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Prehistoric Park Builder WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

Prehistoric Fun Park Builder is an exciting game from Gear Games Global that will take players on an exciting journey into the past of the age of dinosaurs. Here, each player will have the opportunity not only to become the manager of an amusement park, but to create a unique space in the style of antiquity, filled with the magic and mysteries of the prehistoric world.


  1. Game Tips
  2. Guide for new players
  3. Everything you need to know about the attractions
  4. Available attractions in the game
  5. Secrets of all visitors
  6. Park Staff Guide
  7. Tips for creating a comfortable park
  8. Game Achievements
  9. Game Settings
  10. Donation Guide
  11. Is it worth playing?

Prehistoric Park: Game Tips

1. Follow the clues. Every beginner, starting the game from the very beginning, must follow tips that are undesirable to ignore. We recommend that you stick to them, as they are key to a successful introduction to the game. These tips will help you master the basics of gameplay, learn how to build and develop your park at the very beginning.

2. Engage in construction. One of the key aspects of the game is construction. You need to be actively involved in building new attractions and laying roads. The more income-generating buildings you have, the higher the overall profit of your park.

3. Improve the attractions. Each attraction in the game has three upgrade levels that increase its value to your park. Some attractions are changing their appearance and ability to serve more visitors. This allows you to increase your overall income.

4. Monitor the condition of your visitors. Visitors are key figures in your park. They bring in income, and if they are happy, they are more willing to use the attractions. Keep an eye on the clouds that appear above their heads: this will help you understand their mood and determine which park improvements need to be implemented first.

5. Engage in landscaping of the park. Adding decor and visitor amenities such as restrooms, benches and food stalls will also improve the overall ambience of the park in addition to profit. Amenities and variety of offerings will help attract more visitors and improve overall satisfaction at your amusement park. Remember to meet their needs for both entertainment and comfort.

6. Invest in park diversity. The development and variety of attractions in the park will really help attract a variety of visitors. The variety of offerings will cater to different preferences and interests of people, increasing the overall attractiveness of the park. Therefore, it is worth striving to constantly expand and improve the park in order to attract new visitors and retain long-time fans of entertainment.

7. Don’t waste rare currency. Using special currencies wisely in the game is an important aspect for the effective development of an amusement park. We advise you to carefully plan your gold coin spending to ensure optimal development and efficient resource management. Purchasing unique buildings and decor using special currencies can greatly improve the overall visitor experience and attract new ones.

8. Keep track of your finances. Financial management in the game is a key aspect for the successful development of an amusement park. Efficient allocation of funds between new construction and improvement of existing buildings will allow you to effectively develop the park and attract more visitors. Remember that investing in improvements can yield greater returns in the long run.

9. Plan your construction ahead of time. Planning and strategic thinking are important components to successfully growing your amusement park. Creating a clear action plan will help you optimize processes, manage resources efficiently and achieve your goals. Consider analyzing the current state of the park, examining visitor needs, identifying competitive advantages, and identifying key areas for improvement.

10. Join the gaming community. Communication with other players not only makes the gameplay more interesting, but also helps you learn new strategies, get useful tips and share experiences. Be an active member of the community, ask questions, share your achievements and help other players. This will help you make the game even more fun and successful.

We hope these tips help you create a successful and thriving prehistoric amusement park in Prehistoric Fun Park Builder!

Prehistoric Park: Guide for new players

Game features. In this game, you have huge responsibilities for the construction and proper placement of all the attractions, creating amazing ones, ensuring the comfort of visitors, making important decisions in personnel management and a general passion for the development of the entire park.

Feel the real pleasure of creating themed areas, enhancing attractions and creating exciting events for your guests. The game will immerse you in the world of colorful graphics, exciting gameplay and a huge number of interesting tasks.

They will not let you get bored and will give you an unforgettable experience of managing a unique amusement park in the atmosphere of ancient times. Enjoy creativity and management in this game.

Initial training. The game offers new players an initial tutorial, which is key to quickly mastering the game’s mechanics and rules. Through the tutorial, players can learn about the game’s goals, basic tools and options for growing their park, and how to effectively manage resources and finances.

Following the directions and tips in the initial training will help you avoid mistakes, achieve success faster and create a thriving park that attracts a large number of visitors.

