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Realm Defense: Hero Legends TD is an exciting real-time strategy game where you have to defend your kingdom from invading enemies. You will have to strategically place towers and heroes in the path of attackers to ensure a successful defense. Immerse yourself in a variety of game locations where you can use the unique abilities of the heroes and constantly develop your defense to achieve victory in this exciting battle.


  1. Guide for new players
  2. Secrets of Heroes
  3. Forge and Elixir
  4. Gaming Activities
  5. Everything you need to know about the mission board
  6. Weekly Mission Guide
  7. Secrets of achievements in the game
  8. Is it worth playing?

Realm Defense: Guide for new players

Game campaign. Progressing through worlds is also called a campaign. It includes Normal and Legendary modes, in which the heroes you play as are given elixir in the form of experience along with gems. Only in normal mode you can get basic potions.

In order to open a new world, you must complete the last map of the previous world with at least one star. After that, there are 4 options for opening it.

Helpful Tips:

Beginner’s Guide. This guide provides useful tips for those new to the game. It contains information about which heroes are worth buying and upgrading, as well as when to open new worlds.

Worlds 1-3:

  1. Complete World 1 and World 2 campaigns as quickly as possible to unlock Kingdom Siege. This can be done with the help of the starting heroes (Phi and Lancelot).
  2. Unlock World 3 to access the mission board. It allows you to receive awakening shards for heroes.
  3. Buy Efregida, who will become your third hero. Efregida will be Rank 2 and cost 3000 Gems.
  4. Complete Kingdom Siege twice a day. If possible, play on difficulty 5+ to get Rank 4 Phi, Rank 4 Lancelot, and Rank 4 Ephregida.
  5. If you are stuck on some level, then go to social networks and watch the walkthrough. All levels can be completed using the starting heroes and Efregida.
  6. Buy Maeby or Smolder for 3000 gems. Both heroes start the game at rank 2. The Ember unlocks World 1 challenges to increase Ephregida’s abilities.
  7. Upgrade the elixir mine to level 5. Do this as soon as possible to acquire a valuable resource by the end of World 3.

Worlds 4-5:

  1. Unlock World 4 with 12 Hero Awakenings. (This will include all your heroes that can be awakened)
  2. Gain access to Connie’s awakening. You need to collect 80 keys to level 105, but you can do it earlier. All this will cost 3000 gems. (1500 gems for Connie and 1500 gems for the story.
  3. Try to save 7500 gems to purchase a hero named Narlax rank 5. This will take a lot of time, so continue to advance through worlds 4-5.
  4. Complete four games of royal sieges every day, but don’t forget about the maximum difficulty.
  5. Unlock World 5. To do this you need to collect 22 awakening ranks.
  6. Buy support heroes to unlock World 6.

Worlds 6-7.

  1. Unlock World 6 with 35 Hero Awakenings.
  2. Buy the hero Raida for 3000 gems.
  3. Purchase Koizull for 3000 gems.
  4. Complete four royal sieges per day to continue awakening your heroes.
  5. Buy Hogan for 1500 gems and increase his rank to 3. The hero himself is not the best, but his awakening will allow you to reach the required amount to open the 7th world.
  6. Unlock World 7 with 351 Hero Awakenings.
  7. You can use special coins (tokens), so you can quickly unlock the 7th world without wasting time.
  8. Find Elara and raise her rank to 7 as soon as possible. She will be your best hero and most versatile hero.
  9. Get Saira at level 210 and increase her rank to 5.
  10. Turn Hogan into a Beast Master. This will cost you 1000 stones, he will inherit the rank and levels he had before.
If you follow the beginner’s guide, you will be able to progress quickly and effectively.

Gems. Gems are the main game currency. It is advisable to accumulate them and carefully consider where best to invest them, since the extraction of gems is slow without the use of real funds.

Permanent sources:

  1. Siege of the kingdom.
  2. Daily challenge.
  3. Wheel of prizes.
  4. Weekly missions.
  5. Tournament awards.
  6. Shop.

One-time sources:

  1. Walkthrough of the campaign.
  2. Quests.
  3. Arcade.
  4. Achievements.
  5. Daily login bonus.

You can spend gems as follows:

What is energy? To complete various game modes you need to spend energy. This currently includes three campaign modes: Shattered Kingdoms, Challenges and Arcade, as well as weekly missions. The remaining game modes do not require or reward energy use.

