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Pixel Starships WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

PIXEL STARSHIPS is an Android game with a release date of 10/25/2018 from Savy Soda. Game genre: Strategy. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. A Beginner’s Guide
  2. Ships Guide
  3. Arrangement of compartments at 3, 4, 5 and other levels
  4. AI and its customization
  5. Character Guide
  6. In-game Prestige
  7. Fleet Guide

Pixel Starships: A Beginner’s Guide

The game is a space strategy game with RPG elements on pixel graphics. You are going to become the captain of a spaceship. At the start, you can choose one of the basic ship classes:

  1. Pirate ship.
  2. Federation ship.
  3. Ktarian ship.

Apart from the appearance, the ships are not much different. But the storyline of the tasks depends on the class. By choosing a class, you will receive a starship, in the compartments of which are located various modules (from generators and mining rigs to guns and lasers). The compartments can be improved and rearranged at your discretion, optimizing the space of the vessel.

Currency. The game features 3 main currencies:

  1. Starbucks are obtained in the form of achievement rewards. Rarely obtained for completing a quest. Often, but little by little, you can catch notes in outer space. Also, Starbucks can be purchased for real money.
  2. Minerals are mined and obtained as a reward for tasks. They can also be obtained as loot from your damaged ship in PvP mode.
  3. Gas - mined in the same way as minerals.

At the beginning of the game, you will have to extract natural materials, and at higher stages of the game, you can remove the mining rooms, and get resources only from conquests. Almost any room can be removed to the warehouse and then put back.

Experienced players in the Discord channel (http://discord.gg/pss) recommend that you maximize your storage for gas and minerals from the start of the game. Otherwise, there will be nowhere to store loot or loot.

At the beginning of the game, you are given 100 Starbucks as a gift. And we do not advise you to spend them on various actions, such as speeding up construction or training. In this case, it is better to watch an advertisement, which will knock off 15 minutes of construction, whatever.

We recommend saving Starbucks and buying a character for them. In the future, the characters bought for bucks, when you fight (all other things being equal) against the same level of the ship, the winner will be the one who has the coolest heroes initially.

The disadvantage of this game is that if you buy a cheap character that has no skills (for example, Citizen). Such heroes, no matter how much you pump, this fighter will not develop anywhere, and he will not have new skills.

A crew can be placed in the rooms of the ship, which strengthens them, and if they are damaged, is engaged in repairs.

Tasks. There are several types of tasks in the game:

  1. The main tasks - they are highlighted in gold.
  2. Additional tasks are given for daily passage. They are highlighted in blue. In the description of the tasks in the lower right corner there are several squares that indicate the number of quests required to complete.

Additional tasks can be conditionally divided into 3 groups:

  1. Battle of spaceships.
  2. The battle of the crew at the stations.
  3. Text quests.

Having received the test task, you need to read what is written and close the text. This completes the completion of such quests, but they also give a reward for them.

The game has the ability to conduct PvP battles (they are located in the mission menu "Missions"). After you complete all daily missions, you can engage in battles with other players. In PvP, the system finds an opponent for you. Before the battle, you will have a little time to preview what the enemy is like. You can see the amount of resources and the opponent’s rating (number of cups). But the number of victories itself will not be indicated. You will only see the text "below you" or "above you".

The logic of the selection of opponents is as follows: you will be given an opponent equal to you in terms of the level of the court or 1 level higher. After viewing the description of the enemy, you can choose "Attack" (if you are confident in your strength) or "Skip".

How should you develop in the game?

Competently build your ship , arrange the compartments one after another. It is recommended to put an elevator in order to move from level to level. This is important so that your characters can quickly run through the compartments, and repair them at the time of the battle or engage in combat with enemy heroes who are breaking into your boarding.

It is very important in the game to have the passability of the compartments of your starship. And if your compartment is isolated, it can be blown up, and it will be impossible to repair it, and the ship will be hit.

Develop AI. It is important to understand that almost everything in the game is automated. It’s called Artificial Intelligence. Therefore, it is required for each action, character and spaceship compartment (which has some kind of combat function), to set up commands, otherwise nothing will really work for you.

Distribute energy correctly. It is necessary to have fully pumped reactors, and spend their power wisely. That is, do not throw it anywhere. Power should not be used where it is not needed.

