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Prey Day WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

PREY DAY is an Android game with a release date of April 6, 2018 from APPLIFE LIMITED. Game genre: Action. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. A beginner’s guide
  2. Where to get resources for beginners?
  3. How to Earn Tokens?
  4. How to get metal?
  5. How to get wood?
  6. Crafting Guide
  7. Raids
  8. Combat Tips
  9. Skill Usage Tips
  10. Ranged Weapons Guide
  11. Melee Weapon Guide
  12. Secrets of the passing game

Prey Day: A beginner’s guide

Prey Day takes players to the post-apocalyptic world, where it is necessary to survive among hordes of zombies and mutating living creatures. All this splendor is seasoned with sauce from PvP battles. The game, unlike many other "survival games", has a social component: here you can create your own clan or join an existing one, there are PvP locations where you interact with other players, you can go to various bosses with friends, exchange items, weapons and armor. Also in Prey Day there is a chat where you can share your experience of the game or ask for advice. All this makes the project interesting and exciting.

Correct start

At the very beginning of the game, you appear at your base. First, you need to go through a little training, where you will be taught the basics of the game. As soon as it ends, you need to go around the entire territory of the base, and collect the available resources, things, kill all the animals (from which you will receive the skin and raw meat).

Then you need to build a Basic Workbench (we will talk about it in more detail below). It costs 3 metal and 3 wood. Then, we advise you to make a stone ax, crowbar, stone sledgehammer and a hiking backpack (he asks for a clean cloth that drops from zombies, you can also find it in cars and in garbage dumps). Then you need to make a stone knife.

We do not recommend using tools for collecting resources as weapons, as they have low damage and low attack speed. The stone knife has 14 units of damage and has sufficient speed to successfully repel undead attacks and kill beasts.

Experience. After creating each item, you gain player experience. It can also be obtained at locations during the collection of resources. The level does not affect the number of health points, thirst or hunger. If you are level 1 and are fighting a naked level 60 player, you have an equal chance of winning a fist fight.

The player’s level affects the opening of new recipes, machines, workbenches. Also, with an increase in the level, an additional slot for weapons opens (player level 35). And also for the tasks that you will receive in the common city - Adelaide. The more items you produce, the faster your level rises.

First trip. After you have created your first tools for collecting items, you need to go to the general map. There are several locations on the map with different difficulty levels:

The timer in some locations shows the time the location is updated or the time it drops valuable cargo on PvP maps. Sometimes, in order to get valuable items, you need to go in the first minutes after the update, otherwise other players will have time to profit from yummy.

At the start of the game, we advise you to go only to green locations and develop calmly. If you go to the extraction of resources on the PvP map, then you will be killed there, you will lose all equipment and collected materials.

Thirst and hunger. In the game, your character can die of thirst or hunger. If you are at home, then there is nothing wrong with that, since you will be reborn with a full scale of health, well-fed and you will not want to drink. But on hikes, especially if you have good prey in your backpack, it is not advisable to die of thirst. Therefore, before the first outing, we recommend building a well that will give 1 bottle of water every 15 minutes. When you return from your trip, the water will be ready. During the hike, you can quench your hunger and thirst with berries from the bushes, eat raw potatoes and raw meat.

As soon as you come to the location, you need to collect absolutely everything that comes to hand. In the game, every item or resource matters. And if you don’t need it at the start, then it will come in handy at a later stage of the game.

How to complete tasks? Quests can be taken from characters in the city of Adelaide on the general map. Heroes who can offer a quest are displayed with an exclamation mark. Completing quests gives you a reputation on the black market (you can put more items on sale). In the description of missions, there are always hints on what needs to be done in order to complete the quest and receive a reward.

After you have taken the mission, you need to go to the general map from the city. The location where you want to complete the task is indicated by an exclamation mark. When you go to the desired location, the location of the quest will be displayed with a yellow arrow on the minimap. If, after completing the task, a green checkmark appears in the journal (the book icon on the left side of the screen), then you did everything right, and you just have to turn in the mission and get a prize.

Prey Day: Where to get resources for beginners?

Wood, stone and metal are the most important resources in the game, without which almost no production can do. These materials need not only to be collected correctly, but also to be constantly saved.

Preparing for the hike. It is not necessary to prepare especially for the collection and cleaning of the location, even at the start of the game. You can go to the extraction of resources completely without clothes. You can take the simplest backpack with you. From the tools you need to take 2 stone axes with a full scale of strength, scrap (you can take it worn out, but so that it would be enough to disassemble 1 pile of scrap metal). We also recommend grabbing 1 stone sledgehammer with 50% durability. This is quite enough for collecting stone in the location. Also, do not forget to take some potatoes to restore health points. It can be grown from seeds in the garden of your home.