You have the opportunity to save up to 50 units of energy. Each unit is restored after three minutes (starting from the moment it is used). If you leave the level before the first wave is sent, your energy will not be used up!

Secret objects. Tappables are special objects on certain maps that can be clicked. They can have different effects that are triggered when pressed. Tappubbles are often associated with completing achievements (for which you can get several valuable stones) or with daily missions (for which you can get 2-3 awakening shards).

What effects can they give:

Examples of achievements related to the search for secret objects:

Examples of missions whose objectives are tappables:

Stars. For successfully completing regular campaign levels, the player can receive up to three stars per level. This rule applies exclusively to regular campaign levels and does not apply to legendary or other types.

Use of stars:

  1. Unlocking the next world.
  2. Tower improvement.
  3. Elixirs storage capacity.
  4. Tasks.
  5. Achievements.
Each star you win increases your elixir supply by 400 units.

The main currency of the game is coins. Gold is limited per level and does not carry over between levels in the game. It can be spent on building and upgrading towers during the game. Some levels also require you to accumulate a certain amount of gold to win.


  1. Killing enemies.
  2. Early departure of the new wave.
  3. Using gold enhancers.
  4. Events on the map.
  5. Sale of towers.
  6. World 6. Sanctuary Tower.
  7. Shamiko’s rank 5 talent.

Realm Defense: Secrets of Heroes

Heroes. Heroes represent the key characters involved in battles. At the start of the game, the player will receive a Fee, and Lancelot can be obtained after completing the fifth level. To gain access to all other heroes, you must reach certain levels in the campaign, and then they can be purchased with gems. Most often you have to defeat a hero in a fight before he is unlocked.

An additional way to obtain characters is to participate in temporary events dedicated to the release of new heroes.

Categories of heroes. The categories of heroes in the game are divided into 7 main classes, which have significant differences among themselves. Each class has unique abilities, skills, and characteristics that define their role and playstyle.

Available character categories:

Leveling up heroes. Each character has one active ability and can unlock three passive abilities at levels 3, 6, and 9. Currently, abilities can also be upgraded to level 2 at character levels 10, 13, 16, and 19. The maximum character level is capped at 40 (with increased elixir costs depending on the character).

The developers raise the level cap by 5 levels from time to time, suggesting that the limit may be increased in the future.

Leveling up a character improves their base stats. Improvements are not reflected in the main stats (they change as you level up, but return to the original values), but information can be found in the table showing the cumulative increase in stats.

The level of initial abilities of the 2nd level varies depending on the character. For example, Sethos and Helios gain skills not at the 10th character level, but at the 11th.

Recommendations for character development in the game. You need to quickly bring all the characters you use to level 20-25, and then move on to the next ones. At level 40, maximum strength is reached, but after level 20, the improvement begins to slow down due to the gradually decreasing effectiveness of the elixir consumed.

Therefore, it is not recommended to stay long on one hero before moving on to the next. Grandmaster titles are most often achieved by players with low level characters, as it is the last (least effective) component needed for a competitive advantage.

At the same time, Awakening titles are of greater importance, as they help increase stats and gain additional abilities that low-ranked characters do not have.

Each character uses levels differently, so it is recommended that you review the individual hero pages and the elixir page for more information.

Awakening of heroes. When heroes awaken, all their basic characteristics increase. At awakening ranks, new talents can be unlocked for each hero. Normal leveling of a hero increases strength, but awakening and talents have a greater impact on the effectiveness of characters.

Awakening tokens. This is the main currency in the game, which is used to awaken heroes and increase their ranks (to make them much stronger than any other factor in the game, such as character levels and talents). Awakening Heroes plays a key role in unlocking new worlds and is an important mechanism for F2P players, as it opens up opportunities to participate in campaigns and tournaments using upgraded heroes.

Ways to get tokens:

Cost of awakening in tokens. Each rank up requires 800 gems, but the number of hero tokens required for this increases with each new awakening level.

Tokens required for each rank:

Rank.Required tokens.
1.5 tokens.
2.10 tokens.
3.15 tokens.
4.20 tokens.
5.40 tokens.
6.80 tokens.
7.100 tokens.

Features of awakening. To awaken a hero from rank 0 to 6, a total of 170 tokens are required, or 270 tokens for those with rank 7 available. However, the exception is Phi and Lancelot, each hero starts the game at a higher rank.

