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Puzzles & Conquest WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

PUZZLES & CONQUEST is an Android game with release date 12/22/2019 from 37GAMES. Game genre: Strategy. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Game Gift Codes
  2. TOP of the best heroes (Tier List)
  3. Campaign Hero Guide - Types, Leveling
  4. Campaign Guide (Basics, Combat)
  5. How to Win in the Arena?
  6. How to get new heroes?
  7. Secrets of a Successful Game Start
  8. Guide to the Lord
  9. How to build and upgrade buildings correctly?
  10. Overview of the functions of all buildings
  11. How to Collect Troops?
  12. Available Technologies and Research
  13. Guide to battles on the world map
  14. Completing Daily Quests
  15. Alliance Guide
  16. Territory Immigration
  17. Bag Contents
  18. The Right Donate
  19. Player Account
  20. Conclusion

Puzzles & Conquest: Game Gift Codes

Gift codes are gifts to players from developers, the ability to get additional items and currency. Codes are published in the game’s official Facebook group, often timed to coincide with holidays or important dates in the game itself (for example, the anniversary of the release or the opening of a new server). Codes can be individual - to get them you need to repost the corresponding entry on Facebook, like, take a screenshot, etc. Such codes can only be used by 1 account, and they are sent to the game mail. Shared codes can be used by all players, so they are publicly available. Example of a valid gift code:

1500kLORDs - gives diamonds, soul stones, shards of heroes and other items.

To activate the gift code, go to your account settings and click "Set". In the window that opens, enter the code and click "Collect" (see screenshot).

Codes become outdated quickly. Do not forget to visit our site - Wise Geek. Here we will, if possible, add new game gift codes. Don’t miss out as some of the codes are for a limited time!

Puzzles & Conquest: TOP of the best heroes (Tier List)

What are the best heroes? Your team should have heroes that deal damage on one target. The reasons:

  1. Heroes that hit one target are the most effective against strong monsters and bosses, where single powerful hits are required. In this case, the hero with area damage will "divide" the blows into all enemies, i.e. will not hit as hard as necessary.
  2. Various healers and protectors basically heal the whole team. Thus, if half of the squad is killed, the support characters will waste their strength.
  3. In the most difficult, decisive battles, strikes on the target play the main role.

You should strive to collect the Puzzles & Conquest heroes from the table below. For convenience, the characters are sorted by stardom and elements.

Heroes of the Air (green)
★★★★★Yang, Guan Yu
Heroes of Water (blue)
★★★Al-Morrah, Elros
★★★★Nielsch, Regina
Fire Heroes (red)
★★★Scarlet, Harald
Heroes of the Light (yellow)
★★★★Touk, Apollo
★★★★★Michael, Gore
Heroes of Darkness (purple)
To get a specific hero, find him in the general gallery, click "Get" and see the list of activities, where you can get the necessary fragments.

Puzzles & Conquest: Campaign Hero Guide - Types, Leveling

Elements of heroes. The heroes of the game are divided into 5 elements: Water, Fire, Air, Light and Darkness. The hero’s belonging to one element or another is needed to trigger the elemental advantage on the battlefield.

Starry. The most powerful heroes are 5-stars. They have a higher leveling threshold and more powerful skill indicators. It is they who need to be kept in line and used in battles. Heroes with 2-3 stars are not so strong, their fragments are better used as consumables in pumping 5-star characters.

Level up. Use soul stones to level up the hero. Get them by completing battles on the campaign map, in the hellish fortress, moonwell, and other activities.

The level of the heroes cannot exceed the level of the lord.

The evolution of the hero. When the hero reaches the maximum level, carry out his evolution. It raises the leveling threshold, improves the characteristics of the character and opens up his new abilities. For evolution, you need to bring in the necessary equipment and Fairy feathers. The exact number of items will be indicated in the evolution window. The higher the hero evolves, the more items will be needed.

Increasing stardom. To increase the stardom, you need to collect the required number of fragments of a specific hero. The higher the stardom, the more fragments you need. After the 5th star, the hero will continue to receive new stars, they will be replaced by one large star.

Hero skills. New skills of the hero will be unlocked when he reaches the desired level. As the level of the hero increases, the skill level increases.

Reset pumping. You can reset the hero’s leveling and regain the resources that you spent on it. This can come in handy when you made mistakes in leveling or opened a more powerful hero and now want to download him. To reset, press the button with two rounded arrows on the hero’s screen and confirm the reset.

Please note that resetting the pumping will cost 150 diamonds, which is quite expensive. Always consider the appropriateness of a dump.

Puzzles & Conquest: Campaign Guide (Basics, Combat)

The campaign map is divided into sections and stages, where you have to fight a series of battles and collect prizes. The further you move across the map, the stronger your enemies will be.

Do not confuse campaign battles with battles on the world map: the mechanics of these battles are completely different, and different units take part in them (heroes (recruits) in the campaign, troops in the battles on the map).