After that, you need to go to the general map. At the start of the game, you will have to extract resources only at 2 locations, with the exception of daily events. these are "Wrecked Airplane" and "Camp".

Experienced players recommend that you only mine resources in the Lost House, as there is the largest amount of stone and wood. You will not find so many at the Checkpoint.

Lost home

Small green area with a house in the middle. There are several trees, 2 cars, a few bushes with berries and other necessary gathering places. There are several common zombies at the location, 1 Butcher (elite monster) and 1 miner fly.

You always need to attack zombies from hidden mode. To do this, you need to sit down, slowly move towards the enemy, wait for the monster to turn its back on you, and deliver the first blow. This stealth hit will do double damage.

Zombies do not have a specific trajectory, they always move unpredictably. On the one hand, it is difficult, but on the other hand, it is believable and interesting, every time you need to calculate the tactics of fighting. At the moment, in the game, zombies do not respawn after clearing a location, only after you leave it, the refresh timer starts. The lost home is updated in 15 minutes.

Berries. At the location, you can find delicious berries with which you can restore your health points so as not to waste precious food brought from home. You can collect more berries and bring them to the base. It can be used to make delicious jam (if the berry is researched in the Research Table).

Skin. This location is constantly inhabited by animals: 3 rabbits and 1 deer. You can get raw meat from this living creature. 1 piece falls from rabbits, and 2 pieces from deer. The deer will also give you a skin. The skin here can fall from the mutated bee. In the future, the hide can be processed at home in the tannery, resulting in leather, from which you can make good armor.

Study at home. Also at the location you can find potato seeds that grow in the beds right at the entrance to the house. And if you are lucky, you will get 4 potato seeds from 4 beds. Moving further into the house, you will encounter 4 zombies. One of them is a fat man who guards the only chest in the location. This box must be opened, since you can constantly find different buns in it in random order. It is also necessary to examine all cabinets and drawers in the house.

You should not attack zombies "head-on", we advise you to sit for a while and wait for the moment when the undead will turn their backs on you. You should take your time and always attack from stealth mode.

Parts for research, which may lie in the chest, must be taken, even donated with other items (if by this moment the space in the backpack has run out). On the street near the house, do not forget to inspect garbage cans. They also contain research parts or a clean cloth.

Each resource that you mine on the map drops out in a different amount. Sometimes 3 logs can fall out, and sometimes two. It is not always possible to get the same amount of resources at the same location.

How do I get a lot of cloth?

The fabric is needed to create clothing and bandages. You can go absolutely naked on the extraction of fabric, but you will definitely need a bat. The fabric is easy to collect in the red area of the Shopping Center. Of course, at the very start of the game, you will not be able to use our advice, but when you make a bat, you can go on your first risky adventure.

Red location. There are 2 places where zombies respawn in the Trade Center. This is the upper entrance (3 monsters) and the lower (9 zombies). In addition, there are 2 more places where the undead are going - this is the right and left entrance to the location. But you don’t need them to collect.

At the top location, zombies have 20 health points, so the bat is perfect, since monsters fall from 1 hit. Until the fully durable bat breaks, you can collect 20 - 30 pieces of cloth. At the bottom entrance there are 9 zombies: 6 monsters at the entrance to the store and 3 to the left around the corner. But these three do not need to be touched, since a toxic dog is running with them. Often nothing drops from these zombies. Why is that? Not known.

Zombies won’t even have time to hit you if you enter a location with a bat. Also in the Shopping Center you can grab a hatchet and crowbar to collect other resources. They won’t take up much space in your backpack, and you can get additional materials.

Prey Day: How to Earn Tokens?

Tokens are needed for development, and the purchase of some resources and resources in the game. Of course, they can always be purchased for real money through the in-game store. But we will tell you how to earn Silver Tokens in the game yourself. In general, playing with tokens is easier and more enjoyable. At the start, getting tokens is more difficult, but nevertheless fashionable. One way is to build a lot of wells and produce water (we’ll talk about it below).

As a rule, it is easiest for new players to sell resources (wood and metal). Recycled resources are more expensive though. For beginners, it is better to use green locations to collect materials, and not go to PvP maps. Since such trips do not always pay off, you can even go into a deep minus, which is not very good. Many newbies think that they will clear out red locations and they will pay off, but this is not true, since red cards are not always friendly. Although it is in them that the most valuable items drop out, useful books that can be sold at an expensive auction. But these things are hard to find.

Black market. Unnecessary items can be sold on the black market, as well as resold, having previously bought items cheaper than the average market value. Let’s say you can sell hammers, surplus skill books, and more. But for resale, you need to know well the prices in the market and constantly monitor them.


Selling items at the Adelaide Auction House with Megan Holt is sometimes the most profitable option for earning tokens because they are not profitable on the black market. For resale, here you need to buy popular items that are easy to sell. But you shouldn’t buy things that nobody needs, even if they are cheap.