Pixel Starships: Ships Guide

Pirate ships. The Pirate Faction is one of the 3 starting factions available in the game. By choosing this faction, pirate quests, equipment, and crew members will become available to you, focusing on their combat mechanics. Their starships are shaped like a barbel (fish) inside, with a small middle section and large areas on the left and right. Pirate starships have a red and gray color scheme, and their emblems are usually found in the center of the ship.

At level 10, you can choose 1 of 2 types of ships :

If you bought a level 10 expansion, then the level 11 expansion will be unlocked for free (1 hour delay).

Federation ships. The Federation Faction is one of 3 starting factions that you can choose from in the game. The Federation is ideal for novice players due to its high space potential and ship shape. The starships have a box-shaped grid system, which makes it possible to harmoniously place the compartments.

The main colors of Federation ships are light blue and gray. They also have the Eagle emblem (Federation logo). At level 10, 2 types of ships are unlocked:

Assault Ship - These ships are automatically unlocked at level 10. It has a rectangular shape, which is good, as you can accommodate more compartments. These ships can be expanded after learning the knowledge "Spaceship Hull Expansion". After researching, you can buy additional space in the ship at the Shipyard. The ships are similar to the regular versions, except that more grates have been added to them, however, they can only be occupied by resource rooms.

Ktarian ships. The Ktarian Faction is one of 3 starting factions. Ktarian ships have the most grids for installing modules compared to other starting factions. Despite the complex ship structure and awkward vertical shape, this is one of the best ships among high-level players. The main difference between Ktarian ships and other factions is the vertical arrangement of the compartments. These tall ships are constantly in need of a large number of elevators, because many rooms would be inaccessible without them.

A common tactic is to place non-combat spaces at the bottom of the ship to minimize the number of lifts needed.

The main color scheme for Ktarian ships is dark orange or yellow. As you progress, the ship takes on a triangular shape. At level 10, the Hybrid Ship will become available to you. He, like other factions, needs to research the "Starship Hull Expansion" and purchase an additional expansion at the Shipyard.

The choice of the starting ship should be considered, since you will stay with it until the end of the game (with the faction), but over time, you can change the base ship to alternative starships.

The Gray Faction is an additional faction that can be unlocked by any player, regardless of which faction he played before. Gray ships will become available after researching UFOs in the laboratory, and then an expansion can be purchased at the Shipyard.

In the early stages, Gray ships are insignificant for other factions, and have poor armor effectiveness. They later transform into a horizontal rectangle, and become more effective with armor similar to the Pirate faction. In battle, you will find that your crew travels long distances to get from room to room. Overall, excellent medium ships for advanced combat.

The Vizier ships are the 5th faction in the game. It becomes available to players of any faction at level 10 after researching "Spaceship Blueprints". The faction appears in the storyline as the main enemy. The Viziri ships are painted in a red and white color scheme. They have aquatic characteristics in the lower levels, such as spines and fins. They also have strange protruding red hearts inside.

Ship 7474 - better known as the "cube", costs 7,400 Starbucks. It is the most expensive ship currently in the game, and despite its appearance, its layout is similar to a longer square bracket.

Ardent Ship Defender are ships that you can buy at levels 10 and 11. It costs 3800 Starbucks and is bought at the Shipyard.

Before going into battle, the engine can be turned off (put into storage), since it consumes energy, but is useless in a fight.

Ship development

The first thing to pay attention to when developing a starship is increasing its level, and the accompanying module for this. The main resource for the development of the ship at the initial levels is minerals. And a lot of them are required. For example, to go to level 7, you need to have 300,000 minerals. This amount can only be collected with a completely improved storage - "Mineral Warehouse".

With each new level of the module, more and more resources are required to improve it, and the choice of the rooms themselves becomes larger. And it would be right to conduct a study to increase the number of available builders. This research can be done in the Laboratory. The science is called Improved Engineering MK2. You will need 450 Starbucks to study.

It takes a lot of time to rebuild the ship. Therefore, it is recommended to carry out improvements continuously. For example, you just increased the level of the ship, and you should immediately see what is needed for the next level up, and you are completing and upgrading the modules necessary for this.

Improvement priority. After the full expansion of the storage facilities, it is necessary to build and improve the shield, reactors, as well as weapons modules, cabins and a personnel training room. It is advisable to improve the compartments with weapons during long breaks, otherwise they will be unavailable during the battle.