Efregid becomes available at Rank 2, so awakening her to Rank 6 will only require 155 Tokens. New heroes that are released during the event start their game at rank 0 and must be awakened to rank 2 (starting rank) in order for players to use them.

Free hero awakening during events. During events related to the release of new heroes, free awakening is possible. However, this will require the same number of tokens (obtained during the event).

Each hero is recommended to focus on a specific rank at which they reach their maximum potential (Rank 6 or Rank 7). However, for some heroes a low rank is more optimal. It is also not recommended to stay at a level that does not bring any talents to the hero.

At rank 4, Efregid receives a reduction in the cooldown of his abilities, while at levels 3 and 5 he does not gain any benefits. Therefore, it is recommended to upgrade Efregid to Rank 4 and then turn your attention to other characters and their awakening.

The most powerful talents. For each hero in the game, there are optimal ranks that you should strive for before turning your attention to awakening other heroes. These ranks provide access to the best talents and abilities.

It’s important to know that in addition to new abilities, some old talents improve as you rank up, making reaching higher ranks more rewarding for heroes.

For example, tanks and the hero Connie receive the "Tank" talent as they move up the ranks. Phi improves Multishot and receives additional Lancelot MAFP from Strong Heart at ranks 1, 3, 5 and 7. For Kira and Elara, the duration of Divine Protection increases with increasing rank at levels 2, 4, and 6.

Features of talents. Assessing the effectiveness of all talents in the game is difficult, since their usefulness depends on many factors, including the game mode. For example, talents at rank 5 and rank 6 for Helios only affect his passive skill "Amplification Tower". This makes them not very useful for tournaments and weekly events, but good enough for a normal campaign and very powerful when sieging a kingdom.

A talent similar to Mabin’s Rank 6 is useful exclusively in tournaments, but proves to be useless or nearly useless in other situations.

The relationship between the characters. It is also worth noting that some talents benefit not only the hero himself, but help others (for example, Hogan’s rank 6 talent). There are also talents that do not benefit the hero unless combined with other heroes (for example, Phi’s talents at rank 6 and 7).

Some talents seem useless at low levels of development, but become more useful as they improve (for example, Lancelot’s rank 1 talent). There are several talents in the game that may seem powerful at first, but may not suit a particular hero’s playstyle, but may be suitable for other characters (for example, Mabin has this talent at rank 5).

How to get the hero Necro Connie? In order to access Necro Connie in Campaign mode, players need to complete the following steps to keep the game balanced and not make it too easy for new players:

This event takes place in World 1 on the left, in the Elixir Mine. The book is on top of a small mountain, but it remains closed until you have the keys and pay to open it.

What are skins? Hero skins change their appearance and give them visual effects. Some of these only affect the hero model, while others also change the visual effects of abilities. Currently, none of the skins, with the exception of the Narlax champion skin, provide any advantages or bonuses in battle.

Creation of skins. This feature allows you to create skins from past events. It was originally available during the Battle of the Goddesses events. To create a skin, players must obtain all the necessary fragments.

Manufacturing. To create, the player must connect fragments and a special icon or other material (coil). Payment in the form of an elixir will also be required. The number of fragments may vary depending on the skin itself.

What are icons? These are special components used to create skins that correspond to a specific event. For example, one Caldera badge can be exchanged for 38 skin fragments. This icon can also be disassembled into 1179 units of essence.

Coil. They can be used as components for skins, which do not have their own unique icons and can only be created using reels. Try to save them for such skins.

Essence. This is a currency that allows you to connect fragments. Each reel and each icon requires a different amount of essence. Essence can also be used to create crafting materials, costing between 4199 and 4572 Essence to create one spool (click on the spool icon in your inventory).

It is recommended to wait until the final day of the event to create skins to determine the number of badges, reels, and essence. This will avoid unnecessary waste of resources.

Created skins:

  1. Divine Star Skins.
  2. Hero Event (last Hero Event excluded).
  3. Other free skins and mini-events.

Skins that cannot be created:

  1. Tournament coin skins.
  2. Skins with money packages.
  3. Current events skins.

Realm Defense: Forge and Elixir

The forge and its features. The forge opens after completing the level 22 campaign. In it, the player can create five different power items using elixir, other items, or awakening tokens. At the beginning, you can create two power items at the same time. Gems are used to purchase two additional slots. For the first slot - 1000 stones, and for the second slot - 2000 stones.

We do not recommend spending gems to upgrade slots in the forge. Especially at the initial stage of the game, since they will not be useful due to the small amount of resources issued.

