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Prison Empire Tycoon WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

Prison Empire Tycoon Idle Game is a game from Digital Things. You will become a high-ranking official in the penitentiary system and take responsibility for creating and managing your own prison empire. The game gives you the opportunity to build and develop your prison, starting with an empty land and gradually turning it into a modern and efficient institution.


  1. Tips and Tricks
  2. Guide for New Players
  3. Everything you need to know about prisoners
  4. Iron Fortress Weekly Event
  5. Weekly Alien Invasion
  6. Questions from players
  7. Is it worth playing?

Prison Empire Tycoon: Tips and Tricks

Pay attention to the description of objects. Your prisons offer many items and features that can be upgraded by investing the money you earn. All these elements can be divided into two key groups:

Pay attention to each area. Pay your attention to each area you want to improve and check all the details displayed in the dialog boxes. It is important to keep track of each symbol and its meaning in the corresponding area.

For example, if prisoners have low health (displayed by a red cross), look for items that can increase their health. Each dialog box has an information button in the upper right corner that you can use to get more information about the symbols and their meanings.

Also look out for the blue icons in the guards’ room that relate to their defense skills. Increasing these skills will help improve the security of your prison.

Manage your work team effectively. If you want to maximize your profits, experiment with the number of staff in your prison. In fact, you don’t have to hire the maximum number of cooks or cleaners right away. Keep in mind that in the initial stages you may find yourself at a temporary loss until new prisoners appear in your prison.

However, if the prison is sufficiently filled, your profit should always be positive. In most cases, reassigning employees can have a positive effect! But be sure to hire at least one staff member in each open area to ensure all prison functions are open and accessible.

Save some gems to get cards. If you have valuable stones, it is recommended to save them to open in-game chests and unlock permanent boosters. In these chests you can find cards that will improve various aspects of your prison.

Some cards will improve prison services, while others will add special characters to your game. When viewing cards, pay attention to their descriptions to get more information about them! This will help you use them as efficiently as possible.

Participate in weekly activities. Take part in events and win amazing prizes! Even if you fail to get the final rewards for some reason, you can still earn valuable gems and cards as you play. They will be very useful on long term levels.

Pay attention to the countdown in the event widget on the left side of the game screen to be aware of when the next event starts and when it ends.

These tips will help you enjoy the game even more! And if you’ve already completed all the available prisons, don’t worry! The development team will bring you even more content, and all these tips can be applied to new levels.

Prison Empire Tycoon: Guide for New Players

Main features of the game. One of the main features of Prison Empire Tycoon is the realistic recreation of the processes involved in managing a prison. The game has high-quality graphics and sound, which makes the gameplay more exciting.

You will be able to fully feel like a prison director, making important decisions for the safety, development and efficiency of your institution.

You have to take care of many aspects related to the functioning of the prison. You will build and develop various buildings such as cells, kitchens, medical stations, sports grounds and much more. You will also have to hire and manage staff, including security guards, psychologists, medical staff and administrative staff.

In addition, you need to ensure security and control inside the prison, monitor the behavior of prisoners, conduct inspections and investigations. You will be able to develop rehabilitation programs for prisoners to help them return to normal life after serving their sentences.

Diverse challenges. The game also offers a variety of challenges and goals to achieve. You will be able to unlock new levels, receive rewards and achievements for successfully managing the prison. You can also participate in various international competitions and competitions with other players, testing your skills in managing the prison complex.

However, the game also has some disadvantages. Some players may find the game too monotonous and repetitive, especially in the later stages.

What does the bar mean in the security room menu? The blue and red color bar represents the balance of power between the guards and prisoners in your prison. This balance of power will have a direct impact on the level of disorder in the prison.

The blue portion of the bar represents the strength of the guards, and the more space they take up on the bar, the more control and security there is in the prison. The red part of the stripe, on the other hand, represents the strength of the prisoners. If the red part becomes more significant, it indicates that the prisoners may cause disturbances and disturbances.

Additionally, the bar displays the power position of each prisoner type using a person icon that is located next to the bar. Brown represents high security prisoners, orange represents medium security prisoners, and red represents maximum security prisoners.

