage 5-40. Tasks for forging ammunition, it is necessary to forge 90 times.Diamonds, gold, astroliths, mithril hammers.
2. Wasteland day.Tasks for passing the Wasteland up to level 35. Tasks to increase the overall level of equipped ammunition to level 30.Magnets, epic essence, gold, stones of return and nirvana.
3. Day of the arena.Quests for battles in the arena, you need to fight 35 times. Tasks to increase the level of the Immortal talent to level 20.Diamonds, potions for defenders, spheres of inspiration.
4. Day of training.Tasks for completing Crucible levels up to level 35. Quests for making the call of fate, you need to call 20 times.Gold, lost angel feathers.
5. Nightmare day.Quests to destroy enemies in the Cursed Lands, it is necessary to destroy 1,600 enemies. Tasks to increase the overall level of ammunition to level 120.Gold, diamonds, return stones.
6. Day of motivation.Tasks for completing the awakening of the defenders, it is necessary to complete 35 awakenings. Tasks to increase the star level of equipped ammunition to level 20.Gold, potions for the defenders.

Set of the day. During the Rookie Challenge event, you will receive daily offers to purchase valuable items. Each offer can only be used once before the end of the event. The price of the set is indicated in diamonds, the cost of items will be much lower than in the game store.

We advise you to purchase all the items offered during this event. Thus, you can save and profitably spend premium currency.

Daily entry. Beginners get a great opportunity to earn good rewards just by logging into the game daily. The event lasts for 9 days, so even if you miss one day, you can get all the prizes. The following rewards are provided for daily entry:

The glow of artifacts. After receiving your first artifact, you will be able to take part in a special event for newcomers to the game. During the allotted time, you need to open as many new artifacts as possible in order to receive special event points. Points can also be earned for promoting artifacts. For a certain number of points scored, you will receive a reward in the form of items for upgrading artifacts. For example, you can open the first treasure chest by earning 100 points.

The path of the hero and the warrior of the wasteland. These events last for three weeks, during which time you need to earn as many special medals as possible by completing various daily tasks. As soon as you accumulate a given number of medals, you will receive the corresponding reward. After the end of the event, all available, but not received gifts will be sent by a special letter to the game mail.

With the help of a donation, you can purchase the Advanced Event Pass and increase the reward you receive by several times.

Path of Immortals: Beginner’s Guide

Choice of the Immortal. You will begin your journey in the world of Path of Immortals by choosing a hero to play as and going through various challenges. Immortals differ from each other in appearance and preferred fighting technique. You will not receive any advantages for battles, so make your choice based on your sympathy for one or another hero. Later, you can unlock other Immortals and, if you wish, replace the hero, the cost of opening each Immortal is 100 diamonds.


Gameplay. Movement through game activities occurs through tabs on the main screen of the game or buildings located in the vicinity, without direct control of the Immortal. Your goal is to develop and improve the combat characteristics of the Immortal and his defenders in order to engage in battles with demons and earn rewards for further advancement.

Main screen. The main screen displays the hometown of the Immortals - Morven. You can move around the city and communicate with other characters in the game. The upper part of the screen displays information about the account and the amount of diamonds and gold available, the lower part contains buttons for switching to the main activities of the game. On the left is information about current events and promotional offers, on the right - auxiliary tabs for players.

Pay attention to the red exclamation marks next to the tab icons, they appear if you are available to perform a certain action or receive a reward.

Main activities:

Account. By clicking on the avatar in the upper left corner, you will be taken to a special information section. This lists your fame level, name, current level, experience earned, server name, and guild name. You can change the name and avatar by selecting the image of any received character.

Authorization. Through the information section, you have the opportunity to register your account by linking it to the game center or one of the social networks. Authorization will allow you to play on multiple devices and resolve problems if they occur through the support service.

After authorization, you will not only secure your game profile, but also receive 300 diamonds as a gift.

Mail. An envelope icon is located on the right side of the main screen, system messages, as well as various awards, come to this section. Be sure to check your mail at least once a day so you don’t miss important information and get the resources you earn. With the Get All button, you can save time and claim all rewards with a single click of a button.