Be careful and creative in the development of your park, and you will definitely be able to achieve good results!

The main goal of the game. In the game, the main goal of the player is to build and manage his own amusement park in the ancient world. The player must create unique attractions, attract visitors, ensure the safety and satisfaction of guests, develop the park’s infrastructure, manage finances and resources, and achieve certain goals and objectives to expand and improve their park.

The main goal is to make the park successful, profitable and popular to attract more and more visitors and become the best amusement park owner.

Major currencies. The game provides two types of currencies, each of which has its own function. Silver coins play an important role in the construction of the main attractions, decorations, services and other elements of the park. They are also needed to improve and repair existing facilities. You can get silver coins from park visitors and by increasing your level in the game.

Gold coins are the most valuable resource in the game. They can be obtained by advancing through the levels of the game or by achieving achievements within the game world. It is also possible to buy gold for real money. Gold can be used to purchase rare attractions, decorations, and special workers that will help diversify and improve your amusement park.

Try not to waste gold coins, especially at the beginning of the game. They will be useful to you for development in the later game.

Park visitors. Your park will constantly attract the attention of visitors, which will not only create atmosphere and variety, but will also allow you to profit from the park. It is an important aspect of management to keep track of the number of people in your park at any given time.

Looking at the upper left corner of the screen, you will see a person icon and a number reflecting the current number of visitors.

This control point will allow you to assess the popularity of the park in real time, as well as adequately respond to changes in the flow of guests. Remember that the constant presence of visitors is the key to the successful development of your ancient business.

Level of satisfaction. The satisfaction level of your park’s visitors is displayed through the sun icon on the left side of the screen. This metric is a key indicator of how satisfied visitors are with the atmosphere.

To increase the level of satisfaction, it is recommended to improve attractions, develop a variety of construction, add decorations, improve service and carry out other activities.

The higher the satisfaction level, the more profit the park generates, so it is important to constantly strive to grow and improve it.

Player level. A player’s level in the game is an important indicator that reflects his development and progress. It not only displays the player’s current state, but also opens up new possibilities in the game. For example, upon reaching a certain level, the player can expand the territory of his park, build new buildings, attractions and much more.

Constantly improving the player’s level will help him create a more successful and prosperous amusement park. Therefore, try to gain experience by using all the features in the game.

A set of experience. To increase each player level, a certain amount of experience is required. It is important to keep an eye on the experience bar in the lower left corner of the screen, as it represents the player’s progress and development. Experience can be earned by developing your amusement park.

This includes creating new roads, building various facilities, improving attractions and many other actions that contribute to successful development.

When visitors’ mood is above 85, you can get double the experience gained.

Login to the game every day. Visiting the game daily is a great opportunity for players to receive valuable rewards and improve their prehistoric park. Daily login bonuses can include gold coins, silver, and cool decorative items to help decorate and complete your park.

Constant participation and activity in the game will allow you not only to develop your park more efficiently, but also to enjoy collecting rewards and decorating your gaming space. That is why it is recommended not to miss the opportunity to log into the game every day, so as not to miss out on valuable trophies and bonuses.

Prehistoric Park: Everything you need to know about the attractions

Attractions and their features. Attractions play a key role in the success of your amusement park. They are the main source of entertainment for visitors, able to lift the mood and create an unforgettable experience. In addition, the rides are one of the main sources of income for the park.

Visitors pay to enter and ride the attraction, and the more exciting and exciting the attraction, the greater the chance of earning more money. Therefore, it is important to constantly improve and develop attractions to attract more visitors and increase park profits.

The game has a huge variety of attractions and decor. Therefore, you can create a truly unique and unusual park.

Construction of an attraction. Building an attraction in your park means adding magic and fun for visitors. In order to start construction, you need to go to the construction menu and select the desired attraction from the list of available ones. You can then place it in your chosen area within the park.

Make sure that the chosen location is suitable for the attraction and does not interfere with other objects. Once the attraction is completed, your park will be more attractive and interesting for visitors, which increases their satisfaction and increases the park’s revenue.

Moving the attraction. Moving rides and other objects in your park can be done with ease. To do this, simply long-press on the object you want to move and then drag it to a new location in the park. This gives you the flexibility to rearrange the attractions and decorations as you see fit to enhance the overall experience of your park.