Previously, trade was mainly carried out through the clan bunker. But now the developers have complicated this type of trade, and at the moment, only the exchange of necessary items is possible. You won’t be able to earn tokens this way.

Chat. First, you need to pay attention to the global chat, namely the "Buy" messages. If you have not found such a message, then you can write a text about the sale of things yourself. Often you do not need to write the same messages, since for repeated frequent messages, the administration blocks the account. First temporarily, and then permanently.

We do not recommend littering messages with messages like: "cool gun" or "necessary ax" and others. Whoever needs a subject, he already knows its positive qualities. We recommend writing messages once an hour, this is enough if you are selling something. If you find the message "Buy", and you have the item you are looking for, then you must agree in advance with the buyer about the price. Since there are unpopular products that are not expensive. You should not overcharge such goods so that they do not lie at the auction (there is a high commission, and it is impossible to return it back).

If you want to earn a lot of tokens, then you need to sell popular products.

When you put an item on the auction, it is also advisable to inform about this in the global chat, and indicate its cost. You need to display 1 product, and until you bought it from you, it is not recommended to place the next one. Because if you put one item on the auction, then it is immediately shown to other players. And if you have set 2 items, then only 1 of them will be shown. To avoid this, you should put the goods one at a time.

Items should be sold at an adequate price. For example, a popular assault rifle can be purchased for 3000 tokens. If you inflate the cost, then your lot will not be sold.

Plague graveyard

You can earn tokens by selling rare items. Today we will give an example of how to quickly and inexpensively earn several thousand tokens. This can be done in red locations. But most of the tokens can be obtained at the Plague Cemetery. It is best to enter the location immediately after resetting the timer (resetting occurs every hour).

The location has 3 entrances, and near each of them there is a grave for inspection. They then need to be checked in the first seconds of every hour. Very often they come across mobile phones that cost 3,500 tokens on the black market. But you need to have time to get it. If you have an engineering machine built, then the phone can be disassembled and received a microcircuit. And it costs 9,000 tokens on the black market.

Do not forget that the Cemetery is a PvP location where fights usually take place between players for loot. If you got at least 1 phone, then you should immediately leave the location and take it home.


There are two favorite tasks for which you can get tokens. The first quest "Machete". This is when you take your any machete to the game character (even a broken one), and you will receive a shotgun and cartridges for it. The second quest "Reputation in the city", where you need to hand over your AK-47 (it can be broken), and get 200 spare parts for research and 250 tokens. But there is a nuance in performing these tasks.

If, for example, you have a machete in your hands (when you go to hand over items), and a broken machete prepared for delivery is in your backpack, the priority for delivery will be the item you are holding in your hands. Because the mechanics of the game provide for an exchange first from hands, and if there is nothing in them, then a thing from the backpack is surrendered.

If you do not want to give away an item with 100% durability, then you must put it away in your backpack (or leave it at home), and pick up the broken item. This principle also applies to the collection of resources. If you go to 2 different locations with different objectives, but take the same type of weapon (for example, regular scrap and durable scrap for collecting titanium). therefore, you must first put a simple scrap in your inventory, and then a durable one.

The mechanics are set up in such a way that when interacting with objects, the presence of an object in the hands is first checked, and if it is not there, then the system checks the cells of the backpack in turn, starting from the upper left cell.

Prey Day: How to get metal?

There are several ways to mine metals:

  1. Loot in ordinary locations. This method has several disadvantages. The most significant disadvantage is that offline location data takes a long time to update, and you can’t quickly get metal.
  2. Metal mining in online locations. There is a lot of it on these maps, although not all locations have a lot of scrap metal.

A quick way to mine metal. You need good clothes to get started. It is best to prepare TOP armor for the hike: mercenary boots (you can use hunting boots and footballer’s boots). Here it is not necessary to take armor with 100% durability. We advise you to bring a revolver and 9 mm rounds. A tactical backpack is also suitable, if you only mine iron, you can wear a school backpack. And you should take a melee weapon, for example, a shovel. Collecting requires regular scrap (minimum required 3 pieces).

It is necessary to increase the speed of movement with skills and shoes in order to be faster than competitors in the extraction of metal, and to have time to escape from them.

The City location is suitable for collecting metal. Of the online locations, the largest amount of metal is located here. Jam can be used as a medicine, it is necessary to protect against players who can encroach on you. And after wounded zombies, it is better to use a simple treatment like steak. If possible, you should avoid meeting other players, as you can get killed.

For large monsters such as the Butcher or Dog, we recommend using ranged weapons first and then melee weapons. This is to prevent them from doing much damage to you. It is better to attack other zombies from behind, using melee weapons for this, since you can not receive damage, and kill monsters with 1 hit. We recommend avoiding poisoned and large zombies in order to pay off normally. If everything is done correctly, the armor will not break quickly, and it will be possible to save money on this.

