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PES CLUB MANAGER - Android game with release date 06/03/2015 from the company KONAMI. Game Genre: Sports. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. game review
  2. Leveling Up Guide
  3. Player Management Tips
  4. Player Skills Guide
  5. Tips for choosing schemes
  6. Tips for beginners

PES Club manager: game review

PES Club manager is a football simulator from the Japanese company KONAMI, which presented the world with some interesting games. The game differs from other simulators in the construction of the city, where each building gives a certain bonus to the team. On the one hand, it got boring in other mobile games, but still it is some kind of alternative to endless matches. For example, entertainment facilities cheer up players before meetings.

School. The game is different in that you can’t create a team once and for all, because, after playing a certain number of years, the players finish their careers, and gamers have to look for a new composition. In this you will help the youth sports school (SCSS), which will educate young athletes. If you send scouts in search of talent, then after 24 hours he will return, bringing with him a young talent in school. Junior can sign or lease.

Friends. You can add friends in the game. You can add up to 50 people. Comrades are needed to receive gifts from them. But also every manager of a sports club (that is, you) must send gifts in return. Gifts are called friendpoints. Then these points can be spent on different items. The game has an exchanger (store) where you can spend this currency. In the exchanger FP you can buy immediately 7 star player, a paid contract, a good coach and much more. Very useful content.


The meetings are distributed by league. To move to a higher League, you need to score a certain amount of rating.Before the meeting, you can see the strength of the enemy, his game pattern and the location of the players on the field. You can use amplifiers, that is, for the game you will be given more resources.

Amplifiers are recommended to be used only when your buildings are pumped to get the maximum benefit. If you got different amplifiers at the start, it is better to leave them for later.

The manager’s positions and game styles are very conveniently implemented - putting a player in one or another position, you can see if his playing style is suitable for a given location on the field. Will his style work or not.

The match can be watched in 2D and 3D graphics, switching between modes. If you watch the meeting in 2D mode, you can speed up the match by 2 - 3 times.

During the meeting, you can switch the construction, attack, choose the tactics of the game, the front of the attack (on the flanks or in the center) and pressure. There is also an arrow (at the bottom of the screen) that can be switched so that the team goes on the defensive or attack. You can also replace, watch the level of fatigue of the players, their mood. After the meeting, you can see the statistics of the match, how the players developed during the meeting, how much experience they gained and so on.

Despite the fact that this is a manager, and the economic component is more implemented here, but the graphics are very well executed, the game does not differ from other KONAMI games, which is why it is interesting for many gamers.

The age of the players is very important in the game. Young men develop much faster than adult athletes. Over time, old people lose their skills. Here you should form a team of agents that fall out to you, given the age and style of the game.

Before the match, you can change the players, but it should be borne in mind that when the composition is changed, such indicators as can change:

  1. Attack - affects the attacking abilities of the team as a whole, the pressure and excitement of the players. With a low attack rate, you can fail the game, even if other indicators are high.
  2. Protection - talks about how the players will work in defense.
  3. Teamwork - the indicator affects the interaction of athletes on the field.
  4. ORC - a general indicator of the team’s ability, a kind of rating. The higher it is, the steeper the enemy will be selected for a meeting. Its level affects the division in which the games will be held.
With each season won, more and more sponsors will come, from which you can choose those who give more currency and good agents.

PES Club manager: Leveling Up Guide

It is better to start collecting the squad 8 to 9 days before the start of the cup in order to pump players and enter the leading positions. Every day you should go through 1-2 seasons so that the team will go to the cup at the peak of their form at the beginning of registration.

The composition is pumped up in the main menu in the "Player Development" section. Here, under the supervision of a coach, football players will be trained. In the menu you need to select the player you want to pump in the "empty cell". Players can be selected for training from the starting lineup. A trainer with the necessary conditions and a training regimen are also selected.

Each trainer has 2 abilities:

  1. Training effectiveness - the higher this indicator, the shorter the training time itself.
  2. Raising abilities - the higher this indicator, the more significantly the player’s abilities improve.

The trainer has his own skills. At first you will be given only 1 coach, but in the future you can sign a contract with several mentors. To learn about the trainer’s skills, click on its icon. Each skill affects the training of the team.

For a new coach to appear, you must send Scout special coaches to the "Manage Players" menu. The better the coach’s performance, the more organically the players will improve their skills.