You can strengthen your blue bar by purchasing and upgrading items, as well as hiring additional security staff. This will help you maintain control and order in the prison.

There is not enough energy and water. What to do? All buildings and services in the prison consume a certain amount of energy and water. To find out exactly how much, take a look at the new objects, services, and building dialogs. At the top of the game screen you will find electricity and water meters, which show the current resource level.

If you’re out of energy or water and can’t find the electrical room or water pumping station on the map, don’t worry! You just need to click on the "+" symbol and the game will automatically take you to these areas where you can replenish your energy and water.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on your energy and water meters to keep your prison running efficiently and smoothly. Use resources wisely and plan the energy consumption of your buildings to avoid running out of resources.

If you have all your items at maximum level but still need more energy, this means you need to upgrade your current equipment so that it consumes less energy. This way, you can free up additional resources for use in new facilities or improvements.

Is it possible to transfer funds from one prison to another? Each prison in the game has its own economy, and money does not transfer between them. The government is looking for a competitive manager capable of developing prisons from scratch. The main goal of the game is to progress into more difficult prisons, so money shouldn’t be that important.

How do cards work? Your prisons will become even more exciting with constant improvements and new characters that will add new characteristics. You can use gems to purchase basic, advanced or expert chests.

Collecting cards from fragments. Chests will give you a random number of fragments that can be used to unlock and level up various permanent features. Some features will only be available after reaching a certain prison level, but once unlocked, they will be applicable at all levels.

Search for maps. To find these cards, simply tap the map icon in the top right corner of the game screen. As you switch between maps, you’ll be able to see the different upgrades they offer. At the bottom of the screen you will find the "Get Cards" button, where you can purchase chests.

Medium and high security prison. It is important that your prison has several sectors in which prisoners will be divided into groups with different levels of security - low, medium and high. At the first level you only have one sector, but after reconstruction you will be able to open new areas.

Once you expand your prison and have multiple sectors, you can build cells and prison services specifically designed for different types of prisoners. As new sectors open in your prison, prisoners of the corresponding type will be transported randomly by bus and placed in the corresponding prison sector.

Prison Empire Tycoon: Everything you need to know about prisoners

Low prison statistics. When you return to the game, the statistics of your prisoners will be directly dependent on the actions of your staff who were hired before you left. You must carefully adjust your growth strategy to achieve your desired results.

If your prisoners’ health is too low when you return, it is recommended to hire more doctors or improve the quality of food.

Don’t forget about special prisoners too (you can find them by clicking on the "Prisoners" button in the lower right corner of the screen, and then selecting the red skull icon). Their presence can directly affect the mood of others under arrest. Be attentive to their needs and take them into account in your actions.

Who are the special prisoners? Now your prison is in increasing danger! The government will randomly assign special prisoners to you, which may cause some problems in your facility.

Don’t forget to upgrade your prisons according to the characteristics of new prisoners to ensure their safety and overall order in the institution.

Why are there no new prisoners? A periodic influx of prisoners can temporarily reduce your prison profits. Entrances and exits are carefully planned to ensure the smooth running of your prison, and filling every cell is not necessary to achieve success.

If your profits are temporarily reduced or you have free cameras, don’t panic. The situation will change quickly and you will soon regain your profitability. Income from prisoners will help you stabilize your financial situation and compensate for any losses during these periods of difficulty.

If your prison spent the night with empty cells, the morning bus will bring new prisoners. This usually happens in more advanced stages of prison development.

What to do if there is constant unrest in prison? Effectively managing your prison includes meeting the needs of prisoners and preventing riots and escapes. Pay attention to the needs of your prisoners and provide them with sufficient facilities and services to improve their performance.

Improving the quality of life of prisoners. You can improve the quality of life in the prison cells, build more showers, expand and improve the yards, etc. When you see dialogue boxes and object descriptions, pay attention to them, as they may provide clues on how to change your strategy. Each feature in the game offers different improvements to your prison’s overall statistics.

You will also need to hire enough staff to handle the management of the inmates in your prison. The number of staff should match the number of inmates your prison can house.