Awards and blitz. For the first victory at a stage, you collect increased rewards, incl. equipment, resources, soul stones and boosters. After passing the location, its repeated blitz passage and collection of loot are available (Fairy feather, oath runes, acceleration, etc.). Blitz consumes demonic chests, which can be obtained in the monthly map and in chests for points of daily quests.

Enemies. Before the fight, you see your enemies. Study their characteristics in advance, which is especially useful in the later stages of the game, where for each battle you will have to select the right heroes and build an attack strategy depending on the opponent’s faction.

Action points. Campaign participation consumes Action Points (AP). Action points are restored over time. The number of APs used depends on the range in the campaign.

Use Braveheart to instantly restore action points.

Selection of heroes by faction. Place the pumped heroes of all factions in the battle formation. Why is it important:

Place the strongest hero in the center of the formation, because it is he who will take on most of the enemy’s blows. Place a high HP or Defender in the center.

Battle mechanics. Campaign battle is based on a match 3 game. Normal attacks on enemies are applied by collecting three or more elements of the same color in a row. The colors of the elements correspond to the colors of the heroes’ elements. Super strikes against enemies are applied when mana is accumulated. Mana gauges are filled as the heroes’ elemental elements are connected and removed from the field. So you exchange blows with enemies for several waves. On the last wave, the boss is waiting for you - he also has the super-strike ability. You win if you pass all the waves.

Indicators. The icons of the heroes participating in the battle are located at the bottom of the battle screen. You see under them 2 scales: health and mana. When the mana scale is full, the hero’s frame starts to glow.

When you throw elements from the field "into the void" (ie when they do not hit the enemy), the mana scale of the corresponding hero fills up 2 times faster!

What are "super hits"? Unlike ordinary strikes with colored elements, super strikes are individual and depend on the specific hero, his skills, strength and level of pumping. It is the super attacks that often determine the outcome of the battle, so use your capabilities wisely.

Combo. A combo is created when you manage to stack elements so that each hit automatically folds the next elements for a new hit.

Try to make moves that collect a combo, which often helps to instantly destroy enemies.

The order of blows of enemies. Track the sequence of enemy strikes by numbers next to their health bars. Enemy 1 will hit you first. When he hits, enemy 2 will become enemy 1 and apply the next hit, and enemy 3 will become enemy 2.

Elemental advantage. Enemy elements are determined by the colors of the circles below them. Each element has the effects of advantage and subordination over other elements:

How is mana replenished? The defender’s mana is replenished after each round or when damaged by elemental attacks. The attacker’s mana is replenished when the elements of the corresponding color are eliminated, as well as when an elemental attack is missed (in this case, 2 times more mana will be restored).

Applying an effect of the same type will replace the previous one. For example, if the effect "-40% to Defense" is active and the new status "+ 30% to Defense" is applied, then "+ 30% to Defense" will replace the previous effect "-40% to Defense".

How to install an autoboy? Unlike other similar games, autoboy is not immediately available here. The first battle at the location takes place in manual mode (or immediately in auto battle, if you have a VIP level 5).

In the later stages of the game, we do not recommend using an autoboy, as it always has a greater risk of losing the battle.

Campaign Combat Tips

1. Correct consumption of super blows. It is very important to develop the correct tactics for the use of super attacks. Don’t waste them on finishing off an enemy with almost zero HP on an intermediate wave - better save energy for the next boss. Some of your heroes can inflict damage not only on the target, but also on opponents standing next to it. Hit the monster in the middle with such fighters - so the result of the attack will be more effective.

2. No need to accumulate super hits. The blows have no cumulative effect, i.e. until you use up your current charge, a new one will not build up. Remember this and do not make your heroes stand idle in battle.

3. Collect boosters. Boosters will always come in handy in battle and will help you make combos. If you are one step away from the transition to the next wave, then hold the booster and use it in a new battle.

4. Watch the health of the heroes. Heal heroes in time with potions. Remember that if someone on the team dies, you will not be able to use his super blow!

5. Be careful with your enemies. Even if your enemy has almost zero HP, he will hit with full force when filling the super hit bar. Be especially wary of super bosses - they hit very hard. Do not attack them with ordinary counters, but immediately hit with super hits - this way they will not be able to fill their mana scale.

Puzzles & Conquest: How to Win in the Arena?

In the present, there are 2 types of arenas available: the hero arena and the legion arena. Here you fight the squads of other players in battles similar to the campaign. Arena points are awarded for a victory, through which a place in the rating is determined and rating awards are issued.

Build defenses and challenges. To participate in arena battles, form your defensive formation and save it. 5 free calls are available per day, then battles are held for passes to the arena.

How to challenge? After saving the formation, you will see a list of potential opponents with an indication of their power and arena points. Choose opponents whose power is lower than yours. Updating the list of opponents is free and not limited.

You should familiarize yourself with the opponent’s defense system in advance and, if possible, reform your system so that the effect of the spontaneous advantage works to its maximum.

Ranking awards. Depending on the number of points earned, you are assigned a rating and are entitled to a rating arena reward ("Rewards" button). Rewards are daily (you can get it once a day) and seasonal.

Ranked rewards must be collected manually! Do not forget to enter the arena daily.

