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Real Boxing 2 WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

REAL BOXING 2 - game for android with release date 11/19/2015 from Vivid Games SA Game genre: Sports games. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. A beginner’s guide
  2. Combat Tips
  3. All About Buffs and Special Moves
  4. How to upgrade a fighter?
  5. Everything about the gaming world
  6. How to take part in the tournament?
  7. Tips for Completing Daily Quests
  8. Is It Worth Investing In The Lottery?
  9. A Guide for Donators
  10. Is It Worth Playing?

Real Boxing 2: A beginner’s guide

Real Boxing 2 is a sports boxing simulator from Vivid Games. Create a unique boxer, upgrade his skills and equipment to defeat players from all over the world.

Profile settings

Interface. The main screen displays a world map with storyline locations. At the top of the screen there is an indicator of the game level, energy and the amount of available currency. At the bottom of the button for switching to the list of daily tasks, gym, battles, fighter settings and lottery. Promotional offers are located on the sides of the main screen.

Player statistics. At the beginning of the game, you enter your name, which will be displayed before the battle and in the tournament tables. Below the profile name in the upper left corner, the number of victories, defeats, draws, and also the number of knockouts is displayed.

Settings. Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner to go to the settings menu. Adjust music, sounds, graphics, gore display and stance. Here you can read the terms of service or contact support.

To prevent your phone from draining quickly, turn off high resolution in the game settings.

Synchronization. Log in with Facebook to save your current game progress. In this case, you can play on multiple gaming devices, or not worry about data recovery after changing your phone or tablet.

Advertising. There are many offers in the game for getting free additional resources and bonuses for watching commercials. Take advantage of all the game offers to obtain resources and watch as many videos as possible.

Some pop-up ads can be skipped and not fully watched. Pay attention to the Rewind icon in the upper left corner of the screen.

Game resources

Coins. The currency is used to buy training, equipment, bronze lottery tickets and upgrades. You can get coins for winning a battle or winning a tournament.

After winning, watch the promotional video to triple your reward.

Diamonds. Premium currency for pumping special moves, equipment and buying gold and silver lottery tickets. You can get diamonds by using free offers, by winning a tournament or by purchasing in the store.

Free diamonds. Every hour you can watch a commercial for which you can get 5 free diamonds. After the tutorial battles, you can also double the diamond reward for watching ads.

Energy. To participate in any battle, one unit of energy is required. Initially, you have 3 units available, during the passage of the story, the amount of maximum energy will increase to 10. Additional units of energy can be obtained for watching commercials or diamonds.

Daily reward. Log in every day for more free coins, diamonds and cards. To receive the award, you must watch the promotional video. Within 7 days you can receive:

Creating a fighter

Beginning of the game. Before taking part in the first fight, you need to work out the boxer’s appearance. You can use a random choice of appearance, or completely independently edit the appearance of the character.

Housing. Choose the race of your fighter: European, Asian, African American or Hispanic. Adjust your skin tone, muscle size, and body weight.

Don’t forget about tattoos, they will help make your fighter more unique and recognizable.

Head. Adjust the height and width of the head, bulge and width of the cheeks. Determine the width and size of the ears, the location and protrusion of the jaw, the width and height of the jaw. Choose your hair color, hairstyle, beard and mustache presence and shape.

Facial features. Choose your eye color, eyebrow position, eye shape and eyebrow twist. Adjust the position of the mouth, the size and width of the mouth, the position of the nose and tip of the nose, the size and its width. You can also adjust facial expressions by defining behavior.

The choice of the country does not affect the gameplay, the flag will simply be displayed on the fighter’s card.

Real Boxing 2: Combat Tips

The battle. The fight takes place in the mode of a fight with another user, or with a computer. Only three rounds of one minute, during this time you must score more points than your opponent. The winner is the one who wins two rounds out of three, or is the first to knock out the opponent 3 times.

Fighting. During the passage of the first storyline battles, you will encounter training battles. Memorize the tips of the trainer to master the combat system and more often win victories in battles. All punches and movements made will depend on your transmitted commands to the boxer.



Fighter stats. The yellow indicator displays the fighter’s stamina level. At low stamina, the blows become weaker. To restore stamina, stop hitting and use protection.

Protection. In the settings, you can choose which stance you will use in battle. In a normal stance, hold down the icon in the lower left corner so as not to miss blows and to regain strength. When parrying, swipe the button left or right to deflect the attack.

After parrying, strike right away to counter attack and deal more damage to the enemy.

Clinch. When health is low, a red button appears. Touch the screen as often as possible to restore more health and prevent your opponent from doing the same.

Focused strike. Click on the lightning bolt icon on the left side of the screen to deliver a powerful blow to the enemy. After that, your opponent will be disoriented, and each hit will do twice as much damage.

Real Boxing 2: All About Buffs and Special Moves

Gains. Before the start of the battle, you will be asked to choose one of three power-ups. It is necessary to select a gain in 10 seconds. For 200 coins, the proposed list can be updated.

