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Puzzles & Survival WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

PUZZLES & SURVIVAL is an Android game with a release date of October 2, 2020 from 37GAMES. Game genre: Role-playing. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Cheats (promotional codes)
  2. Top Heroes (Tier List)
  3. Character Leveling Guide
  4. Campaign Battle Secrets
  5. How to fight in the arena?
  6. How to get new heroes?
  7. Getting Started Right
  8. Secrets of Successful Vault Development
  9. Construction Features
  10. Commander leveling (characteristics and talents)
  11. Asylum Headquarters
  12. Equipment Factory
  13. Correct Troop Gathering
  14. Resources and Resource Buildings
  15. Vault Defense (Wall, Traps)
  16. Laboratories (Attribute Leveling)
  17. Research Guide
  18. Ruins Challenge Walkthrough
  19. How to Multiply Diamonds?
  20. A Guide to Battles on the World Map
  21. Battle for Techno Center
  22. Immigration Rules
  23. Alliance Guide
  24. Completing Quests
  25. Timed Events
  26. VIP Points (enter the game)
  27. Commander’s Bag
  28. Player Account
  29. The correct donation
  30. Conclusion

Puzzles & Survival: Cheats (promotional codes)

To enter a promo code, click "More" at the bottom of the main screen, select "Settings" and click the "Box" button. Enter the code in the field that appears and confirm by clicking "Get". List of current promotional codes:

Be sure to enter upper and lower case letters, otherwise the code will be indicated as "incorrect". Check out the game’s official Facebook group often. Often, developers hold promotions there and publish new promotional codes.

Puzzles & Survival: Top Heroes (Tier List)

Heroes are used in campaign battles and also lead troops in battles on the main map. Don’t confuse heroes with the units you recruit and train in the hideout. All your heroes are placed in a separate menu (the "Heroes" tab). There is also a general gallery, as well as a bag with fragments of unreceived characters and materials for pumping.

Types of heroes. The hero’s belonging to one or another camp is determined by his color:

  1. Greens are brave heroes;
  2. Reds are majestic heroes;
  3. Blue are quiet heroes;
  4. Orange are sensible heroes;
  5. Purple are passionate heroes.
The use of subordination and superiority effects in relation to enemies of other colors in the campaign and in the arena depends on the color of the hero.

Squad skills. Heroes have squad skills, i.e. are able to strengthen units in battles on the world map, if they are in the same squad with them. You can find out which units are affected by the skills of the hero’s squad by the icon next to his name:

Economic heroes are presented separately (icon - book). They provide bonuses for the economy (collection and production of resources).

What heroes should you download? You start out with 2-star heroes, but you can quickly get your hands on 3-star heroes. We do not recommend pumping 2-star heroes - it is better to use them to improve stronger characters. Form your squad of 3-star heroes, then replace them with 4 and 5-star ones.

5-star heroes are the most difficult to get and pump, while with other fighters it is much faster. If your team has several well-trained 3-4-star heroes, then continue to use them, do not abandon them to include a 5-star fighter in the team. Always be guided by the situation, because your main task is to form a strong squad!

Tier List of the best heroes. As experienced players from the official Facebook page recommend, there must be fighters in the team that deal damage on one target. They are the most powerful and often play a decisive role both in the campaign and in the PvP arena. If possible, try to hire (get) the heroes presented in our Tier List.

Brave Heroes (green)
3 starsBard
4 starsSeo Yeon
5 starsMars, Obsidian
Majestic heroes (red)
3 starsChester, Marshal
4 starsRhine
5 starsScarlett, Requiem
Silent Heroes (blue)
3 starsFlint, Noct
4 starsOtto
5 starsZephyr, Levina
Sensible Heroes (Orange)
3 starsPercival
4 starsGriffin, House
5 starsIronklov, Mantis
Passionate Heroes (purple)
3 starsAnahita
4 starsBarbara
5 starsAtropos, Agent X

Puzzles & Survival: Character Leveling Guide

Leveling up the hero. To level up, use the serum that is produced in laboratories and mined on the world map - in the zombie lair and during battles with monsters. You can also buy serum in sets. When leveling up, the hero’s power and his main characteristics increase: ATK, DEFENSE, OZ.

Pump your heroes evenly so that the soldiers of the squad do not have a gap in strength and weaknesses. Remember that with each level improvement, the amount of serum used by the character increases.

The evolution of the hero. When the hero reaches the maximum level of pumping, the possibility of his evolution appears. Evolution unlocks new skills for a fighter, increases his maximum level limit and basic characteristics. Use the serum and combat guides obtained in the chapters of the campaign to complete the evolution.

Depending on the level of the target hero, you will need combat guides of various stardom and quantity. 3-star combat guides (for evolving heroes with level 60+) can only be obtained in the later chapters of the campaign, and 1-star (for evolving heroes with level 10+) are available in chapters 1 through 24.

Improving the hero. Improving the hero increases the properties of his squad skills and basic characteristics. The progress of the improvement is reflected in the hero card, in the upper left corner - a numerical indicator with a "+" sign. To improve you will need fragments of an identical hero, and the further you improve it, the more fragments you will have to spend.

Unlocking skills. The hero’s skills (active and passive) are used in campaign battles and are unlocked as his level rises. The number of skills depends on the fighter’s stardom.

Reset pumping. If necessary, the hero’s leveling can be reset for 150 diamonds. A reset will return you all the resources spent on raising a specific character - serum, fragments, etc.

Puzzles & Survival: Campaign Battle Secrets

In campaign mode, you play through chapters divided into separate stages. In the stages, you need to fight both regular enemies (zombies) and bosses. As the passage progresses, the difficulty of the stages and the strength of enemies increases.

Battle mechanics. In campaign battles, a match-3 game is used, where you need to collect horizontal and vertical lines of elements of the same color, accumulate Rage of heroes to use their skills and use boosters (bombs, grenades) that appear on the field.

Team building. Indicators. Be sure to put representatives of all elements in the squad (see screenshot), because otherwise you will not be able to use the skill of the missing element, and the Fury scales of duplicated ones will fill up 2 times slower.

Place the most tenacious and pumped fighter in the center of the team, because it is the center character who takes on most of the enemy’s blows.

On the battlefield, your heroes’ icons are located at the bottom. There you can also see two scales: health (green) and Rage (yellow). The second scale gradually fills up as you shoot at enemies with ordinary elements of the desired color. When the Fury meter is full, the hero’s icon will sparkle, and you can use his skill.

Do not feel sorry for Rage during the battle, spend it on the hero’s use of the skill. The Fury meter does not have a cumulative effect - until you use up your current Fury, a new one will not accumulate. If you are at the end of the battle and have almost won, then we recommend saving the skill for the next wave (boss).