Items that can be made at the forge:

Item of power.Time.Elixir and recipe.
Freezing potion level 2.15 minutes.100 elixir and freezing potion (x2).
Raid ticket.6 hours.50 elixir and endless key (x1).
Armageddon.30 minutes.100 Elixir and Fire Potion (x1), Freezing Potion (x1), Healing Potion (x1), Summoning Potion (x1).
Meteor.1 hour.200 elixir and armageddon (x2).
Increase in gold.6 hours.100 Elixir and Fire Potion (x1), Freezing Potion (x1), Healing Potion (x1), Summoning Potion (x1)
Quick soda.30 minutes.100 Elixir and Healing Potion (x1), Fire Potion (x1).
Awakening Token.1 hour and 30 minutes.100 elixir and 10 awakening fragments.

Reduction in production. You can reduce the production time of any item by 15 minutes. This option can be used once per day per item and requires watching a short commercial to activate it. Additionally, players can instantly complete the item crafting process using gems.

Item of power and its features. This is an item that is used for strengthening. There are currently 12 power items available, primarily used in combat. Basic items can be obtained in a variety of ways, while more powerful ones are crafted at the forge.

What is an elixir? The elixir is used to upgrade heroes or create power items at the forge. The maximum amount of elixir that a user can receive depends on the number of stars earned and is multiplied by 400.

Once this limit is reached, further obtaining elixir from the elixir mine becomes impossible, but it is still possible to obtain elixir as a reward (for example, using the prize wheel). This allows you to store more elixir than usual.


  1. Repeatable Receipt - Kingdom Siege, Prize Wheel, Tournament, Weekly Mission.
  2. Events - One-time reward: Arcade, Shattered Kingdoms, Challenges, 30-day login bonus and Elixir Mine upgrades.
  3. Store - purchase in the in-game store.

Elixir mine. To gain permanent access to the elixir mine, the player must complete 9 campaign levels. After this, full access to the mine and the ability to obtain the elixir will open.

Mine Features:

Realm Defense: Gaming Activities

Prize wheel. The Prize Wheel (or simply "Roulette") associated with Maybin becomes available at campaign level 39. This is your daily source of free collectibles such as gems, elixirs, awakening tokens, and other power items.

After the latest game updates, rewards for elixirs began to depend on the level of elixir production.

Using the wheel. It is possible to perform up to five rotations of the wheel daily. To do this, you need to make 3 to 4 separate logins. After your first "Free" login, you must view an ad (or use gems to skip the wait) for each subsequent login.

Wheel rotation order:

  1. The first time is free.
  2. After the first time, you can make a second spin for advertising.
  3. The third time is available after 4 hours and viewing advertisements.
  4. The fourth time, after waiting 4 hours after the third and watching the advertisement.
  5. The fifth time, after waiting 4 hours after the fourth and watching the advertisement. Either by paying 50 gems to skip the four hour wait.
The rewards differ depending on the type of wheel you choose, as well as between regular wheels and the jackpot wheel.

Regular wheel (Wheel 1-4). Each wheel consists of 9 segments, of which 6 are large and 3 are small. The merged small segments are the same size as one of the larger segments (7th). This means that the probability of receiving any reward from the large segment is 1 in 7, that is, about 14.29%, and the probability of receiving an award from the small segment is 1 in 21, that is, about 4.76%.

You randomly receive one of these wheels:

  1. Wheel of items, elixirs and gems. 2 in 7 chance (1 healing potion, 1 raid ticket), 1 in 7 chance (1 summoning potion, 50 gems), 2 in 21 chance (x1 elixir), 1 in 21 chance (x10 elixir).
  2. A wheel of only gems and elixirs. 1 in 7 chance (25 gems, 50 gems, 75 gems, elixir x2, elixir x3, elixir x5), 2 in 21 chance (10 gems), 1 in 21 chance (elixir x10).
  3. Wheel of items only. Chance 2 in 7 (1 Gold Boost, 1 Fire Potion, 1 Summoning Potion), chance 2 in 21 (1 Freeze Potion), chance 1 in 21 (1 Meteorite).

Awards. Gems can be 10, 25, 50, 75 or 150 pieces, while elixir can be 5, 10, 15, 25 or 50 pieces. (for the elixir mine at the first level and up to 260, 520, 780, 1300 or 2600 at the tenth level of the mine).