The player can be signed using scouts and the market. These conditions are set in the "Manage Players" section.Here you can send a scout to search for juniors for certain positions. For example, find a player in the place of the central defender. Players who have been found by scouts or bought in the market are included in the Scout list. In the future, it will be possible to sign a contract with them, pay salaries and include them in the team. Salary depends on the duration of the contract.

Each player has his own skills, characteristics and game styles.

PES Club manager: Player Management Tips

Where to send a scout?

Scouts go on different search expeditions to bring a new player to the club. There are several types of scouts, they act a certain amount of time:

  1. A 72-hour scout - a rookie - will lead to the club one guaranteed 7 star player for 1 to 3 trips. By sending a scout, you can choose a specific player from the list provided.
  2. Scout of Legends - valid for 17 hours, during which he can find 1 legendary player 6 - 7 stars. The list of athletes is periodically updated.
  3. For beginners - in the first few days of the game there will be a special offer to find players.
  4. Energetic scout - the more matches you play, the higher the level of this scout will be, the better players he will bring for you. Also, its level rises from the number of searches. It is recommended to constantly use it.
  5. Scout on positions - guaranteed to bring you the player to the desired position. Here you can find players with at least 5 stars.
  6. Scout from the sponsor - this manager can find players from 1 to 6 stars absolutely free.
  7. Scout exchange - here you can exchange players from the Scout list for other players.
For each search, you need to give the required amount of game currency. You need to pay attention to this, since you can spend a rare resource. Better to use free trips or promotions more often.

Periodically, in the simulator, developers arrange promotions during which you can sign a contract with 6 - 7 star players with a big discount. This is also an important point that should be taken into account during the distribution of a particular currency.

Which players to sign?

At the very start, you can get a player with 7 stars. You can also get and open a pack with a scout at the training stage. Here you can randomly get a scout from 4 to 7 stars. This scout, if you send it on a trip for 24 hours, will lead the player with the same number of stars.

At the start, it is recommended to play by those players who were given to you for free the first time you enter the game. You can also upgrade the sports school, and sign the young players instead of the old ones.

It is not worth immediately signing players of 6 - 7 stars. Because at the start you don’t have enough money to pay off with the players, and you will go negative. At the beginning of the game, you can easily defeat any opponent in the divisions, going further from 1st to 3rd place. Moreover, later these players will come in handy for you in professional divisions.

It is advised to first build teams of 4 and 5 star players at the beginning of the amateur division. Or in the middle, because some 4 star football players play better than some 5 star football players.

How to make a team?

When you collect the roster at a certain stage of the game, you must make sure that all athletes are of the same age. For example, you have 6 players for 22 years, 4 players for 23 years, and 1 player for 24 years. Sign 22-year-olds and play the season. When he becomes 23, it is necessary to conclude a contract with those who are 23 years old. And for season 3, you can sign a player who is 24 years old.

After you have added the first players, you can spend a little time on them and upgrade them when you assemble the full squad from the same age, here it is already necessary to pump the team in a balanced way.

Each player during training has special skills that affect the whole team. These skills should not be downloaded to all athletes, but selectively to cover as many skills as possible.

PES Club manager: Player Skills Guide

Skills are very important during the match, if in PES 2020 they can be activated manually, then in PESCM they are performed automatically. The skills below are also relevant for other KONAMI games. Also, the game styles that are used in the manager can be found in our article about PES 2020. There are a lot of skills in the game, some players can develop several skills (or feints).

Before pumping this or that skill, you should choose its effectiveness for yourself.

Dribbling Skills

Scissors.Allows the player to make "scissors" at high speed without slowing down the pace of running.The essence of the implementation: the player traces one leg around the ball and the outside of the foot of the second leg pushes the ball to the other side.
Double touch eyeliner.Allows you to use the same item a little faster.
Elastico.Players who do not have this skill are not able to fulfill it. Reception is effective for introducing an opponent into a stupor. The player performs a fraudulent movement of the body, forcing the opponent to move to the side and clear the way.
Marseille roulette.All players can perform this element without pumping. The footballer slightly pauses the ball with his right foot, allowing him to roll back, then turns sharply around himself and pushes the ball in the direction of his movement.
Sombrero.Allows you to effectively throw the ball over the opponent’s head.
Crossbreeding.The method allows you to deceive the opponent by a sharp transfer of the ball to the leading leg, while the athlete’s center of gravity is shifted to the other side, then the player’s trajectory changes.
Forward between legs with a turn.This is a more complicated option of using a false swing, which allows you to beat them on the counter, if there are nearby opponents.
Heel play.Allows players to use the bounce to take the ball with a touch. Good skill for hitters.
Keeping the sole.When a football player holds the ball very close, ready to leave right or left at any second.Players with this skill can roll the ball not only with the inside or outside of the foot, but also with the sole.