You should move around the City in a circle, and do not miss more than one heap of scrap metal. Some deposits of metal are deep, so you should not be lazy and mine them. Since the main goal is metal mining, you should not enter into meaningless firefights with other players.

After you leave the location, it is updated. Usually, the update takes 2 - 3 minutes, sometimes 5 minutes. Then you can go back to the City and get metal.

Prey Day: How to get wood?

There are several ways to get wood in the game. And since this is the main resource at the start of the game, it is necessary to extract it constantly. We will tell you about the 3 main ways to get this material in the red Park location, as there is a lot of wood there. And you need to visit the location at a time when there is no cargo, and they are not going to drop it in the next few minutes.

1 way. You need to take a Kalashnikov assault rifle, a regular cartridge and simple armor with you. You can take jam as a treatment. Since the main goal is collecting wood, and not PvP skirmishes, bandages and antibiotics do not need to be taken.

when collecting, you should avoid any collisions, shooting players is not the primary task. Damage should be avoided, both from zombies and from other players. Weapons and ammo are needed to shoot back from not-too-well-dressed gamers. And armor and healing are needed in order not to die.

It is necessary to collect the resource near the border of the location so that at any time you can leave it and avoid a firefight.

Method 2. This method requires 2 normal axes with full durability. You should go to the location naked, if you are killed, then you will lose little. But you need to enter the Park with full health points, hunger and thirst. In this case, you don’t even need to kill zombies. For this collection option, you need to avoid any damage. When the axes break, you must immediately leave the location. This method pays off the best, although it’s up to you which method is preferable for you.

For efficient collection of wood, you will need the "Wood fragments" skill. The skill of the healing you are using. You should also put the skill on the strength of the weapon that you take with you. You can activate the abilities "Handy items" and "Craft weapons". You will also need the skills "Running" and "Good health".

Method 3. This method will require a revolver, katana (or other melee weapon), treatment, trucker clothing, and survivalist sneakers (to speed up movement). Then you go to the Park.

The main rule is to make the Park an offline location. To do this, you need to use a VPN. And if it is not there, then you can switch from Wi-Fi to mobile Internet and set the data transfer rate to "E".

On the hike, you need to take the largest number of axes (for example, 8 pieces). The essence of this method is to collect as much tree as possible offline. Zombies should be destroyed carefully. All improvised items that you took to collect additional resources, except for axes, should not break here until you have collected the required amount of wood.

You can take a sledgehammer with you, as there is a large amount of stones in the Park. You can open the box when collecting wood, but you do not have to take everything. It must be remembered that you came here for a tree. You should not leave this location, because if you leave it, the zombies will begin to revive, and this will increase your losses (since the load is falling in the Park, the zombies are revived not by the timer, but with your exit from the location while it is offline). If you do not make the Park offline, then other players will interfere with your choice. You can lose a harvested tree, and mining becomes more difficult.

Prey Day: Crafting Guide

Crafting is the manufacture of items. In Prey Day, almost everything can be cooked on the workbenches that are installed at the base. This includes the beds, wells, and fires that provide us with water and food. The recipe for each item is written in the corresponding production table. We decided to tell you in detail about each workbench, and highlight small but important moments of creating objects and materials. In the article, we have arranged the tables in the order in which they need to be built.

Of course, the beginner will build available buildings as the game progresses, then improve them. Thus, at one point, he will lose important resources that need to be spent on another. Therefore, experienced players advise to build premises not in turn of opening buildings, but as needed.

Basic workbench

This is perhaps one of the main items in the game at the initial stage of your development, although you will need it throughout the entire gameplay. The workbench produces:

  1. Stone ax - serves for the extraction of wood.
  2. Stone Sledgehammer - needed to extract stone.
  3. Scrap - serves to obtain scrap metal, which, in the future, you will melt into metal plates. And also nails are made from it. Nails are one of the most valuable items, as they are used in almost any recipe.
  4. A knife made of stone is a weapon to have something to attack and defend at the start of the game.

All these things can only be crafted at home on the Basic Workbench. In the locations where you will extract resources, these things cannot be made. So before you go for mining, do not forget to create the necessary tool.

You will need at least 2 Basic Workbenches. On one, you can start a long-term production, on the other, for example, you can craft scrap, and go to the location to extract resources.

Research table

A very important table, without which you will not be able to fully develop in the game. It is necessary for learning new recipes and various items for crafting. For example, you have created a workbench for crafting clothes, you can also make a simple backpack and ropes on it.

What does it take to make new clothes? To do this, you need to find a piece of equipment. Let’s say you picked up a burglar’s pants at a location. Then they need to be sent to the Table for research in order to be able to sew these pants on a sewing machine. It is also required to place parts for research in the Table. The more spare parts you supply, the higher the chance of successful study of the subject. After that, you need to click the "Explore" button, and this subject, if the study was successful, will appear in the list of your recipes in the corresponding workbench.