If you do not have this improvement, you can buy it with coins or get it for watching a commercial.


Choose those boosts that match your battle tactics.

A special welcome. A special skill of a boxer that helps to inflict super blows on the enemy. Special moves can be upgraded up to 3 times. A Boxer may only use one Special Move at a time.

On the right side of the screen, there is a star that fills up as the enemy hits successfully. Once one of the three parts is complete, you can apply a special move.

Wait until the star is completely filled to perform a special move with increased power and knock out your opponent.

Encouraging. Each hit consumes the opponent’s health. Use it at the beginning of the game so that your boxer can use it. Use it if you mainly use the hook in fights. finish off the enemy.

Turn of events. 20% more damage with uppercuts. Use if you mainly use uppercuts in battles.

Endurance Eater. Reduces the length of the enemy’s stamina bar by 15%. Use if your stamina indicator is not enough to deliver enough hits to the enemy.

I am lightning. 20% more damage from hooks. Use if you mainly use hooks in battles.

There is no trace of amplification. Destroys an opponent’s Buff that was activated before the start of the round. Use if your fighter has low stats for completing the story campaign.

Berserk. 40% more damage with jabs. Use if you mainly use the jab in fights.

Stunning. Dodging body strikes. Use if you have set a normal stance in the settings and do not use dodge.

Mini shotgun. Instantly disorients an opponent. Use it to deliver a crushing series of quick blows to the enemy.

After obtaining the Mini-gun, we advise you to use this particular trick. With its help, you will definitely knock out your opponent.

Real Boxing 2: How to upgrade a fighter?

Training. While the timer is running, each point you earn in the gym minigames will increase certain boxer stats. In training, you can pump strength, endurance and speed.

A stronger fighter has a better chance of winning. The more training you do, the higher the main characteristics of the fighter will be.

Bonuses. Complete purple actions to receive a temporary bonus. Follow the blue actions to replenish Super Focus. Follow the orange actions to get the bonus multiplier.

Heavy bag. Train to increase the power of your boxer’s punches. Perform the gesture indicated in the highlighted icon. Be careful to swipe to the correct side of the screen.

Jump rope. Exercise to increase the number of punches your boxer can throw. Tap the left or right half of the screen to perform the prompted move. You need to press the screen only when the strip hits the circle.

Stretching. Train to increase your boxer’s speed. Touch the circle until it disappears, do not touch the red circles. To get a bonus multiplier, press both circles at the same time.

Effective training. Use super focus during your gym activities to get everything done perfectly on time. To do this, click on the lightning bolt icon on the left side of the screen.

Statistics. During the fights, you will earn experience points, they can also be won in the lottery. 100 experience points corresponds to 1 statistics point. You can pump up the strength, endurance, speed and health of a boxer.

Press and hold the plus button to increase the level of the selected boxer’s metric. After filling the scale, the countdown will begin until the level rises, by spending diamonds, you can skip the waiting time.

We advise you to pump speed and strength first. With fast and strong blows, you can knock out your opponent in a matter of seconds.

Equipment. With professional clothing, you can further enhance the performance of your boxer or give him an exclusive look. Gloves, shorts and shoes are available for use.

Acquisition. You can get items of equipment in tournaments and lottery. You can also buy them with coins or diamonds in the settings tab at the bottom of the main screen.

Explore the Sale tab, there you can find a matching piece of equipment at a discounted price.

Application. Pay attention to the increase in characteristics, which will give you the use of one of the items of clothing. For example, Homeland Gloves increase health, stamina, and speed, while a full Sandstorm set will grant you an additional 25 health points.

If the equipment has already been purchased, click Equip and the boxer’s stats will be improved. You can also change the color of your outfit using the palette and think about your clothing design. You need to pay 1000 coins to change the color.

Regular equipment does not improve the characteristics of the fighter, but simply changes the appearance. Therefore, choose and buy the equipment that will maximize the performance of the character.

Improvement. Some of the equipment can be improved for diamonds and thereby increase the boxer’s characteristics several times. Equipment that can be upgraded is highlighted in a green circle with 8 upgrade slots. Each subsequent upgrade is more expensive than the last, so hoard diamonds to create the best equipment.

Real Boxing 2: Everything about the gaming world

Peace. The main screen displays a map of the world with continents. In each location, you have to go through several levels in order to get the required number of stars to open subsequent levels and go to a new continent.

The battle. In each level, you have to win three duels to earn stars and unlock the next level. You can get 3 stars for a maximum of one battle. The tasks for getting stars for each fight are different, you can find them by clicking the Conditions button.

Types of fights:

Bosses. Moving from level to level, you go through the path to the final goal at the location. Earn more stars to reach the boss and defeat him. As a reward, you will receive a unique boxer texture.

North America. You have to go through 6 levels of 3 battles each in order to fight the Chief boss at level 7. If you have a specific boxer texture, you can fight for equipment with Clown, Skeleton and D-Evil.

Europe. You have to go through from 8 to 13 levels with 3 battles in each, in order to fight the boss Djin at level 14. If you have a certain boxer texture, you can fight for equipment with Metal, Husk and Iceberg.