Ship bays

Conventionally, all compartments can be divided into 5 categories:

  1. Armory.
  2. Defense.
  3. Auxiliary premises.
  4. Resource modules.
  5. Platform rooms.

Tips for using the weapon rooms

Compartment nameDescriptionCombat behavior
Mining laserThis is one of the energy-consuming rooms in the game, although the player gets it at level 1. The laser can also generateIt is better to use it in tandem with another weapon, that is, if the laser is aimed at the reactor, then the other gun should shoot at the same reactor.
BolterThe only weapon that consumes a maximum of 1 power unit. Suitable for attacks in the early stages of the gameThe bolter is inexpensive, consumes 1 power and little space. Bolter’s only power draw, however, is his biggest weakness. One strength makes the bay a fairly easy target (damage exceeds repair speed)
Phaser KIASThe phaser has ammunition that needs to be replenished periodically. Also, if a gamer has a phaser, then he can no longer buy a blasterIt looks like a more advanced version of the bolter, but due to the power consumption, it is not that easy to get. Mainly used to replace ship bolters or to provide additional firepower
BlasterThis is a clone of a phaser (with the same characteristics and functions)
MinigunBuilt on a small arms platform. It takes a long time to recharge. Consumes ammoShoots 50 - 100 shots per volley, while it can inflict 5 - 14 damage units (depending on pumping)
Photon PhaserBuilt on a small arms platform. Has high Shield damage, and deals huge damage to other compartments. Need ammunitionIt is essentially a miniature Photon Destroyer. Best used (after defeating the Shield) to disable sprinklers and landmines
Plasma arresterDeals great damage to the crew. Gas is required for shooting. They can replace bolters at level 7. Essential component for fightingWhile its gas ammunition is fueled, the plasma discharger fires a projectile that deals significant damage to the crew on impact without sacrificing shield or system damage
Particle arresterYou can get it at high levels by purchasing a support package. Must be armorIdentical to the mining laser, only the arrester has a higher projectile reload speed
Laser BlasterBuilt on a medium weapon platform. If you want to get the maximum possible damage from the cannon, then you should increase the reload time and power consumptionIt does not specialize in a specific type of damage and does not have a long recharge time. This gives the blaster the fastest rate of fire in 1 turn. Blaster provides consistent damage and highest hull damage
RailgunBuilt on a medium weapon platform. Railguns take quite a long time to recharge, but a massive burst of damage is capable of instantly destroying rooms such as the shield battery. Need ammunitionIt is an explosive firearm with long reloads and high damage. Can be useful for destroying highly armored modules. However, he struggles to deal hull damage as soon as the compartment collapses
Photon DestroyerSpecializes in high Shield damage, making it an ideal counterbalance to a shield generator. Need ammunitionCan quickly knock down an enemy shield. But it has not proved itself in the destruction of compartments. If you want to inflict maximum damage to rooms, you should use another weapon
Amy gunAmy cannot be destroyed by the engine. We need gas ammunition. Available at level 10This is a very powerful weapon, but it consumes a lot of energy. Can be customized to any room or enclosure. Your goal is to disable important enemy compartments
Ion cannonAvailable at level 11. It is the most powerful weapon in the game, dealing massive amounts of damage in a short amount of time. Consumes ion coresThe Ion Cannon is bread and butter for Tier 11 ships. Simply put, there is almost no reason not to use an ion cannon. The only serious drawback is its extreme energy consumption (when pumping, energy consumption decreases)
SterilizerBuilt on a small weapon platform. It has a long reload time and specializes in damage to the crew. We need ammunition. To build this room requires a Level 7 Ranged Weapon Platform and Sterilizer Repair KitFires 3 shots per volley. Since it can only deal damage to the crew, it is best used against commonly manned spaces such as shield generators

Ship protection:

Support rooms:

Pixel Starships: Arrangement of compartments at 3, 4, 5 and other levels

Location of compartments

On this issue, opinions differ dramatically. Depending on the chosen strategy of the game and space battles. Some players are trying to build up the space of the ship with all available modules. Other commanders put rooms only in the military direction, and the remaining space is filled with armor and passages.