It is better to immediately collect the required number of parts for 100% research, since several unsuccessful attempts will cost more than 1 successful one.

Also in the Research Table, you can increase the amount of produced resources. For example, you can only make 1 rope at a time. But if you explore it, then for crafting you can already put 4 ropes at the same time on 1 workbench. Of course, 4 items take longer to produce than one. 4 ropes take 1 hour to craft, and 1 rope only 5 minutes. But mass production can be done if you close the game for an hour and go about your business. You can also research iron plates, processed wood, and other items to craft in large quantities.

What should newbies research first? These are the nails we wrote about earlier. There is no place without nails in this game! Therefore, if you find nails, immediately place them on the Study Table. The chance of researching nails is about 70%, so you may not be able to research them right away. Therefore, you should find enough spare parts for research (about 120 - 130 pieces are required for nails).

Radio tower - needed for those players who do not want to be a lone ranger and conquer the zombie world alone. If you want to create your own clan or join an existing one, then you will need a Radio Tower.

To create a clan, you need to have:

You should not be afraid that you will not have time to put up the tower. It can be collected at any time during the game. For example, when you have all the ingredients for creating a clan.

Chests are places for storing various in-game items and resources. They vary in strength. In the future, you can put the most valuable items in the most armored boxes so that other players cannot steal them during raids.

A garden bed - it does not grow potatoes and soybeans. The optimal number of beds is 4, as well as fires. Campfires are essential for cooking food, which will restore more health points than raw food.

Bed - you can put it at any time convenient for you. It is designed for your relaxation, during which only health points are restored. Hunger and thirst are not replenished during sleep. If you pump the bed to the maximum level, then once an hour you can replenish your health for free. The rest of the time, this is done for tokens.

While you are at home, you do not need to use items to restore health points and other indicators (food, water, medicine). At the base, you can wait for free rest or the death of the hero. Since after death, all indicators are fully replenished.

Well - you need to do as many of them as possible. For a comfortable game, you need 30 wells. In each well, you can make 1 bottle of water in 10 minutes. There is 1 token on the black market. Thus, you can earn tokens at the start of the game. But for yourself, you need to leave some supply of water. We recommend placing a separate box for it.

Smelter - the most optimal amount is 3 pieces. If you often go to the location to extract resources, then we advise you to put 4 smelters. Here you will produce various metal plates that are often required for other industries.

Sewing Table - Here you can make a backpack and early game clothing at any time. Rope is also produced here, which is necessary for the production of the rest of the clothing and other items. Once you put this table down, make a school backpack, because a hiking backpack is not enough to collect resources in temporary event locations. Tanned leather is also made here, which is used in crafting a tactical backpack (the most capacious).

A table for working with wood - if you drop a bit, you will need to make it, since with it the process of extracting resources will go faster, and its durability will last for a long time. To craft it, you need wooden blocks. For a comfortable game, we recommend placing 2 tables.

Stone machine - since there are raids on the bases of other players in the game, you need to put up a solid wall. At the initial stages of the game, it will be a stone wall, the blocks for which are produced in this table. You will need at least 2 of these tables.

Forge - designed for the manufacture of shovels, butts, iron axes. In this machine, you will mainly need an iron sledgehammer. It is necessary for the extraction of sulfur, which is in abundance at the Metro location. Sulfur itself is needed for crafting ammo.

Shredder and plastic production - these two machines must be installed at the same time. On the first, you will recycle the used plastic found at the location. On the second table, you will be producing carbon sheets from recycled plastic. These sheets are used to make handles for combat knives and machetes.

Production machine - makes homemade pistols and cartridges, machetes, combat knives and revolvers. We do not recommend making homemade pistols, as they have very low damage and low attack speed.

Oven and Chemistry Table - Only put the stove on when you decide to build a chemistry table. Sulfur and coal are processed in the furnace. The chemical table produces flammable fuel and gunpowder, which are used for the production of cartridges. Basic cartridges do not need to be researched, Improved and Incendiary cartridges that require incendiary fuel must be researched. But incendiary rounds should only be done if you are going to clan battles. In single skirmishes, they don’t pay off.

Medic’s table - can be placed at any time. A medical bandage is made here, a large first aid kit for restoring health points during shootouts. It is not recommended to craft a first-aid kit, as it restores 75 health units, while a bandage is 35 units. At the same time, 6 fabrics are required for a bandage, and 4 rolls of fabric for a first aid kit (which is much more costly). Two bandages are cheaper than a first aid kit.

The last two tables should be placed at a later stage in the game, when you have developed enough. They are needed to craft TOP equipment. Manufacturing on these machines is expensive, but things turn out good too.