Asia. You have to go from level 15 to level 20 with 3 battles in each in order to fight the D-Evil boss at level 21. If you have a certain boxer texture, you can fight for equipment with Golem, Djin and Scorch.

Australia. You have to go from levels 22 to 27 with 3 battles in each in order to fight the Caverman boss at level 28. There are no additional battles with exclusive characters.

South America. You have to go from levels 29 to 34 with 3 battles in each, in order to fight the boss Golem at level 35. There are no additional battles with exclusive characters.

Real Boxing 2: How to take part in the tournament?

Tournament. The ability to compete with other players around the world and earn rewards. The event takes place for a limited amount of time, most often a day.

The battle. To participate in a duel, you need to spend one unit of energy. The opponent is chosen at random, the battle takes place online. The combat system is the same as in story fights, so victory will depend on the characteristics of the fighter and your control skills.

Leaderboard. For each victory won in a tournament duel, you will receive points. Depending on the number of points earned, you will take your place in the ranking.

Study the leaderboard to find out how many points you need to get a higher reward.

Reward. Scoring occurs after the end of the event. Rewards are distributed based on the ranking in the leaderboard and are assigned automatically.

For example, for participating in an IRISHMAN tournament, you can receive:

For participation in the tournament Without protection, you can get:

Real Boxing 2: Tips for Completing Daily Quests

Daily tasks. Every day you can complete 12 tasks and get the reward you deserve. For completing all daily tasks, you will receive an additional bonus - 3 diamonds, 500 coins, 1 unit of energy.

Complete as many daily tasks as possible to get experience points, energy, game currency and lottery tickets. Participate in a tournament and win story fights to complete all tasks.

List. To go to the list of daily tasks, click on the corresponding button on the main screen. Tasks must be completed within the allotted time, after its completion, the progress is reset. Here you can also familiarize yourself with the task itself, the assigned reward and the status of completion.

There are 12 tasks in the game:

Real Boxing 2: Is It Worth Investing In The Lottery?

Lottery. An opportunity to try your luck and get additional game resources. Each lottery ticket gives the opportunity to play one game. Select one of 8 lottery tickets to receive your reward.

Lottery tickets. You can win lottery tickets in tournaments and get them for completing daily tasks. The game provides 3 types of lottery tickets:

Reward. The free reward depends on your luck and the status of the lottery ticket used. By playing the lottery, you can get coins, diamonds, experience points, items of equipment, power-ups and additional training.

Acquisition. For watching commercials, you can get one free bronze ticket. You can buy additional decks of gold and silver tickets for diamonds or bronze cards for coins:

Do not invest diamonds in the purchase of lottery tickets, it is better to use them for pumping equipment and special techniques.

Real Boxing 2: A Guide for Donators

Score. You will need to spend coins and diamonds to upgrade your equipment, special moves, buy lottery tickets and trainings. If you do not have enough money, you can buy coins and diamonds in the Store for real money.

To make purchases, click on the basket icon in the upper right corner of the screen, or on the plus icon next to the currency amount indicator. First, promotional offers and top offers for buying currency open, here you can also get free coins.

Pay attention to promotional offers, they are the most profitable.

Instant offers. After the battle, you may be offered an exclusive pack that will include leather, a premium set of clothing, and experience points. Offers change, so if you like it and are ready to spend money, then do it right away.

Boxing club. For three days, you can try out the club membership for free. Paying real money for a month, or immediately get a permanent membership for a year.

As a reward, you will receive ad-mute and exclusive skin. You will also receive the following daily bonuses:

Be sure to cancel your game subscription before the end of the free period, otherwise your monthly fee will be deducted from your account.

VIP status. To get this status, you need to make as many purchases in the store as possible and earn special points. Depending on the number of points 40, 200 or 400, you can get one of three statuses.

VIP bonuses:

Golden VIP bonuses:

Platinum VIP bonuses:

Try your luck. After the end of the battle or viewing the advertisements, you will be offered to purchase a set of lottery tickets, 7 pieces of each type. You can get this set for free by watching 10 commercials. Advertising viewing is available once a day.

Preparing for battle. After the end of the battle or viewing ads, you will be offered to purchase a set of enhancements of 5 pieces of three types. You can get this set for free by watching 10 commercials. Advertising viewing is available once a day.

Unlimited energy. To view this offer, click on the fighter’s energy indicator. By paying the specified amount, you will receive an unlimited supply of energy for a month and will be able to conduct as many battles as you like.

Disable ads. If you are not satisfied with pop-up ads that do not bring additional bonuses, then this offer is for you. Pay the specified amount once, after which advertising will turn off, and you will receive an outfit set and diamonds as a gift.

Real Boxing 2: Is It Worth Playing?

Real Boxing 2 is an exciting sports simulator created for boxing and PvP battles lovers. The game is perfect for those who need to blow off steam after work without looking up from the phone.

Here are some of the pros:

Cons of the game that can turn you off:

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