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Rival Stars Horse Racing WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

Rival Stars Horse Racing is a sports game developed by PIKPOK. You have to breed and train horses, take part in horse races and lead your grandfather’s equestrian estate to prosperity. You will go from a novice breeder to an expert in his field, in charge of the true champions of the racetracks. The game hosts story races at different distances, temporary events and competitions, there are activities in the team and game modes related to the development of the basic skills of horses.


  1. Beginner’s Guide
  2. General Horse Guide
  3. Horse Training and Skills Guide
  4. Keeping horses in the stable
  5. Using diets
  6. Horse Breeding Guide
  7. Participation in story races
  8. Cross Country Competition
  9. Active Events
  10. Team Play
  11. In-Game Purchases
  12. Conclusion

Rival Stars Horse Racing: Beginner’s Guide

What is this game? You inherit your grandfather’s estate, where you used to breed horses and train racing champions. Now you have to restore the economy, increase the success of the family business and try to write your name in the history of equestrian sport.

Game menu. On the main screen of the game, you will see the following sections:

To make your gaming path more successful, it is recommended to give the game as much free time as possible in the first days of mastering. So you can quickly understand the intricacies of game mechanics, upgrade your prestige higher, open more game options and earn a lot of currency for pumping and buying new horses.

Currency in the game. There are 4 types of currencies in the game:

Get free gold by participating in special game offers. For detailed terms and conditions of each offer, see the Free Gold market tab.

Energy and tickets. To participate in horse races and competitions of various types, you will need a special currency:

The amount of energy and tickets is replenished over time. At the same time, their maximum limit depends on your level of prestige. Buy additional energy tokens and event tickets on the market for gold.

When purchasing energy tokens and tickets to events in the market, you can temporarily increase your possession limit for these items, based on your level of prestige. Energy and tickets are on sale at big discounts.

Types of races and competitions. You breed, buy, and train your horses to join them in races and other competitions. In the special section of the menu "Horse racing and competitions" the following game modes are presented for you:

You get tasks to complete certain types of game modes. Keep track of your active tasks so that you can participate in the right races first, get more rewards and increase your prestige level faster.

How to pump up your prestige? Prestige is used to determine the player’s level. Increasing prestige gives you access to new game modes, horses and race tracks. You start at prestige level 1 and can upgrade to prestige level 25. To increase your prestige level, earn prestige points. They can be obtained:

Increasing the level of prestige, you increase your limit of replenishment of energy and space in the warehouse. In addition, you will receive upgrade items and a lot of gold as a reward.

Opening game functions. Here are the game features that become available to you when you increase the prestige:

Keep up to date with the news from the life of the game (the "Updates" button on the home screen) to keep abreast of new events and competitions. Take part in events to acquire new rare horses, compete for places in the ratings and get good discounts on purchases.

Daily goals. Daily goals - a set of three tasks with small assignments, for the completion of which you get silver and pumping resources. Unlocked at prestige level 3. Look for new daily goals in the "Goals" menu at the top of the main screen. Make it a good habit to always complete daily goals so that you get additional resources that will always come in handy.

If you wish, you can update your unfulfilled daily goals for watching a commercial. Updating is allowed only once a day.

Game market. The market sells game resources, horses, gold and silver. Always study the offers of the market in order to make the most profitable use of your currency and get the most out of the game. Market tabs:

Claim free in-game items daily from the Offers tab of the Market. In addition, always keep track of the supply of goods on the market, in particular, on the "Horse Market" tab, in order to timely acquire future champions in your collection and invest in game currency in the most profitable way.

Getting income from the farm, its improvement. The farm gives you additional income for rent for various activities. To collect income, go to the "Homestead" section and click the "Income" button. Then click "Collect". Income from the farm provides for the payment of silver and the receipt of items for pumping. In addition, you have a 25% chance to receive a thank you (increased) income. To improve your income payments, click the "Improve income" button and add the necessary materials. The farm profitability leveling limit is determined by your current prestige level.