Be creative and create amazing arrangements of objects in the park to attract more visitors and increase their satisfaction.

Construction time. When constructing various objects in your park, including buildings and attractions, it is important to remember that they all require a certain amount of time to complete construction. This process can take varying amounts of time depending on the complexity and size of the object.

Therefore, do not forget to take this aspect into account when planning new buildings in your park. While the property is under construction, it may not be available for use by visitors.

Upon completion of construction and commissioning of the facility, you will be able to enjoy its functionality and attractive appearance. So be patient and remember to monitor the construction progress of your facilities so that you can include them in the overall plan of your amusement park in time.

How can you speed up construction? When you build new facilities in your theme park, it is important to remember that the construction process takes some time, and until it is completed, you will not be able to use the new buildings or attractions. However, if you urgently need to complete the construction, you can use the opportunity to speed up the process, but you will have to pay for it in gold coins.

The amount of gold you will need to spend to speed up construction depends on the remaining time until the process is completed. The longer it takes to complete, the more gold coins you will need to invest.

Therefore, be careful and weigh your actions before using this method. Since gold coins are a very valuable currency in the game.

We recommend that you avoid constantly using construction acceleration for gold, as this can significantly drain your resources. Instead, plan your construction ahead of time, running long construction processes at times that suit you, such as at night or when you’re away from the game for a long time.

Improvement of attractions. The game has three upgrade levels for each attraction, which can significantly improve its capabilities and appearance, as well as increase its profit. Therefore, it is important to plan your investments strategically in order to grow your amusement park as efficiently as possible.

Investing in improving your attractions will not only help you generate more revenue from your attractions, but also attract more visitors with improved features and an attractive appearance. Thus, strive to ensure that each upgraded attraction brings you maximum returns and makes your theme park better.

Improvement costs. Each upgrade level requires a certain amount of silver and time from you. The higher the upgrade level, the more resources and time you will need to complete it. Additionally, the price of the upgrade may vary depending on the quality of the attraction.

For example, starting buildings may require less money and time to upgrade than more advanced and larger structures available in the mid-game. Therefore, it is important to strategically plan your actions and decisions regarding attraction upgrades, taking into account both your park’s budget and its ongoing development.

We recommend that you do not forget about the possibilities of upgrading your attractions. This will allow you to earn more profit.

Variety of attractions. The game offers a huge range of different attractions to choose from. You can install both simple and extremely complex structures, such as swings or roller coasters. Each attraction is of great importance to the park as it provides entertainment for visitors and generates revenue.

Wear and tear on each attraction. Wear and tear on rides is another important aspect to pay attention to in the game. The more people visit a particular attraction, the faster it wears out. Gradually, as use increases, the ride begins to lose its performance, requiring regular maintenance and repairs.

If an attraction fails completely due to wear and tear, it can lead to serious problems such as loss of revenue and a negative impact on your park’s reputation. Therefore, it is important to regularly monitor the condition of each attraction, carry out timely maintenance and repairs in order to maintain their functionality and continue to attract visitors.

Effectively managing wear and tear on your rides will help you maintain the long-term success and prosperity of your amusement park.

How to repair an attraction? Follow the in-game prompts: if the attraction needs repairs, you will see a key icon above it. This indicates that the attraction is completely unusable and must be restored. Repairs occur automatically, without the need to invest additional resources or time.

Energy from dino motors. To maintain the operation of certain attractions, specialized energy is required, which is provided by dynamo generators, or dyno motors. These devices generate the electricity needed to operate attractions, allowing them to function properly and provide visitors with a safe and fun experience.

It is important to place dyno motors close to the rides they power to ensure proper operation and power efficiency. This approach guarantees the reliable functioning of attractions and their uninterrupted operation, which is important for satisfying visitors and providing them with quality service.

Profit collection. In the game, each attraction brings its own profit, which you can collect personally. Pay attention to the blinking circle of coins above each building - this means it’s time to collect the money you earned. To get your share, just click on the circle and take all the accumulated profits.

Cash limit. It is important to remember that the ticket office for each attraction has its own limit. Once maximum revenue has been collected, the attraction’s attraction is suspended and new visitors will not be able to enter. To expand the cash register and continue to develop your park, you need to improve each building separately.