Arena coins and shop. Use the arena coins received for victories in the arena store. It sells fragments of 5-star heroes, cards, oath runes, haste and other useful items.

Arena battle tactics

In arena battles, there are no attack waves, but there is a timer - if you do not defeat the enemy in the given time, you will lose. You can use auto-combat, which is completely ineffective, especially in difficult battles. Often, your winnings will depend on the randomness of the combo falling out several times in a row. Thus, if you have lost, then do not be discouraged - in the next battle you may be lucky. Remember 2 main tactics:

1. Form your formation correctly. The most powerful of the five heroes should always be in the center. It is he who will take on the main blows, and if he dies, the enemy will immediately take advantage of this. We can say that the death of the center fighter is 90% of the team’s defeat.

2. It is necessary to make a hole in the opposing team. If you succeed, then the fight will become much easier, because the elements flying "into the void" fill the PS scales of the heroes 2 times faster, and you get an advantage in the use of super blows. This effectively makes the enemy defenseless against the onslaught.

Puzzles & Conquest: How to get new heroes?

General rules. New heroes are obtained in the Hall of Heroes through recruitment or exchange. If the dropped hero is duplicated with the existing one, then it will be transformed into fragments.

Types of recruitment and drop rates. There are 3 types of recruitment available:

  1. Basic. Chances: 2-Star Hero 46%, 3-Star 11%, Other Items 43%.
  2. Deluxe. Odds: 2-Star Hero 43%, 3-Star 20%, 4-Star 5.5%, Other Items 31.5%.
  3. Rare. Chances: 3-star hero 30%, 4-star 30%, 5-star 30%, other items 10%.
Deluxe and Rare Recruitment earn you points that can be exchanged for Hero Fragments.

Recruitment cost. For recruitment, oath runes of various values are spent (obtained in the campaign). Single recruitment or recruitment x10 are provided - summoning 10 heroes at a time. Please note that for x10 recruitment you need to pay 9 oath runes. Thus, one recruitment will be free.

Collect 9 oath runes of each type and use x10 recruitment to get an additional free try.

Free recruitment attempts. You have 5 free daily attempts in basic recruitment (10 minutes interval) and one in deluxe and rare recruitment every 24 hours.

Don’t forget to enter the Hall of Heroes and spend your free recruitment attempts! Unused attempts do not accumulate and cannot be restored.

Puzzles & Conquest: Secrets of a Successful Game Start

Beginner’s move. Relocation is a bonus available to beginners in the first 7 days of the game. It makes it possible to move your territory to a new Kingdom, keeping the achieved level of pumping of heroes, castle, etc. To move, you need the "Primordial Movement" item and the castle reaching level 5.

It is best to move on the 7th day, with maximum improvements to buildings, heroes and progress in the campaign. In this case, you will take high positions in the new Kingdom and overtake the rest of the territories in achievements. To start moving, go to the world map, select a suitable available Kingdom and confirm the move of the newbie (see screenshot).

Move to a young, unknown Kingdom. So you will have more advantages over players who have just started the game in it. Keep in mind that you need to leave the alliance before moving.

Account linking. To quickly link a game account, do the following:

  1. Click on the pop-up orange Game Assistant icon that appears at the top of the main game screen;
  2. Click "User Center" and then "Switch Account". Choose a way to link your account. We recommend linking your account to Google Play, because it is a more reliable way to save data and sync your game across multiple devices.
To hide the orange Game Assistant icon, hold and drag it to the top of the screen, to the colored "Drag here to hide" text.

Promotion for beginners "New Era of the Dragonlands"

Newcomers to the game can get off to a good start with this promotion. Here you need to complete a number of quests for which high rewards are given, the best of which are 5-star heroes. The promotion lasts 8 days. During the first 5 days, you will receive 3 themed quests daily. For the completion of each you are awarded points. As you accumulate them, you get the opportunity to open chests with prizes. Max. the number of points is 1200.

Quests will not be available on day 8, but you can also open chests on that day, depending on the total points earned in the first 7 days. The bonus reward will depend on the level of your Castle. Below we will analyze in detail each gaming day of the promotion.

1st day:

2nd day:

3rd day:

4th day:

5th day:

There are a lot of activities in this game. We recommend that you start playing on a weekend or other free day in order to pump buildings, earn a lot of resources and make the most of your progress. Your progress in the first 1-2 days will determine the success of the game in the future.

Puzzles & Conquest: Guide to the Lord

Lord’s major records. Your lord is characterized by 3 main indicators (see screenshot):

  1. Level (green bar of experience). Wearable equipment and maximum levels of campaign heroes depend on it. The level increases with experience. To get more lord experience, participate in hunting, wars and quests.
  2. Endurance (orange scale). Hunting on the world map consumes stamina. Replenishes over time. Use the Brave Horn to recover instantly.
  3. Action points (blue scale). Consumed when participating in a campaign and recovered over time. Use Braveheart to recover instantly.