Common enemies and bosses. Normal enemies have no skills. Under their feet, you see only red health bars, the order of moves and the color of the element. Bosses can use skills and they have a Fury meter. It fills up as you hit the boss with ordinary elements, so avoid simple attacks as much as possible, preventing the boss from using skills!

The boss’s Rage meter does not grow when shooting with normal strikes into the void. Break a hole in the enemy’s team by killing common zombies, and shoot at empty places to fill your heroes’ Rage bars. Then use the skills of the heroes to kill the boss.

The advantage of the elements. Each element has one to whom it is capable of inflicting more damage, and vice versa - against the damage that it loses:

The above advantage looks like this schematically:

A new status effect of the same type will replace the previous one. For example, if the effect "-40% DEF" is activated and "+ 30% DEF" is applied, then "+ 30%" will replace the previous effect "-40%". Click on the images of heroes or opponents to see the skills they use.

Boosters. With a successful combination of elements, boosters may appear on the playing field:

When using a booster, all the power of the removed elements is sent to the enemy, and the hero of this element gets a jump on the rage scale.

Don’t waste your boosters. Wait until a lot of tiles of the corresponding element appear on the playing field in order to hit with full force.

OD, awards, blitz. When completing a campaign stage, you spend OD (action points). The further you move along the map, the more AP you will spend. For the first playthrough, you are entitled to increased rewards. Further, when replaying the completed stage, use autoboy or use blitz tokens to pick up blitz rewards without a battle.

Spend blitz tokens, replay previous stages in auto battle, and spend AP if you cannot advance further along the map due to the difficulty of the enemies. Prevent useless HP burnout and take your rewards.

Puzzles & Survival: How to fight in the arena?

In the arena, a team of your heroes fights against an opposing team. The fight itself is a match-3 match. For the battle, you receive arena points, on the basis of which the arena rating is formed and rating awards are issued.

Calling rules. You have to form a defensive formation of heroes and keep it. Then proceed to challenge your opponents. You can throw 5 free challenges per day, and then you will need arena passes, which you can buy in the store and win in activities.

The structure of the defense team must be relevant and updated as new strong fighters are received in the squad. Changes made to formation for the campaign are not automatically transferred to the arena defenses.

Choice of opponents. Choose opponents that are inferior to you in power. Keep in mind that in this game power is calculated quite accurately, so evaluate your strength sensibly. If you manage to beat the player who is higher than you in the rating, then you will take his place, and he will drop to yours. The same will happen to you if you are beaten by a player with a lower rating.

Update your rival search if none of the suggested ones suit you. Updating the list is free.

Types of awards. In the arena, you can pick up rewards:

  1. Arena coins. Awarded for each battle and can be exchanged in the store. When you win, you get more coins.
  2. Ranked rewards. Daily rewards for rank in the arena. Must be received manually every day. Don’t forget this!
  3. Seasonal awards. Issued at the end of the next arena season, depending on the place in the final rating, sent to the player’s mail.
The best 300 commanders of the Heroes Duel: Survival arena will be able to fight in the Heroes Duel: Glory arena.

Winning strategy

One wave of enemies awaits you in the arena. There is a possibility of auto-combat, acceleration of the battle and early exit from the battle in case of a certain loss. To show successful results, take note of a couple of tips:

1. Make a dent in the opposing team. You definitely need to defeat one of the enemy heroes to create a "void" in its place. Send new tokens to it and fill in this way the Fury scales of your heroes. As a result, you will get an advantage in the use of skills - your Fury scales will be full, while your opponent will not have time to accumulate mana (when shooting into an empty space, mana is not accumulated). If you do everything right, you will leave your opponent defenseless against your onslaught.

To prevent this maneuver from working against you, place the most powerful hero in the center of the squad. As a rule, it is the center character who takes the most hits.

2. Don’t overuse auto-fight. Autoboy does not always act correctly and is not able to apply maneuvers of a live player. In the early stages of the game, when you are just getting to know the arena, you can use auto battle. In the middle and late stages, when fighting for leadership positions in the ranking, it is better to refuse it.

Puzzles & Survival: How to get new heroes?

Hire new heroes in Noah’s tavern. You can also get useful in-game items here. If you hire a hero that you already have available, you will receive fragments of it.

Types of hiring. There are 3 types of recruitment available in the game:

  1. Basic hiring. Achieve 2-3 star heroes with base hire coins. 5 free daily attempts are available with a frequency of 10 minutes;
  2. Nice hiring. Achieve 2-4 star heroes with Good Hire Coins. 1 free daily try available;
  3. Cool hiring. Earning 3-5 Star Heroes with Coins of Tough Recruitment. There is 1 free trial every 2 days.
Use x10 recruitment for any type of recruitment, as it provides the opportunity to make 1 recruitment for free (10 recruits for 9 coins).

Drop probability:

Good and cool hiring gives points that can be exchanged for hero fragments.

Exchange of heroes. You can exchange the points obtained by disposing of fragments of heroes and completing the recruitment for fragments of the characters you need in the "Exchange" tab of Noah’s tavern. Fragments of heroes of different stardom are presented here, on which the exchange cost depends.

Keep in mind that when you dispose of fragments for the purpose of exchanging them in the tavern, you will lose some of their value and be at a loss. Do not focus on collecting specific characters, pump over those that you have in stock. We remind you that pumping 5-star heroes is much more difficult and longer than 3-4-star heroes.

Puzzles & Survival: Getting Started Right

There are three tactics, and using any of them will help you become a successful and prosperous commander. Let’s examine each in detail.

Starting the game on a new server. You need to register your account on the day and hour of the opening of the new server in order to immediately start building a shelter, collecting heroes, pumping them, etc. When choosing this tactic, the start time and activity play a very important role - the earlier you start, the more success you can achieve. The most active newcomers to the server will be able to easily enter a good alliance, take high places in the ratings of activities and even overtake donators, following the advice of the Wise Geek and wisely using game resources.

Check the regional chat chronicle frequently. Sometimes red envelopes from donators appear there. The first ten lucky people who pick up the envelope will receive free diamonds from it.

Starting the game on the old server. The opposite tactic, but also effective. As in the previous case, you should intensively develop your shelter in the first days of the game and go through activities. On old servers, you will come across pumped "seasoned" ones, who are very difficult to catch up in terms of power, but it is here that there is an outflow of players and dead accounts that have gone offline forever.

Often, alliances of old servers are in great need of new active players, so they will gladly take you to the TOP communities. You will not reach the first places in the ratings, but you will develop stably and successfully thanks to strong players and the all-round development of the alliance, where it will be possible to request help, receive bonuses of developed alliance technologies, successfully start in activities, etc.