General abilities

Head game.Increases the accuracy and frequency of headaches, after which the ball flies down.
Complex long shots.Allows the player to tighten the ball with great accuracy during long-range shots.
Strikes with a hook.Allows you to perform such attacks with increased accuracy. Effective skill.
Lifting kick.Allows players to more easily strike with a lift, including when using free kicks. Reception makes it possible to perform finishing strikes.
Beats with a bite.Allows you to strike with direct rotation, in which the ball suddenly "dives" in front of the enemy. The skill can only be used by those heroes who already have it. The player must be 10-12 meters from the goal in front of the penalty area. Blows upward - allows you to strike with a reverse rotation, while a low flying ball suddenly takes off. Very effective reception.
Acrobatics.It is easier for the player to find an opportunity to strike in a difficult situation or in case of loss of balance.
Ira heel.Allows players to pass and hit on goal with their heels, even from an uncomfortable position or when they lose their balance.
Beat without a side job.The technique improves and the accuracy of blows that break through without an extra job increases.
Pass to the touch.The technique improves and the accuracy of one-touch passes increases. Used when passing the ball.
Pass on the move.Allows a soccer player to more accurately apply the reverse twist, giving passes by a canopy and into the cut. Useful skill for playmakers.
Accuracy of feeds.Allows the athlete to spin the ball more accurately when cornering. It selects more precisely the direction in which the player will serve.
Twist "Swedish".Allows a soccer player to perform twisted passes and twisted shots on goal using the outside of the foot. It is not often used, but there are times when it comes in handy.
Rabona.Allows the player to strike and pass with the "rabona" feint (the strike that is applied to the ball behind the supporting leg, in the correct execution, the player’s legs cross one after the other).
Blind ball.The player during the transfer turns away from the opponent, the reception should theoretically enter into the enemy’s stupor, but in fact this does not happen.
Low pass by a canopy.Allows players to complete an accurate long pass. For example, when passing the ball between the flanks. A situational skill, but generally useful.
Established penalty kick player.Increases the accuracy of punches during the penalty shootout.

Goalkeeper skills

Low kick with hands.An important skill for the goalkeeper. Allows the goalkeeper who has the ball in his hand to quickly enter it into the game. He will not knock the ball into the air, but direct it purposefully at your striker. He will do it very quickly, while the opponents will not be able to intercept the ball, and will not be able to enter the fight for this riding gear.
Strong throw-in.Increases the efficiency of the ball.
Far throw.Increases the throw-in range of the goalkeeper. Useful skill if the goalkeeper does not have the "low kick" skill.
"Killer" penalty.Allows the goalkeeper to respond better when reflecting a penalty.

Skills for attacking footballers

Cunning.Allows the athlete with the ball to earn free kicks for his team. The game has the ability to simulate. A football player literally falls to the ground, and screams that he was shot down.Often players get a yellow card, but sometimes there are times when it can be useful.
Guardianship.Allows the player to closely patronize an opponent.
Delay in defense.Allows an attacking player to pressure the ball opponents to hit the ball.
"Acrobatic" takeaway.Allows an athlete to kick the ball out of an uncomfortable situation. An effective skill that puts the ball in midfield.
Intercept.Useful for all players. If a player who does not have this skill passes the pass to him, the ball may roll between his legs or in the foot. Football players who have this ability will intercept a pass. The importance of this skill is great.

Abilities useful to the whole team

Captain’s abilities.The skill is important for the captain, gives all players reduced energy consumption.
Super replacement.Makes noticeable improvements in the ability of players if you release the player in 2 half. A very useful skill.
Fighting spirit.The team can endure hard pressure, endure fatigue and not lose heart in the event of an error.Football players are much more reasonable, confident.

PES Club manager: tips for choosing schemes

The manager has the opportunity to select several well-known schemes for placing players on the field. These schemes will affect the tactics of the game and the actions of football players on the field.