The progress of accumulating your income is displayed on the scale of the "Homestead" section. When income is accumulated, a corresponding warning appears on the section button. Get farm income on time, because when the yield scale is full, further payments stop accumulating, respectively, you lose your rewards. Also use game notifications to enter the game in a timely manner and collect your income.

Your warehouse. The warehouse is located in the homestead and contains game items that you get during the game: boards, protective equipment, tools, stone, equipment, steel and horse training materials. Check your warehouse to find out exactly what items you are missing.

Trade items with your friends and sell unnecessary items in the warehouse, getting silver for them.

Homestead editing. Your homestead has its own name (your game nickname), as well as an emblem. During game training, you need to enter the name of the estate, which can be changed later. To do this, go to the "Homestead" section and click the button with the image of the house on the right side of the screen. You can come up with both an original name and a random one. In addition, your attention is invited to choose the emblem of the estate and its color design. Set the desired style and do not forget to click "Save".

your jockey. Click on the button with the image of clothes in the manor to edit the data about your jockey. You can:

Mail and game settings. You receive new letters from game developers to your in-game mail, incl. information about new events and announcements of updates. Check your mail regularly to stay up to date with all the news from the life of the game. In the game settings (gear icon) you can specify your preferred game options, including:

Also in the settings menu, you can restore failed purchases and a subscription to a star riding club, view your gaming achievements on Google Play and perform a cloud save.

Be sure to link your gaming account to your Facebook profile or Google Play account. So you can save your progress, transfer it to other devices and restore it in case of technical failures.

Rival Stars Horse Racing: General Horse Guide

How to get horses? Horses are the main element of the game. Your game victories, increase in prestige and overall success directly depend on your horses, their parameters and degree of pumping. There are two ways to get new horses:

Horse indicators. Each horse has 5 metrics that can be developed to improve its performance in races. These include:

Indicator modifiers. Indicators change appearance and action depending on the situation. Each color has its own meaning:

Suit information. Genes determine the appearance of a horse. Invisible genes, when crossed, can pass on to a foal, but will not manifest themselves in this horse. All genes can be inherited by foals, as well as become obvious or invisible to the entire pedigree.

Horse head markings are independent of the parents’ genes and cannot be inherited.

Basic indicators. Base stats, like a horse’s class, affect its maximum potential and the potential of its foals. The exact baseline values ​​of a horse depend on the baseline of its parents. The smaller the gap between their indicators, the more likely the foal will inherit their maximum value.

Patterns. There are 3 levels of patterns:

You will have to crossbreed horses with the same pedigree together to increase your chances of getting rare colors.

Rival Stars Horse Racing: Horse Training and Skills Guide

Increasing the level of the horse. A horse levels up when it races and gains enough experience. Leveling allows you to train and continue to improve your horse’s performance. A horse that has reached its maximum potential cannot increase its performance beyond it.

Resources for training. In the process of training, he uses food. To upgrade each stat, you need to use the same type of food: speed food, sprint food, acceleration food, agility food, and jump food. You can get food by participating in races, for completing goals and for increasing the level of prestige. You can also buy food in the market.

How to conduct training? To start training your horses, go to the "Trainings" menu. Here you will see 5 buildings, in each of which a separate indicator is trained. Click on the desired building, and you will see information about the possibility of pumping:

Pump up the performance of your best horses evenly to achieve maximum results in races.

Upgrading buildings for training. Upgrade buildings where horses train to increase the maximum limits for pumping indicators. Each building is improved separately and takes a certain amount of time. To level up, you will need construction tools that can be obtained in activities or purchased on the market, as well as silver. To reduce the duration of building upgrades, watch commercials. To instantly complete the upgrade process, pay gold.

Upgrade buildings so that their level matches the ability to improve the performance of your horses. Otherwise, you will spend a lot of currency and tools on upgrading buildings, which you will not need for a long time. Always make the most of your resources.