The multiplier corresponds to x1, x2, x3, x5, x10 or your current elixir production level per hour. The amount of elixir on the wheel reflects the level of elixir production. For example, increasing the Elixir production level from 6 to 7 will change the amount of Elixir on the wheel from Level 6 to Level 7 (production speed values).

Jackpot Wheel. There are 8 sectors on the Jackpot wheel and each prize appears once, meaning that the chance of any item landing is always 2/8 = 25%.

Jackpot Rewards:

  1. 1 PC. Awakening Token (for 0-4 random heroes you own).
  2. 1 PC. meteor.
  3. 2 pcs. level 2 freezing potion.
  4. 3 pcs. Armageddon.
  5. Elixir 20 pcs. (the reward is 20 pieces of your hourly elixir production).
The wheel is available without using awakening tokens, although the likelihood of this is extremely low. The mechanic only provides awakening tokens that guarantee a token.

Once the maximum number of heroes is reached, no additional tokens will be available, ensuring a constant composition for the Jackpot Wheel: 25% Meteor, 25% Level 2 Freeze Potion x2, 25% Armageddon x3, and 25% Elixir x20.

Useful tips. If you have already used four wheels and received a hero token on the fifth and then received another token for the same hero, then it is possible to receive an additional token over the maximum limit. However, the reward for the wheel is not recalculated.

The possibility of receiving additional tokens above the limit also exists when purchasing a set in the store before receiving the last token. It is recommended to wait to use the last token until there are no more heroes left on the wheel to avoid transfer.

The prize selection process is randomized and the prize is awarded when you press the Spin button rather than during the wheel spin animation. Thus, possible glitches during the animation do not affect the final result, since the prize has already been determined. To resume the animation and activate the confirm button, you need to spin again.

Game events. Events are limited in time and provide players with various rewards, including new heroes, hero tokens, skins and other useful resources. Events occur only once, although their structure remains approximately the same. They center around laying siege to a kingdom to earn currency or in the form of tournaments.

Types of events:

  1. Festive events. This is a traditional Christmas event that takes place towards the end of December and lasts for 2 weeks. The rewards are mainly special Christmas skins, as well as various additional prizes that may change each year.
  2. Hero Release Events. Each new hero comes with an event where players can unlock a new character (including new skins and elixir) for free.
  3. Events for remaking heroes. Such events represent a process during which the acting hero undergoes changes in his appearance, characteristics and abilities.
  4. Other small events. Most often, such events are associated with advertising or competitions on social networks. They may also appear with a new offer in the game store.

What are tests? Challenges is a unique game mode with its own maps, where the main boss and his retinue await you at each level until you face him in the finale. To complete each map, 10 units of energy are required, which is not restored after completing the level.

Currently, Challenges mode is only available in Worlds 1, 2, 3, and 6, and to access them you must own certain heroes, which vary depending on the world.

Available tests:

Endless mode and its features. This is a challenging game mode with the challenge of continuing to play for as long as possible. There is one endless mode for each world, which is accessible through the world map of each of them. To participate in the endless mode, you must have a "Power Item", but you can skip the requirement by using gems.

If you pay one Infinity Key and one Raid Ticket, you will miss the gameplay. This will allow you to instantly receive all rewards.

Daily challenge. After reaching level 10, each day you have the opportunity to take part in a special daily challenge. This challenge only involves one hero, instead of the usual three available in campaign mode. For now, heroes of the 5th and 6th worlds are excluded. Heroes and levels come full circle in 30 days, after which the cycle repeats again and again.

There is also the option to skip the game and watch the ads, which will still provide gem rewards and count toward the achievement for completing daily challenges.

What rewards can you get? During the daily challenge, you have the opportunity to earn gems and chests. For a full cycle of 30 daily challenges, you can get up to 2930 gems. After completing the 30-day cycle, the reward counter returns to the starting point.

Tournament and its features. By participating in tournaments, you can earn gems and elixir, and also take part in exchanging tournament tokens for skins for heroes. The tournament is the only way to get tokens.

Siege of the kingdom. This event unlocks after completing campaign level 31. This is a game mode designed for special levels with unique requirements for completion. It is a great place to test the abilities of new heroes and get elixir. However, some hero abilities are unlocked after completing these levels.

Once the game starts, the next level becomes available only the next day. There are currently 40 levels available in the game, so it will take 40 days to complete.

Elixir can only be earned once per level. Each level completed will require 5 energy and cannot be replayed like campaign levels.