Look at the ratings of the players in the settings menu. Like the participants in the rating and earn additional rewards (acceleration, resources, etc.).

Training and transition to a new server. When using this tactic, you also start the game on a new server, but before that you create an account on any other, learning all the subtleties of pumping and the nuances of the game. Having made mistakes and having decided on the strategy of the desired development, you will have to track the exact time of opening a new server in order to start your ideal game there.

To see the list of servers, go to the settings and click "Character Control". On one server (in the game, servers are called regions), you can create one account.

The importance of being active. We strongly recommend that you start exploring this world on a day off from work. Puzzles & Survival is a multifaceted game with a large number of activities, and the faster you succeed in them, the easier it will be for you later. Another reason to spend as much time as possible on the game is to rebuild and upgrade as many buildings as possible. At the beginning of the game, your construction will be very fast and take from a few seconds to minutes. In the future, when the improvement and construction will last for hours, you can reduce the online time without losing anything.

In order not to miss important events and joint alliance attacks, set an alarm or turn on in-game notifications. Choose priority permanent events to participate and do not forget to check the announcements of temporary events.

Puzzles & Survival: Secrets of Successful Vault Development

For the prosperity and all-round development of your shelter in an accelerated time frame, do not forget to use the bonuses listed below.

1. Discover the talents of the commander. Pump up talents and unlock new ones to increase the speed of building buildings, gathering resources, increase the characteristics of troops and successfully defend against zombies. For your convenience, all active talents are located in the pop-up menu at the bottom of the screen. You can turn your favorites on and off depending on the activity you pass.

Do not forget to complete the tasks of the "Shelter Plan" to open new chapters, get experience of the commander and prizes for completing tasks.

2. Use the help of the alliance. The alliance’s help is a great way to speed up the development of the shelter, obtain the necessary resources, excel in research, etc. Request help in the alliance menu and help yourself for alliance coins. For prompt assistance, click "Help everyone".

3. Use gains. There are a lot of enhancements in the game. You can get them as rewards when completing activities, and you can buy them in the store. The purpose of strengthening is to accelerate various processes and actions, which helps you develop faster. Examples of reinforcements:

Activated boosts are shown in the bottom menu on the home screen and include an action timer for easy tracking of usage times.

Puzzles & Survival: Construction Features

Expansion of the territory. Your hideout is divided into zones where certain buildings can be placed. Each new zone opens as the level of Headquarters increases. One zone can contain 5 or more buildings. All buildings have a placement limit. The total number of buildings of the same type in a hideout depends on the level of Headquarters.

Pay special attention to the icons (with numbers, exclamation marks, images of gifts, etc.) that sometimes appear above buildings and activity icons. These designations indicate the need for your intervention (pick up rewards, start construction, make hires, and others).

How to build buildings? To build a building:

  1. Go to the desired zone and click on the territory where the building will be located;
  2. Enter the menu and click "Build" to view the building requirements;
  3. Confirm the construction by clicking Build again.

Construction takes some time, which can be shortened with acceleration. An instant upgrade is available for diamonds. You can also request help in construction from alliance members by clicking on the "Help" icon above the building.

To go to the recommended building, click on the hammer (building queue) icon on the left side of the screen. You will be transported to the buildings that you need to build to complete the missions of the refuge plan.

Second stage of construction. At the beginning of the game, a free second stage of construction is available to you to accelerate the arrangement of the shelter. In the future, the second stage can be purchased for diamonds. Use this opportunity when you have loose diamonds that can be used up without compromising other important activities.

Level up the Headquarters last after all other buildings are up to the maximum level. If there are two construction stages, upgrade the Headquarters in the penultimate turn to avoid the idle time of the second construction stage.

Improvement. To upgrade a building, click on it and confirm the improvement - after a specified time, it will be increased to the next level. The higher the level of the building, the longer it takes to improve. This process can be accelerated using accelerators or completed instantly, for diamonds.

Do not forget to use the help of the alliance - so the improvement of buildings will go even faster. More often go to quests (arrow at the bottom of the main screen), pump and build the required buildings to pick up additional commander experience and resources.

We recommend starting long-term construction with long-term exclusion from the game (sleep, study, work). Fast construction is best done during the game in order to build as much as possible.

Puzzles & Survival: Commander leveling (characteristics and talents)

Click on the avatar to enter the commander menu. Here you can change its appearance, avatar, upgrade equipment, chips, modules and cubes.

Information about the commander. In the commander’s menu, click "Information about the commander" to view the pumping results - the components of the commander’s overall power, statistics on battles, as well as data on the functioning of the shelter (production, collection, assistance). In the "Buffs" tab, check out all the applied buffs in the shelter.

The main characteristics of the commander. The commander has the following stats:

  1. Power. The size of the total strength based on the current development of technologies, buildings, combat units, traps, heroes, chips, glory level, commander level, etc.
  2. Murders. The number of killed enemy units.
  3. Level. Determines the available equipment and the maximum level of the hero. The level rises as the commander gains experience. To gain experience, participate in hunting, quests and fight with squads.
  4. Endurance. It is consumed in battles on the world map. Recovers over time. Use special items to instantly restore stamina.
  5. Action Points (AP). They are consumed when participating in a campaign and restored over time. Use Brave Heart to instantly restore AP.
Use stamina and action points efficiently, do not overload and burn out.

Commander talents. As the level rises, the commander receives talent points, which are used to pump 3 branches of talents:

Pump up talents depending on the selected priorities in the development of your shelter and troops.

Types of economic talent:

Types of military talents:

To quickly activate the necessary talents, click on the book icon in the lower right submenu.

Balance Talent Types:

Reset talents. Learned talents can be discarded for the "Talent Reset" item or for 1000 diamonds. In this case, all used talent points will be returned to you.

Using the Talent Memory Kit, anchor some of the learned talents to reset only a fraction of them.

Puzzles & Survival: Asylum Headquarters

Raising the level of headquarters. The headquarters is the main building of your hideout. Its level determines the pumping limit for other buildings on the territory. As the headquarters improve, the size of the squad, the capacity of the infirmary grows, functions are unlocked and new buildings are unlocked:

To pump the headquarters, you need to increase the level of certain buildings, while the list of buildings will constantly change. The improvement itself takes a lot of time and resources. The higher the headquarters level, the longer the improvement will take and the more expensive it will cost.

With one construction stage, we recommend that you upgrade the headquarters last, when the rest of the buildings are pumped to the maximum. It is best to set this process when leaving the game for a long offline period (sleep, study, work).