Game settings. In this section, you can adjust the volume of music and sound effects to make the game more comfortable. Also, with the help of special switches, you can reduce the amount of energy consumed by the gaming device by lowering the graphics quality and frame rate.

Notifications. In the game settings, you can enable/disable certain notifications to receive messages about significant events in the game. The following types of notifications are available for customization:

Chat. In the lower right corner of the main screen is a game chat where you can chat with other users, allies and friends. The chat provides the function of sending emoticons, so you can diversify your communication. Through a special section, you can request talent shards and get help from other players.

Path of Immortals: Immortal Leveling Guide

Immortal is the main character and the main combat unit for passing game activities. Only one Immortal can be used in battle, so it is necessary to use resources to develop the main character. Each fighter has certain attributes that are responsible for the main characteristics of the Immortal.

base attribute.Characteristic.
Power.Increases damage, each unit increases defense by 1 unit.
Agility.Increases damage, each unit increases attack speed by 0.6.
Intelligence.Increases damage, each unit increases resistance to all elements by 1.
Endurance.Increases damage, each point increases maximum HP by 5.
Attack.The amount of damage from each attack.
HP.The amount of damage a hero can take.
Penetration.The ability to ignore enemy armor when attacking.
Protection.Reduces damage taken by a certain percentage.
Accuracy.Ignore enemy evasion when attacking.
Evasion.Chance to dodge when attacking an enemy.
Critical damage level.Critical hit chance.
Critical Damage Bonus.Increased damage dealt on a critical hit.
Critical hit resistance.Ignore damage when receiving a critical hit.
Critical damage reduction.Damage reduction when receiving a critical hit.
Attack speed level.Increase the hero’s attack speed.
The number of attacks.The number of hero attacks per second.
Damage.Percentage of increased damage dealt.
Damage reduction.Damage reduction percentage.
HP recovery on hit.The number of HP units restored.
HP recovery on kill.The number of HP units restored.
Suppression level.If the suppression level is higher than the target, the damage dealt is increased and the damage taken is reduced.
Movement speed.Percentage of increase in movement speed of the hero.

Pumping. All the necessary tabs for leveling the hero are located at the bottom of the screen. To go to the main section on the development of the Immortal, click on the Hero icon. It is necessary to devote maximum time to pumping the hero, to monitor the lack of resources and go through activities to get them.

Level. Leveling up is done by accumulating experience points, which you can get for blessings and prayers. The level of the Immortal corresponds to your game level and affects the opening of activities and additional development opportunities. Depending on the level of the Immortal, the indicators of basic attributes change.

Talent. With the help of inspiration and insight items, you have the opportunity to develop the talents of the Immortal. You will also need gold to activate Talent Orbs. Each sphere is responsible for increasing a certain characteristic of the Immortal, you can increase the attack, HP, attack speed and critical strike.

Ammunition. The main way to increase the characteristics of the Immortal is to use well-pumped ammunition elements. Each item is responsible for improving a certain attribute of the hero. A total of 6 slots for placing ammunition elements and increasing HP, damage and protection.

Weird disk. With this function, you can activate the skills of ammunition without using it directly. You can use up to 6 items of legendary ammunition that is not worn by the Immortal. To activate skills, select free ammunition and place the item in a special slot on the Marvelous Disk.

Skills. Depending on the level of the Immortal, you have the opportunity to apply 6 angel cards, which will determine the hero’s skills. For example, the Shield skill will allow you to activate a shield that reduces the damage you take if you take no damage. The level of an angel card can be increased after accumulating the required number of shards of this card. The higher the level of the card, the more opportunities to place additional angel cards for a skill bonus.

House of divination. To get angel cards, you need to make calls in the Divination House. To complete the call, you will need one scroll of fate, which you can get in temporary events or reward chests. You can also make 10 summons by paying 1,350 diamonds. You can make one free call per day for watching a commercial.

Make calls as often as possible, as every 60 calls guarantees a legendary angel card.

Friendship call. You can make a call and get angel cards using friendship points, 10 points are required for one call. Every day you can send one friendship point to your friends and accordingly receive the same gifts from them. Friendship points can also be obtained from a team challenge in the Wasteland. After accumulating 100 friendship points, you can immediately make 10 calls at the same time.