Level types:

Arcades and their features. Arcade mode becomes available after completing 40 levels in the main campaign mode. It currently features five unique mini-games, consisting of three levels each, and one attempt will require 10 units of energy.

Each mini-game has the same rewards across three levels:

Realm Defense: Everything you need to know about the mission board

Task board. After the player opens the third world, they gain access to the quest board. This game mode includes both daily and weekly missions, for completing which the player receives Awakening Shards. In addition, completing weekly missions rewards the player with additional gems and elixir.

Shards of awakening. The main ways to obtain Awakening Shards are by completing daily and weekly missions. Additionally, they can also be obtained from Mabin’s secret wheel and elixir mine.

You can combine 10 Awakening Shards into one Awakening Token of your choice at the Forge for tokens only for your own heroes.

The game has no restrictions on the number of stored items. You can see how many shards you have when you select an awakening token during the forge creation process (even if you can’t create any of them due to the maximum number of all heroes).

Daily missions and their features. Every day you have the opportunity to get a new mission or upgrade to a random one by watching an advertisement (no more than once a day). For completing a mission you can receive from 2 to 7 awakening fragments.

Extermination missions can be completed in any regular game mode except arcade, and are meant to achieve various goals, such as playing as a specific hero, building a tower, killing enemies, etc.

Each mission has its own unique "Wanted" icon, which, when clicked, opens a hint for completion. For example, "Kill 200 elementals" indicating that they are most often found in world 4.

Average income of shards. There should currently be 160 unique daily missions available (including unconfirmed kill missions). Each of them should have the same chance of appearing. However, not all missions will be available at all times.

In what cases missions may be missing:

  1. Tournament missions will be disabled on tournament days.
  2. RS Missions will not be available to heroes who already have them, to those who have not yet unlocked them, or to those who have already reached the maximum rank.
  3. Campaign and tournament missions will not be available for heroes you do not own.
  4. Campaign missions in worlds that you have not yet unlocked will also not be available.
  5. Missions to destroy enemies from worlds that have not yet been unlocked will not be available.

Features of Daily Assassination Missions:

  1. Kills in all game modes except arcade should count.
  2. It is always recommended to do daily RS, tournament and trial games before trying to farm kills in other modes as you can get enough kills in these game modes.
  3. The number of kills on weekly missions and RS maps is counted and is the same as on regular campaign maps.
  4. In Endless mode, kills count (but you always have to play for at least 15 minutes to get the maximum reward, so it’s not the fastest way to finish a mission).
  5. Please note that Legendary levels can be completed on average 2-4 times faster than the regular campaign.
  6. Units summoned by clicking or other enemies usually don’t count.
  7. Not all flying units are considered fliers, please visit the specific world page for exact information.
  8. Boss level kills are often dependent on how long the boss lives (they are marked with a "+"). And therefore, the number of murders may also be less than indicated.

Daily non-assassination missions:

Shards and mission.Where?Advice.
2 fragments. Unleash the hidden enemies in the level.Levels 13, 17, 39 or 174.At wave 0, you cannot use items to create spawn. Start wave 1, tap it and cancel the match.
2 fragments. Click to knock over the snowman.World 2, level 22 or 31.-
2 fragments. Click to trigger an environmental trap.Levels 6, 10, 26, 35 or 172.-
3 fragments. Click to find change in the windmill.World 1, level 2.In wave 0 you can use items with gold and traps, just click.
3 fragments. Click to feed a hungry cow.World 1, level 3.-
3 fragments. Click to host a chicken dinner.World 2, level 40.-

Tournament missions:

Shards and mission.Advice.
3 fragments. Submit an application to participate in the tournament.It is impossible to receive this task on the weekend of the tournament (Monday). If you don’t want to play yet, just start wave 1 and complete the mission. It will take one try and complete the mission.
7 fragments. Submit an application to participate in a tournament with a "specific hero".

Missions "Siege of the Kingdom":

Shards and mission.Advice.
4 fragments. Earn a medal for besieging a kingdom.Before you begin your daily quests, always check and update the list of available quests.
7 fragments. Complete the Kingdom Siege level for a "specific hero".