Lord’s equipment. To increase his power, the lord uses equipment of various stars, which depends on his level. There are 6 slots for equipment: sword, shield, armor, helmet, ring, boots. Equipment can be obtained during campaign stages. Upon reaching the 8th level of the forge, he can be instructed with gems, dragon gems (after the 16th level of the forge) and military emblems (after the 25th level of the forge).

The might of the lord. The total power of a lord is a combination of powers:

How strong your lord will ultimately be depends on the timely improvement of each element.

Changing the appearance of the lord. The lord’s appearance corresponds to one of the open heroes of the campaign. To change the appearance, go to the lord’s info (icon at the top left) and click on the icon with green arrows. Skin change is free. Here you can change specifically the player’s avatar and its frame.

Passage of sections. Complete section quests to gain a lot of lord experience. These include tasks for passing the chapters of the campaign, pumping and building buildings, training warriors, etc. Upon completing all the quests, you receive a general reward for the section (including shards of heroes and acceleration) and move on to the next. The current section and its tasks are always displayed at the bottom of the main screen.

Do not forget to periodically look at the mail and pick up rewards for participating in activities. Many of them will help you upgrade the lord.

Login to the game and the VIP system. Get VIP points just by logging into the game. Based on the VIP points earned, your VIP level is increased. Its advantages:

  1. Free acceleration;
  2. Auto-acceleration activation;
  3. Unlimited attempts at Braveheart;
  4. Free reset / use of a set of talents;
  5. 6 sets of talents can be recorded;
  6. You can record 5 squad formations;
  7. Increased squad attack;
  8. Increasing the protection of the squad;
  9. Increased squad health;
  10. Increased march speed;
  11. Increased food production;
  12. Increased wood production;
  13. Increased metal production;
  14. Increased gold production;
  15. Increasing the capacity of the infirmary;
  16. Increasing the march queue;
  17. Increased march speed when hunting;
  18. Auto-grab in the pit;
  19. Autoboy in the campaign.
Consecutive days online earn even more VIP points.

Puzzles & Conquest: How to build and upgrade buildings correctly?

There are many buildings and a castle on your territory. All buildings have different functions - in some you will extract resources, in others you will train and maintain troops, and still others are needed to open activities. Buildings can and should be pumped. Their performance and performance depend on the level of pumping.

Improvement of buildings. Pumping increases the level of the building and adds the power of the Lord. To upgrade any building, you need materials (food and resources). Also, you must reach the desired level of improvement for all related buildings. For example, to improve the barracks of troops, you need to pump a recruiting center, etc.

Be sure to send a request for help to your alliance and reduce the improvement time by supporting your comrades.

The higher the level of the building, the longer it will take for its next improvement. Pumping can be accelerated - for boosters or diamonds (instant upgrade). The cost of acceleration will also increase depending on the progress of the upgrade.

It is very important to pump all buildings evenly, so that they correspond to the level of the castle and meet the requirements of its development. Pump the castle in the penultimate turn (with several turns) so that you do not have a downtime in construction.

The importance of the castle. The castle is the main building on your territory. Improving it will open up new buildings and make it possible to pump them. Change the appearance of your castle to get power-ups:

  1. Classic: march speed + 10%, gold production + 10%.
  2. Burning Hell: Infantry Defense + 10%, Archers Defense + 10%, Cavalry Defense + 10%.
  3. Thorny Garden: Infantry Attack + 5%, Rifle Attack + 5%, Cavalry Attack + 5%.
  4. Spirit of Christmas: infantry attack + 2%, rifle attack + 2%.
  5. Holy Dragon: unit attack + 20%, unit health + 20%.
  6. Festive coloring: unit defense + 10%, unit health + 10%.
  7. Jester’s theater: infantry attack + 15%, rifle attack + 15%, cavalry attack + 15%.

To activate a color other than the classic one, you need to purchase an item of the corresponding skin.

Dependence of unlocking new functions on the level of the lock. At certain levels of the castle, new activities, buildings and game features will be unlocked:

Removing buildings. If you are not satisfied with the location of the building, you can delete it and rebuild it. There are 2 types of deletion available: instant (for diamonds) and gradual - free, takes time (at least 6 minutes). To remove a building, enter it and click the hammer icon at the top.

Removing buildings is an extreme and costly measure. Try to initially arrange your buildings correctly, so that in the future you will not be wasted again on their construction.

Construction queue. Initially, you have 1 construction stage, i.e. you can build 1 building at a time. For diamonds, you can buy additional queues and build several buildings at the same time. Please note: the more lines you buy, the more expensive they will be. Use resources wisely.

For the first time, you can purchase an additional 1-day construction queue for free - a great offer for beginners.

Strengthening the territory. Use boost boosters to additionally protect your castle and buildings from invaders, as well as increase the speed of construction and pumping buildings. You can buy boosters for diamonds instantly by clicking on the hammer icon at the bottom of the main screen.

Puzzles & Conquest: Overview of the functions of all buildings

Resource buildings. These include:

  1. Moonwell: produces and stores soul stones (production stops when the limit of soul stones in the territory is reached);
  2. Sawmill: produces and stores timber;
  3. Farm: Produces and stores food.