Remember to collect income and log into the game regularly to ensure the long-term success of your prehistoric amusement park.

Prehistoric Park: Available attractions in the game

Huge selection. The game lets you choose from an amazing selection of over 60 thrilling rides, from giant wooden swings and mammoth skin trampolines to mind-boggling carousels, rock slides, extreme roller coasters and water rapids.

In this game, even the rides come to life and provide a unique entertainment experience for all players. Therefore, they create a special atmosphere.

In the table below we list the important attractions and their costs:

Swings, slides, trampolines.From 1000 to 4000 silver.From 2 to 4 profit from the attraction.
Labyrinths, football grounds, various towers.From 2000 to 6000 silver.From 2 to 4 profit from the attraction.
Carousels, dino motor, bungee jumps.From 2000 to 7000 silver.From 4 to 6 arrived from the attraction.
Steam locomotives, funhouses, balloon flights.From 4000 to 10000 silver.From 4 to 10 profit from the attraction.
Hunting for mammoths, boats, geysers.From 6000 to 15000 silver.From 4 to 8 arrived from the attraction.
Ferris wheel, basketball, snake slide.From 10,000 to 20,000 silver.From 6 to 9 arrived from the attraction.
Fishing, wind tunnels, cinemas.From 15,000 to 25,000 silver.From 5 to 10 profit from the attraction.
Stone bowling, crazy races, jump into the abyss.From 20,000 to 30,000 silver.From 7 to 15 arrived from the attraction.
Trampoline tower, giant wheel, jungle.From 25,000 to 35,000 silver.From 7 to 17 arrived from the attraction.
Deadly dungeons, waterfall madness, boomerang.From 35,000 to 50,000 silver.From 15 to 19 arrived from the attraction.

Prehistoric Park: Secrets of all visitors

Primitive visitors. Primitive people come to the park in search of positive emotions and fun, to temporarily escape from their routine worries and problems. To ensure your visitors’ satisfaction, you need to carefully listen to their desires and preferences.

Build attractions and provide services in such a way that customers don’t have to spend a long time looking for what they need. The number of visitors arriving directly depends on the size of the park and the overall atmospheric mood you create.

The mood of the visitors. It is very important to understand that the mood level of visitors to the park depends on many factors. When people enjoy the rides, relax on the benches, and enjoy food and drinks, their mood automatically lifts. The higher quality and variety of attractions and services your park has, the higher the level of satisfaction and joy your visitors will experience.

However, it is worth remembering that if you do not monitor the needs and desires of your guests and do not pay enough attention to their requests, the mood level may drop sharply. As a result, visitors may begin to be pushed away from your park, which can ultimately lead to a decrease in attendance and overall popularity of the park.

Therefore, it is important to listen and respond to customer needs, constantly improving the attractions and services provided.

Desires of visitors. Guests’ wishes can be easily expressed by having symbolic clouds appear above their heads, reflecting their current needs. Suggested wishes include the desire to ride (slide symbol), rest (bench symbol), have a snack (chicken leg symbol), quench your thirst (water symbol), visit the restroom (toilet symbol), or leave the park.

This system will help to quickly satisfy the needs of visitors, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable pastime for all park guests.

Fights in the park. Our ancestors showed severity in expressing their discontent with fists and clubs. Fights and fights significantly affect the general mood of other visitors and create a negative atmosphere. If you notice conflict situations or physical clashes, it is important to immediately interrupt them and find ways to reconcile the parties or resolve the conflict.

If necessary, it is recommended to hire a professional security guard who can independently cope with such unpleasant situations and ensure the safety of all visitors. Such measures will help maintain order, calm and confidence in the safety of all your guests.

Garbage in the park. In the times of primitive people, the concept of a trash can was completely unfamiliar, and therefore garbage was thrown directly on the paths of the park. As a result, mountains of trash could accumulate extremely quickly, creating problems with cleanliness and order. Large accumulations of trash significantly affect the general mood of other park visitors, degrading their recreational experience.

Therefore, it is necessary to remove garbage regularly to prevent it from accumulating heavily and creating unpleasant landfills.