Armor production - a tactical backpack is crafted here, which we do not recommend taking in PvP or PvP locations. It is better to take a hiking or school backpack in such cases. The hunter’s clothes, which we recommend to produce and not buy on the black market, are sewn on this table. You shouldn’t buy it, because production will be cheaper in terms of tokens and other costs than buying.

Weapon production - here, to craft weapons, you need a trigger, which can be found in red locations, or bought from other players, since the mechanism cannot be made. The wooden stock is crafted in the woodworking table. The rest of the ingredients for crafting weapons can be made by yourself.

Prey Day: Raids

As soon as a player creates an account, he begins the Preparatory phase of raids. During this stage, a copy of your database will be created. That is, in fact, other players will not damage your house and disassemble your chests. Also, you will not be able to visit real beginner bases. This is designed so that you can fully develop in the game. During this period, you must defend your base.

Once you reach a certain level, you will proceed to the second stage of the raids. Now you will need to defend, and you can be robbed, and you do real damage.

Raids are optional. You can opt out of this game mechanic if you don’t build a drone pad. Also, if you have not been in raids for some time, then opponents will not see you.

The drone pad is built like a regular workbench. The drone pad will have several levels, which means it can be improved. The level of the site will affect the number of raids per day.

The drone is a special search device that will allow you to find the bases of survivors. It will be possible to find only those bases on which the search is also running at the moment. After launching the drone, after a while, the coordinates of another player’s house appear on the general map, which can be visited. The bases for the attack are selected according to your level, that is, there is no such thing that you have not yet pumped, but the base of a fully pumped gamer, who has military safes, many turrets and a crowd of looters, will be available for the raid.

To protect your home, you need to build and strengthen walls, valuable items need to be hidden in powerful chests. Remember that you can break down enemy walls with a sledgehammer, ax, or explosives. For full protection, you need to put several turrets that take energy from the generator.

To destroy the turrets, you need to break the generator, then the turrets will automatically stop working.

You can also put a zombie cage on the base, which will produce zombies when the enemy attacks you. At the same time, the number of undead is limited, and if all the zombies are killed, then they will not appear this time.

Raid Tips:

Player errors:

Prey Day: Combat Tips

Fight toxic zombies. Often players, defeating zombies, fall from toxic poisons that fell on them during the fight. Therefore, it is required to dodge the blows of the undead. The most dangerous and poisonous is the first strike of the monster. Then he makes 3-4 attacks and again spits poison (for example, a toxic dog). The poison very badly breaks armor and takes a lot of health points. Moreover, it acts for some time after the death of the carrier. If you met with a toxic enemy, then after the first hit, you need to run away, and then count the enemy’s attacks.

Tips for PvP battles

It is not profitable for you to shoot naked players, since they have no valuable items at all. And the cost of killing them is high. These are, at the very least, expensive cartridges. If you nevertheless decide to punish your stripped rival, then it is better to use ordinary cheap cartridges, you can also use edged weapons.

PvP firefights require good armor and good weapons (weapons, ammo). You also need to have the most pumped treatment. Also, the corresponding skills will help in battles. Pumping healing and health points, gives you more chances of winning a 1v1 shootout.

Ideal equipment option:

  1. Armament to increase health points.
  2. The most effective and advanced treatment.
  3. Football armor (although you can use other armor, but the chances of winning will be less).
  4. Good equipment and pumping it will help you win any fight. Therefore, it is necessary to learn good abilities, use the best weapons.

Change of treatment during a shootout from 1 to 1. When changing a drug, you need to manually squeeze the last drugs put into the automatic slot. Then, from the bag, quickly add a new portion of the treatment to the slot, and again with your hands tap on the slot with the medicines 2 - 3 times, and then continue the fight.

1v1 and 2v2 shootouts are not always beneficial. It is better to enter a battle where you have a slight advantage, for example, in terms of the number of allies...

In 2v3 and 3v3 shootouts, you can move away from enemies a little, and quickly rearrange healing or armor. If you step back, you must not stop shooting. Also, do not stray far from the mess so that your partner does not have difficulties.

Change of armor. This must be done quickly. First, you need to quickly squeeze the treatment 2 times. Then open the backpack, eat half of the stack of drugs, then you need to change half of the armor. Eat half of the healing stack, then change the rest of the wardrobe, and replace the drugs. After that, you need to quickly close the backpack, and return to the shootout. And again squeeze 2 drugs in the automatic slot.

Play with three fingers. In this case, the right hand is used for shooting and for pressing the treatment button. And the left hand controls the movement. In order to start a firefight, you must first hold the machine gun with your thumb, and with the other finger (which you take out) you must press the treatment. This must be done at the same time.