Upgrade resource buildings to increase the storage limit and increase their productivity. Resources from buildings need to be collected manually - just click on one of them.

You must collect the produced resources at least once every 10 hours! Otherwise, they will reach the storage limit and stop accumulating. Don’t forget to replenish your supplies on time!

Recruitment center. Download the recruiting center to speed up the training of your troops. The recruiting center increases the speed and training limit at a time. So, at the 1st level of the building, you can simultaneously train 5 units. troops at a speed of 0.5%, and at the last level 35 - 180 units. troops at a speed of 17.5%.

Hall of Heroes. Hall of Heroes is a source of new heroes for campaign battles. Only here you can recruit or exchange heroes for points earned in recruiting. Opens from the 1st level of the castle.

Hall of War. This building allows you to launch cohesive attacks with your alliance mates. It is necessary when declaring war on the strongest opponents on the world map, which cannot be defeated individually. The rewards for cooperative battles are much higher than for solo battles.

Cavalry barracks, infantry barracks, rifle barracks and a siege factory. A group of buildings for training troops. Upgrade your barracks and unlock stronger units (cavalry, infantry, riflemen and siege weapons) for training. The higher the level of the barracks and factories, the more powerful troops will be at your disposal.

Institute. The Institute conducts research on military and economic technologies. In total, 5 types of technologies are available for study:

  1. Development;
  2. Battle;
  3. Protection;
  4. Economy;
  5. Battle II (after level 30 institute development).

Military Banner. Enter this building to view information about your troops: their numbers, food consumption per hour, march queues, information about the wounded and traps. Also here are indicated the available limits of troops of each category at this stage of the development of the castle. This is how the compliance of your combat power with the requirements of the game is monitored. If you have few troops or traps, then quickly fill up their ranks!

Your troops will not die when food is scarce. Food in storage will not be consumed.

Storage. The resources in the storage cannot be plundered when the territory is looted. Upgrade this building to increase the amount of protected resources:

  1. Food;
  2. Wood;
  3. Gland;
  4. Gold.

Your soul stones cannot be looted, but they have a storage limit. Its size also depends on the storage tier.

To save even more resources from robbery, we recommend that you do not use resources from the bag unnecessarily, and also do not collect rewards for completing the main quests in bulk. The resources won here are sent "to the common pot", so they are not protected from enemies in any way.

Wall. The wall is the first line of defense. Swing the wall, and this will strengthen the defense of your territory from enemy invaders.

Watch tower. This building controls possible attacks on your territory from the outside. It is with its help that detachments of enemies approaching you will be noticed. Upgrading the watchtower helps to improve its controlling functions and open up new opportunities, such as reconnaissance, obtaining information about the coordinates of the enemy squad, its size, number of traps, target heroes, types of warriors, alliance, etc.

Saura’s Lair. Sauroi is the dragon that blesses your territory. It hatches from an egg and gradually gets stronger. It dwells in a den and gives the territory various bonuses, which depend on the level of pumping of the den. The cost of bonuses is paid with war runestones or economy runestones.

Bank. The bank helps to build up premium currency reserves. Put your diamonds on a deposit and get a percentage for your deposit after the time expires. There are 1-day, 7-day, 14-day and 30-day deposits. 1-day deposit is only possible for donators. To make a deposit, select a specific type, mark the size of the deposit with the slider and confirm your choice. When the time of the deposit is over, you will receive a significant increase in diamonds. The bank cannot be improved.

If you intend to play the game for a long time, we recommend using a 30-day deposit and setting its size to the maximum (1500 diamonds) - this way you will get the maximum diamond profit.

Tower of Trials. It opens at the 10th level of the castle. In the tower, your heroes fight enemies, moving from floor to floor. The higher the floor, the stronger the enemies and the more valuable the rewards.

Forge and market. In the forge, you can forge various equipment for your troops, and on the market, resources are exchanged with allies from the alliance.

Infirmary. Wounded soldiers are being treated in the infirmary. Upgrading the infirmary increases its capacity. Rules for placing the wounded:

Wounded troops will die if there is not enough room for them in the infirmary. Pump over the infirmary in time to prevent the death of your soldiers.

Trap workshop. Traps are needed to deter enemy attacks. There are 3 types: throwing (interfere with enemy cavalry), rifle towers (destroy enemy shooters) and ground (disable enemy infantry). To increase the quality of crafted traps, level up the workshop. At different levels of her pumping, new powerful weapons are unlocked:

Embassy. The Embassy is a building that allows your allies to send you fortifications and help you complete various actions faster. Upgrade the embassy to increase maximum reinforcement size, efficiency, and aid attempts. Fortification rations will be provided to the lords who sent them.

Bulletin. Check out the newsletter for free gifts. The icon above the building indicates the availability of a new prize right now. There are also "lightning sales" for donators - one-time offers to buy items with huge discounts.

The value of the following free gifts and access times will increase as they are received.

Puzzles & Conquest: How to Collect Troops?

Categories of troops, their improvement. You have 4 troop categories: infantry, cavalry, riflemen, and siege units. They will take part in battles on the world map. Train your troops through training in special buildings on your territory - barracks and a siege factory. Level up these buildings and unlock improved types of troops of each category.