Use of skills. Skills give horses unique bonuses - improved performance, increased prize pool or other characteristics. Some skills can only be applied to certain horses, or they only work in certain races. Skills have a limited number of uses. They apply only when participating in a suitable competition. Skills have different gradations of quality: the higher the quality, the more effective they are.

Skills do not work in Cross Country and Ride modes.

How to apply the skill? Go to the stable and click the "Skills" button. Next, select the horse you need by clicking on the left and right arrows. Skills that you already have at your disposal will be at the top of the list. If you want to apply a skill to a horse that you don’t have available, click on it in the "Buy" section and purchase it for gold. Carefully read the conditions for using the skills you buy: for some of them, the gender of the horse matters, and for some, the position of the horse in the race or the type of race.

Rival Stars Horse Racing: Keeping horses in the stable

Concept. All your horses are in the stable. Here they rest from competitions and participate in breeding. Each horse has its own stall with its name on it. When you click on a stall, you will zoom in on the horse that is in it. Here you can find information about her. When you click the "Check Horse" button, you will open a window with detailed indicators, information about the color, pedigree and improvements made through diets and activation of skills.

Take pictures and share pictures of your favorite horses on social media!

Stable management. Click on the horse icon on the left side of the stable screen to go to the management window. Here you can change the location of the horses in the stalls using the left and right arrows, select your favorite horse by putting a heart on the desired one (this horse will be displayed on the main screen of the game), and, of course, see the performance and preferences of your horses .

Move your horses to pasture to free up space in the stall. The pasture is unlocked after reaching prestige level 7.

How to supervise a horse in a stable? In the stable, you can perform various actions with the horse, namely: change its name, change its type, transfer it to the pasture, choose it as a breeder (only for horses), or sell it for silver. To curate a horse:

  1. Go to the stable and click on the stall with the desired horse;
  2. Click "Check on the horse";
  3. Click on the gear button in the upper right corner of the information window;
  4. Select the desired action.
A sold horse disappears from your stable forever and cannot be restored! Carefully choose a horse to sell and evaluate the importance of this action. The higher the performance of the horse, the more currency you will receive for it.

Transfer of horses to pasture. Transport and store your horses in the pasture to free up space in the stable. To do this, go to the horse curation menu and select "Translate". Moving a horse to pasture is instantaneous. Moving from pasture back to your stable takes time and also requires an empty stall in the stable.

While the horse is in the pasture, he will not participate in races, riding, breeding and training. The space available in your pasture will depend on your star club membership status. There are 3 pasture slots available for players who are not subscribers. An additional 20 slots are available for Star Club subscribers, for a total of 23 slots.

How to increase the number of seats in the stable? If you want to add a new stall, go to the stable and click the "Add" button on the left, above the names of the horses. The construction of a place in the stable is carried out for silver and takes time. Instant construction is carried out for gold. At the same time, the total number of places in the stable is limited: 3 for a regular building and 12 for a building for gold.

Initially, it is recommended to complete the construction for silver. For convenience, start building before leaving the game for a long offline. So, by the time of the next entrance, you will already have completed the construction of a new stall.

How to add a new stall? The game provides for the construction of 3 stalls. One is mandatory and is created in the process of mastering the game, while the other two are additionally unlocked for gold. To get a new stall, click "Add" in the stable, above the "New Horse" section.

How to improve the stall? Upgrading stalls will increase crossbreeding speed, increase the maximum class of horses, and increase the chance of breeding a higher class horse. To improve the stall, click on the tool button in the stable (left side of the screen). For pumping you will need building materials and silver. Improvement takes time, which can be reduced by viewing ads. You can also complete construction instantly by paying gold, however, this is not the most efficient way to spend premium currency.

It is best to reduce the building time for watching ads or initiate it before leaving the game for a long time. So you can get an improved stall immediately when you are online again.