Prey Day: Skill Usage Tips

There are several types of abilities in the game that the player can use for their own purposes:

  1. Extraction of resources - increases the amount of collected resources by a certain percentage.
  2. Looting - affect the amount of resources that can be obtained from carrion, garbage cans and corpses of opponents.
  3. Protection - increases the protection of certain armor.
  4. Attack - increases the attack of a certain weapon.
  5. Healing - enhances the effect of healing with a certain item.
  6. Durability - increases the durability of weapons and armor. Applies to all treatments except antibiotics.
  7. Resistance - reduces the impact of the enemy’s negative effects (burn, slowdown, poison, bleeding, stun).
  8. Character - in general, affects the development of the hero. The main ones are: "Strong health" (increases maximum health points by a certain percentage) and "Fast legs" (increases running speed). Other abilities are useful though.

Of all the skills, only 8 pieces can be activated at the same time. In the beginning, you get 3 skill slots. But they can be increased by building and improving the Neurostimulator. It needs to be built and then repaired. The higher the level of the ability, the more effect you get from it.

It is recommended for beginners to gradually learn the skills of the "Character" tapa, as you can develop faster, play more comfortably, and they open up some possibilities. To learn skills, you need books that can be found in boxes at locations, occasionally you can get them in raids, or during the collection of resources in red locations (in which books will drop out more often and have a high level).

To use it correctly, you must first study the first volume and then the second. Books can be transferred and sold. But books of 4 and 5 levels are bound to the account and cannot be transferred. The cost of a book depends on its popularity and rarity. The most expensive are level 3 books.

Prey Day: Ranged Weapons Guide

The effectiveness of the weapon depends on the type of ammunition. There are 4 main types of cartridges:

The damage done to enemies depends on the armor that the opponent has. For example, the Butcher with a revolver loaded with ordinary cartridges only gets 24 damage.

Pistols. There are 4 types of pistols. Of these, the simplest is Walter, followed by the Homemade Pistol, then the revolver. The most powerful of them is the Pistol (it is called that in the game). Each pistol has different characteristics:

Shotgun - effective against a large number of zombies that attack at the same time. But the shotgun is not very suitable for playing in online locations, there are other weapons for this.

Crossbow - has 2 types of ammunition. He shoots with ordinary bolts and poisoned ones (they have poison). It has proven itself well against serious monsters (for example, The Thing). It has good durability (120 units) and 26 damage units. But it has a low rate of fire (only 0.6).

Ultrasound - has a high durability (400 units), which is not typical for ranged weapons. It has low damage (10 units), but it has a high rate of fire (3.8). From the experience of shootings, we found out that in a 1v1 fight, the ultrasound is slightly better than the Kalashnikov assault rifle.

AK-47 - has a high durability (240 units). One of the advantages of this machine is good one-time damage: 21 units for the player and 25 units for the undead. One of the drawbacks is the low rate of fire. This makes the machine not very effective in PvP battles, although it is good in PvE, even against serious monsters.

Assault rifle - equally suitable for battles with powerful monsters and for shootouts with other players. Damage to zombies - 19 units. This is a good result. It is inferior in damage to an assault rifle, but ahead of it in rate of fire. The rifle is most often used in online locations, where it shows itself well and has long proven itself on the positive side. But you need to be careful with it, there is a more powerful weapon that players often ignore, namely the HK G36.

HK G36 - has a high durability (300 units), damage - 18 units, although the zombies are 22. Possesses a high attack speed (3). This is one of the most powerful barrels and is not often used. But in PvP skirmishes it shows the best result.

There are other types of ranged weapons in the game, some of which can only be purchased for real money:

  1. Snow cannon - durability 150 units, damage 16 units, attack speed 1.6. Bonus - reduced noise level. Suitable for fighting monsters.
  2. Flamethrower is a weapon of mass destruction (damages all targets in a specific area). Durability - 210 units, damage - 10, has periodic damage, ignoring armor - 15 units, passes 1 time in 6 seconds.
  3. Shotgun SPAS-12 - hits multiple targets in a certain area. Works most effectively at a distance close to the target. Durability - 200 units, damage - 35 units, attack speed - 1.2.

Prey Day: Melee Weapon Guide

There are several types of edged weapons. But we will tell you about the most popular blades that players often use in the game. You may also like other weapons that we have not described. There is nothing wrong with that, since each player chooses his own fighting style.