Campaign Missions:

Shards and mission.Advice.
5 fragments. Win two campaign levels in World 6 using a "specific hero."Level 200, Helios + Kira + third hero under the fortified sanctuary, out of reach of the boss. Add Helios in every wave and the boss’s health will drop very quickly.
6 fragments. Win two campaign levels in World 5 without using active hero abilities.The first map of each world should be the fastest and easiest.
7 fragments. Win two Legendary levels in World 4.The first map of each world should be the fastest and easiest.
7 fragments. Win two Legendary levels in World 6.Level 177, two taiko on the middle right island, captured by Helios and Connie.

Realm Defense: Weekly Mission Guide

Weekly missions. Every Tuesday, with the start of a new tournament week, weekly missions are updated. Players will have to complete all 5 maps within 7 days to receive the main reward:

After completing each mission, the player also receives 10 gems. This bonus is the same for everyone - 5 times (for completing 5 missions).

Completed actions, such as activating a hero, defeating a monster, or building a tower, count toward progress and help complete the mission. However, kills also count towards completing daily missions.

What are cards? The maps represent the base levels of the campaign (for Worlds 1 - 6), excluding boss levels, and are assigned individually to each player each week. Each of the five cards in the set belongs to one world and follows a specific level order.

For example, if your first World 1 card is at level 9, then the next one should only be with levels 11-16 to include levels 3, 4 and 5 within the same world. Thus, if the second card is level 13, the third can only be with levels 14-17, etc.

Upon entry, each card requires 10 units of irreversible energy. However, if you run out of energy, you can enter by spending 10 gems.

Helpful advice. Try to avoid spending 10 gems even if you run out of energy to avoid waiting for a refill. You can always enter even if you have from 0 to 9 units of energy without additional payment. After an unsuccessful attempt, leave the map and then enter the quest menu again. Next, enter the tasks menu, find the question mark and click the "Start" button. This method allows you to access the game even without energy.

The choice of an alternative world occurs as follows. After you receive a new weekly mission, click the "Play" button immediately to go to the first map. If you don’t like this world or set of maps, then exit the application.

When you enter the weekly mission again, it will be rejected. Accept it and click on the "Play" button again. Now you can see the set of cards. If it suits you, then you can start playing. You can continue to perform these steps without closing the application. If you close the mission window and the application, you will remain with the previously received set.

General recommendations. Since the number of power items is unlimited, you can win on all maps using a huge number of items. However, this overuse can reduce the value of completing weekly missions. It is recommended to take extra potions with you, especially those that you do not use in tournaments. This will help save precious stones.

On maps where you have to use power-up items, you can save money by using gold power-up items (obtained from the wheel). This will help you create protection faster and save on using the meteorite.

Use a healing potion to resurrect fallen heroes, especially in critical situations. For example, when using the Ryda + Narlax combo or when Koi dies in dragon form, they can be as effective as the meteorite. It is recommended to use basic potions instead of level 2 potions.

Specifics of worlds during weekly missions:

  1. World 1: Almost all hero builds can be effective. The main test is the flyers, so any method of destroying or slowing down opponents is suitable here.
  2. World 2. Flyers pose the main problem due to their armor, speed and mass presence. The ideal solution to cope with maps and a large number of fliers is a combination of the heroes Narlax, Raida and Koi. Narlax and Raida play the role of distracting enemies, while Koi in dragon form is used to stun and eliminate.
  3. World 3. Flyers are also a danger in World 3 maps. Use a combination of heroes from Narlax, Raida and Koi. Additionally, using the Koi Dragon in melee increases the amount of splash, which helps kill nearby enemies and fliers. The pull near Koi combo from Narlax and Raida is also effective for hitting enemies at range.
  4. World 4: Graphite Flyers and Wizards are the main challenges in World 4. Both types of enemies are fast, tanky and numerous, however the Gravity Wizard is able to apply a nasty slow debuff to your heroes and deal magical damage instead of physical damage, resulting in a quicker death for your heroes . The best approach for World 4 is to use a combination of Narlax, Raida and Koi, which allows you to pull and then destroy enemies with lightning from Raida at level 6.
  5. World 5. The main problem remains the same - flyers. Use a combination of heroes Narlax, Raida and Koi. Shamiko can also provide assistance to tank heroes. The key is the correct combination of mushrooms with chokes, the participation of one or two blunderbusses and helicopters to control and attack the pilots.
  6. World 6: Participation in the attack becomes dangerous due to exploding masks, long-range attacks and invisible flying spirits. Heroes Yang, Connie and Koi effectively use haste and taiko in combination with numerous samurai towers to slow down and stun enemies. Yang supports the Connie rabbits and Koi dragons, helping them attack enemies from afar. Rank 7 Phi, Connie and Koi are also successful in their mission by summoning rabbits that stop their enemies. It is important to keep multiple samurai to hold off certain enemies.