Card qualityChance when summoning fateFriendly Summon Chance
Card Shards40%fifty
General cardsthirty %24
Rare cards24%24
Epic cardsfour %1.5
Legendary cards2%0.5

Mount. The first animal on which the Immortal can move will be obtained after completing chapter 5 of the story campaign. With it, you can get additional bonuses to the basic attributes of the hero. To develop the Mount, you will need gold coins, notes, notes and writings about riding. To evolve the Mount and increase its level, items of the initial essence will be required.

Vaults. Activating the vault will allow the Immortal to unlock an additional skill and gain an advantage in combat. To activate the vault, you must apply all the necessary signs to it. The higher the level of the hero, the higher the limit for applying signs to the vaults will be. The effectiveness of an open skill will also depend on the quality of the signs.

Available skills:

A whirlpool of elements. Here you can get signs for the development of vaults. Every 24 hours, one natural retreat opens up where you can earn certain tokens. The pool of elements is guarded by a dragon, the higher the level of the monastery, the more difficult it will be for you to defeat it. Every day you have 2 attempts to challenge and get a valuable reward.

When passing tests, be careful not to approach the towers of energy, so as not to receive additional damage.

Artifacts. During your journey, you will find valuable artifacts that impose a certain effect on the Immortal. The quality of the artifact determines the indicator of its abilities and saturation attributes. With the help of special resources, you can develop the capabilities of artifacts, saturate them to level up and promote them to increase the star level.

Supreme Artifacts.Keros, Crown of Ariadne, Veil of Nature, Dragon Teapot. Mantle of the Waters, Angelic Night, Ancient Runes, Reaper’s Scythe, Jade Books, Hero’s Ocarina, Chalice of Kamael, Canopy, Sign of Aizan, Tome of Magic, Scroll of Dry Oceans.
Legendary Artifacts.Flower Cris, Bone Hook, Guardian Stone, Angel Harp, Leviathan Skin, Panchajana Shell, Great Leviathan, Lycurgus Cup, Messenger Chelis, Kamaueto Horn, Cacodemon’s Jaw, Golden Dragon Shield, Tyson, Hero Faces, Moon Bow, Wild Howl, Justice, Statue of the Sphinx, Horns of Ifrit.
epic artifacts.Book of Ibis, Amphora, Prophecy, Golden Fleece, Draupnir, Staff of the Sun, Abyssal Cauldron, All-Seeing Eye, Balmung, Aegis, Hidden Blade, Head of the Hydra, Fang of Wisdom, Holy Law, Desperate Cry, Chalice of the Future.
Rare artifacts.Scroll of Secrets, Dark Horns, Trickster’s Hat, Spirit Lamp, Key of Life, Belt of War, Imhullu, Seal of the Sage.
Regular Artifacts.Ankil, Heart Robe, Svalinn, Gauntlets of Lightning, Book of Shadows, Aten, Chrysaor, Carapace of the Colossus, Gungnir, Blazing Pearl, Choker of the Tides, Hammer of Kothar, Balor’s Eye, Prydwen, Ouroboros, Monkey’s Paw.

Hall of Wisdom. To get artifacts, you need to make calls in the Hall of Wisdom. To complete the call, one Ink of the Sky is required. You can also make 10 summons by paying 2,700 diamonds. When you receive the same artifact again, it will be converted into an extract for its development.

Make a call as often as possible, since every 10th call guarantees an artifact of epic quality and above.

Path of Immortals: All About Getting and Upgrading Ammunition

Receipt. The main way to get ammunition elements is to forge them from Rufus, the call is carried out in two ways. You can also receive ammunition during the passage of the story campaign, cursed lands, and receive rewards in temporary events.

Ordinary forging. To complete the call, you will need 20 Astrolites, which can be obtained during the passage of the story campaign, in the Wasteland and reward chests. You can also forge 10 random items for 1,800 diamonds. Each week, an increased chance of obtaining certain high quality items is set.

Be sure to use the opportunity to make a free call for watching a commercial.