To solve this problem, it is proposed to hire a specialized janitor who will independently monitor the cleanliness of the park and regularly remove garbage. This approach will allow visitors to relax and enjoy their holiday without wasting their time on cleaning, and ensures that your park maintains a pleasant atmosphere and coziness.

Prehistoric Park: Park Staff Guide

Diversity of workers. The game features a variety of workers who make the player’s life much easier and allow him to enter the game less often. You can hire staff through a special menu for gold and silver coins for a certain period of time. Each employee has unique abilities and skills that can improve the efficiency and profitability of your amusement park.

Here are all available workers:

Worker.Description and price.
Fundraiser.Collects profit from all attractions. Cost - 50 gold coins.
Street cleaner.Monitors the cleanliness of your park and collects accumulated garbage. Cost 5000 - silver.
Security guard.Maintains order in the park and prevents fights. Cost 5000 - silver.
Repairer.Automatically repairs all park attractions. The cost is 10,000 - silver.
Animator.Entertains visitors, improving their mood. Cost 5000 - silver.

Time to hire workers. You can hire staff through a special menu for gold and silver coins for a certain period of time. Each worker can be hired for two hours, one day, five days or 10 days; the longer the worker is hired, the higher the price.

Most often, hiring a worker for 10 days will cost gold coins, which indicates their high efficiency and importance to the prosperity of your amusement park. Select staff wisely, based on their abilities and length of employment, to streamline processes and ensure the success of your park business.

Are workers needed? Having a diverse workforce in your prehistoric park will become vital as you progress. You can start the game without staff, and initially, when there are few attractions, managing them may seem like an easy task. However, as the park expands and the number of attractions increases, it will be difficult to manage on your own without the help of employees.

Each attraction will require your attention, and already in the middle of the game their number can exceed 20, making the need to hire staff an urgent task. Various employees will be responsible for maintaining the attractions, cleaning, interacting with visitors, and other important tasks that will help make your park successful and prosperous.

Therefore, smart personnel management will be the key to the success and prosperity of your prehistoric amusement park. Don’t ignore workers and hire them as needed.

Prehistoric Park: Tips for creating a comfortable park

Necessary buildings for visitors. The game features a wide selection of buildings necessary to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay for visitors in your prehistoric park. You will be able to create varied and decorative buildings that will not only decorate your park, but also provide visitors with the opportunity to relax, eat, drink and enjoy the surrounding atmosphere.

Your arsenal will include many quick food points where guests can enjoy delicious snacks and drinks, a variety of flower beds and garden arrangements that will add color and picturesqueness to your park. In addition, you have access to many other objects that can improve the mood of each visitor who enters and satisfy their desires.

Thanks to the variety of buildings and objects in your park, you can create a unique atmosphere that attracts guests, and become a successful owner of a prehistoric amusement park that will delight and surprise every visitor.

Why is it necessary to build them? The importance of constructing a variety of buildings and facilities to satisfy visitors in your prehistoric park cannot be underestimated. Effective management and guest satisfaction play a critical role in the success of your business.

Satisfied visitors not only generate more revenue from their ticket and service spend, but also help create a positive atmosphere in the park.

Moreover, satisfied guests tend to spread positive impressions about your park, which can increase its popularity and attract even more visitors. Unsatisfied guests, on the other hand, can create conflicts or negative situations that will affect the satisfaction level of other guests and can affect the bottom line of your business.

How to place a structure in your prehistoric park? The process for placing buildings is similar to placing attractions and other objects. To place a building, you need to select the desired building from the available selection, and then move it to the selected empty space in the park.

How to choose a suitable place? When choosing a suitable location for a structure in your prehistoric park, it is important to consider various aspects that can affect both the functionality and attractiveness of the property. It is necessary to pay attention not only to aesthetics, but also to the practical aspects of the location.

One of the key factors when choosing a location is easy access for visitors. The structure must be visible and sufficiently accessible to all park guests. It is also important to consider the ease of navigation throughout the park so that visitors can easily reach the site.

Optimal use of space also plays an important role. Placing buildings so that they make efficient use of available space will help create a harmonious and functional park design. This can also affect the overall park experience and visitor comfort.

Successful placement of buildings, taking into account the needs of visitors and the specifics of the park, will help create a pleasant atmosphere and make a visit to your prehistoric park unforgettable and comfortable for all guests.