The best option, according to many authors on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/pixelstarships, would be to place auxiliary modules on the left side of the vessel, and combat modules on the right side, and everything that is necessary for them (for example, reactors).

If the elevators are removed, it becomes impossible for the crew to move around the decks, which in some cases makes it difficult to repair the compartments. But at the same time, it prevents the spread of the enemy boarding team.

It is better to put characters in reactors, on a shield and cannons. You should try to distribute them taking into account the possible need to carry out repairs in adjacent compartments. Better to disperse the crew on all decks (if you decide to abandon the elevators). Some players put several characters in one compartment, for example, in a reactor. But this is not necessary, since there is nothing to do in the reactor except for repairs. In case of hitting the module, the damage can be dealt simultaneously to all crew members who were in the attacked room.

It makes sense to put more crew on the guns, since reloading will go faster. With this, you also need to be careful not to destroy the entire crew by hitting 1 compartment.

Room layout tips:

  1. You must arrange your rooms so that your team.
  2. You should separate your battle base and other rooms from each other. Anything that has these green rectangles next to the room name is combat based.
  3. When creating combat spaces, remember that they must be accessible to the crew. An inconvenient layout is still better than inaccessible rooms. Any good player will take advantage of poor placement.
  4. You don’t need to make all non-combat-based numbers available. Areas such as the gas manifold should be kept away from the crew.
  5. Knowing where to move the armor (we wrote about this a little below) will give your crew an edge over your opponents.
  6. The elevator blocks you place are like elevator shafts. In battle, any ascending chain of mines creates one lift that can only lift 1 person aboard at a time.
  7. If you only have 2 blocks of free space, don’t put a battle room there, as it will be difficult to book and maintain.
It should be understood that building a layout takes time, effort and thought. You will have to devote about 20 to 40 minutes if you want to achieve effective remodeling. This amount of time will increase slightly each time you level up.


Armor is an element that reduces damage taken by compartments by a certain percentage. For example, at level 8 armor, the amount of damage reduced is 10%, that is, each compartment that is located next to the armor module will receive 10%. The more of these elements around the room, the more fortified they will be, that is, they will receive less damage.

These fortifications are important for ship tiers 6-8.

Armor will give you the opportunity to win battles due to the fact that your ship will not be killed.

How to arrange the elements correctly to get the maximum possible effect from the armor module for the entire ship? Since an armor chain has 4 sides, then, accordingly, the maximum number of compartments that you can attach to the armor is 4 pieces.

In the photo above - 1 block of armor adds 10% for all surrounding modules. But what’s wrong with this arrangement? The fact that our compartments are not connected with each other by communications. That is, the difference in height will prevent your repairmen from entering the modules. But, on the other hand, it will be difficult for the enemy boarding team to move between rooms. Therefore, this option for the location of compartments near the armor is excluded, since it is not convenient in terms of location, and there will be nowhere to put the room.

Usually they make a sandwich or an improved sandwich. The photo above shows the simplest version of the location of armor and rooms, when 2 compartments are attached to one piece of armor. That is, in photo 1, the module gives armor to the upper and lower rooms. But, as you can see, from such an arrangement, 1 module will receive only 20 - 30% of the armor. Yes, it is compact, simple, but not efficient. Of course, you can put armor on top and bottom of the compartments, then you can increase the protection up to 60%.

You can increase the percentage of protection even more. At most, it is possible to make protection of 100% for the 6th cell compartment by placing armor modules around the perimeter of an important room. But once the compartments are sealed with armor, you cannot pass between them.

In order to use the armor more efficiently, you should use the profile - Service ventilation. The trick is that if you put 1 module, then a passage appears between the compartments. And in the free space on top, you can put more armor (as shown in the photo above). Thus, you can raise the protection up to 80%.

Why do you need armor? When you are attacked by enemy weapons, then a certain amount of health points is taken away from your ship. If you look at the indicators of a room in its Profile, then with 80% armor, the damage will be 0.2 units. By default, one direct hit of pure damage takes 1 point of health. As a result, your ship will be able to withstand 5 times more critical hits. The photo below shows a variant of the final placement of the armor, for effective battle with enemies.

Pixel Starships: AI and its customization

AI or Artificial Intelligence is located in the Command Center compartment. It can be used to configure the parameters of the compartments and issue instructions to team members who will act during the battle. For example, you can set specific enemy bays as targets for weapons. And for the team - actions in case of damage to the ship.