Fine forging. To complete the call, you need 20 Wasteland ore, it can be obtained in the Wasteland, reward chests and exchanged during events. You can choose one of the items of ammunition for precision forging. Every 50 forgings guarantees a legendary item of ammunition.

Level. The main way to improve the characteristics of ammunition is to pump it and increase the level. Click on the ammunition slot, then the Boost button, select unused ammunition items that will be used for pumping, or use the Auto-select function. To increase the level of ammunition, you will need to pay a certain amount of gold.

Pump all the elements evenly to increase the level of harmony of ammunition and get an additional bonus to the characteristics.

Promotion. With this function, you can increase the rank of an item of ammunition. You can only promote ammunition of epic quality and higher. You will need gold and an epic essence, which can be obtained through the Pool of Wishes or in reward chests.

Star level. With the help of synthesis, you can increase the star level of ammunition. You will need an identical item of ammunition and gold. The maximum number of stars depends on the quality of the pumped ammunition. The higher the star level, the higher the characteristics of the Immortal.

You can reduce already improved ammunition, cancel all of its enhancements and return the spent resources. However, the star level cannot be lowered.

Yakhont. For an additional bonus, a special stone can be inserted into each item of ammunition. The number of available slots for placing a yacht depends on the quality of the ammunition and the level of its pumping. You can combine the same stones with each other to increase their level. The main way to get a yacht is to clear the cursed lands.

Combinations. You can use several equipment combinations. After making your selection, click the Load button to save the current combination of ammunition and Immortal cards. After that, you can try a different combination of equipment and, if necessary, return to the original settings using the saved combination.

Separation. All received items of ammunition are stored in a bag. To take advantage of unused gear, you can split items and turn them into materials to upgrade the items you need. This way you can get Mithril Hammers and Epic Essence. To separate, open the bag, the ammunition section, then click the Smelt button and select unnecessary items.

Wings. Wings are a special item of the Immortal’s equipment. Their use affects not only the appearance of the hero, but also the performance of his basic attributes. You can get wings by actively participating in game events. You also have the opportunity to try out the wings you like for free for a short period of time.

Wings.Base Attribute Bonus.Receipt method.
Wings of Light.Attack + 4%, accuracy + 4%, evasion + 4%.Award for 1st place in the Championship.
Wings of Dawn.Attack + 3%, accuracy + 3%, evasion + 3%.Award for 2nd place in the Championship.
Heavenly wings.Attack + 2%, accuracy + 2%, evasion + 2%.Award for 3rd place in the Championship.
Wings of Light.Attack + 3%, HP + 3%, movement speed + 10%.Participation in temporary events.
Ice Wings.Critical Chance +2%, Critical Damage Bonus +15%, Movement Speed ​​+10%.Participation in temporary events.
Dark Wings.Critical Chance +3%, Critical Damage Bonus +20%, Movement Speed ​​+15%.Participation in temporary events.
Wings of Passion.Attack + 3%, HP + 3%, movement speed + 10%.Participation in temporary events.
Light Wings.Critical Chance +1%, Critical Damage Bonus +10%, Movement Speed ​​+5%.Participation in temporary events.
Wings of hope.Attack + 50, HP + 100.Participation in temporary events.

Path of Immortals: How to get and upgrade a defender?

Defenders are your assistants and additional units for fighting demons. In the game you can find 21 defenders, all of them have different combat skills and characteristics. An immortal can only take two defenders with him, so you need to choose the strongest and most useful for you.

Legendary Defenders.Class.View.Element.
Chimera.Attack.Half-beast.Ice, fire and poison damage.
Meganeura.Attack.Elf.Lightning damage.
Phoenix.Attack.Half-beast.Fire damage.
Shield bearer.Protection.Spirit.Physical damage.
Locke.Protection.Half-beast.Fire damage.
Alastor.Protection.Spirit.Physical damage.
Seer.Help.Spirit.Ice damage.
Witch Jenna.Help.Elf.Poison damage.
Siren.Help.Elf.Ice damage.
Epic defenders.Class.View.Element.
Sapphire Archer.Attack.Spirit.Ice damage.
Small dragon.Attack.Elf.Lightning damage.
Wyvern.Attack.half beast.Physical damage.
Fire warrior.Protection.Spirit.Fire damage.
Knight.Protection.Half-beast.Physical damage.
Pixie.Help.Elf.Poison damage.
Ordinary defenders.Class.View.Element.
Reaper.Attack.Spirit.Physical damage.
Oncilla.Attack.Half-beast.Physical damage.
Intercessor.Protection.Elf.Physical damage.
Rock.Protection.Spirit.Physical damage.
Medicine man.Help.Half-beast.Lightning damage.
Shumok.Help.Elf.Physical damage.