Equipment for horses. Personalize your horses and give them a stylish look with the help of equipment. Press the "Equipment" button in the stable to go to the store where you can purchase saddles, pads, headbands and bridles for your champions. Some offers are available completely free of charge, while others are exchanged for silver, gold and roses. The items of equipment will not strengthen your horses, but they will create a unique style for them that will be displayed during the races. Some of the items are only available to Star Club card holders (marked with a yellow border in the store).

It is recommended to purchase new equipment for horses during the temporary bonus event "By Horses". During the event, players will receive a 50% discount on all equipment sets. Follow the start of the "Horseback" event in the game updates.

Rival Stars Horse Racing: Using diets

Concept. Diets are an in-game item that grants a permanent buff to one of your horse’s racing stats (Sprint Energy, Acceleration, and Speed). You will be able to use the diet functionality after reaching prestige level 5 and unlocking the Active Events game mode. The maximum number of diets that can be given to a given horse depends on its class.

Rare diets. There are 3 different levels of diet rarity (indicated by Roman numerals) that increase various racing characteristics of the horse:

Where to get diets? Diets are purchased with diet tokens (formerly known as ability tokens). Diet Tokens can be won by participating in Team Active Events - these will be awarded to team members at the end of each week. After receiving the tokens, go to the market and open the "Improvements" section. Here it will be possible to purchase various types of diets, the list of which is updated once a week. A limited number of diets of each type is available for purchase. The diets that will go on sale next week can also be seen in the future offers section.

Treat the purchase of the right diets especially carefully. The diets you equip a horse cannot be removed, only replaced. Before buying, it is recommended to check the name of the diets that you have supplied the horse on the "Improvements" tab on the information page of the desired horse in the stable.

Diet types. The following types of diets are provided:

Level I diets will work for any race, any track, and any surface. Whereas Level II and III diets only work on tracks that match the preferences of the selected horses. If your horse prefers a soft surface and you are racing on a very hard surface, your diets will not work.

How to apply diets? Go to the stable, select the desired horse and click "Visit the horse" to go to its information page. Next, select the "Improvements" tab and click "+" to add the desired diet from the list that opens. If you don’t have diets in stock, click "Learn More" in the list to go to the market and buy them.

Rival Stars Horse Racing: Horse Breeding Guide

Why breed horses? Breeding horses is an important part of the gameplay. There are 4 main reasons why you should breed your horses:

Be careful! When you receive a new horse, you will need to have a free stall to accommodate it or build one immediately after the birth of the foal. Until the horse has his stall, he will continue to stay in the stall and will not be able to develop.

breeding conditions. You must have your own mare to be able to breed new horses. That being said, you don’t have to have your own stallion - you can rent one from the stud farm, where random sets of 5 stallions are offered every hour. If you still have your own stallion, the cost of breeding in silver will be reduced for you by 10-20% or more. There is no such thing as "relatives" in this game. In most cases, breeding horses with the same pedigree is useful (and vital) if you want to get high performance or rare color specimens.

If your horses have low starting characteristics or very common colors, it is unwise and unprofitable to continue breeding them for higher performance.

Where to begin? Crossing of horses is carried out in a stall. The chance of a foal having a class depends on the classes of the chosen parents. The percentage chance of getting a certain result is displayed in the lower left part of the stall screen. To customize the breeding results yourself, click "Change result" and set the desired class of the horse with a 100% chance. By doing this, you will miss the chance of getting a higher class horse, but protect yourself from getting a lower class foal. Changing the results of breeding is additionally paid in silver.

The greater the difference between the classes of the parents, the greater the chance that their offspring will be born in the higher of the two classes.

How does breeding affect the appearance of a horse? When two horses are crossed, the appearance of their offspring is determined by the genetic system. Every horse has both dominant and recessive genes for color, dilution, and pattern. The dominant gene is the one that determines the horse’s appearance. When breeding, she has a chance to pass on any of her genes to her offspring. Unlike color, dilution, and pattern, horse parents do not determine what markings their offspring may have on the head and legs.