For all information about the number of your troops, their food consumption and the number of wounded, see the War Banner.

How is the training going? To start training, go to the corresponding building, adjust the required number of troops (units) using the slider and add resources (see screenshot). The quantity and quality of the trained troops determines the size of the consumed resources and the time of their training. Speed up your workout with various types of boosters, or complete instantly with diamonds.

We recommend that you do not waste your diamonds and use your premium currency wisely. Boosters, which are easier to get in campaign battles, are best suited to quickly finish training.

The advantage of the troops. The troops in the game have an advantage over each other according to the following scheme:

You can always purchase combat readiness and military tactics boosters for diamonds (the hammer icon at the bottom of the screen) and use them to increase the attack and defense characteristics of troops, as well as the size of the squad.

Infantry training. The infantry trains in the infantry barracks. Upgrade barracks and unlock new types of units. Each subsequent one is better and more powerful than the previous one:

Pump over the recruiting center to increase the speed and limit of the training of troops.

Cavalry training. The cavalry train in the cavalry barracks. Unlocking Troops:

Shooting training. Shooters train in shooters barracks. Unlocking Troops:

Siege unit training. Siege units train at the siege factory. Unlocking Units:

Use siege units when attacking other players’ castles! Only this type of troops is capable of breaking down enemy walls. Without siege units, you will suffer huge losses in such battles.

Puzzles & Conquest: Available Technologies and Research

Study technologies at the institute and get additional bonuses to the characteristics in a particular area. There are 5 categories of technologies available. To study, resources and the required level of pumping of related buildings are required. The higher the research progress, the longer the process itself will take. Research can be accelerated with boosters or completed instantly with diamonds.

Development technologies:

Battle technologies:

Economy technologies:

Protection technologies:

Battle Technologies II. Available at Lv. 30 institutes.

Puzzles & Conquest: Guide to battles on the world map

How to go to the world map? Click the extreme icon in the lower left corner of the main screen. So you will go to the world map with all the castles of your Kingdom and other objects where you can collect resources and fight.

How to find targets? Click on the magnifying glass icon at the bottom, select an object, set the slider to the required difficulty level and click "Search". You will immediately move to where the next battle can be deployed.

How to form a squad? Selecting an enemy and pressing "Attack", you are invited to form your attack squad. It consists of your troops and campaign heroes. Set the sliders to the desired value of the troops sent in each category and select the heroes (see screenshot). Click "Quick Select" and "Recommended Hero" - then the system will automatically calculate the number of troops and select the preferred heroes. Then click "Go" and proceed to the battle.

The number of units. The number of units that you can send to different places on the world map is limited by the level of development of your technologies. Initially, you have one squad available. As technology advances, you will be able to engage multiple units at the same time.

Stamina consumption. Any battle on the world map consumes the Lord’s stamina, which regenerates over time or instantly in the Brave Forge.

It is very important to use up all your allowed stamina and fight so that it doesn’t go to waste. The more battles, the higher the result!

Hunting for monsters. Attack monsters on the world map and get rewards for victory (resources, soul stones, hero fragments, equipment essences and upgrade scrolls). The value of the rewards depends on the level of the defeated monster. The maximum allowable level increases in accordance with the number of days the Kingdom was founded.

Battles in the Hellish Fortress. To fight in the Hellish Fortress, a squad of 2-6 alliance players is needed. Victory in a battle guarantees the receipt of demonic chests, and defeat guarantees the restoration of Infernal Fortress. Soul stones and resources are also mined here. Infernal fortresses come in different difficulty levels. The ultimate difficulty depends on how long ago the Kingdom existed. The more difficult the battle is, the more loot you can collect when you win.

Reconnaissance or a close-knit attack from Infernal Fortress will not undo the Shield of Mercy or cause war frenzy. Most of the troops wounded in the battle will be healed.

Collection of resources. Send your troops to resource buildings to collect resources for the treasury. Resource buildings have a level, and this indicates resource saturation. High-level buildings are located near Draconia.

How many resources they can carry with them depends on the number of troops and heroes sent to the collection.

Robbery of other players. Attack territories of other players to plunder their resources. It is recommended to conduct reconnaissance before starting an operation.

Team up with your alliance mates to rob players together. Remember that your target can also request support from their alliance to fight back against you.

War for the Dragon. Based on the results of the War of the Draconis, a new ruler of the Kingdom is elected. The dragon can be captured by the alliance, which will keep it under control for 8 hours in a row. If no one succeeds, then the winner will be determined by the longest occupation time. All Lords can send troops to attack or fortify the Dragon and Altar in competition status.

If the Dragon and the Altar are occupied by different alliances, then the Altar will continuously attack the Dragon in order to cause serious damage to the defending troops, some of which will eventually die. The maximum number of defenders is determined by the size of the invader’s cohesive attack. During the War of the Dragon, 70% of the victims of the battles for the Dragon or Altar will be sent to the infirmary.