Placement of paths in the park. The placement of paths in the park plays a key role in creating convenient infrastructure and optimizing the visitor experience. Well-designed paths not only make the park more accessible and easy to move around, but also help organize the space, dividing it into different functional zones.

Properly placed paths can not only serve as a guide for visitors, allowing them to easily navigate the park, but also a way to highlight the beauty and uniqueness of each corner. They can lead to major attractions, recreational, dining or even cultural sites, creating a natural route for guests.

Variety of zones. In addition to convenience and navigational function, paths can also help to divide the park into different themed areas or provide access to different types of entertainment and recreation. This allows you to improve the overall impression of the visit and make a walk through the park interesting and exciting for all visitors.

Thus, the placement of paths in a park is an important aspect of design and planning that can enhance the park’s amenity and attractiveness.

Profit from catering. Profits from catering areas are an important source of income for the development of the park. Placing food and beverage outlets not only provides visitors with the necessary services, but can also significantly increase the financial performance of the park.

Well-run restaurants, cafes, food courts and snack stands can become a major source of profit by satisfying guests’ nutritional needs and additional services.

However, it is worth noting that in addition to catering facilities, there are other buildings in the park, such as toilets, recreation areas and others, which, although they do not generate direct income, play an important role in the general convenience and comfort of visitors. These amenities can significantly improve guest satisfaction, making their stay at the park more enjoyable and comfortable.

Prehistoric Park: Game Achievements

Achievements in the game. Achievements play a key role in a player’s development as they allow them to develop and acquire new skills along the way to success. By earning a variety of achievements, players have the opportunity to enrich their gaming experience, receive valuable rewards and increase their skill level.

Achievements are presented at various levels, which are comprehended gradually during the gameplay. For example, a player might need to build 10 buildings to reach a certain level.

However, upon achieving this goal, the next level may include the construction of 15 buildings and so on. As achievements increase in difficulty, their rewards also increase, rewarding the player for their efforts and progress in the game.

Here are examples of achievements and rewards for completing them:

Builder. (Build N buildings)2000 silver and 100 experience.
Energetic. (Build N energy generating buildings)1000 silver and 200 experience.
Machine operator. (Build N mechanical rides)2000 silver and 100 experience.
Poseidon. (Build N water attractions)2000 silver and 100 experience.
King of the mountain. (Build N roller coasters)2000 silver and 100 experience.
Extreme. (Build N extreme rides)2000 silver and 100 experience.
Caring. (Build N services)500 silver and 100 experience.
Restaurateur. (Build N food services)1000 silver and 50 experience.
Water carrier. (Build N drinking services)1000 silver and 60 experience.
Father Frost. (Build N ice cream stalls)3000 silver and 100 experience.
Sharovod. (Build N stalls with balls)1000 silver and 70 experience.
Lover of comfort. (Build N benches)200 silver and 50 experience.
Plumber. (Build N toilets)1000 silver and 70 experience.
Pioneer. (Build N dirt tracks)100 silver and 10 experience.
Stonelayer. (Build N decorative paths)500 silver and 50 experience.
Road guru. (Build N stone paths)2500 silver and 100 experience.

Prehistoric Park: Game Settings

Game settings. Gameplay settings allow you to customize the game to your liking. From the menu, you can enable or disable game audio, such as music and sounds, depending on your preferences. You also have the ability to manage notifications to eliminate possible distractions while gaming.

Despite this, it’s worth remembering that turning off notifications may result in you missing important information, such as reminders to collect profits from attractions or other important events in the game.

Change the game language. The game has a language changer feature that allows you to select your preferred interface language according to your preferences. In the game settings menu, you can easily change the language from one to another.

By default, the game automatically detects the language of your system and installs it, however, if the desired language is not available, you can always select an alternative language from the list of available ones. This allows players from all over the world to enjoy the game in their own language and become more comfortable immersing themselves in the gameplay.

Gift code. If you have a special game code that provides the opportunity to receive unique rewards and bonuses in the game, you can use it by entering it in the appropriate section of the game settings.

Make sure that the code is intended specifically for receiving a gift or privileges in the game, and not just for adding friends. Please remember that Friend Codes or Invite Codes do not qualify for this field, so use them where needed to get the rewards you want.