Studying a horse’s pedigree can give you an idea of ​​what genes it has and what they can pass on to their offspring.

What do the different classes of horses mean? The class of a horse determines what range its first level characteristics can be in, as well as what its maximum level is. Horses of higher classes have higher stats from their first training level and can be upgraded to higher levels. This means that they start to develop faster and better than lower rank horses and eventually become much stronger and faster in races.

Selection of horses for breeding. The default stall screen shows two horses: a mare and a stallion. Click on the button with three horizontal lines next to the desired horse to match the required pair. Pay special attention to the choice of stallion. So, you can choose either your own pedigree or stallions from a stud farm, where males with rare genes are very often offered (their crossing is carried out for gold).

Click on the table with the stallion’s performance to learn more about its characteristics, incl. data on suit and pedigree. If you are satisfied with the choice, confirm the breeding. During foaling, the breeding stall is occupied. It is impossible to speed up the foaling process. When it ends, you will receive a notification and a new horse.

Breeding cost. Every breeding has a cost, whether you own a stallion or use an offer from a stud farm. The cost is in either silver and resource items or gold.

It is not recommended to use gold for breeding, as there is no guarantee that the resulting foal will be the desired color or with good characteristics. The cost of gold is very high and not easy to recoup.

What horses are best to use? When choosing horses for breeding, you should be guided only by your goals:

It is recommended to initiate foaling in all your stalls before going offline for a long time. So, by the time you next log into the game, you will receive new horses that you can sell for silver.

Rival Stars Horse Racing: Participation in story races

Concept. In story races, you get experience, silver and other rewards. This is the first mode you start the game with and where you level up the experience of your new horses. Many tasks for completing goals are associated with the passage of story races.

Jump energy. To participate in the story races, you will need racing energy. It replenishes over time (the maximum limit depends on the level of prestige). Additional racing energy over the limit can be purchased in the market. You always see the amount of running energy left when you enter the story run functionality.

Hippodromes and their opening. Story races are represented by several racetracks that open as you increase your prestige level. The selection of opponents, their complexity and, of course, the rewards received depend on the characteristics of the site. Your first Rookie Story Runs will take place at the Three Oaks Racecourse. By now, the following hippodromes can be opened in the game for story races:

Race categories. Each racetrack of story races has several categories. The higher the category, the higher your contribution per horse and the higher the final rewards. To unlock a race in the next category, you need to win three races in the previous category. After that, the "Open" button will become active on the next category. Click on it and enjoy new races and increased rewards.

What is TJ’s choice? TJ recommends story races that he thinks you should take part in. If you have a task to complete a specific run, TJ will point you to it. Otherwise, it will recommend the most difficult story run that one of your horses can participate in. Also TJ will recommend which of your horses are best suited for each race and therefore have the highest chance of winning.

Characteristics of races and rules for the selection of horses. Each run has the following data displayed in the info window:

Click "Participate" to go to the preparation screen. Attention! If a horse that is too experienced (according to the requirements of the race) takes part in the race, you will be penalized in the form of a limitation of the horse’s performance. Press the Left and Right arrows on the preparation screen to select a horse that meets the stated requirements.

When you receive new horses, immediately start training them in story races. Don’t forget to use skills to improve your horse’s race performance.

Jockey’s Choice. Jockeys can take part in the races for you and increase your chances of winning first places. After choosing a horse, you go to the jockey selection screen. All jockeys are divided into 4 types:

The better the jockey, the better his results in the races, and the more chances you will have to take the highest places with his help. However, don’t be in a rush to constantly hire jockeys for gold - it will cost you a lot of premium currency when running constantly. It is best to hire skillful jockeys for silver and watch a commercial. If you do not want to hire a jockey, just click the "Participate" button. Then you will control the horse yourself.

When hiring a jockey, you can simulate races and immediately jump to the results by setting the "Go to Results" slider in the summary window. It can also be done right during the race.