Calm down. All the defenders you have discovered live here, you have the opportunity to use them to extract the resources necessary for development and get new defenders. Use the Send function in the upper right corner to distribute responsibilities between defenders and wait for the work to be completed. Premium account allows you to program the automatic sending of defenders to extract resources.

Keep track of the end of the work and set a reminder for yourself to enter the game. The altar, sawmill, mine, camping house and arena should not be idle, because with the help of the resources received, defenders can be quickly developed.

Font. The main way to get new protectors is to wake up in the font. Place the earned crystal of life and wait for the end of the awakening time. If necessary, you can speed up the process of obtaining a new protector by paying diamonds. If an existing defender awakens, then it will be converted into fragments that will be required in the future for its development. With a special awakening, the chance of getting an epic or legendary defender increases.

Call for defenders. During the Fate of the Defenders event, you will be able to obtain special items to summon the Defenders. Participation in the activities of this event gives you a great chance to get new defenders, as well as fragments for the development of existing ones.

To obtain fragments of the necessary protectors, perform ablution daily. This procedure is available only once a day.

Development. To improve the characteristics of the defenders and increase their effectiveness in battle, it is necessary to devote time to their development. There are several ways to upgrade defenders in the game, each of which will require special resources and items. It is necessary to develop the defenders chosen for the battle evenly so that they bring maximum benefit.

Ways of development:

  1. Improvement. With the help of special potions, the level increases. The maximum level of development corresponds to the current level of the Immortal.
  2. Star level. With the help of fragments of the defender, the spheres of abilities are activated. Activating 6 spheres allows you to get a star.
  3. Skills. Depending on the level of development, you can add up to 10 different skills to the defender, which will affect his combat characteristics. Skills can be leveled up with an identical fragment.
  4. Make-up. With the help of enchantment flowers, you can increase the level of four given skills. Each skill is responsible for certain characteristics of the defender.

House of knots After gaining access to the House of Bonds, you will be able to populate your defenders in small rooms. Each floor is suitable only for defenders of a certain type or class. Having your own housing allows you to get a certain bonus for the defender and increase his combat power.

Path of Immortals: Combat Guide

Battle. You control the Immortal with a joystick, place your finger anywhere on the screen and move it to move the hero. Defenders will move on their own and perform actions based on their class. The Immortal automatically attacks when demons enter its attack range. Your task is to move the hero to destroy all the demons in the location and dodge enemy attacks.

The immortal cannot make attacks while moving around the location.

Demons. The game features a wide variety of demons, but there is no reference for their characteristics. You have to independently study the abilities of enemies and develop tactics for their destruction. In addition, demons place various traps in locations, for example, crossbows hidden in the walls, the arrows of which will cause additional damage to the Immortal.

Bosses. Bosses represent the greatest danger - enlarged copies of demons, with high combat performance. It is necessary to carefully monitor the trajectory of their movement and attack. For example, the Scarecrow moves by jumping, the zone of their landing is highlighted with a red circle. And the Bull attacks from a running start, the direction of his movement is highlighted with a red arrow.

Fragments of memory. Before the start of the battle, or during the passage of the test, you will need to select memory fragments that are responsible for enhancing the combat skills of the Immortal. The choice comes from three proposed fragments, they can be universal for all Immortals, or suitable only for your hero. When you get a second Memory Fragment, you can combine them to increase your Combat Skill.

Universal Memory Fragments:

Pay attention to fragments of the week, as they receive a +20% bonus damage and can make your Immortal much stronger.