Inspection of the shelter. Click on "Inspect the shelter" and see the results of strengthening the territory and resource statistics. These are critical data that a good commander must always consider.

Color change. Activate the headquarters coloring to give it an original look on the world map and get additional reinforcing attributes:

To activate, you need to purchase an item of the corresponding skin in the store. Often such offers appear during the general holidays - Christmas, Halloween, etc.

Puzzles & Survival: Equipment Factory

The Equipment Factory (Arsenal) uses various components to create powerful equipment for the commander.

Equipment sets. The commander has 3 sets of equipment for each type of activity:

  1. Military equipment - used in battles on the world map, increases the combat characteristics of the commander;
  2. Construction equipment - used in construction, it gives additional bonuses when arranging and pumping buildings on the territory of the shelter;
  3. Technological equipment - Used in research, it gives bonuses when researching technologies.

If desired, any equipment can be removed or replaced with another.

Immediately use newly acquired equipment of higher quality. The possibility to replace the existing outfit with a better one is indicated by a red dot on the icon.

Starry equipment. In terms of stardom, the equipment has from 3 to 5 gold stars. 6-star gear (or gear with a big red star) is considered the most prestigious and powerful.

To see the full gallery of equipment used in the game, go to the Cabinet in the main menu of the commander.

Upgrading and increasing the commander’s equipment. Use materials to improve equipment and increase its level. After filling the improvement scale, you can increase the star rating of the equipment. To do this, use the promoter item, which is obtained in the zombie den or during the battles with monsters.

Pump the equipment used evenly, so that there are no weak ineffective items left in your uniform. Keep in mind that equipment cannot be higher than the commander’s level.

Equipment modernization. A complete set of equipment consists of 6 elements. Collect a set of elements of the same star rating to increase the level of equipment upgrades. You will also need a gear upgrader. You can get it in the diamond store and for the purchase of boxes.

Modules. Upgrade the equipment factory to a certain level to unlock the function of inserting a fighter, shooter or rider module. Upgrade or upgrade a module to enhance its attribute bonuses. To upgrade, use upgrade items or other modules to gain experience.

Use upgrade items to increase the star level of the module. Please note that this may lower the upgrade level, but the attribute bonuses will not be reduced. This is because high star level modules require more experience to upgrade.

Chips and Cubes. Chips are unlocked upon reaching level 8 of the consumable factory and are used in the commander’s consumable to increase his characteristics. There are various stardom and quality. Cubes open at the 25th level of the factory, are used to increase the parameters of fighters of different types of troops.

Equipment insertion functions. As you level up the factory, you open up new possibilities for upgrading the commander - the use of chips, modules and cubes of various quality to increase his power:

Do not spare resources and pump the equipment factory as much as possible to unlock its new functions and use them to upgrade the commander.

Puzzles & Survival: Correct Troop Gathering

Categories of troops. You have 4 troop categories at your disposal: fighters, shooters, riders and vehicles. Each category is torn off and improved in separate military buildings, on the pumping of which the availability of more powerful units depends.

The advantage of the troops. Your fighters will outnumber the Riflemen, the Archers will be stronger against the riders, and the riders will outnumber the fighters. Fighters, archers and riders have an advantage over transport troops, but this does not mean that transport is weak and useless.

It is transport troops that are capable of transporting a huge amount of resources from resource cells and play a very important role in the assault on enemy shelters. Thus, you have to evenly pump all military buildings, train all units in a balanced way and open up new combat units.

In the early stages of the game, do not let the training queue idle, constantly call on new recruits and increase the size of your army in order to conduct successful battles on the world map, get more resources and protect your shelter from invasions.

Unit training. To start training, go to the desired military building and adjust the number of training units with the slider. Tuition is charged in the form of a number of resources. The more powerful the units, the more resources you will need. It also takes time, but you can complete it instantly with diamonds.

Save the preferred number of learning units by setting a lock on the slider - next time you don’t have to re-configure it, and you avoid accidentally overusing resources.

Increasing units. Troop categories are divided into separate types of units, which will be unlocked in the process of pumping military buildings. Each subsequent species is more powerful and stronger than the previous one.

Having pumped the building to the required level, raise the units of the previous type to the current one. This will greatly increase the power of your army. Promotion takes some time and requires resources. Deposit diamonds for instant completion.

Pumping is an economically beneficial way to replenish the army. First of all, increase the units of the previous types, and only then hire new troops of the current type.

Food consumption. All units consume food. The more units you have in your shelter, the more food you will need. Food consumption is another reason to increase your entry-level units, because this way you increase their utility and reduce the cost of their maintenance.

Conduct a military inspection on the Platz - here you can find information about the units, their number, the march queue and the amount of food they consume per hour.

Fighters camp. The fighters train in the fighters camp. As the building is pumped, the following units become available to you:

To speed up the training of troops, do not forget to pump the recruit base!

Shooters camp. Shooters camp is a training place for your shooters. You can unlock the following types of these units:

Riders’ camp. This is where your riders train. Available types of riders:

Transport plant. The place where your military vehicle is created. Available types:

Puzzles & Survival: Resources and Resource Buildings

Your resources are the key to the prosperity of the refuge. Only full pantries will allow you to successfully develop, conduct research, train troops and ensure complete protection of your possessions. Monitor the indicators, get new resources and protect the existing ones in all available ways.

Types of resources. There are 5 types of resources in total:

  1. Food;
  2. Wood;
  3. Steel;
  4. Fuel;
  5. Serum.

The first 4 types of resources are required for pumping shelter buildings and building new ones. Serum is used to pump heroes.

Check out the Radio building to take part in the quiz and earn additional resources and commander experience. For the correct answer, you will receive an increased reward. The timer above the building notifies the time of the next game attempt.

Resource buildings. The resource sector includes:

Visit the supply depot to get various resources - for free and for diamonds. Upgrade it to increase your Free Daily Supplies and your chance to get tenfold resources.

Production of resources in buildings. Depending on the level of pumping, the building can produce a certain amount of resources. The maximum level of resource buildings is 35. When the production of the current batch ends, the resources go to the shelter of this building and will stay there until you collect them.

The shelter’s capacity also depends on the level of pumping of the building. If the amount of resources in the shelter reaches the limit, then their production is suspended. To collect the required type of resources, click on one of the resource buildings of a specific type.

Group resource buildings next to each other to reduce the collection time and not search for every object in the territory of the shelter. You need to collect resources on time, at least once every 10 hours! Avoid overcrowding of shelters and downtime of buildings - set an alarm or reminder on your phone to enter the game on time.

How to get resources and what buildings do you need to build? Get food, wood, steel and fuel by collecting from resource cells on the world map. The collection should be the main way to replenish them. Additionally produce these resources at farms, sawmills, steel mills, and gas stations.