Puzzles & Conquest: Completing Daily Quests

Complete daily quests to get very good rewards for relatively little effort. This is a great chance to acquire valuable items that are difficult to obtain under normal conditions. The main prize for closing all the quests: the shield of Mercy for 8 hours, the oath rune III, the mark of glory (x20) and the diamond chest (x200).

How do I get rewards? When completing daily quests, the system of chests and points is applied. For each closed quest you get points. As you accumulate points to the required threshold, you get the opportunity to open a chest with rewards. Thresholds for 30, 60, 90, 120 and 150 points are provided. The more points you earn, the more valuable rewards will be in the next chest.

Quests and activity of the alliance. The points for the daily quests of all participants will be counted towards the total number of alliance activity points. Alliance activity rewards are sent to the winners every Sunday at 00:00 UTC and added to the alliance treasury. After that, leaders and diplomats can begin their distribution.

Types of daily quests. These include:

Puzzles & Conquest: Alliance Guide

The Alliance is a community of players, your support in the development of the territory and a pillar in the fight against invaders.

Joining an alliance. In the early days of the game, you are asked to automatically join the alliance. Do this as soon as possible to receive the development reward and alliance gift. In the future, when your castle reaches level 5, the rating of alliances by power and assassination will open to you, and you can choose a suitable community for yourself. Do not hesitate to leave weak inactive alliances - they will not be able to provide you with support and ensure proper participation in alliance events.

It is very important to be in an active and strong alliance in order to receive help from comrades on time, use technology and participate in joint events. In addition, being in a strong alliance is the best defense for your territory. An attack on an alliance member is equivalent to an attack on an alliance, and accordingly, you will quickly receive reinforcements from allies and fight off the invaders.

Asking for help. If you have any difficulties with pumping buildings, researching technologies or healing the wounded, then you can turn to the members of your alliance for help, and they will provide you with the necessary resources. You can also help your companions. For each help, you will receive up to 800 alliance coins and alliance honor (up to 40 thousand per day).

Use the help of the alliance effectively to build and research faster. Upgrade the embassy to increase the number of attempts to help.

Alliance members and leaders. The main face of the alliance is its leader. He occupies the R5 position, has all the power, can promote and demote any of its members, and even disband the alliance itself. There are also R4 members in the alliance - they hold the positions of a military leader, recruiter, overseer and diplomat. Newly joined members of the alliance have position R1.

Alliance gifts. After purchasing an alliance set, you can send alliance chests to your allies. Obtaining an alliance chest will ensure the growth of alliance treasures, which in turn will provide a grand alliance chest when it is full. Obtaining the Grand Alliance Chest grants the Alliance Chest Experience, which increases the Alliance Treasure Level. The quality of alliance chests is determined by the level of alliance treasures.

Fortress and border stones of the alliance. The center of the alliance territory is the fortress. Also, within the territory of the alliance, you can build boundary stones, but for this the alliance must reach the required level:

  1. Boundary Stone I - 4 lv. alliance;
  2. Boundary Stone II - level 6 alliance;
  3. Boundary Stone III - 8 lv. alliance;
  4. Boundary Stone IV - level 10 alliance.

Alliance resource cells. Troops gathering in alliance resource cells receive an increase in gathering speed and cannot be attacked. Types of cells:

  1. Farm and sawmill. Unlocked at the 4th level of the alliance;
  2. Iron mine. Unlocks at the 6th level of the alliance;
  3. Gold mine. Unlocks at the 8th level of the alliance.

Alliance vault and infirmary. The storage opens at the 5th level of the alliance, and the infirmary is immediately available. Resources that are in the storage of the alliance will not be plundered. Wounded warriors who exceed the capacity of your infirmary will be sent to the alliance infirmary.

Influence of building destruction on other buildings:

Alliance store. In the store, you can exchange alliance coins for resources, accelerations, items for military affairs, treasures, etc. Alliance members R4 and R5 replenish the store’s stock. Some items appear in access only when the alliance reaches the required level. Alliance coins can be obtained by participating in helping the alliance, donating for the development of technologies, or from the alliance chest.

The stronger and more active your alliance, the more varied the offerings of its store. You can buy a lot of useful items here, so check back often.

Alliance Technologies

Alliance technologies come in 2 categories: economic and military. Depending on the level, the alliance opens up opportunities for researching new technologies that can be used by all its members. The level of technology is swinging by donating the members of the alliance and adding its technology points. Donations are possible in the form of diamonds or resources (once every 30 minutes). The top 10 participants in the daily donation ranking receive ranking awards.

Economic technologies of the alliance. These include:

Alliance military technology. These include:

Monster Hunt Event

Join forces with other leaders and get huge rewards while hunting waves of monsters. During this event, the leader or commander of the alliance lvl. 2 and above can start "Monster Hunt" once. In "Monster Hunt" waves of powerful monsters will appear on the territory of the alliance. Kill as many monsters as possible within 25 minutes to get rewards.

Battles in "Monster Hunt" will not result in casualties. As a reward for participating in the event, you will receive Gem Upgraders, Glory Marks, Lord Experience, Resources and Alliance Coins. The march time is set at 30 seconds. in both directions. Eligible members who are not nearby can also join.