AI reacts much faster to the moments occurring in the battle, and can correct the situation in time.

The main parameter is max AI. This is the number of simultaneous commands for a character or compartment. The parameter can be seen in the Command Center or in the computer room (purchased only for Starbucks). But to be able to use AI, it is necessary to study the science of "Python". The research has 3 levels. The first two of them simply increase the capabilities of the AI, and the third is a must to learn, as it provides important commands for the battle.

If you need commands that are available only after level 3 "Python", then you can ask a pumped player in your fleet to write the necessary algorithm for one of the heroes, and then put it to your aid. You just have to copy the commands for any character.

To install the command, you must select any compartment. Let’s say a mining laser. You need to select a module, go to its AI indicator, and set up a team. In our case, we put 2 commands.

AI programming takes place according to the "Condition" > "Action" principle. That is, if a certain condition is met, the action that you have chosen automatically occurs.

AI weapon customization

Power supply conditions - by default, you can set "Increase power by 1", but this is the action itself. But the condition (on the left side of the table row) we set "No", that is, there are no conditions. If the reactor has additional power, it will direct it to the laser. This happens when your laser is damaged, and when the power is increased, the laser absorbs 2 units of power and repairs itself.

You can "Set zero power" - then the compartment will be de-energized during the battle, and you will have to turn it on manually. This parameter can be set when you have repair robots. The team can also repair the first damage, and distribute the power to the teleport, for example.

"HP (health points) of the enemy reactor is more than 0%" - then the action "Target - enemy reactors" will be performed. That is, at the moment when the attack begins, the installation will shoot at the enemy’s reactor compartment.

To make it easier to customize other rooms, you can copy existing commands. In the upper right corner there is a button "Copy AI", after clicking on this button the data will be copied, and they can be transferred to another weapon, if necessary, adjusting them.

For those who want to concentrate fire on any specific rooms, for example, on reactors, all guns will hit the same reactor, and will switch to a new one only after the first is destroyed.

But the moment your cannons hit the second reactor, the opposing team will repair the first, and so on in a circle until you kill the whole team. Therefore, it is possible to aim some of the weapons at other reactors. This will cause a more serious power supply problem, and will quickly end the maintenance crew.

When choosing an enemy, it is advisable to know the number and type of allowable compartments of a certain level. For example, a level 7 starship has 3 conventional reactors. And if you put all the available energy-consuming compartments into the ship, then the first hit into the reactor will cause a lot of problems. And at the 8th level of the ship there is a fourth super reactor, which makes it possible to use all these rooms without any particular difficulties.

You should pay attention to the location of the rooms with weapons that will work (the cannons are clearly visible on the outer skin of the enemy ship).

AI teleport settings

The peculiarity of the teleport is that it does not have a target designation icon, like the weapon bays. It needs energy to work. But if you put a command in him, then he will not re-roll it. If there are crew members in the teleport, then in case of damage, they will simply repair it. To carry out the transfer, you must select a team member, and assign him a command indicating the attack of the enemy compartment.

"Target random compartments". If you set the condition "No" (that is, no condition), then the character simply, after teleportation, will destroy the first available room of the opponent until he is destroyed. But the hero can be prescribed the following conditions for the attack:

"HP of the enemy’s reactor is less than 0%" - the command after the destruction of the reactor for the character "Target - enemy engine", and under this condition he will teleport to the engine. What if the engine is gone? Then the hero does not teleport or return back, since he has no goal.

"OZ of the enemy’s compartment is more than 50%" - then he can perform any presented action from the list, for example, the enemy’s reactors.

It is advisable to scatter the team not at 1 point, since you do not know where the enemy’s main team will be concentrated (some players immediately put 3 heroes in the reactor, so after teleportation to the reactor, they will wait for you and kill you).

It is also worth placing commands to the characters so that they do not fall under the blows of your weapons. For example, the cannons are aimed at enemy reactors, and therefore it is recommended to aim the heroes so that they do not immediately get hit by the distribution.

Where should the boarding team be located? There is not much difference where your crew will be located, the main thing is that it must get to the teleport.

After the team has been re-deployed, the teleport can be disabled, thereby saving 3 energy.