What is the preferred position? Each horse has a preferred position in the group. It corresponds to the green area on the track. The preferred position depends on where your horse most likes to run in the pack, depending on his position preference. For example, if your horse prefers the front line, it will always show up ahead of the track. Being in a preferred position, the horse recovers energy for the sprint faster.

See in advance your horse’s preferred position on the performance tab.

Controls while racing. During a race (without a hired jockey) you can make the horse run, slow the horse down, steer the horse left or right and look back.

How does a sprint work? When you press the sprint button during a race, your racehorse will start to run faster. While sprinting, your horse depletes running energy, which is displayed in a bar at the top of the screen. Once this lane is empty, your horse will no longer be able to run. Over time, your racehorse’s sprinting energy will gradually replenish. However, if you keep your racehorse within the line of the pack’s preferred position, his sprint energy will regenerate the fastest.

Race results and sponsor attraction. After the race, you go to the results window, where you can see your race time in comparison with your opponents, the position in the leaderboard and the rewards received. Also, when showing very good results, a sponsor may be attracted to you. To receive the Sponsor’s Reward, you need to watch the promotional video. For this, you will receive additional silver or rarer resource rewards.

It is recommended that you always watch sponsored commercials in order to get the maximum silver for each run with a chance to get additional rewards.

Bonus Rewards. After three winning runs within the same story location (not necessarily in a row), you will receive a bonus resource reward of your choice. By this time, it is recommended to check your inventory of resources in the warehouse in advance to choose what you really need. So you can replenish your stocks with the necessary resources for free.

Rival Stars Horse Racing: Cross Country Competition

Concept. In Cross Country mode, you compete in jumping over obstacles. Rewards are given based on the distance and your completion time. You also gain experience for a horse that has competed in Cross Country and can bring in a sponsor for additional rewards. To participate in the Cross Country mode, you will need Mounted Energy.

Types of distances. Currently, the Cross-country mode includes 6 courses on the same terrain. To open the next distance, you need three silver medals from the previous distance. Each distance has its own requirements for the ideal timing of tricks, beyond which you will be awarded demerit points.

Distance difficulty. Cross country terrain has 2 difficulty levels: Normal and Hard. To unlock the harder version of the terrain, you need to get all the gold medals on Normal difficulty. You can select the difficulty by moving the slider in the activity lobby.

Penalty points (STP). For abandoning a horse or skipping a jump, you will be awarded 20 penalty points, plus 0.4 points for every second you exceed the ideal race time. Try to complete the distance without getting penalty points to get medals.

Goals. At each distance, you can complete several goals, depending on the penalty points received.

Awards. For each completed goal, there is a reward. For reaching the goal, you will receive a medal and all rewards of this and lower ranks. For example, by completing the Silver goal, you will receive rewards for the Silver and Bronze medals, as well as for participation in the course.

The ideal time and rewards depend on the class of the horse and are displayed when it is selected.

Rival Stars Horse Racing: Active Events

Concept. In active events, you compete with other players against the clock. Participation rewards are issued only after the end of the current active event. This is due to the fact that in its process, other players may have a chance to take a higher place in the race.

Currency and tickets. You will need tickets to participate in active events. They are restored over time, and additional amounts can be bought on the market (in excess of the current limit). You also get free tickets with an active star club subscription. The currency of active events is roses. Earned roses can be used in the market and when spinning the rose wheel.

Divisions. Active events are represented by several divisions. To get into them, you must have a horse that meets the named requirements. The division determines the amount of rewards received (roses and gold), as well as the main prize for winning the race. Division types.

Bonus Run Goals. You get additional roses for completing bonus run objectives. The goals are related to the time of your end of the race: the faster you finish the stage, the more bonus roses you will get.

Don’t forget to claim participation rewards from the active event page!

Rose wheel. Try your luck by spinning the rose wheel. Here you can win gold, silver, building upgrade tools and resources for horses. The cost of each spin of the wheel is calculated in roses.