Realm Defense: Secrets of achievements in the game

Game achievements. Here is a list of achievements in the game, accompanied by a short guide on how to complete them. Achievements are a great way to get extra gems, especially if you’re stuck during the game and want to speed up your progress.

Completing achievements grants players certain titles. The game has four titles, which depend on the number of achievements completed. A player’s current title will be reflected on their personal profile and on the results screen while participating in tournaments.

Available titles:

Tower achievements. Each world has four different types of towers, each with their own achievements. Some of the towers have map levels, making them easier to place, sell, and re-place than others. There are three achievements available for each tower, which depend on the number of times it has been placed.

Three achievements for placement:

  1. Build a tower 100 times - 20 gems.
  2. Build a tower 1,000 times - 40 gems.
  3. Build a tower 10,000 times - 60 gems.
To progress quickly, it is recommended to use endless mode (each attempt starts with 2000 coins) to list, sell and re-list after setting up all towers.

Helpful advice. To slowly build up resources on the last wave of easier daily maps (if you’re confident in winning AFK), simply sell one of the towers and keep upgrading and selling the lesser used tower in that world at that level, gradually increasing your advantage.

Example of achievements for World 1:

Be all you can be!Place barracks towers.
Keep your powder dry.Place cannon towers.
Pull the string, aim, shoot!Place archer towers.
Sophisticated and quick to anger.Place wizard towers.

Some tips for successfully completing achievements on worlds:

Examples of hero achievements:

Name and description.Gems.
Ding! (Level 5/10/15 heroes to level 20)20, 40, 60 gems.
Five more minutes! (Awaken heroes 5/50/100 times)20, 40, 60 gems.
Miscellaneous. (Use the "Hero" power 100/1000/10000 times)20, 40, 60 gems.
The fate of the beast lord. (Defeat Level 10 Hogan and upgrade him). Note: Win the World 7 campaign at level 210. And pay 1000 gems.60 gems.

Various heroes have three achievements associated with their active skills. They are marked as "Miscellaneous" in the achievements table.

Tips for successfully completing hero achievements. To farm effectively, just don’t skip daily challenges and experiment with hero changes in daily marathons. To quickly level up, you can choose any base campaign map and stop sending new waves after destroying enemies in the first wave.

If your goal is to collect a few gems, then it usually makes sense to go through the first two stages quickly and then let the final stage, where you need to collect 60 gems, fill up slowly as you play with those heroes.

Examples of achievements in World 1 related to enemies:

Name and purpose.Advice.
Plucking feathers. (Kill 100,000 flying creatures)Flying creatures from all worlds are taken into account.
Arachnophobia. (Kill 100,000 spiders)World 1. Episodes 1-3 have the most spiders.
Slippery, but filling. (Kill 250,000 slugs)Found in World 5. Farms best at Legendary Level 12 or Campaign Damage 131.
There was nothing left in the closet. (Kill 100,000 skeletons)You will find the largest number of skeletons in world 1, from episodes 1-3.
There is no point in wasting time farming Feather Plucker, as achievement goals can be found in every world. This is one of the easiest achievements that can be obtained automatically during the game.

Tips for successfully completing the "Enemies" achievements in worlds:

Examples of world achievements:

Name and description.Gems.
A completely new world. Unlock worlds 3, 4, 6.20, 40, 60 gems.
Astronomer. Collect 5, 50, 500 stars.20, 40, 60 gems.
Defender of kingdoms. Victory in the siege of the kingdom.20, 40, 60 gems.
There is nowhere to hide. Kill the bandits - the "Catch Bandits" card does not count. You’ll have to play the campaign.20, 40, 60 gems.
Farm hero. Save the villagers - villagers can be strengthened or healed by towers and heroes, such as Lancelot’s shield or Helios’s haste. Use summoning to keep enemies busy.20, 40, 60 gems.

Realm Defense: Is it worth playing?

Realm Defense: Hero Legends TD offers players exciting gameplay and exciting features. In this game, you will not only participate in dynamic battles and apply tactical thinking, but also immerse yourself in a world of exciting adventures, where every decision you make affects the outcome of events. If you are a fan of games with tower defense and strategy elements, then Realm Defense is a great choice for you.

Pros of the game:

Cons of the game:

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