After you have configured all the commands for the necessary objects, you can simply remove the Command Center, while all the commands are saved.

AI defense setup

  1. "Your shield is at maximum" - "set to zero power". At the start of a fight (when your shield is intact), it is important to redirect power to other modules. It should be remembered that drones fly approximately 20 seconds to the enemy ship. Therefore, we do not recommend setting the defense to maximum.
  2. "The enemy has launched drones" - "set maximum power". This condition and the effect on it indicate that the enemy began to attack you and you should switch to combat mode.
  3. "Enemy has no drones launched" - "set to zero power". If an attack from the air does not occur, then you should not direct energy at all to air defense.

Some players may ask: what is the 3rd team for? This is necessary in cases where the enemy released 1 - 2 drones and this is where his ardor ended. And when the air defense has finished shooting the aircraft, the power should be removed.

We do not recommend placing an AA bay before level 9, although it can be purchased earlier. Since the maximum development of drones occurs at level 9, then air defense will also stand on your ship as a dead weight, taking up space and requiring armor.

Shield Algorithm

Beginners may think that you can stick 1 command "No" - "Maximum power" here. But this will be an incorrect spelling of the algorithm of actions, since there may be several conditions for the Shield.

  1. "Your ship has maximum HP" - "set maximum power".
  2. "Enemy ship has maximum HP" - "set maximum power". In this and the first paragraph, it is important to indicate these parameters, when at the start 1 of 2 starships will have 100% health.
  3. "Your Shield is at maximum" - "set to zero power". If 2 ships lost their health during the battle, then the Shield is still working at maximum energy. But if the enemy hollows only the hull of the ship, without touching the defense, then in this case it makes no sense to increase the power of the Shield.
  4. "No" - "set maximum power". If one of the ships began to decrease health, and at the same time an attack is being carried out on the Shield, then it is better to turn on the maximum energy consumption.

Explanation for point 3. For example, an opponent sent troops to the reactors of his heroes to your ship. When a couple of reactors are destroyed, the energy will be sorely lacking, so it is important to redistribute the power to the rooms needed for defense.

An example of writing an algorithm for attackers:

  1. "No" - "the target is the enemy’s reactors."
  2. "OZ enemy rocket launcher is greater than 0" - "target - enemy rocket launchers".

At the very beginning of the battle, the fighter will run through the teleporter to the enemy’s reactors. After the reactors are broken, the unit will run to break the enemy’s rocket launchers.

An example of writing an algorithm for defenders:

  1. "HP of your reactor is less than 100%" - "target is your reactor".
  2. "HP of friendly compartment is less than 50%" - "target is a conditional compartment".

The first task at the start of the battle is to repair the reactor if it gets damaged. After repairing the reactor, you can go to repair the modules, the state of which is below 50% strength. Why after the reactor, since absolutely everything is powered from it, and it is important that it remains always on the move.

Pixel Starships: Character Guide

The crew is an important part of the game. Heroes help improve the efficiency of modules, take part in the landing and repair rooms during the battle. Characters are divided into 7 types in the game from 1 to 7 stars (shields). They all differ in their degree of usefulness.

1 - 2 star characters have no abilities, and they cannot be developed in any way during the game. They are of little use and are therefore not recommended.

The number of heroes you can have in the game depends on the number of living rooms. In total, you can have 25 crew members.

Each character has characteristics:

All numbers that are located opposite the characteristics indicate how strong the fighter is in this aspect. Heroes increase their experience while completing certain tasks, in the training complex and the academy.

In the character’s profile, under his avatar there is a button "Wear". By clicking on it, you get to the equipment menu. Different units have different locations and the number of available slots for ammunition (in the item section, the number of slots is located in the upper right corner).

Crew abilities

These are special skills of characters above 2 stars. Unlocked at level 10. There are currently 14 skills in the game. The ability activates only once in a ship battle and differs depending on what you are doing. All crew members also have the ability to pump, this determines how powerful the ability is.

Ship Combat - Crews with abilities in Ship Combat will have a skill icon next to them if they haven’t used it. When they are able to use it, they will flash green and you will either have to press a command or the AI will do it for you.

It should be remembered that the defensive abilities of the crew are always activated before the attackers.