Serum as a resource is obtained only in the campaign, when hunting zombies and in the virology laboratory. Do not forget that you will always need a lot of serum to pump your heroes on time, so keep replenishing it.

Build as many virology laboratories as possible in the shelter to ensure a stable replenishment of the most difficult-to-find resource - serum. Place the rest of the resource buildings on a leftover basis, do not forget to improve them and unlock the commander’s economic talents.

Storage. The resources placed in the vault will not be looted during an enemy attack on the shelter. Upgrading the storage building helps to expand the limit of protected food, wood, steel, fuel and whey.

The size of your resources should not exceed the storage capacity limit. In this case, you will not become a victim of robbery. Pump up the storage vigorously to protect as many resources as possible.

Resource unit buildings. In addition to production buildings, there are resource buildings of units on the territory of the shelter:

The importance of hospitals. In the late and middle stages of the game, when you take an active part in battles on the world map, you will need pumped-over infirmaries with a large capacity. Don’t forget to build and improve them.

If the number of wounded in the war exceeds the capacity of the infirmaries, then all units that did not get there will die. To heal the wounded in the infirmary, do not forget to give the command "Treat" and pay food. Depending on the number of wounded. the treatment will take some time. Troops in the infirmary do not take part in battles.

Do not start healing units if you plan to go offline for a long time. Otherwise, the recovered troops can be attacked again during your absence and again fall into the infirmaries. Accordingly, you will waste resources on treatment in vain. Heal troops only during active play.

Puzzles & Survival: Vault Defense (Wall, Traps)

It is the wall that becomes the first obstacle to enemies on the way to your shelter. Reinforce the wall to secure your domain.

Wall protection. The higher the level of the wall, the higher its protection (DEF). The maximum wall level is 35. Place heroes on it to reflect enemy attacks. Each hero gives certain bonuses to the parameters of ATK, DEF and HP of different types of defending units.

Place the most pumped military heroes from your collection on the wall, regardless of their type (color). View the details of strengthening the troops, change heroes to choose the best defense option with maximum bonuses.

Wall strength. As DEF increases and heroes are placed, the wall’s durability grows. With frequent attacks, this figure drops. If your hideout is attacked and defeated, it will burn for 30 minutes. If during this time the PROTECTION of the wall falls to zero, the shelter will teleport to a random place on the world map.

Trap factory. In this building, traps are made to protect the shelter during enemy attacks. Traps do not belong to troops, but play an important role in strengthening defenses. There are different types of traps that are unlocked as you level up the factory:

Each type of trap has its own role. Throwing traps impede riders, an archery tower interferes with archers, and ground traps immobilize fighters. Develop a factory to ensure that each type of trap is produced evenly.

Puzzles & Survival: Laboratories (Attribute Leveling)

Laboratory CO. A superweapon is produced in the CO laboratory. Each superweapon has special effects and attribute boosts. Views:

The first superweapon obtained in the laboratory has a 3-day defense period during which other players cannot steal it. At the end of this period, the superweapon can be selected by defeating the owner in a shelter, stronghold, or on a resource cell.

EVA laboratory. In the EVA laboratory, war skills (unit characteristics) and economy skills (resource collection parameters) are improved. For pumping skills, military and economic EVA points are paid.

Level up the lab to unlock new attributes for pumping, increase the number of interaction attempts and reduce the cost of EVA points.

To improve the EVA lab, use the EVA smart glasses. Get all kinds of EVA points when completing activities, as rewards and buying them in the store for diamonds. When you move your laboratory to a new level, you also receive additional one-time rewards - resources and accelerations.

Puzzles & Survival: Research Guide

Research is a very important part of the gameplay, it plays a significant role in pumping the attributes, individual characteristics and capabilities of the shelter. Research is done at the Research Center for resources and special resources. There are 5 types of research: development, economics, war, war 2, fortification. The availability of a specific research depends on the level of the Research Center and the unlocking of previous research in the branch.

Be sure to pump the Center and conduct research to the capabilities of its current level. This is a fairly cheap and very effective way to increase the characteristics of the hideout and individual attributes.

Development. In the development branch, you can conduct research:

War and War 2. Research in the military branch gives an increase in the following attributes:

The War 2 branch opens after pumping the Research Center to level 30. In addition to the above studies, includes attribute enhancements:

Fortification. Fortification increases the attributes of shelter defensive fortifications:

Economy. Economic research increases the resource attributes of the hideout:

Puzzles & Survival: Ruins Challenge Walkthrough

Ruins Challenges - battles with opponents on the floors. The higher the floor, the stronger the enemies. A total of 100 floors are provided for each type of test. The event takes place daily, for winning you get ruins medals, which are taken into account in the overall progress of the activity for the week. Depending on the number of medals earned, you can collect rewards.

Challenge progress is reset weekly. Do not forget to collect your rewards, otherwise they will be reset to zero and become unavailable.

Types of tests. Ruin Challenges vary in terms of the attributes that can be used in each type of battle:

Unlocking certain types of challenges unlocks as you level up the Headquarters.

Passage. During the completion of the Ruin Challenges, you are selected by NPC squads in accordance with the attributes required for the battle. Your main army does not take part in these battles, therefore, you will not have any killed or wounded.

You can skip the battle and see its results immediately by pressing the skip button during the battle animation.

Ruin shop. Use the earned medals of the ruins to shop in the ruin store. There are two tabs here:

  1. With common items: hero fragments, leveling materials, boosters, EVA points, etc.
  2. With first victory items : goods from this tab are allowed to be purchased for the first victory on the challenge floor. The limit for each purchase is 1.
First of all, purchase offers from the "1st Victory Items" tab. As a rule, these are valuable products with good discounts. Next, buy regular items.

Puzzles & Survival: How to Multiply Diamonds?

Diamonds are a rare premium currency that can be purchased for donations or won in some activities. Use the Bank to increase your diamond reserves absolutely free. There are several types of diamond deposit available to you. Invest diamonds at interest, and after a specified time, get them back in larger quantities.

Types of deposit. There are 4 types:

To unlock a 1-day deposit, you need to make any donation. Other types of deposits are free. If you are a donator, then use the 1-day deposit for daily replenishment of the diamond fund. For other players, the most profitable deposit will be 40 days.

Keep 1500 free diamonds in reserve and use the 40-day deposit constantly, setting the maximum size of the deposit. Your premium currency will work for you and generate a steady income.