When choosing tactics, one should take into account the "fatigue" of players. For example, if a player is actively involved in defense and defense (midfielders), then they will get tired faster than others, and by the end of the match they will have a bad mood and motivation. Therefore, for such players an equivalent replacement is necessary.

Defensive schemes

SchemePlayers LocationStrategy
4-4-2.2 defenders, 2 flank midfielders, 2 oporniks, 2 center forward.Here often one of the oporniks stands still and defends his zone, while the second moves forward during the attacks, creating an advantage in terms of numbers in the opponent’s penalty area. Extreme midfielders can go on the defensive or attack depending on the athlete’s playing style.
4-4-1-1.A similar scheme to the previous one, but the attackers occupy different zones in front of the goal.The scheme works as 4-4-2, but only 1 striker does not leave his zone.
3-5-2.3 defenders, 2 extreme strikers, 2 oporniks, 2 central midfielders and 2 forwards.Here the extreme midfielders are active in attack and defense, working as wide as possible on the edge of the field.
5-4-1.The circuit is called a "bus." 5 defenders, 4 midfielders and 1 striker.The team practically does not leave its part of the field, playing to save the result.

Attacking schemes

SchemePlayers LocationStrategy
3-4-3.2 defensive midfielders, 2 midfielders, 1 center forward, 3 defenders and 2 extreme forwards.A fairly aggressive scheme, both attackers and midfielders work here, the defense does not leave its zone.
4-6-0.An interesting scheme for a highly coordinated team. There are no forwards. 4 attacking midfielders. 4 defenders.When attacking, 4 attacking defenders go on the attack.When defending, they go to defense, and the oporniks are slightly drawn towards the opponent’s goal. The circuit turns into 4-2-4.
4-5-1.4 defenders, 5 midfielders and 1 striker.5 midfielders are actively working in the central zone and can provide attack and defense at the same time.
4-3-3.The most popular scheme. 4 defenders, 2 flank midfielders, 1 opornik, 1 center forward, 2 flank forwards.Here you can adjust the actions of football players with the styles of each athlete’s game.
There are other interesting schemes that you can implement in the manager, the main thing to remember is that for each scheme it is necessary to take into account the game style of each football player, their characteristics and the teamwork.

PES Club manager: Tips for beginners

How to collect coins?

  1. Participation in seasonal matches. Meetings bring not a bad increase in coins. The higher the division, the more coins you can earn. There are various amplifiers in the game, including an enhanced reward amplifier. Amplifiers are temporary, so you need to spend them wisely. For example, if you decide to devote a few hours to the game for productive accumulation of resources.
  2. Office. When pumping an office in the city, you also get increased rewards for matches. The higher the level, the more you earn.
  3. Tasks of sponsors. You should take only those quests that you complete 100%. The remaining tasks can be omitted.
  4. Achievements. A reward can be awarded for certain achievements in the game, sometimes you can get a good amount of coins at the end of the week. For example, play 5 matches in 1 day.

What buildings need to be built first? First of all, it is recommended to rebuild and improve the youth sports school in order to educate young players, since the main team can play only a few years and retire by age.Next, you can upgrade the office to get more profit and rewards for meetings. Then you can return and improve the training base that gamers begin to build during training. This will be 3 of your main buildings.

Then you can develop the Scout Agency, the stadium, entertainment and medical facilities and a museum.Recreational buildings can be developed last or at a time when you have little money.

What are the skills to swing the players? Some players initially have their own skills, but they can also add a few more abilities to work effectively on the field:

  1. Goalkeepers - "grassroots strike from the summer", "long-range shot B",
  2. The central defenders are "custody".
  3. Flank defenders and midfielders - "precision feed".
  4. Oporniki - "custody" and "pulling back in defense."
  5. Central midfielders - depending on what he does better: he creates or destroys.
  6. Attacking midfielder - "pass on the move."
  7. Forwards - "hit without a side job".
  8. Flank forwards - "kick without part-time job" and "feed accuracy".
  9. All attacking players - you can add feints, but this is to your taste.

Why develop a city? The city is the main place for the development of your club, each building in the city gives a certain bonus to the team. For example, improved training buildings allow the training of several football players simultaneously. Improving the stadium increases seating for fans and, consequently, revenue.

Also, to raise the level of one building, other buildings should be improved. The most basic buildings are:

  1. Training facility.
  2. Stadium.
  3. Office.
In order to keep up with other gamers in development, it is necessary to constantly improve the buildings in the city.

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