Ground combat - you first need to charge the skill, if your character has one. Then you have to wait 1 turn and then press the ability select button again. As soon as the charging of the skill is over, the icon above the hero will blink. You can use the crew’s abilities endlessly.

Team skills

Ability nameShip battleGround battle
AccelerationWhen activating a command, you must first be in a room that has a charge. Your ability increase is what percentage of charge it will give to the compartment. Usually used on teleporters and hangarsWhen used, will increase the speed of your crew by 3 actions
Hacking the systemWhen using System Hack, you must be on an enemy ship. Skill can reloadWhen charging, you can select an enemy crew and block its actions for one turn
Healing rainWhen Healing Rain is activated, there must be at least one damaged crew member in the room. Can heal the entire team. The percentage of healing depends on the skill levelThis ability will heal all friendly units on a ground mission. The percentage of healing depends on the skill leveling. You must have one healer when doing ground missions
Urgent repairWhen activated, you must be in the damaged room. The increase in ability will determine how much health it regains per compartment. A hero with this ability to be put on module repairThis ability cannot be activated in a ground combat mission.
Critical AttackWhen activating a critical strike, the enemy crew must be in the same room as the caster. Critical hit quickly deals damage to the enemy, before his attack. The amount of damage depends on the skill levelIn ground battles, a critical strike (while charging) will deal a lot of damage to one enemy fighter. The amount of damage depends on the skill level
Poisonous gasThe enemy must be in the same room as the caster. It should be remembered that Poison Gas will inflict huge damage on all your heroes that are near the caster. A crew with this ability is great for teleporting.In ground battles, Poison Gas damages the enemy crew of your choice, equal to double the value of the increased ability, and then damages others for a certain time. Gazers are also very good for ground combat, highly recommended as a primary choice for damage dealing
First aidWhen using first aid, the caster must take some degree of damage. Heals only the bearer of the skill. Such heroes are put in the role of a protector.In ground battles, first aid will heal one friendly crew of your choice
Ultra dismantlingWhen using the skill, the crew must be in the reactor. When used, an explosion is triggered, damaging the compartmentIn ground battles, you cannot use this ability.
ArsonWhen using Ignite, you must either be in the enemy room or be attacked by the enemy. When activated, it will set fire to the compartment, which will deal long-term damageWhen used, it will set fire to the entire enemy crew and deal minor damage
Fiery pathLeaves a trail of fire in rooms that the master of the skill passes by. The fire cannot be extinguished and is very harmful to the crew and rooms on both sides. A warrior with this ability is usually very annoying.In ground battles, this ability will set fire to every crew member, regardless of their side.
Cryo explosionFreeze can only be activated when the enemy crew is in the same room as the caster. Freeze stuns all enemies in the compartmentStuns all enemy units and prevents them from attacking for a while. This is neat if you don’t want to use two gas cylinders
Lust for bloodWhen used, a hero that activates this ability will be able to attack every 20 frames (0.5 seconds) instead of 40 frames for the entire durationDoubles the caster’s speed for the duration
Stasis ShieldWhile the skill is active, the module cannot recharge (note that passive rooms such as the engine continue to function), but enemy cannons and crew (even if they are inside the compartment) are forced to travel to another room if they have AI with valid goals. Lasers and projectiles entering the room do not cause any damage to either the room or the crew. However, the enemy inside the room can still damage the caster and other characters in the room, and can also shoot. Fire cannot damage the room, and enemy abilities that affect the module cannot be used for the entire duration of the skillGives all members of your crew (except the caster) immunity to the abilities of enemies, that is, characters cannot be damaged by the skill
Phase ShiftWhen the skill is active, the caster cannot be attacked by the enemy crew and does not activate mines. The enemy crew also cannot use abilities on the caster. Provides no protection against projectiles and lasersMakes the caster invulnerable to enemy abilities
It should be remembered that the hero who is in the compartment always hits first, and the one who enters - the second.

How to determine the strengths of a unit and its role? In order to understand the strengths of your warrior, you need to look at the basic statistics and find the highest indicators. Since after choosing a role, you will need to pump exactly these parameters (with equipment and training).

For example, if you take the popular character Liu Bu, then he has the highest indicators in the right column - this is weapons and science. Hence, it is great for maintaining weapon rooms and the Shield.