Puzzles & Survival: A Guide to Battles on the World Map

The importance of location. First of all, you need to coordinate with other members of your alliance and place a shelter on the same territory with them through teleportation. Joint alliance activities and alliance activities are very important in the game, so you should be close to each other. So you will receive alliance bonuses of the territory, help from alliance members, quickly send your troops to them and advance to joint battles on the world map.

Finding a refuge on the territory of the alliance is an additional guarantor of security from robberies and attacks.

Formation of the detachment. Any battle on the world map begins with the formation of a squad. Select the heroes who will go into battle and use the slider to set the required number of units of various types: cutthroats, pistols, rangers, spearmen, vagabonds, crossbowmen and nomads (see screenshot).

Use the "Recommended Heroes" and "Quick Select" buttons to automatically assemble an army in two clicks. Then click on "Send". Remember that every battle on the world map consumes stamina.

Group attacks. Group attacks allow you to use squads of several players in one battle. In some activities (going to a zombie lair, raids on the shelters of strong commanders, etc.) group attacks are the only way to win a battle. Also, group attacks are necessary when providing reinforcements to allies from the alliance. The War Hall is responsible for initiating group attacks.

Do not forget to pump the Hall of War to increase the limit on the number of units that can be sent from you to a joint raid.

Zombie hunting. Zombies of various strengths are walking around the world map. Hunt them to get resources and materials for equipment. Click on a suitable zombie and view its characteristics - level, recommended squad size for battle and possible rewards.

Use the search, where you can set the level of the desired zombie and zombie lair - when you find an enemy, you will automatically move to him and you can form a squad for battle. To challenge high level zombies, you need to defeat low level zombies.

The higher the level of defeated zombies, the more valuable rewards you can get. Try to fight the highest level zombies available to you. If you fail, challenge lower level zombies and waste your stamina. Constantly pump your troops and heroes to gain access to the best rewards.

Zombie lair battles. To attack a zombie lair, you need units of 2 to 6 players. For victory, you will receive supply boxes, serum, equipment promoters, resources, and other valuable rewards. When defeated, the zombie lair returns to its original state. Reconnaissance or group attack on a zombie lair will not cancel your shield or trigger war fever.

It is best to set the start time of the group attack at 5 or 15 minutes. It’s fast and efficient.

Collection of resources. Send squads to capture resource cells (sawmills, oil rigs, farms, etc.) to start collecting resources there. The level of a cell determines its abundance - the amount of resources that it is capable of giving. The abundance of the cell depends on the distance from the Techno-Center. The most prolific cells are located in level 6-7 resource belts, near the Techno-Center. In the window for forming a squad for capturing a cell, you will see:

Place the maximum possible number of units in the squad for collection so that they can collect the maximum resources in one go.

Resource slots with a red skull icon indicate that they are owned by another player. If you wish, you can send troops there and try to recapture, but if your goal is precisely the gathering, and not battles, then we do not recommend doing this. There are always a lot of unoccupied resource cells on the world map, so there are enough of them for all players.

Your squads must be constantly busy collecting, since this is the main method of obtaining resources! Send new units to the cells at the end of the previous march, do not let the units idle.

Raids on other players. Attack shelters of other players to prove your strength and plunder their undefended resources. Select the intended target on the map and familiarize yourself with the basic data in detail: information about the shelter commander, his power, equipment used and heroes. When raiding other players, your troops can be injured and get into the infirmaries. Part of the troops that did not get into the hospitals will die.

Before the attack, it is worth scouting the enemy. The higher the level of your watchtower, the more detailed your scouting report will be. Do not forget that you can always ask for help from your allies from the alliance. We recommend that you refrain from attacking players from strong alliances. So you run the risk of unleashing a war of alliances and earning the notoriety of a provocateur.

Puzzles & Survival: Battle for Techno Center

The battle for the Techno Center takes place between alliances. The Alliance that maintains control of the Techno Center for 8 consecutive hours will win the battle. If no one succeeds, then the winner will be the one who has been at the Techno-Center the longest.

Competition status. In "Competition Status" all commanders will be able to fortify Turrets and Techno-Center, as well as attack them. If the Techno Center and the Turrets are captured by different alliances, then the Turrets will attack the Techno Center, as a result of which part of its defensive troops will die. The maximum amount of defense is determined by the size of the invader’s group attack.

Peaceful status. In "Peaceful status", Techno-Center cannot be attacked. It will be activated for 312 hours, if the Techno-Center is under control within 8 hours.

The ruler of the region and his powers. After capturing the Techno Center, within the next 2 hours, the leader of the victorious alliance appoints the Ruler of the region. The ruler has supreme power and special privileges:

Puzzles & Survival: Immigration Rules

Immigration is the transfer of your asylum to another region (server). To start immigration, click on the map of the region and then on the globe in the lower left corner. You will be taken to the map of all regions, where their basic information is indicated: the alliance of invaders, the Ruler and the available type of immigration. Go to a specific region to get a preliminary look at the situation inside, see resource points, shelters of other players, etc.

Types of immigration. There are two types of immigration:

  1. Forbidden. Applies when the region was founded less than 40 days ago. Forbidden immigration is only available for shelters that were founded later.
  2. Open. It is applied when more than 40 days have passed since the region was created. Available to any hideout.
Immigration cannot be done if you own a superweapon.

Immigration conditions and requirements. For immigration you need:

  1. Have Headquarters level 15 or higher;
  2. Leave the alliance;
  3. Transfer all march queues to idle mode;
  4. Allocate resources so that they do not exceed the storage capacity limit.

Only the Ruler of the region can change the immigration rules. The adjusted level cannot be lower than the default. Players whose level exceeds the established limit will not be able to immigrate to the region. The ruler can change the rules no more than 1 time per hour.

The default level will remain unchanged unless the ruler configures it.

The process and consequences of immigration. For immigration, you will need immigration tickets. Their number is determined by the level of the Headquarters. After immigration, you cannot change regions for 30 days.

Keep in mind that your points in some of the current events will be reset after immigration. Your arena rank, prediction progress and accumulated lucky coins will also be reset. The composition of the arena defense will need to be reconfigured.

Puzzles & Survival: Alliance Guide

Being in a good alliance plays a very important role in achieving success in Puzzles & Survival. Here you get rewards for participating in collective activities, bonuses in the form of technologies and protection of reliable comrades who are always ready to help.

Use search ("More" - "Settings" - "Search") to find the desired alliance by name.

Which alliance should you choose? If you are aiming for a long and successful game, then be sure to join an alliance from the Top 3 Alliance Rankings. Practice shows that the strongest alliances are multinational and consist of players from different language groups. It is these communities that have ample opportunities for recruiting new players, develop their territory and technologies faster, and occupy the first positions in the ratings by activity.