Help Beatrice. During the journey, you can meet Beatrice, who will offer you to have tea with her and listen to her story. As a reward, you will receive one of the three offered gifts. Received bonuses will be valid until the end of the test. Choose those gifts that can strengthen your hero in the current situation.

Possible gifts:

When meeting with Beatrice, you have a chance to receive the blessing of the angels and receive all three offered gifts. Be sure to watch the promotional video to get all the power-ups.

Temptation. When passing tests before moving to the next location, you can meet a wizard. It will offer you a nice bonus to the Immortal’s stats, but not for free. You can pay for the bonus only by worsening one of the Immortal’s indicators, so weigh the pros and cons before accepting the wizard’s offer.

Temptation bonus.Consequences for the Immortal.
Get Runic Knife with Lightning Strike +25%.Apply a Rune of Corruption and reduce Max HP.
Obtaining an old god with continuous damage + 40%.Casting a cursed rune and reducing attack speed.
Gain Ancestral Hammer with Chain Lightning Effect +40% Damage to Ancestral Skills.When attacked, there is a chance to get a bleed effect with continuous HP loss.
Obtaining Bracers of Power, after using the skill, damage is increased by 40% for 10 seconds.Obtaining Datura Flowers and reducing the energy recovery process.
Activate Boiling Blood and gain +20% Attack Speed ​​Boost effect at full HP.Casting a cursed rune and reducing movement speed.
Get an obsidian amulet, 30% chance to be immune to crowd control effects.Casts a cursed rune and increases damage taken for 10 seconds.

The death of the defenders. Your defenders, like the Immortal, take damage from demon attacks, and if HP reaches zero, the defender dies. However, the defenders have the ability to resurrect, he can recover and continue to fight after a specified time.

If time does not matter for passing the test, wait for the resurrection of the defenders before moving on to the next location.

Defeat. When the Immortal’s HP reaches 0, you are defeated because the hero is exhausted and cannot continue the battle. You can restore vital signs by watching a commercial, but this function can only be used 3 times a day. Resurrection is required when fighting the Boss and completing the levels of the chapter of the story campaign.

Path of Immortals: Story Campaign Tips

Plot. People were defeated in the Bloody War, the armies of demons were too strong. In a moment of desperation, angels came and sealed the Dreadlord behind the gate. By sacrificing themselves, they restored the fragile peace and left their Immortal children on Earth. Together with them, people built their new home Morwen, but the demons awakened and attacked the people. Together with other characters of the game you have to save the Earth again.


Cards. To complete the story campaign, you need to go to the map. Each chapter of the story is a separate stage of the campaign. To complete the chapter, you must successfully complete all levels and destroy the final boss. The plot consists of the following chapters:

All levels of the chapter must be completed at once, so allow enough free time to reach the final level.

Completing tasks. Each chapter includes several tasks, it is after completing them that you can proceed to the next story chapter. As a reward, you will receive gold, ammunition elements, astrolites, various items for leveling the Immortal and defenders.

Task examples:

Memory slot. During the passage of the story campaign, you have the opportunity to use the memory slot to save progress. At a certain point on the map, the memory slot is updated, the received memory fragments and relics are saved. When replaying a chapter, click Memory Slot, watch the commercial to go to the level where your data was saved.

Cursed lands. After passing each story chapter, a new level of the Cursed Land opens. By winning all the battles, you can get new yachts for pumping ammunition. The higher the difficulty level of the Cursed Lands, the better the quality of the rewards.

Additional challenge. With the help of additional complications, you increase the chance of dropping valuable items when passing through the Cursed Land. Complication can strengthen the demons or weaken the Immortal’s abilities. After the Cursed Land is completed by 3 stars, the function of clearing and receiving rewards without a fight will become available to you.

Path of Immortals: How to get wasteland treasures?

Wasteland. Additional gaming activity that you can find in the vicinity of the city. Levels can be completed out of order, after clearing the location you can go several stages ahead at once. To pass the level and receive rewards, you have to destroy all the demons, since the save function is not provided.