Experienced players on the official FaceBook page https://www.facebook.com/pixelstarships recommend increasing the level of the character and his abilities only with gold training or banks.

You can experiment with the selection of equipment, each time checking the change in characteristics.

How to connect characters in Pixel Starships? It is impossible to do this mechanically, but you can conditionally divide the crew into 2 teams:

  1. Attacking - which teleports to the enemy ship.
  2. Protective - which remains on your starship.

Also, heroes can be combined according to their abilities, repair compartments and other needs. They are united by AI teams. For example, you can give a command to 2 soldiers, if the reactor breaks down, run to repair it. But it should be remembered that you can always run into an ambush from 2 or more opponent’s characters. But you can also meet the enemy in his reactor if you combine several heroes with the appropriate algorithm.

Pixel Starships: In-game Prestige

Prestige is a special mechanic that makes it possible to produce 1 unit of a higher rarity from 2 fighters of the same rarity. You need to spend for this action. This is necessary to get cool fighters. For example, you can take 2 epic units, and after synthesis, get 1 heroic warrior. But with heroes of low rarity (without abilities) there is no point in producing Prestige.

It is worth noting that 2 heroes who went to the transformation and minerals will disappear, and you will receive an egg. It will occupy 1 character slot, but a new unit will appear from it in a few days.

6 star units have no Prestige. Therefore, from 2 fighters of 5 stars, 1 hero for 7 stars is obtained.

Requirements for Prestige:

  1. Studied science.
  2. 2 units of the same rarity and level 40.
  3. Resources.
  4. Place in the living area.

The incubation process can be accelerated with growth stimulants that are obtained after a bio-processor (blender). The Prestige Science to be researched will be available at Starship Level 10 and Laboratory Level 9.

Recipes - in the game, in the Prestige section there are several recipes for its implementation. Plus - you will be able to prepare in advance for the process and you will know exactly who you will get, not a pig in a poke. This way you can plan ahead and set the stage for Prestige.

It should be noted that the reverse process can also be performed, that is, from 1 hero of high rarity, 2 warriors of lower rarity can be obtained.

In order to find out in advance who will work out, you can use a special calculator https://orions.boards.net/page/prestige_lookup and https://orions.boards.net/page/reverse_prestige .

The process of creating Prestige - when you fulfill all the conditions, you can begin to merge. To do this, you need to place two heroes in 1 compartment, then, by clicking on the room, open the "Prestige" menu. After that you have to watch a short video, after which an egg will appear in the room. A countdown timer will be installed above the capsule - the time of the appearance of the new unit.

An egg needs 1 seat in the carriage, so we recommend that you think carefully about everything before Prestige. We recommend synthesizing warriors in groups (you can run up to 12 processes). And so that during the incubator your spaceship is not attacked by enemies, we advise you to put the ship on immunity.

You can shorten the incubation period with the help of growth stimulants and Starbucks. But it’s better not to speed up the process with money.

Pixel Starships: Fleet Guide

What Are Fleets? This is an important point in the captain’s journey. With a capacity of 100 people, fleets provide a platform for players to fight together and receive various privileges. Crew members can borrow and borrow characters, chat in the fleet, and if they are strong enough, participate and receive rewards in tournaments. Also, the admiral can build a Starbase.

To join a fleet, you must create a fleet council. After that, you are advised to find a public or private fleet to join. State navies automatically accept candidates, while private fleets need approval from officers. The player can also create his own fleet by paying 100 thousand minerals.

If you feel strong and want to command your own fleet, you have a lot of work ahead of you. Getting active members can be excruciatingly difficult at times. Having friends and access to external channels is a huge help in recruiting commanders.

Ranked mechanics. High ranked captains can only remove or demote low ranked captains. There is a limit on how many players a person can expel from the fleet.

New members joining. When a player joins a fleet, there will be a new member icon next to him for 7 days. If the tournament ends during this period, new entrants will only receive a fraction of the reward that regular old gang members receive.

Inactive Fleet Members who have not logged in for two weeks will have an inactive icon next to their name until they log in. During this time, trophies of inactive participants no longer count towards the rank of the fleet division for 3 weeks of the tournament.

Flotilla setup:

The developer in his Instagram https://www.instagram.com/pixelstarships/ advises how to find a live and active fleet as soon as possible. The game will become much more productive and interesting with it.

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