Demon Invasion Event

Your resources are protected from the invasion of demons, and many warriors wounded during the battle with demons will be healed. Demons are immune to the Shield of Mercy effect. The more waves of demons you fight off, the more rewards you will receive. Demons will leave your lands after two successful infiltrations into your territory. When this happens, you can still send out reinforcements to your allies to earn extra points.

The event will end when the demons infiltrate your lands and the territories of all your allies 2 times. Lords who leave their alliance during the reward delivery period may not receive any reward. Participants R4 and R5 can initiate Invasion of Demons manually. The higher the difficulty level of the event, the more rewards the alliance members will receive. The permissible difficulty level depends on the number of alliance points.

Members who join the alliance after the start of the event will not be able to earn points and receive rewards.

Puzzles & Conquest: Territory Immigration

Go to the global map. You can move your territory to another Kingdom of the server if your castle is level 15 or higher. To get started, go to the global map: click the icon on the left on the world map (above the types of quests), and then on the globe. You will see a general list of all Kingdoms on the server, their coordinates and available types of immigration.

Types of immigration. There are 2 types of immigration:

For immigration, items of global movement are required (the required number is determined by the level of the Lord’s castle). Before immigrating, make sure all your march lines are idle.

Before immigration, you must leave the alliance. To perform immigration, the amount of your resources must be within the Storage limit. After immigration, you cannot immigrate again for 30 days.

Implications of immigration. Your points in some current events will be reset after immigration:

You cannot immigrate as long as you own the artifacts. Your artifacts have a chance to be stolen if any Lord attacks your territory, posted posts or resource slots.

Puzzles & Conquest: Bag Contents

The bag contains all unused items from the game. For quick sorting, the bag has sections:

  1. Resources. Extra won resources that need to be activated to add to the main stock;
  2. Acceleration. Stores all accelerations available to you, incl. construction and training;
  3. Warfare. Items related to your troops are placed here;
  4. Hidden treasures. Storage of chests obtained in activities. May contain diamonds, treasures, Saura experience, etc .;
  5. Miscellanea. Basically, materials for pumping the Lord and campaign heroes are stored here. It also stores arena coins and rare items, such as name change scrolls or territory relocation scrolls.
Pay special attention to the tab with additional. resources. It is not recommended to activate them unnecessarily, since these resources are protected from robbery in the bag. This is your additional guarantee in the event of a failed war.

Diamond shop. From the bag you can go to the diamond store, where diamonds are sold for various items corresponding to the sections of the bag.

Puzzles & Conquest: The Right Donate

Donator offers are located on the right side of the main screen. Temporary promotions periodically start here, as well as permanent goods are placed.

Buying sets. The game constantly sells sets for various purposes: for pumping heroes, replenishing resources, building, researching technologies, and others. There is also a daily sale of huge discount sets. Please note that the sale time is strictly limited.

Buying discount sets is quite profitable. Analyze which items you are missing and buy here.

Gift Center. In the gift center, you deposit a certain amount, and within 7 days you will receive good gifts from the game - equipment, shards of heroes, soul stones, etc. There is usually an opportunity to win a 5-star hero on the last day of this promotion. This is a very good proposition for players looking for long-term play.

Monthly gold card. When buying a monthly gold card, you will receive within a month:

Monthly and weekly cards are the best and most profitable donation in the middle and late stages of the game.

Weekly silver card. It makes it possible to get guaranteed rewards in a week:

Puzzles & Conquest: Player Account

Character management. In "Settings" - "Character management" you can create a new character. Please note that only 1 character per player is allowed in one kingdom. Accordingly, if you create another one, then its territory must be in another kingdom. In total, you can create up to 2 characters on the server. In the same section of settings, the estimated time until the opening of a new server is tracked.

Come to the offs more often. the game’s Facebook page and stay tuned for contests and updates. Often, developers post important information in public and hold raffles for gift codes.

Image settings. In the general settings, you can customize the picture in the game. Frame rates and graphics range from low to ultra. You can also turn on / off music and sound effects.

We recommend setting low graphics settings in order to conserve battery power on your mobile device longer.

Other settings functions. In the settings you can:

Puzzles & Conquest: Conclusion

Puzzles & Conquest combined two popular activities: "match 3" battles with the destruction of monsters and strategies, where you should prove yourself as a wise ruler, developing and multiplying your Kingdom. If you like this kind of games, then feel free to download Puzzles & Conquest. This is a new and fast-paced game, so you should expect pleasant surprises from it in the future. Donut is unobtrusive here. With proper pumping, you can quickly succeed and become a mighty Lord, the main thing is to figure out and understand all the intricacies of the game. Minuses:

  1. Very long synchronization with the server, especially with an unstable Internet. This is annoying in campaign battles when it takes 10 seconds or more to count each move.
  2. The game takes a lot of time, requires attention and involvement in many activities. Get ready to follow everything at once and take part in three completely different directions of gameplay (game "three in a row", building construction and war). It is difficult, but very interesting.

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