Weapons can be obtained:

Popular types of melee weapons:

  1. Stone Knife - Easy to craft. This is your first weapon in the game. As a rule, the first blow from the back when attacking is better. But it doesn’t let you kill zombies with one hit.
  2. Bat - well suited for collecting resources in the Trade Center, where you can disassemble undead with 1 hit. But the rest of the monsters are not so easy for her to destroy.
  3. Cleaver - can kill ordinary zombies with 1 hit, although you cannot destroy a rat that way. The cleaver has increased damage against normal zombies.
  4. A shovel (not to be confused with a tool) - effective against undead, it can disassemble zombies with 1 hit.
  5. Guitar - has increased damage when attacking from the back, it has the highest damage in the game - 90 units, when it can damage any zombie, it breaks through any armor.
  6. Chopper - does not have such huge damage as the guitar, but every blow of the chopper hits the target.
  7. Machete - Damage passes through the Butcher partially, but high crowns pass through ordinary zombies. Machete doesn’t always hit the enemy. To do 100% damage, you first need to take damage yourself.
  8. The Katana is almost the perfect melee weapon in the game. Has good attack speed, good back damage. Katana is one of the TOP blades in the game, therefore, it takes a long time to make and is expensive. Sometimes it’s easier to use other melee weapons. Sometimes it is better to sell a katana, or use it in difficult locations.
Use different weapons for different locations. For example, on green cards, the katana may not pay off, it is better to use inexpensive blades (shovel, cleaver) there. It is recommended to take the weapon that will reduce the damage or reduce it to 0. In some situations, you should first shoot at the undead from a distance, and then finish off with a blade.

Many players dislike weapons that let damage through (e.g. machete, cleaver). Better to use blades that hit with 100% probability (shovel, guitar, chopper, katana). Sometimes beginners use weapons or improvised items that are not quite suitable for battles with zombies. If you use inappropriate weapons, then more armor and forces are spent, or they quickly tend to 0. Therefore, you will not be able to pay off.

Prey Day: Secrets of the passing game

Since many beginners often ask questions in the game chat, we decided to choose the most common ones and give answers to them. Many of the readers may already know the answers to these questions, but since the players are interested, we could not ignore these questions.

How to build a heavy jeep, and what is it for?

You can build a Jeep at your base. To do this, you need to collect and prepare some parts. It is worth warning right away that a jeep is not a cheap pleasure, and the collection of materials will take a decent amount of time. Therefore, you should be patient. The Jeep is manufactured in 2 stages, but first you need to build an assembly area (located in the workbenches menu).

Stage 1 assembly:

  1. Steel plates - 40 pieces.
  2. Spring - 4 pieces.
  3. Gear - 20 pieces.
  4. Steering wheel - 1 piece.
  5. Power supply unit - 2 pieces.
  6. Electronics spare parts - 35 pieces.
  7. Car engine parts - 8 pieces.
  8. Car wheel - 4 pieces.

2nd stage of assembly:

  1. Carbon sheet - 50 pieces.
  2. Electrical tape - 40 pieces.
  3. Gear - 30 pieces.
  4. Nails - 100 pieces.
  5. Spring - 20 pieces.
  6. Steel plate - 50 pieces.
  7. Microcircuit - 10 pieces.
  8. Car starter - 1 piece.

If you cannot find a part, then it should be bought on the black market or from other players at the auction. The jeep will help you move faster between locations, and you do not need to refuel it. The only drawback is that you will not be able to visually sit in it and go, it will remain on the site. Also, the jeep makes it possible to visit the location of the Prison, without which the map is not available.

What is a mutagen and why is it needed?

A mutagen is a trophy that drops out in the new clan location Sector Z. A special container is assembled for a mutagen that can be prepared on the engineering table. This requires:

  1. Refrigerant - 1 piece. It drops in the following locations: Military base (guaranteed), has a small chance to drop in the Cemetery, Prison, Trade District, Ghetto and Airdrop.
  2. Plastic - 20 pieces.
  3. Copper ore - 6 pieces.

Production will take 24 hours. At the same time, it is impossible to speed up production for advertising. The container is attributed to the account, so it cannot be exchanged or sold.

The mutagen drops out during a special event that takes place on the Sector Z map. The event is called "Fight for the mutagen", in which each clan fights for the possession of the territory of the sector. Moreover, if you do not have a clan, then you cannot take part in the event. An hour before the event, a timer will be displayed on the global map, counting down the minutes before the start.

Only 4 players from 4 clans can enter the location. If 4 people from your clan are already participating in the event, then you will not be able to get to the location. For each group of 4 clans, a copy of the location is created, where they will fight the elite undead. Therefore, an unlimited number of guilds can participate in the event.

During the event, a zombie SCP-Z80 will appear on the location, from which you can knock out the mutagen. After the event, the results are summed up. Individual and clan winners will receive valuable rewards.

The Survival Notebook is a monthly event that focuses on daily and long-term tasks, after completing which you will receive good rewards and prizes:

  1. You get nice rewards for the levels. In addition, in the chests of locations, you will find coupons that go to the seasonal bank. At the end of the season, coupons are exchanged for items of the corresponding rarity, which will be sent to your mail.
  2. If you wish, you can purchase a gold pass (for real money), and, along with the usual ones, you will be presented with another grid of unique rewards, including for previously received levels.

Unique rewards include the latest samurai armor set and bonuses that last until the end of the season:

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