If you are already a member of an alliance, but notice low online and low activity of participants, then feel free to leave such a community and look for the best option for yourself. Do not get fooled by high positions, with which you can be "rewarded" in dying alliances - a high position in such a team will still give you nothing.

After leaving the alliance, you will not be able to join another one for 24 hours. Agree in advance with the leadership of your new alliance before leaving the old one. This will ensure that you will quickly enter new ranks at the end of the penalty time.

Alliance battles. For a quick assessment of the current situation in the alliance, all information about the battles is placed in a separate section "Alliance Battles", which has 2 tabs:

  1. Group attacks - uniting the troops of the alliance members for joint battles against enemies, going to the lair of monsters and zombies. It is here that the general gathering of the alliance military force takes place to participate in the war for the server and attacks on other alliances.
  2. Strengthening allies - sending support squads to the hideouts of alliance members to assist in the attack and fight against the invaders.
Use the alliance chat, ask your comrades about your questions and difficulties. You will definitely be helped.

Alliance help. Use the help of your alliance mates and help yourself to speed up the process of construction and research, or exchange resources. For each help you get 800 alliance coins and alliance honor (up to 40 thousand per day). Alliance coins can be exchanged for valuable items in the alliance store.

Alliance aid buildings. On the territory of the shelter there are buildings responsible for providing assistance, exchange and group attacks with allies from the alliance:

Alliance activity. The points earned for the weekly completion of the daily quests of all members of the alliance are summed up in the points of activity of the alliance. After accumulating the required number of points, all members of the alliance receive awards:

Rewards are sent to the alliance that earned them every Sunday at 00:00 UTC and added to the treasury, from where leaders and diplomats can distribute them.

Alliance events. The game constantly starts various events for alliances. The stronger and more powerful your alliance, the more events it will be able to participate in and the more prizes it will receive. All rewards for events go to the treasury of the alliance, from which the leader and diplomats distribute the received among the participants.

Alliance store. Buy various resources, accelerations, military items (shields, enhancing the characteristics of units), equipment for the commander and other things in the alliance store. Calculation of the store currency - alliance coins. The store has 2 tabs: with current offers for sale and stocks - the entire possible range of the store.

Alliance territory

On the territory of the alliance, you can build 3 types of buildings.

1. Fortress and outposts. The fortress is the center of the alliance territory. Outposts are being built to expand and strengthen the territory. A total of 4 outposts can be built:

When joining a new alliance, do not forget to use the teleport and move to the territory occupied by members of your alliance and alliance buildings. Developing a shelter close to alliance members greatly simplifies the provision of assistance, the formation of joint troops and the coordination of defense.

2. Resource buildings. A source of replenishment of resources for alliance members. Units that collect resources on resource cells of the alliance receive a bonus to the collection speed. Moreover, they cannot be attacked. Similar to the buildings in the hideout, the resource buildings of the alliance include a farm, a sawmill, a steel mill, and a gas station.

3. Storage and infirmary. The resources placed by the members of the alliance in the storage cannot be stolen. The alliance infirmary heals the units of the alliance members if they ran out of space in the main infirmary on the territory of the shelter.

Alliance Technologies

Thanks to the technologies of the alliance, its members gain additional strength. Available to study 2 branches of technologies: economic and military. Technologies are developed with the help of donations from alliance members in the form of resources or diamonds, which are converted into technology points. There are 20 donation attempts per day with a frequency of 30 minutes.

The 10 members of the alliance with the largest donations per day receive rank rewards if their donations are at least 30,000 points. Alliance technologies give bonuses to all participants in the respective areas of their own hideouts and troop operations. After leaving the alliance, former members lose these bonuses.

1. Economic technologies of the alliance:

2. Military technologies of the alliance:

Puzzles & Survival: Completing Quests

Main quests. For completing the main quests, you get the experience of the commander and resources. The main quests are divided into blocks:

  1. Recommended. Quests: upgrade buildings to the required level;
  2. Battle. Assignments: complete the chapters of the campaign;
  3. War. Tasks: train fighters / riders / shooters, make vehicles, make traps;
  4. Growth. Tasks: get heroes of the required number and level;
  5. Economy. Quests: collect food / wood / steel / fuel;
  6. Other. Assignments: attack the headquarters, attack the headquarters with a victory, replenish the account with diamonds, defeat the zombie lair 5 times.
Try to close as many main quests as possible in order to ensure the increase in the commander’s experience and its pumping.

Daily quests. For completing each daily quest, you receive 5 points. As you accumulate the required number of points, you can open a box with prizes:

Quest progress is reset daily at 00.00 (UTC).

Types of daily quests:

In the mid to late stages of the game, when you have unlocked all the main activities, try to complete all daily quests to collect the last 8 hour shield reward box! This is a hard-to-find and very valuable reward that helps keep your hideout safe for a long time.

Alliance rewards for completing daily quests. Points earned by members of the alliance when completing daily quests constitute the activity of the alliance. Depending on the number of points accumulated per week, the alliance receives awards that are distributed among all participants at the decision of the leader and diplomats. The rating of the most active participants who earned the most points can be viewed in the "Quests" - "Alliance activity" menu.

It is very important to be a member of an active community in order to receive the best rewards for the activity of the alliance. This is the safest and fastest path to the prosperity of your refuge and power!

Puzzles & Survival: Timed Events

Participate in temporary events as often as possible in order to get the necessary items, resources and even new heroes. In some events, the reward is given for the very fact of activity in the game (construction, collection of resources, etc.). Thus, you just have to pick up prizes for what you do constantly. Other events are separate recurring activities that you must participate in for awesome rare rewards. Click on the "Event Center" on the right to go to the current list of events. Here are some examples of them. Keep in mind that the list of activities changes frequently.

First-class commander. Event for earning points. Get points in construction, research, and training units. Depending on the number of points earned, rewards become available to you. The top 100 participants by general points receive prestigious rank prizes. Event Leader’s Reward - 30 5-Star Hero Fragments, Avatar Frame, 60-Min Speed Up, Diamond Crate and Resources.

Solidarity. Competition together with the members of your alliance to earn points in the daily quest. Here you get 3 types of rewards:

Join strong and active alliances to successfully close all alliance events and receive maximum rewards.

Attack on the Tyrant. During this event, the Tyrant appears on the world map. Team up with other players to defeat him. Event rewards depend on the amount of damage dealt to the Tyrant. Based on the results of the event, a rating is compiled. Ranked rewards are sent to participating players.

To participate in the event, you need a Headquarters of level 6 or higher. Battles against the Tyrant are non-sacrificial. The speed of the march in the battle with the Tyrant is increased by 10 times.