Single mode. Represents the standard battle of the Immortal with the demons. The level lasts until you collect the required number of spheres to summon the Boss. After completing the Wasteland level, you will receive a bonus for this level and levels below, and also unlock the automatic passage function.

During auto-battle, you cannot change the order in which skills trigger.

Team battle. This mode is available only for those levels of the Wasteland that you have already completed in single player mode. Invite other Immortals to fight with you, keep in mind that their level must match the level of the location being passed. The more players in the team, the stronger will be the Boss with whom you have to fight.

Magnets. To enter the Wasteland, you need special magnets, which you can receive as a reward from the inhabitants of the city for protecting the Wasteland. One magnet is required for one attempt to pass the level. You can also purchase 3 magnets daily for 150 diamonds.

Demons. During the passage of the stages of the Wasteland, you can meet a demon. You must fight him before the end of the specified time. The one who opened the Demon event will receive the best rewards when it is destroyed. After the opening of the event, your friends and allies will be able to fight with the demon, for which they will also receive a reward. The player can help in the destruction of the demon 2 times a day.

Path of Immortals: All About Arena Battles

Arena. To improve their combat skills and measure their strength, the Immortals held a competition. You can take part in arena battles 5 times a day, additional attempts can be purchased for diamonds. For the battle, there is a manual control mode for the Immortal and an automatic one.

Choice of opponent. Each time you can choose one opponent from the two proposed players. The more battle points your opponent has, the more points you get if you win. You can also use the random player selection feature to increase the amount of the reward you receive.

To increase the number of victory points, use the auto-battle feature.

Reward. The number of keys that you will receive in case of victory depends on the choice of the opponent. With 4 keys, you can open the chest and get valuable rewards for development. Depending on the battle points earned, you will take a certain place in the ranking of players and at the end of the day you will receive the corresponding reward.

Team competition. An event that is a competition between players from different servers. At the beginning of the event, you can choose a team or create your own to invite verified players. A team can only consist of players from the same server.

Team battles. The captain of each team regulates the positions and selects the teams to be called. Every day, a team has 5 tickets to make a challenge and enter the battle with another team. Points are calculated after the battle, points are awarded for a victory, subtracted for a defeat. The top two teams will advance to the championship.

Championship. All selected teams will be randomly assigned to pairs. The winner advances to the next round, the losing team is eliminated. The top 3 championship teams receive exclusive wings and avatar frames, the rewards are valid until the start of the next championship.

Rates. During each round, all players can place bets. Choose one of the two teams presented and try to guess which of them will win the battle. The amount of the bet depends on the effectiveness of the Blessing mode and can be equal to the amount of gold in this mode for 1 day. With a successful bet, you will receive a double reward, which will be sent to your mail.

To increase the chances of winning, carefully study the information about the level of development of the players in the team and the overall power indicator.

Path of Immortals: All Ways to Get Free Resources

Resources - a game currency that is required for pumping the Immortal, defenders, ammunition items, and so on. The main currency is gold and diamonds, information about their quantity can be found from the top line on the main screen of the game, the rest of the resources are stored in the bag. When switching to a specific activity, information on the amount of accumulated resources required for use in this section will also be displayed at the top of the screen.

Blessing. Every day you can receive a reward in the form of gold, experience points, ammunition elements and various items for pumping. The size of the reward depends on how far you have progressed in the passage of the story campaign. The reward accumulates within 12 hours, you can collect it at any time, however, the longer the reward accumulates, the more diverse its content. To get it, go to the map and click on the circle at the bottom of the screen.

To increase the maximum accumulation time of the reward, increase the level of fame. Upon reaching level 10, the reward will accumulate for 108 hours.

Prayer. Your Immortal can pray for help and receive an additional blessed reward for 120 minutes. The first prayer is free, the second will cost you 50 diamonds, the third and fourth will cost you 100 diamonds. You also have the opportunity to pray 2 times for watching the commercial. Try to use every opportunity every day to receive blessing rewards.

Daily tasks. On the right side of the screen, you can click on the scroll icon and see the list of current tasks. For each completed task, you will receive a set number of points with which you can open a chest with a reward. Each time the quality of the chest improves, so try to complete as many tasks as possible.