Rival Stars Horse Racing: Team Play

Concept. Teams are an association of players who can participate in events together. You’ll find Teams under the "Communication" tab in the main menu. Clicking on the section name will take you to the screen you see in the screenshot above. Here you have the option to join an existing team, create your own team, or view your profile.

Creation of a team. To create your team:

  1. Choose a team name;
  2. Add a description for the command;
  3. Select a region (this will allow players from the same region to find your public team);
  4. Set the minimum prestige level to join your team;
  5. Set the access type (this is your team’s privacy control. Set it to "Public" to allow other players to join your team, or set it to "Private" to allow invite-only joins to the team).

After you set up your team, you will have the option to invite your friends to it. You will see the corresponding notification in the pop-up window after you confirm the details of your team, as well as in the "Team Information" section.

Joining an existing team. If creating a team is not for you, but you still want to participate in active events, then join an existing team. When you are in the "Team" menu, select the region that suits you best and click "Join a Team". The system will select a team for you in the selected region.

Team points and leaderboards. Teams compete on global leaderboards in events that take place throughout the week. Individual participants competing in active events will receive team points based on their best run time as well as their other rewards. These points accumulate over the course of a week and can be increased by participating in each event. At the end of the week, the teams with the most team points will be the winners.

Team chat. To start chatting in a team chat, you need to enter the "Communication" menu, where you will see the "Team Chat" button next to the "Profile", "Weekly Ranking" and "Team Information" buttons. Team chats can store up to 100 messages at a time so you can keep track of any missed messages. Team captains can also send messages in the form of announcements. These announcements are pinned to the top of the chat so that the message is visible to all team members.

If you’ve already seen a pinned announcement in a team chat, you’ll have the option to dismiss it. This will not close the message for other members of your team.

Rival Stars Horse Racing: In-Game Purchases

What can be bought in the game? To speed up the leveling process, get new horses and additional game resources, you can make in-game purchases for real money. Donation types:

Star club card. A Star Club subscription gives you a range of in-game monthly bonuses. Among them:

The Star Club subscription can be canceled at any time in the game settings menu.

If you are set for a long and productive game in Rival Stars Horse Racing, then buying a subscription will be the most effective and profitable donation for you.

Limited offers. Open the "Offers" section of the market to see the offers for the sale of horses. In addition to buying a horse, the set may include an additional stall and even gold. The purchase price depends on the class of the horse. As a rule, most of the offers are limited in time, so if you decide to buy a horse, then do not delay your purchase. In this case, pay special attention to the class of the horse. It is recommended to buy only promising high class horses in order to immediately start training and breeding them.

The limited-time offer banner is always displayed on the right side of your home screen.

Buying gold. Gold can be purchased on the "Currency" tab of the market. Packages include varying amounts of gold, with some offered with a free gift of extra gold on top of the amount purchased. First of all, it is recommended to purchase these sets, as it will be much more profitable than buying "pure" gold without a bonus gift. Look for gold packs marked as "Popular" - other players buy them most often.

Hurry up to take part in temporary sales of gold at reduced prices. When they are held, a corresponding notification and a timer will appear on the market button.

Rival Stars Horse Racing: Conclusion

Rival Stars Horse Racing is a unique game about beautiful countryside scenery, love for animals, breeding promising racers and conquering racetracks. Even if you are not a fan of equestrian sports, you can be interested in Rival Stars Horse Racing because of the high-quality graphics, good visual design and leisurely gameplay. Here you can breed your own horses, and it will depend on you what color and parameters your favorites will receive.

The game loads quickly and works stably even on weak devices, it is translated into several languages, it has a simple and understandable gameplay, it is ideal for relaxing and does not take much free time. There are ads in the game, but you can watch it only if you wish. Of the minor disadvantages, one can single out the difficulties in obtaining premium currency without donation investments, as well as the long wait for the construction and improvements of game buildings in the later stages of the game.

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