Puzzles & Survival: VIP Points (enter the game)

As you accumulate VIP points, your VIP level rises and the number of lucrative game bonuses grows. There are 15 VIP levels in total. To get VIP points, do not miss the game days. The more days in a row you enter the game, the more points you take for entering.

List of VIP-level benefits. You get the following bonuses:

Puzzles & Survival: Commander’s Bag

The composition of the bag. The bag contains all the items obtained in the activities of the game. Also, the bag is an additional "storage" of your resources. Everything that is in it cannot be captured and plundered. Bag sections:

  1. Resources. All resources obtained as trophies and received as rewards for participating in promotions and events. Also in this section are stored various buffs to increase the production of resources!
  2. Acceleration. Various accelerations to be applied in manufacturing, research, teaching, healing, etc .;
  3. War. Peace shields and reinforcements for warfare;
  4. Gadgets. Various boxes (diamond, with supplies, stamina, etc.) that you get in activities, purchase in the store or win. Equipment upgrades, blitz tokens, stamina supplies and commander chips are also stored here;
  5. Other. Other items, including Commander XP, Marks of Glory, Teleporters, Recruitment Coins, Building Items, VIP Points, and Battle Guides.
Do not use the resources from the bag unless necessary! So you will additionally save some of them from robberies without placing them in storage.

Diamond shop. From the bag, you can go to a diamond store with similar sections selling various items for diamonds. We recommend spending premium currency only on things that are very difficult for you to get in activities and receive as rewards. First of all, these are recruitment coins, teleports, rare materials for construction, etc.

Puzzles & Survival: Player Account

Account linking. Click at the bottom of the screen "More" - "Account" - "Settings" to go to the user center and link your account to Google Play and Facebook. Don’t ignore the binding and make it mandatory. Otherwise, you risk game progress if the app crashes. Plus, linking your account will help you transfer your progress to another device.

Game settings. Here you can turn on / off music, sounds, vibration, adjust the picture quality (frame rate, graphics, map) and select the language you want.

For a long-term comfortable game, we recommend setting low graphics settings. This will save your device from overheating and fast discharge.

Configuring notifications. Be sure to read the list of all possible notifications and select the ones that will come to your device outside the game. We recommend setting notifications for personal and alliance battles. This will keep you informed about what is happening in your hideout and in your community.

Game mail. System messages, rating rewards, alliance messages and activity reports come to the mailbox. Here you can collect all the summaries of the game, analyze your actions and get information about the enemies.

Periodically go to the reports to get acquainted with the list of trophies received and think over the tactics of further struggle against certain types of zombies and enemy troops.

Puzzles & Survival: The correct donation

Sale of the day. Sale of sets of items with huge discounts. With a regular purchase, you will pay a lot more for each of them. The most cost-effective donation. The Sale of the Day is only available for a limited time, so be sure to check this tab frequently to look for the purchases you want. For your convenience, there is a timer opposite the offers showing the time until the end of the sale.

Special offers. Special offers are the purchase of resource boxes for the development of the shelter. Contains resources, haste items and diamonds. Resource boxes are daily, weekly and monthly - depending on the time of the offer. Sold at good discounts. As crates are purchased, the reward progress bar fills up. Upon reaching the values of 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, 65, 80 on the scale, you will receive additional prizes. Their size grows with every shopping threshold.

For viewing the tab of the daily box, you are entitled to a reward - a certain amount of experience, acceleration and a basic hiring coin. Don’t forget to drop by every day!

Temporary promotions. Participation in temporary donation events gives you an additional opportunity to acquire valuable items (and even heroes) with good discounts. Track a list of temporary promotions in the Gift Center. Here you can buy fragments of legendary heroes, or invest in 7-day rare gifts.

Before making a purchase in the regular offers section, check out promotional items, stock on sale and special offers. It is quite possible that you can save well here.

Gold and silver cards. These cards provide the opportunity to receive daily rewards (acceleration, recruitment coins, resources, diamonds). For a gold card - within a month, for a silver card - one week. To purchase cards, go to the Gift Center menu on the right side of the main screen.

Buying cards is a good investment of your money and a way to save money on other purchases and getting the items you need.

Headquarters Foundation. The acquisition of the Headquarters Fund is your contribution to future development. Upon activation, you will receive diamonds for raising the level of the Headquarters to levels 6, 8, 10, 13, 16, 20, 24, 28. If you bought a fund after reaching the required level, you will immediately receive your reward. The fund’s best prize is a diamond box with a surprise.

Purchase the Headquarters Fund to provide yourself with premium currency without additional donation.

Constant offers. You can purchase:

  1. Heroes. There are Coins of Good and Tough Recruitment, Serum and Fragments of individual heroes available, along with accompanying prizes.
  2. Combat equipment. Equipment for the hero of various stars, as well as boxes with equipment components.
  3. Chips. Components and 3, 4, 5 star chips;
  4. EVA. EVA glasses of various types.
  5. Resources. Separate sale of each resource type, excluding whey.
  6. Building kits. Various items for setting up your hideout, including researcher shields, tongs, sledgehammers, etc. The kits are graded according to the star rating, on which their price depends;
  7. Rare items. Rare items include a growth box with resource content, equipment upgrade kits, an alliance teleport, etc. The assortment of the tab changes periodically.
When you buy these items, you always get diamonds. The offers are limited in time, have a purchase limit and discounts. For purchasing 300 diamonds in any set, you will receive a replenishment gift - a diamond box and a small resource box.

Purchase of diamonds. It is possible to purchase a different amount of diamonds - from a handful to a pile. This is the most disadvantageous type of donation, since it is best to buy diamonds in sets, along with other important items.

Use separate purchase of diamonds only in single emergency situations during the game, but do not make it a habit. Dispose of premium currency wisely and you won’t run out of it.

What is the best buy? Of the constant proposals, we recommend paying attention to the "Heroes" tab. Getting good heroes in the game quickly is difficult, so it’s best to invest in them. It is also better to donate for combat equipment and items for building shelter in order to successfully and quickly swing.

Puzzles & Survival: Conclusion

Puzzles & Survival is an addictive new puzzle game that combines match-3 puzzle solving and strategy with property management. Here you have to eliminate bloodthirsty zombies, develop your own shelter from scratch and fight on the world map with your alliance comrades.

The undoubted advantages of the game are fast loading, beautiful portrayal of heroes, monsters and terrain, and a variety of activities, where everyone will find something of their own. The disadvantages include the donation system, in which it is difficult for players to navigate the offers and figure out what they really need to buy.

We have prepared for you an article with many tips for proper development in the game. Follow our gaming experience and recommendations, and you will be able to succeed in Puzzles & Survival without donation.

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