Unique prisoners influence others. However, occasional riots or escape attempts can occur, as well as being provoked by your unique prisoners, who due to their leadership qualities can cause instability. You need to ensure that your premises are properly secured and maintained while they are being developed. Sometimes such situations happen!

Prison Empire Tycoon: Iron Fortress Weekly Event

How is the event going? An Iron Fortress will open for every two-week period. Before the event starts, pay attention to the countdown in the purple event widget located on the left side of the game screen.

Each event provides the opportunity to obtain a new legendary character for your regular prisons, so be sure to restart each event to complete the corresponding objectives.

During the event, you can win useful rewards based on the prisoners you rehabilitate. And don’t forget that every week you will have the opportunity to unlock special characters!

Features of the event. Event chests will provide you with permanent upgrades and a chance to receive a Master Key. This special card will give your fortress significant advantages during the current event.

Please note that the managers you have purchased for your regular prisons will not work in the Iron Fortress, except for those who do not have advertising. However, they will continue to work in your permanent prisons.

Purchases made during an event will only be available during the event in which they were purchased. You will lose them during the transition.

Why is there no master key? There is a chance of getting a master key in the event chest, but there is no 100% guarantee. Probabilities affect its drop rates, so it is possible that it will not appear in the initial event chests.

Purchases during the event. During the event, separate game mechanics are applied. Your in-game purchases will work permanently in all of your permanent prisons, but you will need separate boosters and features for the event. Purchases made during an event will only be available for the duration of the event and will not be applicable in regular play.

Prisoners often riot in the Iron Fortress. How to avoid this? The Iron Fortress is a strict prison where inmates receive only one meal per day and spend most of their time in workshops, limiting their free time.

When prisoners complete their daily work, their needs become very high. They feel hungry, tired and thirsty for rest. Therefore, it is not surprising that they often rebel after work.

The best way to prevent prisoner unrest is to create a comfortable environment for them by improving cells, outdoor activities, and the quality of food.

However, this can be difficult, especially during a weekly event. The more active you are in the event, the more upgrades you can unlock and the happier the prisoners will be. Also don’t forget about security. Having a sufficient number of security guards will help quickly stop possible riots if they do arise.

Weekly repetition of the event. With each new event in the Iron Fortress, you get the opportunity to unlock a new legendary character for your regular prison. However, to complete the tasks associated with this event, you will need to restart it. This way you will be able to access new challenges and rewards associated with this event.

Prison Empire Tycoon: Weekly Alien Invasion

How does Alien Invasion work? Alien Invasion is an exciting competitive event that will take place on a regular basis every two weeks for a certain period of time.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the countdown timer, which is displayed in the red event widget on the left side of the game screen. It will appear several hours before the event starts and will be inactive until the start time arrives.

The main purpose of the event. The main goal of Alien Invasion is to train as many newcomers as possible during the event. Depending on your ranking, you will receive special achievement rewards at the end of each event. Each time the event starts again, all progress made in the previous challenge will be reset and you will have to start from scratch to win the corresponding prizes.

Gold badges. On the right side of the game screen are 5 gold icons that indicate how many in-game days your recruits will need to complete their training. To reduce your training time, upgrade and build up all the items in your military camp to earn new badges.

Remember that the latest gold badges can be unlocked through Sergeant, Weapon Workshop and War Simulator, but will require Gems. Also note that additional barracks do not affect the receipt of gold badges, as they also need to be unlocked using gems.

Special awards. Participate in tactical chests and earn medals for courage! In these chests you will find permanent upgrades that will be useful not only during events, but also in any prison. Each chest will always have a sufficient number of card fragments, and a medal for courage can appear in any of them as an additional card.

Some restrictions during the event. Managers that were purchased from regular prisons will be active during the Alien Invasion event, just like in the ad-free package. Special items that can be purchased with gems during the event (Sergeant, Extra Barracks, Weapon Workshop, and Simulator) will only be available during that specific event.

Medals for bravery and tactical chests. You can earn Bravery Medals in Tactical Chests: These Event Chests will give you the opportunity to unlock permanent upgrades that will be useful not only during current events, but also in all your future missions. Each chest will always have a sufficient number of map fragments. The Medal of Valor can appear as an additional card in any of these chests.