Task examples:

Achievements. The creators of the game offer each user to get a lot of different achievements that will display your game progress. You can track the progress of obtaining achievements and take measures to receive them as soon as possible. Achievements will bring you rewards in the form of diamonds, gold, fame points and upgrade items.

Examples of tasks for obtaining the achievement:

Legend of the Immortal. Above the tasks of the story chapter is information about the game function, which you will be able to open in the near future. After gaining access to a new feature, a reward chest with diamonds opens.

You can get an additional 100 diamonds for rating the app in the play store and reviewing it.

Wish pond. With the help of coins of desire or diamonds, you can get elements of exclusive sets of ammunition, gold, diamonds and items for the development of the Immortal and the defenders. Choose the set you want and make a wish to receive one of the presented rewards.

Treasury. The angels have created a treasury to store valuable items, they are guarded by magical barriers that can only be overcome with the help of special stones. Having accumulated the required number of stones, in order to overcome one of the four barriers, you will be able to pick up one item from the treasury.

Secrets of the past. Every day you can take tests in the caches of the past to get the necessary resources. The size of the reward depends on the level of the challenge, and you can also get any reward for already completed levels. Tests in each cache can be completed for free 2 times a day, for other attempts you need to pay extra diamonds.

Types of caches of the past:

By using diamonds to get an additional attempt to pass the cache of the past, you can profitably purchase resources.

Advertising. By watching commercials daily, you can get additional resources in the form of diamonds, mithril hammers, wasteland ore. Open the daily promotion section in the store and choose which reward you want to receive. You will also receive an additional reward for watching one, three and six commercials during the day.

Chests. In the store, you can always find some free offers for players. So you can receive a chest with a reward every day, every week and every month. With the help of such gifts, the creators of the game lure you to the store to get acquainted with donation offers.

Path of Immortals: Donator Guide

Donat. Path of Immortals is free to play, but you can take advantage of the store offers to quickly develop the Immortal and level up the defenders. To get started, check out the sections marked with the word Promotion, as temporary offers, based on the ratio of price and content, are more profitable than permanent ones.

First set. Especially for newcomers to the game, an offer for the purchase of essentials has been developed. For three days, you can purchase special bundles at a very low price. Purchases can only be made consecutively day after day.

Beginner Kits:

If you decide to take advantage of the offer to purchase special beginner packs, hurry up, they are only available for 9 days.

Game gifts. After purchasing a special pass, you will be able to receive rewards in the form of diamonds for completing certain levels of activities. For example, the Gift of the Wasteland allows you to receive a reward for completing 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 85, 90, 95 and 100 levels of the Wasteland. And Gifts of Heaven will allow you to get diamonds for completing the story campaign.

Special cards. In the store, you can find a section for purchasing special cards that allow players to receive additional resources for a given time. This offer is great for experienced players or those who are ready to play and develop the Immortal for a long time.

Special card.Validity.Advantages.
Right to greatness.30 days from the date of purchase.1) 3 attempts to update when selecting memory fragments. 2) Automatic dispatch of defenders to Utishya. 3) 6 Glorious Coupons per day for clearing the Wasteland. 4) Automatic execution of daily tasks.
Golden card.7 days or 30 days from the date of purchase.1) An additional piece of memory before each battle. 2) Daily reward in the form of 300 diamonds, a chest with a yacht, a collection of random skills, 2 shards of a higher mineral.
Sapphire card.7 days or 30 days from the date of purchase.1) The ability to skip the commercial and still receive a reward. 2) Daily reward in the form of 100 diamonds and 10 astrolites.

Diamonds. In the store, you can find a special section that contains all offers for purchasing premium currency. The higher the value of the offer, the more profitable it is for you to buy one diamond. When you make the first purchase of a set of diamonds, you can double the amount of purchased resources.

Fame level. The level of fame indicator determines your special status among other users, the maximum level is 10. The level of fame allows you to receive a certain bonus for development and successful completion of tests. Fame points can be obtained as a reward for completing tasks, as well as for purchasing various sets in the store. For example, for purchasing sets of diamonds, you can get the following amount of fame points:

Renown Level 10 Bonuses:

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