Where can I get a gift code? You can receive a gift code that gives access to various bonuses and privileges in the game by participating in promotions and sweepstakes held in the official social groups of the game. By participating in these events, you can win a gift code and redeem it in the game for additional bonuses.

Developers can also give out gift codes in honor of certain events or holidays, which makes participating in the game’s community even more fun and rewarding. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get exclusive rewards and benefits by using in-game gift codes!

Game help from developers. The help section provides valuable tips and information on frequently asked questions from players. By studying this section, you can get a lot of useful information about key aspects of the game, which will help you develop effectively and reach new heights.

Be sure to check out the help section early on in your gaming journey to ensure you’ve mastered the basics and are ready for the fun and challenging challenges that await you.

Player support. If you encounter any problems during the game or find errors and bugs that affect your comfort and enjoyment of the game, do not hesitate to report it to the developers. Your feedback is very important to improve the gaming experience and the quality of the game in general.

The developers value player feedback and try to respond quickly to them, correcting identified problems and errors in future updates. Your message could be the key to improving the game and creating an even more immersive gaming world for everyone involved.

Prehistoric Park: Donation Guide

In-game store. The game has an additional store where you can purchase in-game currencies such as gold coins and silver coins with real money. This functionality allows you to significantly increase your resources for the development of your amusement park, giving the gameplay new possibilities and a level of depth.

Investing in in-game currency can significantly speed up your park’s progress and expansion, unlocking new attractions, upgrades, and other exciting features.

Promotional goods. Game developers regularly offer players unique promotional items or sets that are available for purchase during certain periods of time. These promotions may be limited in time, so players need to be careful not to miss out on the opportunity to purchase exclusive items or bundles.

While promotional items typically cost more than regular items in the game, they can offer unique features, rare resources, or other benefits that can help improve your gaming experience or progress faster. Make sure to take advantage of these special offers before they disappear!

Is it possible to play for free? If you prefer, you can enjoy the game completely free of charge, without having to invest any real money. You will not have any restrictions, and all the features of the game will be available. However, it is worth remembering that without additional investments in the form of in-game purchases, you will need more time and effort to develop your park.

At the same time, it can also present an additional challenge and an exciting path to achieving success in the game. So the choice is yours: enjoy the game for free or take advantage of additional features through in-game purchases.

Additional services for gold coins. The game offers various additional services provided by the developers for gold coins. These services will help players improve and speed up their gaming experience by allowing them to interact with various aspects of the game faster and more efficiently.

For gold coins, players can gain access to unique features, such as accelerated construction of new facilities, increased production in the park, additional bonuses and privileges that will greatly facilitate the gameplay.

Using these additional services will allow players to enjoy the gameplay more fully, improve their skills in managing and developing the prehistoric park, and bring new and exciting opportunities and challenges.

Available services. We present to you a list of available services that will help you improve your gaming experience. Below is a table listing their costs and practical benefits for your thriving prehistoric park:

Service and description.Price of the service.
Collect profits and repair all the rides.10 gold coins.
Collect all profits instantly.5 gold coins.
Collecting all trash in the park.5 gold coins.
Repair all rides in the park.5 gold coins.
Promote the park. (Raising the park in the player rating system).200 gold coins.
Amulet of speed. (Speeds up all construction by 2 times, lasts 8 hours).300 gold coins.
Amulet of experience. (Increases all experience gained by 2 times, lasts 8 hours).500 gold coins.
Amulet of wealth. (Increases profit by 2 times, valid for 8 hours).500 gold coins.
Small fireworks. (Lifts the mood of visitors, gives a lot of experience and lasts for two minutes).50 gold coins.
Giant fireworks. (Greatly lifts the mood of visitors, gives a lot of experience and lasts 10 minutes).500 gold coins.

Prehistoric Park: Is it worth playing?

Build your own amusement park in the atmosphere of the prehistoric era with Prehistoric Fun Park Builder. Here you can be transported to the world of ancient people and dinosaurs, creating amazing attractions and encountering funny mechanics in the game. Sometimes even the process of extracting energy with the help of dinosaurs can seem funny. If the idea of ​​immersing yourself in such an atmosphere and creating your own ancient amusement park appeals to you, then this game is perfect.

Here are the advantages of the game:

Here are the disadvantages of the game:

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