Accumulated medals will automatically add 100 additional recruits to your meter. You can accumulate any number of medals, but you must spend them during the current event, otherwise they will be lost.

You can find your medal counter by clicking on the red event widget. There you can use your medals by clicking the "Use" button, and open new tactical chests by clicking the "Get" button.

Some recommendations for getting stars. Maximize all the items in your military camp to earn new badges and reduce the training time of your soldiers. Objects in additional barracks do not contribute to obtaining gold badges, since unlocking them also requires the use of gems.

What purchases work during the event? All of your staff recruited from regular prisons, as well as the advertising package, will work during Alien Invasion and use the same boosters as in normal conditions. However, you can also unlock additional items that can be purchased with gems:

Special items purchased with gems, such as the Sergeant, Additional Barracks, Weapon Workshop, and Simulator, will only be available during the event in which they were purchased. These items will help you reduce your training time and increase your earnings per hour.

Each player can take part in this event voluntarily, without the need to use gems. The event will not affect the normal development of your regular prisons.

Awards and rating among players. To get information about the progress of the event, click on the red event widget. There you will find all the necessary details. It is important to note that in order to receive the smaller progressive rewards (gems ​​and chests) that are offered upon completion of each level, you will need to participate in the event before it ends.

Once the event ends, these rewards will no longer be available. However, you will still receive a reward of the appropriate rank after the end of the event.

Prison Empire Tycoon: Questions from players

How can I receive items I purchased in the store? Be sure to activate any purchased event options after purchasing them. To do this, go to the in-game store and scroll down to the appropriate section (for example, just above the section where you can purchase gems to activate boosters).

If you do not see the offer you purchased, please contact our dedicated support team by following these instructions:

  1. Click on settings in the game.
  2. Check out the "Frequently Asked Questions" section where you can find useful information about the game.
  3. Then click "Contact Us" to contact the developers directly.
  4. Don’t forget to write about your situation and the problem you are facing.

How to change language? The game is available in the following languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, German, Russian, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. To change the language, go to the game settings section.

How to use gems? When you return to the game, you can triple your offline earnings by using gems. In addition, gems can be used to instantly complete the construction of new zones in your prison. Simply select the plot you want to build and pay with gems to instantly receive a new building.

Don’t forget that you can also use gems to buy chests (click on the card icon on the right side of the game screen). In the chests you will find epic cards that can significantly improve your prisons and special characters.

Shopping in the game store. In the game store you have the opportunity to purchase amazing skins for your characters that will make them truly stylish and unique. In addition, you can activate powerful boosters that will speed up your progress in the game and help you reach new heights.

Gems during events. If you want to take part in a competitive event, be sure to save some gems. They can be useful for gaining an advantage and winning the competition.

Don’t forget to also unlock the Master Key during the Iron Fortress weekly event. You have a chance to find a master key in the event chest, which will open up unique opportunities and rewards for you.

How to purchase a black pass? Purchasing the Prison Pass will unlock your access to premium rewards in the current event, however they will not be available immediately. You will have to rehabilitate a certain number of prisoners to receive rewards in stages. To receive all bonus rewards, you will need to rehabilitate a total of 12,000 prisoners.

Keep playing and you’ll earn these rewards as the event progresses. You can track your reward progress by clicking on the event banner and viewing the progress bar. There you will see when each reward becomes available to receive.

You will need to manually claim available rewards as soon as they become available before the event ends. If you don’t do this, they will disappear!

Why don’t builders do their job? If you’ve hired builders, you don’t have to worry about the "Not enough builders" warning popping up. In the dialog box, you can monitor the status of construction work in real time. If your builders are on the way from the construction room or another construction site, an alert will indicate this.

Once the builders reach a construction site, the alert will show the specific number of builders working on that project, as well as the remaining time until it is completed. The more builders you have, the faster they can finish construction.

Prison Empire Tycoon: Is it worth playing?

Prison Empire Tycoon is a fun prison management simulator with interesting and challenging gameplay. The game will be most attractive to players who prefer not too active games. It also gives you the opportunity to manage your prison, develop it and increase the level of security.

Here are the advantages of the game:

Here are the disadvantages of the game:

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